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Updated Jan 28, 2009

1870 Pulaski County, Georgia U.S. Census Population Schedules
Part One

1870 Pulaski County Ga.Census Part One Transcribed and Compiled by Donald W. Brown.
Microfilm: Roll M593-170 List consist of: Dwelling#, Family#, Names, Age, Sex, Race, Occupation, Property values, Place of birth and notes, if any. Questionable entries will be followed by an *. Please Email me with your corrections, additions and maiden names.

Disclaimer, The owner, Donald W. Brown, takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information in this database and assumes no liability for the misuse of the data by viewers and/or users of the database.

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=========================================================================== #The Town of Cochran Dwl/Fam # Name Age/Sex/Race Occup. Real/Pers Born 1/1 Adams, John J 40m w Carpenter 150/150 Ga Adams, Sarah C 42f w Wife Ga Jenkins, William 6m w Ga Cobb, Matilda 60f w Keeps House Ga Adams, Huldah 16f b Servant Al 2/2 Graham, W Shadrick 31m w Planter 1000/500 Ga Graham, Mary J 17f w nee-Saunders m-01/22/1869 Ga 3/3 Smith, James L 26m w Planter /100 Ga Smith, Epsey 20f w Wife Ga Smith, Samuel J 2m w Ga Smith, Emma 1f w Ga 4/4 Harrell, John A 58m w Miller 100/100 Ga Harrell, Sarah 30f w SC Harrell, Beverly 17m w F Labor Ga McFail, John W 22m w Dry Good Merchant /1000 Ga 5/5 Herrington, Obadiah 26m w Dry Good Merchant /200 Ga Herrington, Delanah 26f w Wife Ga Herrington, Dolly 20f w K House Ga 6/6 Fann, Lovrick P 60m w Shoe and Boot Maker /100 SC Fann, Elizabeth 48f w Wife SC Fann, John 6/12m w b-Dec Ga 7/7 Plant, Timothy H 62m w Merchant /4000 Conn Plant, Sarah M 57f w Wife Conn Plant, Augusta M 26f w Conn Faulk, George 18m w Store Clerk Ga 8/8 Ricky, Lumuel 45m b Carpenter /100 Ga Ricky, Louisa 50f b Cook Va Ricky, Fanny 19f b F Labor Ga Ricky, Nancy 17f b " Ga Ricky, Diana 15f b Servant Ga Ricky, James 13m b F Labor Ga Ricky, Sylvester 11m b " Ga 9/9 Paul, Adam 40m b Farm Labor Ga Paul, Thaney 38f b Wife Ga Paul, Angaline 8f b Ga Paul, Benjamin 10m b F Labor Ga Paul, Irena 6f b Ga Paul, Rose 53f b Supervisor(House) Ky Paul, Lela 3f b Ga 10/10 Wynn, Nancy 35f b Washer SC Wynn, Sophia 6f b Ga Wynn, Jinny 2f b Ga 11/11 Holmes, Prince 40m b Pumps for RR Ga Holmes, Sallie 15f b Seamstress Ga 12/12 Parish, Rhoda 22f b Cooks and Washes Ga Parish, Wilson 24m b RR Section Hand Ga Parish, Mariah 4f b Ga Parish, Ella 1f b Ga Anderson, Aaron 25m b Pumps for RR Ga 13/13 Ryle, Benjamin 42m w Merchant 500/500 Ga Ryle, Elizabeth 22f w Keeps House Ga 14/14 Reeves, John 40m b RR Section Hand Ga Reeves, Charity 36f b Cook Ga Reeves, Sarah 12f w* At School Ga Reeves, William 11m w* " Ga Morgan, William 21m w Teacher Ga Morgan, Young H 26m w M. D. Ga ("Difficult to Read Below") 15/15 Weaver, A R* 56m w Merchant 10000/250* Ga Weaver, Emma 19f w K House Ga Weaver, John 15m w At School Ga Weaver, Ella 14f w " Ga Weaver, Anna 13f w " Ga 16/16 Sermons, Lorenzo 38m w Merchant 2000/2000 NC Sermons, Henry A* 8m w Ga Redford, Eliza J 40f w Keeps House Ga 17/17 Pennick, Martha A 56f w " /300 Va Wooten, Mary J 27f w " Ga Pennick, Rosetta 21f w " Ga Pennick, William 22m w RR Section Hand Ga Pennick, Adda C 16f w At Home Ga Pennick, Charles 12m w At School Ga Wooten, William H 8m w Ga 18/18 Perry, Virgil 44*m w Store Clerk /150 Ga Perry, Caroline 44f w Keeps House Ga Campbell, Josephine 17f w " Ga Perry, Anna E 10f w " Ga Perry, Mary V 7f w Ga 19/19 McCatherine, Susan 40f w Cook Ga McCatherine, Toby 2m w Ga 20/20 Landfair, Henry A 54m w Planter 800/300 Mass Landfair, Nancy 50f w Wife SC Landfair, Sarah A 30f w K House Ga Taylor, Amanda* 23f w " Ga Taylor, Nancy L A 4f w Ga Taylor, Arthur W J 2/12m w b-April Ga Landfair, William A 20m w F Labor Ga Landfair, Ira 17m w " Ga Landfair, F Lucy 16f w K House Ga Landfair, Thomas O 10m w F Labor Ga Landfair, James J 9m w Ga 21/21 Cummings, Noah 35m b Mill Worker /100 SC Cummings, Harriet 35f b Wife Va 22/22 Brown, Moses 28m b RR Section Hand Va 23/23 Phillips, William 40m b Ga Phillips, Dilsa 40f b Keeps House Ga Phillips, Margaret 14f b " Ga Phillips, Haroldson* 21m b RR Section Hand Ga Phillips, Robert 2m b Ga Phillips, Sarah 5f b Ga Phillips, Dilsa 7/12f b b-Dec Ga 24/24 Collins, Edward 38m b RR Section Hand Va Collins, Amanda 38f b Keeps House Ga Hyatt, Asberry 9m b Ga Hyatt, Anna R 3f b Ga 25/25 Scott, John 20m b RR Section Hand Ga Scott, Eliza 18f b K House Ga 26/26 Reese, Thomas 38m b RR Section Hand Ky Reese, Alsey 38f b Keeps House Va Reese, Ira 19m b RR Section Hand Ga Reese, Virginia 17f b K House Ga Reese, Peyton 15m b RR Section Hand Ga Reese, Mary 13f m K House Ga Reece, Alice 11f m " Ga 27/27 Blackshear, Jesse 58m b Farm Labor /100 Ga Blackshear, Catherine 27f b Keeps House Ga Blackshear, Hartwell 12m b F Labor Ga Blackshear, John 6m b Ga Blackshear, Lewis 5m b Ga Blackshear, Calvin 2m b Ga 28/28 Bell, Green 42m b RR Section Hand Ga Bell, Lilley 38f b K House Va Bell, Catherine 13f b " Ga Bell, Abby 6f b Ga Bell, Aaron G 4m b Ga Bell, Ellen G 2f b Ga 29/29 Cheek, William D 30m w Miller /4000 Ga Cheek, Augustus E 24m w Merchant /250 Ga 30/30 Reece, George W 42m w RR Section Master Ga Reece, Mary E 46f w Ga Reece, Sallie A 17f w Keeps House Ga 31/31 West, Jach* A 51f w Keeps House 2100/700 Ga West, Georgia 19f m " Ga =========================================================================== Dwl/Fam # Name Age/Sex/Race Occup. Real/Pers Born #511th District 1/1 McKinney, Wm 48m w Planter 1800/1200 Ga McKinney, Nancy 45f w Ga McKinney, Benjamin 22m w Planter 300/300 Ga (Ben. m-Frances E Pollock 01/12/1871) McKinney, Madison, M 20m w In School Ga McKinney, Mary Ann 15f w " Ga McKinney, Sallie A 6f w " Ga 2/2 Oakley, John H. 54m w Doctor /350 Can Oakley, Orlena Mary 32f w nee-Oakley m-03/29/1864 NC Busbee, Renee 30f b Cook Ga 3/3 Foster, Wm L. 42m w Planter 500/200 Ga Foster, Sarah Eliz. 33f w nee-Keen m-09/29/1853 Ga Foster, John R. 13m w In School Ga Foster, Wm M. 2m w Ga 4/4 Anderson, Joe 67m b Farm Labor Ga Anderson, Sarah 50f b Keeps House Ga Anderson, Jinny 20f b " Ga McCormick, Adam 23m b Farm Labor Ga McCormick, Julia 6f b Ga McCormick, Bose 3f b Ga Anderson, Solomon 18m b F Labor Ga Anderson, Tom 16m b " Ga Anderson, Jackson 8m b Ga Anderson, Clara 12f b K House Ga Anderson, Joe 6m b Ga 5/5 Martin, C S 50m w Labor /250 Ga Martin, Winifred J. 50f w Ga Stout, John H. 17m w Labor Ga 6/6 Rawls, Isaac 26m b Labor Ga Rawls, Celia 32f b House Keeper Ga Rawls, Winny 18f b Labor Ga Rawls, Ebenezer 17m b " Ga Rawls, Anna 9f b Ga Rawls, Richard 6m b Ga Rawls, Nathan 5m b Ga Snell, Wright 22m b Labor Ga 7/7 Grace, Henry 30m b " Ga Grace, Sarah 35f b House Keeper Ga Walker, Lucinda 22f b Labor Ga Walker, Celia 15f b " Ga Walker, Ellen 9f b Ga Walker, Wilson 6m b Ga Walker, Samuel 10m b Ga Walker, Riley 1m b Ga Moore, Henry 26m b Labor Ga 8/8 Vandiver, Gabriel 30m b Labor NC Brown, Henry 18m b " Ga Rutherford, Tom 45m b " SC 9/9 Coney, Mage 30m b " Mis Coney, Lidia 26f b " Mis Coney, Jeff 12m b " Mis Coney, Silla 8f b Mis Coney, James 5m b Ga Coney, Lucy 1f b Ga 10/10 Whitfield, Mary 29f b Labor Va Whitfield, Mariah 12f b " Ga Whitfield, Billy 10m b " Ga Whitfield, Julia 5f b Ga Whitfield, Lugenia 2f b Ga Whitfield, Josephine 1/12f b born-May Ga 11/11 Andrews, Georgia 19f b Labor Ga Andrews, Mary F 2f b Ga Andrews, Martha A E 9/12f b born-Sept Ga 12/12 Rawls, Phoebe 30f b Cook Ga Rawls, Patience 16f b Labor Ga Rawls, Mary Ann 1f b Ga 13/13 Anderson, Mary 36f b Labor Ga 14/14 Buff, Edward O 44m w Planter 3200/1500 SC Buff, Mary E 41f w SC Buff, Georgia 16f w m-J J Daniel 01/09/1873 Ga Buff, Edward O Jr 13m w m-Amanda W Davies10/24/1878 Ga Buff, Frances E 10f w m-Frank J Herzog 12/11/1878 Ga Taylor, Needham 18m w Labor Ga 15/15 Fountain, Wm J 41m w Planter 10000/3500 Ga Fountain, Jane M. 40f w nee-Waters m-11/20/1850 Ga Fountain, Allen T. 15m w m-Edna A Hendley 11/21/1878 Ga Fountain, Carrie E. 12f w m-Col. I E Toole 10/29/1878 Ga Fountain, Emma E. 10f w Ga Fountain, Minnie J. 8f w m-Duff G Bembry 06/17/1886 Ga Fountain, Naomi J. 6f w Ga Fountain, Rosa Lee 4f w m-Chs. A Wallace 12/06/1885 Ga Fountain, Alice M. 2f w Ga Dennis, Sarah 32f w Ga Dennis, Mollie 10f w Ga Manning, Sarah 16f m Nurse Va 16/16 Cooper, Madison 34m w Planter Ga Cooper, Jane 23f w Ga Cooper, Julia 12f w Ga Cooper, Sarah M. 10f w m-Andrew P Grantham8/9/1877 Ga Cooper, Ida M. 8f w m-Needham E Sapp 12/02/1877 Ga Cooper, Madison H. 7m w m-Celia Darsey 09/05/1886 Ga Cooper, Joel A. 8/12m w b-Oct Ga Miller, Sallie 18f w Ga 17/17 Coons, Manerva 28f b Labor Ga Coons, Jane A 3m b Ga 18/18 Saunders, Alex 60m b Labor Ga Saunders, Celia 50f b House Keeper Ga Saunders, Matilda 6f b Ga Saunders, Milton 20m b Labor Ga 19/19 Saunders, Peter 25m b " Ga Saunders, Matilda 18f b " Ga 20/20 Saunders, Charles 40m b " Ga Saunders, Chany 23f b House Keeper Ga 21/21 Andrews, Jordan 27m b Labor Ga Andrews, Hester 23f b House Keeper Ga Andrews, Malissa 4f b Ga Andrews, George W. 2m b Ga Andrews, Doctor 1/12m b born-May Ga Andrews, Oscar 11m b Nurse Ga 22/22 Dewitt, Thomas A. 60m w Planter 1000/1050 SC Dewitt, Mary 52f w Ga Dewitt, Edna F. 22f w m-Wm H Spurlin 11/22/1870 Ga Dewitt, Rebecca 19f w Ga Dewitt, Jane 15f w Ga Dewitt, Amanda L. 13f w Ga Dewitt, Martha 11f w m-John J Taylor 07/12/1877 Ga Clements, John 12m w Ga Lindsey, Larry 2m w Ga 23/23 Rhodes, Jacob 60m w Labor Ga Rhodes, Mary 60f w Ga Rhodes, Henry 34m w Labor Ga Rhodes, Susan 26f w Ga Rhodes, Alken 22m w Labor Ga Rhodes, John 19m w Labor Ga Kale, Smithy 38f w Invalid NC 24/24 Bembry, Ned 60m b Labor Ga Bembry, Sallie 55f b House Keeper Ga Bembry, Ester 20f b Labor Ga Bembry, Ham 16m b Ga Bembry, Eva 13f b Ga Bembry, Sallie jr 14f b Ga 25/25 Willis, Henry 40m b Labor Ga Willis, Martha 35f b House Keeper Ga Willis, John 15m b Labor Ga Willis, Mary 8f b Ga 26/26 Wood, Isaac 23m b Labor Ga Wood, Della 28f b House Keeper Ga Wood, Ephraim 7m b Ga Wood, John 32m m Labor Ga Wood, Lucy 2f m Ga Martin, Rebecca 60f b Cook Ga Hall, Peggy 20f m Labor Ga Hall, Isaac 1m b Ga Ward, Jane 18f m Labor Ga Walker, Lewis 12m b " Ga Wright, John 15m m " Ga 27/27 Bembry, Sylvia 50f b " Ga Bembry, Will 23m b " Ga Bembry, Benjamin 20m b " Ga Bembry, Mike 17m b " Ga 28/28 Stephens, J. Thomas 35m w Planter /600 Ga Stephens, Martha 22f w Ga Stephens, Sallie 2f w Ga Stephens, Jacob 70m w Planter 800/400 NC Stephens, Millie 64f w Ga Bullington, Zoar 14f w Ga Lindsey, Mary 10f w Ga 29/29 Mitchell, J. Leo 48m w Planter 500/500 SC Mitchell, Sarah J. 23f w Ga Mitchell, Emma 7f w Ga Mitchell, Magnolia 4f w Ga Mitchell, Alice R 1f w Ga Green, Joseph 8m w Ga 30/30 Lindsey, Frank 41m b Labor Ga Lindsey, Diana 35f b " Ga Lindsey, Martha E. 18f m " Ga Lindsey, Plato 16m b " Ga Lindsey, James 2m b Ga Lindsey, Frank 3/12m b b-Mar Ga 31/31 Fleming, Mike 56m b Labor Ga Fleming, Lettie 75f b NC Williamson, Lewis 5m b Ga 32/32 Holmes, Monroe 24m b Labor Ga Holmes, Rena 20f b Ga Holmes, John 4m b Ga Holmes, Cherry 2f b Ga Holmes, Malissa 1/12f b b-May Ga 33/33 Anderson, Wm 39m b Labor Ga Anderson, Clarissa 18f b House Keeper Ga Anderson, Phoebe 2f b Ga 34/34 Sutton, Lear 25m b Labor Ga Sutton, Rebecca 25f b House Keeper Ga Sutton, Ella 8f b Ga Sutton, Anna M 1 /12f b b-May Ga 35/35 Bryant, Henry 24m b Labor Ga Bryant, Amanda 19f b House Keeper Ga Bryant, Lorena 3f b Ga 36/36 Bishop, Frank 23m b Labor Ga Bishop, Jane 26f b " Ga 37/37 Walden, Catherine 54f w Ga Walden, Polly 27f w Ga Walden, Sallie 24f w m-Stephen Johnson 1/20/1875 Ga 38/38 Fleming, Patrick 36m b Labor NC Fleming, Susan 33f b " Va Fleming, Margaret 14f b " Ga Fleming, Sarah 13f b " Ga Fleming, Robert 10m b " Ga 39/39 Kelly, Alex 30m b " Al Kelly, Ella 19f m " Al Kelly, James D 3m b Al Kelly, Lucinda 1f b Ga Crook, Robert 21m b Labor Al 40/40 Lucas, Clara 50f b Cook Ga Lucas, Lavina 21f b Labor Ga Lucas, John 4m b Ga Lucas, Henrietta 5/12f b b-Feb Ga 41/41 Milton, Dow 21m b NC Milton, Elenore 18f m Ga Milton, Anna V 3/12f m Ga Thompson, Henry 17m b Labor Va 42/42 Eubanks, John J. 30m w Planter 8000/1500 Ga Eubanks, Julia 32f w nee-Eubanks m-06/15/1859 Ga Eubanks, James N. 9m w Ga Eubanks, John L. 4m w Ga Eubanks, Boyd 2/12m w b-March Ga Eubanks, Edward 70m w Planter NC Powell, Sallie E 12f w m-Van Bell 02/20/1878 Ga Powell, Daniel 5m w Ga 43/43 Crozier, Wm J. 34m w Planter 800/900 Ga Crozier, Laura A. 24f w nee-Bradshaw m-01/22/1866 Ga Crozier, Charles W. 3m w Ga Crozier, James D. 2m w Ga Crozier, John 1/12m w b-May Ga Norton, Casandra 21f w Labor Ga 44/44 Mixon, John 30m w Planter Ga Mixon, Harriet 40f w Ga Johnson, Stephen 23m w m-Sarah Walden 01/20/1875 Ga Johnson, Wesley G 21m w Labor Ga Johnson, Delphia 19f w Ga Mixon, Mary F. 4f w Ga Mixon, Elizabeth 2f w Ga 45/45 Thomas, Zack 23m w Ga Thomas, Emana 24f w Ga 46/46 Herring, M. P. 31m w Planter 250/ Ga 47/47 Duhart, Dennis 45m b Labor Ga Duhart, Sarah A. 35f b House Keeper Ga Duhart, Hector 16m b Labor Ga Duhart, Sallie A 14f b " Ga Duhart, Thomas 12m b " Ga Duhart, Dianna 10f b " Ga Duhart, Samuel 8m b Ga Duhart, Martha Ann 5f b Ga Duhart, Lewis 1m b Ga Graham, Landow 28m b Ga 48/48 Duhart, James 32m b Labor Ga Duhart, Nancy 30f b House Keeper Ga Duhart, Henry 9m b Ga Duhart, Thomas 6m b Ga 49/49 Bradshaw, Benjamin 30m b Labor SC Bradshaw, Jane 30f b House Keeper Ga Roundtree, Luke 11m b Fl Roundtree, Sallie 9f b Fl Roundtree, Mariah 7f b Fl 50/50 Bunn, Noah 31m b Labor Ga Bunn, Eliza 27f b Labor Ga Bunn, Mary 15f b Labor Ga Bunn, Nathan 1m b Ga 51/51 Bunn, Enoch 25m b Labor Ga Bunn, Emaline 28f b House Keeper Ga Bunn, Sarah 3f b Ga Bunn, Henry 1m b Ga 52/52 Forsyth, Charles 24m b Labor Ga Forsyth, Georgia Ann 21f m House Keeper Ga Forsyth, Alice 3f b Ga 53/53 Brown, Isaac 40m b Labor NC Brown, Rhoda 28f b House Keeper Ga Brown, Affa 15f b Ga 54/54 Manning, Jerry 41m b Labor Ga Manning, Martha 30f m House Keeper Ga Manning, Edward 17m b Labor Ga Manning, Billy 13m b " Ga Manning, Sassy 11f b Nurse Ga Manning, Fanny 9f b Ga Manning, Charles 2m b Ga Wright, Seaborn 13m b Labor Ga Spencer, Wm 14m b " Ga Spencer, Ephraim 12m b " Ga 55/55 Duhart, Samuel 40m b " Ga Duhart, Harriet 40f b House Keeper Ga Duhart, Peter 16m b Labor Ga Duhart, Sarah, J. 14f b House Keeper Ga Duhart, Abram 10m b Labor Ga Duhart, Thomas G 8m b Ga Duhart, Homer 5m b Ga Duhart, Mary 3f b Ga Duhart, Sallie 8/12f b born-Nov Ga 56/56 Bradshaw, Charles, J. 27m w Planter 5000/800 Ga Ridley, Larkin L. 22m w Labor Ga Duhart, Willis 21m b Labor Ga Colding, Benj. 18m b Labor Ga Duhart, Dennis 13m b Labor Ga Hogsett, Amy 17f b Cook Ga Hogsett, Clarissa 10f b Ga 57/57 Thomas, James A. 42m w Planter 200/300 NC Thomas, Nancy 28f w Ga Thomas, Georgia A 14f w Ga Thomas, William 4m w Ga Thomas, Martha 3f w Ga Thomas, Sarah L. 1f w Ga 58/58 Crozier, Alex P. 32m w Planter 200/200 Ga Crozier, Octavia 27f w nee-Cowan m-12/01/1868 Ga 59/59 Bradshaw, Thomas 30m b Labor Ga Bradshaw, Mary 21f b Ga 60/60 Mayo, Rachel 65f b House Keeper Ga Mayo, Murdock 65m b Labor Ga Smith, Thomas 60m b Minister Va Smith, Gracy A 57f b Wife Va 61/61 Fudge, Jesse 65m b Labor Va Fudge, Hetta 50f b " Va Westberry, Jerry 19m b " Va 62/62 Hill, Richard 40m b Labor 250/ Ga Hill, Cindey 40f b House Keeper Ga Hill, John 16m b Labor Ga Hill, Rachel 15f b " Ga 63/63 Holmes, Thomas 62m b " SC Holmes, Caroline 55f b " Ga Holmes, Jerry 15m b " Ga Holmes, Rose 13f b Ga 64/64 Holmes, Edward 27m b Labor Ga Holmes, Silla 16f b " Ga 65/65 Holmes, Ewell 25m b Labor Ga Holmes, Mary 25f b " Ga Holmes, Sarah 12f b " Ga Holmes, Jane 10f b Ga Holmes, Elizabeth 6f b Ga Holmes, Ella 4f b Ga Holmes, Epsy 1f b Ga 66/66 Walker, Doc 37m b Labor Ga Walker, Epsy 31f b " Ga Walker, Scott 15m b " Ga Walker, George 11m b " Ga Walker, Clarissa 8f b Ga 67/67 Brown, Ceasar 47m b Labor Ga Brown, Winny 45f b Labor Ga Brown, Ceasar Jr 24m b " Ga Brown, Silas 21m b " Ga Brown, Amos 18m b " Ga