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1829 Tithe Applotment Book - Fahan Lower Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Fahan Lower, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.


Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords. Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.


Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.


They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.


The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.


List of Quarterlands

























ABRAHAM Thomas Ardaravin Ardaravin
ALLEN Captain Ardaravin Ardaravin
ALLEN Robert Pan Moss Tolleydish [Tullydush]
ANDERSON John Ardaravin Ardaravin
ASHTON James Ardaravin Ardaravin
ASHTON James Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BALDRICK George Ballymacarry Granshaw
BALDRICK George Ardaravin Ardaravin
BALDRICK George Ardaravin Ardaravin
BALDRICK Mat. Ardaravin Ardaravin
BALDRICK Matt. Ballymacarry Granshaw
BANKS Thomas Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
BARR Andrew Upper Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
BARR Daniel Bauville Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BARR Hugh Trillick Trillick
BARR John Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
BARR Michael Keeloges Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BARR Neal & partners Fofanagh Fofanagh
BARR Neal Fofanagh Fofanagh
BARR Neal, Jun. Bauville Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BARR Neal, Sen. Bauville Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BARR Owen Ardaravin Ardaravin
BARR Owen Ardaravin Ardaravin
BARR Owen Fofanagh Fofanagh
BARR Owen Trillick Trillick
BARR Owen Upper Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
BARR Patrick Lower Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
BARR Patt. Trillick Trillick
BARR Philip Fofanagh Fofanagh
BARR Philip Trillick Trillick
BARR Widow Trillick Trillick
BATEMAN Miss Ardaravin Ardaravin
BATEMAN Miss Strabo (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
BEATTY William Ardaravin Ardaravin
BELL Samuel Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
BLUE Archibald Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
BLUE George Shandrum Duntarson
BOLDRICK George Lower Cleggan Ballynerry
BONER Daniel Upper Cleggan Ballynerry
BONER Neal Stragill Ballynerry
BONER Owen, Jun. Upper Cleggan Ballynerry
BONER Owen, Sen. Upper Cleggan Ballynerry
BONER Pat. Upper Cleggan Ballynerry
BONER Widow Stragill Ballynerry
BOYLE James Ardaravin Ardaravin
BOYLE James Ardaravin Ardaravin
BRADLEY Dennis Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BRADLEY Edward Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
BRADLEY Edward, Sen. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
BRADLEY Henry Ardaravin Ardaravin
BRADLEY John Ardblane Ballymegan
BRADLEY John Keeloges Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BRADLEY Owen Fofanagh Fofanagh
BRADLEY Owen Meenamulagan Meenamulagan
BRADLEY Owen Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BRADLEY Owen Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BRADLEY Robert Ardaravin Ardaravin
BRADLEY Robert Ardaravin Ardaravin
BRADLEY Thomas Lower Druminderry Ballymegan
BRADLEY William Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
BRADLEY William  Ardaravin Ardaravin
BRADLEY William Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BRANNAN Shan Meenaward Duntarson
BRIESLAND John Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
BRISLAND J. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
BRISLAND Pat. Magherintorr (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
BUCHANNAN John Minaweary Minaweary
BURNS George Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
BURNS James Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
BURNS John Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
BURNS Widow Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
BURNS William Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
CAIRNS Doctor Ardaravin Ardaravin
CAIRNS William Ardaravin Ardaravin
CALLAGHAN Daniel Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
CAMACK Mr. Ardaravin Ardaravin
CAMERON Daniel Ardaravin Ardaravin
CAMERON John Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
CAMERON Richard  Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
CAMPBELL James Ardaravin Ardaravin
