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1826 Tithe Applotment Book - Clonmany Parish, Co Donegal

The following is a complete index to the Tithe Applotment Book for Clonmany, transcribed by Len, and forming part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Tithes were an income tax on farming - usually about one tenth of the annual income. These were used for the upkeep of the Church of Ireland and were paid from the time of the Reformation. Before the Composition Act of 1823 it was possible to pay them in kind in stead of money. From the time of the Composition Act they were supposed to be paid in cash and Tithe surveys were carried out in each Parish to assess what the income for that parish would be. Two people were appointed by each parish to carry out this assessment.

Both Catholics and Protestants resented this tax - tax was not payable on all land, and there was even variation on the types of land from place to place. From 1736 grazing land had an exemption - this was usually land held by landlords.

Certain crops were taxable, others weren't. Potatoes could be taxable in one parish and not in the one next door.

Tithe books are not comprehensive, people who did not hold land are not listed and some types of land were passed over absolutely. Towns and cities were usually not assessed.

They are arranged by Townland and usually give the acreage held by each farmer. However, note here that the measurement used was the plantation or Irish acre which differs in size from the imperial or English acre used in the Griffith's Valuation.

The information you get from the Tithe Books is simple, townland name; landholders name; area of land and tithes paid. Some will list the landlords name as well. The original tithe books for the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland are held in the National Archives in Dublin.


Also see Quarterlands/Subdenominations and their Townlands


Townland Index


Altahal, Anagh, Ardagh, Ballyliffen, Ballymacromurty, Baltra, Carrackabrady, Cleagh, Clountagh, Dunally, Dunaff, Faggart, Legahurry, Lenan, Letter, Rosheny, Rouskey, Roxtown, Straid, Straws, Tullagh,Tullinabratley, Urismanagh

The 1834 Ordnance Survey Memoir for Clonmany contains the following description of the townlands within the parish:

Lists of townlands in Clonmany: Addervill lies between Rusky and Straid, on the north fall of the Bulbin;  Altahall, west of Mindoran and Cloon-tagh, mingling with Mintiaghs: Annigh, the highest part of the promontory called Binnion, on the sea-coast; Annagh, on the sea-coast, east of Binnion station. Ballymacmurty, on the sea-shore south of Carrickabrackey; Ballyliffin, to the west of Tullnabratley and south of Ardagh; Binnion, the promontory east of the mouth of Clonmany river. Carrareagh, in the Isle of Doagh, on Strabraga bay; Carrickabrackey, the northern townland at entrance of Strabraga bay; Cleagh, north of Clonmany river, in the vicinity of the chapel; Cloontagh, the most south eastern corner and marches with Donagh; Crossconnell lies on the left bank of the Clonmany river, on the coast.

Dunaff, the north west promontory of the parish; Figart on the east of Doagh opposite Malin; Gaddyduff, east of the parish church near the centre of the parish; Keenaght, to the west of Tullagh, on the coast. Leenan, the south west townland of the parish, on Lough Swilly; Legacurry, on the shore of Strabraga bay opposite Malin; Letter on the western fall of Slievekeroge mountain.

Magheranal, the south eastern town on the Isle of Doagh, Strabraga bay; Mindoran marches with Mintiaghs, right of Carn road; Roshaney lies on the south side of Strabraga bay, west of Straas; Ruskey mears with Mintiaghs and Desertegney, east of Addervill.

Straas marches with Donagh on the south side of Strabraga bay; Straid, east of Slievekeroge range, on mearing of Desertegney; Tullagh, a headland between Binnion and Dunaff; Tullnabratley marches with Ballymacmurty on the north, and lies to the west of the bay; Urrismanagh, to the east of Mamore, on the Slievekeroge range and mearing down to Lough Swilly.


