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1901 Census Meentinadea, Killybegs Lower

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No Surname First Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born Lang
1 Watters John Head RC RW 74 Farmer Married Donegal IE
  Watters Mary Wife RC RW 60   Married Donegal IE
  Watters James Son RC RW 20 Farmer's son Single Donegal  
  Watters Kate Dau RC RW 16 Seamstress Single Donegal  
  Charles Waters and Anne Keeney Household          
2 Watters Charles Head RC RW 25 Farmer Married Donegal IE
  Watters Annie Wife RC RW 21 Farmer's wife Married Donegal IE
  Watters Maryann Dau RC Can't read 1   Single Donegal  
  Watters John Joseph Son RC Can't read 8mths   Single Donegal  
  Keeney Cassie Cousin RC RW 15 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Bernard Gallagher and Ellen Maloney Household          
3 Gallagher Bryan Head RC Can't read 40 Farm labr Married Donegal IE
  Gallagher Ellen Wife RC Can't read 47   Married Donegal IE
  Gallagher Francis Son RC RW 16 Scholar Single Donegal IE
  Gallagher Patrick Son RC RW 13 Scholar Single Donegal IE
  Gallagher Katie Dau RC RW 10 Scholar Single Donegal IE
  Gallagher Bridget Dau RC RW 6 Scholar Single Donegal  
  Gallagher John Joseph Son RC Can't read 4   Single Donegal  



Son John Joseph, Jan 9, 1897, sponsors Patrick Garigan, ??? Charles Walker, Josephine Gallagher?, conducted by J McAdee vic, pic IV 107, IV 108

Note submitted by Maureen

  John O'Gallagher and Mary O'Donnell Household          
4 O'Gallagher John Head RC RW 53 National Teacher Married Donegal IE
  O'Gallagher Mary Wife RC RW 44 Workmistress Married Donegal IE
  O'Gallagher Mary Josephine Dau RC RW 20 Scholar Single Donegal IE
  O'Gallagher Annie Teresa Dau RC RW 17 Scholar Single Donegal IE
  O'Gallagher Daniel Francis Son RC RW 11 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Gallagher Bridget Veronica Dau RC RW 9 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Gallagher Maggie Elizabeth Dau RC RW 7 Scholar Single Donegal  
  O'Gallagher Joseph Patrick Son RC Only reads 5 Scholar Single Donegal  


John Gallagher, Meentinadea, son of Condy, Meenagolan, married Mary O'Donnell, Kilrean Upper, dau of Bernard, 24 Aug 1878. Witnesses James O'Donnell,

Kilrean & Bridget Gallagher, Meenagolan - see scan of Marriage Register (Note that the register records the bride's father as Anthony - this is incorrect)

John's brother Condy married Mary's sister Anne O'Donnell, Kilrean Upper - see 1901 census Kilrean Upper

For some information on the teachers and history of Meentinadea - see the Meentinadea School Website

Children of John and Mary :

Mary J, May 17, 1880, sponsors John Kilbride and Anne Boyle, conducted by Hugh Kerr cc, pic 219, 220, 221, II 244, II 245

Patrick John, Dec 23, 1881, sponsors Francis Sweeney and Ellen Gallagher, conducted by John Sweeney cc, pic 263, 264, 265, III 012, III 013

Anna Teresa, Feb 29, 1884, sponsors Daniel Gerin and Ann Gallagher, conducted by Peter McDevitt cc, pic III 068, III 069

Connel Bernard, May 31, 1886, sponsors Nabor and Teresa Boyle, conducted by J. McNulty cc, pic III 124, III 125

Daniel Francis, Dec 3, 1889, sponsors Connel Gallagher and Catherine Keeny, conducted by J McNulty, pic III 188, III 189

Margaret Elizabeth, Oct 4, 1893, sponsors John Breslin and Mary Anne Keena, conducted by A Hughes, pic IV 043, IV 044

Joseph Patrick, Mar 19, 1896, sponsors John Sweeny and Anne Gallagher, conducted by P Kelly pas, piv IV 086, IV 087

Notes submitted by Maureen


Townland Notes:

Gallagher Family in Meentinadea


The Gallagher family who came to Meentinadea townland in 1848 provide a fascinating historical aspect to the area.  John Gallagher’s wife was Anne McDevitt of Glenties, a sister of Bishop James McDevitt of Raphoe (author 0f the book ‘The Donegal Highlands’ (1866)).  Her other brothers were Father John McDevitt, a professor in All Hallows College, Dublin; Edward O’Donnell McDevitt, eminent barrister, was Attorney General of Oueensland, Australia in the 1860s, and was a representative of the Queensland Legislative Assembly; Charles, Dan, and Hugh were wealthy merchants in Glenties and had business interests in Scotland and South America.


John Gallagher and Anne McDevitt had these births registered:
- Catherine b. 14 Jan 1864 

- Charles James b. 13 Aug 1871, bap 15 Aug, Godparents Rev Charles O'Donnell & Mary McDevitt


For more on this family, see the Meentinadea School Website

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