CANNON Paddy Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
CARR Charles Kinnigo Kinnigo
CARR Henry Ardaravin Ardaravin
CARY Edward & brothers Owenbuy Owenbuy
CASSIDY Dennis Trillick Trillick
CASSIDY Michael Trillick Trillick
CASSIDY Rodger Ballymacarry Granshaw
CAVENAGH Charles Meenaward Duntarson
CAVENAGH Edward Meenaward Duntarson
COCHRAN Joseph Ardaravin Ardaravin
COCHRAN Mr. Joseph Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
COCHRAN Mr. Joseph Ardaravin Ardaravin
COLLINS Neil Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
CONNAGHAN John Magherymore Sledrin
CONNAGHAN Robert Ardaravin Ardaravin
COOK Edward Minaweary Minaweary
COOK John Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
COOK John Minaweary Minaweary
COOK  Robert Lower Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
COOK Samuel Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
CORNEALIS Lieut. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
COYLE Daniel Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
COYLE Dennis Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
COYLE James Upper Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
COYLE William Ellies Ellies
CRILLY Daniel Ballymacarry Granshaw
CRILLY Daniel Ardaravin Ardaravin
CROSSAN Dick Lower Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
CROSSEN Neal Upper Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
CUTHBERTSON William  Trillick Trillick
DARNLY Captain Ardaravin Ardaravin
DEEHAN Hugh Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DEEHAN Neal Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DEENEY Edward Ludden Ludden
DEHAN Hugh Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DEVLIN Daniel Ardaravin Ardaravin
DEVLIN Jeremiah Ballymacarry Granshaw
DEVLIN Jeremiah Ardaravin Ardaravin
DEVLIN John Fofanagh Fofanagh
DEVLIN Widow Ludden Ludden
DINSMORE Abraham Ardaravin Ardaravin
DIVER Michael Ardblane Ballymegan
DIVER Pat. Ardblane Ballymegan
DOHERTY Antony Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY Barney Fofanagh Fofanagh
DOHERTY Bryan Aughillia Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY Bryan Clenagh Ballymegan
DOHERTY Bryan Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
DOHERTY Bryan Lower Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY Bryan Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY Bryan Ludden Ludden
DOHERTY Charles Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
DOHERTY Charles Lower Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY Charles Lower Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY Charles Minaweary Minaweary
DOHERTY Charles Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY Con. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
DOHERTY Con. Meenaward Duntarson
DOHERTY Con. Granshaw Granshaw
DOHERTY Con. Umerycam Sledrin
DOHERTY Con. Upper Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY Cornelius Ballynerry Ballynerry
DOHERTY Daniel Ballymacarry Granshaw
DOHERTY Daniel Keeloges Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY Daniel Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
DOHERTY Daniel Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY Daniel Trillick Trillick
DOHERTY Daniel Ludden Ludden
DOHERTY Daniel Stackanagh Kinnego
DOHERTY Dennis Trillick Trillick
DOHERTY Edward Ballymacarry Granshaw
DOHERTY Edward Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY Edward Trillick Trillick
DOHERTY George Ellies Ellies
DOHERTY Henry Clenagh Ballymegan
DOHERTY Henry Minaweary Minaweary
DOHERTY Hugh Ballymacarry Granshaw
DOHERTY Hugh Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY Hugh Granshaw Granshaw
DOHERTY Hugh Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY Hugh Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY Jack Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
DOHERTY Jack Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
DOHERTY Jack Upper Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY James Ballymacarry Granshaw
DOHERTY James Drumfreigh Duntarson
DOHERTY James Lower Cleggan Ballynerry
DOHERTY James Magherintorr (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
DOHERTY James Minaweary Minaweary
DOHERTY James Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY James Ballynerry Ballynerry
DOHERTY James Owenbuy Owenbuy
DOHERTY James Upper Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
