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In The Snellville Yellow River Area
William Andrew Lee was born on 25Jan1861 in Gwinnett Co., Ga. and died on
23Mar1932 in DeKalb Co., Ga. On 8Apr1884 he married Melcenia Peters, his 
first cousin, daughter of Marion Sanford Peters and Drucilla (Smith) Peters.

He was the son of Green Berry Lee and Elizabeth Rebecca (Peters) Lee. ( She 
was the sister of Marion Sanford Peters).

Melcenia Peters was born 10Mar1867 in Telfair Co., Ga. and died on 12Jun1947 in 
DeKalb Co., Ga. Both are buried in the Friendship Primitive Baptist Church 
cemetery, Five Forks, Ga.

Wm Andrew Lee was a farmer and owned lands in the 35th and 36th Land Lots of the 
6th Land District of Gwinnett Co., Ga.

     I. = Second Generation
     A. = Third Generation
     1. = Forth Generation
     a. = Fifth Generation
     i. = Sixth Generation 

  I. Era Odessa Lee; b - 17Jan 1886, Gwinnett Co., Ga. d - 13Feb1886, 
     buried at Friendship Primitive Baptist Church cemetery, Five Forks Ga.

 II. Melcenia Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lee; b - 16Jul1887, Gwinnett Co., Ga. 
     d -4Mar1969. She is buried at Friendship Primitive Baptist Church ceme-
     tery, Five Forks Ga. Aunt Lizzie wasn't capable of having children and was
     never married.

III. Robert Andrew Lee; b - 21Oct1889, Gwinnett Co., Ga. d - 11Jan1960,
     Cobb Co., Ga. Buried in the Bethany Baptist Church cemetery, Bethany 
     Church Rd. Snellville, Ga. m -25Dec1912, Theola Bell West b -30May1891, 
     d - 20Dec1958 she is buried along side her husband.

  A. Frances Louise Lee; b - 12Oct1913 and d - 29Jan1914, Gwinnett Co., Ga.

  B. Rebecca Melcenia Lee; b - 10Apr1915 and d - 27Dec1915, Gwinnett Co., 
     Ga. (Both the above children are buried at the Friendship Primitive 
     Baptist Church cemetery.)

  C. William Brodus Lee; b - 15Apr1917, Gwinnett Co,Ga. and d-17Jun1975,
     m - #1-4Dec1941 Mary Frances Ivy; b- 25Oct1920.
     1. Wm J Lee, no dates given. 
     2. Infant not named (b - d - July 1944) 
     3. John Robert Lee, no dates given.

     m - #2, Anna  Calhoun DuBose; b - 13Nov1922, Richmond, Va. 
     No children.

  D. Catherine, Lee; b - 5Dec1920, Gwinnett Co., Ga.  d - 2Mar1975
     m - 3Nov1941, Otis R. Viking; b -8Jul1915, Fertile, MN, He was buried 
     at Bethany Baptist Church cemetery, Snellville, Ga 10Mar1990, he died 
     in MN.
     1. Janice Kay Viking; no dates given.
     2. Ralph Jerome Viking; b - 11Dec1945 d - 19Jun1951
     3. Joel Perry Viking; no dates given.
     4. Richard Lee Viking; no dates given.
     5. Rosanne Viking; no dates given.
     6. Suzanne Viking; no dates given.

  E. Mary Virginia; b - 20Oct1923, Gwinnett Co., Ga. m - 11Apr1942, 
     August John Schreiber; b -5May1920, Dearborn, IN. Virginia
     d - 27Jan1994 in Dillon MT.
     1. Clarie Marie Schreiber; no other info given.
     2. Theola Jean Schreiber; no other info given.

IV. Lena Irene Lee; b - 5Aug1891, Gwinnett Co., Ga. d - 26Jan1892.
    Lena is buried at Friendship Primitive Baptist Church cemetery, in 
    Five Forks Ga.
 V. John Edward Lee; b - 30Mar1893, Gwinnett Co., Ga. d - 9Jul1980, Douglas
    Co., Ga. Buried at Bethany Baptist Church cemetery, Snellville Ga.
    m - # 1, 5Nov1916 to Lena Jameson; b - 14Jan1899 in Ar. d - 16Sept1938
    and is buried at Bethany Babtist Church cemetery, Snellville, Ga.
  A. John Edward Lee jr;  b - 13Feb1918, in AR. d - 2Aug1992, Monks 
     Corner, Berkley Co., NC. m - #1 Mary Ruth Howard; b - 1922 Ruben
     Co., Ga.
     No children of this marriage.

     m - #2 Jan1941, Martha Lopez; b - 1917, Tolima, Ibaque, Columbia,
     d - Oct1949
     No children of this marriage.
     m - #3 14Jul1950, Marcella E. Vaucherey; b - 29Jun1924, Rougemont,
     Doubs, France.
     1. John Glenn Lee; (adopted) no other info given.
     2. Anthony Marcel Lee; (adopted) no other info given.

