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St Connell's, Glenties, Baptisms Oct 1866 - Jan 1870

This index was compiled by Lindel and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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Some baptisms Jan - Apr 1886 are included

The records were very hard to read and there may be mistakes in transcription, though I tried very hard to avoid any - look at this  example scan to see what I was transcribing

If you find a baptism of interest, please request a scan of the original entry, so you can see it for yourself

Dates of birth recorded in the register often differ by months from the date of birth given for civil registration, so please do not order a birth certificate from the GRO using the dates of birth recorded here

The date from the baptism register is more likely to be accurate than the civil registration however, you will only get a birth certificate with the date given at the time the birth was registered

A baptism certificate will, of course, show the date of birth and baptism



Surname Given Date Bth Father Mother Townland
Bonner Catherine 15 Jun 1867 Bonner, Charles McGlynn, Catherine Clogher
Bonner Penelope 10 Jun 1867 Bonner, John Campbell, Rose Derryloaghan
Bonner Daniel 2 Jun 1867 Bonner, Neal McGeehin, Anne Bellanamore
Bonner James 2 Dec 1868 Bonner, Neal McGeehin, Anne Bellanamore
Bonner Patrick 28 Sep 1869 Bonner, Patrick Ward, Mary Kincrum
Boyce Anne 28 Oct 1867 Boyce, William Campbell, Mary Stra?
Boyce Mary 25 Jun 1869 Boyce, William Kelly, Mary Stra?
Boyle Anne 15 Jun 1867 Boyle, Andrew DeWard, Anne Meenalargan
Boyle Ellen 25 Jun 1869 Boyle, Andrew DeWard, Anne Meenalargan
Boyle Bernard 18 Dec 1869 Boyle, Charles McBrearty, Mary Stranaglogh
Boyle Catherine 24 Dec 1868 Boyle, Charles McDevitt, Anne Dalraghan
Boyle Bernard 22 Dec 1867 Boyle, Charles O'Donnell, Rose Mully
Boyle Bridget 14 Feb 1867 Boyle, Charles Tolan, Anne Lackaghatermon
Boyle William James 7 Apr 1869 Boyle, Charles Tolan, Anne Lackaghatermon
Boyle Anne 14 Jan 1867 Boyle, Cornelius McGettigan, Bridget Letterilly
Boyle Anne & Bridget 4 Jan 1869 Boyle, Cornelius McGillaway, Anne K?
Boyle Patrick 12 Apr 1868 Boyle, Denis Boyle, Honora Maas
Boyle Bridget 15 May 1868 Boyle, Francis Boyle, Bridget Loughcrillan
Boyle Anne 5 Dec 1868 Boyle, Hugh Gallagher, Anne Doobin?
Boyle Anne 21 Jun 1867 Boyle, James Boyle, Anne Gortnasillagh
Boyle Hanora 21 Sep 1868 Boyle, James Divine, Anne Classy
Boyle Peter 7 Mar 1868 Boyle, James Gallagher, Ellen Shanaghan
Boyle Ellen 20 Mar 1868 Boyle, James McDyer, Winifred Stralinchy
Boyle Catherine 15 Mar 1868 Boyle, John McDevitt, Mary Banganboy
Boyle Bridget 8 Feb 1867 Boyle, John McGeehin, Anne Drumconcoose?
Boyle Ellen 19 Jun 1869 Boyle, John McGeehin, Anne Drumnaha?
Boyle Catherine 18 Jul 1867 Boyle, John Meenan, Catherine Glencolumbkille
Boyle Maryanne 2 Oct 1867 Boyle, Neal Molloy, Mary Kilclooney, Ardara
Boyle Patrick 28 Nov 1866 Boyle, Patrick Boyle, Honora Loughcrillan
Boyle Ellen 12 May 1868 Boyle, Patrick Devenny, Bridget Loughcrillan
Boyle John 20 Jan 1868 Boyle, Patrick Doherty, Anne Glenleeghan
Boyle Mary 9 Dec 1869 Boyle, Patrick Dunlevey, Mary Strasallagh
Boyle Patrick 5 Jun 1867 Boyle, Patrick Dunlevey, Mary Strasallagh
Boyle James 10 Sep 1869 Boyle, Patrick Kennedy, Anne Aghala?
Boyle Joseph 17 Jun 1867 Boyle, Patrick Kennedy, Anne Aghlagh
Boyle Daniel 6 Dec 1866 Boyle, Patrick Kennedy, Bridget Glenties
Boyle Peter 29 Jun 1869 Boyle, Patrick Kennedy, Bridget Letterilly
Boyle Mary 27 Jul 1869 Boyle, Patrick McGrath, Eliza Maas
Boyle Mary Anne 18 Feb 1869 Boyle, Patrick Ward, Sophia Glenties
Boyle Anne 18 Jul 1868 Boyle, Peter Kennedy, Bridget Maas
Boyle Charles 21 Jul 1868 Boyle, Phillip Gildea, Rose Loughcrillan
Boyle Charles 18 Apr 1867 Boyle, Phillip McGill, Bridget Glenmacannive
Boyle Patrick 13 Oct 1869 Boyle, Phillip McGill, Bridget Glenmacannive
Boyle John 3 Jan 1869 Boyle, Thomas Molloy, Mary Lagnagillew
Boyle Rose 23 Jun 1868 Boyle, Timothy Boyle, Anne Doorian
Boyle Mary 25 Mar 1867 Boyle, William McDermott, Mary Banganboy
Brennan Anne 6 Apr 1869 Brennan, Bernard McLoone, Mary Banganboy
Brennan John 25 Nov 1866 Brennan, Bernard McLoone, Mary Banganboy
Brennan James 16 Feb 1867 Brennan, James Kildea, Mary Stranaglough
Brennan Anne 13 Oct 1869 Brennan, John McDevitt, Susan Shallogans
Brennan Suan 3 Apr 1867 Brennan, John McDevitt, Susan Shallogans
Brennan Cornelius 12 Jun 1869 Brennan, Patrick Brennan, Rose Meenanarwa
Brennan James 13 Oct 1866 Brennan, Patrick Gallagher, Margaret Shallogans
Brennan Sara 18 Oct 1868 Brennan, Patrick Gallagher, Margaret Shallogans
Brennan Francis 4 Feb 1867 Brennan, Peter Kildea, Anne Shallogans
Bresland Honora 28 Aug 1869 Bresland, Patrick Brennan, Mary Lagnagillew
Bresland John Patrick 22 Feb 1868 Bresland, Patrick Bresland, Mary Gortlosk
Breslin John 10 Nov 1866 Breslin, C? McGill, Anne M?
