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Ballybofey, Ballyshannon & Donegal Town
(From Slaters Directory 1857)


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BALLYBOFEY   (variously spelt Ballibophay and Ballybofey), a village in the parish and union of Stranorlar, barony of Raphoe (South), Co. Donegal, 2 miles west from the town of Stranorlar, which is the nearest railway station, and about 30 miles south-west from Londonderry. It consists of one principal street, and though quite distinct from Stranorlar, and popularly regarded as subordinate thereto, is virtually the seat of the principal trade for that town, and the place where the chief markets are held. There are no places of worship or schools. Captain Charles Howe Cuff Knox D.L., J.P., of Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo, is lord of the manor and the principal landowner. A market for oats, pork and butter is held every Thursday and a fair on 21st May, 20th December, and the second Thursday in the other months of the year. The area comprises 17 acres; the population in 1891 was 832.

Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office and Savings Bank (Railway Sub-Office. Letters should have R.S.O., Co. Donegal added).   —Thomas M'Gonagle, postmaster. Letters from all parts arrive at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.; deliveries, 7 a.m. and 12.30 p.m.; Sunday, 7 a.m.; despatches, 12.05, 7.30 and 9.45 p.m.; Sunday. 7.30 p.m. Stamp Office, Andrew Magee, distributor. Town Hall, Henry Kee, keeper. Constabulary Station, William T. Brooks, sergeant, Boyle James.


Arnold Francis, spirit dealer;

Bell John, boot and shoe maker, Main St.;

Bonar Andrew, cattle dealer;
Bonar Andrew, grocer;

Bonner William, clothes dealer Main St.; 

Boyle James, solicitor;

Boyle Joseph, grocer and leather mer;

Brown James, grocer, Navenny Street;

Byrne Andrew, cattle dealer. Main St.;

Byrne Daniel, grocer;

Caldwell David, boot and shoe maker;

Caldwell Frances S., chemist. Main St.;

Chose Joseph, watch maker and cycle agent;
Collum Joseph, boot and shoe dealer;
Connolly James, grocer and boot dealer;
Crumley Thos. E., butcher, Navenny St.;
Cunningham Robert A., insurance agent;
Devenny James, cattle dealer;

Diver Henry, spirit dealer;

Doherty Margaret, sewing machine agent, Main Street;
Donaldson Samuel, manure and seed dealer, Glenafton;

Dorain Sarah, shirt maker, Navenny St.;

Ewing Letitia J., wine and spirit dealer, Navenny St.;
Ewing Robert, insurance agent;

Gallagher Margaret, draper and boot dealer;

Gamble Robert, blacksmith;

Geary Daniel, coach builder. Main St.;

Geary James, spirit dealer, Navenny Lane;

Gordon Charles, butcher. Main Street;

Gordon Geo., butcher, Glen Fina lane;

Gordon John, butcher;

Gregory John, boot maker;
Hanagan Bridget, sewed muslin agent and posting house. Main Street;

Hannigan Bridget, spirit dealer;

Harkin Joseph, tailor;

Hegarty Thomas and John, flax merchants, Dreenan;

Hibernian Bank Limited (branch), (F. J. Kilduff, manager). Main Street;

Hutchinson Lamont, carpenter, Navenny St.;

Kee Charles, spirit dealer, Main Street;

Kee Henry, grocer and auctioneer;

Kee James, grocer and ironmonger;

Kee Robt. H., hardware and furniture dealer;

Kee Thomas, baker, grocer and hardware dealer;

Kelly Charles, confectioner and grocer;

Kelly Francis, spirit dealer;

Kelly James, egg and butter merchant and spirit dealer;

Kelly Margaret, grocer;

Kelly Rose, grocer. Main Street;

Kelly Thomas, grocer and hardware dealer;

Kilpatrick George, grocer;

Kilpatrick Bros., tailors, Main Street;

Kilpatrick Andrew, spirit dealer. Main Street;

Kilpatrick Johnston, draper and tailor, The Clothing House, Main Street;

Lafferty Anthony, carpenter, Navenny Lane;

Lawry John, dogger, Main Street;

Lynch Hugh, nail maker;
Lynch James, nail maker;

Lynch Winifred, grocer;

M'Carron Jas., grocer and hardware dealer;

M'Clenaghan John, cattle dealer;