DOHERTY James Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
DOHERTY James Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY John Clenagh Ballymegan
DOHERTY John Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
DOHERTY John Lower Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY John Lower Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY John Magherintorr (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
DOHERTY John Meenaduff Duntarson
DOHERTY John Nininarnan Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY John Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY John Meenamulagan Meenamulagan
DOHERTY John Ellies Ellies
DOHERTY John Upper Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY M. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
DOHERTY Michael Ludden Ludden
DOHERTY Micky Kinnigo Kinnigo
DOHERTY Mitchell Meenaduff Duntarson
DOHERTY Mr. Michael Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
DOHERTY Neal Aughillia Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY Neal Keeloges Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY Neal Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY Neal Fofanagh Fofanagh
DOHERTY Neal Ellies Ellies
DOHERTY Neal Ludden Ludden
DOHERTY Neal Shandrum Duntarson
DOHERTY Neal Stragill Ballynerry
DOHERTY Owen & partners Fofanagh Fofanagh
DOHERTY Owen Clonblosk Ballymegan
DOHERTY Owen Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
DOHERTY Owen Fofanagh Fofanagh
DOHERTY Owen Kinnigo Kinnigo
DOHERTY Owen Upper Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY Paddy Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
DOHERTY Pat. Clenagh Ballymegan
DOHERTY Pat. Lower Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY Pat. Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY Pat. Fofanagh Fofanagh
DOHERTY Pat. Granshaw Granshaw
DOHERTY Pat. Ludden Ludden
DOHERTY Pat. Umerycam Sledrin
DOHERTY Pat. Upper Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
DOHERTY Pat. Upper Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY Patrick & partners Ellies Ellies
DOHERTY Patrick Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
DOHERTY Patrick Ellies Ellies
DOHERTY Peter Ballynerry Ballynerry
DOHERTY Philip Lower Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY Philip Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY Philip Fofanagh Fofanagh
DOHERTY Philip Trillick Trillick
DOHERTY Robert Ballymacarry Granshaw
DOHERTY Robert Ballynerry Ballynerry
DOHERTY Rodger Lower Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY Rodger Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY Shan Roe Upper Druminderry Ballymegan
DOHERTY Shan Upper Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
DOHERTY Thomas Ballynerry Ballynerry
DOHERTY Widow Keeloges Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY Widow Magherintorr (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
DOHERTY Widow New Town Sledrin
DOHERTY Widow Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY Widow Fofanagh Fofanagh
DOHERTY William Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY William Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOHERTY William Ellies Ellies
DOHERTY William Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DOHERTY William, Jun. Lower Ballymegan Ballymegan
DOHERTY William, Sen. Ballymegan Ballymegan
DOHERTY William, Sen. Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
DOHERTY?   James Granshaw Granshaw
DONAGHEY Anthony Sanacley Sanacley [Stranaclea]
DONAGHEY Bryan Duirrain Sledrin
DONAGHEY Bryan Sanacley Sanacley [Stranaclea]
DONAGHEY Bryan Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
DONAGHEY Bryan, Jun. Duirrain Sledrin
DONAGHEY George Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
DONAGHEY John Duirrain Sledrin
DONAGHEY John Lower Ballymegan Ballymegan
DONAGHEY Michael Ardblane Ballymegan
DONAGHEY Widow Duirrain Sledrin
DONAGHEY Widow Harry Duirrain Sledrin
DONAGHEY Widow Hugh Duirrain Sledrin
DONAGHEY William Stackanagh Kinnego
DONAGHY Anthony Ardaravin Ardaravin
DONAGHY George Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
DONAGHY John Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
DONAGHY Peter Ellies Ellies
DONAGHY Philip Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
DONAGHY William Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
