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Tenants on the Abercorn Estate, Laggan Area, Co Donegal, 1794

This data was Indexed by Marianne Philson and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website


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Indexed by Marianne Philson, Auckland, New Zealand, 25 May 1994

Sourced, with permission, from Hugh Winters website at

Alphabetical listing with Townlands

Note: Spellings as in original


ALEXANDER, Andrew, Cavanaca
ALEXANDER, Cairns, Magavelin
ALEXANDER, James, Kinnycally
ALEXANDER, Joseph, Cloghfin
ALEXANDER, Robert, Creatland
ALEXANDER, Saml., Dromore
ALEXANDER, Samuel, Rateen
ALEXANDER, William, Dromore
ALEXANDER, William, Cavanaca
ALEXANDER, Wm., Rateen
ALLEN, John, Craigados
ALLEN, John, Drumbeg
ALLEN, Robert, Castletoun
ALLEN, Robert, Craigados
ALLISON, Joseph, Momeen
ARMOUR, Andrew, Reylands
ARMOUR, Samuel, Reylands
BACON, Wm., Carrickmore
BARCLAY, Hugh, Galdonagh
BARCLAY, William, Galdonagh
BARNHILL, Hugh, Reylands
BARR, Abraham, Ardagh
BLAIR, Samuel, Castletoun
BOYD, Samuel, Legnathraw
BROOKS, John, Reylands
BROOKS, Quintain, Reylands
BUCHANAN, John, Clarshigoan
CAMPBELL, Hugh, Ardagh
CAMPBELL, John, Sheskin
CAMPBELL, Saml., Sheskin
CHAMBERS, Matthew, Jnr, Brockagh
CHAMBERS, Matthew, Snr, Brockagh
CHAMBERS, Soloman, Brockagh
CLARK, Peter, Drumnabratty
CLARK, Wm., Tullyrap
CLARK, Wm., Trentagh
CLENDENING, Samuel, Clarshigoan
COCHRAN, Robert, Clarshigoan
COCHRAN, Robert, Kinnycally
COCHRAN, Robert, Castledoey
COCHRAN, William, Castledoey
COLHOUN, Andrew, Ballylennon
COLHOUN, Robert, Lettergall
COLHOUN, Samuel, Ballylennon
COLHOUN, Wm., Tonagh
CONAGHAN, Sarah & Charles, Forehill
CONNOR, Wm., Rev, Cuttymanhill
COWAN, Hugh, Tonagh
COWAN, Jane, Clarshigoan
COX, John, jun, Cloghfin
COYLE, Bryan, Brockagh
CRAWFORD, John, Maymore
CRAWFORD, Josias, Magavelin
CUNNINGHAM, William, Rev, Castletoun
CURRY, Robert, Largy Doois
CUTHBERT, James, Carrickmore
CUTHBERT, Thomas, Drumenan
CUTHBERT, Thomas, Drumerne
DARCUS, John, Esq, Rateen
DEVENNY, Hugh, Feddyglass
DOAK, Samuel, Drumfad
DOAK, William, Dromore
DOUGHERTY, George, Magavelin
DOUGHERTY, John, Magavelin
DOUGHERTY, Mary, Magavelin
DOUGLASS, John, Ardagh
DOUGLASS, Thomas, Ardagh
DUNN, Andrew, Reylands
DUNN, Hugh, Ballyboe Doois
DUNN, John, Reylands
DUNN, Moses, Ballyboe Doois
ELLIOT, James, Cloghfin
ELLOIT, John, Cloghfin
GALBRAITH, Hugh, Coolageymore
GALBRAITH, Humphrey, Craigados
GALBRAITH, James, Ballyboe Doois
GALBRAITH, Joseph, Craigados
GALBRAITH, Josias, s/o Hugh, Rateen
GALBRAITH, Robert, Craigados
GALBRAITH, Robert, Cavanaca
GALBRAITH, Wm., Reylands
GALLAGHER, Bryan, Magherynagor
GAMBLE, David, Castletoun
GAMBLE, David & Moses, Ardagh
GAMBLE, James, Ballyboe Doois
GAMBLE, James, Lismaghery
GAMBLE, John, Clarshigoan
GILFILLAN, James, Woodland
GILFILLAN, John, Woodland
GLABRAITH, Hugh, Cavanaca
GLEN, WJ, Gentle Doois
