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1901 Census Rutland Island, Templecrone, Co Donegal


(Conyngham's Herring Fishery Factory built c 1788)

Census Extraction and additional notes were submitted by Angela Kirk and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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See also 1911 census Rutland Island

Name Surname Relationship Religion Education Age Sex Occupation Marriage Born Language
John McBride and Catherine McCole Household            
Catherine McBride Head R.C. R&W 60 F Farmer Widow Donegal I&E
Timothy McBride Son R.C. R&W 32 M Sailor Unmarried Donegal  
Charles McBride Son R.C. R&W 30 M Farmer Unmarried Donegal  
Mary McBride Daughter R.C. R&W 26 F   Unmarried Donegal  
Kate McBride Daughter R.C. R&W 21 F   Unmarried Donegal  
Kate Cannon Boarder R.C. R&W 29 F Sch.Teacher Unmarried Donegal  


Timothy b June 28 1864, Charles Feb 12 1866, Mary b Sep 14 1867, Grace b Apr 20 1869, Ellen b May 19 1871,

Catherine b Mar 03 1874

Condy O'Donnell Head R.C. R&W 51 M Farrier? Unmarried Donegal I&E
Ellen O'Donnell Sister R.C. can't read 55 F Housemaid Unmarried Donegal I&E
Henry Sinclair Head Presbyt. R&W 62 M Cooper Married England  
Christine Sinclair Wife Presbyt. can't read 61 F   Married England  
Neil Sharkey Boarder R.C. R&W 22 M Shopman Unmarried Donegal I&E
Thomas and Ellen Hanlon Household            
James Hanlon Head R.C. R&W 40 M Carpenter Unmarried Donegal  
Francis Hanlon Brother R.C. R&W 33 M Vinter? Unmarried Donegal  
Eliza Creenan Sister R.C. R&W 34 F Seamstress Married Donegal  
LizzieJane Creenan Niece R.C. R&W 8 F Scholar Unmarried Donegal  


Children of Thomas and Ellen




Margaret Jane married William Grimes

Eliza (Isabella) married James Creenan – Elizabeth Jane b. Nov 22 1891

1851 census

In 1922, Eliza and Margaret Jane applied for the Old Age Pension. These are the results of a check of the 1851 census -

Thomas and Ellen Hanlon marr 1838
Isabella, 12
Margaret Jane, 9
James, 4
Edward, 18mths
(ch Francis, Eliza no found?)
Sheet 16
Applicant Eliza Hanlon, adds Mrs Eliza Creenan, Rutland Island, Burtonport Cen S/7/479 & 478 20 Feb 1922 & 6 Mar 1922

Application no c/22 1041& c/22 1295
Applicant Margaret Jane Hanlon, adds Mrs Margaret Jane Grimes, Rutland Isld, Burtonport

Timothy Boyle and Annie Melvin Household            
Annie Boyle Head R.C. R&W 48 F Farmer Married Mayo  
Ellen Boyle Daughter R.C. R&W 25 F Servant Unmarried Donegal  
Patk.James Boyle Son R.C. R&W 21 M Servant Unmarried Donegal  
Manus Boyle Son R.C. R&W 16 M Servant Unmarried Donegal  
Sarah Boyle Daughter R.C. R&W 12 F Scholar Unmarried Donegal  
Annie Boyle Daughter R.C. R&W 10 F Scholar Unmarried Donegal  
Bernard Boyle Son R.C. R&W 7 M Scholar Unmarried Donegal  
John Boyle Son R.C. R&W 14 M Scholar Unmarried Donegal  


Timothy Boyle (Michael) and Annie Melvin (Patrick) married in Ballina Co.Mayo on Nov 29 1870

See below for Timothy’s siblings

Bridget married Patrick Hannigan, Glenfin – see 1901 census Mooneennahasragh

Annie married Michael Hannigan, Glenfin - see 1901 census Mooneennahasragh   

Children of Timothy and Annie :

Ellen b. Sep 02 1873 - USA on The Caledonia on Feb 04 1908 travelling to Chicago. She married John B. Cavanagh in The