DONALD Hugh Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
DONNELL Barney Meenaward Duntarson
DONNELL Pat. Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOOGAN Patrick Ballymacarry Granshaw
DOUGAL John Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
DOUGAL Robert Ardaravin Ardaravin
DOYLE Hugh Umerycam Sledrin
DOYLE Pat. Umerycam Sledrin
DOYLE William Umerycam Sledrin
DUFFY Charles Granshaw Granshaw
DUFFY Daniel Ellies Ellies
DUFFY Neal Nininarnan Tolleydish [Tullydush]
DUFFY Philip Granshaw Granshaw
DUFFY William Trillick Trillick
DUNCAN Robert Minaweary Minaweary
EDGAR Mr. Edward & his undertenants Ballymacarry Granshaw
EDGAR Mr. Ardaravin Ardaravin
ELDER Robert Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
EVANS Doctor Ballymacarry Granshaw
EVANS Doctor  Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
EVANS Doctor Ardaravin Ardaravin
EWING John Minaweary Minaweary
EWING Robert Minaweary Minaweary
FARRAN James Ardaravin Ardaravin
FERGUSON John Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
FERGUSON Robert Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
FREEL George Ardaravin Ardaravin
FREEL John Ballymacarry Granshaw
FREEL Pat. Clenagh Ballymegan
FREEL Philip Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
FRIEL Charles Ballynerry Ballynerry
FRIEL James Ardaravin Ardaravin
FULLARTON Widow Middle Town Sledrin
FULLERTON Jack Meenaward Duntarson
FULLERTON John Meenaward Duntarson
FULLERTON Neal Meenaward Duntarson
GALLAGHER Daniel Ardaravin Ardaravin
GALLAGHER David Ardaravin Ardaravin
GALLAGHER William Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
GALLINAGH William Ballynerry Ballynerry
GIBBINS Daniel Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
GIBBINS P. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
GIBBINS Patrick Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
GILL Hugh Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
GILL Hugh Minaweary Minaweary
GILL Michael Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
GILL Owen Minaweary Minaweary
GILL William Ballymacarry Granshaw
GILL William Minaweary Minaweary
GILL William Ardaravin Ardaravin
GILLEN Owen Ellies Ellies
GILLESPIE Francis Upper Cleggan Ballynerry
GILLESPIE James .....? Town [badly smudged] Sledrin
GILLESPIE John Middle Town Sledrin
GRANNEY Charles, Jun. Fofanagh Fofanagh
GRANNEY Charles, Sen. Fofanagh Fofanagh
GRANNEY James Fofanagh Fofanagh
GRANNIE Edward Big House Town Sledrin
GRANNY Billy Quarterland Kinnigo
GRANNY Charles  Ellies Ellies
GRANNY Michael Fofanagh Fofanagh
GRANNY Owen Stackanagh Kinnego
GRANNY Pat. Stackanagh Kinnego
GULLINER [GALLINAGH?] Michael Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
GULLINER [GALLINAGH?] Widow Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
HAMILTON John Ballymacarry Granshaw
HAMILTON William Ardaravin Ardaravin
HARGIN Cornelius Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
HARKIN Michael Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
HARLIN Charles Clonblosk Ballymegan
HARLIN James Clonblosk Ballymegan
HARLIN Mick Clonblosk Ballymegan
HART James Ardaravin Ardaravin
HARTIN Owen Ballynerry Ballynerry
HARWARD Henry Minaweary Minaweary
HARWOOD George Ardaravin Ardaravin
HEGARTY Brin Stackanagh Kinnego
HEGARTY Bryan Stackanagh Kinnego
HEGARTY Hugh Umerycam Sledrin
HEGARTY James Ballymacarry Granshaw
HEGARTY James Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
HEGARTY James Lower Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
HEGARTY James Strabo (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
HEGARTY James Upper Druminderry Ballymegan
HEGARTY James, Jun. Umerycam Sledrin
HEGARTY James, Sen. Umerycam Sledrin
HEGARTY Pat. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
HEGARTY William Umerycam Sledrin
HOLMS Thomas Ardaravin Ardaravin
JACK George Drimnahorna Duntarson
JACK George Rushfield Duntarson
JACK Robert Baghmore Sledrin
JACK William Sledrin Sledrin
JOHNSTON John Ardaravin Ardaravin
KEENY Daniel Shandrum Duntarson
KELLY Cornelius Ellies Ellies
KELLY Francis Ellies Ellies
KELLY Hugh Ludden Ludden
KELLY James Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
KELLY James Ellies Ellies
KELLY John Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
KELLY Joseph Shandrum Duntarson
KELLY M. Kinnigo Kinnigo
KELLY Thomas Ardaravin Ardaravin
KELLY Widow Ellies Ellies
KELLY William Ballymacarry Granshaw