Surname, Given Name & Townland Address


BARR, Ann, Tullagh

BARR, Charles, Adervil (Dunally)

BARR, Daniel, Roxtown

BARREN, Bryan, Letter

BEGLEY, James, Efishmore (Straid), Menard (Straid)

BONER, Andrew, Altahal

BOYLE, Daniel, Dunaff

BOYLE, Edward, Dunaff

BOYLE, John, Dunaff

BRADLEY, Hugh, Roxtown

BRADLEY, James, Roxtown

BRADLEY, James, Tullagh

BRANNAN, Neil, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh)

BRANNON, John, Sceagh (Lenan)

BRANNON, Michael, Sceagh (Lenan)

BRATTEN, William, Gaddyduff (Dunally)

BRIESLAND, Owen, Ballymacmurty

CALHOUN, James, Faggart

CALLAGHAN, Hugh, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

CALLAGHAN, Owen, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

CALLAGHAN, Shan, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

CALLAGHAN, Widow, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

CANNEY, Michael, Dunaff

CANNY, Charles, Sen., Roxtown

CANNY, Charles, Jun., Roxtown

CANNY, Daniel, Ballymagechan (Straws)

CANNY, Hugh, Dunaff

CANNY, John, Dunaff

CANNY, Neil, Jun., Roxtown

CANNY, Neil, Roxtown, Dunaff

CANNY, Patrick, Sen., Roxtown, Dunaff

CANNY, Patrick, Jun., Roxtown

CANNY, Patrick, Lenan, Dunaff

CANNY, Robert, Clountagh

CANNY, Widow, Roxtown, Dunaff

CASHEDY, Michael, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh)

CONAGHAN, Daniel, Middle Cut (Anagh)

CONAGHAN, Edward, Clountagh

CONAGHAN, Ned, Clountagh

CONAGHAN, Patrick, Letter

CONAGHAN, Widow, Tullinabratley

CONAGHAN, William, Tullinabratley

CUNNE, John, Faggart

CURTAIN, Edward, Faggart

DEVLIN, Andrew, Maghereard (Ballyliffen)

DEVLIN, Anthony, Straid

DEVLIN, Daniel, Tullagh

DEVLIN, Dennis, Sen., Tullagh

DEVLIN, Dennis, Jun., Tullagh

DEVLIN, Dennis, Ballymacmurty, Tullagh, Roxtown

DEVLIN, Edward, Dunaff

DEVLIN, Hugh, Lenan, Tullagh

DEVLIN, Jack, Tullagh

DEVLIN, James, Lenan, Altahal, Tullagh, Gaddyduff (Dunally)

DEVLIN, John, Sen., Altahal

DEVLIN, John, Altahal, Tullagh

DEVLIN, Michael, Lenan, Altahal, New Anagh

DEVLIN, Neil, Dresdean (Straid), Straid

DEVLIN, Owen Magheranall (Straws), Dunally, Altahal, Tullagh

DEVLIN, Patrick, Altahal, Roxtown

DEVLIN, Peter, Tullagh

DEVLIN, Philip, Lenan, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh)

DEVLIN, Shan, Magheranall (Straws)

DEYERMOT, Bryan, Straid, Ballyhallin (Straid)

DEYERMOT, Cornelius, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh)

DEYERMOT, Daniel, Straid

DEYERMOT, John, Cleagh (Straid)

DEYERMOT, Michael, Cleagh (Straid)

DEYERMOT, Ned, Cleagh (Straid)

DEYERMOT, Philip, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh)

DIVER, Cornelius, Letter

DIVER, John, Dunaff

DIVER, Patrick, Letter, Dunaff

DIVER, Paul, Dunaff

DIVER, Widow, Ballymacmurty, Dunaff, Tullinabratley, Kuill (Faggart)

DIVER, William, Letter, Dunally

DOHERTY, Andrew, Clountagh

DOHERTY, Ann, Gortfad (Altahal)

DOHERTY, Anthony, Clougherny (Ardagh), Kidyanagan (Roshena)

DOHERTY, Arthur, Letter, Ballyliffen

DOHERTY, Brigid, Ballymacmurty

DOHERTY, Bryan, Sen., Ballinavoe (Legahurry)

DOHERTY, Bryan, Jun., Ballinavoe (Legahurry)

DOHERTY, Bryan, Letter, Magheranall (Straws), Ballymagechan (Straws), Tullagh, Tullinabratley, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley), Clountagh, Magheramore (Clountagh)

DOHERTY, Charles, Altahal, Ballyliffen, Clougherny (Ardagh), Mullagh (Ardagh), Dunaff, Middle Cut (Anagh), Upper Anagh

DOHERTY, Con/ Cornelius, Lenan, Letter, Calhame (Straws), Tullinabratley, Cooloroff, Tullinabratley), Upper Anagh, Carrackabracky, Boherna (Dunally), Rouskey (Dunally)