Breslin Edward 9 May 1868 Breslin, James Brennan, Hanora Mullanmore
Brogan James 22 Jun 1869 Brogan, Michael Brogan, Anne Drumnalough
Brown Ellen 1 Aug 1869 Brown, Charles McGlynn, Catherine Cloghercor
Brown Hugh 13 May 1867 Brown, John Boyle, Catherine Loughcrillan
Brown John 12 Dec 1866 Brown, John Brown, Grace Meenalargan
Byrne Bridget 27 Jul 1867 Byrne, Denis Sweeney, Mary Maas
Byrne Michael 13 May 1869 Byrne, Denis Sweeney, Mary Maas
Byrne Patrick 20 Nov 1868 Byrne, John Rodgers, Mary D?
Byrne Mary 12 Aug 1868 Byrne, Manus Gallagher, Mary Drumnalough
Byrne Bridget 28 Jun 1868 Byrne, Michael ?, Catherine Meen?
Campbell Edmund 28 Sep 1869 Campbell, Francis McMonagle, Mary Kingarrow
Campbell John 25 Oct 1867 Campbell, Francis McMonagle, Mary Kingarrow
Campbell John 26 May 1867 Campbell, John Doherty, Anne Kingarrow
Campbell Mary 12 Sep 1869 Campbell, John Doherty, Anne Kingarrow
Campbell Anne 30 Oct 1866 Campbell, Patrick Duffy, Grace Lughveen
Campbell Michael 4 Feb 1868 Campbell, Thadeus McNelis, Mary Clogherachullion
Campbell Patrick 4 Feb 1868 Campbell, Thadeus McNelis, Mary Clogherachullion
Campbell John 9 Oct 1867 Campbell, William McMenamin, Anne Kingarrow
Cannon Francis 1 Jul 1868 Cannon, John Duggan, Catherine Kilrain
Cantlin Alice Elizabeth 24 Nov 1867 Cantlin, Richard Quigley, Bridget Glenties
Carbery Mary 8 Oct 1868 Carbery, Patrick Doherty, Bridget Meenadoan
Carlan Anne 10 Sep 1867 Carlan, Henry Gallagher, Bridget Glenties
Carlin Grace 26 Oct 1868 Carlin, Manus Brogan, Anne Glenties
Carolin Honora 3 Mar 1868 Carolin, John Gallagher, Anne Glenties
Conaghan James 24 Aug 1867 Conaghan, James Boyle, Cecelia Gortnasillagh
Conaghan Michael 11 Jul 1867 Conaghan, James Gallagher, Anne Drumnalough
Conaghan John 17 Feb 1869 Conaghan, John Conaghan, Anne Meenadoan
Conaghan Margaret 4 Feb 1867 Conaghan, John Conaghan, Anne Straboy
Corbett Charlotte 20 Aug 1868 Corbett, Michael Flair, Elizabeth Glenties
Coyle Patrick 5 Apr 1869 Coyle, John Gallagher, Anne Glassagh
Craig Neal 25 Jul 1867 Craig, ? Kildea, Bridget Drumnasillagh
Craig William 22 Jan 1868 Craig, Denis Boyle, Frances Drumalough
Craig James 28 Jan 1869 Craig, Neal Fisher, Anne Meenachullion
Craig Denis 19 May 1869 Craig, Patrick Gildea, Anne Drumnasillagh
Craig? Annabella 7 Sep 1868 Craig, Daniel Walsh, Ellen Meenmore
Crayne Anne 2 Mar 1867 Craig, Neal Fisher, Anne  
Delahunty Alice 14 May 1868 Delahunty, William Delahunty, Elizabeth Glenties
Deveney Bridget 14 Nov 1869 Deveney, James McDevitt, Anne Loughcrillan
Devenny James 16 Nov 1867 Devenny, James McDevitt, Anne Loughcrillan
DeWard Bridget 16 Jun 1868 DeWard, Connell DeWard, Margaret Meenaleenaghan
Deward Roger 15 Aug 1868 Deward, John McMonagle, Mary Meenabrock
DeWard Catherine 19 Apr 1867 DeWard, Patrick McLoone, Mary Tangaveane
Deward Michael 13 Sep 1869 DeWard, Patrick McLoone, Mary Tangaveane
DeWard Neal 3 Jun 1867 DeWard, William McGinty, Catherine Drumnalough
DeWard Winifred 31 Jul 1868 Ward, Cormac Quinn, Susan Edenfinfreagh
Diver Margaret 12 Dec 1869 Diver, Edward McCabe, Anne Tullyhonor
Diver Maryanne 20 May 1868 Diver, Edward McCabe, Anne Tullyhonor
Diver Bridget 14 Feb 1867 Diver, Neil McGuire, Bridget Tullyhonor
Doherty Anne 14 Feb 1868 Doherty, Charles McMonagle, Mary Clogher
Doherty Grace 1 Jan 1870 Doherty, Charles McMonagle, Mary Cloghercor
Doherty John 28 Jun 1868 Doherty, Francis Doherty, Catherine Beaghmore
Doherty Philip 18 Aug 1869 Doherty, James Logue, Bridget Currian?
Doherty John 1 Dec 1866 Doherty, James Ward, Anne Eden?
Doherty Rose 17 Sep 1869 Doherty, John Ward, Anne Ed?
