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Donegal Passengers on the Montrose
Arrived Sydney, Australia,27 March 1864
(Most of these are Donegal Relief Fund sponsored) 

This passenger list was compiled by Bill & Lindel and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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If you would like your email address linked to any passengers sponsored by the Donegal Relief Fund, or would like to add more detail to the lives of those people, please Contact Me



1. Where a researcher has claimed them, a link to their email address has been attached to the passenger. In the case of there being more than one researcher, the email links are below the passenger's entry.

2. DRF = Donegal Relief Fund


Surname First Age Native Place Religion Parents Sponsor
BOYLE Eugene 38 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC Charles and Bridget, Falcarragh DRF
BOYLE Isabella 36 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC Daniel and Sophia DRF
BOYLE Isabella 9 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
BOYLE Mary 6 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
BOYLE Eugene 4 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
CURRAN Michael 25 Glasserchoo, Tullaghobegey RC Manus & Ellen, Glasserchoo, Tullaghobegley DRF
CURRAN Ann 28 Glasserchoo, Tullaghobegey RC Michael & Bridget, Glasserchoo, Tullaghobegley DRF
CURRAN Sheely 4 Glasserchoo, Tullaghobegey RC DRF
CURRAN Bridget Infant Glasserchoo, Tullaghobegey RC DRF
CURRAN Manus 24 Meenaclady, Tullaghobegley RC Manus & Sophia, Meencladdy, Tullaghobegley DRF
CURRAN Margaret 23 Meenaclady, Tullaghobegley RC William & Ann, Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley DRF
CURRAN Paddy 2 Meenaclady, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
CURRAN Daniel 23 Meenaclady, Tullaghobegley RC Edward & Mary, Meenacladdy, Tullaghobegley DRF
CURRAN Mary 25 Meenaclady, Tullaghobegley RC Edward & Mary, Meenacladdy, Tullaghobegley DRF
DOOHAN Owen 35 Glasserchoo, Tullaghobegey RC Michael & Bridget, Glasserchoo, Tullaghobegley DRF
DOOHAN Bridget 27 Menbee, Falcarragh? RC John & Mary, Menbee, Falcarragh DRF
DOOHAN Ellen 5 Menbee, Falcarragh? RC DRF
DOOHAN Philip 3 Menbee, Falcarragh? RC DRF
DIVER Teague 26 Magheraclogher, Tullaghobegley RC Edward & Sarah, Magheraclogher, Tullaghobegley DRF
DIVER Mary 24 Magheraclogher, Tullaghobegley RC Hugh & Sally, Carrick, Tullaghobegley DRF
DIVER Edmond 4 Magheraclogher, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
DIVER Hugh Infant Magheraclogher, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
McCLAFFERTY Dennis 29 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC Hugh & Catherine, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
McCLAFFERTY Mary 25 Canomaddy, Falcarragh RC Edward & Mary, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
McCLAFFERTY Hugh Infant Canomaddy, Falcarragh RC DRF
McGEE William 25 Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley RC William & Bridget, Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley DRF
McGEE Mary 22 Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley RC Daniel & Sophia, Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley DRF
McHUGH John 35 Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley RC Daniel & Ann, Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley DRF
McHUGH Ellen 30 Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley RC Bernard & Fanny DRF
McHUGH Charles 9 Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
McHUGH James 6 Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
McHUGH Daniel Infant Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
O'DONNELL John 24 Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley RC Hugh & Mary, Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley DRF
O'DONNELL Margaret 22 Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley RC Teague & Ann, Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley DRF
O'DONNELL Mary 4 Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
SWEENEY Daniel 30 Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley RC Daniel & Sophia DRF
SWEENEY Ann 26 Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley RC Peter & Margaret, Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley DRF
SWEENEY Mary 8 Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
SWEENEY Hugh 2 Keeldrum, Tullaghobegley RC DRF