M'Dermott Patrick W., grocer and hardware dealer, Main Street;
M'Ghee Hugh, grocer, Main Street;
M'Ghee Thomas, grocer;

M'Ginty Michael, draper and milliner;

M'Glinchey Peter, grocer, Main Street;

M'Gonagle Thomas, draper, Main St.;

M'Hugh  Henry, spirit dealer, Main St.;

M'Kelvey James, grocer and boot dealer. Main Street;

M'Laughlin James, spirit dealer and posting house, Main Street;
M'Menamin Edward, cooper. Main Street;

M'Menamin Fras., spirit dealer and cattle dealer;

M'Menamin Jn., cattle dealer, Navenny Lane;

M'Monagle Connor, spirit dealer;

M'Nally John, cattle dealer, Knockfair;

Magee Andrew & Co., drapery and millinery;

Magee George & Teague, Magee's Hotel;

Magee & Co., grocery and patent medicine dealers;
Magee Andrew, draper;

Magee George, auctioneer, Navenny Street;

Magee Hugh, grocer, Main Street;

Magee Teague, auctioneer;

Martin Margaret, milliner and draper;

Martin Patrick, grocer;

Meehan William, grocer and cattle dealer;

Mount Sarah, milliner and dress maker;

Mullen John, saddler;

Mulrine Francis, baker and spirit dealer;

Mulrine John, saddler. Main Street;

Murphy Patrick, grocer and boot and shoe dealer, Main Street;

Murray John, carpenter and cartwright; 

Murray Patrick, blacksmith;

Northern Bank Limited (Robert A. Cunningham, manager);

O'Donnell Hugh, watch and clock maker and photographer;
O'Laughlin Dennis, spirit dealer, Main Street;

Patterson Isabella, dress maker and dealer in underclothing;

Patton Thomas, grocer and cattle dealer;

Quinn Margaret, egg and butter merchant and grocer, Main Street;

Quinn Mary, grocer, Navenny Lane;

Reid Jeremiah, grocer and wine and spirit merchant;

Reid John, tailor;

Reilly James, butcher;

Roche Patrick, grocer, Main Street;

Scarf Alexander, carpenter and glazier;

Shesgreen Michael, spirit dealer;

Sheil Owen, grocer;

Sproule Mary, grocer;

Tilly & Henderson, shirt, underclothing and stay manufacturers (Ellen Mount, manageress);

Timony Patrick, tailor;

Tinney Andrew, barber and bill poster;

Virtue Robert, grocer, Navenny   Lane;  

Ward Barney, stonemason;

Ward Michael, blacksmith;
Williamson William, egg merchant and  butter market;

Witter Robert, druggist, Navenny St.;

Woods James, blacksmith;
Woods James, coach builder, Navenny Street;

Woods Jane, dress maker;

Woods Samuel, carpenter and blacksmith, Navenny Street;

Woods William John, blacksmith.

BALLYSHANNON, a township, market and union town and seaport, in the parishes of Kilbarron and Innismacsaint, barony of Tyrhugh, Co. Donegal, 128 miles west from Belfast, 28 north-west by west from Enniskillen, 25 north-by-east from Sligo, 14 south-south-west from Donegal and 5 north-north-west from Belleek, head of a  petty sessional district, quarter sessions district of Donegal, with a station on the Bundoran branch of the Great Northern and Donegal railway, Protestant and Catholic diocese of Raphoe, on both sides of the river Erne, connected by a stone bridge of fourteen arches, and immediately above the influx of that river with Ballyshannon harbour, a creek of Donegal Bay. This harbour, which is about six hundred yards long and three hundred and fifty broad, is in the centre of the bay, and is greatly exposed to westerly winds and to the roll of the Atlantic. Immediately above the head of the harbour is a cataract formed by the river falling over the ridge of rocks 16 feet above the ordinary tide level. This is deemed one of the finest salmon leaps in Ireland. The fishing commences about the middle of April and continues till the latter end of August. Formerly the produce went to supply the Dublin, Newry and Belfast markets, and the surplus was salted and sent to the Mediterranean; but of late the practice of transmitting to distant parts fish packed in ice has been applied here and an extensive ice-house erected, so that the great bulk is now sent fresh to London. The fishery is in the hands of the Erne Fishing Co. who give anglers the right to fish for a weekly payment. Extensive eel-weirs, contiguous to the town, are leased with the salmon fishery, and produce eels of the finest description. That part of the town towards the south is called The Port, and consists principally of an irregular street and a few shops. The northern portion of the town is situated on the side of a hill. George Farquhar, the celebrated comic dramatist, was a native of Ballyshannon. About a mile from the town, on the summit of a hill, are the ruins of Abbey Asheroe, and in the neighbourhood is a fragment of the ancient castle of the Earls of Tyrconnel, who were long chieftains of this district.