GORDON, Andrew (woodranger), Feddyglass
GORDON, John, Woodland
GORDON, Wm., Feddyglass
GOURLEY, Andrew, Listanna
GOURLEY, Samuel, Listanna
GOURLEY, Samuel, Ballylennon
GRAHAM, Hugh & William, Momeen
GRAHAM, John, Drumatoland
GREG, John, Galdonagh
GREG, Samuel, Galdonagh
HAMILTON, Alexr., Trinsallagh
HAMILTON, Matthew, Trentagh
HAMILTON, Wm., Castletoun
HANNIGAN, Andrew, Craigados
HASLETT, Joseph, Ardagh
HASTY, John, Lettergall
HAZLETT, Wm., Whitehill
HEASTY, Wm., Reylands
HENDERSON, George, Reylands
HENDERSON, Hugh, Drumnabratty
HENDERSON, James, Lismaghery
HENDERSON, Samuel, Lismaghery
HENDERSON, Wm., Lismaghery
HOUSTON, Samuel, Momeen
HOUSTON, Wm., Momeen
HUNTER, Johnston, Gentle Doois
HUNTER, Samuel, Gentle Doois
HUSTON, Robert, Drumnabratty
HUTCHISON, Andrew, Whitehill
HUTCHISON, James, Whitehill
JORDAN, Moses, Ballylennon
KELLY, Elenor, Cuttymanhill
KILGORE, Joseph, Ballylennon
KILGORE, Saml., Ballylennon
KING, Robert, Lismaghery
LARKEY, Andrew, Legnathraw
LOGAN, James, Reylands
LOWRY, Alex., Feddyglass
LOWRY, Andrew, Drumucklagh
LOWRY, James, Binion
LOWRY, John, Drumcrow
LOWRY, Robert, Feddyglass
LOWRY, Sarah, Drumfad
LYNCHAHAN, Philip, Ballylennon
LYNCHAHAN, Philip, Drumatoland
McADOO, John, Ardagh
McAULEY, Edward, Craigados
McCASHIN, Wm., Magavelin
McCAUSLAND, Andrew, Tullyrap
McCLINTOCK, Alex., Drumenan
McCLINTOCK, David, Ardagh
McCLINTOCK, James, Gillistown
McCLINTOCK, James & John, Ardagh
McCLINTOCK, Robert, Ardagh
McCLINTOCK, Samuel, Gillistown
McCLINTOCK, Thomas, Creatland
McCONNELL, Alex., Lettergall
McCONNELL, Andrew, Ballylennon
McCONNELL, James, Dromore
McCONNELL, John, Lettergall
McCONNELL, William, Drumatoland
McCONNELL, Wm., Drumucklagh
McCRAB, Mat, James & Alex, Kinnycally
McCREA, Thomas, Reylands
McDEAD, Neal, Magherynagor
McDERMOTT, Daniel, Drumatoland
McGONEGAL, Ann, Magavelin
McILMUM, George, Craigados
McKANE, James, Drumenan
McKEAN, James, Burntha
McKEAN, John, Burntha
McKEAN, Joseph, Craigados
McLAUGHLIN, Patrick, Lismaghery
McMENAMIN, Charles, Castledoey
McMORRIS, Joseph, Cloghfin
McMORRIS, Wm., Clarshigoan
McMULLAN, Alexander, Carrickmore
McMULLAN, Archibald, Carrickmore
McSEOG, Manus, Cuttymanhill
McSWINE, Coll, Castledoey
McSWINE, Thomas, Castledoey
MACGHEE, James, Cuttymanhill
MACGHEE, Mary, Cuttymanhill
MACGHEE, Patrick & James, Maymore
MACSWINE, Hugh, Drumatoland
MAGHEE, Elizabeth, Woodland
MAGHEE, William, Broadlee
MAGIRR, James, Moness
MAGIRR, James, Castletoun
MAGIRR, Wm., Castletoun
MARSHALL, Samuel, Largy Doois
MARSHALL, Wm., Ardagh
MARTIN, Robert, Drumucklagh
MARTIN, Samuel, Broadlee
MARTIN, Wm., Drumucklagh
MILLS, John, Lismaghery
MILLS, John, Castledoey
MITCHELL, James, Kinnycally
MONTEITH, George, Craigados
MOODIE, William, Drumatoland
MOODY, Samuel, Craigados
MOORE, Thomas, Feddyglass
MOTHERWELL, James, Tonagh
MURRAY, Wm., Burntha
ORR, David, Moness
ORR, James, Feddyglass
ORR, John, Legnathraw
ORR, Joseph, Castletoun
ORR, Matthew, Legnathraw