  Bronx NY on Feb 12 1908

John Joseph b. Oct 07 1875, 

Timothy b. Mar 03 1877, 

Patrick James  b. Apr 08 1879, ship’s captain, drowned

Sarah emigrated May 27 1912 to USA. Returned to Ireland and married Patrick McGlinchey, Glenfin - see 1901 census Meenbog

Bernard married Ellen O’Flanagan

John b c.1887 married Bridget Duffy (Denis) Innisfree

Manus (1885 - 1913) and John in County Clare in 1911 - see 1911 census Liscannor

Researcher: Maureen

Cornelius Ward and Anne Rogers Household            
Corneilus Ward Head R.C. R&W 50 M Mariner Widower Rutland English
John Ward Son R.C. R&W 20 M Mariner Unmarried Rutland  
Patrick James Ward Son R.C. R&W 18 M Mariner Unmarried Rutland  
Henry C Ward Son R.C. R&W 16 M Mariner Unmarried Rutland  
Rose Ellen Ward Daughter R.C. R&W 14 F Scholar Unmarried Rutland  
Owen Ward Son R.C. R&W 8 M Scholar Unmarried Rutland  


Corneilus Ward (Manus) married Anne Rogers (Patrick) Mar 20 1879 at St. Mary's Church Belcruit

John b Jan 20 1881 married Catherine O’Donnell (Patrick, Kincasslagh)

Rose Ellen married Edward 'Maurice' Duffy, Arranmore - Chicago

Feargal O’Donnell and Sophia Deery Household            
Feargal O'Donnell Head R.C. R&W 40 M Farmer Married Donegal Irish
Sophia O'Donnell Wife R.C. R&W 36 F   Married Donegal I&E
Edward O'Donnell Son R.C. R&W 12 M Farmer's Son Unmarried Donegal English
John O'Donnell Son R.C. R&W 10 M Farmer's Son Unmarried Donegal  
Con O'Donnell Son R.C. R&W 8 M Scholar Unmarried Donegal  
Maggie O'Donnell Daughter R.C. Read 6 F Scholar Unmarried Donegal  
Mick O'Donnell Son R.C. Read 4 M Scholar Unmarried Donegal  
Feargal O'Donnell Son R.C. can't read 1 M   Unmarried Donegal  
Note: Farrigal O'Donnell (Edward) married Sophia Deery (John, Inniscoo) on Apr 18 1884 in Arranmore
John Boyle and Ellen Boyle Household            
John Boyle Head R.C. can't read 70 M Farmer Married Donegal I&E
Ellen Boyle Wife R.C. Read 60 F   Married Donegal I&E
Edward Boyle Son R.C. R&W 24 M Fisherman Unmarried Donegal I&E
Maggie Boyle Daughter R.C. R&W 22 F Housekeeper Unmarried Donegal I&E


Bartholomew b June 26 1864, Sarah b Oct 16 1866, Michael b Nov 19 1868, Edward b Sep 01 1871,

Margaret b June 12 1873

John O’Donnell and Bridget O’Donnell Household            
John O'Donnell Head R.C. R&W 40 M Farmer Married Donegal I&E
Bridget O'Donnell Wife R.C. R&W 27 F   Married Donegal I&E
Condy O'Donnell Son R.C. R&W 5 M Scholar Unmarried Donegal  
Charles O'Donnell Son R.C. can't read 2 M   Unmarried Donegal  
Catherine O'Donnell Daughter R.C. can't read 1 F   Unmarried Donegal  


John O'Donnell (Con, decd., Leckenagh) married Bridget O'Donnell (Charles, Leckenagh) on Jul 11 1895 in Burtonport

John son of Connell O'Donnell and Anne Boyle – see 1901 census Leckenagh

Bridget dau of Charles O'Donnell and Kate Sharkey - see 1901 census Leckenagh

Corneilus married Bridget O’Donnell (Charles/Hannah, Kincasslagh) - Indiana

James Boyle Head R.C. R&W 50 M Farmer Unmarried Donegal I&E
Maggie Jane Boyle Sister R.C. R&W 56 F Seamstress Unmarried Donegal English
Fannie O'Neill Niece R.C. R&W 27 F Housekeeper Unmarried Donegal English