In the reign of James I this place, then called Balleshannan, was a village, but considered of sufficient importance to be incorporated under the style of the "Portrieve, Free Burgesses, and Commonalty of the Borough of Balleshannon or Ballyshannon". The charter created a court of record, with civil jurisdiction within the borough to the amount of £3 6s 8d. The government of the town is now vested in a body of Town Commissioners (under the Act of 1854). The Sheil Hospital was erected and endowed at a cost of £50,000, the gift of the late Dr. Sheil, and there is a Quarter Sessions Court and market house and a small custom house. The Protestant church, standing on the summit of a hill on the west side of the town, has been reerected at a cost of £5,000, in the Saxon style, by the late vicar, the Rev. George Tredennick. The interior is handsomely fitted up and contains 1,200 sittings. A Catholic church stands to the east of the  principal street, and another on the south side of the port. There are also places of worship for Presbyterians and Wesleyans. A market for flax, pork and butter is open on Thursdays during the season. The market for grain and farm produce is held on Saturday. The chartered or regular annual fair is September 18th, and customary fairs on the second of each month. The area comprises 759 acres; the population of Ballyshannon in 1891 was 2,471.


Post, Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank, East Port; 

Kelly Peter, wholesale tea, wine and spirit importer, The Mall; 

Kelly Sarah, dress maker, East Port; 

Kelly, Sarah, spirit dealer, Main Street; 

Kerrigan John, spirit dealer, Market St.; 

Leonard, George, sewed muslin agent. Chapel Street;
Lipsett, Robert & Co., grocers and bakers, Main Street; 

Lipsett James, grocer and hardware dealer, Castle Street; 

Little Patrick, grocer, West Port; 

Loan Fund, Main St., (Hy. Mackie, treas.); 

Lockhart Gabriel, grocer and earthenware dealer, West Port; 

Lynch Edward, clerk to the Town Commissioners, College Street;
Lynch P., excise officer; 

Lyons Patrick, blacksmith, Back Street; 

McBride David, cooper, College Street; 

McCartney, John, clothes broker, Castle Street; 

McClay John, civil bill officer, Main Street;
McClelland John, chemist and druggist, Main Street; 

McCready Elizabeth, dress maker. Bishop Street; 

McFeely Joseph, D.I.R.C.P.I., physician and surgeon, The Mall; 

McGee Philip, shipping agent, Railway Station; 

McGettigan Catherine, spirit dealer, West Port; 

McGinley Nora, spirit dealer, Bishop Street; 

McGloin Charles, spirit dealer and posting house, East Port; 

McGloin Patrick, spirit dealer and posting house, East Port; 

McGonigle John, spirit dealer and auctioneer, Market Street; 

McGonigle John, draper. Main Street; 

McGowan Rose A., grocer and baker, Market Street; 

McGurran Patrick, spirit dealer, East Port; 

Mclntyre John, blacksmith, Bishop Street; 

Mclntyre Owen, car builder, West Port; 

Mclntyre Peter, carpenter, Back Street; 

McKeon Joseph, corn miller and blacksmith, The Abbey; 

McNulty Bridget, grocer, Castle Street; 

McNulty Daniel, grocer and baker, Castle Street; 

McNulty Edward, grocer and baker, Castle Street; 

McNulty James, corn and flax miller, The Abbey; 

McNulty Peter, spirit dealer, Market Street;
McQuade Patrick, blacksmith, West Port;
McShea Robert, blacksmith, West Port;
Maguire John, clothes dealer, West Port;
Maguire Michael, solicitor and insurance agent, Castle Street; 

Maguire Michael, tinplate worker and plumber, East Port;
Maguire Wm., grocer and baker, East Port; 

Mahon Joseph, spirit dealer. Bishop Street; 

Maley James, blacksmith, College Street; 

Maloney Michael, blacksmith, East Port; 

Miller Wm., photographer, The Mall; 