DOHERTY, Daniel, Sen., Roxtown,

DOHERTY, Daniel, Jun., Roxtown

DOHERTY, Daniel, Gortahinch, Gortahinch (Straid), Cleagh (Straid), Altahal, Gortfad (Altahal), Ballyliffen, Magheranall (Straws), Roxtown, Tullinabratley, Middle Cut (Anagh), Ballinavoe (Legahurry), Bunacrick, Dunally, Tandragee (Dunally), Boherna (Dunally), Rouskey (Dunally), Magheramore (Clountagh), Faggart

DOHERTY, Dennis, Altahal, Ballyliffen, Ballymacmurty, Baltra, Ardagh, Carrackabrady

DOHERTY, Dudley, Ballyhallin (Straid), Cloughfin (Straid), Gortfad (Altahal), Magheramore (Clountagh)

DOHERTY, Edward, Sen., Roxtown

DOHERTY, Edward, Jun., Roxtown

DOHERTY, Edward, Terchoran (Straid), Cleagh (Straid), Sceagh (Lenan), Clougherny (Ardagh), Mullagh (Ardagh), Roxtown, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley), Middle Cut (Anagh), Adervil (Dunally), Boherna (Dunally), Clountagh, Doaghmore (Faggart)

DOHERTY, George, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh), Ballinavoe (Legahurry), Gaddyduff (Dunally), Magheramore (Clountagh)

DOHERTY, Henry, Carrackabracky, Doaghmore (Faggart)

DOHERTY, Hugh, Ballymacmurty, Baltra, Clougherny (Ardagh), Mullagh (Ardagh), Tullagh, Tullinabratley, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley), Carrackabracky

DOHERTY, Jack, Dresdean (Straid)

DOHERTY, James, Jun., Roshena

DOHERTY, James, Ballyhallin (Straid), Efishmore (Straid), Menard, (Straid), Cleagh, Letter, Mullagh (Ardagh), Ballymagechan (Straws), Dunaff, Upper Anagh, Bunacrick (Dunally), Magheramore (Clountagh), Roshena, Doaghmore (Faggart)

DOHERTY, John, Sen., Dunaff

DOHERTY, John, Jun., Dunaff

DOHERTY, John, Dresdean (Straid) Gortahinch (Straid), Cleagh (Straid), Sceagh (Lenan), Letter, Altahal, Gortfad (Altahal), Dunaff, Tullinabratley, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley), Upper Anagh, Ballinavoe (Legahurry), Tandragee (Bunacrick) , Adervil (Dunally), Magheramore (Clountagh). Kidyanagan (Roshena)

DOHERTY, Manus, Clountagh

DOHERTY, Michael, Sen., Clountagh

DOHERTY, Michael, Jun., Clountagh

DOHERTY, Michael, Cleagh (Straid), Efishmore (Straid), Menard (Straid), Sceagh (Lenan), Ballyhohan (Urismanagh), Gortfad (Altahal), Ballymacmurty, Clougherny (Ardagh), Dunaff, Magheramore (Clountagh)

DOHERTY, Mick, Doaghmore, Faggart

DOHERTY, Micky, Upper Anagh, Kidyanagan (Roshena)

DOHERTY, Neal, Cloughfin (Straid), Gaddyduff (Dunally)

DOHERTY, Neil, Sceagh (Lenan), Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh), Ballyliffen, Magheranall (Straws), Roxtown, Upper Anagh, Magheramore (Clountagh), Doaghmore (Faggart)

DOHERTY, Ned, Killegs (Straid), Ballyhallin (Straid), Gortahinch (Straid)

DOHERTY, Nogher, Kidyanagan (Roshena)

DOHERTY, Owen, Gortfad (Altahal), Ballymacmurty, Ardagh, Ballymagechan (Straws). New Anagh, Dunally, Clountagh, Kidyanagan (Roshena), Doaghmore (Faggart)

DOHERTY, Paddy, Upper Anagh

DOHERTY, Patrick, Terchoran (Straid), Cleagh (Straid), Climmartin, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh), Letter, Gortfad (Altahal), Ballyliffen, Maghereard (Ballyliffen), Baltra, Clougherny (Ardagh), Ardagh, Dunaff, Tullinabratley, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley), New Anagh, Upper Anagh, Ballinavoe (Legahurry), Boherna (Dunally), Magheramore (Clountagh), Kidyanagan (Roshena), Faggart