Single Women
BOYLE Bridget 20 Derrybeg, Tullaghobegley RC Brian & Ann, Derrybeg DRF
CURRAN Peggy 24 Curransport, Tullaghobegley RC John & Hannah, Curransport, Tullaghobegley DRF
FLEMMING Fanny J 20 Mount Charles CofE Johnston & Jane, Mount Charles DRF
GALLAGHER Bridget 24 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC Neil & Bridget, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley John Ross
KELLY Mary 20 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC Patrick & Bridget, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
McBRIDE Margaret 18 Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley RC James & Margaret, Bunbeg, Tullaghobegley Wm. McPherson
McDAID Sarah 20 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC John & Ann DRF
McELWAIN Mary 28 Cluncullybeg, Falcarragh RC Neil & Jane, Flacarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
McGEADY Mary 23 Crossroads, Falcarragh RC James & Margaret, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
McGINLEY Bridget 18 Crossroads, Falcarragh RC John & Margaret, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
McGINTY Bridget 17 Letterkenny RC Neil & Bridget, Kilmacrenan DRF
McHUGH Margaret 20 Crossroads, Falcarragh RC John & Margaret, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
MULHERRAN Margaret 21 Crossroads, Falcarragh RC John & Margaret, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
O'DONNELL Grace 14 Dunlewey RC John & Isabella, Dunlewey Kate O'Donnell
O'DONNELL Maggy 20 Ballybofey RC Hugh & Mary, Ballybofey DRF
O'BRIEN Isabella 26 Inishboffin, Tullaghobegley RC Daniel & Mary, Inishboffin, Tullaghobegley DRF
SIZE Margaret 17 Dunlewey RC James & Mary, Dunlewey Wm. McPherson
STEWART Elizabeth 24 Churchill Pres James & Margaret, Churhill DRF
SWEENEY Hannah 28 Churchill RC Daniel & Sarah, Churchill DRF
WILKINSON Rebecca 19 Crossroads, Falcarragh CofE Richard & Isabella, Crossroads, Falcarragh DRF
Single Men
BROWN John 22 Drumochel RC Hugh & Sophia, Drumochiel DRF
BROGAN James 19 Killult RC John & Catherine, Killult DRF
DUDGEON John 26 Killybegs CofE Grant & Ann, Killybegs Geo. Laker
DUFFY Charles 20 Letterkenny RC Patrick & Mary, Letterkenny DRF
DOHERTY James 20 Gartan RC John & Mary, Gartan DRF
FLOOD Francis 20 Lismullyduff RC Edward & Susan, Lismullyduff Patrick Gallagher
FERRY John 28 Rossead RC Charles & Unity, Rossead DRF
GALLON Patrick 21 Monahamisk RC Dennis & Ellen, Menahanish James May
KELLY John 29 Crosslea RC Patrick & Alice, Crosslea DRF
MAGEE Daniel 20 Crossroads, Falcarragh RC Cormack & Susan, Crossroads, Falcarragh DRF
MAGEE Thomas 18 Crossroads, Falcarragh RC Edward & Mary, Crossroads, Falcarragh DRF
McCAFFERTY John 27 Inch Island RC Dennis & Susan DRF
McCORMACK Andrew 17 Crossroads, Falcarragh RC Bridget, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
McDERMOTT James 18 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC William & Mary, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
McFADDEN James 19 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC James & Bridget, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
McFADDEN Anthony 21 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC James & Mary, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
McFADDEN James 18 Letterkenny RC James & Catherine, Letterkenny DRF
McGARRIGLE Patrick 18 Ballyshannon RC Patrick & Susan (see the Caribou for brother John) DRF
McHUGH John 19 Killult, Tullaghobegley RC James & Bridget, Killult, Tullaghobegley DRF
Researchers: Email 1, Email 2
MULHERRAN John 20 Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley RC James & Unity, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
MULLIGAN Farrigue 26 Crossroads, Falcarragh  R Patrick & Mary, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
MURRAY Neil 24 Curarnsport, Tullaghobegley RC Neil & Rose, Currinsport, Falcarragh DRF
NEILLY James 25 Crossroads, Falcarragh CofE Daniel & Ellen, Falcarragh, Tullaghobegley DRF
QUINN Hugh 18 Greenhill RC James & Sarah, Greenhill DRF
STAFFORD John 20 Churchill CofE James & Ann, Churchill DRF
SWEENEY James 29 Glentornan, Tullaghobegley RC Hugh & Isabella, Glentornan, Tullaghobegley DRF
SWEENEY James 27 Moira, Falcarragh RC Manus & Mary, Moira, Falcarragh DRF
WARD James 23 Moira, Falcarragh RC Francis & Helen, Moira, Falcarragh DRF

Lindel Buckley

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