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Ben Nevis

Arrived Sydney, NSW, Australia

6 Jul 1856


Surname First Age Place Rel Parents
Maguire Catherine 7 Harknahew CE
Maguire Dolly 3 Harknahew CE
Rankin Mabel 43 Balingurock CE William & Anne Irwin
Rankin William 16 Balingurock CE
Rankin Jane 11 Balingurock CE
Rankin John 8 Balingurock CE
Rankin Mabel 1 Balingurock CE
Crossin Hugh 26 Ballanduh RC John & Eliza, Pettigo
Day Thomas 24 Pettigo CE John & Jane, Templecarn
Johnson Robert 23 Templecarn CE Christopher & Nancy
Wiley John 27 Templecarn RC Robert & Mary
Wiley Robert 21 Templecarn RC Robert & Mary
McGrath Bridget 25 Templecarn RC Thomas & Catherine


1. Wiley

John and Robert Wiley are brothers of James Wiley, who arrived in Sydney on the Abyssinian in 1859.  Their parents were Robert Wiley and Mary McGrath. Robert McGrath appears in the 1857 Griffiths Valuation in the townland of Aghnahoo Glebe, just south of Pettigo, in the parish of Templecarn. Pam's email address is linked to John and Robert's entries above.


Thomas Day and Robert Johnson also appear to have come from Aghnahoo Glebe - the only Day in the 1857 Griffith's in Templecarn is in that townland, as is a household headed by Christopher Johnston. Bridget McGrath may be related to the Wileys and have come from a townland a few miles from Aghnahoo Glebe, called Carntressy.


2. Maguire


Catherine and Dolly were traveling with their elder brother, Edward, and parents Patrick and Anne however, those three were not born in Donegal, so were not included in this list. The Maguires were from Aghnahoo Glebe and Patrick appears in the 1857 Griffith's Valuation for that townland, living on land adjoining that of the Johnstons, Rankins, Days and Wileys.

A descendant of Dolly's, Patricia, can be contacted through the link to her email address above.


Aghnahoo Glebe

Because of the connection these passengers have to this townland, I have placed the 1857 Griffith's Valuation and the corresponding map (revised 1852) online - by locating the references in the Valuation on the map, it is possible to see where each household was located.



Lindel Buckley

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