Mitchell Hugh, stationer, East Port;
Monaghan James, carpenter and builder and spirit dealer, East Port; 

Moohan James, draper and leather seller, West Port; 

Moore & Sweeney, auctioneers, Castle Street; 

Morrow William, blacksmith, West Port; 

Mulhern Almira, earthenware dealer, Main Street; 

Mullin Thomas, saddler, West Port; 

Mulrine Hugh, spirit dealer, Castle Street; 

Murray Michael, spirit dealer, East Port; 

Myles John, commissioner for oaths, West Port;
Myles John, grocer, East Port; 

Myles John, ironmonger, timber merchant etc., West Port; 

Neely William, corn miller and saw mill proprietor, West Port; 

Neely Wm., timber and iron merchant, The Mall; 

Nelson Andrew, carpenter, car and cart builder, West Port; 

Nelson Christopher, grocer and baker, West Port;
Nelson William, carpenter, Bishop Street;
News Room (Catholic) (John Mulligan, sec.), Main Street; 

Niven David, manager, The Mall; 

O'Brien Arthur, butcher, Market Street; 

Orange Hall (John McClay, master). Main Street; 

Orr Thomas, commissioner for oaths, The Mall; 

Potter J. & Co., grocers and bakers, The Mall;
Provincial Bank of Ireland (branch) (George Ramage, manager), Main Street; draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co., London;
Ramage George, insurance agent, Castle Street; 

Rapmund Celia, spirit dealer, East Port; 

Reary D.V., M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, Main Street; 

Reid Andrew N., insurance agent, Main Street;
Reid Ralph H., solicitor, Main Street;
Reynolds Edward, painter and decorator, West Port; 

Rodgers John, pawnbroker, Castle Street; 

Rodgers William C., solicitor and land agent, Main Street;
Rogan Michael & Sons, fishing tackle makers. East Port; 

Sadd Margaret, Imperial Hotel, Main Street; 

Sadd William, spirit dealer. The Mall; 

Stephens Edward, draper and boot dealer. Castle Street; 

Stephens John, draper. Main Street; 

Stephens Patrick B., ironmonger and stationer. Castle Street; 

Stubbs Alfred, M.A.. LL.B., solicitor, The Mall;
Sweeney Hugh. spirit dealer. Market Street; 

Sweeney Robert, draper and house furnisher, Main Street;

Teevan William, draper and emigration agent. Market Street; 

Thompson Joseph, land agent to Marquis of Ely, West Port: 

Thompson Sarah, grocer. Back Street; 

Thompson Thos., grocer and baker. Market Street;
Todd Robert R., solicitor and land agent, Main Street; 

Ward John, draper, East Port; 

Ward John, spirit dealer. East Port
Ward Patrick, spirit dealer. Main Street
Ward William, grocer. Market Street
Wray Francis, carpenter. Bishop Street
Young Men's Christian Association Reading Room (Marshall B. Deacon, sec.), Main Street. 



Anderson Alex, 

Black Hamilton, 

Cassidy James,
Coyle Andrew, 

Daly Michael. 

Dixon Thomas. 

Garvin John, 

Gavigan James,
Gavigan John, 

Gavigan Patrick, 

Kelly Patrick, 

Kelly Peter, 

Likely James,
Mclntyre Mrs., 

Mclntyre Michael,
McNulty Daniel, 

McNulty Edward,
Morrow Thomas, 

Patterson James,
Reynolds George, 

Stubbs Charles,
Sweeney John.