DOHERTY, Peter, New Anagh

DOHERTY, Philip, New Anagh, Upper Anagh, Ballinavoe (Legahurry) Gortahinch (Straid), Letter, Maghereard (Ballyliffen), Ardagh, Tullagh, Roxtown, Dunaff, Clountagh

DOHERTY, Richard, Roxtown

DOHERTY, Roger, Cleagh (Straid), Magheramore (Clountagh)

DOHERTY, Shan, Gortfad (Altahal)

DOHERTY, Thomas, Gortfad (Altahal), Mullagh (Ardagh)

DOHERTY, Waddle, Ballymagechan (Straws)

DOHERTY, Widow, Lenan, Gortfad (Altahal), Baltra, Mullagh (Ardagh), Dunaff, Tullinabratley Cooloroff (Tullinabratley), Carrickabracky, Magheramore (Clountagh), Kidyanagan (Roshena)

DOHERTY, Widow G., Tandragee (Dunally)

DOHERTY, Widow M., Tandragee (Dunally)

DOHERTY, Widow Margaret, Doaghmore (Faggart)

DOHERTY, William, Sceagh (Lenan), Tullagh

DONAGHEY, Bryan, Efishmore (Straid)

DONAGHEY, James, Efishmore (Straid), Menard (Straid)

DONAGHEY, Margaret, Dunaff

DONAGHEY, Michael, Rouskey (Dunally)

DONAGHEY, Widow, Letter

DONAGHY, Hugh, Rouskey (Dunally)

DONAGHY, James, Dunaff

DONAGHY, John, Rouskey (Dunally)

DONNEL, Hugh, Boherna (Dunally)

DUFFY, Bryan, Rouskey (Dunaff)

DUFFY, Charles, Roxtown

DUFFY, Cormick, Dunaff

DUFFY, Daniel, Sen., Dunaff

DUFFY, Daniel, Dunaff

DUFFY, Edward, Dunaff

DUFFY, James, Cleagh (Straid), Climmartin, Tullagh, Dunaff

DUFFY, John, Tullagh, Roxtown, Dunaff

DUFFY, Michael, Dunaff

DUFFY, Owen, Dunaff

DUFFY, Patrick, Letter, Roxtown, Dunaff

DUFFY, William, Roshena

FARRELL, John, Lenan

FARREN, James, Letter

FARREN, Owen, Dresdean (Straid), Straid

FREEL, Edward, Dunaff

FREEL, John, Letter

FREEL, Michael, Roxtown, Dunaff

FREEL, Patrick, Dunaff

FREEL, Philip, Dunaff

FREEL, Widow, Sceagh (Lenan), Dunaff

FULTON, William, Faggart

GALLAGHER, James, Faggart

GILL, Andrew, Gortfad (Altahal)

GILL, Hugh, Cleagh (Straid)

GILL, James Cleagh (Straid)

Gill, John, New Anagh

GILL, Michael, Gortfad (Altahal)

GILL, Neil, Cleagh (Straid)

GILL, Owen, Altahal, Gortfad (Altahal), Roxtown

GILL, Patrick, Dresdean (Straid), Rantamerrigal, (Urismanagh)

GILL, Philip, Roshena

GILL, Rodger, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh), Gortfad (Altahal), Roxtown

GRANNIE, Daniel, Ballyliffen

GRANNIE, Owen, Clougherny (Ardagh), Ardagh, Tullinabratley

GRANNIE, Patrick, Middle Cut (Anagh)

GRANNIE, Widow, Ballymacmurty, Tullinabratley

GRANNIE, William, Ballyliffen

GRANNY, Daniel, New Anagh

GRANNY, Edward, Cloughfin (Straid)

GRANNY, James, Cloughfin (Straid), Boherna (Dunally)

GRANNY, Neal, Cloughfin (Straid)

GRANNY, William, Cloughfin (Straid)

GUBBIN, Bryan, Baltra, Tandragee (Dunally)