Brown, George 16m b " Ga Brown, Sarah E. 13f b Ga Brown, Ellen 11f b Ga 68/68 Bembry, John 45m w Planter 2500/1210 SC Bembry, Emma 27f w Ga Bembry, Duffie G 9m w m-Minnie Fountain 6/17/1886 Ga Bembry, Robert 6m w Ga Bembry, Thomas 3m w Ga Bembry, Alfred 1m w Ga Wren, Elizabeth 58f w Cook Ga Shipwash, Tabitha 29f w House Keeping Ga 69/69 Bembry, Richard 50m m Labor SC Bembry, Harriet 35f m House Keeping Ga Bembry, Peggy 13f m Ga Bembry, Seaborn 11m m Ga Bembry, Richard 9m m Ga Bembry, Rosanna 8f m Ga Bembry, Hardy 6m m Ga Bembry, Lincoln 4m m Ga Bembry, Isabella 1f m Ga 70/70 Kellam, Richard 24m b Ga Kellam, Elvira 21f b Ga Kellam, Washington 3m b Ga Kellam, Robert 1m b Ga Kellam, Penny 20f b Ga Kellam, Samuel 3m b Ga 71/71 Kellam, Freeman 26m b Ga Kellam, Ella 17f b Ga Kellam, Mary F 1f b Ga Andrews, Huldah 55f b Ga Andrews, Martha J 3f b Ga 72/72 Cook, William 24m b Labor Ga Cook, Juda 21f b Ga Cook, Nancy 3f b Ga Cook, Sarah 1f b Ga Summerford, Charles 17m b " Ga 73/73 Bradshaw, John W. 21m w Planter 2200/900 Ga 74/74 Hogsett, Fanny 35f b Cook Ga 75/75 Shipwash, Elias 62m w Wheel Wright 200/30 NC Shipwash, Catherine 24f w House Keeping Ga 76/76 Horne, Matilda 37f w House Keeping Ga Horne, Artha A 22f w Ga Horne, Margaret 21f w Ga Horne, Sarah 19f w Ga Horne, Nancy 16f w Ga Horne, Cynthia 14f w Ga Horne, Martha 12f w Ga Horne, Seaborn M 11m w m-Emma Williams 01/05/1882 Ga Horne, Marion B 9m w Ga Horne, Green 7m w Ga Horne, John H. 4m w Ga Horne, James M 2m w Ga 77/77 Nutt, Mary 57f w 400/30 Ga Brown, Larena E. 4f w Ga 78/78 Arthur, Mack 80m w Planter 600/210 NC Dawson, Rebecca 40f w Ga Dawson, Jackson 3m w Ga 79/79 Taylor, Matilda 70f b Labor Va Mack, Mary E 5f m Ga 80/80 Sullivan, Thms. Osborn 23m w Labor /200 Ga Sullivan, Sarah 19f w nee-Watson m-04/14/1870 Ga 81/81 Brown, Thomas 67m w Planter died-12/1870 Ga Brown, Wm T. 23m w m-Elnora Conner 12/05/1875 Ga Brown, Zack T. 22m w Labor /150 Ga Zack T. m-Sarah A Barber 12/16/1872) Johnson, John L. 18m w Labor Ga Johnson, Mary A M 16f w Ga Jackson, Jane 53f w Ga Williams, Emmaline 28f w Ga Griffin, Nancy 30f w Ga Griffin, Franklin 6m w Ga Griffin, Samuel W 4m w Ga Griffin, John 2m w Ga Griffin, Susan 11/12f w b-July Ga 82/82 Watson, Julia 40f w /250 Ga Watson, Robert B. 17m w Labor Ga Watson, Joseph, A B 11m w m-Mary Brinkley 05/20/80 Ga 83/83 Wheeler, Joseph Marion 24m w Labor /250 Ga Wheeler, Martha 22f w nee-Watson m-07/04/1869 Ga 84/84 Dupree, Jane Hulda 50f w nee-Brown Ga Dupree, Mary A. E. 27f w Al Dupree, James M. 23m w Labor /150 Al (Jas. m-Martha E Pollock 08/09/1874) Dupree, Martha E. 25f w m-Andrew J Owen 04/13/1871 Al Dupree, Jonathan D. 20m w m-Martha Turner 01/02/1879 Ga Dupree, Julia A 18f w m-John Brown 01/01/1874 Ga Dupree, Luke S. 16m w Ga Dupree, Nancy E. 13f w m-Wm E Singleton01/12/1876 Ga Dupree, Laura M 10f w m-Jacob Lewis 07/17/1879 Ga #2 m-Avery E Lanier02/26/1902 Dupree, Love Frances 9f w m-James W Fagen 08/12/1888 Ga 85/85 Rogers, Wm 100m w Planter 200/50 SC Rogers, Edna 56f w nee-Crumbley m-03/30/1854 Ga Crumbley, Seaborn 21m w /200 Ga Crumbley, Sarah 19f w Ga 86/86 Smith, Elizabeth 68f w Invalid Ga Smith, Sarah E. 26f w Ga Smith, Amanda 20f w Ga 87/87 Ewing, Margaret 30f w 800/150 Ga Ewing, Ann E. 8f w Ga Ewing, William 7m w Ga Ewing, Robert L. 6m w Ga 88/88 Thomas, Robert 45m w Planter 1000/600 Ga Thomas, Elizabeth 38f w NC Thomas, Mary F 18f w Ga Thomas, John M 13m w Ga Thomas, George C. 7m w Ga Roberts, Susan A 5f w Ga Roberts, Nancy E 1f w Ga 89/89 Roberts, Josiah 68m w Labor 300/150 Ga Roberts, Serena 66f w Ga 90/90 Smith, Thomas F. 21m w Labor /50 Ga Smith, Harriet 17f w nee-Wheelus m-02/22/1869 Ga Smith, Jerry 9m w Ga Smith, Almenia A 2/12f w b-May Ga 91/91 Bohannon, Sarah 35f w Ga Bohannon, Bonita 24f w Ga Bohannon, Mary M L 3f w Ga 92/92 Singleton, Irwin 56m w Planter 3670/1500 Ga Singleton, Mary E. 40f w House Keeper Ga Singleton, Elizabeth 18f w Ga Singleton, Wm E 17m w m-Nancy E Dupree 01/12/1876 Ga Singleton, Jesse B 15m w Ga Singleton, Irwin Cornelius13m w m-Mary E Stephens 1/24/1884 Ga 93/93 Singleton, James M 21m w Planter Ga Singleton, Ellen 17f w Ga 94/94 Turner, James F 20m w Planter 600/250 Ga Turner, Sarah C 13f w nee-Wood m-01/22/1870 Ga 95/95 Crozier, Wiley 20m w Planter 225/200 Ga Crozier, Frances 19f w Ga 96/96 Lewandowski, James 25m w Labor Ga Lewandowski, Sarah J 30f w House Keeper Ga Lewandowski, George C 1m w Ga Lewandowski, James J 9/12m w b-Oct Ga 97/97 Williams, David B 42m w Planter 1250/610 Ga Williams, Ann 37f w nee-McGehee m-08/08/1849 Ga Williams, Jane P 13f w In School Al Crozier, William 11m w Labor Ga Dawson, Nancy A 7f w Ga 98/98 Mock, Holly 54f w 1500/300 Ga (m-Arthur Mock 03/11/1839) Jordan, Randall 36m w Labor Ga Colson, Nancy 35f w " Ga Holly, Rebecca J 14f w Ga Holly, James A 8m w Ga 99/99 Williams, Andrew 35m w Planter 600/400 Ga Williams, Martha F 34f w Fl Williams, Wm G 12m w Ga Williams, Ida E 6f w Fl Williams, Leonora P 3f w Fl Williams, Jesse V 3/12m w b-Feb Ga 100/100 Lewandowski, Moses J 54m w Labor Ga Lewandowski, Penny 44f w Ga 101/101 Owens, Tapley 49m w Planter 1500/905 Ga (#1 Wife unknown) (#2 m-Mrs Jane Jackson 12/28/1870) Owens, Andrew, J 22m w Labor Ga Owens, Mary F 20f w Labor Ga Owens, Sarah J 18f w Ga Owens, Martha K 16f w Ga Owens, Georgia A 14f w m-Sumpter Stokes 2/01/1883 Ga Owens, Jasper N 11m w m-Mollie Stokes 01/09/1879 Ga Owens, Davis 8m w Ga Owens, Amanda 6f w m-Henry Jackson 12/05/1883 Ga Owens, Malachi T 4m w m-Sarah Davis 12/30/1891 Ga Rhodes, James 24m w Labor Ga 102/102 Cooper, Joel M 64m w Planter 700/370 SC Cooper, S. Jane 40f w nee-Lee m-05/05/1869 Ga Rogers, Martha 30f w Invalid Ga Lee, William W 18m w m-D E Mitchell 11/02/1873 Ga Lee, Jesse J 16m w Labor Ga 103/103 Lewis, Jacob 40m w Planter 500/700 Germany (Jacob m-Nancy Hickman 06/08/45, she must have died) Lewis, Hester 24f w Ga Lewis, John 11m w Ga Nobles, Milly 10f w Ga 104/104 Brinkley, Redding 64m w Planter 200/400 NC Brinkley, Susan A 44f w nee-Watson m-12/26/1852 Ga Brinkley, George T 16m w m-Frances J King 11/12/1874 Ga Brinkley, Robert S 14m w Ga Brinkley, John R 11m w Ga Brinkley, Rhoda A E 12f w Ga Brinkley, Mary L 9f w m-Joseph Watson 05/20/1880 Ga Brinkley, Sallie 8f w Ga 105/105 Stephens, Stephen D 35m w Planter 400/520 Ga Stephens, Catherine 33f w nee-Dewitt m-01/11/1858 Ga Stephens, Thomas L 11m w Rebecca O Ridley10/22/1884 Ga Stephens, James, D 10m w Ga Stephens, Mary Eliz. 8f w see Fam #92 Dist# 511 Ga Stephens, George W 4m w Ga Stephens, Celia E 1f w Ga 106/106 Rogers, Jackson 40m w Labor Ga Rogers, Sarah Jane 32f w nee-Hall m-10/19/1856 Ga Rogers, James H 12m w Ga Rogers, Mary 11f w Ga Rogers, Nancy J 9f w Ga Rogers, Sarah C 5f w Ga Rogers, Martha E 2f w Ga 107/107 Walden, Rebecca E 50f w Ga Walden, Lamsey 22f w Ga Walden, Edward F 8/12m w b-Sept. Ga 108/108 Mitchell, Wm L 45m w Planter 1500/845 SC Mitchell, Mary A 38f w NC Mitchell, M. Joseph 20m w Labor Ga Mitchell, Donna E 11f w m-Wm W Lee 11/02/1873 Ga Mitchell, John L 9m w m-Lurena E Brown 3/4/1883 Ga Mitchell, Jackson D 7m w Ga Mitchell, Mary F 5f w Ga (Mary F m-Matthew McKinney 10/22/1882) Mitchell, Robert L 3m w Ga Mitchell, Charles H 1m w Ga 109/109 Daniel, Jane 64f w NC Daniel, Ann J 34f w Ga Daniel, Nancy Ann 21f w Ga 110/110 Mobley, Sandy 31m b Labor 110/ Ga Mobley, Sarah 28f b Ga Mobley, Laura 12f b Ga Mobley, Elmira 11f b Ga Mobley, Elia 10f b Ga Mobley, Isabella 7f b Ga Mobley, Marshall 3m b Ga Mobley, Frank 1m b Ga Mobley, Robert 18m b Ga Mobley, Jane 30f b Ga 111/111 Mobley, Nathan H 59m w Teacher 100/600 SC Mobley, Margaret M 60f w Ga Mobley, Lewis W 28m w Planter 2000/500 Ga Mobley, Samantha J 25f w Ga Mobley, Mollie O 19f w Ga Mobley, Lizzie E 14f w At School Ga Mobley, H Augustus 3m w Ga Mobley, William C 8/12m w b-Sept Ga 112/112 Brown, James H 24m w Labor (g-uncle) Ga Brown, Martha Catherine 31f w nee-Keen m-07/13/1863 Ga Brown, Mary E 3f w Ga Brown, John H 2m w Ga Brown, James T 6/12m w b-Dec Ga Brown, Mary Garrett 70f w (Widow of Jesse Brown Sr) NC Brown, George W 25m w Labor (uncle to James H) Ga 113/113 Mashburn, George W. 29m w Planter 350/275 Ga Mashburn, Martha E. 23f w nee-McKinney m-07/11/1866 Ga Mashburn, Nancy E. 3f w Ga Mashburn, Mannie Lee 2/12f w b-march Ga Lee, Elenora 33f b Ga Lee, Clarissa 13f b Ga Lee, Sam 7m b Ga Lee, Alice 2f b Ga 114/114 Wooten, Abram 66m b Labor Ga Wooten, Mary Ann 48f b Ga Wooten, Laura 17f b Ga Wooten, Joseph 15m b Ga Wooten, Dempsey 10m b Ga Wooten, Mariah 8f b Ga Wooten, Charles 7m b Ga Wooten, Tabitha M 4f b Ga Wooten, Violet H 10/12f b born-Aug Ga 115/115 Sanders, Stokes 36m b Labor /100 Ga Sanders, Clara 25f b House Keeper Ga Sanders, Narcissa 10f b Ga Sanders, Nicodemus 8m b Ga Sanders, Haywood 5m b Ga Sanders, Henderson 3m b Ga Sanders, Alonzo 1m b Ga 116/116 Pitman, Ephnasia 52m b Labor Ga Pitman, Grace 44f b Ga Pitman, A Evans 16m b Ga Pitman, Ephnasia Jr 14m b Ga Pitman, Caroline 8f b Ga Pitman, Mary F. 5f b Ga Pitman, Sarah 3f b Ga Pitman, Grace E. 4/12f b born-Feb Ga Bozeman, Belton 15m m Ga Cinguefield, Rachel 32f b NC 117/117 Joiner, Malory 23m b Labor Ga Joiner, Frances 18f b Ga Joiner, William 2m b Ga Joiner, C Ann 1f b Ga 118/118 Coley, William 48m b Labor /200 NC Coley, Chany 43f b Ga Coley, Webster 20m b Ga Coley, Haywood 18m b Ga Coley, Willian 17m b Ga Coley, Isaac 15m b Ga Coley, Sarah 13f b Ga Coley, July 10m b Ga Coley, Fanny 3f b Ga 119/119 Love, Godfrey 28m b Labor /175 Ga Love, Mariah 27f b Ga Love, Jane 8f b Ga Love, William 5m b Ga Love, Lewis 23m b Labor Ga 120/120 Dykes, Jacob 74m w Planter 1200/700 SC #1Dykes, Catherine Bryan m-10/28/1817 NC #2Dykes, Sarah E Girtman 60f w m-10/19/1856 Ga Campbell, Effa A. 36f w Ga Lee, Phoebe 40f w Ga Lee, Elizabeth 9f w In School Ga Dykes, Clayton 60m b Labor Va 121/121 Vaughn, J. D. 34m w Planter /500 Ga Vaughn, Nancy 27f w Ga Vaughn, A. Jackson 10m w At School Ga Vaughn, Faith 8f w " Ga Vaughn, Isaac E 6m w Ga Vaughn, Mary L 4f w Ga Vaughn, Henry D. or V. 2m w Ga Vaughn, Wm J 2/12m w b-April Ga 122/122 Love, Jack 25m b Labor Ga Love, Phoebe 37f b Ga Coley, Henry C 21m b Labor Ga 123/123 Oliver, Hamilton 57m w Planter /400 Ga Culpepper, Amanda E 26f w m-Gus L Thompson 12/22/1675 Ga Culpepper, Thomas A 10m w Ga Culpepper, Alice L 7f w Ga Culpepper, Catherine 5f w Ga 124/124 Cox, Ann 35f b Ga Cox, Louisa 7f b Ga Cox, Sam L 5m b Ga 125/125 Dykes, Allen 36m w Planter 750/600 Ga Dykes, Elizabeth 30f w Ga Dykes, Jackson 8m w Ga Dykes, Charles 7m w Ga Dykes, Sallie 1f w Ga Vaughn, John 27m w Labor Ga Campbell, James 18m w Labor Ga 126/126 Ellis, Elizabeth 33f w Labor Ga 127/127 Vinson, Thomas 24m w Labor Ga Vinson, Fanny 30f w Labor Ga Vinson, William 4m w Labor Ga Vinson, Orlena 8/12f w born-Sept Ga 128/128 Sykes, Lucy 60f b Labor NC Sykes, Emaline 9f b Ga Sykes, Floyd 5m b Ga Sykes, Milly 24f b Labor Ga Sykes, Jane 2f b Ga 129/129 Sykes, Frank 27m b Planter 300/200 Ga Sykes, Sarah 22f b Wife Ga 130/130 Keen, John 67m w Planter 500/300 NC Keen, Sarah Scarborough 65f w Wife Ga Keen, Nancy Amanda 40f w Dau born-April 26, 1830 Ga Keen, Ann J. 21f w At School Ga 131/131 Brown, Jacob Moore 35m w Planter /200 Ga Brown, Mary Jane 36f w nee-Keen m-05/04/1855 Ga Brown, John Caden 13m w Labor Ga Brown, Needham Wm 11m w Labor Ga Brown, Rebecca T. 9f w In School (Grand Mother) Ga Brown, Charles T. 2m w Ga 132/132 Keen, William Lafayette 33m w Planter /150 Ga Keen, Martha Eliz.Taylor 25f w Wife m-09/08/1861 Ga Keen, John L. 1m w Ga Wooten, Jesse 8m b Ga 133/133 Keen, George Wash. 25m w Planter /300 Ga Keen, Harriet J. Taylor 26f w Wife m-12/07/1862 Ga Keen, Cornelia 4f w Ga Keen, Sarah L. 2f w Ga 134/134 Danforth, William 50m w Planter 200/200 Vt Danforth, Nancy R. 48f w Wife Ga Danforth, Jane 21f w Ga Danforth, Martha 19f w Ga Danforth, Elizabeth 16f w In School Ga Danforth, Cynthia 13f w " Ga Danforth, George W. 9m w " Ga 135/135 Griffin, Martha 49f w House Keeper Ga Griffin, Veronese 14f w Ga 136/136 #2Clifton, Daniel 33m w Planter NC Clifton, Rebecca(Holly) 32f w Wife m-10/22/1862 Ga #1Holly, Green W. Holly, Mary A 16f w Labor Ga Holly, Pennine Jane 14f w Labor Ga Holly, Wm A G 10m w Ga Holly, Joseph F 8m w Ga Clifton, James S 5m w Ga Clifton, John L 2m w Ga Clifton, Rebecca E. 4/12f w born-Jan Ga 137/137 Smith, Rhoda 35f w House Keeper Ga Smith, Susan 17f w m-Eli Mullis 01/02/1876 Ga Smith, Alice 6f w Ga Smith, John 2m w Ga Holly, Nancy 40f w m-Zack. T Johnson1/8/1871 Ga 138/138 Braswell, Robert H. 39m w Planter 1000/500 Ga Braswell, Rachel 31f w Wife Ga Braswell, Eliza E 12f w House Keeper Ga Braswell, Benj. F 10m w m-Eliza Chalker 2/19/1880 Ga Braswell, Mary E 7f w Ga Braswell, Emma M 2f w Ga 139/139 Dupree, Thomas R 28m w Planter 100/400 Ga Dupree, Mary Eliz. 24f w nee-Chalker m-09/28/1862 Ga Brown, John 17m w Labor Ga 140/140 Barber, James F 25m w Planter 250/310 Ga Barber, Catherine E 21f w Ga Barber, Emma 1f w Ga Howell, Judah 67f w Invalid Ga 141/141 Barber, Jonathan F 57m w Planter 400/445 Ga Barber, Rachel 60f w Wife Ga Barber, Ellafair 22f w House Keeper Ga Barber, William G. 20m w Labor Ga Barber, Martha E. 17f w Labor Ga Davis, Richard B. 16m w Labor Ga 142/142 McGee, Patrick 33m w Planter 350/240 Ga McGee, Susan E 24f w nee-Norris m-08/12/1860 Ga McGee, Mary A E 9f w m-L J Nobles 09/11/1879 Ga McGee, Ellafair 4f w Ga McGee, Patrick F 2m w Ga 143/143 Chancey, Rhoda 32f w maiden-name Sanders Ga #1 m-William N Chancey 06/18/1857 #2 m-John McKinney 01/05/1871 Chancey, William E 10m w Labor Ga Chancey, Aaron 1m w Ga 144/144 Barber, Magalbery 59m w Planter 700/400 Ga Barber, Polly (Mary) 58f w House Keeper NC Barber, Elizabeth 30f w " " Ga Barber, Martha 26f w Labor Ga Barber, Sarah A 23f w Labor Ga Barber, Rutha A 21f w Labor Ga Barber, Elmira A 19f w " Ga Barber, John 17m w " Ga Taylor, Zachariah 20m w " Ga 145/145 Barber, James D 24m w Planter 500/200 Ga Barber, Rebecca E 26f w Wife Ga (Rebecca listed as Elizabeth in marriage records m-12/13/1867) Barber, Clarissa S E 1f w Ga Barber, Anna Lee 11/12f w born-July Ga 146/146 Ridley, Wm 61m w Planter 1200/1140 Ga Ridley, Mary 45f w Wife Ga Ridley, John N. 16m w m-Susan J Smith 01/20/1871 Ga Ridley, Rebecca O 14f w m-Thos.L Stephens10/22/1884 Ga Ridley, Mary J 10f w At School Ga Ridley, Milly A L 8f w Ga Ridley, Seina F 6f w m-John B McKinney12/21/1882 Ga Norris, Maranda 19f w House Keeper Ga Smith, Wm A 15m w Labor Ga Norris, Mary J 12f w " Ga 147/147 Bradwell, Andrew 55m b Labor /120 Ga Bradwell, Amanda 45f b Labor Ga Bradwell, Albert 4m b Ga Bradwell, Alfred 4m b Ga Bradwell, Ceasar 1m b Ga 148/148 Davis, Frances 48f w House Keeper Ga Davis, Laura J 23f w " " Ga Davis, John G. 21m w Labor Ga Davis, Elizabeth 18f w Labor Ga Davis, Nancy E 14f w m-John Furney 02/03/1886 Ga Davis, Hubbard 11m w Ga 149/149 Turner, John 62m w Planter 2500/800 Ga Turner, Cynthia 45f w nee-Reynolds m-10/02/1849 Ga Turner, Mary E. 15f w m-Wm G Joiner 11/05/1870 Ga Turner, George W 13m w Ga Turner, Martha Jane 9f w m-Jona. D DuPree 1/2/1879 Ga Turner, Nancy Nettie 4f w Ga 150/150 Patton, Henry 46m b Labor Ga Patton, Huldah 38f b House Keeper Ga Patton, Martha L 9f b Ga Patton, Lucy 3f b Ga Patton, Emily 1f b Ga 151/151 Turner, Thomas 65m b Labor SC Turner, Milly 51f b Wife SC 152/152 Chalker, James 49m w Planter 1500/500 Ga Chalker, Sarah Jane 48f w Wife Ga Chalker, Charles B 22m w Labor Ga Chalker, Martha L 17f w Labor Ga Chalker, George W. 15m w Ga Chalker, Anne E 13f w Ga Chalker, James M 10m w Ga Chalker, Chesterfield 8m w Ga Chalker, Eudoria C 7f w Ga Chalker, Sarah Jane 3f w Ga Daniel, Eliza 51f w House Keeper Ga 153/153 Chalker, Francis M 20m w Planter Ga Chalker, Mary E 17f w Wife Ga 154/154 Taylor, Samuel 27m w Planter 300/250 Ga Taylor, Elizabeth 48f w House Keeper Ga Taylor, Sarah Jane 24f w " " Ga Taylor, Harriet F 18f w " " Ga Taylor, Martha A A 16f w " " Ga Lovett, James 14m w Labor Ga Holly, Sarah J 2f w Ga 155/155 Joiner, David C 27m w Planter 2500/1500 Ga Joiner, Mary A E 32f w Ga