Doherty Anne 25 May 1869 Doherty, Michael Kelly, Catherine Bellanamore
Doherty John 27 Feb 1868 Doherty, Michael Kelly, Catherine Bellanamore
Doherty Anne 20 Oct 1868 Doherty, Patrick Doherty, Rose Beaghmore
Doherty James 6 Jan 1886 Doherty, Patrick Doherty, Rose Beaghmore
Doherty Anne 7 Jan 1886 Doherty, Patrick snr McDermott, Mary Beaghmore
Duffy Denis 11 Apr 1886 Duffy, Edward McMenamin, Frances Meenagolan
Duffy Hugh 11 Jan 1886 Duffy, Hugh McGee, Mary Meenatinne
Duffy Hugh 16 Oct 1869 Duffy, Hugh McGeehin, Rose Kingarrow
Duffy John 2 Aug 1867 Duffy, Hugh McGeehin, Rose Kingarrow
Dunlevey John 5 Nov 1867 Dunlevey, Anthony Brennan, Catherine Gortlosk
Dunlevey Mary 25 May 1869 Dunlevey, Anthony Brennan, Catherine G?
Dunlevey Francis 22 Sep 1869 Dunlevey, Francis DeWard, Margaret Greenans
Dunlevey Charles 18 May 1868 Dunlevey, Francis Ward, Margaret Greenans
Dunlevey Anne & Bridget 2 Jul 1868 Dunlevey, James Dunlevey, Anne Meena?
Dunlevey Ellen 23 Jan 1869 Dunlevey, James Tighe, Margaret Glenties
Dunlevey Anne 5 Nov 1867 Dunlevey, Patrick Sweeney, Bridget Meenahalla
Dunlevey Catherine 3 Apr 1868 Dunlevey, Paul Moore, Anne Glenties
Durnion Catherine 6 Jul 1868 Durnin McGlynn, Anne Kingarrow
Early James 24 Jul 1868 Early, Condy Early, Mary Glenties
Early Patrick 1 May 1867 Early, Cornelius Kelly, Mary Glenties
Early John 27th Feb 1867 Early, Edward Tolan, Mary Mullanmore
Early Joseph 18 Feb 1869 Early, Edward Tolan, Mary Mullana?
Early Patrick 30 Nov 1868 Early, Tully Early, Bridget Glenties
Ferry Michael 19 Oct 1867 Ferry, Michael McKelvey, Anne Glenlehan
Fisher Mary 31 Aug 1869 Fisher, John Kennedy, Mary Straoughter?
Furey Andrew 15 Sep 1869 Furey, Andrew Kennedy, Margaret Glenties
Furey Margaret 14 Dec 1867 Furey, Andrew Kennedy, Margaret Glenties
Furey Neal 26 Jan 1879 Furey, Charles Gallagher, Mary Derries
Furey Susan 17 Aug 1869 Furey, Charles Gallagher, Mary Derries
Furey Catherine 8 Oct 1866 Furey, Daniel Gillespie, Margaret Glenties
Furey Ellen 18 Nov 1868 Furey, Daniel Gillespie, Margaret Drumnasillagh
Furey James 9 Jun 1877 Furey, James Gallagher, Anne Drumnasillagh
Furey John 16 May 1869 Furey, James Gallagher, Anne Glenties
Gallagher Mary 5 May 1867 Gallagher, Anthony? F?, Bridget Meenamanragh
Gallagher Daniel 4 Mar 1867 Gallagher, Bernard McFadden, Bridget Glenties
Gallagher Michael 1 Dec 1868 Gallagher, Bernard McFadden, Bridget Stranaglogh
Gallagher Patrick 5 Mar 1869 Gallagher, Condy Dunlevey, Mary Cleengort
Gallagher Bridget 24 Aug 1867 Gallagher, Daniel Boyle, Mary Letterilly
Gallagher Margaret 2 Feb 1869 Gallagher, Daniel Boyle, Mary Letterilly
Gallagher Patrick 3 Jan 1869 Gallagher, Daniel Gallagher, Ellen Mullanmore
Gallagher Bernard 18 Sep 1868 Gallagher, Daniel Gallagher, Mary Mulnamina
Gallagher John 23 Jul 1867 Gallagher, Daniel? McColl, Catherine Rinlacurry?
Gallagher Margaret 24 Sep 1869 Gallagher, Edward Dunlevey, Anne ?
Gallagher Catherine 12 Sep 1868 Gallagher, Edward McHugh, Ellem Drumnacross
Gallagher Margaret 20 Mar 1868 Gallagher, Francis Boyle, Rose Tievebrack
Gallagher Bridget 14 Dec 1867 Gallagher, James McDevitt, Mary Loughnambraddan
Gallagher James 13 Apr 1868 Gallagher, James O'Donnell, Mary Crocam?
Gallagher Francis 20 Jan 1867 Gallagher, James Quigley, Mary Cornagrillagh
Gallagher Mary 4 Sep 1869 Gallagher, James Quigly, Mary Cornagrillagh
Gallagher John 13 Jun 1869 Gallagher, James Tolan, Rose Meenagrubby
Gallagher John 8 Dec 1867 Gallagher, John Boyce, Mary Mulnamin More
Gallagher Honora 29 Apr 1868 Gallagher, John Boyle, Anne Tullynaglaggan
Gallagher Anne 18 Apr 1867 Gallagher, John Carr, Bridget Ardun
Gallagher James 9 Dec 1868 Gallagher, John Carr, Bridget Ardun
Gallagher Catherine 23 Dec 1869 Gallagher, John Gallagher, Catherine Loughcrillan
Gallagher Bridget 12 Mar 1868 Gallagher, John McCauley, Mary Kingarrow
Gallagher Grace 30 Sep 1867 Gallagher, John McGlynn, Bridget Meenagolan
Gallagher Peter 22 Jun 1869 Gallagher, John McGlynn, Bridget Meenagolan
Gallagher James 30 Oct 1868 Gallagher, John Sweeney, Margaret Strasallagh
Gallagher Neal 6 Aug 1869 Gallagher, John Waugh, Annabella Tullynaglaggan
Gallagher Rose 18 Oct 1866 Gallagher, John Waugh, Annabella Tullyhonor
Gallagher Michael 12-Apr Gallagher, Michael Breslin, Ellen Meenahalla
Gallagher John 26 May 1868 Gallagher, Michael McDermott, Mary Dalraghan
Gallagher Patrick 24 May 1868  Gallagher, Neal O'Donnell, Anne Letterilly
Gallagher Francis 24 Jun 1868 Gallagher, Patrick Brennan, Ellen Drum?