GUBBIN, Charles, Letter, Roxtown

GUBBIN, Darby, Dunaff

GUBBIN, Jack, Tullagh

GUBBIN, James, Baltra

GUBBIN, John, Letter, Ardagh, Roxtown

GUBBIN, Mary, Gortfad (Altahal), Baltra

GUBBIN, Michael, Dunaff

GUBBIN, Neal, Ardagh

GUBBIN, Neil, Letter, Dunaff

GUBBIN, Owen, Ballyliffen

GUBBIN, Patrick, Roxtown

GUBBIN, Philip, Cloghfin (Straid)

GUBBIN, Widow, Ballinavoe (Legahurry), Tandragee (Dunally)

GUBBIN, William, Cloughfin (Straid)

HAGGERTY, William, Ardagh

HAMILL, Charles, Tullagh

HAMILL, Daniel, Tullagh

HARKIN, Bryan, Letter

HARKIN, Charles, Dunaff

HARKIN, Daniel, Middle Cut (Anagh)

HARKIN, Dennis, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh)

HARKIN, Edward, Dunally, Gaddyduff (Dunally)

HARKIN, Henry, Roxtown

HARKIN, Hugh, Dunaff, Dunally, Magheramore (Clountagh)

HARKIN, James, Letter

HARKIN, John, Ballyliffen, Clougherny (Ardagh), Dunaff

HARKIN, Michael, Rouskey (Dunally)

HARKIN, Neil, Middle Cut (Anagh)

HARKIN, Owen, Dromore Cut (Anagh), Rouskey (Dunally)

HARKIN, Patrick, Lenan, Bunnyhohan (Urismanagh)

HARKIN, Shan, Dunaff, Dromore Cut (Anagh)

HARKIN, Widow, Upper Anagh, Rouskey (Dunally)

HARKIN, William, Altahal

HERALD, Edward, Faggart

HERALD, Owen, Calhame (Straws), Roxtown, Kidyanagan (Roshena)

HERALD, Patrick, Calhame (Straws), Kidyanagan (Roshena)

HOUTAN, Patrick, Maghereard (Ballyliffen)

HOUTAN, Philip, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

HOUTON, John, Ballinavoe (Legahurry)

HOUTON, William, Ballinavoe (Legahurry)

KEARNEY, William, Roxtown

KELLY, Bryan Sen., Lenan

KELLY, Bryan, New Anagh, Upper Anagh

KELLY, Charles, Middle Cut (Anagh), Gaddyduff (Dunally)

KELLY, Daniel, Lenan, Roxtown, Tullagh, Middle Cut (Anagh), Upper Anagh

KELLY, Dennis, Tullinabratley

KELLY, Edward, Middle Cut (Anagh)

KELLY, Hugh, Rouskey (Dunally)

KELLY, Jack, Tullagh

KELLY, James, Dromore Cut (Anagh)

KELLY, John, Ardnascanlan (Ballyliffen), Middle Cut (Anagh), New Anagh

KELLY, Patrick, Lenan, Climmartin, Tullinabratley, New Anagh

KELLY, Philip, Tullinabratley, New Anagh

KERNEY, Bryan, Lenankeel (Lenan)

KERNEY, Edward, Lenankeel (Lenan)

KERNEY, John, Lenankeel (Lenan), Climmartin

KERR, James, Tullagh

KERR, Hugh, Tullagh

KERR, Michael, Letter

KERR, Philip, Tullagh

KERR, Widow, Letter

KERR, William, Letter

LAMB, James, Clountagh (Dunally)

LANIGAN, Daniel, Letter

LANIGAN, Patrick, Letter

LINAGH, James, Dresdean (Straid), Straid

LINAGH, Patrick, Straid

LINAM, James, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

LOGUE, Charles, Tullagh

LYNCH, Daniel, Bunacrick (Dunally)

LYNCH, Edward, Bunacrick (Dunally)

LYNCH, James, Bunacrick (Dunally)

LYNCH, Owen, Bunacrick (Dunally)

LYNCH, Patrick, Ballymagechan (Straws), Boherna (Dunally), Clountagh

MCALEANY, [?], Faggart

MCALEANY, Arthur, Tullagh

MCALEANY, Cornelius, Adervil (Dunally)

McALEANY, Edward, Tullagh

McALEANY, Hugh, Sen., Tullagh, Mindoren (Dunally)

McALEANY, Hugh, Jun., Tullagh, Mindoren, Dunally

McALEANY, Hugh, Mullagh (Ardagh), McAleany, Hugh, Clountagh (Dunally)

