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Virginia Facts

Jan 2, 1710 Arthur Donnelly and Letice Downing married in Christ Church Middlesex County

17 July 1716 Arthur Donelly Bond L 60 Sterling as guardian of John and Katherine Oneale, orphans Essex County.

20 April 1723 Arthur Donnolly buried at Christ Church Middlesex County

Nov. 6, 1723 Letice Donnolly married John Burk in Christ Church Middlesex County

22 Jan 1740  Arthur Donally listed as a soldier in Gooch's            American Regiment sailing to fight in the War of Jenkins' Ear.

11 Feb 1741/2 Deed by Borden to Charles Donely 231 acres on Mophet's creek Augusta County

Jan 12, 1746  Grant of 450 acres to Arthur Donally in Albemarle County  Book 25 pages 308-313

Feb 1749 Case of Hugh Donally vs William Price Award debt on bond from Nov. 20 1746 to Hugh Donally cordwainerof Peneader Hundred, New Castle County, Penn from William Price also of Peneader Hundred. Augusta County Judgements.

20 Nov. 1754 William Donley ordered servant to Andrew Lewis Augusta County Court order book IV

May 1755 John Ramsey listed as assignee of Charles Donelly Augusta County Court Judgements

1757-1758  Roll of Andrew Lewis' Company Virginia Militia lists John Donally age 17 Country-Virginia Enlistment-Augusta Mark Donally age 30 Country-Ireland Enlistment-Augusta

Oct 1760 Estate of John Gay sold to Francis Donally and others Augusta County

19 Jul 1761 Will of Francis Donnaley to Wife Sarah and unborn child sons Samuel, Henry, Francis, William, John, James and daughter Mary  Will book 3 Augusta County

6 Feb 1762 Estate of James Lister sold to Charles Donnally and many others Augusta County

13 May 1762 John Donely listed as land owner on Cowpasture Augusta County

30 October 1765 John Donilly's Estate appraised  Augusta County

Oct 1765 Charles Donelly property lines noted in Cow Pasture Valley Augusta parish Vestry Book page 405

1767-8 John Donaly listed in procession by Samuel Hamilton, in Cowpasture from his house down the river to Jamis Baird's. Augusta Parish Vestry book page 451

21 May 1767 Charles Donnerly appointed Highway Surveroy Augusta County court order book XI

16 Feb 1767 Affidavit sworn to Andrew Donnelly  by Dr. Patrick Mc Callard Augusta County Court

18 Mar 1768 Commission ordered to examine Elizabeth, wife of George Wilson to deed to Charles Donnelly. Augusta County Court Order Book XI

18 Mar 1768 George and Elizabeth Wilson of Hampton deed to Charles Donnelly 234 acres on Stewart's Creek. Delivered to Charles Donnelly March 1778

17 Oct 1769 Francis Donaley owns land on the Great River of Calfpasture Augusta County

25 Mar 1769 Charles Donnerly and John McCreery appointed Surveyors of roads. Augusta County Court Records Order Book XIII

25 January 1770 Andrew Donnaly purchased 150 acres from Robert and Isabaella Hall Augusta County

24 Feb 1770 sale of land patent on Cow Pasture Creek Augusta County  from Patrick and Esther Davis to James Millican Witnessed by Charles Lewis, Charles Donnelly and Andrew Donnelly

22 Mar 1770 John Donnelly Sr. Estate settlement recorded. Debts paid to several people, also paid the widow and three of the children. Augusta County

Sept 10 1776 Andrew Donnally married Jane McCreary Augusta County (from the West Virginia Historical Magazine Quarterly Vol 1 No 1 January 1901)

CA 1777 Listed in the 8th Virginia Regiment in the revolution Christy Donelly, John Donally

15 Sep 1778 Charles Donnelly appointed road Surveyor. Augusta County Court Records Order Book XVI

14 nov 1778 John Hunton fo Albemarle sold to Cornelius Riddle Witnesses Walter Davis, James Davis, Martin Shearman and Mary Donly.

15 Feb 1779 Charles Donnelly (of Cowpasture)Will : to wife Mary, Daughters Jean Bleake and Mary Brown and four other children Andrew, Charles, Ann and Catherine. Sons Andrew and Charles Jr. Executors Mary, Col Andrew Donnally and son Andrew (Augusta County)

17 Oct 1780 Charles Donnerly appointed road surveyor Augusta County Court Records order book XVIII

16 Nov 1779 Andrew and Jane Donarly of Botetourt sell 150 acres in Augusta County to Leonard Bell

12 Jan 1782 Judgement for Charles Donnelly and Euphemia, his wife vs. David Henderson Augusta County Court

16 June 1783 Mary Donnelly relinquished her rights to husband Charles estate to Andrew of Greenbrier and her son Andrew (Augusta County)

1783 Andrew Donnally Granted 900 Acres in Greenbrier County Book 1 page 38

25 Ot 1784 Sold by Jane McCoy of Greenbrier to Andrew and Charles Donnerley patent on Stewart Creek (Augusta County Court Records)

7 Jan 1785 Writ to Augusta from General Court Andrew Donnelly vs. Adamjah Mathews - both of Greenbrier, 1784

19 May 1785 Charles Donnally and George Clendenning returned no inhabitants. Augusta County Court Records Order Book XVIII