Mims, Sarah A 17f w Ga 156/156 Barnes, Stephen 48m b Labor Fl Barnes, Caroline 48f b Labor NC Barnes, Rosetta 23f b " Ga Barnes, Merritt 19m b " Ga Barnes, Ann 15f b " Ga Barnes, Thomas 13m b Ga Barnes, Anthony 10m b Ga Barnes, Jane 6f b Ga Barnes, John 2/12m b b-Mar Ga Ewing, Thomas 20m b Labor Ga Barnes, Mary 15f b Ga Barnes, George 4m b Ga 157/157 McLeod, Edna 25f b Cook Ga McLeod, Ann 4f b Ga McLeod, Catherine 3f b Ga McLeod, Elizabeth 1f b Ga McLeod, Conner 270m w Scot 158/158 Mims, Charles A 20m w Labor /100 Ga Mims, Nancy S 23f w Wife Ga Mims, Ann C 8f w Ga Mims, Fanny O 5/12f w born-Jan Ga 159/159 Angelli, Alexander 35m w Labor Ga Angelli, Rachel 38f w House Keeper NC Nasworthy, Wm H 33m w Labor Ga 160/160 Simmons, Lewis 64m w Planter 1000/720 Ga Simmons, Polly (Mary) 58f w Wife Ga Simmons, Mary 28f w Labor Ga Simmons, Joseph 19m w m-M J Swearingen10/10/1875 Ga Simmons, Warren 17m w m-Amanda Howell 08/28/1873 Ga 161/161 Tomlin, Caroline 30f w House Keeper Ga Tomlin, David 11m w Labor Ga Tomlin, Thomas 9m w Ga Tomlin, Lewis 9m w Ga Tomlin, Florence A 7f w Ga 162/162 Gaines, Miles 62m b Miller Ga Gaines, Hannah 80f b Ga 163/163 Brown, James M 43m w Planter 200/150 Ga Brown, Phoebe 38f w nee-Woods m-07/09/1850 Ga Brown, Mary Ann 18f w Labor Ga Brown, Nancy G 13f w At School Ga Brown, Joseph 12m w " Ga 164/164 Brown, Benoni 68m w Invalid Ga Brown, Sarah 42f w Labor Ga 165/165 Woods, James M 49m w Planter 600/450 Ga Woods, Sarah 44f w Wife Ga Woods, Phoebe 18f w At School Ga Woods, John M 10m w " Ga =========================================================================== #543d District Pulaski Co., Ga. 1870 Census 1/1 Harris, Leotis 37m b Labor /125 Ga Braham, Jane 38f b Labor Ga Braham, Edgar 7m b Ga Braham, Missouri 12f b Labor Ga Braham, Henry 5m b Ga Braham, Martha 4f b Ga Braham, Franklin 1m b Ga Washington, George 18m b Labor Ga 2/2 Brown, Sigh 45m b Labor Ga Brown, Mina 25f b House Keeper Ga Brown, Andrew 8m b Ga Brown, Johnson 7m b Ga Brown, Lee 5f b Ga Brown, Willis G 1/12m b born-May Ga 3/3 Morris, Martha 55f b Labor Ga Morris, Thomas 23m b Labor Ga Morris, Berry 21m b Labor Ga Morris, Monroe 17m b Labor Ga Morris, Rufus 15m b Labor Ga Morris, Mollie 13f b Ga Greer, Emily 25f b " Ga Greer, Hilbert 14m b " Ga 4/4 Davis, Hugh 45m w Wood Workman /300 NC Tomlin, Elizabeth 50f b Ga Manning, Joseph 40m b Labor Ga Tomlin, Roxy 10f b Ga 5/5 Wallace, Robert R 31m w Planter 1000/900 Ga Wallace, Amanda 28f w Wife Ga Wallace, Emma 9f w Ga Wallace, John 6m w Ga Wallace, Louisa 5f w Ga Wallace, Robert 3m w Ga 6/6 Boatright, Raliegh 65m w Planter 600/1275 Ga Boatright, Elizabeth 50f w Wife Ga Boatright, Andrew J 18m w Labor Ga Boatright, Sarah 16f w At Home Ga 7/7 Way, Henry 30m b Planter /225 Ga Way, Frances 34f b Labor Ga Way, Alice 8f b " Ga Way, Mary 4/12f b born-Feb Ga 8/8 Saunders, Katy 50f b Labor Ga Saunders, Charlotte 19f b " Ga 9/9 Way, Hagar 35f b " Ga Way, Henrietta 4f b Ga Way, Oakley A. 11/12f b born-Aug Ga 10/10 Saunders, Ned 52m b Planter Ga Saunders, Mary 27f b Labor Ga Roberts, Cilla 18f b " Ga Saunders, Horrice 19m b " Ga Saunders, Olive 9f b Ga Saunders, Wesley 8m b Ga Saunders, John 3m b Ga Saunders, William 1m b Ga 11/11 Love, Elias 35m b Labor Ga Love, Sarah 25f b House Keeper Ga Love, Hannah L 15f b Labor Ga Love, Laura M 13f b " Ga Love, Eletha 5f b Ga Love, James H 2m b Ga 12/12 Darsey, Joel 31m w Planter 500/150 Ga Darsey, Anna 58f w Mother NC 13/13 Malden, Rufus 38m w Planter 1000/1100 Ga Malden, Mary 40f w Wife Ga Barnes, John 18m w Labor Ga Barnes, Joseph 18m w Labor Ga Barnes, Milton 13m w Labor Ga Pipkins, Julia 36f w House Keeper Ga Williamson, Spencer 12m b Labor Ga 14/14 Whitaker, Henry 30m b Labor Ga Whitaker, Jane 36f b " Ga Whitaker, Vera 8f b Ga Whitaker, Jerry 10/12m b born-Aug Ga 15/15 Malden, Hannah 75f w House Keeper Supervisor NC Coley, Lucenda 18f w House Keeper Ga Coley, Mary 15f w " " Ga 16/16 Burke, A T 40m w Lawyer /950 Ga Burke, Eliz. Mosely Mrs 31f w Wife m-09/29/1865 Ga Mosely, Edgar W 9m w Ga Mosely, Mary 6f w Ga Burke, Bill 12m m Labor Ga Rawls, Nancy 19f b Labor Ga 17/17 Floyd, Hugh 49m w Planter SC Floyd, Elizabeth 30f w Wife Ga Floyd, William H. 2m w Ga Floyd, John R 9/12m w born-Oct Ga 18/18 Argo, Mary 65f w House Keeper NC 19/19 Prescott, James 62m w Planter /250 SC Prescott, Nancy 55f w Wife SC Prescott, Jinny 80f b SC Owens, Mollie 15f b Ga Newman, Georgia 7f b Ga Prescott, John 13m b Ga 20/20 McLamore, Henry 45m w Labor NC McLamore, Mary 24f w /400 Ga McLamore, Lee B 6m w Ga McLamore, Melvenia 1f w Ga McLamore, Lewis W 18m w m-Eliza Leonard 11/29/1879 Ga McLamore, Wm A 14m w Ga McLamore, Louisa H 12f w Ga Jarvis, Nancy 36f w House Keeper Ga McLamore, John W 23m w Labor Ga 21/21 Argo, Robert 33m w Planter /200 Ga Argo, Mary E 28f w nee-Jones m-12/20/1863 Ga Argo, Martha A 8f w Ga Argo, Mary R 6f w Ga Argo, Richard L 3m w Ga Rayfield, Wm 23m w Labor Ga 22/22 Shadrick, Henry 40m b Black Smith Ga Shadrick, Joanna 40f b Labor Ga Shadrick, Hannah 21f b Retarded Ga Shadrick, Mary 18f b Retarded Ga Shadrick, Alexander 17m b Labor Ga Shadrick, Lucy 4f b Ga Shadrick, Frances 2f b Ga 23/23 Crider, Lucinda 37f w House Keeper Ga 24/24 Jackson, Willis 62m b Labor Ga Jackson, Penny 65f b House Keeper Ga Jackson, Abner 20m b Labor Ga Jackson, Betsy 23f b " Ga Jackson, Lucinda 4f m Ga Jackson, Wesley 14m b Ga Jackson, Sarah 11f b Ga Jackson, Jane 5f b Ga Jackson, Matilda 2f b Ga 25/25 Jackson, Matilda 73f b House Keeper SC 26/26 Shennett, Oren 24m b Labor Ga Bevins, Emanuel 21m b " Ga Jackson, Amanda 9f m Ga 27/27 Cosey, Mary J 35f m Teacher SC Cosey, Henry 34m b Labor Ga Cosey, Lucinda 11f m Labor Ga Cosey, Benjamin 9m m In School Ga Cosey, Elizabeth 7f m " Ga Cosey, Roobert 4f m Ga Cosey, James 3m m Ga Cosey, William 2m m Ga 28/28 Brantley, June 62m b Labor /550 Ga Brantley, Mariah 30f b " Ga Brantley, Wm 19m b " Ga Brantley, June jr 16m b " Ga Brantley, Jack 13m b " Ga Brantley, Evaline 10f b Ga Brantley, Samuel 7m b Ga Brantley, James 4m b Ga Anderson, Abram 80m b Invalid Va 29/29 Frazier, Charles 50m m Labor /350 Ga Frazier, Silla 42f b Keep House Ga Frazier, Simon 22m b Ga Frazier, Thomas 17m b Ga Frazier, Frances 21f b Ga Frazier, Margaret 13f b Ga Frazier, June 11m b Ga Colson, Martha 23f b Keep House Ga Colson, Peter 2m b Ga Colson, Harvard 1m b Ga 30/30 Brantley, Manty 25f b " Ga Brantley, Hannah 9f b Ga Brantley, Lueza 4f b Ga Brantley, June 1/12m b Ga Brantley, Samuel 19m b Labor Ga 31/31 Baskin, James 31m m Labor Ga Baskin, Tabitha 43f b " Ga Baskin, Ashley 8m b Ga Baskin, Elizabeth 3f b Ga Baskin, John 10/12m b born-Aug Ga Lane, Julia 35f b Keep House Va Chancey, Charles 2m b Ga 32/32 Bozeman, Miles 22m b Labor Ga Bozeman, Nancy 22f b Ga 33/33 Blackshear, William 45m b Labor Ga Blackshear, Nancy 55f b House Keeper Ga Blackshear, Chaney 20f b Labor Ga Blackshear, Reuben 20m b " Ga Blackshear, Mary J 4f b Ga 34/34 Chavers, Wiley 35m m Labor Ga Chavers, Susan 40f b House Keeper Ga Chavers, Charles 11m m Ga 35/35 Rawls, Joseph 29m b Labor Ga Rawls, Mary 23f b " Ga Rawls, Missouri 6f b Ga Rawls, Rosa 4f b Ga Rawls, Ludelia 2f b Ga Rawls, John E B 1m b Ga 36/36 Harrell, Peter 28m b Labor Ga Harrell, Mary 45f b " Ga Tillman, Joseph 80m b Ga Bozeman, Brantley 17m b " Ga 37/37 Barden, Luke 50m b " Ga Barden, Lucrenia 35f b " Ga Barden, Jack 14m b " Ga Barden, Burwell 13m b Ga Barden, York 12m b Ga Barden, Peter 4m b Ga Barden, Lee 9f b Ga Barden, Arthur 7m b Ga Barden, Sallie M 7/12f b b-Nov Ga 38/38 Mitchell, Henry 40m b Labor Ga Mitchell, Jane 25f b " Ga Mitchell, Samuel 8m b Ga Mitchell, Lillace 8/12f b b-Nov Ga Lewis, William 20m b deaf/dumb Ga 39/39 Harrell, Sakis 40m b Labor Ga Harrell, Lucy 55f b Labor Ga Booth, Samuel 16m b Labor Ga 40/40 Israel, Betsy 31f b Labor Ga Israel, Amy 9f b Ga Israel, Mariah 7f b Ga Israel, George 5m b Ga Israel, Sikes 3m b Ga Israel, Andrew 1/12m b Ga 41/41 Burch, Joseph 62m b /150 Ga Burch, Emily 32f b Ga Burch, Owen 17m b Ga Burch, Lena 14f b Ga Burch, Fanny 10f b Ga Burch, William 9m b Ga Burch, James 2m b Ga 42/42 Hart, Jonbiten 40m b Carpenter Ga Hart, Mariah 53f b Ga Lawrence, Lucy 24f b Ga Lawrence, James R 1m b Ga 43/43 Walton, Wesley 30m m Ga Walton, Margaret 25f m Ga Walton, John 4m m Ga Walton, Lucy 2f m Ga Williams, Eli 22m m Ga Williams, Lawson 21m b Ga Williams, Charles 11m b Ga 44/44 McBurney, John 30m b Labor Ga McBurney, Mariah A 30f b Ga McBurney, William 10m b Ga McBurney, Amanda E 9f b Ga McBurney, Sarah J 4f b Ga McBurney, Dolly A 2f b Ga McBurney, Lucius 1m b Ga Bozeman, Charles 12m b Ga McBunee, Ashley 8m b At School Ga 45/45 Rayfield, David 58m w Planter /100 SC Rayfield, Knity 40f w Wife Ga Rayfield, Sarah 21f w Labor Ga Rayfield, Nancy 18f w " Ga Rayfield, Mary 9f w Ga 46/46 Davis, Benjamin 50m b " /400 Ga Davis, Mary 40f b " Ga Davis, Eliza 15f b " Ga Davis, Amanda 13f b Ga Davis, Sarah 11f b Ga Davis, Samuel 9m b Ga Davis, Rachel 7f b Ga Davis, Isaac 2m b Ga Davis, Mary 6/12f b born-Dec Ga 47/47 Rawls, Alex 51m b Farm Labor Ga Rawls, Susan 28f b Keep House Ga Rawls, Elizabeth 10f b Farm Labor Ga Rawls, Fanny 9f b Ga Rawls, Henry 3m b Ga 48/48 Harrell, Daniel 46m b Farm Labor 200/200 Ga Harrell, Margaret 37f b House Keeper Ga Harrell, Arthur 38m b Farm Labor Ga Harrell, Sallie 14f b At School Ga Lampkin, Hannah 16f b " Ga 49/49 Wimberly, George 30m b Farm Labor Ga Wimberly, Martha 40f b Keep House Ga Wimberly, Thomas 6/12m b b-Dec Ga Saunders, Alsey 9f b Ga 50/50 Carruthers, Georgia 48f b Cook 100/300 Ga Carruthers, America 12f m In School Ga Carruthers, Amanda 10f m " Ga Carruthers, Thomas 6m b Ga Carruthers, Calvina 3f b Ga Carruthers, Jane 16f b Servant Ga 51/51 Carruthers, Gilford 70m b Farm Labor NC Carruthers, Mary 55f b K House Ga Carruthers, Mary jr 8f b Ga 52/52 Hendley, William H 37m w Planter 19400/4525 Ga Hendley, Mollie J 21f w nee-Carruthers m-5/2/1864 Ga Hendley, Joseph C 4m w Ga Watkins, Emma D 8f w At School Ga Fountain, Lloyd 16m w Farm Labor Ga Barnes, Richard 24m m " Ga Bosley, Dick 40m b Wagoneer Ga 53/53 Harrell, Lovard L 55m w Planter 10000/1000 Ga Harrell, Elizabeth A 47f w nee-Hamilton m-01/11/1832 Ga Barron, Jack 21m b Farm Labor Ga Harrell, James 19m m " Ga Harrell, Henry 10m b Servant Ga 54/54 Bozeman, James 29m b Farm Labor Ga Bozeman, Tenea 21f b K House Ga Bozeman, Augustus 7m b Ga Bozeman, Elizabeth 4f b Ga Bozeman, Wiley 2m b Ga Bozeman, William 2/12m b b-Apr Ga 55/55 Barron, Anderson 50m b Farm Labor Ga Barron, Olive 45f b K House Ga Barron, Anderson 21m b Farm Labor Ga Barron, Milly 17f b " Ga Barron, Jane 15f b " Ga Barron, Peter 19m b " Ga Barron, James W 8m b Ga 56/56 Way, Ceasar 26m b Planter /100 Ga Way, Elvira 30f b K House Ga Way, Lawrence 12m b Farm Labor Ga Way, Ross 10m b " Ga Way, Davis 8m b Ga Way, Moses 6m b Ga Way, Dock 4m b Ga Way, Catherine 2f b Ga Way, Edward 4/12m b b-Feb Ga 57/57 Way, James 33m b Planter /700 Ga Way, Rosa 25f m Wife Ga Way, Mary E 5f m Ga Way, James H 1m m Ga Way, Daniel 18m b Farm Labor Ga 58/58 Clayton, Lucy 45f b " Ga Clayton, Louisa 20f b " Ga Clayton, Mariah 18f b " Ga Clayton, Hannah 12f b " Ga 59/59 Welch, Samuel 38m m " Ga Welch, Nancy 35f b Wife Ga Welch, Robert 1m b Ga 60/60 Daniel, William 32m m F Labor Ga Daniel, Victoria 23f b K House Tn Daniel, Ella 1f b Ga Daniel, Rachel 65f b K House 100/ Ga 61/61 Weeks, Nathan 40m b Farm Labor 100/ Ga Weeks, Zada 30f b K House Ga Weeks, Orren 13m b Farm Labor Ga Weeks, Emma 11f b At School Ga Weeks, Amanda 9f b " Ga 62/62 Taylor, John 70m b Labor NC Taylor, Betsy 65f b K House NC 63/63 Brown, Redd 70m b Farm Labor Va Brown, Pheboe 65f b K House Va Bozeman, Beanregard 10m b At School Ga 64/64 Weeks, Clarissa 50f b Labor Ga 65/65 Brown, Emaline 26f b Labor Ga Brown, Mary A 12f b At School Ga Brown, Emma 5f b Ga 66/66 Lewis, Braxton 30m m Farm Labor Ga Lewis, Elizabeth 35f b H Keeper Ga Lewis, James H 5m m Ga 67/67 Fountain, Mary 49f m Labor Ga Fountain, Jim 21m m " Ga Fountain, Joseph 18m B " Ga Fountain, Biddy 12f m In School Ga Fountain, Benjamin 6m b Ga Fountain, Laura 18f m Teacher Ga 68/68 Powers, Moses 60m m Labor Ga Powers, Caroline 48f b House Keeper Ga Powers, Amelia 18f m " Ga Powers, Josephine 4/12f b b-Feb Ga 69/69 Fountain, Peter 28m b Labor Ga Fountain, Louisa 23f b " Ga Fountain, Sarah A E 5f b Ga Fountain, James H 3m b Ga Fountain, John R 3/12m b b-Feb Ga 70/70 Tippett, Abner 46m w Mill Machine 1500/1000 Ga Tippett, Cynthia 44f w nee-Whaley m-05/02/1847 Ga Tippett, Nancy S 21f w Teacher Ga Tippett, John L 17m w At School Ga Tippett, Mary Jane 14f w m-Pat T McGriff Jr2/28/1877 Ga Tippett, Mattie S 12f w m-James O Holton 11/28/1878 Ga Tippett, Wm A 10m w Ga Tippett, Sarah Lucy 8f w m-Charles Bache 10/25/1883 Ga Tippett, Charles Hardy 5m w Ga 71/71 Horne, Jack 45m b Teacher SC Horne, Mary 33f b Keep House Va Wood, Spencer 17m m Servant Ga Horne, Henretta 14f b Keep House Ga Horne, Laura 9f m Ga Horne, Margaret 7f b Ga 72/72 Jones, Samuel M 48m w House Carpenter /500 Ga Jones, Jane W 42f w Wife Ga Jones, Thomas S 20m w Store Clerk Ga (Thomas married Eliza McKinney 03/26/1874) Jones, Mildred J or T 16f w m-E G Fleming 12/10/1876 Ga Jones, Elizabeth C 6f w Ga Jones, Margaret F 12f w Ga Jones, Susan L 2f w Ga 73/73 Clarke, C. Columbus 35m w Ex Commission Merch. 500 Ga Clarke, Georgia 32f w Wife Ga Clarke, Byron 12m w Labor Ga Clarke, Hershell V 10m w Labor Ga (Hershell V. m-Emma Quattlebaum -12/04/1888) Clarke, Beauregard 9m w Ga Clarke, Madora V 5f w Ga Clarke, Troup H 2m w Ga Clarke, Orren D 10/12m w born-Sept Ga Sykes, Nancy 11f b House Servant Ga 74/74 Bagley, Albert G 58m w Tanner 600/2000 Va Bagley, Nancy 51f w nee-Scroggins 12/24/1853 Ga Bagley, Josephine 22f w At Home Ga Bagley, Albert G 17m w m-Ora Culpepper 12/05/1880 Ga Bagley, Charles W 13m w Labor Ga Bagley, John H 11m w " Ga 75/75 Nutting, James 45m b Farm Labor Ga Thomaston, Sylvia 45f b " Ga Thomaston, Emmet R 15m b " Ga Thomaston, Mary A M 12f b Cook Ga Thomaston, Lavenia 7f b Ga 76/76 Clayton, Daniel 53m b Farm Labor /200 Ga Clayton, Cordelia 45f b Keep House Ga Clayton, Calvin 17m b Farm Labor Ga Clayton, William 12m b Farm Labor Ga 77/77 Payton, Jordan 37m b House Carpenter 500/ NC Payton, Hannah 29f b Keep House Ga Payton, Henry 7m b Ga Payton, Haywood 6m b Ga Payton, Philip 16m b Farm Labor Ga Payton, Charles 4m b Ga Payton, Laura 3f b Ga Payton, Anna 1f b Ga Fudge, Charles 37m b " Ga 78/78 Gleeves, Rufas 42m b House Carpenter Ga Gleeves, Lilla 27f b Keep House Ga Gleeves, Peter 11m b At School Ga Gleeves, Emaline 9f b Ga 79/79 Mitchell, James B 35m w Teacher Ga Mitchell, Mary Orlena 28f w nee-Ryan m-06/26/1860 Ga Mitchell, Charles 8m w Ga Mitchell, Minnie 3f w Ga Watson, Ellen 16f b House Servant Ga 80/80 Fleming, James 47m w Planter 3275/7040 Ga Fleming, Mary A E 42f w Wife NC Fleming, Mary M 15f w In School Ga Fleming, James F 12m w " Ga Fleming, Emma J 2f w m-J H Bragg 01/27/1892 Ga Fleming, Malinda 73f w Ga 81/81 Love, Charles 30m b House Carpenter 250/30 Ga Love, Margaret 24f m Keep House Ga Love, Sarah 2f m Ga 82/82 Daniel, Prince 55m b Farm Labor Ga Daniel, Hannah 44f b " Ga Daniel, Mary 29f b " Ga Daniel, George 9m b Ga Daniel, Charles 2m b Ga 83/83 Rhodes, James 40m b Farm Labor Ga Rhodes, Matilda 22f m Keep House Ga Rhodes, Amanda 13f m Ga 84/84 Mitchell, Janett 64f w Keep House 200/75 Ga Wallace, Sallie 14f w At School Ga Holder, Mary 37f w Keep House Ga Holder, Mollie 12f w At School Ga Mitchell, Mary 75f b Cook Va Wallace, Jack 5m b Ga 85/85 Whitfield, Elijah 61m b Farm Labor Ga Whitfield, Emaline 40f b " Md Whitfield, Turner 18m b " Ga Whitfield, Jesse 17m b " Ga Whitfield, Emma 15f b " Ga Whitfield, Elijah 13m b " Ga Whitfield, Noah 11m b " Ga Whitfield, Mitchell 9m b Ga Whitfield, Walden 7m b Ga Whitfield, Henrietta 4f b Ga 86/86 Daniel, Sandy 75m b " Ga Daniel, Elizabeth 74f b Ga 87/87 Gilbert, E Bryant 43m w Planter 2500/2000 Ga Gilbert, Elizabeth E 41f w Wife Ga Gilbert, Mary C 17f w Ga