ORR, Matthew, Moness
ORR, Robert, Burntha
ORR, Robert, Castletoun
ORR, Samuel, Lismaghery
PARK, Ann, Drumenan
PARK, George, Lettergall
PATTON, Thomas, Whitehill
PINKERTON, James, Cloghfin
PORTERFIELD, Eliz (widow*), Lettergall
PORTERFIELD, John, Ballylennon
PORTERFIELD, Matthew, dec.*Lettergall
PORTERFIELD, Nathan, Lettergall
PORTERFIELD, Patrick, Castletoun
PORTERFIELD, Wm. Jnr, Ballylennon
PORTERFIELD, Wm. Snr, Ballylennon
QUIGLEY, Peter, Maymore
RALSTON, Alex., Trentamucklagh
RALSTON, Alex., Trentagh
RALSTON, Andrew, Trentamucklagh
RALSTON, John, Trentamucklagh
RALSTON, John, Trentamucklagh
RALSTON, Joseph, Clarshigoan
RALSTON, Joseph, Trentamucklagh
RALSTON, Robert, Trentamucklagh
RALSTON, Robert, Castledoey
RALSTON, Robert, Trentagh (Glentown)
RALSTON, Robert, Trentamucklagh
RANKIN, Bavid, Tonagh
RANKIN, Benjamin, Dromore
RANKIN, David, Lismaghery
RANKIN, David, Reylands
RANKIN, John, Tonagh
RANKIN, Rachael, Dromore
ROBINSON, Alex snr, Gentle Doois
ROBINSON, Alex., Gentle Doois
ROBINSON, Wm., Gentle Doois
ROGERS, Alex., Forehill
ROGERS, Alex., Lettergall
ROGERS, Jeremiah, Broadlee
ROGERS, John, Broadlee
ROGERS, John, Creatland
ROGERS, Matthew, Woodland
ROGERS, Nathan, Woodland
ROGERS, Nathan, Lowhill
ROGERS, Samuel, Castledoey
ROGERS, Wm., Momeen
SCOTT, Elizabeth, Castletoun
SCOTT, Robert, Largy Doois
SHAW, John, Cloghfin
SHAW, John, Coolageymore
SHAW, Walter, Momeen
SHAW, Wm., Kinnycally
SHAW, Wm., Coolageymore
SHAW, Wm., Lettergall
SHIRLAND, James, Reylands
SMITH, Alex., Ardagh
SMITH, Andrew, Lettergall
SMITH, Andrew, Feddyglass
SMITH, James, Carrickmore
SMITH, James, Rateen
SMITH, John, Drumfad
SMITH, Wm., Carrickmore
SMYLEY, James, Kinnycally
SPEER, Moses, Ballyboe Doois
SPEER, Samuel, Castledoey
SPEIR, John, Momeen
STAFFORD, James, Moness
STARRITT, Adam, Momeen
STARRITT, Moses, Ballylennon
STEEN, James, Moness
STEEN, Joseph, Dromore
STEEN, Wm., Moness
STEVENSON, James snr, Ardagh
STEVENSON, John jnr, Ardagh
STEVENSON, John s/o James, Ardagh
STINCEAN, Andrew, Legnathraw
STINCEAN, Hugh, Legnathraw
STINCEAN, John, Lettergall
TEASE, Wm., Ardagh
THOMPSON, Andrew, Craigados
THOMPSON, Anthony, Sheskin
THOMPSON, Samuel, Lettergall
THOMPSON, Wm., Lettergall
TINIAN, John, Drumenan
VANCE, John, Momeen
VANCE, Robert, Momeen
WALLACE, Benjamin, Lowhill
WALLACE, John, Lowhill
WASON, Archibald, Trentamucklagh
WASON, George, Castledoey
WASON, James, Castledoey
WASON, John, Castledoey
WASON, Wm., Kinnycally
WATSON, James, Lettergall
WATSON, Josias, Galdonagh
WATSON, Walter, Lettergall
WHITE, Robert, Clarshigoan
WILKIE, William, Woodland
WILLOCK, Robert, Cloghfin
WILSON, Alex & Robert, Lismaghery
WILSON, James, Carrickmore
WILSON, Robert, Carrickmore
WOODS, Archibald, Ballyboe Doois
WOODS, Archibald, Gentle Doois
WOODS, James, Magherycloy
WOODS, John, Gentle Doois
WOODS, Margery, Trinsallagh
WRAY, Wallace, Reylands


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