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Life in Donegal Between the 18th & 20th Centuries

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The following pages contain background information which can help in understanding life in Donegal during the 18th and 19th centuries

The documents cover many subjects and were all written before 1920

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Articles & Reports


Daily Life

  • Father Ryan's Notes, RC Parish of Carn, 1855-1859 - Mirrored with permission from Margaret Jenkins website, this is an interesting transcription of notes recorded by Father Ryan, regarding the weather, growing conditions and other small details
  • Writings of Seaumus MacManus - Both published in the Daily Times, Davenport, Scott, Iowa in 1900, these include the subjects of Life in The County Donegal, Hardy Peasantry, The Fair Maidens of Donegal, Sprigging Camps


Family Letters

  • Letters from Home. Transcriptions of two letters, dated 1807 & 1811, from a father in Donegal to his children in America
  • Many Letters Home. A group of letters dating from 1855 to 1874. Interesting conversation and a soap opera in the making! 
  • A Letter from Home. A transcription of a letter dated 1874, from a father in Donegal to his daughter in America
  • A Letter from Home. A transcription of a letter dated 1878, from a grandfather in Donegal to his granddaughter in Australia


Famine & Distress


Special Occasions


Lindel Buckley

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