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Donegal Relief Fund Emigrants on the Queen of England

Arrived Sydney, Australia, 8 July 1859

This passenger list was compiled by Bill & Lindel and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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These three on "Queen of England" were unusual in that such a small number was on this ship but maybe they were part of the "Sapphire" immigrants sent on the next ship, they were:

John Harken 18, Labourer, Cloughaneely, Parents Patrick and Mary on board (must have been paying their own fare as they were not listed as assisted by anyone), RC, Neither R or W, an Uncle Manus McElwain on the Sapphire, Good Health, No Complaints, Sponsored DRF

Sally McHugh, 20 General House Servant, Gweedore, Parents Charles and Mary living Gweedore, RC, neither R or W, no relatives in colony, Good Health, sponsored DRF

Hannah Middial, 20, General House Servant, Gweedore, Parents John and Margaret living Gweedore, RC, Neither R or W, Brother Robert on Sapphire, Good Health, No complaints , Sponsored DRF











Lindel Buckley

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