McALEANY, James, Ballinavoe (Legahurry), Boherna (Dunally), Kidyanagan (Roshena), Dunaff

McALEANY, John, Terchoran (Straid), Dunaff

McALEANY, Michael, Terchoran (Straid), Mindoren (Dunally)

McALEANY, Neil, Mineduff (Dunally)

McALEANY, Owen, Maghereard, (Ballyliffen), Dunally, Mineduff (Dunally)

McALEANY, Patrick, Terchoran (Straid), Mindoren (Dunally)

McALEANY, Peter, Ballinavoe (Legahurry)

McALEANY, Richard, Rouskey (Dunally)

McALEANY, Shan, Mineduff (Dunally)

McALEANY, Widow, Ballinavoe (Legahurry)

McALEANY, William, Sen., Ballinavoe (Legahurry)

McALEANY, William, Jun., Ballinavoe (Legahurry)

McAULEY, Charles, Ardagh

McCANNY, Pat, Clountagh

McCARRON, Daniel, Cleagh (Straid)

McCARRON, Darby, Letter

McCARRON, Edward, Altahal

McCARRON, Hugh, Cleagh, Letter, Altahal

McCARRON, James, Letter

McCARRON, John, Cleagh (Straid)

McCARRON, Michael, Altahal

McCARRON, Ned, Ballyhallin (Straid), Gortahinch, (Straid)

McCARRON, Neil, Ballyhallin (Straid), Cleagh (Straid), Letter, Clountagh

McCARRON, Patrick, Ballyhallin (Straid), Letter

McCARRON, Philip, Altahal

McCASKILL, Patrick, Dunally

McCLAFFERTY, Edward, Rouskey (Dunally)

McCOLE, Andrew, Ardagh

McCOLE, Daniel, Roshena

McCOLE, Dennis, Roshena

McCOLE, Edward, Roshena

McCOLE, James, Tullinabratley

McCOLE, John, Ardagh

McCOLE, Owen, Middle Cut (Anagh), Faggart

McCOLE, Patrick, Baltra, Ardagh, Tullagh

McCOLE, Rose, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

McCOLE, Widow, Tullinabratley, Faggart

McCOLGAN, Daniel, Ballyliffen, New Anagh, Magheramore (Clountagh)

McCOLGAN, Dennis, Kuill (Faggart)

McCOLGAN, James, Ballyliffen

McCOLGAN, John, Baltra, Ballymagechan (Straws), Carrickabrady, Ballinavoe (Legahurry)

McCOLGAN, Michael, Ballymagechan (Straws), Kuill (Faggart)

McCOLGAN, Neil, Ballyliffen

McCOLGAN, Patrick, Ballyliffen, Ballymagechan (Straws)

McCOLGAN, Philip, Doaghmore (Faggart)

McCOLGAN, Terence, Cleagh (Straid)

McCOLGAN, Widow, Ballymagechan (Straws)

McCONAGLE, James, Gaddyduff (Dunally)

McCONAGLE, Owen, Dunally

McCONAGLE, William, Gaddyduff (Dunally)

McCONNIGLE, Hugh, New Anagh

McCONNIGLE, James, Gortahinch (Straid), Tullagh, Clountagh

McCONNIGLE, John, Cleagh (Straid)

McCONNIGLE, Michael, Ballyhallin (Straid)

McCONNIGLE, Neil, New Anagh

McCONNIGLE, Widow, Gortahinch (Straid), Clountagh

McCOOL, Owen, Maghereard (Ballyliffen)

McCREEVAN, Daniel, Tullinabratley, Roshena

McCREEVAN, Mary, Roshena

McDAID, Darby, Efishmore (Straid), Menard (Straid)

McDAID, James, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh)

McDERMOT, John, Cleagh (Straid)

McDEVIT, Neil, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh)

McDEVITT, Patrick, Rantamerrigal, (Urrismanagh)

McDONALD, Archibald, Lenankeel (Lenan)

McDONALD, Eneas, Climmartin

McDONALD, Michael, Letter

McDONNELL, Alexander, Dunaff

McDONNELL, Daniel, Dunaff

McDONNELL, John, Dunaff

McDONNELL, Owen Calhame (Straws)

