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Molloys of Meenavally, Ardara, continued

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Michael Molloy b 1878 Records
Registration Card Military History 1
Military History 2 Death Record
Funeral Card Dauphin St, Philadelphia
1920 US Census Philadelphia
Derry Journal Article
History of Ardara (Ardara Church of the Holy Family Centenary Souvenir Edition 1903-2003)
Early Mulloy Records
Donegal Hearth Money Rolls Raphoe Diocese Wills
Catholic Qualification Rolls of 1778-80 Census of 1659 - Donegal
CHARLES O'MULLOY and MCGEOGHEGAN.  MS 603, p. 84a  28 Nov 1537
O'Brien (No. 1.) King of Thomond
Landholding in Ireland
How to praise any but the son of Urla with the wavy hair, I know not; no quatrain but Donough's know I how to make, as I address his curly   head that is as a soft fringe)

  s. of Donall More, k. of the Southern Half and claimant of cliu mail (whose mo. was O'Fogarty's dau. Rynalt)
  s. of Turlough (whose mo. was More, dau. of O'Mulloy i.e., Gillabride, chief of Kinel fiachrach and Fircall, as the poet said:-

  High-couraged O'Mulloy's dau. More was Turlough mac Teigue's mother; both regions he frequented, that chief that did battle with English knights)

  s. of Dermot (whose mo. was Teigue Mac Carthy's dau. Saby)
  s. of Turlough (to whom O'Mulloy's dau. More above was mo., whereas the foregoing Turlough mac Dermot's mo. was More dau. of O'Conor ie., Rory, k. of Connacht)
  s. of Teigue (whose mo. was Eochrait dau. of Carolus m. Olioll finn chief of Kinelea)
  s. of Brian-of-the-Tribute [boruma]:  whose mo. was Bebinn dau. of Eochy m. Murrough m. Maenach, k. of west-Connacht, ut dixit poeta:-

  Son of Bebinn of the fragrant lips - how should his followeres be too few? never had she imagined that Ireland's heritage, to be won by the strong hand, awaited him.

  Bormla finn, dau. of Murrough m. Finn, k. of Leinster, was mo. of Brian-of-the-Tribute's s. Donough, of Sitric s. Amlaff cuaran k. of the Dublin Danes, and of Conr s. of Melachlainn k. of Ireland.

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