Gallagher Francis 10 Nov 1868 Gallagher, Patrick Bresland, Anne Shanaghan?
Gallagher Agnes 26 Sep 1868 Gallagher, Patrick Brogan, Rose C?
Gallagher Margaret 20 Oct 1866 Gallagher, Patrick Gallagher, Mary Mulnamin
Gallagher Anne 5 May 1869 Gallagher, Patrick Meehan, Mary Doobin?
Gallagher Bridget 6 Jan 1867 Gallagher, Patrick Molloy, Mary Mullanmore
Gallagher Margaret 7 Feb 1869 Gallagher, Patrick Molloy, Mary Mullanmore
Gallagher Michael 9 Oct 1869 Gallagher, Peter Bresland, Bridget Meena?
Gallagher Bridget 12 Jan 1868 Gallagher, Peter Gallagher, Margaret Strasallagh
Gallagher Catherine 4 Nov 1866 Gallagher, Peter Kennedy, Bridget Meen?
Gallagher Charles 19 Dec 1869 Gallagher, Peter Roarty, Margaret Strasallagh
Gallagher Thaddeus 25 Dec 1868 Gallagher, Thaddeus Boyle, Margaret Cleengort
Gear Anne Mary 11 Jan 1868 Gear, Patrick Gear, Anne RIC Doochary
Gildea Edward 14 Nov 1867 Gildea, Cornelius Boyle, Mary St?
Gildea John 10 Mar 1869 Gildea, Cornelius Boyle, Mary Straboy
Gildea Margaret 10 Jun 1869 Gildea, Edward McLoone, Bridget Stranaglogh
Gildea Edward 29 Dec 1868 Gildea, Hugh Connaghan, Mary Glenmacannive?
Gildea Anne 19 Jun 1868 Gildea, James Bresland, Mary ?
Gildea Rose 15 Apr 1868 Gildea, Patrick Gildea, Anne Straboy
Gildea Patrick 28 Jan 1869 Gildea. William McMonagle, Ellen Glenmacannive
Gill Francis 15 Feb 1867 Gill, Francis McGeehin, Barbara Glentobin
Gill Hugh 3 Dec 1868 Gill, Francis McGeehin, Barbara Glenleghan
Gill James 3 Jul 1868 Gill, Neal McKelvey, Mary Glenleeghan
Gillespey Mary 18 Oct 1867 Gillespey, James Boyle, Mary ?neflugh
Given Bridget 22 Feb 1869 Given, Ambrose DeWard, Anne Meenaleenaghan
Given Mary 22 Jun 1867 Given, Ambrose DeWard, Anne Meenaleenaghan
Griffin George 16 May 1868 Griffin, Dominick? Gallagher, Ellen Meenateia?
Griffin William 6 Sep 1867 Griffin, Edward Geran, Mary Glenmacanagh
Hanlon Charles 1853 Hanlon, James Harron, Elizabeth T?
Hanlon Anne 17 Aug 1868 Hanlon, John Gallagher, Bridget Drumconcoose
Hanlon Bridget 10 Feb 1867 Hanlon, John Gallagher, Bridget Drumnalough
Hanlon Thomas 20 Jan 1869 Hanlon, Patrick Geighan, Anne Kilkenny
Hanlon Mary 1853 Hanlon, Thomas Stephens, Sarah Dungloe?
Harkin Catherine 8 Jan 1870 Harkin, John Deward, Mary Bally?
Harris Martin 10 Mar 1869 Harris, James McCawhil, Bridget Kilrain
Harry Daniel 17 Oct 1866 Harry, Charles Gallagher, Mary Glenties
Hegarty John 28 Apr 1867 Hegarty, Daniel Gallagher, Mary Straboy
Hegarty Anne 6 Jan 1868 Hegarty, Francis Conaghan, Anne Stra?
Hegarty Bridget 2 Oct 1867 Hegarty, John Brennan, Anne Meenamanragh
Hegarty Margaret 21 Jan 1869 Hegarty, John Hegarty, Anne Meenamanragh
Herran Thomas 31 Dec 1869 Herran, John McGee, Anne Loughmuck
Herran Anthony 28 Mar 1869 Herran, Peter Gildea, Margaret Lacklea
Herran Ellen 8 Mar 1867 Herran, Peter Gildea, Margaret Lacklea
Herran Bridget 30 Apr 1867 Herron, James Bresland, Bridget Lacklea
Herran Neal 24 Dec 1867 Herron, John McGee, Anne Meenabrock
Herran Frances 28 Dec 1866 Herron, Matthew O'Donnell, Frances Glenaboghil
Herran Neal 29 Oct 1869 Herron, Neal McGeehin, Mary Glenaboghil
Herran Grace 1 Jan 1869 Herron, Thaddeus O'Donnell, Annabella Glenaboghil
Herron Joseph 4 Jan 1868 Herron, Neal McGeehin, Mary Glenaboghil
Hilferty James 8 Oct 1868 Hilferty, James Gallagher, Mary Glenties
Hilferty John 8 Jul 1867 Hilferty, James Gallagher, Mary Glenties
Hilferty Bridget 23 Aug 1867 Hilfery, Cornelius Deward, Catherine Meenaloughan
Huston Michael 15 Jun 1869 Huston, Michael Huston, Mary Kingarrow
Huston Mary 5 Jun 1867 Huston, Michael Ward, Mary Kingarrow
Kane James 9 Mar 1867 Kane, John McGeehan, Bridget S?
Kane Ellen 17 Aug 1868 Kane, John McGeehin, Bridget Stran?
