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A List of Persons WHo Paid Hearth Tax in 1665 in the Parish of Clonleigh, Co Donegal

This index was compiled by Marianne Philson and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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Indexed by Marianne Philson, Auckland, New Zealand. 25 May 1994

Sourced, with permission, from Hugh Winters website at

Surname First Townland
ADAMS Valentyne Ballybogan
ALEXANDER John Clonleigh
ALLISON Andrew Algory
ALLISON Richard Algory
ANDREWS Charles Ballybogan/Lifford
ARMOR Patrick Croghan
ARMOR Widow Croghan
BARCLAY Hugh, Mr Ballybogan/Lifford
BARNEHILL Robert Croghan
BARNEHILL William Croghan
BEARD Wm. Croghan
BEATTY James Monyn/Ballindrait
BEATTY Widow Monyn/Ballindrait
BEXWICK John Ballybogan/Lifford - 3 Hearths
BURD Charles Ballybogan/Lifford
BURD Thomas Croghan
BURTON Charles Ballybogan/Lifford - 2 Hearths
CALDWELL John Ballybogan/Lifford
CARSALL Robert Ballybogan/Lifford
CLARKE Wm. Ballybogan/Lifford
CONINGHAM John Manister
CONINGHAM Mathew Monyn/Ballindrait
DONNELL john Algory
DUNLAP John Algory
EDWARDS Lewis Ballybogan/Lifford
FLEMING Mrs. Clonleigh
FULTON John Ballybogan/Lifford
FULTON John Ballybogan/Lifford - 2 Hearths
FULTON Wm. Ballybogan/Lifford
GLASS Patrick Ballybogan/Lifford
GROVES John Croghan
HAMILTON James Ballybogan/Lifford
HAMILTON John Shannon - 2 Hearths
HAMPTON Hugh Monyn/Ballindrait
HANSARD Mr. Monyn/Ballindrait - 2 Hearths
HART Thomas Ballybogan/Lifford
HILL Jean Monyn/Ballindrait
HOGSHEAD George Ballybogan/Lifford
HOLLIDAY Abraham Ballybogan/Lifford - 2 Hearths
HOLLIDAY Henry Ballybogan/Lifford
JACK Patrick Ballybogan/Lifford
KATHRINS Daniel Croghan
KENNEDY Tegg Croghan
LAWE James Clonleigh
LECKY Robert Clonleigh
LINDSAY James Manister
LOWRY John Clonleigh
M'CARDUFF Donnagh Shannon
M'CARDUFF Hugh Shannon
M'CARMICK Thomas Ballybogan/Lifford
M'DERMOND Shan Croghan
M'GETTEGAN Tegg Clonleigh
M'ILLREED Neale Shannon
M'JUNKING Daniel Croghan
M'KIM David Shannon
M'QUIN Bryan Clonleigh
MAHAFFY Rob Monyn/Ballindrait
MAINES Humphrey Croghan
MORRICE Wm. Ballybogan/Lifford - 2 Hearths
MURRAY Hugh Shannon
MURRAY James Ballybogan/Lifford - 3 Hearths
NICHAL Wm. Manister
O'BOGAN Bryan Ballybogan/Lifford
O'BOGAN Gorry Ballybogan/Lifford
O'CAHAN Donnagh Shannon
O'CROSSAN Murtagh Clonleigh
O'FILLAN Murtagh Clonleigh
O'GALLOGHER Shan Clonleigh
O'GALLOGHER Shan Croghan
O'HUE Philomy Croghan
O'KEROLAN Bryan Clonleigh
O'KEROLAN Daniel Clonleigh
O'KEROLAN James Clonleigh
O'KEROLAN Neale Clonleigh
O'KEROLAN Neale, Groome Clonleigh
O'KEROLAN Philomy Clonleigh
O'MECHAN Connor Croghan
O'SLANE Owen Ballybogan/Lifford
ORR Wm. Shannon
PATON john Manister
PATTERSON Robert Ballybogan/Lifford
PERKINS Richard Esq Ballybogan/Lifford - 6 Hearths
PORTER David Monyn/Ballindrait
PORTER John Monyn/Ballindrait
PORTER Patrick Croghan
ROBINSON Richard Algory
RODGER Walter Manister
SHORTALL Mrs. Ballybogan/Lifford
SIMISON Michael Ballybogan/Lifford
SKELLY Andrew Monyn/Ballindrait
SNODGRASS Thomas Ballybogan/Lifford
STANTON John Shannon
STEELE Ninian Monyn/Ballindrait
STEELE Peter Algory
STEVINS Andrew Ballybogan/Lifford
STURGTER Robert Monyn/Ballindrait
TYNEING John Algory
WALLACE John Manister
WALLACE John Ballybogan/Lifford
WALLACE Wm. Manister
WHYTE Andrew Ballybogan/Lifford
WILKY James Monyn/Ballindrait
WILSON John Algory
WOODS John Ballybogan/Lifford
YOUNG Robert Croghan


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