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1911 Census Killybegs Harbour Shipping Return, Killybegs Upper


This census was submitted by Mike, transcribed by Lindel, and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources website


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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Yrs Married Ch Born/Living Born
1 Carle John Master Brethren RW 58 Fisherman Married 38 6/3 Scotland
  Noble Dougal Mate Wes Free RW 28 Fisherman Single     Scotland


Fishing Boat (sailing), 5 Ton, 'Guide Me', fishing, from Fraserburgh, Scotland

2 Grey John Head Prot/English Ch RW 38 Captain/Fisherman Married     Scotland
  Cowil William Fisherman Prot/English Ch RW 66 Fisherman Widower     Scotland
  Cowil John Fisherman Prot/English Ch RW 60 Fisherman Married     Scotland
  Jappy John Fisherman Prot/English Ch RW 18 Fisherman Single     Scotland
  Jappy Alexander Fisherman Prot/English Ch RW 20 Fisherman Single     Scotland
  Cowil James Fisherman Prot/English Ch RW 21 Fisherman Single     Scotland


Fishing Boat (sailing), 44 ton, 'Vine', fishing, from Banffshire, Scotland. 6 on board, 1 on shore

3 Pratt John Ret Captain Free Ch Scotland RW 64 Ret Captain/Mercantile Marine Widower     Scotland


Fishing Boat (sailing), 'Comet', fishing, Killybegs, Ireland. Captain Francis McCallig. 1 on board, 3 on shore

4 Brady Thomas Captain RC RW 50 Master Mariner Mercantile Marine Married     Dublin Co
  Bow David Asst Engineer Pres RW 22 Engineer Mercantile Marine Single     Dublin City
  Roe Robert Steward CofI RW 39 Steward Mercantile Marine Single     Dublin City
  Nee Colman Seaman RC RW 37 Seaman Mercantile Marine Married 5 2 Galway City
  King Patrick Seaman RC RW 26 Seaman Mercantile Marine Single     Galway City
  Williams James Stoker CofI RW 46 Stoker Mernatile Marine Married 20 7/4 Derry City
  Lumsdaen David Stoker Pres RW 38 Stoker Mernatile Marine Married 5 2/2 Derry City
  Doherty Daniel Seaman RC RW 21 Ordinary Seaman Mercantile Marine Single     Derry City
  Cassidy Patrick Boy RC RW 17 Boy (deck) Single     Antrim


Steamer, 106 ton, 'Granuail', Government Service (Congested Districts Board), from Dublin, Ireland. 9 on board, 4 on shore



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Lindel Buckley

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