Gilbert, Sarah M 15f w Ga Gilbert, Martha V 13f w Ga Gilbert, Wm A 11m w In School Ga Gilbert, Robert H 9m w " Ga Gilbert, Ira B 7m w " Ga Gilbert, Lula 1f w Ga Hart, Sallie 25f b House Servant Ga Gilbert, Henry 15m b Labor Ga 88/88 Mitchell, Absalon 65m b Farm Labor Ga Mitchell, Mary 64f b " Ga Mitchell, Anderson 9m b Ga 89/89 Daniels, John 35m b Labor Ga Daniels, Elizabeth 32f b Housekeeper Ga Hart, Eliza J 2f b Ga 90/90 Lindsey, Henry 55m b Labor Ga Lindsey, Eliza 50f b " Ga Lindsey, Benjamin 10m b " Ga 91/91 Williams, Franklin 28m m Labor Ga Williams, Sylvia A 20f b " Ga Williams, Elizabeth M 2f m Ga Hogsett, Eliza C. 10f b Nurse Ga 92/92 Folsom, Joseph 21m m Labor Ga Folsom, Sylvia V 21f b " Ga Folsom, Thomas B 4m b Ga Folsom, Asa A E J 1m b Ga 93/93 Harrell, Irwin 25m b Labor Ga Harrell, Caroline 23f b " Ga Harrell, James, W. 3m b Ga Harrell, Alexander 7/12m b b-Sept Ga 94/94 Folsom, Alexander 26m b Labor Ga Folsom, Mariah 19f b " Ga Folsom, Celia A 2f b Ga Folsom, James H 10/12m b b-Aug Ga 95/95 Philips, Joseph 22m b Labor Ga Philips, Sarah, A P 23f b " Ga Philips, Mariah E J 4f m Ga 96/96 Folsom, Thomas 50m b Black Smith Ga Folsom, Eliza J 48f b Keep House Va Humphries, Sallie 8f b Ga 97/97 Boothe, Bony 55m b Labor SC Boothe, Rosetta 38f b Keep House Ga Boothe, Elizabeth 14f b Labor Ga Boothe, Betty 21f b " Ga Boothe, Lincoln 3m b Ga Boothe, Mary J B 11/12f b b-July Ga 98/98 Howard, Lloyd 30m b Labor Ga Howard, Caroline 30f b " Ga Howard, Louisa 5f b Ga 99/99 McCullum, Smith 25m b " Va McCullum, Matilda 25f b House Keeper Ga 100/100 Philips, Crawford 50m b Labor Ga Philips, Sarah 50f b " Ga Philips, Richard 18m b " Ga Philips, Seaborn 13m b " Ga Philips, Sarah 8f b Ga Philips, Louisa 7f b Ga 101/101 Coley, Jack 25m b Labor Ga Coley, Jane 28f b " Ga Coley, Bryant 12m b Ga Coley, Lucy 10f b Ga Coley, James 2m b Ga 102/102 Donaldson, Robert 27m b F Labor SC Donaldson, Lucinda 27f b " SC Donaldson, Emma 7f b SC 103/103 Reeves, Joseph 78m b F Labor Va Reeves, Jane 50f b " NC Reeves, Caroline 13f b " Ga Coley, Lamer 21f b Keeps House Ga Coley, Hardy 3m b Ga Coley, Wiley W 4/12m b b-March Ga 104/104 Oliver, Martha 28f b F Labor Ga Oliver, George 17m b " Ga Oliver, Angelina 12f b " Ga Oliver, Joseph 8m b Ga Oliver, Willis 5m b Ga 105/105 Coley, Gabriel R 37m w Planter 14000/5000 Ga Coley, Elizabeth 32f w nee-Sutton m-10/14/1856 Ga Coley, John T 12m w In school Ga Coley, Vaness 11m w " Ga Coley, Mattie 9f w m-Wm F Simpson 05/05/1878 Ga Coley, Newton R 7m w Ga Coley, Gabriel S 5m w Ga Williams, Charlotte 68f w SC Freehill, F V 40m w Gardner Ire King, Horatio 24m w Gardner Ga 106/106 Anderson, Josiah J 24m w Planter 3000/600 Ga Anderson, Laura L 22f w Wife Ga Anderson, Charles C. 1m w Ga Anderson, Isabel 25f m Cook Ga Anderson, Frances 14f b House Servant Ga 107/107 Anderson, Clement 26m b Farm Labor Ga Anderson, Kizziah 26f b " Ga Anderson, Hannah 10f b Ga Anderson, Joseph 7m b Ga Anderson, Ada 4f b Ga Anderson, William 8/12m b b-Oct Ga 108/108 Anderson, Phoebe 60f b Keeps House NC Anderson, Matilda 21f b Farm Labor Ga Anderson, Mary 5f b Ga Anderson, Minta 8/12f b b-Oct Ga 109/109 Shiver, Ishmael 39m b F Labor /200 Ga Shiver, Sallie 36f b Wife Va Shiver, Kelsie 17f b F Labor Ga Shiver, Lucy 16f b " Ga Shiver, Susan 13f b Nurse Ga Shiver, Reuben 11m b F Labor Ga Shiver, Richmond 2m b Ga Shiver, William 8/12m b b-Sept Ga Shiver, Abner 105m b Worn out by age Africa 110/110 Pennick, Robert 28m b Farm Labor Ga Pennick, Louisa 23f b Wife Ga Pennick, William Crenroe 2m b Ga 111/111 Pennick, Rose 55f b Mid Wife Va Pennick, Martha 19f b Keeps House Ga Pennick, Eliza 13f b " Ga 112/112 Shepperd, Henry S 32m w Planter /800 Ga Shepperd, Sarah E 27f w nee-Anderson m-02/07/1864 Ga Shepperd, John R 4m w Ga Shepperd, Henry C 8/12m w b-Nov Ga Harden, Ann S 34f w House Keeper Ga Harden, Wm 12m w At School Ga 113/113 Bunn, William 32m b Farm Labor Ga Bunn, Mahala 20f b Cook Ga Bunn, Mary 4/12f b b-Feb Ga Anderson, William 11m b F Labor Ga 114/114 Nelson, John 25m b " Ga Nelson, Amanda 19f b Ga Nelson, Allen 11m b " Ga 115/115 Lester, Allen 33m b Farm Labor Ga Lester, Hannah 28f b K House Ga 116/116 Anderson, Samuel 45m b Farm Labor Ga Anderson, Charity 34f b Wife Ga Anderson, Harriet 17f b F Labor Ga Anderson, Lewis 14m b " Ga Anderson, William 11m b " Ga Anderson, Coley 9m b Ga Anderson, Carrie 7f b Ga Anderson, Ida 6f b Ga Anderson, Lilla 4f b Ga Anderson, Ellefare 2f b Ga Anderson, Gainey 2f b Ga Harden, John Nick * 10m w At School Ga 117/117 Jones, Oliver 54m w Planter 660/400 Ga Jones, Polly(Mary) 55f w Wife Ga Scarborough, John 25m w Labor Ga Scarborough, Benjamin 14m w " Ga Bell, Willis 24m w m-Emily Davis 04/30/1870 Ga Scarborough, Margaret 59f w Labor Ga 118/118 Shinnette, Jerry 27m b Farm Labor /100 Ga Shinnette, Amanda 23f b " Ga Shinnette, Joanna 3f b Ga Shinnette, Evaline 2f b Ga Burkhalter, Cynthia 28f b Farm Labor Ga 119/119 Rawles, Limerick 57m b Farm Labor /150 Ga Rawles, Gilla 56f b Wife Ga Rawles, Berry 18m b Farm Labor Ga Rawles, Mariah 22f b " Ga Rawles, Ellen 3f b Ga Rawles, Robert 1m b Ga 120/120 Lawson, Fredrick 37m b " Ga Lawson, Sucky 30f b Ga 121/121 Lambert, Henry 45m b Farm Labor Ga Lambert, Catherine 35f b Wife NC Lambert, Phillis 13f b Farm Labor Ga Lambert, Dennis 10m b " Ga Lambert, Armantha 8f b Ga Lambert, Crawford 6m b Ga Lambert, Elvenia 5f b Ga Lambert, Arrena 1f b Ga 122/122 Shinnette, Louisa 25f b Farm Labor Ga Shinnette, Grant 5m b Ga Shinnette, William 3m b Ga Shinnette, Ida 1f b Ga 123/123 Shinnette, Benjamin 55m b " /100 SC Shinnette, Caroline 54f b Keeps House NC Shinnette, Benjamin 19m b Farm Labor Ga Shinnette, Persey 14m b " Ga Shinnette, Noah 10m b " Ga Shinnette, Ark 7m b Ga 124/124 Shinnette, Warren 21m b F Labor Ga Rawles, Thomas 19m b " Ga Shinnette, Martha S 9f b Ga 125/125 Howell, Chesterfield 36m w Planter 300/ Ky Howell, Elizabeth 29f w Wife Ga Howell, Martha Jane 3f w Ga Howell, Mariah 1f w Ga 126/126 Williamson, Catherine 50f w Keep House 12000/4000 Ga Williamson, Mary 27f w Ga Williamson, J Tully 21m w Clerk Ga Williamson, James P 17m w m-Emma C Miller 04/27/1881 Ga 127/127 Williamson, Alex 45m b Farm Labor Ga Williamson, Rose 40f b Wife Ga Williamson, Benjamin 18m b F Labor Ga Williamson, Charles 15m b " Ga Williamson, Amanda 20f b " Ga Williamson, Evans 11m b " Ga Williamson, Hardy 9m b Ga Williamson, Dock 5m b Ga Williamson, Chelsea 3f b Ga Williamson, Henry 2m b Ga Williamson, John T 6/12m b b-Dec Ga 127/128 Williamson, Sam 35m b Farm Labor Ga Williamson, Adaline 35f b Wife Ga Williamson, Solomon 10m b F Labor Ga Bratcher, Meriah 55f b K House Ga 129/129 Taylor, Jack 35m b Farm Labor Ga Taylor, Frances 25f b K House Ga Taylor, Caroline 12f b " Ga 130/130 Roys*, George 30m b Farm Labor Ga Roys, Eve 35f b " Ga Roys, Georgia A 15f b " Ga 131/131 Coley, Henry 30m b Farm Labor Ga 132/132 Coley, Floyd 28m b " Ga 133/133 Clarke, Owen 22m b Farm Labor Ga Clarke, Mary 35f b Keeps House Ga Clarke, Laura 17f b Cook Ga Clarke, Lewis 12m b F Labor Ga Clarke, Merritt 10m b " Ga Clarke, Amanda 8f b Ga Clarke, William 4m b Ga Clarke, Owen 1m b Ga 134/134 Williamson, Jim 50m b Farm Labor Ga Williamson, Hannah 45f b Wife Ga Williamson, Alley 18f b F Labor Ga Williamson, Julia 16f b " Ga Williamson, William 6m b Ga Williamson, Prince 4m b Ga Williamson, Catherine 2f b Ga 135/135 Williamson, Nancy 40f b Farm Labor Ga Williamson, Reuben 8m b Ga Williamson, Sophia 6f b Ga Williamson, Hannah 4f b Ga 136/136 Taylor, Drewey W 60m w Planter /500 Ga Taylor, Elizabeth 56f w Wife Ga Taylor, Sallie H E 10f w At School Ga 137/137 Taylor, John R 24m w Planter /500 Ga Taylor, Martha Jane 25f w nee-Poole m-11/19/1867 Ga Taylor, Robert T 1m w Ga Taylor, Charles B 4/12m w b-Feb Ga Taylor, Ferny B 4/12m w b-Feb Ga 138/138 Barrer, John J 30m w Planter /500 Ga Barrer, Eugenia 20f w Wife Ga Barrer, Wm L 1m w Ga Barrer, Eugenias 3/12f w b-Mar Ga (Due to poor copy, this Barrer name could be Norris) 139/139 Maloy, Robert 22m m Farm Labor /200 Ga Maloy, Caroline 20f b Wife Ga Lewis, John 14m b F Labor Ga Lewis, Thomas 12m b " Ga Hubbard, Abram 18m b " Ga Robinson, Edmund 16m b " Ga 140/140 Maloy, William 24m m Farm Labor /150 NC Maloy, Eliza 20f b Wife Ga Maloy, Ida 5f b Ga Maloy, Powell 3m b Ga Maloy, Bender 5/12m b b-Jan Ga 141/141 Maloy, Alex 27m m Farm Labor /175 Ga Maloy, Penny 23f m Wife Ga Maloy, Robert 3m m Ga Maloy, John 2m m Ga 142/142 Hayes, Andrew 23m b Farm Labor Va Hayes, Harriet 26f b Wife Ga Hayes, Thomas 11/12m b b-July Ga 143/143 Pennick, Joseph 25m b Farm Labor /200 Ga King, Isaac 25m b " Ga King, Mollie 25f b " Ga 144 Omitted 145/145 Lawson, Charles 36m b Farm Labor /400 Ga Lawson, Winney 32f b Wife Ga Lawson, George 16m b F Labor Ga Lawson, Shadrick 15m b " Ga Lawson, Chloe 8f b Ga Lawson, Mariah 7f b Ga Lawson, Charles 5m b Ga Lawson, Nathan 6/12m b b-Nov Ga 146/145 Simpson, Frank 33m b Farm Labor Ga Simpson, Georgia A 25f b " Ga 147/147 Coney, Ceasar 40m b Farm Labor Ga Coney, Frances 36f b Wife Ga Coney, Nelson 16m b F Labor Ga Coney, Henry 13m b " Ga Coney, Polly 10f b Keeps House Ga Coney, Jane 8f b Ga Coney, Laura 6f b Ga Coney, William 5m b Ga Coney, Emily 4f b Ga 148/148 Walker, Asa 29m b Farm Labor Ga Walker, Eliza 24f b " Ga Walker, Riley 17m b " Ga Walker, Carry 9f b Ga Walker, Samuel 1m b Ga 149/149 Watkins, John J 43m w Planter 4000/1000 NC Watkins, Barb 6m w Ga Watkins, Brown 4m w Ga Watkins, Mariah 24f w House Keeper Ga Watkins, Babe 2/12m w b-May Ga 150/150 Hall, Toney 53m b Farm Labor Ga Hall, Love 18m b " Ga Brown, Lea 35f b Cook Ga 151/151 Grace, John 18m w Labor Ga 152/152 Defnall, William 20m w " Ga Defnall, Fanny (Frances) 20f w nee-Skipper m-06/20/1869 Ga Jones, Malinda 11f w Ga Mathews, Anthony 11m w Ga 153/153 Rogers, Nero 38m b Farm Labor Ga Rogers, Marshall 6m b Ga Rogers, Sophron 4f b Ga 154/154 Rawls, Betty 65f b Keeps House Ga 155/155 Rawls, George 35m b Farm Labor Ga Rawls, Amy 28f b Keeps House Ga Rawls, Luke 12m b F Labor Ga 156/156 Rawls, Ned 65m b Farm Labor Ga Rawls, Mariah 55f b Keeps House Ga 157/157 Rawls, Rachel 28f b " Ga Rawls, Robert 12m b F Labor Ga Rawls, Cornelia 9f b Ga Rawls, Isaah 3m b Ga Rawls, Wiley W 9/12m b b-Sept Ga 158/158 Rawls, Ned jr 30m b Farm Labor Ga Rawls, Toney 23m b " Ga Rawls, Perlina 25f b " Ga Rawls, Lee 5m b Ga Rawls, Mary 8/12f b b-Nov Ga 159/159 Bryant, Ned 40m b Farm Labor Ga Bryant, Eliza 30f b K House Ga Bryant, Polly 15f b F Labor Ga Bryant, Andrew 10m b " Ga Bryant, Lucrecia 6f b Ga Bryant, Eli 4m b Ga Bryant, Edward 3m b Ga Bryant, Cornelia 8/12f b b-Nov Ga 160/160 Lowery, Cales 30m b F Labor Ga Lowery, Milly 25f b Wife Ga Lowery, Phoebe 11f b F Labor Ga Lowery, Reuben 8m b Ga Lowery, Mary 7f b Ga Lowery, George 4m b Ga Lowery, Jincy 2f b Ga 161/161 Thompson, Moses 23m b Farm Labor Ga Thompson, Pender 20f b " Ga 162/162 Carter, Grace 40f b Cook Ga Carter, Henry 5m b Ga Jackson, Frank 25m b F Labor Ga 163/163 Charters, Robert 21m w Planter /200 Ga 164/164 Pennick, James 32m m Planter /200 Ga Pennick, Mary 23f b F Labor Ga 165/165 Cone, Anderson 40m b Farm Labor /100 Ga Cone, Martha 30f b Wife Ga Cone, Margaret 12f b F Labor Ga Cone, Susan 10f b " Ga Cone, Jamima S 1f b Ga 166/166 Marchman, Benjamin F 54m w Planter 400/300 Ga Marchman, Mary 48f w Wife Ga Marchman, Permilia 27f w Ga Marchman, Matilda C 15f w Ga Marchman, Martha Eliz. 9f w Ga Brinkley, James 21m w Labor Ga Jackson, Penny 46f w " Ga 167/167 Brown, Susan 30f m Servant Ga Brown, Penny 9f m Ga Brown, Calvin 7m m Ga Brown, William 3m m Ga Brown, Cydna E 3/12m m b-April Ga 168/168 Brown, Lydia 40f b Cook Va Brown, Sarah 6f b Ga Brown, Robert 2m b Ga 169/169 Fields, Edmund 22m b F Labor Va Fields, Mary E 20f b Wife Ga Fields, Robert O 2m b Ga 170/170 Brown, William 40m b F Labor /250 Ga Brown, Harriet 35f b K House Ga Brown, Ellis 19m b F Labor Ga 171/171 Brown, Peter 51m b F Labor /200 Md Brown, Jane 48f b Wife Ga Brown, Bob 5m b Ga 172/172 Ross, John 18m b F Labor Ga Ross, Gemi M A 40f b K House NC Ross, George 12m b F Labor Ga Ross, Emaline 4f b Ga 173/173 Brown, Joshe* 24m b F Labor /180 Ga Brown, Catherine 18f b Wife Ga Brown, Stephen 6m b Ga Brown, George 4m b Ga 174/174 Brown, Henry 31m b F Labor /160 Ga Brown, Cherry 27f b " Ga 175/175 Brown, Prince 21m b " Ga Brown, Harriet 19f b K House Ga 176/176 Polhill, Daniel 48m b F Labor /400 Ga Polhill, Mary 40f b Wife NC Polhill, Malissa 17f b F Labor Ga Polhill, Jackson 9m b Ga 177/177 Polhill, Jerry 25m b F Labor Ga Polhill, Sarah 21f b Ga 178/178 Polhill, Thomas 22m b F Labor Ga 179/179 Lloyd, James 56m b F Labor /200 Md Lloyd, Anna 55f b Wife NC Lloyd, Ester 20f b Keeps House Ga Lloyd, Oliver 2m b Ga 180 Omitted 181/181 King, Alfred 25m b F Labor /170 Ga King, Amy 21f b K House Ga 182/182 Lawson, Isaac 23m b F Labor Ga 183/183 Lloyd, David 25m b F Labor /200 Ga Lloyd, Hannah 19f b Wife Ga Lloyd, David 10/12m b b-Aug Ga 184/184 Polhill, Tom 57m b F Labor Ga Polhill, Mathew 11m b " Ga 185/185 Lawson, Simon 25m b F Labor Ga Lawson, Julia 25f b Wife Ga Lawson, Jeanette 2f b Ga Lawson, Sallie 5/12f b b-Feb Ga 186 Omitted 187/187 Brown, Floyd 27m b F Labor /250 Ga Brown, Jincy 29f b Wife Ga Brown, Amy 11f b Keeps House Ga Brown, Louisa 7f b Ga Brown, William 3m b Ga Brown, Allen 3m b Ga Brown, Charles 1m b Ga 188/188 Williams, Henry 25m b F Labor /200 Ga Williams, Laura 22f b Wife Ga Williams, Hellige 1m b Ga 189/189 Cone, Mack 25m b F Labor Ga Cone, Amy 50f b Keeps House Ga 190/190 Benjamin, Simon 21m b F Labor Ga Benjamin, Josephine 18f b Wife Ga 191/191 Philips, Bathsheba 60f b Labor NC Philips, Dinah 22f b " Ga Philips, Thomas 3m b Ga Philips, William C 1m b Ga 192/192 Brown, Wilson 25m b " /125 Ga Brown, Amanda 25f b Wife Ga Brown, Frank 5m b Ga Brown, Rosa 1f b Ga 193/193 Brown, Mariah 48f b Labor Ga Brown, Amy 8f b Ga Brown, Tom 2m b Ga Lawson, Charlotte 25f b Labor Ga Riley, John 13m b Labor Ga Brown, Penny 50f b Keeps House NC 194/194 Leith, Jerry 45m b Farm Labor Ga Leith, Caroline 48f b Wife NC Leith, Amos 19m b F Labor Ga Leith, Ann 12f b " Ga Leith, Rose 10f b " Ga Leith, Mary A 7f b Ga 195/195 Leith, William 24m b F Labor Ga Leith, Amanda 24f b Wife Ga Leith, Hattie 6f b Ga Leith, Reese 3m b Ga Leith, Babe 1/12m b b-May Ga 196/196 Leith, Jasper 52m b F Labor NC Leith, Sabra 60f b K House Ga Leith, Rose 35f b F Labor Ga Leith, Martha 12f b " Ga Leith, Nelson 10m b " Ga Leith, Alice 6f b Ga 197/197 Leith, Elijah 35m b F Labor NC Leith, Juda 38f b Va Leith, Jane 18f b F Labor Ga Leith, Doris 14f b " Ga Leith, Luke 12m b " Ga Leith, Richard 8m b Ga Leith, Gatsy 6f b Ga Leith, Millice 3m b Ga Leith, Eli 3/12m b b-Mar Ga Leith, Ida 3/12f b b-Mar Ga 198/198 Carruthers, Tom 40m b F Labor Ga Carruthers, Raney 38f b K House Ga Carruthers, Samuel 15m b F Labor Ga Carruthers, Caleb 12m b " Ga Carruthers, Jasper 8m b Ga Carruthers, Francis 6m b Ga Carruthers, Babe 1/12m b b-May Ga 199/199 Coley, Gilford 35m b Farm Labor Ga Coley, Mary 24f b Wife Ga Coley, John 11m b F Labor Ga Coley, Jacob 12m b " Ga Coley, Henry 10m b " Ga Coley, Leroy 8m b Ga Coley, Sarah 5f b Ga Coley, Coley 1m b Ga 200/200 Carruthers, George 30m b F Labor Ga Carruthers, Sarah 25f b " Ga 201/201 Bembry, Tom 33m b F Labor Ga Bembry, Mary 30f b Wife Ga Bembry, Martha 8f b Ga Bembry, Smithy 6f w Ga Bembry, Amanda 3f b Ga Bembry, Aaron 1m b Ga 202/202 Philips, London 35m b F Labor /200 SC Philips, Sarah 30f b Wife Ga Philips, Sugar 6f b Ga 203/203 Philips, Simon 55m b F Labor Ga Philips, Lydia 50f b Cook Ga Philips, Ned 17m b F Labor Ga 204/204 Burns, King 24m b " Ga Burns, Martha 25f b " Ga 205/205 Colson, Jesse 40m b F Labor Ga Colson, Mahala 30f b K House Ga Colson, Daniel 8m b Ga Colson, Sarah J 1f b Ga 206/206 Mays, Alfred 24m b F Labor Ga Mays, Anna 20f b " Ga Mays, Hannah 5/12f b b-Dec Ga 207/207 Pickett, Mike 19m b F Labor Ga 208/208 Hall, Samuel 30m b F Labor Ga Hall, Sarah 25f b K House Ga Hall, Katy 6f b Ga Hall, George 3m b Ga Hall, Babe 1/12m b b-May Ga 209/209 Sparrow, Balam 45m b F Labor NC Sparrow, Amanda 25f b K House Ga Sparrow, William 2m b Ga Sparrow, ? 