  B. William E Lee; b - 28Nov1919, Gwinnett Co., Ga. d - 27Apr1967; m - #1
     Hazel Motes; b - 10Mar(?) Banks Co., Ga; d - 15June1965 in Ga.
     No children of this marriage.

     m - #2, 25Sept1965, Dorothy Brooks; b - 15Oct1925, Ala.
     Laura Kaye Lee; no futher info.
  C. Harold Jameson Lee; b - 10Feb1922, Gwinnett Co., Ga. d - 8Nov1983,
     Wilson, NC, m - 27Dec1940 to Dora Billedean; b - 20Jul1923, Worcester,
     1. Carolyn Lena Lee, no further info.
     2. Nancy Marie Lee, no futher info.
     3. Dora Anne Lee, no futher info.

  D. James Lethard Lee;  b - 16Oct1923, Crawford Co., Ark., d - 20Mar1980,
     NC.; m - Jun1946, Marguerite Moore; b - 13Jul1929, Norforlk, Va.
     1. Peggy Jean Lee, no futher info.
     2. James Lethard Lee jr., no futher info.
     3. John Floyd Lee, no futher info.
  E. Karl Sanford Lee; b - 28Dec1928, Ozark, Ark., d - 21Jan1984, Four Oaks
     NC. m - Inez Sertain, Aug1950, of Carroll Co., Ga. (Bremen, Ga.) 
     1. Karl "Sandy" Sanford Lee jr.
     2. Linda Ramona Lee
     3. John Steven Lee
     4. Michael Allen Lee
 F. Robert Orville Lee; b - 13Feb1935, Gwinnett Co., Ga.; Died Nov. 29,  
    1999  m - Barbara Simmons; b - 15Dec1932 - South Africa.
    1. Mary Elizabeth Lee - died - when?
    2. Robert Orville Lee jr.
    3. Margaret Lee
    4. Angela Faye Lee
    5. Barbara Ann Lee
    6. Charles Andrew Lee
    7. Joanne Lena Lee
    8. James Lee
    9. Rebecca Claire Lee
   10. John Christopher Lee
   11. Peter Lee

 G. Lena Ramona Lee; b - 27Dec1936, Gwinnett Co., Ga., d - 9Feb1937.

    [Second Marriage of John Edward Lee]
m - #2, 18Jan1946, Nellie Brown, b - 10Jan1909, Cleburne Co., AL 
    d - 02Mar1998.
  H. Sarah Margaret Lee; b - 27Dec1946, Carroll Co., Ga. m - 12Aug1967
    Samuel D. Davis, b - 24Apr1947, Paulding, Co., Ga.
    1. Cynthia Lee Davis
    2. Samuel James Davis
 I. Margie Lee; b - 22Jan1952, Cleburne Co., AL. m - #1, 17Aug1974,
    Michael Humphries. Divorced.
    No children:

    m - #2, 21May1983, Henry Quincy Hall, b - 18Nov1941
    No children:

VI. Ruth Lee; b - 9Jan1895 Gwinnett Co., Ga d - 27Jul1973,
    m - James Selmer Bryan 4Aug1918, 
    who was born 2Sept1884, Gwinnett Co., Ga d - 14Oct1965,
    in DeKalb Co., Ga. Both are buried in  Bethany Baptist Church
    Cemetery, Snellville, Ga.
 A. James William Bryan; b - 6 Oct 1919, Gwinnett Co., Ga; d - 25Jul1968,
    Wichita, Ks; m - #1, Ruth Bristow; b - 5Sept1919. He is buried in Rest-
    haven Garden 0f Memory Cemetery, W-Hwy 54, Wichita, Ks.
    1. Rebecca Joanne Bryan; b - 23Mar1947.
    2. James Wm Bryan jr.; b - Sept1948

  m - #2, Margaret Brown; b - c1922.
    3. Sarah Anne Bryan
    4. Margaret Bryan
    5. Phillip Bryan; b - May1958
  m - #3, Glenda Phariss; b - c1940

 B. Robert Letson Bryan; b - 3Apr1921, Gwinnett Co., Ga.; m - 22Dec1947to
    Frances Aline Vaughn; b - 3Mar1924, Whitfield Co., Ga.
    1. Robert Letson Bryan jr.; b-1Dec1952, Seminole Co., Ga; m - 8Sept1973
       to Maryln D. McNair; b- 11Nov1952, Corvaillis, OR.
       a. Laura Katherine Bryan; b - 20Jul1984, Atlanta, Ga.
 C. Dudley Bryan; b - 17Mar1923, Gwinnett Co., Ga.; m - 15Jun1946 to Doris
    Eddie Lou Brooks; b - 29Dec1926 in Gwinnett Co., Ga.
    1. Russell Bryan; b - 23Jun1947, DeKalb Co., Ga.; m - #1, Helen Esco,
       Divorced. No Children:
       m - #2, 19Jun1986, Trisha Nash Parker.

