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Inver COI Cemetery

The following information was provided by Barbara Stewart. It is headstone inscriptions from Inver COI Cemetery, County Donegal, Ireland.

STEWART Upright freestone slab in iron railed enclosure. In loving memory of Josiah STEWART who departed this life 23rd August 1912. aged 74 years. Also his wife Margaret STEWART who departed this life 4th April 1895 aged 40 years. Erected by their son Josiah STEWART STEWART Upright freestone slab. Erected by William STEWART, Buncronan, in memory of his father William STEWART who died 14th June 1915 aged 69 years/ Also his mother Frances J. STEWART who died 24th May 1893 aged 41 years. Catherine STEWART who died 23rd January 1922 aged 23 years. William J. STEWART who died 7th May 1932 aged 2 years. William STEWART who died 25th May 1972 aged 90 years/ Catherine STEWART who died 18th March 1973 aged 84 years. VANCE Upright white marble slab. In loving remembrance of Hugh VANCE of Gortward, who died 20th November 1907 aged 90 years. And of his wife Elizabeth VANCE who died 10th September 1892 aged 60. Also their beloved daughter Lizzie VANCE who died 9th May 1896 WALKER Horizontal sandstone slab broken. Erected in memory of William WALKER Senr. who departed this life June 11th 1861 aged 94 years. Nathaniel Paul WALKER died 2nd March 1946 aged 73 years. WALKER Horizontal sandstone slab. Erected by William WALKER Senr. in memory of his son Michael WALKER who died the 19th December 1836 aged 12 years. WATKINS Boxed sandstone tomb. Erected by William WATKINS in memory of his beloved wife Jane WATKINS who departed this life May 18th j1865 aged 38 years. SCOTT Upright white marble slab with dove at the top. Erected in the Faith of the Resurrection To The Loving Memory of Andrew SCOTT,Munterneese died 20th April 1937, aged 70 years. Also his mother Eliza Ann SCOTT, died 2nd April 1892,aged 62 years. And his wife Mary Ann SCOTT, died 23rd March 1954, aged 85 years. And his daughter Eliza Ann SCOTT died 18th January 1974, aged 77 years. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God" STEWART Upright freestone slab with white marble inset in low stone enclosure. Erected in memory of James STEWART, Buncronan, who died 10th March 1883 aged 83 years. Also his wife Barbra STEWART, who died 22 Oct 1890 aged 86 years, and their son George STEWART, who died 15th May 1923, aged 84 years, and his wife Rebecca STEWART who died 5th August 1923 aged 64 years. James STEWART died 3rd Dec 1972 aged 77 years. STEWART Upright freestone slab with open book. Erected by Thomas Stewart in memory of his wife Lucy STEWART who died on the 16th March 1889 aged 81 years. Also Thomas STEWART husband of the above who departed this life Dec 18th 1901 aged 91 STEWART Upright freestone slab painted white in iron railed enclosure. Erected by John G. STEWART, Drimgormin in memory of his father James STEWART who died 11th May 1918 aged 85 years. Also his mother Eliza. J. STEWART who died 19th Dec 1895 aged 63 years. Also little Jim, Sarah C. STEWART died 26th May 1945. Barbara J. STEWARTdied 12th Jan 1947. The above John G. STEWART died 10th May 1942. "Unto Christ They Are Gone we will meet again it will not be long" MONTGOMERY Sandstone tablet inside the ruin alongside the N. wall. Here lieth the body of Alexander MONTGOMERY Esq. who departed this life the 3rd of February 1807 aged 75 years. He was one of the worthyes of men, the best of friends, and an ornament to society. His many virtues will long survive this perishable record. This stone was erected by Leslie MONTGOMERY Esq. the effectionate brother of the deceased. NESBITT Horizontal limestone slab outside West gable., badly weathered and broken. Sacred to the memory of Thomas NESBITT Esq. of Kilmacredon who departed this life the 1st of December 1801 aged 72 years. Thomas NESBITT invented the harpoon gun. O'BYRNE Sandstone tablet. Sacred to the memory of Connel O'BYRNE who departed this life the 10th day of March 1833 aged 65 years. Also Annie O'BYRNE who departed this life on the 7th day of July 1839 aged 83 years. Requiescant in Pace. Erected by Connel O'BYRNE of Killybegs SCOTT Flaking sandstone tablet. Here lieth the remains of John SCOTT who departed this life 11th June 1863 aged 66 years. SCOTT Upright freestone slab. In memory of John SCOTT, Glencoagh, who died June 22nd 1888 aged 76 years. Also his wife Mary SCOTT who died May 23rd 1895 aged 76 years. Erected by their son J.C.SCOTT,U.S.A STEWART Upright freestone slab. Erected by James STEWART, Drumduff in memory of his mother Catherine STEWART who died March 11th 1912 aged 58 years. Also his grandfather Andrew STEWART who died March 15th 1882 aged 63 years. Also his grandmother Elizabeth STEWART who died Sept. 6th 1888 aged 73 years.

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