Family of Michael Boyle

Timothy married Annie Melvin  - see above

Anne married Philip McCarron (Bryan, Tubberkeen) on Jan 30 1884 in St Mary’s Belcruit

Ellen married Patrick O'Neill (John, Antrim) on Dec 3 1869 in St Mary’s Belcruit

Fanny b. May 20 1871 on Rutland

John McCole and Bridget O'Donnell Household            
Bridget McCole Head R.C. R&W 52 F Farmer Widow Donegal I&E
Neil McCole Son R.C. R&W 27 M Farmer's Son Unmarried Donegal  
Charles McCole Son R.C. R&W 25 M Farmer's Son Unmarried Donegal  
Patrick McCole Son R.C. R&W 23 M Farmer's Son Unmarried Donegal  
Joseph McCole Son R.C. R&W 21 M Farmer's Son Unmarried Donegal  
Hugh McCole Son R.C. R&W 19 M Apprent.Tailor Unmarried Donegal  
John McCole Son R.C. R&W 17 M Farmer's Son Unmarried Donegal  
Mary Ellen McCole Daughter R.C. R&W 15 F Scholar Unmarried Donegal  


John McCole (Hugh) married Bridget O'Donnell (Rudy) Innisfree on Mar 1 1870 in St Peter’s Dungloe

Charles b Feb 01 1874,  Patrick b Oct 06 1875,  Hugh b Feb 20 1880

Neil b June 20 1872 married Bridget Duffy (Charles) Innisfree

Joseph b Aug 17 1877 married Margery Gallagher (Charles) Eighter. Researcher: Email

Daniel Ward and Bridget Deery Household            
Daniel Ward Head R.C. R&W 61 M Boatman/Fmr Widower Donegal I&E
Cassie McCole Daughter R.C. R&W 28 F Housekeeper Married Donegal  
Dan Ward Son R.C. R&W 27 M Boatman Unmarried Donegal  
Annie Ward Daughter R.C. R&W 25 F Seamstress Unmarried Donegal  
Hugh McCole Grandson R.C. can't read 1 M   Unmarried Donegal  
Bridget McCole Granddau R.C. can't read 4mths F   Unmarried Donegal  
Corney McCole Son-in-Law R.C. R&W 28 M Sailor Married Donegal  


Daniel Ward (Manus, Rutland) married Bridget Deery (Michael, Inniscoo) Feb 2 1864 in St Mary's Belcruit

Michael b Dec 04 1864 on Inniscoo, Manus b Dec 31 1866,  Catherine b Mar 30 1869 (married Corney McCole), 

Daniel b Sep 24 1871,  married Ellen Hunter (Noble, Maghery) - see 1911 census Rutland

Anne b Nov 09 1874

Corney McCole b June 13 1874 son of Hugh McCole and Ellen McCole.

Hugh McCole (Corneilus) married Ellen McCole (Charles, Acres) on Jan 26 1865 in St Mary’s Belcruit

Other children were:

Grace b Feb 12 1866, Ellen b Sep 14 1869,  Mary b Sep 05 1871, Hugh b Aug 05 1876, John b Sep 27 1878  

Charles b Sep 25 1867 married Mary O'Donnell (Charles, Eighter) – see 1901 census Eighter

Corney McCole b Jun 13 1874 married Catherine Ward on Feb 13 1899 in St Mary’s Belcruit

Sarah O'Donnell Head R.C. Read 40 F Farmer Unmarried Donegal I&E

Townland Notes



WARD (Catherine Ward m William Lennox 5 Feb 1845 Dungloe) - Malcolm - Email


Manus and Kate Ward

Daniel married Bridget Deery – see above

Corneilus married Anne Rodgers – see above

1851 Census detail

Manus and Kate Ward marr 1838 - see notes 1901 census Cloghglass
John, son, 3
Sheet 11
Applicant John Ward, adds 29 Strand Rd, Derry
Cen S/7/4826 Oct 1921
Application no c/21 6299


Corneilus (Nogher) Ward and Mary O'Donnell

Manus (1846-1916) living in Diamond (Meenaboligan) married Bridget Ward (Bartley, Cloghglass) on Feb 7 1885 in St Mary’s Belcruit - Scotland



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