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1901 Census Ballyargus, Moville Upper, Co Donegal

This Census was  transcribed by Tara and forms part of the Donegal Genealogy Resources Website

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No Name Relationship Religion Education Age Occupation Status Born
Pg1 John McLaughlin Head RC Read only 54 Farmer Not Married Donegal
  Cicily Sister R&W 40 Housekeep
  Bernard Nephew 17 Farm Labour
Pg2 Mary McGowan Head RC R&W 48 Farmer Widower Donegal
  John son 19 Carpenter Not Married
  Lizzie daughter 17 Seamstress
  Maggie 14 Scholar
Pg3 James Murphy Head RC Cant read 55 Farmer Widower Donegal
  Michael sister R&W 32 Farmerson Married
  Margarey dau in law 27 ------
  James grandson Read only 6 Scholar Not Married
  Philip Cant read 4
  Mary grand dau 2 -----
  Charles grandson 6m ------
Pg4 Daniel Bonner Head RC R&W 68 Farmer Married Donegal
  June Wife Read only 58 ------
  James son R&W 30 Tea Dealer Not Married
  Patrick son 25 Farmer son
  Sarah daughter 23 Seamstress
  Charles son 20 Farmers son
  Jane daughter 15 Seamstress
  Benard Doherty servant 11 Cowhearder
Pg5 James Henery Head RC Read only 80 Farmer Married Donegal
  Margaret Anne wife Cant read 70 ----- Married
  Andrew son 36 ----- Married
  Rose dau in law R&W 30 ----- Married
  Patrick grandson --- 6m ----- -----
  James McGarriston nephew ---- 4m ---- ----
Pg6 Benard McLaughlin Head RC Cant read 28 Farmer Married Donegal
  Annie Wife RC R&W 23 --
  Benard son RC ---- 1 ---- -----
Pg7 Mary McLaughlin Head RC R&W 48 Seamstress Married Donegal
  Mary daughter 14 Scholar Not Married Scotland
  Bridget Read only 7
  John son 6
  Roseanne daughter ----- 3 ------ Donegal
Pg8 Thomas Doherty Head RC R&W 64 Farmer Married Donegal
  Mary Anne daughter 21 Seamstress Not Married
  John Son 19 Farmers son Not Married
  Kate daughter Read only 16 Seamstress Not Married
Pg9 James McLaughlin Head RC Read only 50 Farmer Married Donegal
  Rose wife R&W 45 Housekeep
  Mary daughter 14 Towing Not Married
  William son 11 Scholar
  Rose daughter Read Only 7 Scholar
  Anne ---- 1 -------
Pg10 Duffy, Patrick Head RC Read only 46 Farmer Married Donegal
  Margaret wife 35 ----
  Rose daughter R&W 7 Scholar Not Married
  Anne daughter Cant read 6 Scholar
  William son 6 Scholar
  Maggie daughter 4
  Mary daughter 2 -----
  Mary sister R&W 50 Seamstress
Pg11 Philip Barr Head RC Cant read 60 Farmer Married Donegal
  Sarah Wife 50 -----
  Mary Eliza daughter R&W 24 Seamstress Not Married
  Anne daughter 21
  Ellen daughter 20
  Charles Son 18 Farmerson
  John Son 16
  Rose daughter 13 Scholar
  William Son 11
Pg12 John Duffy Head Cant read 60 Farmer Married Donegal
  Margaret Wife Read only 40 ------
  Maggie daughter R&W 16 Seamstress Not Married
  John Son 15 Farmerson
  Cassie daughter 13 Scholar
  Mary daughter 11
  Bridget daughter R&W 8
  Ellen daughter Cant read 5
  Michael Son 2 -------
Pg13 Daniel Henery Head RC R&W 35 Farmer Not Married Donegal
  Rose Sister 34 ---
  Bridget Sister 25 Seamstress
  Ellen Lynch Niece 16
Pg14 Patrick Doherty Head RC Cant read 88 Farmer Widower Donegal
  Margaret Dau in law 40 -- Widow
  Mary granddau R&W 13 Scholar Not Married
  William grand son Read only 8
  Maggie granddau 7
Pg15 Philip  Henery Head RC Cant read 70 Farmer Married Donegal
  Sarah Wife R Only 70 -----
  Bella daughter R&W 25 Seamstress Not Married
  James Nephew Cant read 64 Labour
Pg16 Edward McLaughlin Head RC Cant read 70 Farmer Married Donegal
  Catherine Wife R&W 58 ------
Pg17 Mary McLaughlin Head RC R&W 60 Farmer Widow Donegal
  James son 20 ------ Not Married
Pg18 Patrick McLaughllin Head RC R&W 34 Farmer Married Donegal
  Annie Wife RC 28 -----
  Jamie son Cant read 6 Scholar Not Married
  Daniel son 4 ----
  Anthony son 3 ---
  John son 2 -----
  Benard son 2m -----
  George McGroarty and Rose Ann Boner Household        
Pg19 George McGroarty Head RC Cant read 60   Widower Donegal
  George Son 22   Not Married
  Sarah daughter Read 19  
  Neal Son R&W 16  