KENNEDY Alexander Ardaravin Ardaravin
KENNEDY Alexander Ardaravin Ardaravin
KENNEDY John Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
KENNEDY John Ardaravin Ardaravin
KENNEDY John Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
KENNEDY John Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
KENNY Richard Ardaravin Ardaravin
KERNEY J. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
KERNEY James Aughillia Tolleydish [Tullydush]
KERNEY John Fofanagh Fofanagh
KERR Catherine Ardaravin Ardaravin
KERR Henry Ardaravin Ardaravin
KERR Michael Duirrain Sledrin
KERR Pat. Ballymacarry Granshaw
KERR Pat. Ardaravin Ardaravin
KERR Widow Ardaravin Ardaravin
KERR William Ballymacarry Granshaw
KEYS William Ballymacarry Granshaw
LANAGAN Widow Ardaravin Ardaravin
LANNIGAN James Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
LAUGHLIN Mitchell Ardaravin Ardaravin
LEE Henry Minaweary Minaweary
LEE Henry Ballynerry Ballynerry
LEE Thomas Ballynerry Ballynerry
LEE William Strabo (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
LITTLE William Minaweary Minaweary
LOGAN James Ballymacarry Granshaw
LOGAN Matthew Ballymacarry Granshaw
LOGAN Robert Ballymacarry Granshaw
LOGAN Samuel Granshaw Granshaw
LOGAN Samuel Ludden Ludden
LONGWOOD John Ardaravin Ardaravin
LONGWOOD Mat. Ardaravin Ardaravin
LONGWOOD William Ardaravin Ardaravin
LOUGHREY Edward Trillick Trillick
LOUGHREY Hugh Trillick Trillick
LOUGHREY John Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
LOUGHREY Owen Ardaravin Ardaravin
LOUGHRY Hugh Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
LOUGHRY John Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
LOUGHRY Michael Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
LUNCHAGHAN Donald Drumfreigh Duntarson
LYNCH Daniel Ardaravin Ardaravin
LYNCH E. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
LYNCH Edward Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
LYNCH Edward Kinnigo Kinnigo
LYNCH George Lower Cleggan Ballynerry
LYNCH George Nininarnan Tolleydish [Tullydush]
LYNCH James Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
LYNCH James Minaweary Minaweary
LYNCH James Shandrum Duntarson
LYNCH John Fofanagh Fofanagh
LYNCH Mitchell Ardaravin Ardaravin
LYNCH Pat. Lower Cleggan Ballynerry
LYNCH Widow Ludden Ludden
MAGEE George Stragill Ballynerry
MAGEE Micky .....? Town [badly smudged] Sledrin
MAGENNISS Catherine Ardaravin Ardaravin
MARLEY Widow Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
MARTIN Terry Ardaravin Ardaravin
MAXWELL [..?] Ardaravin Ardaravin
McANEY? John Minaweary Minaweary
McBRIDE James Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McCAFFERTY Daniel Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McCALLION Bryan Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McCALLION Con. Magherymore Sledrin
McCALLION Daniel Magherymore Sledrin
McCALLION Edward Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McCALLION Edward Umerycam Sledrin
McCALLION John Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McCALLION John Meentacallagh [Meendacalliagh] Meentacallagh [Meendacalliagh]
McCALLION John Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
McCALLION John Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
McCALLION Michael Clonblosk Ballymegan
McCALLION Neal Umerycam Sledrin
McCALLION Owen Umerycam Sledrin
McCALLION Owen Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
McCALLION Pat. Umerycam Sledrin
McCALLION Philip Meentacallagh [Meendacalliagh] Meentacallagh [Meendacalliagh]
McCALLION Philip Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
McCALLION Widow Keeloges Tolleydish [Tullydush]
McCALLION William Umerycam Sledrin
McCALLION William Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
McCALLON E. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McCARRON Andrew Stackanagh Kinnego
McCARRON Barney Drimnahorna Duntarson
McCARRON Charles Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McCARRON Charles Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McCARRON Dominick Drimnahorna Duntarson
McCARRON Edward Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McCARRON John Drimnahorna Duntarson
McCARRON John Granshaw Granshaw
McCARRON Michael Ellies Ellies
McCARRON Neal Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McCARRON Widow Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McCARRON Widow Stragill Ballynerry
McCLARANCE James Ballymacarry Granshaw