McFALL, John, Middle Cut (Anagh)

McFALL, Owen, Middle Cut (Anagh)

McFALL, Philip, Middle Cut (Anagh)

McGAVIGAN, Bryan, Ballymagechan (Straws)

McGAVIGAN, Cahir, Maghereard (Ballyliffen)

McGAVIGAN, Daniel, Ballyhallin (Strain), Ballyliffen

McGAVIGAN, James Ballymagechan (Straws)

McGAVIGAN, John, Ballymagechan, (Straws)

McGAVIGAN, Patrick, Ballyhallin (Straid), Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

McGEOGAN, Daniel, Gortahinch (Straid)

McGEOGAN, Neal, Gortahinch (Gortahinch)

McGEOGHEGAN, Andrew, Kidyanagan (Roshena)

McGEOGHEGAN, Charles, Roshena

McGEOGHEGAN, Michael, Roshena

McGEOGHEGAN, Micky, Roshena

McGEOGHEGAN, Patrick, Roshena

McGEOGHEGAN, Widow, Kidyanagan (Roshena)

McGINNIS, James, Straid

McGLINCHEY, William, Mineduff (Dunally)

McGONIGAL, Bryan, Letter

McGONIGAL, Hugh, Letter, Maghereard (Ballyliffen)

McGONIGAL, James, Maghereard (Ballyliffen)

McGONIGAL, John, Roxtown

McGONIGAL, John, Maghereard (Ballyliffen)

McGONIGAL, Owen, Maghereard (Ballyliffen), Magheranall, (Straws), Mineduff (Dunally)

McGONIGLE, George, Dunaff

McGRORY, Edward, Ballyhallin (Straid), Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

McGRORY, John, Ballyhallin (Straid), Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

McGRORY, Michael, Letter

McGRORY, Ned, Ballyhallin (Straid)

McGUBBIN, William, Cleagh

McGUINNESS, James, Dresdean (Straid)

McKINNEY, Dennis, Sen., Climmartin, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh)

McKINNEY, John Mullagh (Ardagh)

McKINNEY, Patrick, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh)

McKINNEY, Robert, Climmartin

McLAUGHLIN, Brian, Clountagh

McLAUGHLIN, Charles, Dresdean (Straid), Tullagh

McLAUGHLIN, Daniel, Ardnascanlan (Ballyliffen), Baltra, Gaddyduff (Dunally)

McLAUGHLIN, Dennis, Doaghmore (Faggart)

McLAUGHLIN, Donald, Cleagh

McLAUGHLIN, Hugh, Letter, Baltra

McLAUGHLIN, James, Maghereard (Ballyliffen), Ballymacmurty, Baltra, Tullinabratley

McLAUGHLIN, John, Tullagh, Tullinabratley

MCLAUGHLIN, Michael, Maghereard (Ballyliffen), Baltra, Tullagh, Clountagh

McLAUGHLIN, Mick, Kuill (Faggart)

McLAUGHLIN, Neal, Kuill (Faggart)

McLAUGHLIN, Neil, Jun., Kuill, Faggart

McLAUGHLIN, Neil, Magheranall (Straws), New Anagh, Magheramore (Clountagh), Kuill (Faggart)

McLAUGHLIN, Oin, Kuill (Faggart)

McLAUGHLIN, Owen, Maghereard (Ballyliffen), Baltra, Kuill (Faggart), Doaghmore (Faggart)

McLAUGHLIN, Patrick, Ballymacmurty, Ballymagechan (Straws), Tullinabratley, Ballinavoe (Legahurry), Ballymagechan (Straws), Kuill (Faggart), Faggart

McLAUGHLIN, Peter, Ardnascanlan (Ballyliffen), Ballymacmurty, Tullinabratley

McLAUGHLIN, Philip, Rantamerrigal (Urismanagh), Ballymagechan (Straws)

McLAUGHLIN, Richard, Clountagh

McLAUGHLIN, Shan, Ballymagechan (Straws)

McLAUGHLIN, Widow, Tullinabratley

McLAUGHLIN, William, Gaddyduff (Dunally)

McLOUGHERY, Michael, Dunally, Tandragee (Dunally), Gaddyduff (Dunally)

McLOUGHLIN, Brian Magheramore (Clountagh)

MALOY, Rev Mr., Termain (Straid)

