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Of Macon and Hawkinsville, Ga.

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Early Photograph of William Thomas Brown at Andersonville Prison in light clothing, standing at far end of trench. Age abt. 22 yrs, My Grandfather. Next photo was taken near same spot 140 yrs later in 2004

Then Burial Detail Aug. 16, 1864  Now Same Spot 140 yrs Later

August 16, 1864 - Andersonville, Ga. 107 Union Prisioners are to be buried today from the previous day's deaths. This photo Titled "Burial Detail" taken by Andrew Jackson Riddle, assisted by Wm. Thomas Brown, shown as a stout man in light clothes standing at the far end of the trench. The two boys to his right are probably off-duty members of the "Southern Guard" who may have been brothers, A. P. Cross and R. T. Cross.

This was the beginning of a new day and three union soldiers had already been laid to rest in this new row #2. They were C.F. Barber, 112th Ill.; William Jones, 19th Maine; Robert A. Johnston, 19th Mass. The litter bearers are standing over Leander B. Farnham, Co. A. 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery. The bearer on the left (taller) John Younker, 12th US Infantry, behind him; Wilford W. Crandall; the two others may have been brothers Charles E. and George W. Tibbles, all of the 4th Iowa.

Sources: Blue & Grey Magazine, Aug. 1993. Article: The Andersonville Artist, By William Marvel. Testimony given at the trial of Henry Wirtz.

William Thomas Brown was born October 1842 in Pulaski or Dooly County GA, and died November 23, 1912 in Pulaski County GA.
William Thomas Brown in Uniform c1861-62 Military: 61st Georgia Volunteer Infantry CSA, Thomson Guards, Company I of Bibb Co., GA.
Occupation: Painter, Photographer, Pecan Grower and Brick Mason.

(1) He married Sarah J.(Sally) Wilder May 8, 1867 in Bibb County, GA. (Macon),daughter of Reubin C. Wilder and Harriet Burton. Divorced April 2,1876. Sally died in Atlanta, GA March 20, 1942, at age 95.

Wm Thomas and first wife Sarah Wilder  <-This Photo Possibly taken between 1867-1869.

(2) He married Martha A.(Mattie) Taylor December 5, 1881 in Pulaski Co., GA, daughter of Needham Taylor and Elizabeth Ewing. Martha died of poor health in 1895 in Pulaski Co., GA.
Martha (Mattie)A. Taylor c1893, 2n Wife

(3) He married Rebecca (Brown) Goodroe (not related) October 18, 1896 in Pulaski County GA, daughter of Jacob Moore Brown and Mary Jane Keen. Rebecca died July 11, 1926 in Moultrie, GA
Rebecca T. Brown at 25 years of age and single.<-This photo of Grandmother Rebecca taken c1885.
Children of Wm Thomas Brown and His 1st Wife Sarah J. Wilder

i. Annie M. Brown was born Abt. 1869, and died June 4, 1942 in West Palm Beach, FL. She married Thomas P. Bunkley September 16, 1886 in Macon, Bibb County, GA. Children of Thomas Bunkley & Annie Brown are: a. Joe W. Bunkley, born Unknown. b. Sarah Bunkley, born Unknown. She married a Dunn. c. Kilbee Bunkley, born Unknown.
Annie M. Brown Bunkley<-Bunkley Graves at Riverside Cemetery in Macon, Ga.

ii. Lena May Brown was born Abt. 1870 in Macon, GA - Bibb County, and died March 10, 1938 in Atlanta, GA., She m - Joseph W. Nix April 28, 1887 in Bibb County, GA (Macon). Children of Lena Brown & Joseph W. Nix are: a. William Albert Nix, born Unknown. b. William C Nix, born Unknown. c. Joseph Harrison Nix, born Unknown.

Annie M. Brown Nix<-Nix Graves at Riverside Cemetery in Macon, Ga.
Three Card Photographs of Unknown Subjects in Macon, GA by Wm T. Brown at His Art Studio c1873.

Wm Thomas Brown 1872 Unknown Female Subjects Another set of unknown subjects, taken by W. T. Brown c1876

WmThomas Brown & Sons of His 2n Wife, Martha A. Taylor Brown. Daughter of Needham Taylor & Elizabeth Ewing of Central GA.

Wm T. Brown's First 3 Sons of 5 c1892  

Emily Aline Woods

Emily was not related to our family, but a close and dear friend. cdv (Carte De Visite)
given to Eugene, Carlton and Albert Brown by their school teacher Emily Aline Woods
(Wesley Chapel School) in 1897 in Pulaski Co.,

Ga.. Emily was the oldest daughter of the late Geo. P. Woods, former editor
and publisher of The Hawkinsville Dispatch. Emily married B. Franklin Giles
September 21, 1898 in Hawkinsville, Ga. Emily was born Dec. 11, 1874, died
Dec. 3, 1900 in Hawkinsville, Ga and is buried in Orange Hill Cem. there.
Emily gave birth to Geo. W. Giles Sept. 30, 1899.

Miss Emily Aline Woods 1897, Teacher in Rural Pulaski Co.

