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1901 Census Corveen, Tullaghobegly

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This census extraction is part of a Mini Thesis for the completion of the Certificate Course in Genealogy at the University College, Dublin. Tutor Sean Murphy MA.


Patrick McCafferty &Grace McBride Household  
1 McCafferty Grace head 70 farmer / widow
  McGeady Teague son in law 32 mason
  McGeady Norah daughter 27  
  McGeady Bridget granddaughter 1  
  McGeady Patrick grandson 1m  
Note: Daniel b May 20 1869
2 O'Donnell Neil head 67 farmer
  O'Donnell Hannah sister 65 farmers sister
3 Heraty Patrick head 70 farmer / widower
  Heraty Mary daughter 30 farmers daughter
  Heraty Ellen daughter 15 farmers daughter
  Heraty Rose daughter 13 scholar
  Heraty Hugh son 9 scholar
Manus & Annabella McFadden Household  
4 McFadden Manus head 60 farmer
  McFadden Nappy wife 45  
  McFadden Shane son 16 farmers son
  McFadden Joseph son 14 farmes son
  McFadden Charles son 10 scholar
  McFadden Maggie daughter 9 scholar
  McFadden Mary daughter 5 scholar
  McFadden Fred son 2  


Michael b Nov 28 1901 & John b Dec 30 1904

Researcher: Sophia - Email

5 Gallagher Kate head 45 herd / widow
6 Coll Grace head 65 farmer
  Coll Grace visitor 15 famers daughter
7 Gallagher John head 56 farmer
  Gallagher Fanny wife 48  
  Gallagher Denis son 24 farmers son
  Gallagher Bridget daughter 17 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Margaret daughter 15 farmers daughter
  Gallagher Fanny daughter 13 scholar
  Gallagher John son 10 scholar
  Gallagher Thomas son 8 scholar
  Gallagher Nancy daughter 5  
  Gallagher Mary daughter 3  
  Doherty Maggie niece 2  
Connell Boyle & Margaret McGarvey Household  
9 Boyle Connell head 65 farmer
  Boyle Maggie wife 67  
  Ferry John son in law 34 farm labourer
  Ferry Mary daughter 25 b. Nov 13 1875
  Ferry John grandson 1m  
  Boyle Ellen daughter 38  
10 Boyle Patrick head 36 farmer
  Boyle Maggie wife 30  
  Boyle Connell son 4  
  Boyle Owen son 2  
  Boyle Maggie daughter 5m  
Hugh McGeehan & Mary McFadden Household  
11 McGeehan Hugh head 50 farmer
  McGeehan Madgie wife 43  
  McGeehan Mary daughter 21 farmers daughter
  McGeehan Rose daughter 19 farmers daughter
  McGeehan Charles son 17 farmers son
  McGeehan Patrick son 15 scholar
  McGeehan Annie daughter 11 scholar
  McGeehan Bridget daughter 9 scholar
  McGeehan Maggie daughter 7 scholar
Notes: Rose b Apr 20 1880 & Mary b Jul 22 1878, both born Innishirrer
Patrick McHugh & Catherine McGarvey Household  
12 McHugh Kate head 60 farmer / widow
  McHugh Patrick son 30 farmers son
  McHugh Mary daughter 28 farmers daughter
  McHugh Grace daughter 20 farmers daughter


Grace married Denis Coll and they had five children. Grace died in 1914, from jaundice, probably toxicaemia after the birth of her fifth child.

Researcher - Catherine

13 Coyle Patrick head 38 farmer
  Coyle Kate wife 31  
  Coyle Pat son 2  
James McFadden & Ann O'Brien Household  
14 McFadden  James head 90 farmer
  McFadden Ann wife 75  
  McGarvey Philip son in law 38  
  McGarvey Grace daughter 33 b May 23 1868
15 Curran Philip head 53 farmer
  Curran Mary wife 50 farmer

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