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This Census was submitted by Margaret Graham, transcribed by Lindel, and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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Early Census Data

1841 - 16 people and 3 houses

1851 - 21 people and 4 houses

1861 - 20 people (10 males & 10 females) and 3 houses



Also see Townland Notes below

No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Language    
  Hugh Carr and Anne Coll household              
1 Kerr Anne Head RC Can't read 42   Married Donegal IE    
  Kerr James Son RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal IE    
  Kerr Daniel Son RC RW 9 Scholar Single Donegal IE    
  Kerr Mary Dau RC   7 Scholar Single Donegal IE    
  Kerr Cassie Dau RC   5 Scholar Single Donegal IE    
  Kerr Joseph Son RC   4 Scholar Single Donegal IE    
2 Carr Hugh Head RC RW 66 Farmer Married     Donegal IE
  Carr Annie Wife RC Can't read 60   Married Married 32 yrs 12 ch born/11 living Donegal IE
  Carr Daniel Son RC RW 20 Farmer's son Single     Donegal IE
  Carr Mary Dau RC RW 18 Seamstress Single     Donegal IE
  Carr Joseph Son RC RW 14 Farmer's son Single     Donegal IE


1. Hugh Carr, 23, Glendowan, son of Hugh Carr & Ellen O'Hara, married Anne Coll, 17, Meenadoan, dau of Patrick Coll & Rose McLoone, at Glenties on 20 Feb 1878 - see certificate

2. Ellen, sister of Hugh, in Ardachrin - see Ardachrin census - John, brother of Hugh, married Bridget Gallagher - see Drumnasharragh census

3. Teague, brother of Anne Coll, married Mary McGlynn - see Stramore census

4. For the rest of the family of Anne and Teague - see Meenadoan census

5. Children of Hugh and Anne -

- Bridget b 13 Aug 1879, Meenadoan, bap 14 Aug, Glenties. Sponsors Daniel Coll and Bridget Mc? - see baptism register entry

- Patrick b 1882, emigrated to NY in with sister Rose 1907 on the SS Columbia. The passenger list noted the centre finger of his left hand was crooked. He was 5'9" tall, with a fair complexion, & brown hair & eyes

- John living at 429 W 24 St, New York in 1914

- Rose b Aug 1884. Baptism sponsors Teague Coll & Bridget Coll. Rose was with her Aunt, Ellen Harley, in Ardachrin during the 1901 census - see Ardachrin census. She emigrated to

  NY in 1907 on the SS Columbia, to join sister Ellen (see Gartan Immigrants). Rose d 1964

- Hugh b Apr 9 1887, bap 1 May, Glendowan. Sponsors Ambrose Sweeney & Sarah McDevitt?
- James b Sept 26 1888, bap 30 Sep. Sponsors John Coll & Grace O'Donnell. He emigrated to NY 1910 on SS California to join brother Patrick - see  Gartan Immigrants
- Daniel b Aug 28 1890, bap 31 Aug, Glendowan. Sponsors Teague & Mary Coll. He emigrated to NY 1914 on SS Columbia to join brother John - see  Gartan Immigrants. Emigrating with

  Daniel was Mary Coll, who was joining cousin Helen Karr (Ellen Carr). She was living at 429 W 24 St, New York - the same address given by Daniel for his brother John. Mary was from

  Stramore, a daughter of Teague Coll and Mary McGlynn, so a full cousin to Daniel and Ellen.
- Mary b Mar 6 1892, bap 6 Mar, Glendowan. Sponsors Teague & Mary Coll
- Bridget Ann b Aug 18 1893, bap 20 Aug, Glendowan. Sponsors Edward Gallagher & Bridget McLoughlin
- Catherine b Sept 4 1894, bap 9 Sep, Glendowan. Sponsors Edward Gallagher and Bridget McLaughlin
- Charles Joseph b Oct 16 1895, bap 20 Oct, Glendowan. Sponsors James & Bridget McLaughlin

Researcher: Connie - Email



Hugh Carr, Annie Coll, & the house in 2008

3 Curran John Head RC Can't read 80 Farmer Married Donegal IE    
  Curran Annie Wife RC Can't read 60   Married Donegal IE    
  Thomas Curran and Mary Sweeney household?              
4 Curran Mary Head RC Can't read 75 Farmer Widow Donegal IE    
  Curran Henry Son RC Can't read 39 General labr Single Donegal IE    
  Curran Patrick Son RC Can't read 37 General labr Single Donegal IE    
5 Curran Henry Head RC Can't read 70 Farmer Single Donegal IE    
  Curran Patrick Brother RC Can't read 66 Farmer Single Donegal IE    


Townland Notes:



Mother Bridget Curran

Joseph b 29 Sep 1880 - adopted by Patrick Murray and Rose McConnell - see 1901 census Drumbologe
Mary b 31 Dec 1877

Researcher: Margaret - Email


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