DONEGAL: A market and union town and seaport town and parish, in the barony of Tirhugh, Co. Donegal, (part of the town is in the parish of Killymard, barony of Banagh): it was formerly a parliamentary division of South Donegal, the head of county court district and petty sessional district, diocese of Raphoe and archdeaconry of Raphoe, with a station on the Great Northern railway (and a narrow gauge railway is opened from this town to Killybegs), 142 miles north-west-by-north from Dublin, 45 south-west from Londonderry, 17 south-south-west from Stranorlar, about the same distance east from Killybegs, and 14 north-by-east from Ballyshannon. seated at the mouth of the river Eske and at the head of its convenient harbour, the creek of a spacious bay, to which it gives name, opening to the Atlantic. Donegal Castle, erected here about the 12th century, the ruins of which stand close to the river side above the bridge, and are in tolerable preservation, the banqueting hall retains some vestiges of its former magnificence, and the fine old chimney-piece of free stone is an excellent specimen of the times when it was erected. A monastery for Franciscans was founded in 1474, by Odoe Roe, son of Neal Garoth O'Donnell. The ruins, which mainly consist of the cloister and two narrow passages over it, supported on small arches, stand on the shore below the town, and, with the castle, are highly interesting relics of past days. The town, which is governed by a rural sanitary authority, consists principally of three streets, radiating from a spacious triangular area, called The Diamond, which is the market place. The trade generally is increasing, and considerable improvements have been made both in the town and harbour; in the latter, a pier and convenient quay have been constructed, at which vessels of two hunded tons can discharge their cargoes. The imports are grain, coal, iron, timber and groceries; and the chief exports grain, butter and eggs. The Ulster Bank Limited and the Belfast Banking Company Limited have each a branch here. In the immediate neighbourhood is Donegal Spa, a sulphurous spring, with protoxide of iron in sufficient quantity to give it a chalybeate character similar to the waters of the chalybeate springs of England and the Continent, beneficial in glandular obstruction, loss of tone and strength, nervous and hysterical affections, and also in a variety of obstinate cutaneous affections, and when used warm prove very efficacious. These baths, although still existing, have not been in use for a number of years. In the vicinity of the town are delightful walks, with scenery not inferior to any other part of Ireland. The soil is varied. General quarter sessions of the peace are held in January, March, June and October. The magistrate for these purposes occupy a courthouse, to which a small bridewell is attached. The constabulary have a station here. The town was incorporated by James I, and from that time until the Union, the borough returned two representatives to the Irish Parliament, when it was disfranchised. The Protestant church is a modern structure with a tower and spire, erected in 1825 by aid of a loan from the Board of First Fruits, and a
donation of £ 100 from John Hamilton esq. The Catholics have a church in the town and another at Tawnawully. The other places of worship are for Presbyterians and Wesleyans. The benevolent institutions comprise a dispensary, a union workhouse and several public schools. The river Eske, which flows through and ornaments the environs of the town is navigable and abounds with fish; the neighbouring mountains are well stocked with game, and their proprietors extend the greatest indulgence to the sportsman and the stranger. The market house is a good building with convenient offices; the market is held on Saturday. Fairs, the second Friday in every month. The Earl of Arran is lord of the manor. The area comprises 41 acres; the population in 1891 was 1,323.

Post, Telegraph & Money Order Office & Savings Bank — Deliveries 7.30 a.m., 2.10 and 7.45 p.m.; Sunday 8.40 p.m.; despatches, 10.45 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; Sunday, 5.15 p.m.; Butter Market, Diamond, Samuel Glenn, lessee: Coast Guard Station, Ballhill, John Wraight, chief officer; County Surveyor (South District), J. R. A. Ferguson, C.E,; assistant, Francis Callaghan, C.E.; Court House & Bridewell, Bridge Street. Robert Keaghtly, keeper: Custom House, D. Fitzgerald, officer: Quay Street; Fever Hospital,  Richard  Henry  Pope, F.R.C.S-.L, J.P., medical officer; M. G. Kennedy, nurse; Inspector of National Schools. Patrick McGlade; Petty Sessions, court held fortnightly (George N. K. O'Donnell, clerk). The Courthouse; Stamp Office, Diamond, Joseph McLoone, sub-distributor; Town Hall, Diamond, Samuel Glenn, keeper.