1 June 1785 Thomas Gillespy's will: Wife Eleanor, oldest son, John, sons Thomas, Jacob, and Samuel, Daughters Mary Donally, Hannah Jones, Jene ?, youngest daughters Eleanor, and Ann, youngest sons James and William(land in Cowpasture). Executors James and William. Augusta County

18 Oct 1785 Charles Donally qualified Administrator of Andrew  Donally Augusta County Court Records Order Book XVIII

March 1786 recorded Andrew Donnelly's Appraisement by John Dickenson, Andrew Sutlington and Alex Crawford. Augusta County

19 Sept 1786 Charles Donally recommended as Lieutenant of militia Augusta County Court Records Order Book XX

12 Oct 1786 James Gillespy's will written before leaving for Kentucky. To brothers William and Samuel. Executors Mother and Sister Anne. Witnesses William Connell, Charles Donally and James Coleman. Proved 21 Dec. 1790 by Connell and Donally Augusta County

22 Aug 1787 Andrew Donolly vs. George Kizel Augusta County Court Judgements

1788 Andrew Donnally granted 250 acres in Greenbrier County book 2 page 168

13 Mar 1789 Charles Donally and Mary Donally gave consent for their daughter Nancy Donally to marry Thomas Crow Jr. Augusta County

Aug 1789 Colonel Andrew Donnolly of Greenbrier assigned road district in Augusta County for back Taxes from 1782 Augusta County Judgements

1789 Land taken by the county of Spotsylvania for back taxes of L2.6 the estate of Christy Donally

1789 Insolvent returned to County of Spotsylvania for revenue tax by deputy sherrif  for L 1.0 Patrick Donolly

26 Apr 1790 Deposition given by James Donnally in Greenbrier for the Augusta County Court, that he had known John and Robert Reed when they lived in Belligay, County Donegal, Ireland

1791 Andrew Donnally granted 138 acres in Greenbrier County book 2 page 234

8 April 1791 Andrew Donnally, now of Augusta, gave consent for his daughter Mary Donnally to marry Reuben Slaughter

8 Aug 1791 Summons to Kanawha for Andrew and James Donnelly to testify in the case of Reed vs. Reed Augusta County  Court

1792 Augusta County court records Andrew Donnelly writes from Kanawha County in the Judgement of Donnely vs. Hinter

21 Mar 1792 to John Jones, assignee of Andrew Donnelly, 359 acres in Kenawha County

1792 Andrew Donnally granted 135 acres in Greenbrier County book 2 pages 380 and 424

1792 Andrew Donnally granted 975 acres in Montgomery County book ? pages 414-417

1792 James Donnally granted 400 acres in Greenbrier County book 2 page 441

1792 Donnally and Morris granted 645 acres Greenbrier County book 2 page 429

Apr 1793 Augusta Court Records Callender and Henderson vs. Robert Harrison, Charles Donnolly and John Appler.

3 Mar 1795 letter to Augusta County Court from Andrew Donnelly of Kanawha County  case of Atkinson vs. Donnelly

24 Apr 1798 Deposition given at Lewisburg for the Augusta County court that James Donnerley had known  Robert Reed before he  left Ireland. That he (James) had left Ireland in 1761.

1799 Andrew Donnally granted 200 acres in Kanawha County book 1  page 168

1799 Charles Donnally granted 1331 acres in Greenbrier County book 4 pages 114 and 222

1800 Kanawha County tax list Charles Donnally one adult white male, one horse and three adult slaves.

1800 Kanawha County tax list Andrew Donnally Senior One adult white male, three horses and three slaves.

1800 Kanawha County tax list Andrew Donnally Junior One adult white male and three horses.

1800 Greenbrier County tax list Andrew Donally one adult white male two horses.

1800 Greenbrier County tax list Dominick Donaley one adult white male and six horses

1800 Greenbrier County tax list James Donaley one adult white male

1800 Greenbrier County tax list John Donaley one adult white male

1800 Daniel Donnally granted 320 acres in Greenbrier County book 4 pages 388-409

1800 Andrew Donnally granted 900 acres in Kanawha County book 1 pages 185 and 245

1800 James Donnally granted 100 acres in Greenbrier County book 4 page 448

1800 Thomas Donnally granted 200 acres in Breenbrier County book 4 page 409

1801 Robert Donnelly sold to David Maupin 164 acres Albemarle county deed book 13 page 475

15 Mar 1803 Walter Davis will  Proved 7 Apr 1803  Wife Martha, Daughter Agnes and son John, Daughters Euphemia Donnelly and Elizabeth Parks, Grandchildren, Patsey Donelly, Wats Ewin, Walter Davis, Martha Davis, Patsey Davis, and Patsey Davis Herin, Martha Rivers Augusta County

17 May 1805 Deed by Charles Donnally and Elizabeth his wife of Mason County to John Oldacre, 100 acres in Mason County recorded in Augusta County Court Judgements.

26 Dec 1805 Martha Davis will to daughter Martha Rives, Heirs of son James, Daughter Euphora Donley, heirs of daughter Sally Ewin, son William Davis, daughter Elilzabeth Parks, son John Davis. Witnessed by John Caldwell, John Brown and Walter Davis. Proved 24 Mar 1806 Augusta County

17 Aug 1808 Slander suit for Rosanah Donnelly by her father John Donelley against John Christian Augusta County Court Judgements