6/12m b b-Dec Ga 210/210 Leith, James S 52m w Planter 1200/4500 NC Graham, Philip 63m w Labor Ga McGlendon, Wm 22m w " Ga Clarke, Thomas 22m w " Ga Williams, Michel 35f b Servant Ga 211/211 Lawson, Richard 50m b F Labor /150 Ga Lawson, Katy 23f b " Ga Lawson, Peter 19m b " Ga Lawson, Stephen 17m b " Ga Lawson, Jerry 15m b " Ga Lawson, Ester 11f b " Ga Lawson, Jane 9f b Ga Lawson, Lewis W 1m b Ga Lawson, Caleb 60m b " Ga 212/212 Rawls, James 40m b " /300 Ga Rawls, Cynthia 40f b " Ga Rawls, Josiah 5m b Ga Rawls, Prince 12m b " Ga 213/213 Davis, Thomas 71m w Planter /350 Ga Davis, Emily 28f w Ga Davis, Nancy 24f w Ga Davis, Samuel 22m w Labor Ga 214/214 Defnall, Elbert 23m w Planter Ga Defnall, Mary Jane 23f w Wife Ga Davis, Susan 6f w Ga Defnall, Mary Jane 14f w Ga 215/215 Marchman, Wm H 28m w Planter 500/300 Ga Marchman, Mary F 23f w nee-Hickman m-12/06/1866 Ga 216/216 Marchman, Alice 53f w Ga Hickman, George 20m w Planter Ga Hickman, Martha 17f w Wife Ga 217/217 White, Matthew 35m b F Labor Ga White, Emaline 27f b Wife Ga White, Thomas 13m b F Labor Ga White, Joseph 10m b " Ga White, Amy J 7f b Ga White, John 2m b Ga White, Elijah 7/12m b b-Dec Ga 218/218 Jackson, Alfred 54m b Farm Labor NC Jackson, Catherine 43f b Wife Va Jackson, Laura 20f b K House Ga Jackson, Aaron 19m b F Labor Ga Jackson, Dennis 12m b " Ga Jackson, Sarah 10f b " Ga Jackson, Hannah 7f b Ga Jackson, Cordelia 6f b Ga Jackson, David 1m b Ga 219/219 Johnson, Robert 24m b Farm Labor Ga Johnson, Julia 19f b Wife Ga Johnson, George F 10/12m b b-Aug Ga 220/220 Washington, George 24m b F Labor NC Washington, Sylvia 21f b Wife Ga Washington, Penelope N 6/12f b b-Dec Ga 221/221 Dickson, Jesse 56m b F Labor Gs Dickson, Lucy 47f b Wife Ga Dickson, Boston 9m b Ga Dickson, Lucinda 7f b Ga 222/222 McCormick, Mathis 76m w Planter 6000/1500 Ga McCormick, Mary H 69f w nee-Kennon m-09/10/1819 NC Daniels, Catherine 45f w NC Johnson, Samuel 48m Indian Ga 223/223 Dixon, Moses 77m w Planter /600 Ga Dixon, Mary E 29f w Ga Dixon, Martha J 32f w Ga Rands, Theresa 19f w Ga 224/224 Pitts, Philip 25m b F Labor Ga Pitts, Litta 27f b Ga Pickett, Dempsey 12m b F Labor Ga Pickett, Robert 10m b " Ga Pickett, Mathew A 11/12m b b-July Ga 225/225 Dickson, Green 30m b F Labor /200 Ga Dickson, Eliza 21f b " Va Dickson, Sarah 11/12f b b-Aug Ga Dickson, Sallie 8f b Ga 226/226 Dickson, John 27m b Farm Labor /150 Ga Dickson, Laura 18f b Wife Ga Dickson, Ephraim 1m b Ga Dickson, Lucrecia 24f b F Labor Ga 227/227 White, John 69m b " /200 NC White, Chloe 50f b " Ga Dickson, Celia 17f b " Ga 228/228 Harden, Esau 49m m Carpenter /400 Ga Harden, Mahala 40f m Wife Ga Harden, Nancy 16f m At School Ga Harden, Thruman 14m m F Labor Ga Harden, Esau 3m m Ga Clifton, Joseph 13m m " Ga 229/229 Coffee, Samuel 25m b " /200 Ga Coffee, Harriet 19f m " Ga Brown, Andrew 15m b " Ga Randolph, Simon 22m b " Ga 230/230 McCormick, Balam 65m b " NC 231/231 McCormick, Mathis M 25m w Minister 2500/800 Ga McCormick, Celia A 23f w Wife Ga McCormick, Charles A 4m w Ga McCormick, Wm T 2m w Ga Fitzgerald, Wm J 27m w Labor Ga Fitzgerald, Catherine 23f w nee-Fitzgerald m-7/03/1861 Ga Fitzgerald, Martha W 8f w Ga 232/232 Poole, Prince 28m b F Labor Ga Poole, Emma 25f b Wife Ga Poole, Henry 7m b Ga Poole, Howard 5m b Ga Poole, Hannah 1f b Ga Robuck, Celia 40f b F Labor Ga 233/233 Varnadoe, King 25m b F Labor Ga Varnadoe, Ann 21f b " Ga Varnadoe, Charles 4m b Ga Varnadoe, Dink 5m b Ga Varnadoe, Susan 3f b Ga Varnadoe, George 1m b Ga Varnadoe, Jane 4/12f b b-Feb Ga Poole, John 12m b F Labor Ga Poole, Allen 10m b " Ga Poole, Isaac A 3m b Ga 234/234 Taylor, William 23m b F Labor Ga Taylor, Louisa 19f b Wife Ga Taylor, Seaton 1m b Ga 235/235 Askew, David 22m b Farm Labor NC Askew, Rachel 18f b Wife Ga Askew, Stella 3f b Ga Askew, Martha 9/12f b b-Sept Ga 236/236 McCormick, Ned 22m b Farm Labor Ga McCormick, Penny 25f b Wife Ga McCormick, Henry 10/12m b b-July Ga 237/237 McCormick, Thomas 42m w Planter 3000/600 Ga McCormick, Eliza J 32f w nee-Bass m-09/18/1856 Ga McCormick, Laura 12f w At Home Ga McCormick, James C 10m w " Ga McCormick, Fanny 8f w Ga McCormick, Minnie L 6f w Ga 238/238 Brown, James 36m b F Labor /150 NC Brown, Lotta 30f b Wife Ga Cole, William 45m b Teacher SC 239/239 Thompson, Henry 25m b F Labor Ga Thompson, Hetta 22f b Wife Ga Thompson, Lilla 3f b Ga 240/240 Clarke, Henry 32m b Farm Labor Ga Clarke, Jade 28f b Ga Clarke, Nicey 16f b " Ga Clarke, Ony 14f b " Ga Clarke, Henry 12m b " Ga Clarke, Henrietta 10f b " Ga Clarke, Louisa 8f b Ga Clarke, Alice 6f b Ga Clarke, Roxy 4f b Ga 241/241 Poole, Solomon 45m b F Labor /150 Ga Poole, Mary 45f b Wife Ga 242/242 Miller, Lewis 26m b F Labor SC Miller, Kitty 20f b Wife Ga Miller, Peggy 4f b Ga Miller, Buster 2m b Ga 243/243 Churchwell, John 36m w M. G./Planter 5000/1500 Ga Churchwell, Fredonia 28f w Wife Ga Churchwell, Elka 10f w At Home Ga Churchwell, Ida E 9f w m-John Pope 03/21/1878 Ga Giddings, Nancy 24f w Keep House Ga Giddings, Emma 3f w Ga 244/244 Walker, Solomon 75m b F Labor Ga Walker, James 14m b " Ga Walker, Clara 11f b " Ga Walker, Ann 4f b Ga Walker, Mariah 35f b Ga 245/245 Bryant, Aaron 27m b F Labor /250 Ga Bryant, Eliza 24f b Wife Ga 246/246 Johnson, Edger 22m b Farm Labor Ga Johnson, Susan 21f b Wife Ga 247/247 Perkins, Americus 41m b F Labor /100 Va Perkins, Fanny 35f b Wife Va Perkins, Ella 13f b At School Ga 248/248 Hendley, Nelson 57m b F Labor /100 Ga Hendley, Tener* 55f b Wife Ga Hendley, John 15m b F Labor Ga Hendley, Governor 13m b " Ga Hendley, Caroline 11f b At School Ga Hendley, Gwendolyn 16f b F Labor Ga Hendley, Harry 11m b " Ga 249/249 Hendley, Richard 23m b F Labor Ga Hendley, Sena 22f b Wife Ga Hendley, Ann 4f b Ga Hendley, Tener* 2f b Ga 250/250 Rawls, Martha 20f b F Labor Ga Rawls, Jack 53m b " /150 Ga Rawls, Mariah 20f b " Ga 251/251 Jackson, Rose 50f b Cook Ga Lamar, George 18m b Servant Ga Odom, Moses 55m b F Labor Ga Odom, Spicy 35f b " Ga Odom, Rachel 21f b " Ga Odom, Julia 20f b " Ga Odom, Amy 17f b " Ga Odom, Neptune 15m b " Ga Odom, Moses 13m b " Ga Odom, Candice 12f b " Ga Odom, Martha 7f b Ga Odom, Anthony 2m b Ga Odom, Betsy 1f b Ga 252/252 Odom, Jamima 40f b F Labor Ga Odom, Eda 11f b " Ga Odom, Dolly 8f b Ga 253/253 Vigil, Leurs 30m b F Labor Tn Vigil, Christa 30f b Wife Ga Vigil, Anderson 11m b F Labor Ga Vigil, Philip 6m b Ga Vigil, Johnson 5m b Ga 254/254 Philips, Hamilton 41m b F Labor /200 Ga 255/255 Jackson, Isaac 31m b " /200 Ga Jackson, Polly A 27f b Wife Ga Jackson, Missouri 14f b F Labor Ga Jackson, Laura 13f b " Ga Andrews, Jacob 48m b " /250 Ga Andrews, Charlotte 40f b " Ga Andrews, Augustus 19m b " Ga Andrews, Fayette 14m b " Ga Andrews, Patience 13f b " Ga Andrews, Lucenda 10f b " Ga Andrews, Fanny 6f b Ga Andrews, Lucius 5m b Ga Andrews, Jacob 3m b Ga Greenfield, Patience 64f b Keeps House Ga 256/256 Walker, Sylvia 69f b " Ga Walker, Sam 110m b Super Farmer Md Walker, Matilda 42f b Farm Labor Ga 257/257 Jackson, Isaac 47m b " Ga 258/258 Scott, Griffin 40m b " /200 Ga Scott, Mila 35f b Wife Ga Scott, Mary A 16f b F Labor Ga Scott, Griffin 14m b " Ga Scott, Moses 11m b " Ga Scott, William 9m b Ga Scott, Eugenius 8m b Ga Scott, Ella 4f b Ga Scott, Louisa 1f b Ga 259/259 Randolph, Thomas 28m b F Labor Ga Randolph, Charity 24f b Keeps House Ga 260/260 Henderson, Amos 26m b F Labor Ga Henderson, Malinda 30f b K House Ga Henderson, James 15m b F Labor Ga 261/261 Philips, Zeb 25m b " /200 Ga Philips, Rebecca 31f b " Ga Philips, Alice 5f b Ga 262/262 Hendley, Charles 26m b F Labor Ga Hendley, Jane 35f b " Ga 263/263 Prophett, Westley 21m b " Ga Prophett, Mary 23f b K House Ga 264/264 Service, Jacob 55m b F Labor /100 NC Service, Chloe 20f b " Ga Service, George 13m b " Ga Service, March 1m b Ga 265/265 Randolph, Randel 24m b F Labor Ga Randolph, Katy 21f b " Ga Randolph, Rosetta 2f b Ga 266/266 Randolph, Jackson 27m b F Labor /250 Ga Randolph, Scotta 23f b At School Ga 267/267 Thomas, Samuel 25m b F Labor Ga Thomas, Martha 40f b K House Va Thomas, Walker 6m b Ga 268/268 Jackson, Edmund 60m b F Labor Md Jackson, Gracy 60f b " Ga 269/269 Taylor, Hannah 45f b F Labor Ga Taylor, Clarissa 18f b " Ga Philips, Hannah 1f b Ga 270/270 Thomas, Lewis 30m b F Labor /200 Ga Thomas, Lucenda 32f b " Ga Thomas, Solomon 11m b " Ga Thomas, Sampson 8m b Ga Thomas, Willis 5m b Ga Thomas, Grant 2m b Ga 271/271 Thomas, Nelson 30m b F Labor Ga Thomas, Mary 26f b Keeps House Ga Thomas, Victoria 5f b Ga Thomas, Jacob 2m b Ga 272/272 Shinnett, Malinta 69f b Servant NC Shinnett, Queen A 10f b K House Ga Rawls, Amos 90m b Super. Farm Labor Ga Rawls, Sallie 55f b K House Ga 273/273 Scarborough, M A 39m w Planter 625/800 Ga Scarborough, Eliza A C 22f w Ga Scarborough, Franklin R 3m w Ga Scarborough, Wade A 1m w Ga 274/274 Polhill, John C 43m w Planter 3000/800 Ga Polhill, Margaret 26f w nee-Pickett m-02/13/1862 Ga Polhill, Lucius 7m w Ga Polhill, John 5m w Ga Polhill, Emma 2f w Ga Polhill, Jane 5/12f w b-Jan Ga Ellis, Elizabeth 18f w Cook deaf/dumb Ga Scarborough, Daniel 20m w Farm Labor Ga Roebuck, Alice 10f m Nurse Ga 275/275 Caldwell, Eli 35m b F Labor Ga Caldwell, Amanda 32f b Wife Ga Caldwell, Alsey 13f b At School Ga Caldwell, Joseph 11m b " Ga Caldwell, Mary 9f b " Ga Caldwell, Unknown 4/12m b Ga 276/276 Mitchell, Joseph 53m b F Labor Ga Mitchell, Harriet 43f b Wife Ga Mitchell, Joseph 17m b F Labor Ga Mitchell, Mary 15f b F Labor Ga Mitchell, Fanny 9f b Ga Leith, Reidy* 3m b Ga 277/277 Davis, Rufus 53m b F Labor /200 Ga Davis, Sarah 45f b Wife Ga Davis, Henry 21m b F Labor Ga Davis, David 18m b " Ga Davis, Celia 16f b " Ga Davis, Amanda 9f b Ga Davis, Napier 14m b Ga Davis, Daniel 5m b Ga Davis, Rufus jr 4m b Ga 278/278 Beasley, Thomas 28m b Farm Labor Ga Beasley, Betsy 26f b Wife Ga 279/279 Polhill, Alfred 30m b Farm Labor Ga Polhill, Julia 23f b Ga 280/280 Shiver, Hannah 30f b Farm Labor Miss Shiver, Ceasar 35m b " Ga Shiver, Malissa 8f b Miss Shiver, Josephine 6f b Ga Shiver, Tilman 3m b Ga Anderson, Hannah 40f b " Ga Anderson, Frances 13f b " Ga Anderson, Susan 8f b Ga Anderson, James 3m b Ga Anderson, Isaac 2m b Ga Pritchett, Sylvia 22f b " Ga Pritchett, Betsy 5f b Ga Pritchett, Babe 1/12f b Ga 281/281 McDuffee, George 43m b Farm Labor /400 Ga McDuffee, Martha 30f b " Ga McDuffee, Green 19m b " Ga 282/282 Walden, Isaac 40m b Farm Labor Ga Walden, Georgia A 25f b Ga Walden, Martha 7f b Ga Walden, Nancy 4f b Ga Walden, George 2m b Ga 283/283 Wynne, Joseph F 36m w Planter /600 SC Wynne, Frances E 32f w nee-Phelps m-12/03/1861 Ga Phelps, Cornelia 18f w At Home Ga Phelps, Eliza 14f w " Ga Phelps, Frances 12f w " Ga Wynne, John W 5m w Ga Wynne, Joseph F 3m w Ga Wynne, Babe 1/12f w b-May Ga Wynne, John R 28m w Farm Labor SC Wynne, Oliver A 25m w " SC Wynne, Susan A 21f w Keep House SC 284/284 Durham, Augustus 55m b Farm Labor /250 Ga Durham, Eliza 45f b Ga 285/285 Durham, Alfred 55m b Farm Labor /400 SC Durham, Missouri 45f b Wife Ga Durham, Eliza 14f b F Labor Ga Durham, Cornelius 11m b " Ga Durham, Dennis 9m b Ga Durham, Loyd 8m b Ga Durham, Cherry 5f b Ga Durham, Harriet 3f b Ga Durham, Hardy 11/12m b b-Aug Ga 286/286 Durham, Peter 25m b Farm Labor Ga Durham, Mary 21f b " Ga 287/287 Chapell, James 21m b " Ga 288/288 Lanier, Moses 38m b Planter /100 Ga Lanier, Mariah 30f b Wife Ga Lanier, Melicha 17m b F Labor Ga Lanier, Corena 14f b At School Ga Lanier, Ella 10f b " Ga Lanier, Griffin 3m b Ga Lanier, William 11/12m b b-Aug Ga Lanier, Bob 17m b F Labor Ga Lanier, Cato 18m b " Ga 289/289 Clayton, Elijah 28m b Farm Labor Ga Clayton, Harriet 30f b K House Ga Clayton, Elvira 19f b F Labor Ga Clayton, Missouri 14f b " Ga Clayton, Mathew 12m b At School Ga Clayton, Lucy 4f b Ga 290/290 Clayton, Simon 24m b F Labor Ga 291/291 Clayton, Bob 21m b " Ga 292/292 Ward, John 24m b " Ga 293/293 Daniel, Noah 24m b Farm Labor Ga Daniel, Jincy 20f b Wife Ga Daniel, George 2m b Ga Daniel, Augustus 1/12m b b-May Ga 294/294 Wright, Marcus 25m b F Labor Ga Wright, Rena 23f b Wife Ga Wright, Carrie 3f b Ga 295/295 Burkhalter, Dempsey 24m b Farm Labor Ga Burkhalter, Mariah 20f b Wife Ga Burkhalter, Tom 4m b Ga 296/296 Pugh, Willis 48m b Farm Labor Ga 297/297 Smiley, Mary 40f b Keeps House Ga Smiley, Jim 14m b Farm Labor Ga 298/298 Pickett, Frank 45m b Farm Labor Ga Pickett, Jane 40f b Wife Ga Pickett, Mariah 14f b F Labor Ga Pickett, Frank 10m b " Ga Newman, Jane 2f b Ga Newman, Samuel 1/12m b b-May Ga 299/299 Wilcox, Harry 24m b Farm Labor Ga Wilcox, Margaret 34f b " Ga 300/300 Mathews, Paschal 36m b Farm Labor NC Mathews, Betsy 23f b Wife Ga Mathews, Lula 1f b Ga 301/301 Mathews, Matilda 27f b Farm Labor Ga Mathews, Ann 8f b Ga Mathews, Julia 6f b Ga Mathews, Betsy 10/12f b b-Sept Ga 302/302 Mathews, James 63m w Planter 2000/1000 NC Mathews, Elizabeth 64f w Wife Ga Mathews, Sarah J 39f w NC Mathews, Green C 22m w Labor Ga Wingate, Mariah 49f w Ga Daniel, Wm A 8m w Ga 303/303 Mathews, David F 26m w Planter /300 Ga Mathews, Sarah J 24f w Wife Ga Chapman, Mary 14f w Ga 304/304 McCormick, Dennis 36m b F Labor Ga McCormick, Ellen 24f b Ga Wilcox, Emily 25f b " Ga McCormick, Seaborn 15m b " Ga McCormick, Alexander 13m b " Ga McCormick, Cornelia 7f b Ga McCormick, William 3m b Ga McCormick, John 6/12m b b-Dec Ga 305/305 Anderson, Henry J L 23m w Planter 2000/900 Ga (Henry m-Kendrick, Amanda L. 03/05/1872) Anderson, Susan O 50f w Ga Scarborough, Evaline 40f w Ga 306/306 Newman, Moses 26m b Farm Labor Ga Newman, Penny 33f b Keeps House Ga Newman, Hannah 16f b Servant Ga Newman, Mollie 15f b " Ga Newman, Martha 12f b " Ga Newman, Susan 3f b Ga 307/307 Anderson, Boaze 24m b Farm Labor Ga Anderson, Fanny 18f b Wife Ga Anderson, Jim 3m b Ga Anderson, Henrietta 6/12f b b-Dec Ga 308/308 Anderson, David 31m b Farm Labor Ga Mathews, Letty 27f b Keeps House Ga Mathews, Mary 3f b Ga Mathews, Begley 10/12f b b-Aug Ga Anderson, Cynthia 9f b Ga Anderson, Calvin 5m b Ga 309/309 Chalker, Bob 24m b Farm Labor Ga Chalker, Cherry 24f b Keeps House Ga Chalker, Mathew 6m b Ga Chalker, Anna 4f b Ga 310/310 Anderson, Jacob 30m b Farm Labor Ga Anderson, Jemima 26f b K House Ga Anderson, Eliza 7f b Ga 311/311 Mayo, Washington 20m b Farm Labor Ga 312/312 Luke, Wiley 23m b Farm Labor Ga Luke, Susan 17f b Wife Ga Luke, John D A 8/12m b b-Sept Ga 313/313 Anderson, John L 22m w Planter 1500/1500 Ga Anderson, Jane M 22f w nee-Boothe m-06/29/1869 Ga Dickson, Julia 2/12f w b-May Ga Dickson, Jim 8m b Ga 314/314 Fuller, Allen 48m b Farm Labor Ga Fuller, Susan 35f b Keeps House Va Fuller, Albert 5m b Ga Fuller, Lewis 1m b Ga 315/315 Anderson, Phillis 23f b Farm Labor Ga Anderson,Margaret 1f b Ga 316/316 Anderson, Love 50f b Cook NC Mayo, Allen 16m b Farm Labor Ga 317/317 Frazier, James F 35m w Planter 800/200 Ga Frazier, Eliza 35f w nee-Crenshaw m-04/11/1869 Fl Crenshaw, Wm 17m w Labor Al Crenshaw, Sarah F 14f w At Home Al Crenshaw, Meredith 13m w Labor Al Crenshaw, David 12m w " Al Crenshaw, Andrew 10m w Al Crenshaw, Mary A E 8f w Al 318/318 Newman, Arthur 54m w Planter 2000/1000 NC Newman, Casandra 52f w Wife NC Newman, Georgia 22f w m-Stephen Daniel 2/25/1874 Ga Newman, Susan 20f w m-John K Partin 9/28/1876 Ga Newman, Hannah 16f w " Ga Newman, Mary R 13f w " Ga Newman, Nancy C 14f w " Ga Newman, Arthur J 10m w Labor Ga Newman, Fanny R 9f w Ga Newman, Sallie 40f w House Keeper Ga 319/319 Cherry, Prince 33m b Farm Labor Ga Cherry, Sarah 29f b Ga Cherry, Clarissa J 14f b " Ga Cherry, William H 10m b " Ga Cherry, Samuel 6m b Ga 320/320 Shiver, Baltimore 40m b Farm Labor /200 Ga Shiver, Martha 29f b " Va Shiver, Mary 14f b " Ga 321/321 Newman, Samuel 20m b " Ga 322/322 Grace, John 50m b Farm Labor Va Grace, Laura 23f b " Ga Grace, Lemon 5m b Ga Grace, Mary F 9/12f b b-Aug Ga 323/323 Cross, Westley 20m b Farm Labor Ga Cross, Ann 17f b Wife Ga Cross, Mary E 7/12f b b-Oct Ga 325/324 Coley, Joseph 34m