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Killybegs Lower Parish, Co Donegal

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Killua - Killygravan LDS  256643


Catholic Parish Records


Ardara Parish


The Catholic parish of Ardara includes the civil parishes of Killybegs Lower and Inishkeel


Baptisms 1867-1911 Marriages 1856-1875  LDS 1279234 Items 7-10 

Baptisms 1885-1912 Marriages 1900-1921  LDS 1279236 Items 20-21 

Baptisms 1869-1880 Marriages 1867-1875  LDS 926206 Item 1 


1901 and 1911 Census

1901 Census

1901 D.E.D. 38/19-20 LDS 824874 Item 2

1901 D.E.D. 42/6-16  LDS 824876 Item 1 

1901 D.E.D. 58/32-35  LDS 824880 Item 2 


1911 Census

1911 D.E.D. 38/1-16, 17c, 18, 21 1911 D.E.D. 40/31  LDS 824875 Items 1-2 

1911 Ardara D.E.D. 38/1-4 Townlands: Ardara, Carrickatlieve Glebe, Clonconwal, Corraness Glebe  LDSSSSSS 2081103   

1911 Ardara D.E.D. 38/5-21 Townlands: Doochill North & South, Drumbaran, Garvegort Glebe, Gortnacart Glebe, Lurganboy, Monargan Glebe, Snugborough, Stormhill, Strawoaghter Glebe, Hill, Ardara Town, Drumnacross, Kilrean Lower & Upper, Tullyhonwar  LDS 2081104   

1911 Glengesh D.E.D. 40/31 Townland: Glengesh  LDS 2081106   

1911 Mulmosog D.E.D. 42/6-16 Townlands: Altnagapple, Ardlougher, Ardvally, Cashelodogherty, Crocknagapple, Cronkeeran, Meentanadea, Mogumna, Mogumna Mountain, Moy, Mullancloy  LDS 2081107   

1911 Glenties D.E.D. 58/31-35 Townlands: Derries, Meenachallow, Meenakilwirra, Meenawannia, Mullantiboyle  LDS 2081369   


General Valuation Revision Lists, Glenties Union (Donegal), 1857-1938

Glenties Union (Donegal), 1857-1938

v. 2 Ardara Electoral Division, 1858-1939: Killybegs Lower Parish townlands: Ardara, Carrickatlieve Glebe, Clonconwal, Corraness Glebe, Doochill North, Doochill South, Drumbaran, Drumnacross, Garvegort Glebe, Gortnacart Glebe, Kilrean Lower, Kilrean Upper, Lurganboy, Monargan Glebe, Snugborough, Stormhill, Strawoaghter Glebe, Tullyhonwar, Wood Hill, 6 islands in Loughros Bay.

FHL BRITISH Film 832517


v. 12 Glengesh Electoral Division, 1858-1931: Inishkeel Parish townlands: Aighe, Bellaganny, Bracky, Cloghboy, Common, Common Mountain, Crannogeboy, Crumlin, Drumaghy, Drumalough or Lough Hill, Drumirrin, Edergole, Garrowchuill, Kilcashel, Killasteever, Kinnoghty, Liskeeraghan, Longfield, Meenaboll, Meenagolan, Meenakillew, Meenapeaky, Meenateia, Meentashesk, Mullanacarry, Newtownburke, Roechrow, Scaddaman, Summy, Shanaghan; islands. Killybegs Lower Parish townland: Glengesh.

FHL BRITISH Film 832521 Item 4


v. 14 Glenties Electoral Division, 1858-1937: Inishkeel Parish townlands: Buncroobog, Cleengort, Cornagrillagh, Derk Beg, Derk More, Derryloaghan, Doobin, Doorian, Drumnalough, Drumnasillagh, Glenmacannive, Glenties Town, Gortnamucklagh, Gortnasillagh, Kincrum, Letterilly, Loughcrillan, Meenalargan, Meenanall, Mullanmore, Mulnamin Beg, Mulnamin More, Shallogan Beg, Straboy, Stranaglogh, Strasallagh, Tullyard, Tullynaglaggan, Urbaldeevan, 2 islands. Killybegs Lower Parish townlands: Derries, Meenachallow, Meenakilvirra, Meenawannia, Mullantiboyle.

FHL BRITISH Film 832523


v. 25 Mulmasog Electoral Division, 1858-1932: Inishkeel Parish townlands: Cashel, Meenavally, Meengilcarry. Killaghtee Parish townland: Meenytullygarn. Killybegs Lower Parish townlands: Altnagapple, Ardlougher, Ardvally, Cashelodogherty, Crocknagapple, Cronkeeran, Meentanadea, Mogumna, Mogumna Mountain, Moy, Mullanacloy.

FHL BRITISH Film 832530



Valuation Books/House Books


House books, v. 802 - v. 811, County Donegal, Barony of Bannagh; v. 812 - v. 817, County Donegal, Barony of Innishowen; v. 818 - v. 831, County Donegal, Barony of Kilmacrenan; v. 832 - v. 839, County Donegal, Barony of Raphoe FHL BRITISH Film 2299561

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Adara Circuit  ( Wesleyan )  Meth  1833 - 1897  1863 - 1920     Mic/1E/31,32,34   
Ardara  C of I  1829 - 1954  1845 - 1956  1876 - 1984  Mic/1/192  See Inishkeel
Ardara  RC  1869 - 1880  1867 - 1875     Mic/1D/86   


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