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Hamilton Marriages in the Killybegs Upper Church of Ireland Register

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First Name Spouse Date of Marriage
Abraham Jane Lodge 1842/06/15
Albert Elizabeth Hamilton 1824/11/23
Andrew Elizabeth Rogers 1879/10/30
Andrew Mary Boyd 1870/02/24
Anne John Twigg 1866/09/20
Catherine James Hudson 1823/08/22
Catherine Thomas Cunningham 1837/04/06
Edward Elizabeth Greenlaw 1826/08/27
Elizabeth George Tappers 1853/01/06
Elizabeth William Conyngham 1833/12/19
Elizabeth William Greenlaw 1858/01/12
Elizabeth Anne John Lemon 1890/08/22
Ellen Jane Charles Louthedt 1866/07/19
Frances Aaron Greenlaw 1827/01/30
George Jane Greenlaw 1838/02/13
Georgina Edward Squire 1860/07/19
Hannah James Gilpin 1850/03/07
Isabella John Bryant 1852/01/13
Isabella Matthew Boyd 1832/02/16
James Anne Guirke 1898/10/10
James Catherine Greenlaw 1833/12/24
James Frances Jones 1823/10/07
James Jane Wilson 1813/03/25
James Martha Greenlaw 1834/05/10
Jane Michael Armstrong 1895/06/03
Jane William McNeely 1864/12/15
John Elizabeth Wilson 1843/08/15
John Margaret Greenlaw 1816/07/28
Juliet James Morris 1818/01/07
Louisa John Cator 1849/11/24
Lucy James Boyd 1894/10/16
Margaret Henry Gartley 1837/05/09
Margaret John Dinsmore 1852/02/01
Margaret William Neal 1821/04/17
Margaret William Stephenson 1822/08/25
Marianne George Jatersmon 1848/04/24
Mary Anne John Arbin 1880/11/24
Matilda Walter Reynolds 1864/05/18
Robert Catherine Crawford 1856/04/24
Robert Jane Mitchel 1833/03/01
Robert Marianne Doherty 1840/05/20
Robert Martha Houston 1866/09/20
William Margaret Greenlaw 1859/08/NG

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