    2. Malcom A Bryan; b - 15Apr1954, Dekalb Co., Ga.; m - 8Sept1978 to
       Karen Newborn; b - 21May1953 in Gwinnett Co., Ga.
       a. (Stepson) Nathan Donald Franklin; b - 19Nov1973
       b. Casey Brooksanne Bryan; b - 7Feb1985 in DeKalb Co., Ga.
       c. Cory Austin Bryan; b - 26Oct1986.

    3. Elaine Doris Bryan; b - 27Nov1957 in DeKalb Co., Ga.; m - #1, Randy
       Scott Taylor, divorced, no children.
       M - #2, 17Dec1983, Stephen LaFayette Myatt; b - 20Jun 1957.

 D. Ballard Arnold Bryan; b - 15May1925 in Gwinnett Co., Ga; d - 13Jul1937,
    Fulton Co., Ga. Buried in Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery, Snellville,

 E. Harris Sanford Bryan; b - 20Aug1928, Gwinnett Co., Ga.; d - 5Feb1985,
    Gwinnett, Co., Ga. Buried Bethany Baptist Church Cemetrery, Snellville
    Ga. m - 18Jun1954 to Syble Joyce Estes; b - 24Dec1935 at Allen Parish, 
    1. Jeniva Lynn Bryan; b - 8Dec1956 in Gwinnett Co., Ga. m- 26Jun1982,
       to Richard J DiPietro; b. - 28Oct1957, Suffork Co,. MA.
       a. Richard J DiPietro jr.; b - 31Dec1984, Fulton Co., Ga.

    2. Anita Loryane Bryan, b - 27Dec1958, Gwinnett Co., Ga.; m - 3Dec1981
       to Timothy E. Weizenecker; b - 20Aug1957 in Titusville, FL.
       a. Elsie Lorayne Weizennecker; b - 22May1984, Huston, TX.
       b. Jennifer Leigh Weizennecker; b - 30May1986, Cobb Co., Ga.

    3. David Lee Bryan; b - 22Sept1960, Gwinnett Co., Ga.

    4. Marcy Leigh Bryan; b - 4May1966, Gwinnett Co., Ga. d - 4Jan1985,
       Carroll Co., Ga. Buried Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery, Snellville Ga.

 F. Foster Mizell Bryan; b - 2 Nov1930 in Gwinnett Co., Ga. m - 1Aug1953,
    Nena Mac Vaughn; b - 19Jul 1931, Cherokee Co., Ga.
    1. Garry Gene Bryan; b - 5Feb1956, Fulton Co., Ga.; m - 30Jun1979, 
       Emily Florence Cubbage, divorced 20Jun1980. No childern:
    2. Karen Dee Bryan; b - 22Nov1956, Fulton Co., Ga.
 G. Mary Ruth Bryan; b - 15Mar1933, Gwinnett Co., Ga. m - #1, 18Jul1953 to
    James Merrian King; b - 18Aug1933, Seminole Co., Ga.
    1. Pamela Jane King; b - 24Feb1955, Dade Co., FL; m - 22Jul1978 to 
       Payton Montague; b - 8May1956, DeKalb Co., Ga.
       a. Lindsey Michelle Montague; b - 13Jan1984, Fulton Co., Ga.
       b. Vanessa Maree Montague; b - 8Mar1987, Fulton Co., Ga.
    2. Cynthia Gail King; b - 10Apr1957, Cobb Co., Ga.; m - Terry Lee
       a. Nichole Lee Kimbrel; b - 27Feb1982, DeKalb Co., Ga.
       b. Andrea Gail Kimbrel; b - 26Oct1983, DeKalb Co., Ga.
    3. Kimberly Anne (King)Holland; b - 21Apr1962, Orange Co., CA. (adopted
       by mother's husband #2 and surname changed to Holland)
    m - #2, 16Nov1979, Walter Keese Holland; b - 7Sept1938; d - 2Feb1982.

    m - #3, 4Feb1984, Ross James Boyle; b - 5 Oct1932, Charlottetown, Prince
    Edward Island, Canada.

