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Cannon Ancestors

Ta' fa'ilte romhat go hE'irann

Welcome to Ireland

Irish Beginnings

The Cannon, McMenamin, McMonigle and O'Donnell family all come from County Donegal. The Cannons are from Glenties Union, Boylagh Barony, Parish of Lettermackaward, Doochary District, County Donegal, Ireland. The actual name of the little townland they are from is Ballanaboy/Bellanaboy. These families immigrated to the United States about 1870. They settled in Pennsylvania, my ancestors lived in Luzerne County, most of them in Hazleton and West Hazleton.




MauriceCANNON b. 1781 Bellanaboy Ireland, d. April 14, 1881 Bellanaboy, Ireland married Bridget O'Donnell b. abt 1830 Bellanaboy, Ireland.

1. James b. 1840 Bellinaboy, Ireland d. 1927 Bellanaboy, Ireland was married on March 7, 1879 to Anne McGEEHAN b. 1844 Bellanaboy, Ireland d. 1928 Bellanaboy, Ireland. They had children: Mary b. June 12, 1876, Michael b. 1885 and Rose b. 1893.

2. Patrick b. 1850 Bellanaboy, Ireland d. 1910 Bellanaboy, Ireland married Anne SWEENY b. 1861 Bellanaboy, Ireland. They had children:Charles b. December 12, 1877, Anna b. February 7, 1879, Patrick b. 1880, Francis b. 1883 and Maurice b. 1887.

4. Charles b. Jan 1855 Bellanaboy, Ireland d. Jan 29, 1924 (heart trouble) Hazleton, Pennsylvania, married October 16, 1877 Ellen McMENAMIN b.March 28, 1856 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, d. August 15, 1905 Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Sponsors at their wedding were: Patrick McLAUGHLIN AND Bridget BOYLE. Their children are listed below. (My great grandparents)

5. William b. June 1860 in Bellanaboy, Ireland d. December 19, 1910 (tuberculosis) in Hazleton, Pennsylvania., married about 1885 to Cecelia Kelly. They had children: William b February 1887 and Agnes b. December 1892

3. Mary b. 1870 Bellanaboy, Ireland d. June 6,1930 Oakdale, Pennsylvania. She died at Laurytown Poor House and was claimed by Mrs. James Breslin. She's buried at St. Gabriels Church, Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Never married. Lived with Jimmy and Susie Breslin.


1. Owen Eugene b. December 7, 1878, in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, d. September 19, 1935 married September 20, 1904 Bertha SHIRMER b. May 30,1880 d. July 1, 1959. Owen's baptismal sponsors were: Patrick McMENAMIN and Bridget CRAIG. Their children were: George Harold b. February 12, 1905, Charles (Chet), Eugene Leroy (Lefty), Helen, Dorothy, Hubert and Grace.

2. Mary (Mamie) b. December 22, 1880 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, d. January 25, 1941 married 1st. Edward McGOVERN married 2nd. Henry STAUFFENBERG. Mary's baptismal sponsors were: William CANNON and Margaret WARD. Their children were Nellie , and Edward (Terry)Mc GOVERN, and Henry STAUFFENBERG.

3. Bridget Loretta b. January 21, 1883 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, d. May 21, 1949 Schenectady, New York married September 19, 1900 Philip BOYLE b. January 13, 187 Hazleton d. September 18, 1934 Schenectady New York. Bridget's baptismal sponsors were: Patrick O'DONNELL and Julia WARD. Their children were: John A., Charles James, Margaret, Francis Joseph, Mary Delores, Hugh Sidney(Buddy), Katherine and Rita Mae.

4. Margaret b. December 26, 1884 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, d. February 9, 1925 Hazleton, Pennsylvania. married Jack BREHM b. 1886 Margaret's baptismal sponsors were: James CANNON and Mary CANNON. Their children were: Charles, John, Margaret and George T.

5. Ellen (Nellie) b. January 1886 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, d. 1975 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, married Jack BREHM b. abt 1926

6. Susan b. February 1888 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, d, December 13, 1976 Dunellen, New Jersey married October 19, 1920 James BRESLIN b. October 22, 1876 Jeddo, Pennsylvania, d. July 31, 197 Dunellen, New Jersey. Susan's baptismal sponsors were: Francis GALLAGHER and Sara GALLAGHER. Their children were: James, Helen (Ellen), Charles and Peter.

7. Maurice (Morris) b. October 31, 1889 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, d. January 8, 1962 married Nellie LYNOT. Maurice's baptismal sponsors were:William CANNON and Cecelia KELLY.

8. Sarah b. December 5, 1892 single/died in infancy

9. Charles b. January 19, 1894 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, d. February 15, 1963 South Plainfield, New Jersey. married Mary BARNOWSKY. Their children were: Charles (Sonny Boy), James and Helen.

10. Hugh Francis b. December 18, 1895 Hazleton, Pennsylvania, d. November 24, 1962 Piscataway, New Jersey, married abt. 1916 Julia Cecilia BELL b. August 1,1898 Tuscarora, Pennsylvania, d. May 6, 1975 Piscataway, New Jersey.(My grandparents.)Their children are on the next page.

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