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Donegal Passengers on the Sandringham
Arrived Sydney, Australia, 26 Jun 1864
(Some of these may be Donegal Relief Fund sponsored) 

This passenger list was compiled by Bill & Lindel and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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Surname, First, Age, Place, Religion, Parents Information
Johnston, Eliza, 32, Bridgetown, Chrc Eng, Andrew & Peggy Walker, Bridgetown (sponsor James Johnston)
Mc Grath, James, 21, Crilly, Rmn Cath, James & Catherine (sponsor Dudley McGrath)
Mc Grath, Ellen, 21, Crocknacroyna, Rmn Cath, Patrick & Mc Carthey, Crocknacoyn (as above)
Mc Grath, Margaret, 1, Crilly, Rmn Cath (as above)
Molloy, Mary, 26, Rmn Cath, James & Ellen (sponsor Peter Molloy)
Molloy, Annie, 4, Rmn Cath, Peter & Mary (as above)
Porter, Francis, 36, shoemaker, Killygordon, Chrc Eng, parents both dead, relative in colony, Templeton Porter, 
	Cowra (sponsor Templeton Porter)
*Russell, Mary Jane, 4, Pettigo, Chrc Eng (sponsor James Keys)
*Russell, Robert, 3, Pettigo, Chrc Eng (as above)
*Russell, Thms James, 2, Pettigo, Chrc Eng (as above)
*Russell, Margaret, 0, Pettigo, Chrc Eng (as above)

Single Men
Breen, Patrick, 28,  Rmn Cath, Patrick & Mary (sponsor Patrick Gallagher)
Coll, Dennis, 17, Rmn Cath, Manus & Julia (sponsor Patrick Gallagher)
Gallagher, James, 23, Clondahorky, Rmn Cath, Murty & Catherine, Clondahorky (sponsor Mary Gallagher)
Gallagher, Michael, 23, Roga, Rmn Cath, John & Betty (sponsor Mary Gallagher)
Hanlon, Lanty, 24, Rmn Cath, James & Ellen (sponsor Peter Molloy)
Johnston, Robert, 25, Templecarn, Chrc Eng, Robert & Sarah (sponsor James Keys)
O'Donnell, Owen, 21, Tullaghobegly, Rmn Cath, Owen & Bridget, Tullaghobegly (sponsor John O'Donnell)
Sweeney, John, 26, Crossroads, Rmn Cath, James & Catherine, Crossroads (sponsor Mary Sweeney)

Single Women
Coll, Mary, 17, Derryfad, Rmn Cath, Dominick & Helen, Derryfad (sponsor Susan Coll)
Connolly, Jane, 20, Ballyshannon, Rmn Cath, Michael & Catherine, Ballyshannon (sponsor Margaret McQuaid)
Doogan, Ann, 23, Rmn Cath, Neal & Nancy (sponsor Lewis Castle)
Gallagher, Ellen, 20, Creeslough, Rmn Cath, Miles & Catherine, Creeslough (sponsor Mary Gallagher)
Gallagher, Mary, 21, Groga, Rmn Cath, John & Betty (as above)
Mc Bride, Mary, 18, Rosscoyle, Rmn Cath, Michael & Hannah, Caltmauagh (sponsor Robert McBride)
Mc Quaid, Ann, 18, Ballyshannon, Rmn Cath, Hugh & Margaret, Ballyshannon (sponsor Margaret McQuaid)
Mc Grath, Catherine, 18, Crilly Tmplcarn, Rmn Cath, James & Catherine (sponsor Dudley McGrath)
Mc Grath, Mary, 19, Crilly Tmplcarn, Rmn Cath, James & Catherine (as above)
* Parents of the Russell children above -
Russell, James, 30, Ploughman, From Glasnock, Managhan, F. dead, mother Mary living Glasnock, CofE, R and W (sponsor James Keys)
Russel, Rachael, 31, Wife, Middletown, Armagh, F. dead, mother Margaret at Middletown CofE Reads (as above)

Lindel Buckley

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