Keeney Thomas 19 Nov 1867 Keeney, Patrick M?, Mary Mullanmore
Kelly Catherine 19 Dec 1867 Kelly, Andrew Ward, Anne Lagnagillew
Kelly Charles 15 May 1869 Kelly, Patrick McLoone, Catherine Meenasrone
Kelly Mary 31 Dec 1867 Kelly, Patrick McLoone, Catherine Meenasrone
Kennedy John 30 Jun 1867 Kennedy, Andrew Kildea, Bridget Glenties
Kennedy James 30 May 1868 Kennedy, Charles Boyle, Susan Letterilly
Kennedy Patrick 9 Mar 1867 Kennedy, Daniel O'Donnell, Catherine Maas
Kennedy Edward 26 Aug 1869 Kennedy, Edward McCafferty, Mary Glenties
Kennedy John 7 Apr 1867 Kennedy, Edward McCafferty, Mary Glenties
Kennedy James Patrick 6 Jul 1869 Kennedy, Francis Harry, Mary Kilrain
Kennedy Rose 15 Apr 1867 Kennedy, Francis Harvey, Mary Kilrain
Kennedy D? 11 Nov 1866 Kennedy, James McDermott, Rose Glenties
Kennedy Anthony 12 Jul 1867 Kennedy, James O'Donnell, Anne Kilrain
Kennedy Hugh 10 Dec 1869 Kennedy, Michael Boyle, Grace Glenties
Kennedy Margaret 14 Apr 1867 Kennedy, Michael Boyle, Grace Glenties
Kennedy Edward 7 Jun 1867 Kennedy, Patrick Gallagher, Catherine Altan
Kennedy James 26 Jul 1869 Kennedy, Patrick Horne, Bridget Maas
Kennedy James 14 Apr 1867 Kennedy, Patrick O'Donnell, Mary Kincrum
Kennedy Bridget 27 Mar 1868 Kennedy, Peter Kennedy, Mary Kilrain
Kennedy Peter 28 Jun 1867 Kennedy, Thomas Heron, Anne Lagnagillew
Kennedy Bridget 8 Feb 1868 Kennedy, Thomas Herran, Anne Kincrum
Kenny John 8 Nov 1868 Kenny, James Breslin, Hanora Shanaghan?
Kenny William 25 Nov 1868 Kenny, Patrick Molloy, Mary Mullanmore
Kenny Anne 27 May 1868 Kenny, Thomas Kennedy, Bridget Tullynaglaggan
Kenny Mary 12 Dec 1869 Kenny, Thomas Kennedy, Bridget Tullynaglaggan
Kildea Catherine 8 Jun 1867 Kildea, Cornelius Bresland, Anne Cronanass?
Langan Hugh 16 Jun 1868 Langan, Bernard Hughes, Bridget Stra?
Langan Patrick 14 Aug 1869 Langan, Bernard Hughes, Bridget ?
Lawler Patrick Philip 29 Apr 1886 Lawlwe, Peter Ford, Mary RIC Fintown
Logue William 4 Apr 1869 Logue, Daniel Deward, Bridget Drumnasillagh
Logue Mary 16 Jul 1869 Logue, Denis Boyle, Grace  
Logue Edward 13 Oct 1867 Logue, Hugh Logue, Bridget Carr?
Long Hanna 8 Aug 1867 Long, William Dunlevey, Margaret Derries
Lyons Sara 10 Apr 1869 Lyons, James Cannon, Mary Letterilly
Manelis John 1 Oct 1867 Manelis, James Sharp, Anne Kilrain
McBrearty Anne 6 Jan 1869 McBrearty, ? McDermott, Honora Drumnasillagh
McBrearty Ann 11 Oct 1866 McBrearty, James McBrearty, Margaret Gortnasillagh
McBrearty Susan 1 Jul 1869 McBrearty, James Molloy, Margaret Mullanamore
McBrearty Anne 22 Mar 1868 McBrearty, Neal Carlan, Mary Gortnasillagh
McBrearty Mary Anne 14 Jul 1869 McBrearty, Peter McNelis, Mary ?
McCabe Bridget 28 Jan 1868 McCabe, Patrick Blake, Bridget Strasallagh
McCabe James & Hugh 11 Jun 1869 McCabe, Patrick Blake, Bridget Straoughter?
McCafferty John 4 Feb 1868 McCafferty, James Brennan, Bridget Kilrain
McCafferty Patrick 3 Dec 1866 McCafferty, William O'Donnell, Anne Bellanamore
McCaffrey Bridget 27 Jan 1869 McCaffrey, William O'Donnell, Anne Glassagh
McCaffrey John 13 Dec 1867 McCaffrey, William O'Donnell, Anne Bellanamore
McCahill Charles & Margaret 19 May 1868 McCahill, Charles Given, Margaret Lough?
McCauley Frances 25 Oct 1866 McCauley, Daniel Duffy, Mary Meen?
McCauley Patrick 5 Dec 1869 McCauley, Daniel Duffy, Mary Meen?
McCauley Anne 30 Aug 1868 McCauley, John Meehan, Mary Meenaleenaghan
McCauley Bridget 17 Jan 1867 McCauley, Patrick McMenamion, Honora Meenavale
McCawhil Mary 8 Oct 1868 McCawhil, Condy Gallagher, Catherine Kincrum
McCawhil Anne 8 Dec 1868 McCawhil, Patrick McDevitt, Mary Glenties
McCay Joseph 21 Jan 1867 McCay, John Boyle, Anne Meenahalla?