b Farm Labor Ga Coley, Phillis 23f b Wife Ga Coley, Charles 6/12m b b-Jan Ga 325/325 Anderson, Charles 30m b Farm Labor Ga Anderson, Mary 36f b K House Ga Warren, Samuel 18m b F Labor Ga Shiver, John 16m b " Ga Anderson, Joseph 12m b " Ga 326/326 Newman, Abram W 26m w Planter 300/200 Ga Newman, Lucy 24f w Wife Ga Newman, Eli A 2m w Ga Banks, Adison 10m b Nurse Ga 327/327 Travis, Adam 21m b Farm Labor Ga Travis, Charity 16f b " Ga 328/328 Anderson, Samuel 50m b Farm Labor /100 Ga Anderson, Fanny 50f b Wife Va Anderson, Joseph 19m b F Labor Ga 329/329 Lewis, Henry 42m b Farm Labor Va Lewis, Violet 30f b Wife Ga Lewis, Jim 12m b F Labor Ga Lewis, Brooks B 10m b " Ga Lewis, Narcissa 7f b Ga Lewis, Jacob 6m b Ga Lewis, Elizabeth 4f b Ga Lewis, Arba 1m b Ga 330/330 Chancey, Thomas N 22m w Carpenter /1200 Ga (m-Louise N Wallace 07/21/1872) 331/331 Mayo, Amos 45m b Farm Labor Ga Mayo, Julia A 45f b Wife Ga Mayo, Sena 18f b Keeps House Ga Mayo, Phoebe 14f b F Labor Ga Mayo, Martha 12f b At School Ga Mayo, Sarah 10f b " Ga Mayo, Philip 8m b Ga Mayo, Braswell 7m b Ga Mayo, Jim B 5m b Ga Mayo, Willie 2m b Ga Mayo, Elvira 23f b F Labor Ga 332/332 Anderson, William M 35m w Planter 3000/12000 Ga Anderson, Mary Ann 27f w Wife Ga Anderson, Wm L 2m w Ga 333/333 Horne, Fanny 25f b Farm Labor Ga Horne, Emmeline 8f b Ga Horne, Cooper 7m b Ga Horne, Charles 1m b Ga Anderson, Adam 25m w Unsound Planter Ga 334/334 Taylor, Anthony 22m b Farm Labor Ga Crowden, Eda 60f b Keeps House Va 335/335 McCormick, George 25m b Farm Labor Ga McCormick, Cinderella 22f b Wife Ga McCormick, Grace 5f b Ga McCormick, Alexander 1m b Ga 336/336 Anderson, Jim 30m b Farm Labor Ga Anderson, Sarah 20f b Wife Ga Anderson, Martha 4f b Ga Anderson, Rachel 2f b Ga 337/337 Taylor, John 27m b Farm Labor Ga Taylor, Mary A 29f b Wife Ga Taylor, Mary F 4f b Ga Taylor, Henrietta 2f b Ga Taylor, John L 4/12m b b-Feb Ga 338/338 Anderson, Robert S Jr 27m w Planter 9500/1270 Ga Anderson, Charity F 23f w Wife Ga Anderson, Robert W 4m w Ga Anderson, John T 3m w Ga Anderson, Hardy B 1m w Ga Kennedy, Lizzie 49f w Cook Va Anderson, Lawrence M 2/12m w b-April Ga Burnes, William 28m b Labor Ga 339/339 Anderson, Robert S Sr 61m w Planter 5000/9000 NC Anderson, Sarah 52f w Wife Ga Anderson, Roberta M 18f w m-Dr J P Moreland 1/31/1872 Ga Anderson, Fanny E 15f w m-E S Murphy 10/15/1874 Ga Anderson, Robert R 13m w At School Ga Harden, Robert S 15m w Labor Ga Anderson, Adam 15m b " Ga Anderson, Alexander 12m b House Servant Ga Anderson, Nathaniel 10m b " Ga Anderson, Thomas 8m b Ga 340/340 Anderson, Henry H 30m b Farm Labor Va Anderson, Sucky 28f b Wife Ga Anderson, Henry 11m b Servant Ga Anderson, Lizzie 9f b Ga Anderson, Raul 8m b Ga Anderson, Sarah 7f b Ga Anderson, Celia 4f b Ga Anderson, John 2/12m b b-May Ga 341/341 Boatright, Charles 40m b Farm Labor Ga Boatright, Louisa 30f b Wife Ga Boatright, Mary 14f b Farm Labor Ga Boatright, Rose 10f b " Ga Boatright, Eliza 4f b Ga Boatright, Charles 6/12m b b-Jan Ga 342/342 Anderson, Jane 20f b F Labor Ga Anderson, George 1m b Ga 343/343 Moore, Wm W 37m w Planter 300/320 Ga Moore, Catherine J 36f w Wife Ga Moore, Martha Jane 15f w At Home Ga 344/344 Holder, John A 45m w Planter 1000/600 Ga (John A Holder m-Amanda E Murphy 07/29/1870) Mercer, Julia F 40f w Seamstress Ga (Julia F Holder m-Bolin Mercer 09/08/1863, may have died in war) Holder, Mariah L 38f w " Ga Holder, Emily C 36f w " Ga Mercer, Amanda E 20f w " Ga Mercer, Mary D 16f w Keep House Ga Wallace, Harriet 12f b Servant Ga 345/345 Waterman, Henry 29m w Stable Keeper 2000/2000 - - Wartenburg, Germany Waterman, Mary L 28f w Wife Ga Waterman, Henry 9m w Ga Waterman, Mary 7f w Ga Waterman, Alice R 5f w Ga 346/346 Spurlin, William H 40m w Wheel Wright 1400/400 NC (Could have m-Nancy Bateman 01/07/1858 and she died) Spurlin, Jesse G 9m w In School Ga Spurlin, Elizabeth 6f w " Ga Spurlin, Georgia Ella 4f w Ga Spurlin, William C 2m w Ga Spurlin, Elizabeth 80f w NC 347/347 Brown, Stephen W 35m w Planter 8000/8000 Ga Brown, Martha C. 34f w nee-Saxon m-09/22/1846 Ga Brown, J. Pope 16m w In School Ga Brown, Robert H 9m w " Ga 348/348 Floyd, Charles 42m b F Labor Ga Floyd, Adaline 26f b Wife Ga Floyd, Bulah B 4f b Ga 349/349 Adams, Harriet 45f b Washer Ga Adams, Sharper 26m b F Labor Ga Adams, Levi 25m b " Ga Adams, Sutton 20m b " Ga Adams, Phoebe 17f b " Ga 350/350 Pate, John Haynes 39m w Planter 10600/23300 Ga Pate, Zelpha Ann 39f w nee-Boatwright m-12/28/1848 Ga Pate, Robert O 20m w Warehouse Clerk Ga (Robt O. Pate m-Minnie E Brown 06/05/1875) Pate, Anna 12f w At School Ga Pate, Mary F 10f w " Ga Pate, John W 8m w Ga Pate, Minnie L 5f w (died-06/21/1871) Ga Pate, Joseph W 3m w Ga Pate, Anthony R 1m w Ga Grant, Lucy A 26f b Cook Va Fletcher, John 12m b Servant Ga 351/351 Scherchen, Edmund 40m b Farm Labor Ga Screrchen, Caroline 35f b Wife Ga Screrchen, Ester 17f b F Labor Ga Screrchen, George 15m b " Ga Screrchen, Mollie 13f b " Ga Screrchen, Frances 11f b " Ga Screrchen, Nancy 9f b Ga Screrchen, Eliza 7f b Ga Screrchen, Sherman 5m b Ga Screrchen, Brown 3m b Ga Screrchen, Kendrick 2m b Ga Screrchen, Laura 6/12f b b-Dec Ga 352/352 Wiggins, Thomas 25m b Farm Labor Ga Wiggins, Georgia A 19f b Wife Ga Wiggins, Babe 2/12m b b-Apr Ga Pate, Eliza 46f b Keeps House Ga Pate, Munger 14m b F Labor Ga Pate, Phillis 11f b " Ga Pate, Andrew J 4m b Ga Powell, Moses 23m b " Ga Adams, Fancey 19f b " Ga 353/353 Collier, Anderson 38m b F Labor /200 Ga Collier, Louisa 33f b Wife Ga Collier, Joshua 16m b F Labor Ga Collier, Hannah 14f b " Ga Collier, Grace 12f b " Ga Collier, David 9m b Ga Collier, Anderson 7m b Ga Collier, Henry 4m b Ga Collier, Dolly 2f b Ga Collier, Dolly 70f b K House SC 354/354 Spicer, Stephen 27m b F Labor Ga Spicer, Mariah 19f b Wife Ga Spicer, Eliza 2f b Ga Collier, Charlotte 55f b Keeps House NC 355/355 Slade, Boston 54m b Farm Labor Ga Slade, Alice 22f b K House Ga Slade, Robert 2m b Ga Slade, Mary 6/12f b b-Dec Ga 356/356 Collier, Donaldson 26m b Farm Labor Ga Collier, Elizabeth 27f b Wife Ga Collier, Georgia A 8f b Ga Collier, Donaldson 2m b Ga Collier, Merritt 6/12m b b-Dec Ga 357/357 Collier, Efferson 46m b Farm Labor /125 Ga Collier, Leah 35f b Wife SC Collier, Toby 17m b F Labor Al Collier, Adam 9/12 b b-Sept Ga Collier, Cambridge 75m b F Labor NC 358/358 Stokes, Robert 40m b F Labor /160 Ga Stokes, Georgia A 32f b Keeps House Ga Stokes, Charles W 14m b F Labor Ga 359/359 Thomas, Redin 45m b F Labor Ga Thomas, Betty 19f b K House Ga Thomas, Elbert 17m b F Labor Ga Thomas, James 11m b " Ga Thomas, Abner 10m b " Ga Thomas, Augustus 7m b Ga Thomas, Sheridan 5m b Ga Thomas, Eliza 3f b Ga 360/360 Williams, Abram 47m b F Labor SC Williams, Safonia 41f b Wife Ga Williams, *Calvin 19m b F Labor Ga Williams, Emily 17f b " Ga Williams, Sarah 17f b *m- Calvin Jan. 1870 Ga 361/361 Lamar, Young 55m b Farm Labor Ga 362/362 Clayton, Nelson 41m b " Ga Clayton, Mary 31f b Wife Ga Clayton, Susan 10f b K House Ga Clayton, Bob 12m b F Labor Ga 363/363 Taylor, David 34m b F Labor Va Taylor, Louisa 22f b Keeps House Ga 364/364 Mills, Charles 20m b Farm Labor Ga Mills, Alsey 45f b " Ga Collier, Willis 10m b Nurse Ga Collier, Mary 5f b Ga Collier, Jack 4m b Ga Collier, Martha 6/12f b b-Jan Ga 365 Omitted 366/366 Collier, William 45m b F Labor Va Collier, Lucy 40f b " NC Slaughter, Boss 12m b " Ga Collier, Wheeler 6m b Ga 367/367 Rawls, Prince 45m b F Labor /200 Ga Rawls, Milly 36f b Wife Ga Rawls, Powell 15m b F Labor Ga Rawls, Elizabeth 12f b " Ga Rawls, Georgia A 9f b Ga 368/368 Rawls, Prince Jr 22m b Farm Labor /200 Ga Rawls, Clara 25f b " Ga Rawls, William 1m b Ga 369/369 Rawls, Larkin 25m b Farm Labor Ga Rawls, Grace 24f b Wife Ga Rawls, Sarah 3f b Ga Rawls, Minty 1f b Ga 370/370 Collier, Needham 61m w Planter/MG 10000/3000 Ga Collier, Emma L 51f w Wife Ga Collier, Mary E 22f w At Home Ga Collier, Georgia E 12f w At School Ga Collier, Carrie V 10f w " Ga DeGraffenreid, M S J 31f w Homeless Ga " , Needham C 10m w Ga " , John 5m w Ga Budd, George 23m w Labor Ga Smith, Margaret 14f b House Servant Ga Bird, Lend 18f b " Ga St George, Marien 38f b Homeless Ga 371/371 Purser, Samuel 24m b F Labor Ga Purser, Amy 24f b Wife Ga Purser, Rachel 5f b Ga 372/372 Collier, James 55m b F Labor /100 Ga Collier, Sallie 57f b Wife NC Collier, Enoch 17m b F Labor Ga Collier, Susan 22f b " Ga Collier, Solomon 10/12m b b-July Ga Collier, Mariah 80f b K House NC 373/373 Daniel, Shepard 40m b F Labor Ga Daniel, Martha 38f b Wife Ga Daniel, Jane 17f b F Labor Ga Daniel, Ann 14f b " Ga Daniel, Mary 13f b " Ga Daniel, Emory 12m b " Ga Daniel, Leah 10f b " Ga Daniel, Fortune 7m b Ga Daniel, Caroline 1f b Ga 374/374 Collier, Emory 55m b F Labor /200 NC Collier, Chaney 55f b Wife Ga Collier, Ephrim 20m b F Labor Ga Collier, Rachel 19f b " Ga 375/375 Williams, Samuel 38m m F Labor Ga Williams, Sallie 34f m Wife Ga Williams, John 16m b F Labor Ga Williams, Henry 7m m Ga Williams, Jesse 2m m Ga 376/376 Collier, Millege 35m b F Labor Ga Collier, Matilda 27f b Wife Ga Collier, Malvira 4/12f b Feb Ga Johnson, William 25m b F Labor Ga 377/377 Anderson, Ruel 32m w Planter 5000/2500 Ga Anderson, Agnes 24f w nee-Merritt m-02/04/1864 NY Anderson, Adelia L 3f w Ga Anderson, Eddie N 2m w Ga Anderson, Sarah E 3/12f w b-March Ga Ellis, Rebecca 13f w House Servant Ga 378/378 Latimer, Miles 40m b Farm Labor Ga Latimer, Leah 30f b Wife Va Latimer, Babe 4f b Ga Latimer, Tom 4m b Ga Latimer, Clarissa 58f b Keeps House Ga 379/379 Dykes, John 30m b Farm Labor Ga Dykes, Amanda 30f b Wife Ga Dykes, Eliza 8f b Ga Dykes, Eddie 4m b Ga Dykes, Julia 2f b Ga 380/380 Mays, Peter 37m m Farm Labor SC Mays, Betty 35f b Wife Ga Mays, Hamilton 13m b F Labor Ga Mays, Letty 10f b " Ga Mays, Peggy 8f b Ga Mays, George 4m m Ga Mays, Peter 2m m Ga 381/381 Mills, Peggy 50f b F Labor Ga Mills, Mourning 12f b " Ga Mills, Henry 10m b " Ga Mills, Lottie 8f b Ga Mays, Kitty 70f b Keeps House Va 382/382 Collier, Sandy 28m b F Labor Ga Collier, Kittie 24f b " Ga 383/383 Mays, Henry 25m b " Ga Mays, Mary 25f b " Ga 384/384 Brown, George 25m b " Tn Brown, Frances 25f b " Ga 385/385 Jones, Green 60m w Labor Ga Jones, Louisa 40f w nee-Jones m-12/16/1863 Ga Jones, Bill 14m w Ga Jones, Jesse 11/12m w b-July Ga 386/386 Pate, Anthony C 34m w Lawyer 4000/3000 Ga Pate, Martha Jane 27f w Wife Ga Pate, Catherine 12f w At School Ga Pate, Georgia 10f w " Ga Pate, Mary 40f b House Servant Ga Pate, Bill 20m b " Ga Ingram, Wm H 23m w Warehouse Clerk Ga 387/387 Logan, Dow 40m b Farm Labor Ga Logan, Jane 30f b Cook Ga Logan, Oakley 11m b At School Ga Logan, Columbus 10m b " Ga Logan, Cornelia 7f b Ga logan, George 4m b Ga =========================================================================== City of Hawkinsville District- 1/1 Ryan, Lawrence 26m w Lawyer 4400/1300 Ga Ryan, Elnora 21f w nee-Bozeman m-04/08/1868 Ga Ryan, Mary Elizabeth 1f w Ga Ryan, Anna W 3/12f w b-Feb Ga Ryan, Matilda 36f b Cook Ga Ryan, Louisa 18f b Laundry Ga Ryan, Willie 12m b Nurse Ga Ryan, Mary E 2f b Ga 2/2 Guanay, Joseph 25m b F Labor Ga Guanay, Annis 20f b " Ga Horne, Thomas 17m b F Labor Ga 3/3 Wilcox, Murdock 42m w Merchant 5000/4000 Ga Wilcox, Anna 30f w Wife Ga Wilcox, Lewis 11m w At School Ga Wilcox, Mary 7f w " Ga Wilcox, Sarah 2f w Ga Robinson, David 62m m Black Smith NC Robinson, Dellah 48f m Cook NC Galloway, Mollie 13f m Nurse Ga 4/4 Grace, Berry 35m m F Labor Va Grace, Mary 30f b " Ga Grace, James 13m m At School Ga 5/5 Sparrow, John J 40m w Merchant 5400/7500 Ga Sparrow, Martha C 25f w nee-DeLamar m-12/12/1859 Ga Sparrow, Joseph F 12m w At School Ga Sparrow, Henry H 9m w " Ga Delamar, Elva E 9f w " Ga Gainer, Lizzie 13f w " Ga Fale, Dinah 65f b Super. Labor NC Fale, Toby 27m b Waiter Ga Sparrow, Suckey 31f b Washer Ga Sparrow, Lucy 12f b Servant Ga Sparrow, Harry 7m b Ga Sparrow, Rhoda 5f b Ga 6/6 Miller, Joseph 39m w Coach Frames 2000/5000 Pen 7/7 Gilmore, E G 29m w Painter /150 Ga Gilmore, Bennie 22f w Wife Ga Gilmore, Charles E 6m w Al Gilmore, Mary Elizabeth 5f w Al 8/8 Horne, Abner 44m b Black Smith Ga Horne, Sarah 23f b K House Ga Horne, Laura 10f b " Ga Horne, Henrietta 8f b Ga Horne, Evaline 1f b Ga 9/9 Childs, Richard 35m b Wood Work 400/100 SC Childs, Emma 26f b Wife Ga Childs, Jimmy 6f b Ga Childs, Edward 4m b Ga Childs, Marietta 2f b Ga Childs, Minisota 8/12f b b-Sept Ga 10/10 Clarke, John 44m b Black Smith Va Clarke, Matilda 30f b K House Va Clarke, Elizabeth 17f b " Va Clarke, Randall 16m b Black Smith Asst Va Clarke, Isiah 8m b Va Clarke, Sarah 6f b Va Clarke, John 4m b Va Clarke, Mary A 2f b Va 11/11 Spivy, Washington 26m b Black Smith Asst NC Spivy, Elizabeth 30f b K House Va Spivy, Doral 13f b Nurse Ga Kellum, Ella 12f b At School Ga Brown, Julia 25f b K House Va 12/12 Clay, Henry 29m b Black Smith Tn Clay, Hannah 25f b Wife Ga Clay, Della 6f b At School Ga Proctor, Elbert 28m b Carpenter Ga Proctor, Mariah 9f b At School Ga 13/13 Clements, Isaac 27m m Black Smith NC 14/14 Riley, William 21m m Smith Shop Ga Riley, Mary F 28f m Cook Ga 15/15 Day, James A 30m w Wood Work Al Day, Eliza 26f w Fl 16/16 Bell, Joshua 52m w Grocer 500/700 Ga Bell, Martha Jane 38f w Keep House Ga Bell, Lavenia 18f w At School Ga Bell, Vanderman 17m w m-Sarah E Powell 02/20/1878 Ga Bell, Sarah F 15f w m-John D Eubanks 12/20/1874 Ga Bell, Byrom 11m w " Ga Bell, Noley 8f w " Al Bell, Susan 3f w Ga Bell, Charles 3m w Ga Bell, Willa 6/12f w b-Jan Ga 17/17 Taylor, Augustus R 33m w Doctor 3500/2500 Ga Taylor, Elmira J Lampkin 22f w nee-Lampkin m-01/19/1865 Ga Taylor, Vivid 12f w At School Ga Taylor, Maude 4m w Ga 18/18 Kibbee, James M 55m w Merchant 8000/ NH Kibbee, Charles C 32m w Lawyer /2000 Ga Africk, Eliza 26f m Cook Fl McDuffee, James B 18m w Store Clerk Ga (m-Annie Warren 11/22/1881) Love, James 25m b Labor Ga 19/19 Kibbee, Dickson E 26m w Merchant /5000 Ga Kibbee, Sarah 22f w nee-Collier m-06/06/1869 Ga Kibbee, Charles M 1/12m w b-Apr Ga Kibbee, Henry M 28m w Merchant /1000 Ga Kibbee, Mollie A 22f w Boarding House Md Kibbee, Kathy 4f w Md Wood, Emaline 50f b Cook Ga Pitman, Robert 20m b Labor Ga Dowley, Cleo 23f b House Servant Ga Wallace, Dellia 7f b Ga 20/20 Lucius, Henry 38m m F Labor Ga Lucius, Candice 16f m K House Ga Daniels, Mary 13f m At School Ga Daniels, Emma 10f m " Ga 21/21 Duhart, Anthony 27m b F Labor Ga Duhart, Caroline 40f b K House Ga Duhart, Louisa 12f b At School Ga Duhart, Martha 8f b Ga Duhart, Unknown 6/12m b b-Dec Ga 22/22 Bozeman, Georgia 35f b F Labor Ga Bozeman, William 8m b Ga Doster, Lewis 15m b " Ga Tarver, William 15m b " Ga Tarver, Carrie 16f b " Ga 23/23 McGee, Adam 44m m Planter 2500/565 Ga McGee, Marshall 48m m Carpenter Ga McGee, Matilda 68f m K House Ga McGee, Cornelia E 66f m Ga 24/24 Wallace, Jack 26m b Comm Labor Ga Wallace, Georgia 5m b Ga 25/25 Wallace, William 43m m Farmer Va Wallace, Kizziah 30f m K House Ga Wallace, William 10m m At School Ga Wallace, Henry 5m m Ga 26/26 Pool, Isaac 31m b Cuts Wood NC Pool, Ellen 24f b Keeps House Va Hunter, Mariah 28f b " Va Hunter, Josephine 9f b Ga Hunter, John 6m b Ga Hunter, Cornelia 7/12f b Ga 27/27 Wilcox, Sarah L 65f w Keep House 3000/800 NC McCormick, James 14m w Labor Ga Wells, Oliver 22m w " Ga 28/28 Watson, Ross 45m b F Labor Ga Watson, Matilda 35f b K House Ga Watson, Charles 14m b F Labor Ga Watson, Thomas 11m b " Ga 29/29 Rozar, Reuben 45m w Painter Ga Rozar, Sarah C 35f w nee-Wooten m-06/16/1851 Ga 30/30 Rooney, William 38m w Brick Mason /700 Ire Rooney, Ellen 38f w Wife Ga Rooney, William Jr 9/12m w b-Sept Ga (Wm Jr m-Martha A Mitchell 03/11/1882) 31/31 Bridges, Susan 42f w 150/ Va Bridges, Harriet 17f w Ga Bridges, Laura V 14f w Ga Bridges, Ida V 11/12f w b-Aug Ga Howard, Milly 32f w Ga 32/32 Mathews, Buck 69m b Grocer 800/200 Va Mathews, Jimmie 57f b Baker Ga Mathews, Samuel 36m b Grocer Ga Mathews, Agnes 20f b Keeps House Va Mathews, Sarah A 2f b Ga Mathews, Cornelia 10/12f b b-Aug Ga 33/33 Redmund, Joseph 27m m Carpenter /100 Va Redmund, Harriett 32f m K House Ga Redmund, Emma 15f m " Ga Redmund, Lorena 6f m Ga Redmund, Joseph Jr 5m m Ga Redmund, Margareta 2f m Ga 34/34 Beasley, Lucy 43f m Seamstress Ga Beasley, Sarah J 30f m " Ga Beasley, Frances E 25f m " Ga Beasley, Andrew 10m m At School Ga Beasley, Robert 9m m " Ga Beasley, Christopher C 6m m Ga Beasley, Albert S J 5m m Ga 35/35 Parker, Solomon 41m m Farm Labor Ga Parker, Amanda 31f m Baker Ga Parker, Alzada 15f m K House Ga Parker, Adaline 8/12f m b-Oct Ga 36/36 Bass, Elias 27m b Work in S. Shop Ga Bass, Mary J 27f b Cook Va Bass, Francis 9m b In School Ga Bass, Joseph 3m b Ga 37/37 Hudspeth, Centino 51m w Teacher(d-7/1/1886) /500 Ga Hudspeth, Sarah 42f w Boarding House NC Wood, Mary 26f w Boarder Ga Wood, Horrance 27m w " /500 Tn Wood, Centino 5m w Tn Keel, Andy 11m b House Servant Tn Hudspeth, A Martina 18f w m-Henry G Wood 03/19/1871 Ga Hudspeth, Inez 12f w m-T C Byrd 09/17/1883 Ga Bell, Catherine 17f w In School Ga Mayo, Jane 60f b Cook Ga Patton, Frances 13f b House Servant Ga Johnson, Mathew 26m w Dentist Ga Rickey, Wm W 30m w Grocer 2000 Ga Rice, John 24m w Setting Type Ga Evans, John 23m w Merchant 1000 Ga 38/38 Anderson, Eliza 65f b Wash and Iron Ga Anderson, Milly 23f m " Ga Anderson, Peter 16m m At School Ga Anderson, Martha 2f m Ga Anderson, Ellen 6/12f m b-Dec Ga 39/39 Fulghum, Redman G 42m w Planter 3000/2000 Ga Fulghum, Permelia Ruth 40f w nee-Lacy m-05/24/1849 SC Fulghum, Cornelia J 20f w m-John Burrows 07/19/1870 Ga Fulghum, Ashley C 18m w At School Ga Fulghum, Augustus R 11m w " Ga Yawn, Josephine 23f w Servant Ga 40/40 Thompson, Joshua A 29m w Merchant 2200 Ga Thompson, Gertrude J 21f w Wife Ga Thompson, Mabel O 9/12f w Ga Sturdivant, George 56m w Store Clerk Mas Stovall, Dorah 14f m Servant Ga 41/41 Mann, Ephraim 56m w Merchant 150 Ga Mann, Sophia C 47f w Wife Ga Mann, Mary Jane 20f w Ga Mann, David W 15m w Store Clerk Ga Mann, Ephraim D Jr 12m w At School Ga Mann, Clara M 9f w " Ga 42/42 Coney, James E 54m w Merchant 2400 Ga Coney, James W 19m w At School Ga (James W m-L D Phillips 12/12/1876) 43/43 Partin, John K 23m w Merchant 50/4000 Ga (John K m-Susan Newman 09/28/1876) Partin, Amelia A 50f w Keep House Ga Thompson, Elizabeth 25f w " Ga Partin, Robert L 19m w In School Ga (Robert L m-Ida M. Freeney 09/14/1878) Partin, Warren S 18m w Store Clerk Ga (Warren S m-Sarah F Greene 04/12/1882) McCormick, Darcus 60f b Cook NC 44/44 Taylor, William 60m w Merchant 3100/5000 Ga Taylor, Matilda 50f w Wife Al Taylor, Mary Eliz. 26f w At Home Ga Taylor, William R K 17m w Store Clerk Ga McPhail, Charles C 5m w Ga 45/45 Manning, Eda 40f b Cook Ga Manning, Augustus 13m b At School Ga Manning, Martha 10f b " Ga Taylor, Joseph 14m b Servant Ga 46/46 Slang, Charles 21m w Merchant /3000 NY Slang, Aaron 18m w Clerk NY 47/47 McLeod, Moses D 40m w Shoe Maker 250 NC McLeod, Sarah J 13f w In School Ga McNeil, Margaret 42f w Ga McNeil, William J 16m w Clerk Al 48/48 Dykes, Richmond 55m w Clerk Ga Dykes, Rebecca 53f w Wife Ga Dykes, John W 13m w Type Setter Ga 49/49 McCormick, David G 30m w Merchant 3000/ Ga McCormick, Emma M 28f w nee-Pollock m-01/12/1864 Ga McCormick, Carol L 4f w Ga McCormick, Bessy 1f w Ga Ferguson, Alice 22f b Cook NC Brown, Alfred 12m b Servant Ga 50/50 Dent, Robert 30m b Draymon Ga Dent, Chaney 28f b Cook Ga 51/51 McCormick, John L 16m w Store Clerk Ga Oliver, Thomas W 43m w Merchant /3000 Ga Oliver, Eliza Jane 37f w Wife Ga Oliver, Anna D 15f w At School Ga Oliver, Wm C 13m w m-Martha V Ellis 5/31/1878 Ga Oliver, Mary L 11f w " Ga Oliver, Jeremiah D 9m w " Ga Oliver, Robert J 7m w Ga Oliver, Eliza E 5f w Ga Oliver, Dolly 13f b Servant Ga 52/52 King, William D 38m w Post Master /1000 Mass King, William 13m w At School Ga King, James 11m w " Ga King, Nancy 7f w Ga King, Mary 6/12f w b-Dec Ga King, Edward 5m w Ga Lewis, Susan 18f w Keep House Ga King, Emily A 18f w " Ga Pickett, Ben 30m b Idiot Ga 53/53 Salter, S F 28m w Doctor 500/500 Ga Salter, Fanny 35f w Keep House Ga Salter, Jenny 9f w Ga Salter, Melvin 7m w Ga Webb, Martha 17f w " Ga 54/54 Fleming, David G 27m w Merchant /1500 Ga Fleming, Sarah E Fountain21f w Wife(m-recorded 1/25/1871) Ga 55/55 Ward, Susan 21f m Cook Ga 56/56 Hart, Crawford 60m w Asst Post Mst. 2000/250 SC Hart, Eliza 59f w Wife Ga Cowart, Minnie 12f w In School Ga 57/57 Hart, Hannah 40f b Washer Ga Hart, Joseph 1m b Ga 58/58 Ketterborm, Cowart 42m w Merchant /400 Prussia Ketterborm, Ellen 20f w Seamstress Ire Ketterborm, Christina 8m w La Ketterborm, Bernham 5m w NY Ketterborm, Mary 4f w NY Ketterborm, Ellen 2f w NY Ketterborm, Doris 1/12f w b-May Ga 59/59 Oliver, William M 45m w Merchant 6000/6800 Ga Oliver, Sarah B 31f w Keep House Ga Oliver, Willard W 14m w In School Ga Oliver, Henry R M 2m w Ga Proctor, John M 32m w Teacher /1500 Ga Proctor, Anna 31f w Boarder Ga Wiggins, Isaac 17m w At School Ga 60/60 Mathews, Tony 35m b Carpenter Ga Mathews, Amanda 18f b Cook Ga Vining, Joseph 21m b Labor Ga Galloway, Robert 12m b Nurse Ga 61/61 Sessions, Truman V 51m w Carpenter 300 NY (m-Eliza J Young 01/02/1847, she must have died?) 62/62 Moore, Richard 50m b " NC Moore, Mary 50f b Cook NC Moore, Susan 18f b At School Ga Moore, Martha 12f b " Ga Moore, Lewis 10m b " Ga Moore, Norris 8m b " Ga 63/63 Moore, Edmund 30m b R R Worker NC Moore, Mahala 20f b Keep House Ga Moore, Babe 10/12m b b-August Ga 64/64 Carroll, Almond Y 42m w Jailer 400/400 Ga Carroll, Barbara A 32f w Wife Ga Carroll, John M 18m w R R Clerk Ga Carroll, Evaline M 13f w Keep House Ga Carroll, Angeline 12f w " Ga Carroll, Charles 18m b Labor Ga Slade, Wesley 21m b In Jail Ga 65/65 Mitchell, Martha A 28f w Seamstress Ga Mitchell, Sarah E 64f w " SC Glover, Louisa R 37f w " SC Glover, Mary Jane 18f w " Ga Askew, Nancy 23f w " Ga Moore, Albert 19m w Cotton Worker NC Cox, Samuel 30m w Painter Ga 66/66 Osborn, Elizabeth 22f w Keeps House Ga Osborn, Washington 22m w Cotton Worker Al Osborn, Mary Eliz. 1f w Ga 67/67 Watson, Eliz. Mitchell 42f w Keeps House SC (Could have m-Elbert Green Watson 12/08/1850, Elbert Green, CSA Vet. Died in Camp at Savannah, Ga. July 1, 1862) Watson, Sarah J 17f w Cotton Worker Ga Watson, Nancy E 15f w " Ga Watson, Martha E 13f w " Ga Sykes, Madison 25m w " Ga 68/68 Payne, Marion 30m w Overseer Cotton Factory Ga Payne, Sarah E 24f w Wife Ga 69/69 Evans, Mary 35f w nee-Bush m-05/18/1848 Ga (In 1860 census was m-to Elisha Evans, possibly MIA in war) Evans, Georgia A 17f w Cotton Worker Ga Evans, James E 10m w " Ga Evans, Mary Ann 3f w Ga Smith, Josephine 15f w " Ga 70/70 Taylor, Katy 20f w " Ga Taylor, Martha 18f w " Ga Taylor, James 16m w " Ga Taylor, Nancy 12f w " Ga Taylor, Samuel 10m w " Ga Taylor, Benjamin 8m w " Ga 71/71 Anderson, Charles 25m b F Labor Ga Anderson, Sophia 34f b Seamstress Ga Anderson, Robert 4m b Ga 72/72 Willimson, Celia 24f b K House Ga 73/73 Fountain, Bob 40m m Drayman Va Fountain, Martha 52f b K House Ga Johnson, Ann 25f b K House Ga Johnson, Charles 10m b F Labor Ga Johnson, Edna 7f b Ga Johnson, Lewis 3m b Ga 74/74 Lockett, Jiles 47m b Black Smith 400/100 NC 75/75 Hendley, Thomas 34m w R R Agent 300 Tn 76/76 Love, Isaac 22m b RR Labor at Depot Ga Love, Mary 19f b K House Ga Gamage, Charity 45f b F Labor Ga 77/77 Brantley, Jack 50m b RR Labor at Depot Ga Brantley, Allice 30f b Cook Ga Brantley, Jack 6m b Ga Brantley, Lucy 1m b Ga Carruthers 10m b F Labor Ga 78/78 Lawther, Lewis 37m m Store Clerk Ga Lawther, Sarah 17f b K House Ga 79/79 Branch, F A 37m w Minister SC Branch, Margaret A 30f w Wife Fl Branch, Anna L 8f w At School Ga Branch, Thomas P 6m w Fl Branch, Maud W 4f w Ga Solomon, Ruth E 30f b Cook Ga Solomon, Sallie 8/12f b b-Oct Ga Solomon, James 9m b Servant Ga 80/80 Galloway, Solomon 50m m Carpenter /200 Ga Galloway, Martha 45f b K House Ga Galloway, John 21m b F Labor Ga Galloway, Rufas F 12m b " Ga Galloway, Cornell 8m m Ga Galloway, Jane 6f m Ga Galloway, Rutha B 4f m Ga Galloway, John 4m m Ga Galloway, Rosa B 3f w Ga 81/81 Pierce, Peter 26m b Store Keeper Ga Pierce, Mary A 22f b K House Ga Pierce, John 4m b Ga 82/82 Scarborough, James H 37m m Carpenter /100 Va Scarborough, Lena 28f m K House Ga Scarborough, Levi 13m m At School Ga Scarborough, Mary E 7f m Ga Scarborough, Evalina 11f m " Ga Scarborough, Thomas E 3m m Ga Scarborough, Vangaline 6/12f m b-Jan Ga 83/83 Taylor, John E 30m w Labor /400 Ga Taylor, Antionette 23f w nee-Ridley m-07/14/1868 Ga 84/84 Daniel, Elizabeth Wilcox 45f w Keep House 1200/1100 Ga (Elizabeth m-James S Daniel 11/09/1843, and he probably died) Daniel, Thomas 18m w Planter Ga Daniel, Simeon 12m w At School Ga 85/85 Wallace, Louisa Thomas 40f w Keep House 3000/1000 Ga (may have m-John H Wallace 09/21/1837, and he died?) Wallace, Louisa 23f w " Ga Wallace, Samuel 21m w Labor Ga Wallace, Sarah 17f w Keep House Ga Wallace, Rush 13m w Labor Ga Wallace, Lucy 11f w Keep House Ga Wallace, Betty 9f w Ga Wallace, Jackie 7f w Ga Wallace, John 12m b Ga 86/86 McCall, George R 41m w Minister 700/800 Ga McCall, Martha Ann 29f w Ga McCall, Benjamin G 16m w At School Ga McCall, Mary H 12f w " Ga McCall, George W 8m w Ga McCall, Emma M B 1f w Ga Jelks, Joseph J 28m w Merchant 2000/3000 Ga Holder, Thomas J 26m w Clerk Ga Stapler, Thomas 35m b Labor Ga 87/87 McCall, Phillis 30f b Cook Ga McCall, Mary 9f b Ga McCall, Rena 7f b Ga McCall, Mary 17f b Servant Ga 88/88 Anderson, Frances R 39f w Keep House SC Folks, James E 17m w In School Ga Anderson, Martha C 8f w Ga Anderson, Mary M 7f w Ga 89/89 Cole, Lydia 25f w Keep House 200/100 Ga Cole, John 10m w Labor Ga Cole, Lillian 9f w Ga Cole, Manning 4m w Ga Simmons, Sallie 23f w Keep House Ga 90/90 Love, Green 26m b Well Digger Ga Westbrook, Laura 34f b K House Va Love, Jane 10f b At School Ga 91/91 Merritt, Frank 60m b Carpenter NC Merritt, Harriett 47f b K House Ga Merritt, Noah 7m b Ga Merritt, Laura 5f b Ga Proctor, Mollie 19f b Seamstress Ga 92/92 Curl, Nancy 20f w Keep House Ga Curl, Henrietta 15f w " Ga Smith, Nancy 25f w " Ga 93/93 Williams, Milly 50f b Wash and Iron Ga Williams, Arlenia 14f b At School Ga Williams, Thomas 10m b " Ga 94/94 Shaw, Elizabeth 35f b K House Va Shaw, Lisco 57m b Wood Chopper NC 95/95 Pierce, Jacob 42m w Farmer 300/100 Ga Pierce, Martha 25f w Ga Pierce, James 16m w Labor Ga Pierce, Mary 11f w Ga Pierce, Pinckney 8m w Ga Pierce, Lena Ann 5f w Ga 96/96 Miller, George 35m b Runs Grist Mill Ga Miller, Dinah 35f b K House Ga Miller, Mary A 8f b Ga Miller, Betsy 6f b Ga Miller, Sarah 2f b Ga 97/97 Adams, Griffin 35m b Steam Mill Fireman Ga 98/98 Lewis, Mary 36f m Cook Ga 99/99 Robinson, Louisa 51f b Wash and Iron NC Ryan, Diana 70f b NC Wallace, Catherine 9f b Ga 100/100 Chancey, Charles E 38m w Cotton Gin Smith Ga (m-Sarah E Comstock 11/24/1875) 101/101 Jelks, James O Jr 30m w Merchant 15000/10000 Ga Jelks, Elizabeth C 25f w nee-Phillips m-07/04/1865 Ga (Eliz. died 07/31/1875, Jas. Jr m-Mollie S Way 02/09/1876) Jelks, Nathaniel 6m w Ga Jelks, Mary 4f w Ga Jelks, Thomas 2m w Ga Jelks, James O III 9/12m w b-August Ga Manning, S M 17m w Store Clerk Ga Jelks, Nathaniel 25m w Doctor MD /300 Ga Askew, Rebecca 45f b Cook NC Davis, Mollie 20f b Servant Ga Roebuck, Jeff 11m b Nurse Fl 102/102 Bozeman, Cornelius M Sr 51m w Merchant 15000/8000 Ga Bozeman, Sarah E 37f w Keep House SC Bozeman, Mollie E 19f w " Ga Bozeman, Charles 16m w At School Ga Coney, James F 14m w " Ga Coney, Cornelia A 11f w " Ga Coney, Eva R 6f w " Ga 103/103 Farmer, Peter 30m b Waggoner Ga Farmer, Sabra 17f b Servant Ga Riley, Rose 70f b Milker SC Riley, Lucy 45f b Cook Va Riley, Oliff 12f b Nurse Ga Riley, Isabel 6f b Ga 104/104 Roundtree, Enoch 26m b Drayman Ga Roundtree, Harriet 50f b Washer Ga 105/105 Way, Ed F 48m w Doctor MD 8000/3000 Ga Way, Sarah B 40f w Wife Ga Way, Mary S 17f w At School Ga Way, Lawson 9m w Ga Way, Samuel 6m w Ga Way, Babe 3/12f w b-April Ga Clements, Louisa 17f b Servant NC Galloway, Steven 18m b " Ga 106/106 Rhodes, Daniel 27m w Merchant 4000/2000 Ga Rhodes, Mary Elizabeth 25f w Wife Ga (Mrs M E McPhail m-Daniel Rhodes 10/13/1868) Brown, Cornelia 20f b Cook Ga 107/107 Harrison, Morris 27m w Merchant /5000 Prussia Isaacs, Mark 26m w Store Clerk " Harrison, Jenny 50f b Cook Ga 108/108 Henry, John 50m w Merchant 5000/2700 Ga Henry, Civility 36f w House Keeper Ga Henry, Edwin J 17m w At School Ga Henry, Amanda L 13f w " Ga Kendrick, Amanda L 26f w Keep House Ga Bagby, Julius C 27m w Store Clerk Ga 109/109 Jones, William 27m b Labor Ga Jones, Anna 40f b Wash and Iron Ga Coney, Mary 40f b Cook Ga Coney, Joseph 6m b Ga Coney, Babe 3/12f b b-April Ga 110/110 Frey, Jacob 46m w Tailor Bagden, Ger Frey, Catharine 36f w Keep House NY Frey, Caroline 14f w In School Ga Frey, Anna 10f w " Ga Frey, Jacob 5m w Ga 111/111 Cook, Mary S 36f w Dressmaker /1000 Ga 112/112 Laidler, John 51m w Merchant 1200/2000 Ga Laidler, Sallie J 25f w Keep House Ga Laidler, John B 9m w At School Ga Alcott, Anna 60f w Keep House SC 113/113 Coleman, Isaac 47m b Labor NC Coleman, Sarah 37f b K House Ga Coleman, Peter 17m b At School Ga Coleman, Anderson 11m b Gardener Ga Coleman, Sherman 8m b Ga Coleman, Della 15f b House Girl Ga 114/114 Long, Jack 19m b Labor Tn Long, Harriett 32f b K House Ga Long, Savannah 9f b Ga 115/115 Dickson, Laura 25f b K House Ga Dickson, William H 3m b Ga Dickson, Effa M 1f b Ga 116/116 Ferguson, Sarah 27f b K House NC Ferguson, Rufus 5m b Ga Ferguson, Ella 6/12f b b-Dec Ga 117/117 Howard, Henry 25m b Carpenter Ga Howard, Nancy 25f b K House Ga Howard, Lariena 4f b Ga Howard, Martha J 3f b Ga Howard, Jamima 1/12f b b-May Ga 118/118 Waterman, Aaron 36m w Grocer /500 Ger Waterman, Morris 18m w Clerk " (Morris m-Henrietta Mays 01/23/1881) Greenfield, George 19m b Cook Ga 119/119 Edwards, Edwin or Edward 36m w Harness Maker In (m-Lavenia Wynne 12/07/1870) 120/120 Hobbs, Laura 33f w Keep House Ga Ward, Martha 20f w " Ga Hobbs, Sarah C or E 11f w At School Ga Hobbs, William 9m w Ga 121/121 Rozar, Meads 30m w Town Marshall Ga Rozar, Fay 28f w Wife Ga Rozar, Almedia 8f w At School Ga Rozar, Seaborn 6m w Ga 122/122 Rawls, Margaret 50f w Keep House 7000/10000 Ga Rawls, Clifford 15f w At School Ga Stapleton, Richard L 23m w Merchant /1500 Ga Stapleton, Fanny 18f w Keep House Ga Partin, Henry 25m b Labor Ga Rawls, Jack 13m b Servant Ga 123/123 Bozeman, Henry M 30m w Merchant 1000/300 Ga Bozeman, Julia 17f w Keep House Ga Bozeman, Henretta 20f m Cook Va 124/124 Fale, John 33m w Merchant 3000/1000 Ga Fale, Elizabeth A 33f w nee-Grace m-04/16/1865 Ga Grace, Thomas H 12m w At School Ga Fale, Mary Elizabeth 6f w Ga Johnson, Ann 33f b Cook Ga Wilson, John 38m m Servant Ga 125/125 Burch, Edward A 48m w Clerk of S Court1600/500 Miss Burch, Mary Elizabeth 37f w Wife Ga Burch, Martha 15f w Millery Ga Burch, Mary J 13f w " Ga Burch, Sarah E 8f w Ga (Sarah m-Joseph W Reynolds 12/15/1879) Burch, William E 5m w Ga Burch, Emma S 1f w Ga Frazier, Martha 50f w House Keeper Ga 126/126 Anderson, John H 30m w Planter Ga Anderson, Evaline 35f w Keep House Ga Anderson, Charlton D 9m w Ga Anderson, Charles J 3m w Ga Anderson, Lorenzo 2m w Ga Anderson, Katy M 3/12f w b-March Ga Anderson, Rolly 12f b Nurse Ga Ellis, Adriel 21f w Cook Ga 127/127 Cole, Allen 45m b Black Smith 150/100 Va Cole, Emily 37f b K House Ga Dowdle, Harris 30m m MG Al Dowdle, Emma 28f m Wife Al Dowdle, Katy 6f m Al Cole, Perry A 8m b Ga Buffin, Malinda 22f b Keeps House Ga 128/128 Brown, James M 40m w Planter 15000/2500 Ga Brown, Melvina J 35f w Wife Ga Brown, John D 14m w At School Ga Brown, Stephen M 13m w " Ga Brown, James M Jr 11m w " Ga Brown, Robert L 6m w Ga Lucas, Malinda 41f b Cook Ga Lucas, Alice 17f b Keep House Ga Lucas, Frances 19f b " Ga Lucas, Jim 1m b Ga 129/129 Mitchell, Squire 31m b Shoe Maker Ga Mitchell, Barbary 22f b K House Ga Mitchell, Andrew J 4m b Ga Mitchell, William H 1m b Ga 130/130 Johnson, Cherry 29f b K House Ga Johnson, Mary S 12f b " Ga Johnson, Perry 9m b Ga Johnson, Jane 7f b Ga Johnson, Allice 