Donegal Union: The Board meets on Saturday. The Union comprises the following 18 electoral divisions, viz.:
Ballintra, Binbane, Bonnyglen, Clogher, Corkermore, Donegal, Dunkineely, Eanymore, Grousehall, Haugh, Inver, Laghy, Lough Easton, Mountcharles, Pettigoe, Tawnawully, Templecarn, Tullynaught. Area of the union, 160,402 acres; the population in 1981 was 22,891; valuation, £34,536. Chairman, Arthur H. Foster, J.P.; vice-chairman, James Sinclair, J.P.; deputy vice-chairman, Alex. Buchanan; treasurer, Ulster Bank Ltd.. Donegal; clerk of the Union, David C. Pearson: master. Francis Graham; matron, Elizabeth Freeborn; chaplains:Church of Ireland, Rev. Samuel Reid; Catholic, Very Rev. Monsignor Hugh McFadden, P.P., V.G.; Medical Officer, Richard Henry Pope. L.R.C.P., Edin.; Relieving Officer, George Stewart; schoolmistress, Mary Jane Cooke; Superintendent Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, David C. Pearson; Dispensary District Medical Officers and Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages: Donegal. H. T. A. Warnock, L.R.C.S.I.; Dunkineely, William J. O'Donnell, M.D.; Laghy, J. V. Collins, L.R.C.S.L; Mountcharles, Samuel Smyth, M.D.; Pettigoe, Jn. Bryans, M.D.; Deputy Registrar of Marriages for Donegal District, James Anderson; Poor Rate & Income Tax & County Cess Collector, John Kennedy, Town Hall; Constabulary Station, Bridge Street; Bernard Shalvey, sergeant; Robert G. C. Flower, district inspector; Church of Ireland, Bridge Street: Rev. Samuel Reid, M.A., R.D.; Catholic: Main Street: Right Rev. Monsignor Hugh McFadden, P.P., V.G., Rev. Christopher Cunningham, C.C.; Tawnawully: Rev. Christopher Cunningham, C.C.; Presbyterian: (1st) Ranceny, Rev. Robt. Neilson, B.A.; (2nd) Bridge End, Rev. Robt. Neilson, B.A.; Wesleyan: Bridge-end: Rev. Samuel Allen; National Schools: Female: Bridget McMullan, mistress; Glebe: John Matthews, master; Ballankillen: Misses Diver, mistresses; Nualla: John Bonner, master; Waterloo PI.: Mary J. Fitzgerald, mistress; Railway Station, Thomas Patton, station master; Mail Cars: To Ardara, from the Post Office, at 7.30 a.m. via Inver; to Ballyshannon, from the Post Office, at 7.30 a.m.; to Killybegs, from the Post Office, at 7.30 a.m., through Mountcharles and Dunkineely. 


Private Residents

Allen Rev. Samuel (Meth.),
Corneille Rev. Edwin, Riolin House;
Cunningham Rev. Christopher, C.C., Main Street; 

Dunlevy James, junr., Bridge Street; 

Ferguson James, Invereske; 

Foster Arthur H., J.P., St. Ernans; 

Fyffe Mrs. Elsie, Ardehiken; 

Gahan Frederick Geo., C.E., Maherabeg; 

Gallagher Patrick M., Bridge  Street;   

Green  Andrew, Rossylongaar House; 

Haslett Mrs. Mary D., Flower Hill; 

Kyle Alexander, West Rock Cottage; 

McFadden Monsignor Hugh, P.P., V.G.; 

McLoone Joseph, J.P., Diamond; 

McNeely George E., Diamond;
Neilson Rev. Robert, B.A., (Presb.), The Manse, Quay Street; 

Pearson David, Bay View; 

Pope Richard Henry, B.A., F.R.C.S.I., J.P., Abbey View; 

Reid Rev. Samuel, M.A., R.D., The Vicarage;
Stewart Samuel, Diamond; 

Timony James, Cliff View, Quay Street; 

Warnock HughT. A., F.R.C.S.I., J.P., Ardehiken.


Ancient Masonic Hall (No. 588) (John W. Hunter, sec.), 1 Waterloo Place; 

Anderson Wm. & Co., grocers, Diamond; 

Anderson James, deputy registrar of marriage, Donegal district; 

Anderson James, flour and grain miller, Diamond; 

Arnold William, saddler, boot and shoe maker, Diamond;
Begley Ann, butcher, Main Street; 

Belfast Bank Limited (branch), (George E. McNeely, manager). Diamond, draws on the Union Bank of London; 

Black Henry, tailor, Main Street; 

Black Robert, boot and shoe maker, Main Street; 

Blain Fanny, Blain's Hotel, Diamond; 

Brighram David, ironmonger and grocer, The Diamond;
Britton Edward, draper and tailor, Main Street; 

Britton Hugh, grocer and news agent, Main Street; 

Britton Rose, dress maker, Main Street; 

Brogan Annie, grocer, Castle Street; 

Brogan John, posting house, Quay Street; 

Brogan William, grocer, Main Street; 

Brooks Arthur, corn miller, Quay Street; 

Brown John, blacksmith, Main Street; 

Brown Mary J., drapery, The Diamond; 

Brown William, grocer, Main Street; 