McDermott Bernard 17 Aug 1867 McDermott, Bernard McBrearty, Margaret Drumnasillagh
McDermott James 15 Jan 1869 McDermott, Condy Gallagher, Margaret Banganboy
McDermott John 30 Nov 1867 McDermott, Cornelius McBrearty, Anne Meenamanragh
McDermott Anne 15 Jan 1867 McDermott, Cornelius McDermott, Ellen Meenagrubby
McDermott John 16 May 1868 McDermott, Cornelius McGuire, Ellen Meenagrubby
McDermott Bridget 20 Sep 1867 McDermott, Eugene Gallagher, Margaret Banganboy
McDermott Peter 3 Jun 1868 McDermott, James McDermott, Margaret Meenagrubby
McDermott Mary 3 Apr 1868 McDermott, John Gallagher, Anne Derries
McDermott Anne 3 Mar 1869 McDermott, Neal Doherty, Ellen Loughnambraddan
McDermott James 1 Apr 1869 McDevitt, Edward McKelvey, Annabella Meentymorgal
McDevitt Anne 2 Oct 1868 McDevitt, Andrew Gildea, Bridget Stracashel
McDevitt Bridget 10 Oct 1868 McDevitt, Anthony Timoney, Honora Largnalarkan
McDevitt Peter 27 Jun 1867 McDevitt, Anthony Timoney, Honora Largnalarkan
McDevitt Cornelius 15 May 1869 McDevitt, James Doherty, Mary Loughnambraddan
McDevitt Daniel 28 Jul 1868 McDevitt, James Ward, Hanora Mully
McDevitt Rose 15 Apr 1867 McDevitt, James Ward, Hanora Mully
McDevitt Michael 13 Apr 1886 McDevitt, John Timoney, Anne Meenmore
McDevitt Francis John 15 Jun 1867 McDevitt, Martin McDevitt, Mary Greenans
McDevitt Bridget 19 Feb 1867 McDevitt, Neil Doherty, Ellen Loughnambraddan
McDevitt Patrick 7 Jan 1868 McDevitt, Patrick Boyle, Catherine Stranaglogh
McDevitt John 23 Dec 1867 McDevitt, Patrick McGlynn, Grace Largnalarkan
McDevitt Patrick 24 Oct 1867 McDevitt, Patrick Sweeney, Anne Meenabrock
McDevitt Catherine 28 Sep 1867 McDevitt, Peter Bonner, Mary Dalraghan
McDevitt Peter 27 Sep 1869 McDevitt, Peter Bonner, Mary Glenaboghil
McDevitt Andrew 1 Aug 1868 McDevitt, William Roarty, Anne Graffy
McDyer Patrick 24 Aug 1867 McDyer, Bernard McDevitt, Anne Derries
McDyer Anne 29 Oct 1867 McDyer, Edward McNelis, Mary Derries
McDyer Anne 17 Sep 1868 McDyer, John Cassidy, Anne Derries
McDyer Francis 23 Dec 1869 McDyer, John Cassidy, Anne Derries
McDyer John 23 Feb 1868 McDyer, John Lyons, Grace Derries
McDyer Catherine 11 Jun 1868 McDyer, John McGill, Anne Derries
McDyer Hugh 12 Nov 1866 McDyer, John McNelis, Ellen Kilrain
McDyer John 25 Mar 1869 McDyer, Patrick McDyer, Bridget Tullyhonor
McDyer   30 Apr 1867 McDyer, Patrick McDyer, Bridget L?
McGee James 30 Oct 1869 McGee, Hugh O'Connor, Catherine Glenleghan
McGeehin John 1 Jun 1867 McGeehin, Charles McGlynn, Rose Glenlehan?
McGeehin Ellen 3 Jul 1868 McGeehin, Condy Duffy, Mary Meenmore
McGeehin Sarah 15 Aug 1867 McGeehin, Cornelius O'Donnell, Bridget Meenagolan
McGeehin Bridget 4 Dec 1869 McGeehin, Edmund Diver, Margaret Meenadoan
McGeehin Neal 8 Apr 1868 McGeehin, James O'Donnell, Mary Meenadoan
McGeehin Cornelius 16 Jul 1867 McGeehin, John McGee, Ellen Meenmore
McGeehin Margaret 26 Sep 1867 McGeehin, John McGillaway, Grace Meenadoan
McGeehin Rose 20 Apr 1867 McGeehin, Neal Deward, Catherine Bellanamore
McGeehin Margaret 9 Apr 1868 McGeehin, Neal McGeehin, Ellen Meenasrone
McGeehin Ellen 21 Aug 1869 McGeehin, Neal Sweeney, Ellen Meenmore
McGeehin John 20 Jul 1867 McGeehin, Patrick McKelvey, Anne Drumnaha
McGettigan James 19 Dec 1868 McGettigan, Neal McGuire, Catherine Tullyhonor
McGill Hugh 24 Apr 1868 McGill, Daniel McCabe, Mary Glenties
McGill Rosanna 2 Jan 1870 McGill, Daniel McCabe, Mary Glenties
McGill Bridget 18 Mar 1869 McGill, Patrick McMonagle, Bridget Glenmacannive
McGill Cornelius 25 Mar 1868 McGill, Patrick McMonagle, Bridget Glenmacannive
McGinty Bridget 13 Feb 1867 McGinty, Patrick McMenamin, Mary Glassagh
McGlinchy Anne 1 Apr 1869 McGlinchy, James Kennedy, Mary Meena?
McGlynn James 1 Oct 1868 McGlynn, Charles McConnell, Anne Meenagolan
McGlynn Margaret 10 Sep 1868 McGlynn, Condy Herran, Rose Stranaglogh
McGlynn Daniel 1 Dec 1866 McGlynn, D? McGlynn, Frances Tievedeevan
McGlynn Hugh 6 Jul 1868 McGlynn, Daniel McGlynn, Anne Kingarrow
McGlynn Daniel 1 Jan 1870 McGlynn, Daniel McGlynn, Bridget Tievedeevan
McGlynn Mary 15 Jun 1867 McGlynn, Daniel McGlynn, Bridget Tievedeevan
McGlynn Mary 22 Feb 1886 McGlynn, Hugh Quin, Anne Meenadoan
McGlynn James 7 Apr 1868 McGlynn, John Harron, Winifred Lougherrig
McGlynn Charles 3 Jul 1869 McGlynn, Patrick Timoney, Bridget Knocklatia?
McGlynn Peter 1 Oct 1867 McGlynn, Patrick Timoney, Bridget ?
McGlynn Catherine 10 Apr 1867 McGlynn, Patrick Ward, Bridget Edenfinfreagh
McGlynn Margaret 15 Mar 1869 McGlynn, Patrick Ward, Bridget Edenfinfreagh
McGowan Anne 20 May 1869 McGowan, Cornelius McDevitt, Catherine Glenaboghil
McGowan James 9 Mar 1868 McGowan, Cornelius McDevitt, Catherine Glenaboghil
McGowan Mary 8 Mar 1867 McGowan, Cornelius McDevitt, Catherine Glenaboghil
McGowan Bridget 16 Aug 1869 McGowan, James McLoughlin, Rose ?
McGowan Patrick 15 Feb 1868 McGowan, William Quin, Anne Glenaboghil
McGuire James 2 Nov 1868 McGuire, James DeWard, Anne T?
