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Children of Bernard and Bridget Molloy of Meenavally, Ardara

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Patrick John


Patrick John b 28 Mar 1897 bap 31, Godparents Denis and Bridget Molloy


Patrick was a servant in a Ward household in Tullinteane, Corkermore (Bruckless), Killaghtee in 1911 - see 1911 census


Emigrated to Scotland, then from Motherwell, Scotland to Saginaw,  Michigan, USA. He died in 12 Oct 1976 in Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan


Arrival - 12 Apr 1948
Age 50
Departure- Southampton , England
Ship- Queen Elizabeth
Arrival - NY
Birth location - Ardara, Ireland

Travelling with this Patrick J -

Annie (McGivney) - wife , age 40
William J- son ,age 20, occupation - butcher
Verionica C- age 6, student

Address in country they left is Motherwell, Scotland

Mrs. B Mollay
172 Craigneuk St
Motherwell, Scotland

En route to

Brother in law-
Mr A Haddings
9962 Memorial Ave,
Detroit , Michigan


Patrick John Molloy
b. 28 Mar 1897
Petition - 3 Dec 1953
State- Michigan
Court - Detroit, District Court -Index Cards to Naturalization - Eastern Dist. of Michigan , Southern Division.
Series - M1917


Detroit border crossing from 21 Apr. 1948 for Patrick John Molloy.  It says he was in the US from Apr. 12 - Apr. 19, 1948, last permanent residence was  9962 Memorial, Detroit, Mich.,  and he was coming to resume residence. 

His brother-in-law is listed as Albert Hastings, 9962 Memorial, Detroit, Mich.  It says Patrick was an electrician, 5 ft. 8 inches tall, medium complexion, brown hair, and blue eyes.

There's a resident alien border crossing identification card for Patrick John Molloy, which was issued 13 Oct. 1948.  It says he lived at 12160 Winthrop, Detroit.  His date of birth is listed as 3/28 and then the year is crossed out and written to the side is 1907. 

It says he was born Andara, Co. Donegal, Ireland.  He was married.  Occupation - watchman.  Nationality - British.  5 ft. 7 1/2 inches tall, 165 lbs., fresh complexion, grey hair, blue eyes.  He entered the US at New York on 4/12/48 on the Queen Elizabeth.

Resident alien border crossing identification card for Annie Molloy, issued the same day as Patrick's.  Same 12160 Winthrop address listed.  It says she was born 18 Mar. 1903 at Motherwell, Scotland. 

Occupation - housewife.  5 ft. 1 inches tall, 140 lbs., fresh complexion, fair hair, blue eyes.  It appears she crossed the border on 31 Mar. 1950.

Annie Molloy with the same birth date is in the naturalization petition index from Eastern District of Michigan dated 10-13-1948


Mary Ellen


Mary Ellen b 18 May 1899 bap 19 May, Godparents Peter Boyle and Mary Molloy married Robert Anderson


Mary Ellen was a servant in a Ward household in Tullinteane, Corkermore (Bruckless), Killaghtee in 1911 - see 1911 census


Emigrated to Scotland

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