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1901 Census Salthill Demesne, Inver, Co Donegal

This census was submitted by Bob and form part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources website

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NM = Not Married, EC = English Church, WE = Weslyan, EP = Episcopalian, ME = Methodist, PR = Presbyterian, DDB = Deaf/Dumb/Blind


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No.B Surname Christian Relationship Religion Educ Age Sex Rank/Profession Status Born Language
1 Woodcock Isaac Alfred Head CI RW 37 M Railway Porter M Donegal -
  Woodcock Maggie Wife CI RW 30 F - M Donegal -
  Woodcock William H Son CI RW 8 M Scholar S Donegal -
  Woodcock Jane Daughter CI RW 6 F Scholar S Donegal -
  Woodcock Isaac Alfred Son CI - 8m M - S Donegal -
2 McColley James Head RC RW 54 M Labourer M Donegal Eng
  McColley Margaret Wife RC RW 50 F - M Donegal Eng
3 Doherty Hugh Head CI -R 58 M Farmer M Donegal -
  Doherty Henry Son CI -R 15 M - NM Donegal -
4 Connaghan John Head RC RW 49 M Blacksmith M Tyrone -
  Connaghan Bridget Wife RC RW 40 F - M Donegal -
  Connaghan John J Son RC - 1 M - S Donegal -
  Mally Elenor Visitor RC -R 60 F - W Donegal -
5 Harkin William Head RC R 52 M Railway Ganger M Donegal -
  Harkin Ellen Wife RC RW 42 F - M Donegal Irish
  Harkin Teresa Daughter RC RW 22 F Servant S Tyrone Irish
  Harkin Mary Daughter RC RW 18 F Servant S Donegal -
  Harkin Willie Son RC RW 16 M Scholar S Monaghan -
  Harkin Daniel Son RC RW 15 M Scholar S Fermangh -
  Harkin Ellen Daughter RC RW 11 F Scholar S Donegal -
  Harkin Cornelius Son RC RW 9 M Scholar S Donegal -
  Harkin Charles Son RC RW 7 M Scholar S Donegal -
  Harkin Patrick Son RC - 4 M Scholar S Donegal -
6 Stubbs Charles A Head CI RW 60 M Clergman/Gen Lic JP M Donegal -
  Stubbs Lizzie Wife CI RW 30 F - M China -
  O'Brien Delia Servant CI RW 46 F Nurse, Dom Serv NM Tipperary -
  Spence Martha Servant CI RW 40 F Cook, Dom Serv NM Donegal -
  White Ellen J Servant CI RW 19 F Parlour Maid, Dom NM Co. Louth -
7 Diver Sarah Head RC -R 47 F Housekeeper W Donegal -
  Diver Charles Son RC RW 22 M Farm Labourer NM Donegal -
  Diver Susan Daughter RC -R 7 M Scholar NM Donegal -
8 Donnell Michael Head RC -R 47 M Farmer NM Donegal -
  Donnell Mary Sister RC -R 50 F Seamstress NM Donegal -
9 Battles Mary Jane Head RC -R 54 F Dealer in Provisions W Donegal I&E
  Battles John Son RC RW 19 M Farmer NM Donegal -
  James Scott and Eliza Doherty Household            
10 Scott Eliza Head Prot -R 62 F - W Donegal -
  Scott John Son CI R 26 M Farmers Son NM Donegal -
  Scott Andrew Son CI -R 24 M Farmers Son NM Donegal -
  Scott Thomas Son CI RW 21 M Farmers Son NM Donegal -
  Scott Elizzie Daughter CI RW 19 F Farmers Daughter NM Donegal -
  William McCalliog and Mary Griffith Household            
11 MacCallig William Head RC RW 60 M Farmer M Donegal -
  MacCallig Mary Wife RC RW 50 F Housekeeper M Donegal I&E
  MacCallig Denis Son RC RW 26 M Carter NM Donegal -
  MacCallig Patrick Son RC RW 22 M Farm Labourer NM Donegal -
  MacCallig Catherine Daughter RC RW 17 F Embroidrer NM Donegal -


Anne b 28 Dec 1873, Elizabeth b 26 Jul 1869, Mary b 24 Mar 1867, Patrick b 18 May 1876, Philip b 6 Jul 1879

Son Denis b 7 Sep 1871 m Catherie Conaghan. Their dau Mary Frances b 16 Jul 1909, Salthill

Dau Mary married James McCahill, Drumgorman. See 1901 Census Drumgorman

Researcher: Kathleen - Email

12 O'Brien James Head RC RW 33 M Coachman M Donegal -
  O'Brien Bridget Wife RC RW 32 F Landress M Donegal -
  O'Brien Minnie Daughter RC R 10 F Scholar NM Donegal -
  O'Brien Bridget Daughter RC R 8 F Scholar NM Donegal -
  O'Brien James Son RC - 6 M Scholar NM Donegal -
  O'Brien Annie Daughter RC - 4 F Scholar NM Donegal -
13 Healy Mary Head RC RW 40 F Housekeeper NM Donegal Eng
14 Gallagher Connell Head RC RW 37 M Farmer W Donegal -
  Gallagher Mary Mother RC RW 64 F - W Donegal -
15 Jarvis Andrew Head CI R 45 M Farmer NM Donegal -
  Jarvis William Son CI RW 37 M Farmer NM Donegal -
  Jarvis Sarah Daughter CI RW 35 F Housekeeper NM Donegal -
  Jarvis Walter Son CI R 28 M Farmer NM Donegal -
  Scott Lissie Grd Son CI RW 19 F Housekeeper NM Donegal -
  Jarvis Anne Mother CI R 80 F - W Donegal -
16 Sheils Anthony Head RC RW 27 M Farmer M Donegal I&E
  Sheils Sarah Wife RC RW 25 F - M Donegal I&E
  Sheils Annie Daughter RC - 2 F - NM Donegal -
  Sheils Mary Daughter RC - 1 F - NM Donegal -
17 Mullreany Hugh Head RC -R 55 M Farm Servant M Donegal -
  Mullreany Bridget Wife RC RW 54 F - M Donegal -
  Mullreany James Son RC RW 23 M Groom Coachman NM Donegal -
  Mullreany Andrew Son RC -R 22 M Farm Servant NM Donegal -
  Mullreany Ellen Daughter RC R 17 F Scholar NM Donegal -
  Mullreany Hugh Son RC RW 11 M Scholar NM Donegal -
18 Shea, Rev Michael - - - - - Clerk in Holy Order - -  
  Shea Rachel Wife CI RW 60 F Housekeeper M Donegal -
  Blackmore Elizabeth Niece CI RW 30 F Housekeeper NM Donegal -
  Nesbitt Elizabeth Servant CI RW 24 F Servant NM Donegal -
19 Doherty Andrew Son CI RW 21 M Farmers Son NM Donegal -
20 Griffith William Head RC RW 67 M Farmer M Donegal -
  Griffith Ellen Wife RC R 66 F - M Donegal -
  Griffith Edward Son RC RW 26 M Farmer NM Donegal -
  McLoone Hannah Servant RC R 17 F General Servant NM Donegal -

Note: 19, Form B = Matthew Doherty.  #18, Rev.Michael Shea not shown on Form A adder into doc.


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