McGuire Grace 18 Jan 1867 McGuire, James Timoney, Bridget Edenfinfreagh
McGuire Charles & Hugh 27 Jun 1869 McGuire, William McHugh, Mary Tullyhonor
McHugh Charles 12 May 1868 McHugh, Daniel Deward, Mary Knock?
McHugh Edward 5 Mar 1869 McHugh, Francis Tolan, Mary Letterilly
McHugh Rose 3 Mar 1867 McHugh, James Craig, Margaret Meenadoan
McHugh John 6 Jan 1868 McHugh, James Meehan, Mary The Wood
McHugh Ellen 17 Jul 1869 McHugh, Manus Sweeney, Anne  
McHugh Mary 20 Oct 1867 McHugh, Manus Sweeney, Anne Maas
McHugh Peter 27 Jun 1868 McHugh, Patrick McHugh, Bridget Strasallagh
McKelvey James 19 Jan 1867 McKelvey, James Bresland, Bridget Stracashel
McKelvey Michael 1 Nov 1868 McKelvey, James Bresland, Bridget Drumalough
McKelvey Andrew 1 Mar 1886 McKelvey, John McKelvey, Honora Glenleghan/Ards
McKelvey James 22 Sep 1869 McKelvey, John O'Donnell, Anne Beaghmore
McKelvey John 1 Jun 1867 McKelvey, John O'Donnell, Anne Loughfin
McKelvey John 4 Mar 1867 McKelvey, Patrick Duffy, Bridget Bonagee
McLaughlin James 9 Aug 1867 McLaughlin, James Kennedy, Catherine Meentymane
McLoone Patrick 19 Jan 1869 McLoone, Andrew Quinn, Mary Glenties
McLoone Francis 4 Sep 1867 McLoone, Cornelius McCabe, Catherine Letterilly
McLoone Mary 3 Aug 1869 McLoone, Cornelius Tighe, Mary Glenties
McLoone Neal 18 Nov 1867 McLoone, Cornelius Tighe, Mary Glenties
McLoone Edward 3 Apr 1867 McLoone, Daniel Hegarty, Elizabeth Cleengort
McLoone Ellen 23 Mar 1886 McLoone, Eugene McLoone, Anne Duch?
McLoone Joseph 14 Apr 1867 McLoone, George McGeehin, Grace Fintown
McLoone Bridget 29 Nov 1868 McLoone, Hugh Molloy, Honora Glenties
McLoone Charles 14 Sep 1867 McLoone, Hugh Molloy, Honora Glenties
McLoone Catherine 7 Aug 1868 McLoone, James Dorian, Margaret Maas
McLoone Annabella 26 Ocy 1868 McLoone, James McGeehin, Grace Fintown
McLoone Edward 7 Apr 1868 McLoone, John McLoone, Mary Drumnasillagh
McLoone Mary 12 Oct 1866 McLoone, John Sweeney, Mary Glenties
McLoone Catherine 19 Feb 1868 McLoone, Michael Gallagher, Anne Maas
McLoone Patrick 7 Dec 1867 McLoone, Neal B?, Margaret Letterilly
McLoone Anne 10 Feb 1886 McLoone, Patrick McDevitt, Mary Meenmore
McLoone Margaret 1 Jan 1870 McLoone, Patrick McLoone, Anne Tangaveane
McLoone John 31 May 1868 McLoone, Patrick McMonagle, Anne Tangaveane
McLoone John & Susan 9 Jan 1869 McLoone, Thomas O'Donnell, Bridget Derryloaghan
McMenamin Michael 19 Jan 1869 McMenamin, John Kennedy, Bridget Glassagh
McMenamin Catherine 13 Apr 1869 McMenamin, Michael McDermott, Anne Meenagolan
McMonagle Michael 2 Nov 1867 McMonagle, John ?, Anne Meenasrone
McMonagle James 4 Sep 1869 McMonagle, John Gallagher, Anne Meenmore
McMonagle Cornelius 31 Aug 1867 McMonagle, John McGeehin, Ellen Bellanamore
McMonagle John 1 Jun 1867 McMonagle, Patrick Bonner?, Mary Meenasrone
McMonagle Elizabeth 8 Mar 1868 McMonagle, Patrick McGrath, Rose Locklis
McMonagle Michael 26 May 1868 McMonagle, Patrick McMonagle, Rose Kingarrow
McMonagle James 13 Jan 1869 McMonagle, Peter McGlinchy, Catherine Meenachuit
McMonagle James 21 Dec 1867 McMonagle, Philip McGee, Mary Glen?
McNelis Hugh 10 Jul 1869 McNelis, James Gallagher, Anne Buncroobog
McNelis Patrick 4 Mar 1868 McNelis, James Gallagher, Anne Buncroobog
McNelis Andrew 9 Sep 1869 McNelis, James Sharp, Anne Kilrain
McNelis Ellen 14 Sep 1868 McNelis, James Sweeney, Hanora Kincrum
McNelis John 17 Aug 1868 McNelis, Paul Gildea, Anne Drumnacross
McNelis Bridget 8 Feb 1868 McNelis, Thadeus Gallagher, Mary Mullanmore
McNelis Margaret 5 Aug 1867 McNelis, William McBrearty, Sara Gortnasillagh
McNelis William 29 Oct 1869 McNelis, William McBrearty, Sara Gortnasillagh
McNight Honora 17 Nov 1866 McNight, Edward McNight, Mary Maas
McShane John 23 Jan 1867 McShane, John Carr, Mary Glenties
Meehan Patrick 8 Dec 1866 Meehan, Thomas Deward, Bridget Glen?