George McGroarty m Rose Ann Boner 11 Feb 1861 - Moville Records

Researcher: Chuck - Email

Pg20 Patrick Lynch Head RC Cant read 70 Farmer Married Donegal
  Mary Wife Read only 52 ------ Married America
  Annie daughter R&W 30 Seamstress Not Married Donegal
  Rose daughter Cant read 28
  William Son R&W 21 Farmerson
  Cassie daughter 15 Seamstress
  Michael Son 13 Scholar
Pg21 Thomas McLaughlin Head RC Cant read 50 Labourer Not Married Donegal
Pg22 John McLaughlin Head RC R&W 80 Farmer Married Donegal
  James Son 41 Farmerson Not Married
  Anne daughter 37 Seamstress
  Lizzie 30
  Cassie 28
Pg23 Benard McCorriston Head RC Cant read 75 Farmer Widower Donegal
  Daniel Son 42 Farmerson Not Married
  Ros McLaughlin daughter 40 ----- Widow
  John McCorriston Son R&W 27 Farm servant Not Married
  Mary McLoughlin granddau R&W 8 Scholar
Pg24 Mary Anne Campell Head RC R&W 28 ------- Married Donegal
  James son 8 Scholar Not Married
  Maggie daughter Cant read 5 Scholar Not Married
  Sarah Jane daughter Cant read 1 -------- Not Married Derry
Pg25 Philip McGroardy Head RC Cant read 72 Farmer Married Donegal
  Bridget Wife Read only 61 ------ Married Donegal
  John Smyth Son in law Cant read 32 Farmer Married Donegal
  Bridget daughter R&W 25 Seamstress Married Donegal
Pg26 Carlin, Patrick Head RC R&W 39 Labourer Married Donegal
  Anne wife 38 -----
  Agnes daughter Read only 7 Scholar Not Mar America
Pg27 Doherty, John Head RC Cant read 65 Black Smith Married Donegal
  Margaret Wife R&W 55 ----- Married
  William Son Cant read 22 Black smith Not Mar
  David Son R&W 16 Farm servant
  Kate Daug Cant read 14
  Taggart, John Nephew R&W 10 At School
  Taggert, Kate Niece R&W 8
Pg28 Snee, Thomas Head RC R&W 80 Farmer Widower Donegal
  Breslin, Thomas Nephew 40 Farm serv Not Mar
  Breslin, Catherine Niece 30 Seamstress Not Mar
  Breslin, Mary Niece 28
Pg29 Bradlely, Margery Head RC Read only 95 Farmer Not Mar Donegal
  Quigley, James Nephew Cant read 24 Farm serv
  Quigley, Hugh 20
Pg30 McCarriston, Ann Head RC Read only 75 Farmer Widow Donegal
  Benard Son R&W 40 Farm Serv Widower
  Mary Niece Cant read 2 ------ Not Mar
  Neal Nephew --- 9m ----
  Doherty, Rose Servant R&W 13 Servant Not Married
Pg31 McCarriston, Daniel Head RC Cant read 50 Farmer Not Married Donegal
  Margaret Sister RC R&W 48 ----- Not Married Donegal
Pg32 Quigley, James Head RC R&W 70 Farmer Widower Donegal
  Sarah daug 18 ----- Not Marr
Pg33 McCarriston Neal Head CoI Cant read 70 Farmer Married Donegal
  Unity Wife 68 --------
  William Nephew 4 -------- Not Mar
  Weir, James Servant R&W 22 Farm Serv
  Logue, Rose Boarder Read only 85 -------
Pg34 Little, Robert Head CoI Read Only 70 Farmer Married Donegal
  Ellen Wife Cant read 68 =======
  John Son Cant read 37 Farm Ser Not Mar
  Ellen Daug R&W 30 Seamstress
  McKinley, John servant RC R&W 16 Servant Not Mar
  Galbert, John Grand son CoI R&W 6 At School