Eugene Brown's Family, 1st Son of Wm & Martha

Eugene Brown Was born December 22, 1882 in Pulaski Co., GA, and died March 1, 1969 in Manchester, GA.
He married Alma Barnes June 20, 1919 in Tifton, GA.

Notes for Eugene Brown: Attended Bessie Tif. College in Forsyth, GA. Went on to do well in business and in furniture mfg.

Children of Eugene Brown and Alma Barnes are:
i. Albert Eugene Brown Jr., born November 6, 1921 in Harris City, Meriweather Co., GA.

He married Mary Elizabeth Nabors November 29, 1945 in Birmingham, AL, daughter of Edwin Gustus Nabors and Mary Eliz. Colquitt.

Notes for Albert Eugene Jr. Brown: Occupation; Pharmacist Military; Marines WW II; Navy Korea

Children of Albert Eugene Brown Jr. and Mary Nabors are:

1. Penelope Lou Brown, born January 15, 1947. She married Richard C. May December 19, 1971 in Manchester, GA.

2. Mary Candance Brown, born March 2, 1951 in Gainsville, FL. She married William Lamar Parks April 28, 1973 in Manchester, GA.

3. Comille Nabors Brown, born November 1, 1953. She married Andrew Moore Brantley December 15,1973 in Pensacola, FL.

ii. Sarah Elaine Brown, born March 1923. She married Lawson Johnson MD (No other info. on Sarah)

Eugene c1909    Eugene and Alma with Friends c1921    Eugene and Alma's Children    Eugene and Albert With Children

Wm Carlton Brown's Family, 2n Son of Wm & Martha

Wm Carlton (Boss) Brown was born April 1884 in Pulaski Co., GA, and died 1945 in West Palm Beach, FL (buried on Tom Brown farm). He married Frances Dennis, daughter of Sallie and Jack Dennis. Carlton was known for his wood craftman skills and antique funiture restoration. Wm Carlton pictured with Rebecca's family below and is her step-son.
Carlton and Eveline did have one girl child that I know of, Eveline
Clair Brown Richardson,
born Feb. 21, 1928. Pictured here at 6 yrs old.
  Eveline Clair Brown at age 6 No other record.

Albert Amon Brown's Family, 3d Son of Wm & Martha

Albert Amon Brown was born August 28, 1886 in Pulaski Co., GA (Tom Brown Farm), and died September 16, 1941 in Miami, Dade County, FL. He married Mishie Ora Lee Walden December 30, 1908 in Vienna, Dooly County, GA, daughter of Francis Walden and Eveline West. Children of Albert Amon Brown and Mishie Ora Lee Walden. are:

i. Theron Manley Brown, born November 13, 1909 in Pulaski Co., GA; died June 19, 1985 in Tallahassee, FL.

ii. Martha Amon Brown, born May 24, 1914 in Pulaski Co., GA; died May 23, 1915 in Pulaski Co., GA.

iii. Louise Brown, born May 25, 1919. She married Paul Edwin Jr.Barr June 11, 1940 in Hialeah, FL (Dade County).

iv. Thomas Reece Brown, born May 31, 1922 in Crisp County, Cordele, GA. Tom never married and is now retired from Eastern Airlines. Thomas Reece Died, May 6, 2005, in Tallahassee, FL.

Albert Amon and Ora Lee (Walden) Brown  Theron, Son of Albert  Martha Amon, Dau. of Albert  Young Louise and Bro. Tom, Children of Amon  Tom and Louise as Teens  Louise in 1939

Albert c1905 on Buggy  Cousins 1991  Cousins 1999  Alberts Home 1989  

Wm Thomas Brown & Sons of His 3rd Wife, Rebecca T. Brown, Daughter of Jacob Moore Brown and Mary Jane Keen.

Brown Farm c1909  Brown Farm 1989  Brown Family at Doc. Johnson's Place in SW Pulaski Co.  Rebecca T. Brown c1920  Wm Schley and Abe. Lincoln Brown c-1910  Abraham Lincoln Brown 1929 Abraham Lincoln Brown 1935  Wm Schley Brown in 1927 Atlanta, GA.  Wm Schley Brown in c1935 Atlanta, GA., My Father

Abraham Lincoln Brown's Family, 1st Son of Wm Thomas & Rebecca.
Abraham Lincoln Brown was born December 11, 1897 in Pulaski County
GA, and died November 7, 1976 in Orlando, FL.

He married Ruby Eleanor Smith December 27, 1927 in FL.

He married Robbye Beville Abt. 1942 in Unknown. Divorced c1958.

  Abe. Lincoln, Robert and Robbye 1946  Robbye and Robert Lincoln In Center Hill, FL 1948
He married Frances Dennis Brown 1962 at Druid Hills Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA. Frances was Wm Carlton's Brown's widow. Carlton was Lincoln's half brother.

Child of Abraham Lincoln Brown and Robbye Beville is:

i. Robert Lincoln Brown, born March 2, 1944 in Groveland, FL.

He married Theresa May Seay February 25, 1967 in Orlando, FL.

He married Vicky Darlene Anderson
April 29, 1978 in Fruitland Park, FL.