Molloy James 21 May 1867 Molloy, Charles McC?, Anne Glenties
Molloy Mary 19 Oct 1869 Molloy, Charles McCauley, Anne Glenties
Molloy Alice 10 Apr 1869 Molloy, Charles Molloy, Bridget Meenagolan
Molloy Anne 6 Jan 1867 Molloy, Charles Mulloy, Bridget Meenagolan
Molloy Anne 17 Mar 1868 Molloy, Cornelius Boyle, Bridget Glenties
Molloy Denis 13 Jul 1867 Molloy, Denis Boyle, Grace Tievebrack
Molloy Mary 15 Aug 1868 Molloy, Hugh Bresland, Bridget Lagnagillew
Molloy Anne 3 Jan 1868 Molloy, James McGowan, Margaret Mullanmore
Molloy Patrick 12 Jul 1867 Molloy, James Muldering, Ellen Maas
Molloy Alice 3 Jul 1868 Molloy, John McDevitt, Mary Cornagrillagh
Molloy Grace 12 Apr 1867 Molloy, Patrick Molloy, Margaret Glenties
Molloy Anne 15 Dec 1869 Molloy, Patrick Tolan, Anne Mullanamore
Moy Catherine 11 Jan 1868 Moy, Edward McLoone, Anne Meenagolan
Moy Ellen 12 Dec 1869 Moy, Edward McLoone, Anne Meenagolan
Muldering Thomas 26 May 1869 Muldering, Thomas Cannon, Anne Letterilly
Muldering Patrick 31 Aug 1867 Muldering, Thomas Cannon, Mary Letterilly
Mulherin Catherine 26 Jul 1869 Mulherin, James Campbell, Bridget Fintown
Mulherin James 5 Mar 1867 Mulherin, John Conaghan, Bridget Stra?
Mulherin Cornelius 6 Dec 1866 Mulherin, Patrick Brennan, Mary Lagnagillew
Mullen Bridget 31 Aug 1867 Mullen, John McBrearty, Ellen Loughcrillan
Murray George 4 Apr 1867 Murray, George O'Donnell, Susan RIC Dungloe/Lettermacaward
Murray Patrick 28 Jul 1868 Murray, Joseph McLoone, Bridget Glenties
O'Connor Catherine 15 Nov 1868 O'Connor, Bernard McMonagle, Mary Glenleghan
O'Connor Daniel 18 Oct 1868 O'Connor, John McDevitt, Rose Drumaneany?
O'Connor William 25 May 1867 O'Connor, John McDevitt, Rose Dr?
O'Donnell Neal 22 Feb 1869 O'Donnell, ? McKelvey, Anne Shallogans
O'Donnell Mary 9 May 1868 O'Donnell, Bernard Logue, Bridget  
O'Donnell Bernard 21 Oct 1867 O'Donnell, Bernard McDevitt, Winifred Fintown
O'Donnell Charles 16 Jul 1869 O'Donnell, Charles O'Donnell, Mary  
O'Donnell Grace 2 Aug 1867 O'Donnell, Charles O'Donnell, Mary Cleengort
O'Donnell Mary 5 Jun 1868 O'Donnell, Connell Gallagher, Ellen Drumnaha
O'Donnell Manus 9 Nov 1866 O'Donnell, Cornelius Gallagher, Ellen Glassagh
O'Donnell Mary 28 Mar 1867 O'Donnell, Cornelius Gildea, Mary Cleengort
O'Donnell Bridget 1 Feb 1867 O'Donnell, Cornelius McBrearty, Rose Shallogans
O'Donnell Cornelius 30 Mar 1868 O'Donnell, Cornelius McMonagle, Mary Glassagh
O'Donnell John 26 Feb 1868 O'Donnell, Daniel Bresland, Mary Kilrain
O'Donnell Bridget 13 Jul 1867 O'Donnell, Edward Kennedy, Catherine Largnalarkan
O'Donnell Bridget 23 Nov 1867 O'Donnell, Edward McGinty, Anne Ardun
O'Donnell Bridget 28 Sep 1867 O'Donnell, Eugene Curran, Cecilia Ballindrait, Gweedore & Carrickfin, Lower Rosses
O'Donnell Anne 29 May 1867 O'Donnell, Hugh Bresland, Bridget Mully
O'Donnell John 14 Jun 1869 O'Donnell, Hugh Bresland, Bridget Mully
O'Donnell James 30 Aug 1867 O'Donnell, Hugh McDermott, Bridget Edenfinfreagh
O'Donnell Margaret 18 Apr 1868 O'Donnell, Hugh O'Donnell, Catherine Mulnamin
O'Donnell Patrick 2 Oct 1869 O'Donnell, Hugh O'Donnell, Catherine Mullanamore
O'Donnell Condy 1 Sep 1868 O'Donnell, Hugh Walsh, Isabella Meenaly
O'Donnell James 22 Nov 1869 O'Donnell, James Huston, Bridget Ballymackilduff
O'Donnell Peter 22 Jul 1868 O'Donnell, James McKelvey, Bridget Drumalough
O'Donnell Peter 17 Sep 1868 O'Donnell, James McKelvey, Bridget Drumalough
O'Donnell James 20 Dec 1866 O'Donnell, James O'Connor, Anne Coolvoy
O'Donnell Peter 28 Apr 1868 O'Donnell, James O'Donnell, Anne Kilrain
O'Donnell Ellen 5 Sep 1868 O'Donnell, John ?, Ellen Kilrain
O'Donnell Neal 5 Oct 1869 O'Donnell, John Boyle, Anne Loughnambraddan
O'Donnell Manus 16 Jun 1869 O'Donnell, John Doherty, Mary Drumnaha?
O'Donnell Neal 25 Jul 1868 O'Donnell, John Early, Mary Cleengort
O'Donnell Patrick 5 Oct 1867 O'Donnell, John McHugh, Bridget Glenties
O'Donnell Alice 14 Apr 1868 O'Donnell, John Mulloy, Anne Mully
O'Donnell Mary 16 Jan 1867 O'Donnell, John O'Donnell, Anne Drumnalough
O'Donnell Anne 2 Sep 1868 O'Donnell, John Roarty, Honora Drumnalough
O'Donnell James 20 Dec 1866 O'Donnell, Michael Carr, Mary Shallogans
O'Donnell Peter? 3 Sep 1868 O'Donnell, Michael Carr, Mary  
O'Donnell Anne 2 Oct 1869 O'Donnell, Michael Kennedy, Joanna Drumnalough
O'Donnell James 7 Nov 1866 O'Donnell, Michael Kennedy, Joanna Drumnalough
O'Donnell Michael? 2 Oct 1869 O'Donnell, Michael Kennedy, Joanna Drumnalough
O'Donnell Anne 29 Jun 1867 O'Donnell, Michael O'Donnell, Margaret