MARGIE, Donald, Doaghmore (Faggart)

MARGIE, Owen, Doaghmore (Faggart)

MARGY, John, Roxtown

MARGY, Patrick, Roxtown

MARTIN, Daniel, Dunaff

MEDCALF, Captain, Dresdean (Straid)

MOONEY, Charles, Tandragee (Dunally)

MORRISON, James, Dresdean (Straid), Straid,

MULLAN, George, Roshena

MURRAY, Hugh, Tandragee (Dunally)

MURRAY, James, Tandragee (Dunally)

O’DOHERTY, Charles, Ballymagechan (Straws)

O’DONALD, John, Cleagh

O’DONNELL, Catherine, Ballymagechan (Straws)

O’DONNELL, Charles Ballymagechan (Straws), Ballinavoe (Legahurry

O’DONNELL, Edward, Efishmore (Straid), Roxtown

O’DONNELL, Hugh, Roxtown

O’DONNELL, John, Efishmore (Straid)

O’DONNELL, Margaret, Rouskey (Dunally)

O’DONNELL, Mary Ballymagechan (Straws)

O’DONNELL, Michael, Lenan

O’DONNELL, Nathaniel, Lenan

O’DONNELL, Neal, Ballymagechan (Straws)

O’DONNELL, Neil, Calhame (Straws)

O’DONNELL, Owen, Ballymagechan (Straws)

O’DONNELL, Patrick, Sen., Lenan

O’DONNELL, Patrick, Jun., Lenan

O’DONNELL, Patrick, Calhame (Straws), Ballymagechan (Straws)

O’SHIELLS, Rev Mr., Termain (Straid)

PORTER, Andrew, New Anagh

PORTER, Michael, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley)

QUIGLEY, Bryan, Ballyliffen, Maghereard (Ballyliffen)

QUIGLEY, Charles, Ballyliffen

QUIGLEY, Dennis, Ardagh

QUIGLEY, Edward, Ballyliffen

QUIGLEY, Hugh, Ballyliffen

QUIGLEY, John, Ballyliffen

QUIGLEY, Owen, Sen., Ballyliffen

QUIGLEY, Owen, Jun., Ballyliffen

QUIGLEY, Patrick, Ballyliffen, Mullagh (Ardagh)

QUIGLEY, Philip, Ballyliffen

QUIGLEY, Widow, Ballyliffen, Ardagh

ROGAN, Henry, Dunaff

RODDY, Daniel, Dresdean (Straid)

RODDY, Timothy, Dunaff

RODDY, Widow, Dunaff

RODDY, William, Dresdean (Straid)

RUDDY, Bryan, Boherna (Dunally)

RUDDY, Edward, Ballinavoe (Legahurry), Rouskey (Dunally)

RUDDY, John, Cleagh (Straid)

RUDDY, Michael, Rouskey (Dunally)

RUDDY, Neil, Rouskey (Dunally)

RUDDY, Owen Rouskey (Dunally)

RUDDY, Widow, Altahal

RUDDY, William, Boherna (Dunally)

SHARKEY, Daniel, Tullagh

SHEILS, James, Cleagh (Straid), Rouskey (Dunally)

SHIELS, Cormick, Gaddyduff (Dunally)

SMITH, Widow, Faggart

SMYTH, James, Ballinavoe (Legahurry)

TAYLOR, Pat, Upper Anagh

THOMAS, Robert, Dresdean (Straid)

TOLAN, Bryan, Ardnascanlan (Ballyliffen), Clountagh (Dunally), Clountagh

TOLAN, Daniel, Roshena

TOLAN, Dennis, Roshena

TOLAN, Edward, Roxtown

TOLAN, Hugh, Roxtown, Dunally

TOLAN, James, Tullinabratley, Dromore Cut (Anagh)

TOLAN, John, Ballymagechan (Straws)

TOLAN, Michael, Ardagh, Cooloroff (Tullinabratley), Rouskey (Dunally)

TOLAN, Neil, Tullinabratley

TOLAN, Owen, Rantamerrigal, Urismanagh)

TOLAN, Patrick, Ballymacmurty, Dunaff, Dunally, Roshena

TOLAN, Shan, Tullinabratley

TOLAN, Widow, Kidyanagan (Roshena)

WHORISKY, James, Rouskey (Dunally)

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