Children of Robert Brown and Theresa Seay are:
i. Merry Alice Brown, born December 20, 1968 in Winter Garden, FL.
ii. Thomas Lawton Brown, born September 25, 1970.
iii. Anthony Wayne Brown, born August 9, 1975.

Child of Robert Brown and Vicky Anderson is:
i. Robert Ryan Brown, born February 25, 1984.

William Schley Brown's Family, 2nd Son of Wm Thomas & Rebecca.

Wm. Schley Brown was born October 14, 1899 in Pulaski County GA, and died of respatory failure June 22, 1954 in Atlanta, Georgia (Fulton County).

He married Alice Maples December 29, 1923 in Maryville, TN.
Divorced 1930 in Atlanta, GA.
Alice Maples Meadows died c1993 in Dallas TX.

Wm S. Brown 1924  Alice Meadows 1992
He married Naomi Lee April 19, 1931 in Atlanta, Ga (Fulton County),
daughter of William Andrew Lee and Melcenia Peters. of Snellville, GA
(Gwinnett, County). Naomi Lee died Oct. 23, 1965 in Fulton County Ga.

Wm S. and Naomi Lee Brown
are buried at Bethany Baptist Church in Snellville, GA. Mother's Day 1931  Wm S. and Naomi (Lee) Brown m 1931  Don, Wm. S. and Naomi (Lee) Brown 1952  Home Place (Atlanta, Ga.) 1952  Home Place (Atlanta, Ga.) 1999
Child of Wm S. Brown and Alice Maples is;
i. Wallace M Brown
born Dec. 19, 1924. Died Jan. 7, 2003 in Dallas, Tex.
Previously living Quinlan, Tex. Occupation: Retired Driver.

Military: U S Navy WWII

Wallace and William N. Brown 1936  Wallace and Wallace Jr. 1946  Wallace, me and Wallace Jr. 1992

Children of Wm Schley Brown and Naomi Lee are;

i. William Norris Sr. Brown Born March 13, 1932 in Atlanta, GA.

He Married Barbara Ann Cahern August 26, 1954 in Atlanta, GA.

Barbara Cahern Brown born July 1, 1936, Died July 2, 1991 in Atlanta,
GA. Buried at Haynes Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Snellville, GA.

Military: USMC, Served in Wartime Korea and Vietnam twice.

William, Kenneth and Naomi  Brown and Lee Cousins  William N. Brown c1944  Bill USMC c1955   Wm and Barbara c1959  William and Barbara c1985
Children of Wm. N. Brown Sr. & Barbara Cahern;
a. William Norris Brown Jr. Born Oct. 27, 1955
b. Deanna Lee Brown Born Oct. 23, 1957
c. Benjamin H. Brown Born

He Married Jacquelyn Johnson

No Children

Bill and Jackie Brown

ii. Kenneth O. Brown Born August 15, 1935, Died Jan. 30, 1941,
in Atlanta, GA. Buried next to his Mother & Father at Bethany Baptist
Church in Snellville, Gwinnett Co Ga.

Kenneth O. Brown c1939
iii. Donald Wilfred Brown Born April 2, 1939 in Atlanta, GA.
He married Donna Jean Stroda at Hope, KS. April 8, 1961,
daughter of John Stroda and Ida Mae Roehrman. Divorced 1982.

Military USAF 1957 - 1961

   Don and Donna J. (Stroda) Brown 1961  Don Brown 1997    The Brown Clan-Dec.1998

He married Donna Rae Peery Hespe Nov. 18, 1989.
Daughter of Gustave Hespe and Mabel MacIntosh of Northern Nebraska.
Divorced 1993.

Children of Donald W. Brown & Donna Jean Stroda.

a. Debra Anne Brown Born April 14, 1962 in Atlanta, GA. at Saint Joseph's Infimary.

She married Darryl Kip. Schraeder Nov. 15, 1980 in Wichita, KS.

Children of Debra Anne Brown & Darryl Kip. Schraeder

1. Jereme Lee Schraeder Born March 7, 1984 in Wichita, KS.
2. Ryan Christopher Schraeder Born May 4, 1988 in Wichita, KS.
3. Jessica Lynn Schraeder Born Sept. 17, 1990 in Wichita, KS.
4. Zackary Lowell Schraeder Born Sept. 2, 1992 in Wichita, KS.

b. Diane Susan Brown Born April 20, 1963 in Salina, KS. at Saint John's Hospital.

She married Thomas Wenzel Sept. 17, 1981 in Wichita, KS.

Children of Diane Susan Brown & Thomas Wenzel.
1. Dayton M. Wenzel Born April 7, 1980.
2. Kyle Aaron Wenzel Born March 15, 1985.

She married Julian Howard Aug. 6, 1991.

Children of Diane Susan Brown & Julian Howard

1. Julian Balen Howard Born Sept. 21, 1994 in Wichita, KS.
2. Arden M. Howard (girl) Born Aug. 27, 1997 in Wichita Ks.

c. Daniel Scott Brown Born March 7, 1964 in Salina, KS. at Saint
John's Hospital. Not married, no children.

d. William John Brown Born July 31, 1970 in Wichita, KS. at Wesley
Hospital. Not married, no children.

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