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The Donegal Diaspora Project & The Donegal Gathering


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What id the Donegal Diaspora Project?

The Donegal Diaspora Project is working to promote and engage Donegalís global community. The Project links people from all parts of the world to Donegal and to each-other, creating networks of mutual interest and benefit.


The Donegal Diaspora Project

The Donegal Diaspora Project on Facebook



What is the Donegal Gathering?

The Donegal Gathering 2012 is a call out to all our Diaspora family, wherever they are, to come home in 2012 (and 2013!). The year-long initiative will showcase some of the major cultural events and festivals that happen throughout the county, extending a heartfelt welcome to both native emigrants planning a homecoming holiday, and first-time explorers embarking on a truly unique adventure.


The Donegal Gathering

The Donegal Gathering 2013 (Blogspot)




What is the Gathering Ireland 2013?


The Gathering Ireland 2013 is about the people of Ireland throwing open our arms and inviting anyone with a connection to our country to come and visit. Itís about asking anyone who has Irish blood, a link to Ireland, or even just a love of our country Ė to join us for a series of amazing and diverse events throughout 2013.


The Gathering Ireland 2013


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