McCLEARY James Ardaravin Ardaravin
McCLEMANS William Umerycam Sledrin
McCLOMAN? Pat. Clenagh Ballymegan
McCOLGAN Frederick Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McCOLGAN George Ballymacarry Granshaw
McCOLGAN Michael Ballymacarry Granshaw
McCOLGAN Pat. Ballymacarry Granshaw
McCORKELL James Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McCORKELL James Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McCORKELL John Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McCORKELL John Ballynerry Ballynerry
McCOSKER John Ellies Ellies
McCOSKER Paddy New Town Sledrin
McCOSKER Widow New Town Sledrin
McDAID Billy & partners Upper Ballinaceela Konnought Kinnigo [Connaghkinnagoe]
McDAID Daniel Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
McDAID Henry Ellies Ellies
McDAID Henry Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
McDAID James Ellies Ellies
McDAID John & partners Ellies Ellies
McDAID John Ellies Ellies
McDAID Micky Drimnahorna Duntarson
McDAID Micky Rushfield Duntarson
McDAID Neal Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
McDAID Owen & partners Ellies Ellies
McDAID Owen Ellies Ellies
McDAID Owen Fillask Fillask
McDAID Owen Meentacallagh [Meendacalliagh] Meentacallagh [Meendacalliagh]
McDAID Owen Shandrum Duntarson
McDAID Pat. Big House Town Sledrin
McDAID Patrick Upper Tolleydish Tolleydish [Tullydush]
McDAID Widow Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
McDAID William Ellies Ellies
McDERMOTT E. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McDERMOTT Edward Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McDONALD James Ardaravin Ardaravin
McELLEANY Micky Sledrin Sledrin
McFADDEN Edward Baghmore Sledrin
McFADDEN Edward Sledrin Sledrin
McFADDEN John Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McFADDEN Micky Baghmore Sledrin
McFADDEN Micky Sledrin Sledrin
McFADDEN Neal Hilltown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McFADDEN William Sledrin Sledrin
McFEELY Bryan Ardaravin Ardaravin
McGARVEY James Ardaravin Ardaravin
McGEDDY Edward Ardaravin Ardaravin
McGEDDY Rose Ardaravin Ardaravin
McGEE Bryan Clenagh Ballymegan
McGEE H. Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McGEE John Magherintorr (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McGEE John Ardaravin Ardaravin
McGEE Michael Clenagh Ballymegan
McGEE Michael Magherintorr (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McGEE Noher Ardaravin Ardaravin
McGEE Pat. Clenagh Ballymegan
McGEE Patrick Magherintor (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McGEE Rose Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McGILLAWAY Patrick Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McGINLEY James Minaweary Minaweary
McGLINCHY John Tirk Tirk
McGLINCHY Neal Tirk Tirk
McGLINCHY Pat. Meentacallagh [Meendacalliagh] Meentacallagh [Meendacalliagh]
McGONEGAL James Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McGONNIGAL Neal Kinnigo Kinnigo
McGOWAN James Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McGOWAN James Minaweary Minaweary
McGOWAN James Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McGOWAN Manus Upper Ballymegan Ballymegan
McGOWAN Michael Rockytown (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McGOWAN Pat. Kinnigo Kinnigo
McGOWAN William Magherintorr (within Ballymacarry) Granshaw
McGRATH James Magherymore Sledrin
McGRATH Patrick Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McGREGORY Ned New Town Sledrin
McGRORY Daniel New Town Sledrin
McGRORY Pat. Minaweary Minaweary
McGUINNESS James Ardaravin Ardaravin
McKAY William Sledrin Sledrin
McKEAG William Ballynerry Ballynerry
McKENNA Edward Minaweary Minaweary
McKENNA James Minaweary Minaweary
McKENNA John Minaweary Minaweary
McKENNA? Rose Minaweary Minaweary
McKENNY Daniel Ellies Ellies
McKINLAU [McKINLEY] Robert Ardaravin Ardaravin
McKINLOU [McKINLEY] Paul Ardaravin Ardaravin
McKINLOU [McKINLEY] Robert Ardaravin Ardaravin
McKINNEY Daniel Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McKINNEY James Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McKINNEY John Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McKINNEY Widow Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McKINNEY Widow Lisnakelly Tullyarvin
McKINNY Pat. Fillask Fillask
McLAUGHLIN [..?] Meenamulagan Meenamulagan
McLAUGHLIN Andrew Ellies Ellies
McLAUGHLIN Archibald Ardaravin Ardaravin