Pg35 Stewart, Margaret Head RC Cant read 62 ------- Widower Derry
  MaryAnne daughter RC R&W 27 Seamstress Not Mar
  Maggie grandson R&W 14 Scotland
Pg36 Logue, Edward Head RC Read only 49 Farmer Married Donegal
  Rose Wife 43 ------ Married
  Hugh Son Cant read 16 Farm Labour No mar
  Mary Anne Daug 14 Seamstress
  Tereasa Read only 9 Scholar
  James Son 6 Scholar
  Madge Daug Cant read 4 -------
  Rose Daug 2 -------
Pg37 Duffy, Margaret Head RC Cant read 42 Farmer Widow Donegal
  William son 18 Farm Labour Not Mar
  Rose daughter R&W 15 Seamstress
  John son 12 Scholar
  Grace daught Read  only 9 Scholar
Pg38 Crossan, Michael Head RC Cant read 72 Famrer Married Donegal
  Anne Wife 80 ---------
  Patrick Son 30 Farm Labour Not Mar
Pg39 Calhoun, John Head CoI R&W 84 Farmer Married
  Margaret Wife Read only 67 ----- Married
  John Son R&W 30 Farm Lab Not Mar
Pg40 Doherty, John Head RC R&W 58 Farmer Married Donegal
  Bridget Wife Read only 58 --------- Married
  Bridget Daug R&W 25 Seamstress Not Mar
  Mary Daug 19
Pg41 Gallagher, James Head RC R&W 38 Farmer Married Donegal
  Sarah mother Read only 80 ------ Widow
  James Son 9 Scholar Not Mar
  Michael son Cant read 6 -----
  Sarah Daug 5 -------
  Daniel Son 4 -------
  Patrick son ---- 2 ---------
Pg42 Cavanagh, Patrick Head RC Cant read 70 Farmer Married Donegal
  Catherine Wife RC 65 Seamstress Married
  Catherine Daugh 32 Not Mar
  Campbell, James Grandson 4 -------- Not Mar
Pg43 Doherty, John Head RC Cantread 60 Farmer Married Donegal
  Bridget Wife 50 ---------------
  James Son Read only 30 Farm Labour Not Mar
  Mary daugh R&W 20 Seamstress
  Rose 19
  McCalligan, James Son in law Cant read 39 Farm Labour Married
  McCalligan, Sarah Daughter Read only 28 Seamstress
Pg44 Smyth, William Head RC R&W 84 Farmer Widower Donegal
  Doherty, James Neoheew 40 Labourer Not Mar
Pg45 Kerrigan, Daniel Head RC R&W 66 Farmer Not Mar Donegal
  Ellen Sister 35 ________
Pg46 Cavanagh, James Head RC Cant read 60 Farmer Married Donegal
  Bridget Wife Read only 65 ----- Married Donegal
  Mary Sister Cant read 60 Seamstress Not Mar
  McLaughlin, Gracie Daughter R&W 32 Widow
  McLaughlin, Bridget Grand daug Read only 8 Scholar Not Mar
  McLaughllin, Daniel Grand son Cant read 5 ------- Not Mar
  McLaughlin, James grand son Cant read 4 ------ Not Mar
Pg47 Breslin, Patrick Head RC R&W 48 Farmer Not Married Donegal
Pg48 Cavanagh, Ann Head RC Cant read 68 Farmer Widow Donegal
  William Son R&W 30 Farm Labourer Married
  Mary Anne Dau in law Read 30 ---------- Married
  Bell, James Servant Cant read 50 Farm Servant Not Married
Pg49 Breslin, Joseph Head RC R&W 35 Farmer Married Donegal
  Margaret Wife 25 Seamstress
  James Son Cant read 3 Scholar Not Mar
  Mary Anne Daug -------- 11m ----------
  McLaughlin, Gracie Serv Cant read   Domes. Servant Not Mar
Pg50 Breslin, William Head RC Cant read 40 Farmer Married Donegal
  Sarah Anne Wife 36 -----