 H. Ruby Lyle Bryan; b - 18Jul1935, Gwinnett Co., Ga.; m - 3Jul1958, Harold
    Lamar Jordan; b - 14Dec1931, Newton Co., Ga.
    1. Harold Lamar "Chip" Jordan jr.; b - 31May1960, Gwinnett Co., Ga.; m -
       6Oct1984 to Juli Elaine Calvert; b - 12July1962, Faurbanks, AK.

    2. Juli Marie Jordan; b - 7Sept1962, Gwinnett Co., Ga.

    3. Tara Lee Jordan; b - 25Jul1966, Gwinnett Co., Ga.

VII. Naomi Lee; b - 18Jan1898, Gwinnett Co., Ga.; d - 23Oct1965, Fulton Co.,
    Ga. m - 19 Apr1931 to Wm Schley Brown; b - 14Oct1899;
    Pulaski Co., Ga. d - 20Jun1954, Fulton Co., Ga.
VIII. Orpha Lee; b - 6May1899, DeKalb Co., Ga; d - 6Dec1958 in Franklin Co., AL; m - James Edgar Garrison; b - 17Aug1901, AL. Children: A. Millicent Jean Garrison; b- 7Mar1930, Franklin Co.,AL; d - 16Jul1987 m - 29Dec1954 to James Francis Casey, jr.; b - 1 Oct1919 in Columbia Co. PA; d - 15May1975 Lauderdale Co., AL. Children: 1. James Frances Casey III. 2. Patrica Anne Casey. 3. Kevin Lenord Casey. 4. Michael Joseph Casey. B. Mary Josephine Garrison; b - 3Feb1939 Franklin Co., AL; d-14Nov1953, Franklin Co., AL., Age 14yrs 10mo. IX. Fred Cofer Lee; b - 6Jul1901 in Gwinnett Co., Ga.; d- 23Jun1983 in Butts Co., Ga; m - 10Jun1928 to Irene White; b - 12Oct1906, Rockdale Co., Ga. Children: A. Sarah Lee; b - 20Dec1929 in Rockdale Co., Ga. m - #1 1Apr1956, Daniel Cole. No Children: m - #2 17Jun1960, William E Early. No Children: B. Anne Lee; b - 10Jun1934, Rockdale Co., Ga. m - 1Apr1956, Joseph Nelson Children: 1. Cynthia Nelson 2. Teresa Nelson 3. Michael Nelson. C. Joyce Lee; b - 13May1938 in Newton Co., Ga. m - 24Jan1959 to Joseph Hodges Harris. Children: 1. Lee Ann Harris. 2. Emily Joyce Harris. X. Vera Vasty Lee; b - 22Jul1903 in Gwinnett Co., Ga; d - 5Sept1978; m - 4Aug1934 to Jewel W. Mahaffey; b - 5Aug1903, Gwinnett Co., Ga. d - 8Apr1975. Children: A. Betty Jo Mahaffey; b - 8Jul1935 in Gwinnett, Co., Ga. m - James Reepe; b - 17Nov1934, Gwinnett Co., Ga. Children: 1. Stephen Lee Reepe; b - 15Aug1955, Gwinnett Co., Ga.; d - 11Nov1982. 2. Joseph Scott Reepe. 3. Robin Jane Reepe. B. William Robert Mahaffey; b - 6Mar1937 in Gwinnett. Co., Ga; d - 29Oct1980, m - 16Jan1980 to Susan Gail Caldwell Beauvec. Child: 1. Wm Brian Mahaffey. C. Melcenia (Becky) Rebecca Mahaffey; b - 22Dec1939, Gwinnett Co., Ga. m - ? to James Watson; b - 19Apr1936, Gwinnett Co., Ga. Children: 1. Gay Watson 2. Sherry Watson 3. Joy Watson D. Sarah (Liz) Elizabeth Mahaffey; b - 20Sept1942, Gwinnett Co., Ga; m - 15Jul1960 to Kenneth Bagwell; b - 8Nov1942. Children: 1. Gregory Mark Bagwell. 2. Mellisa Bagwell. 2. Eric Bagwell Oak Shade School Group Picture c1907 in Gwinnett Co., Ga. Parkwood Rd at US 78. If you have an original print of this picture, would you "Please" scan at 640X480 in greyscale, 24-bit or better, in jpeg format un-retouched. Rescources: Lee Family Bible. Book Titled "Jesse S. Bryan" Copyright 1987 - 2008 by Robert Letson Bryan. 2nd Edition 1998 Grave Markers Verbal Written and transcribed by Robert Letson Bryan, Gson of Wm Andrew Lee HTML written by Donald W. Brown, Gson of Wm Andrew Lee.

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