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1901 Census, Roshin, Clondahorky, Co Donegal

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No Surname First Relationship Age
  Charles McFadden and Julia/Cecilia/Giles Gallagher Household  
1 McFadden Charles T.  Head 41
  McFadden Julia  Wife 38
  McFadden Patrick  Son 21
  McFadden Denis  Son 18
  McFadden Dan  Son 14
  McFadden Charles  Son 10
  McFadden Thomas  Son 10
  McFadden Joseph  Son 8
  McFadden Bridget  Daughter 5
  McFadden Michael  Son 2
  John McFadden and Hannah Roarty Household    
2 McFadden John Billy  Head 66
  McFadden Hannah  Wife 60
  McFadden Michael  Son 28
  McFadden Susan  Daughter 24
  Patrick McFadden and Margaret Mullen/McMullen Household    
3 McFadden Patrick  Head 50
  McFadden Maggie  Wife 48
  McFadden Francis  Son 23
  McFadden Robert  Son 21
  McFadden Patrick  Son 19
  McFadden James  Son 17
  McFadden Michael  Son 14
  McFadden Bridget  Daughter 12
  McFadden Timothy  Son 10
  McFadden John  Son 7
4 McFadden Margaret  Head 77
  McFadden Timothy  Son 35
  Patrick Gallagher and Unity McFadden Household    
5 Gallagher Patrick  Head 70
  Gallagher Uney  Wife 70
  Gallagher Patrick  Son 30
  McFadden Frank  Son-in-Law 35
  McFadden Catherine  Daughter 33
  McFadden Uney  Granddaughter 5
  McFadden Maryanne  Granddaughter 3
  McFadden Catherine  Granddaughter 8mo
  Denis McFadden and Mary McFadden Household    
6 McFadden Denis  Head 29
  McFadden Mary  Wife 25
  McFadden Michael  Son 1
  Dominick McFadden and Mary Harkin Household    
7 McFadden Mary  Head 55
  McFadden Michael  Son 27
  McFadden John  Son 25
  McFadden Maryanne  Daughter 20
  McFadden Patrick  Son 19
  Denis McFadden and Bridget McFadden Household    
8 McFadden Denis Ch  Head 32
  McFadden Bridget  Wife 28
  McFadden Susan  Daughter 5
  McFadden Cormick Son 3
  McFadden Tague  Son 2
  Simon Brogan and Mary McFadden Household    
9 Broghan Simon  Head 76
  Broghan Mary Wife 50
  Broghan Catherine  Sister 80
  Broghan Denis  Son 24
  Broghan Charles  Son 21
  Broghan Gracie  Daughter 18
  Broghan Mary Daughter 15
10 Ferry Hugh  Head 89
  Ferry John  Son 34
  Ferry Suffie  Daughter-in-Law 24
  Ferry Catherine  Granddaughter 5
  Ferry Mary  Granddaughter 3
  Ferry Hugh  Grandson 1
  Patrick Duffy and Sarah Campbell Household    
11 Duffy Sarah  Head 58
  Duffy Patrick  Son 28
  Duffy Alice  Daughter 22
  Duffy Neil Son 20
  Duffy Andrew  Son 18


Dau Margaret m Edward McFadden - see 1901 census Golan

  John McFadden and Ellen McFadden Household    
12 McFadden John  Head 37
  McFadden Ellen  Wife 30
  McFadden Michael  Son 5
  McFadden Denis  Son 3
  McFadden Patrick  Son 1
  McFadden Michael  Servant 16
  Edward McFadden and Rose Ferry Household    
13 McFadden Edward  Head 58
  McFadden Rose  Wife 56
  McFadden Neil  Son 30
  Boner Ellen  Daughter 24
  Boner Catherine  Granddaughter 1
  Doherty Joseph  Servant 12
14   Nil    
  Hugh Ferry and Hannah McFadden Household    
15 Ferry Hugh  Head 36
  Ferry Hannah  Wife 22
  Ferry Denis  Son 3
  Ferry Thomas  Son 1
  Charles McFadden and Ellen Brogan Household    
16 McFadden Charles H.  Head 75
  McFadden Ellen  Wife 74
  McFadden Bridget  Sister 80
  McFadden Charles  Son 28
  McFadden Ellen  Daughter 26
  McFadden Charles  Nephew 8
  Timothy McCarry and Susan Ferry Household    
17 McCarry Timothy  Head 55
  McCarry Susan  Wife 44
  McCarry Hugh  Son 18
  McCarry John  Son 11
  McCarry Michael  Son 9
  McCarry Mary  Daughter 16
  McCarry Ellen  Daughter 7
  McCarry Susan  Daughter 5
  McCarry Maggie  Daughter 3
  Francis McFadden and Unity Ferry Household    
18 McFadden Francis Head 80
  McFadden Uney  Wife 78
  McFadden Charles F.  Son 42
  McFadden Jane  Daughter-in-Law 29
  McFadden Uney  Granddaughter 11
  McFadden MaryAnn  Granddaughter 10
  McFadden Ellen  Granddaughter 8
  McFadden Catherine  Granddaughter 5
  McFadden Hannah Granddaughter 3
  McFadden Gracie  Granddaughter 1
  Note: Patrick, Dennis, Francis and Hugh emigrated to Manayunk, PA
  Alexander Algeo and Catherine Hanlon Household    
19 Algeo Alex  Head 80
  Algeo Catherine  Wife 66
  Algeo James  Son 26
20 Algeo Mary  Head 65
  Algeo James  Son 27
  Algeo Timothy  Son 24
  Algeo Alex  Son 20
  McGinley Catherine  Servant 15

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