Cairney Charles, grocer and baker, Main Street;
Callaghan Francis, C.E., assistant county surveyor (South District), Ardlenagh;
Cannon Connell, draper, Main Street;
Carr Frank, clothes dealer, Main Street;
Carr Prank, tailor, Bridge Street; 

Carr James, spirit dealer and fish dealer, Quay Street; 

Carr John, provision dealer & butter and egg exporter, Main Street;
Cassidy Ellen, clothes dealer, Main Street;
Chapman Robert S., chemist, The Medical Hall, The Diamond; 

Corr James D., general grocer and emigration agent, Main Street; 

Coulter Hannah, dress maker, Meeting House Road; 

Craig Jas., confectioner & grocer, Diamond;
Crawford William, carpentry. Quay Street; 

Cunningham Jane, Temperance Hotel, Diamond; 

Day Hugh, saddler & harness maker, Main Street; 

Diver Patrick, joiner and builder and furniture dealer, Bridge Street; 

Doherty Charles,. grocer and provision merchant, sewed muslin agent and seed merchant, and
butter and egg merchant, Main Street;
Doherty Charles, whitesmith, Water Street; 

Doherty Hugh, carpenter and coach repairer. Quay Street; 

Doherty John, butcher, Main Street; 

Doherty Patrick, shopkeeper, New Road; 

Doherty Thomas, baker and grocer, Main Street; 

Dunlevy Anthony, emigration agent, Diamond;
Dunlevy Anthony R., bookseller and newsagent, Bridge Street; 

Dunlevy James, grocer, Bridge Street; 

Dunlevy James, solicitor, Castle Street; 

Dunlevy Jas. junr., solicitor & agent, Bridge Street; 

Dunnian Edward, spirit dealer, Main Street;
Ferguson James R. A., C.E., county surveyor (South District), Invereske Lodge; 

Fitzgerald David, officer, Custom House, Quay Street; 

Galbraith Wm., coach builder, Quay Street: Gallagan
Patrick, grocer, The Diamond; 

Gallagher Anthony, sewed muslin agent etc., Main Street; 

Gallagher Hugh, auctioneer and agent for sewed muslin, Quay Street;
Gallagher John, auctioneer, and agent for Liamahoy woollen factory, Main Street;
Gallagher Michael, saddler & harness maker, Quay Street; 

Gallagher Patrick, grocer, Diamond; 

Gallagher Patrick M., solicitor, Bridge Street; 

Gallagher Peter, hair dresser. Main Street; 

Gallen John, wholesale wine & spirit dealer & grocer, The Diamond; 

Gallinagh John, grocer & boot dealer & leather merchant. Diamond;
Gildea Bell, china & glass dealer, Main Street; 

Gildea Denis, wine & spirit dealer, Castle Street; 

Gildea Hugh, spirit dealer, Diamond; 

Gildea Isabella, dress maker, Main Street; 

Gillespie Laurence, grocer, Bridge Street; 

Glenn Sl., lessee Butter market. Diamond; 

Graham Eliza, grocer, Main Street; 

Griffith Kate, dress maker, Main Street; 

Hammond Edward, cooper, timber & hardware merchants. Main Street; 

Henderson James, watch dealer, grocer and news agent, Diamond; 

Holmes Alexander, grocer; 

Holmes John, posting house; 

Hughes Thomas, grocer & ship broker; 

Irwin J. & Co., grocers & bakers, Diamond: 

Kady Mary, dress maker, Bridge End; 

Keenan William, boat builder, New Road; 

Kelly James, butcher & grocer, Main Street; 

Kennedy Andrew, tailor, Main Street; 

Kennedy John, poor rate collector and income tax and county cess collector, Town Hall and Drumark;
Kennedy Mary, spirit dealer; 

Knight James, carpenter and cartwright. Bridge End; 

Kyle Alexander W.. harbour master, West Point Villa; 

Kyle Alexander, resident agent to the Earl of Arran, West Point vl., Drumcliffe; 

Love Alexander, grocer, Ballankillen; 

Lyons John & Ramsay James, auctioneers. Bridge Street; 

Lyons John, spirit dealer. Bridge Street;
McBrearty Daniel, blacksmith. Water Street; 

McCay Catherine, grocer. Main Street; 

McClay Archibald, grocer, Main Street; 

McCloskey Jn., hardware dealer, Main Street; 

