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Old Killaghtee Cemetery

Banfield, Hamilton, Haraughey, Henry, Langun,
Logan, Murray, O'Donnell and Porter

Here is some information provided by Barbara Stewart. It is transcriptions of headstones from Old Killaghtee Cemetery, County Donegal, Ireland.

Horizontal limestone slab, broken. 
Here lies the body of Mrs. Catherine HAMILTON of Eden 
who departed this life October the 10th 1709 aged 79 years.

Sandstone tablet inside church under east window. 
Sacred to the memory of 
who died the 12th of November 1806 aged 70. 
Also to the memory 
of his wife HAMILTON alias Nesbitt 
who died the 24th of May 1812 aged 62 

Sandstone tablet. 
Beneath are deposited the remains of 
Andrew HAMILTON , Ballymadonnell. Esq; 
who died 29th day of October 1769, aged 66 years. 
Also  the remains of his wife 
Mrs. Katherine HAMILTON . 
She died 29th day of October 
1813, in the 105th  year of her age. 
This stone was erected to their memory 
by her daughter Angel 1814.

Horizontal limestone slab with two doves at top and Angel at base. 
Memento Mori. 
Here lieth the body of Ann HARAUGHEY alias McGowan 
who departed this  life Feb. the 9th 1828 aged 28 years.

Upright sandstone slab. 
In memory of Andrew HENRY of Aighan 
died 23rd July  1871, 
Isabella HENRY his wife 
died 6th May 1888, 
also our dear father Thomas HENRY, 
died 10th June 1900

Horizontal limestone slab. 
Here lieth the body of Mary LANGUN alias Nesbitt 
who departed this life 18th day of November 1747 aged 67 years. Erected by 
Hugh LANGUN Anno 1755

Sandstone tablet. 
Sacred to the memory of John LOGAN 
who departed this life 11th January 1829 aged 75 years.
BANFIELD (Horizontal sandstone slab). Sacred to the memory of James Banfield who was drowned in the execution of his coast guard duty; the 11th of October 1833 aged 27 years. Of the soundest principles, unimpeachable integrity, an Israelite indeed in whom was no guile. MURRAY (Sandstone tablet). In memory of James Murray who died 22nd December 1872 aged 86 years. Also his wife Ann Murray who died 6th March 1869 aged 70 years. MURRAY (Collapsed boxed sandstone tomb). This stone was erected by George Murray as an earthly tablet on which to record the deceased members of his family; Ann Murray was called home September 6th 1845, aged 23 years, she died rejoicing through Jesus who bought her; the father, the patriarch George Murray taken home April 8th 1872, aged 89 years; also his beloved wife Jane Murray taken home August 31st 1876, aged 89 years. O'DONNELL (Sandstone tablet). Here lieth the body of John O'Donnell who departed this life January 23rd 1802 aged 73 years. Erected by James O'Donnell for his father and family. O'DONNELL (Sandstone tablet). In memory of James O'Donnell who departed this life 14th July 1849 aged 92 years. Erected by James O'Donnell Jun. O'DONNELL (Sandstone tablet) To the memory of beloved parents as a token of sincere and filial love. Fanny O'Donnell died 26th July 1848 aged 70 years. Also her husband Thomas O'Donnell who died the 17th April 1863 aged 82 years. PORTER (Sandstone tablet in iron enclosure). Ann Porter alias Bustard, died 10th February 1833, aged 78 years. Her husband James Porter died 31st October 1846, aged 91 years; and four of their grandchildren William, Emeline, George Moubray Bustard and George James Porter that died in infancy; also George Moubray aged 78 and Margaret Moubray 82 years.

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