McCready Margaret, dress maker, Quay Street; 

McDade William, blacksmith, Quay Street; 

McGahern John, spirit dealer. Diamond; 

McGill Susan, shopkeeper. Main Street; 

McGinty Anne, hotel and posting house. Diamond;
McGinty Thomas, spirit & butter & egg dealer, Main Street; 

McGlade Patrick, inspector of National Schools, The Diamond; 

McGoldrick Bernard, spirit, fish & poultry dealer. Quay Street;
McGoldrick Francis,  grocer  & earthenware dealer. Main Street:
McGoldrick Francis junr., baker. Main Street; 

Mclntyre, Hogg, Marsh & Co., shirt manufacturers; & Foyle St., Londonderry; 

McKelvey Hugh, spirit dealer, Main Street; 

McLoone Anthony, solicitor. Bridge Street; 

McLoone Joseph, sub-distributor of stamps, Diamond;
McLoone Joseph, draper, Diamond;
McMenamin Daniel, posting house, Quay Street; 

McMullen Bartly, grocer & earthenware dealer, Main Street;
McMullen Timothy, cooper, carpenter & hardware dealer. Main Street; 

McNeely George E., manager of Belfast Bank & insurance agent, Diamond; 

McNeely James, butcher. Quay Street; 

Magee John & Co., manufacturers of the Donegal cottage tweed and homespun drapers and
milliners, Diamond; 

Maguire Charles, tinplate worker, Main Street; 

Maguire John, tinplate worker. Church Street;
Mahon Thompson, tailor. Main Street;
Meehan Maggie, dress maker, Castle Street; 

Miller Isabella, draper and dress maker, Diamond; 

Morrow Francis, boot dealer. Main Street; 

Mullen James, stone mason, Castle Street; 

Mulreany Michael, spirit dealer, Main Street; 

Mulreany Michael, watch maker, Main Street:
O'Donnell George N. K., clerk of petty sessions, Main Street; 

Pearson David C., land and insurance agent, Bay View; 

Pope Richard Henry, F.R.C.S.I., B.A, surgeon & physician, Abbey View, Quay Street; 

Quigley John, spirit dealer & posting house. Main Street; 

Quin Catherine, shopkeeper, New Road;
Robinson Thomas, blacksmith. Main Street; 

Roy Robert W., watch maker and jeweller, Quay Street; 

Scarf Annie, dress maker, Meeting House Row; 

Scarf Charles, posting house, Meeting House Row; 

Scott William, timber dealer, Milltown; 

Slevin Bridget, grocer, Meeting House Row; 

Slevin Margaret, spirit dealer. Main Street; 

Slevin Patrick, tailor, Main Street; 

Smyth John, gun maker, Water Lane; 

Smyth Joseph A., painter, Main Street; 

Smullen James, Commercial Hotel and posting house proprietor and flax miller; 

Stewart Samuel, manager of Ulster Bank & insurance agent, Diamond;
Summers Margaret, shopkeeper. Main Street;  

Timony  James,  draper, earthenware, hardware, boot & shoe dealer, Bridge Street; 

Timony James, manufacturer of Donegal handmade homespuns, Bridge Street; 

Timony James, proprietor Arran Arms Hotel, Diamond;
Todd Robert Ross, solicitor. Diamond;
Townsend George, county surveyor, Magherabeg; 

Ulster Bank Limited (branch) (Samuel Stewart, manager), Diamond, draws on London & Westminster Bank, London; 

Warnock Hugh T.A., F.R.C.S.I., physician and surgeon, and dispensary district medical officer, Ardehiken; 

Watson William, photographer, Milltown; 

Welsh Patrick, grocer, Diamond; 

White William Jas., carpenter. New Road; 

Wraight John, chief officer, Ballhill Coast Guard Station, Diamond; 

Young Men's Christian Association (Arthur H. Foster, president; David C. Pearson, secretary), Diamond.


Boyce James; 

Cairney Charles;
Cannon Connell; 

Carre John; 

Dunley James; 

Gallen John; 

Graham William;
Graham William, Dromgowan; 

Holmes John, Drumlaught; 

Mclntyre John, Rossylongan; 

Spence James, Corveen;
Stevenson Robert, Drumenny; 

Stevenson William, Drumeenanagh; 

Swan Henry, Ballyweel;   

Thompson William, Brookfield.



Lindel Buckley

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