5f b Ga Johnson, John 4/12m m b-Mar Ga 131/131 Miller, Margaret 44f w Private Border 600/200 SC Wynne, Susan L 21f w House Keeper Ga Cremer, John 57m w Shoe Maker Ga Cremer, Lee 7m w Ga 132/132 Tarver, Elizabeth A 40f w Seamstress 600/100 Ga Tarver, William H 13m w At School Ga Tarver, Josephus 10m w Ga Tarver, Augustus 7m w Ga 133/133 Willis, Noland 25m w RR Bag. Master 200/ Ga Willis, Harriet 23f w Keep House Ga Willis, Noland Jr 3m w Ga 134/134 Phillips, James L 40m w Merchant 1000/500 NC Phillips, Charity J 34f w Teacher Ga (Charity J Baskins m-James L Phillips 11/03/1857) Phillips, James R or B 10m w At School Ga Phillips, Frank H 6m w Ga 135/135 Fort, Nelson 65m b F Labor NC 136/136 Andrews, Samuel 23m b Carpenter Ga Andrews, Harriett 31f b K House Ga Andrews, Allen 10m b At School Ga Lampkin, Isaac 12m b " Ga 137/137 Bartlett, Mary E 39f w Keep House Ga Bartlett, Susan A 13f w (m-S B Coody 09/23/1883) Ga Bartlett, Mariah E 11f w (m-Wm H Hughs 04/17/1880) Ga Bartlett, Martha J 7f w Ga Lynn, John 39m w Boarder Ga 138/138 Douglas, Sudd* 45m b Carpenter SC Douglas, Dinah 45f b K House Ga Douglas, Eliza 1f m Ga Clay, Henry 65m b Labor La Clay, Elizabeth 40f b K House Va Clay, Charles 5m b Ga 139/139 McCabe, Matilda 35f m Private Board /150 Ga Wooten, Phoebe 9f m Ga Mason, Benjamin 23m w Store Clerk Ga 140/140 Burrows, John 25m w Policeman Ga (m-Cornelia J. Fulghum 07/19/1870) 141/141 Manning, Sallie 55f b Cook Va 142/142 O'Brien, Michael 43m w Brick Mason 500/150 Ire. O'Brien, Hannah T 30f w Keep House " O'Brien, Ivanna 2f w Ga Bracken, Charles 22m w Brick Mason Ire. Sparrow, Lydia 10f b Nurse Ga 143/143 Newsom, Anderson 50m b Boatman 500/200 Ga Newsom, Evaline 50f b K House Ga Newsom, Robert 15m b Ga Newsom, Lloyd 10m b Ga Newsom, John 2m b Ga 144/144 Bradshaw, Biddy 53f m Planter /200 Ga Gillian, Mary 21f m F Labor Ga Gillian, Argil 7/12m m b-Dec Ga Hawkins, Reda 90m b Gardiner SC 145/145 Lowery, Ned 53m b Farm Labor 250/ NC Lowery, Nancy 40f b K House Ga 146/146 Johnson, Margaret E 36f w Keep House SC Johnson, Eliza 15f w Cotton Worker Ga Johnson, Alford 11m w " Ga Johnson, Julia 9f w " Ga Johnson, Mary 8f w Ga Johnson, Frances 4f w Ga 147/147 Bell, Ellen 60f w Keep House SC Bell, Sarah 23f w " SC 148/148 Schneider, Anthon E 44m w Cabinet Maker 2000/ Prussia Starowski, Albert 36m w " " 149/149 Miller, Lewis 43m b F Labor La Miller, Martha 29f b Cook Ga 150/150 Ferguson, William A 51m w Merchant 400/300 NC Ferguson, Margaret A 34f w Keep House NC Ferguson, William T 18m w Store Clerk NC Ferguson, Anna L 10f w At School NC Ferguson, Margaret L 6f w " Ga Ferguson, Walter J 4m w Ga Ferguson, Lula C 1f w Ga Lee, Ida E 18f w Keep House NC Ferguson, Jack 11m b Servant NC Ferguson, Anna 9f b " NC Horne, Henrietta 40f b Cook NC Horne, John 11m b Nurse NC Horne, Peter 8m b NC Horne, James 4m b Ga 151/151 Howell, Thomas B 48m w Planter 100/6000 Ga Howell, Mary A E 22f w nee-McCormick m-11/11/1852 Ga Howell, Georgia A R 18f w Keep House Ga Howell, Amanda C 15f w " Ga 152/152 Whitfield, Henry H 63m w Store Clerk 6000 Ga Whitfield, Mary W 25f w Keep House Ga Whitfield, George W 15m w At School Ga Whitfield, Sarah E 6f w " Ga Whitfield, John J 4m w Ga Whitfield, Josephine 3f w Ga Whitfield, Charles H 11/12m w b-July Ga Whitfield, Harriet 21f b Cook Ga Whitfield, Babe 1/12f b b-May Ga 153/153 Colding, Charles H 38m w Doctor MD 2000/6000 SC Colding, Lelitia 38f w Wife Ga Pollock, Landon 17m b Servant Ga Campbell, Mary J 21f b Cook Ga 154/154 Leary, George D 34m w Grocer Ga 155/155 Boully, Dennis W D 34m w Publisher /300 Eng. Boully, Adaline P 34f w Wife Ga Boully, Leah B 14f w Keep House Ga Boully, Dennis W 9m w Ga Boully, Charles M 6m w Ga Boully, Albert W 3m w Ga Boully, Sarah E 4/12f w b-Feb Ga Dykes, John 13m w Setting Type Ga 156/156 Eubanks, James D 30m w Grocer Ga Eubanks, Hannah D 26f w nee-Carruthers m-2/18/1864 Ga 157/157 Taylor, Charlotte E 55f w Inn Keeper 1600/1000 NC (nee- Philips, May have m-Charles E Taylor 12/30/1830) Taylor, Roberta 18f w Ga Coney, Charles 22m w Store Clerk Ga Coney, Louisa 22f w Wife Ga Taylor, Coley 7f w Ga Taylor, Thomas L 35m w Lawyer Ga Shaw, John P 30m w R R Conductor SC Shultz, Henry 45m w Express Messenger Ga Mitchell, Batts N 50m w Ex Dentist Ga Mitchell, Batts T 24m w Store Clerk Ga Cowan, Henry F 18m w " Ga Fleming, Ferdinand 57m w " Ga Henderson, Winny 55f b Cook Ga Henderson, Mary Jane 8f b Ga Burch, Spencer 18m b Waiter Ga Phillips, Martha 20f b Waitress Ga Phillips, Robert 5/12m b b-Dec Ga Taylor, Thomas, 12m b House Servant Ga 158/158 Grace, Martin T 35m w Merchant 13000/6000 Ga Grace, Elmira V 31f w Wife Ga Grace, Martin T J 7m w At School Ga Grace, Walter J 1m w Ga Cox, William 16m w " Ga Pitts, Sylvia 45f b Cook Ga West, George 23m b Farm Labor Ga Dickson, Abraham 50m b " Ga 159/159 Merritt, Simon 55m w Digging Gold 3000/500 Mass Merritt, Mariah 53f w Wife Conn Merritt, Roswell A 17m w m-Cornelia A Coney4/29/1879 Ga Merritt, Frank S 11m w At School Ga 160/160 Wilcox, Charity 25f b Labor Ga Wilcox, John 9m b Nurse Ga Wilcox, Louisa J 6f b Ga Wilcox, Francis C 5/12m b b-Jan Ga 161/161 Usery, Isabel 30f w Seamstress Ga Ursey, Albert 9m w Ga Ursey, Elmira 3f w Ga Ursey, Babe 3/12m w b-March Ga 162/162 Rawles, Cherry 50f b Washer Va Rawles, Harriett 26f b F Labor Va Rawles, Nancy 25f b " Va Rawles, Jackson 14m b " Ga Rawles, Mary 4f b Ga 163/163 Ward, Morris 38m w Brick Mason 500/ Ire. Ward, Mary 24f w Wife NY 164/164 McRae, Henry 28m b F Labor Ga McRae, Rosetta 39f b Wash and Iron Ga Prince, Dinah 17f b " Ga McRae, Charles 6/12m b b-Jan Ga McRae, Frank 6m b Ga McRae, Mary 4f b Ga 165/165 Thompson, Powell 67m b MG 200/100 NC Thompson, Rose 45f b K House Va Thompson, George 5m b Ga Thompson, Jane 34f b Nurse Ga 166/166 Edwards, Mary 30f b Labor Ga 167/167 Mathison, Mary 70f b Super.House Keeper Va Williams, George 10m b Gardener Ga 168/168 Hill, James 65m w Ditchen 150/ Ga Hill, Susan 36f w Keep House Ga Hill, Anna 6f w Ga 169/169 Budd, Thomas 61m w Labor 100/100 NC Budd, Polly 60f w Wife NC Budd, Elizabeth C 21f w Keep House Ga Budd, Caroline S 19f w " Ga 170/170 Mitchell, Stephen W 28m w Clerk in Mill /1500 Ga Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth 25f w nee-Horne m-05/23/1866 Ga Mitchell, May 2f w Ga Mitchell, Florence E 3/12f w b-March Ga Williams, Mary 26f m Cook Va 171/171 Brown, James A 46m w Coat Mfg /3000 Ga Brown, Mary B 38f w Wife Ga Wyche, Minnie 14f w At School Ga 172/172 Horne, Oren C 50m w Planter 17000/13000 Ga Horne, Mary Ann 45f w Wife Ga Love, Aaron A 39m w Store Clerk /2500 Ga Love, Nettie H 29f w Wife Ga 173/173 Horne, Henry 27m m Farm Labor Va Horne, Missouri 20f m Wife Ga 174/174 Towler*, John 28m b F Labor Va Towler, Rachel 26f b Ga 175/175 Coney, Green 60m b Ostlen* Ga Coney, Lucy 56f b F Labor Ga 176/176 Morris, Sarah 43f m Wash and Iron Ga 177/177 Dykes, James H 33m w Merchant /1200 SC Mason, Mary 45f b Cook Ga Clarke, Marcus 15m b Waiter Ga 178/178 Watson, Jacob 34m w Lawyer 600/300 Ga Watson, Sibby G 29f w Wife Ga Watson, Virginia L 7f w Ga Watson, Ida 4f w Ga Bozeman, Lizzie 3f w Ga Gammage, Matilda 45f b Cook Ga =========================================================================== Pulaski County Ga District #764 1/1 Dykes, Hardy 27m b F Labor Ga Dykes, Lucinda 33f b K House Va Dykes, Rhoda 14f b F Labor Ga Dykes, Eliza A 13f b " Ga Dykes, Malissa A 11f b " Ga Dykes, Dolly 8f b Ga Dykes, James Clayton 6m b Ga Dykes, William 4m b Ga Dykes, Tabitha C 1f b Ga 2/2 Culpepper, Griffin H 28m w Planter 500/300 Ga Culpepper, Mollie W 23f w Wife Ga Culpepper, Andrew J 23m w Labor Ga Culpepper, Eursa G 1f w Ga 3/3 Way, Richard 45m b F Labor Ga Way, Harriett 48f b K House Ga Way, Isham 18m b F Labor Ga Way, Louisa 9f b Ga Way, Jack 4m b Ga Way, Rose 3f b Ga Way, Nancy 2f b Ga 4/4 Hobbs, John 62m w Planter 2000/1600 Ga Hobbs, Eliza 58f w Wife Ga Hobbs, Jordan 21m w Farm Labor /300 Ga Hobbs, Virgil 18m w " Ga Hobbs, Georgia A 15f w Ga 5/5 Herndon, Mathew 23m w Farm Labor Ga Herndon, Eliza 23f w Wife Ga Herndon, John 3m w Ga Herndon, Babe 10/12f w b-August Ga 6/6 Wood, Mary J 37f w Keep House 1000/465 Ga Knight, Frances 35f w Farm Labor /125 Ga Knight, John L 12m w " Ga Knight, Harmon P 8m w Ga 7/7 Knight, Celia 80f b Keep House Ga Knight, Charity 50f b Farm Labor Ga Harrell, Nancy 45f b " Ga 8/8 Howell, George W 51m w Planter 1000/700 Ga Howell, Sarah 45f w nee-Smith m-07/21/1841 Ga Howell, Mary E 18f w Keep House Ga Howell, Sarah J 16f w " Ga Howell, Amanda M 13f w " Ga Howell, Henry Q 10m w Labor Ga Howell, Rebecca P 7f w Ga Howell, Frances N 5f w Ga Smith, Elizabeth 85f w Invalid NC 9/9 Jackson, Emily 27f w Keep House 500/200 Ga Jackson, John H 9m w Ga Jackson, Henry H 7m w Ga 10/10 Woodward, Isaac 46m w Planter 2000/1100 SC Woodward, Angeline 44f w Wife Ga Woodward, James P 11m w Labor Ga Woodward, Thomas D 9m w Ga Woodward, Susanna 8f w Ga Davis, Elizabeth 71f w Invalid 200 NC Rush, Daniel 24m w Farm Labor Ga Smith, James A 13m w At School Ga Warren, Polly 23f w Cook Ga 11/11 Davis, Albert 41m w Farm Labor Ga Davis, Millege 35f w Wife Ga Davis, Wiley 10m w Ga 12/12 Reynolds, Reuben E 27m w Planter 100 Ga Reynolds, Elizabeth 22f w nee-Turner m-10/25/1860 Ga Reynolds, James D 4m w Ga Reynolds, John A 2m w Ga Reynolds, Reuben F 1m w Ga Walden, Amanda 15f w Weaver Ga Johnson, Ashley M 16m w Labor Ga 13/13 Simmons, Moses 21m w Planter Ga Simmons, Laura 26f w Ga Simmons, Martha 2f w Ga Simmons, Mary 3/12f w b-April Ga 14/14 Barton, Henry 61m w Planter Ga Barton, Celia J 37f w Keep House 500/500 NC Barton, William M 15m w Labor Ga Barton, Mary Jane 13f w Ga Barton, Eliza A 12f w Ga Barton, John D 9m w Ga Barton, Martha P 7f w Ga Barton, James H 4m w Ga Barton, Elizabeth 2f w Ga 15/15 Wright, George J 54m w Carpenter /200 SC Wright, M C R 54f w Keep House SC Wright, Mary 22f w " Ga Wright, Elizabeth 18f w Ga Wright, Zachariah 9m w Ga 16/16 Hill, Samuel 60m w Planter 600/375 SC Hill, Mahala 60f w SC Hill, James A 21m w Labor Ga Hill, Frances C 19f w Keep House Ga Hill, Benjamin F 15m w Labor Ga Moore, George W 17m w " Ga 17/17 Reynolds, Reuben 71m w Planter 300/200 SC Reynolds, Winifred 60f w Keep House Ga Reynolds, Amanda 18f w " Ga Thompson, Sarah 22f w " Ga 18/18 Hardy, Mary 76f w Keep House 200/500 SC Hardy, Cynthia 44f w Labor SC Hardy, Nancy 35f w " SC Hardy, Serina J 11f w " Ga Hardy, John L 4m w Ga 19/19 Bullington, Thomas 25m w Planter Ga Bullington, Hester A 25f w nee-Runnels m-11/7/1865 Ga Bullington, Mary Jane 1f w Ga Bullington, Elizabeth 67f w Keep house Ga 20/20 Harden, William 30m w Planter Ga Harden, Martha 28f w Wife Ga Harden, John M 2m w Ga Harden Sarah E 1/12f w b-May Ga Salter, John 16m w Farm Labor Ga 21/21 Johnson, Elizabeth 53f w Keep House /330 Ga Glenn, Dolly 30f w Cook Ga Johnson, Taylor 25m w Farm Labor Ga Johnson, Jesse 20m w " Ga Johnson, Charles 16m w " Ga Glenn, Levi 3m w Ga 22/22 Salter, Jane 55f w Farm Labor SC Salter, Priscilla 15f w " SC 23/23 Butler, Thomas H 43m w Planter 600/1000 Ga (m-Mary E Lacy 10/25/1843, she probably died, when, unknown) Butler, Julia A 25f w Keep House Fl Butler, Thomas H 20m w Labor Ga Butler, Nancy L 20f w " Ga Butler, Joseph J 18m w " Ga Butler, Serena J 9f w Ga Butler, Georgia A 6f w Ga Butler, Emma 8/12f w b-Sept Ga 24/24 Walden, Lemuel 26m w Farm Labor Ga Walden, Eliza A 24f w Wife Ga Walden, John 2m w Ga Walden, Elizabeth 1f w Ga 25/25 Lundy, Andrew 28m b Labor Ga Lundy, Rebecca 40f b " Ga 26/26 Finleyson, Daniel 70m w Planter /1000 SC Finleyson, Catherine 68f w Keep House SC Finleyson, Anna 25f w " Ga Finleyson, Martha 24f w " Ga Finleyson, Mary 24f w " Ga Finleyson, James H 23m w Planter Ga Finleyson, Catherine 19f w Ga Giles, Ellen 27f w Keep House Ga Giles, Charley 8m w Ga 27/27 Haynes, James H 33m w Planter 1000/300 Ga Haynes, Mary Jane 32f w Keep House Ga Haynes, James H Jr 10m w At School Ga Haynes, Joel S 8m w " Ga Haynes, Laura J 4f w Ga Haynes, Lucinda C 1f w Ga 28/28 Nobles, James R 26m w Planter /100 Ga Nobles, Sallie 23f w Wife Ga Nobles, Ellen J 3f w Ga Nobles, Cullen 10/12m w b-August Ga 29/29 Nobles, Jane 45f w Keep House Ga Nobles, Georgia A 16f w Ga 30/30 Burrows, Joseph M 55m w Tailor 800/725 W Va Burrows, Nancy 43f w Keep House Ga Burrows, Martha 23f w " Ga Burrows, Joseph 19m w Labor Ga Burrows, Eliza 17f w Ga Burrows, Susan E 15f w Ga Burrows, Lucretta 11f w Ga Burrows, Jackson 8m w Ga Burrows, William 6m w Ga 31/31 Pierce, Sina 46f w Keeps House 500/100 Ga Pierce, Sallie 11f w " Ga 32/32 Hardie, Ann 54f w K House Ga 33/33 Brown, James M 48m w Planter Ga Brown, Martha A 31f w Lunatic Ga Brown, Sallie J 9f w Ga Brown, Jonathan 7m w Ga Brown, James M Jr 5m w Ga Brown, William R 2m w Ga 34/34 Brown, Zack B (son of Linson)21m w Planter 500/250 Ga Brown, Elizabeth 19f w nee-Dickerson m-8/16/1866 Ga Brown, Joseph Linson 2m w died 07/20/1969 Ga Brown, Emma J 3/10f w b-Feb Ga 35/35 Brown, Linson 51m w Planter 600/600 Ga Brown, Simon P 19m w Labor Ga Brown, Andrew J 16m w " Ga Brown, Winny 54f w SC 36/36 Pope, Redding 47m w Minister 800/700 Ga Pope, Margaret E 36f w nee-Minchew m-05/08/1851 Ga Pope, Susan L 17f w at school Ga Pope, Ellen 16f w " Ga Pope, Calvin J 13m w Labor Ga Pope, Malinda 11f w Keep House Ga Pope, Nancy 8f w Ga Pope, James F 7m w Ga 37/37 Holton, Robert O 44m w Minister 2500/2000 Ga Holton, Martha 33f w Wife Ga Holton, James O 16m w at school Ga Holton, Cornelius F 13m w " Ga Holton, Sarah L 5/12f w b-Dec Ga Thompson, John W 32m w Labor Ga 38/38 Toney*, James 43m b Farm Labor Ga Toney, Martha 35f b Keep House Ga 39/39 Love, Anthony 25m b F Labor Ga 40/40 Love, Jerry 23m b " Ga Love, Silla 20f b " Ga 41/41 Miller, Zilla 40f m K House Ga Miller, Taylor 21m m F Labor Ga Miller, Generales 19m m " Ga Miller, Isham R 17m m " Ga Miller, Anthony 15m m " Ga Miller, Mary E 13f m " Ga Miller, Jack 12m m " Ga Miller, Sarah 10f m " Ga Miller, Henry 9m m Ga Miller, Gabriel 8m m Ga Miller, James 6m m Ga Miller, William 4m m Ga Miller, Milly 2f m Ga Miller, Amy 67f b Super. Va 42/42 McDuffie, Vina 40f b Farm Labor Ga McDuffie, Margaret 10f b Nurse Ga McDuffie, Jane 8f b Ga McDuffie, Nancy 5f b Ga 43/43 Miller, William 42m w Planter 2000/1400 Ga Miller, Elizabeth 46f w Wife Ga Miller, Elizabeth L 12f w In School Ga Miller, Lovard H 10m w " Ga Miller, Joseph L 9m w " Ga Miller, William N 4m w Ga 44/44 McCall, Milly 35f b Farm Labor Ga McCall, Dempsey 19m b " Ga McCall, Hector 15m b " Ga McCall, Malinda 8f b Ga McCall, Jackson 4m b Ga 45/45 Pollock, Isham 30m b Farm Labor Ga Pollock, Ellen 25f b " Ga Coley, Burwell 45m b " Ga Pollock, George 6m b Ga Pollock, Catherine 3f b Ga Pollock, Pink 1/12m b b-May Ga 46/46 Reed, Dennis 30m b Farm Labor Ga Reed, Rachel 35f b " Ga Reed, Sarah 17m b " Ga Reed, Lewis 14m b " Ga Reed, Louisa 13f b " Ga Reed, Roxy A 10f b " Ga Reed, Jerry J 8m b Ga Reed, Moses 6m b Ga Reed, Sibba 2f b Ga Reed, Penny 1f b Ga 47/47 Windham, Thomas 25m w Planter Ga Windham, Mary Ann 22f w Wife Ga Windham, Emma, J 3f w Ga Windham, Nancy E 6/12f w b-Jan Ga Coleman, Sarah A 14f w Keep House Ga 48/48 Thompson, John W 64m w Teacher Va Thompson, Elizabeth 45f w Keep House Ga Thompson, Mary V 20f w " Ga Thompson, Richard R 21m w Planter Ga Thompson, Andrew J 19m w Labor Ga Thompson, Leandas*L 17m w " Ga Thompson, Emma J 12f w At School Ga 49/49 Tramell, Catherine 38f w Keep House 2000/500 Ga (May be widow of Daniel A Tramell m-03/01/1849) Tramell, William L 20m w Labor Ga Tramell, Mary Elizabeth 18f w Keep House Ga Tramell, Nancy Jane 16f w " Ga Tramell, Sarah W 14f w At School Ga Tramell, Susan D 11f w " Ga Tramell, Needham J D 9m w " Ga Tramell, Levi 6m w Ga Tramell, Daniel H 5m w Ga Handcock, Catherine 25f w Keep House Ga Hoobs, Elizabeth 73f w Super. SC 50/50 Pierce, Jacob F 20m w Labor Ga Pierce, Malissa 20f w Keep house Ga Pierce, Walton W 2/12m w b-Feb Ga 51/51 Trammell, Malinda 45f b F Labor Ga Trammell, Franklin 16m b " Ga Trammell, Jim 14m b " Ga 52/52 Joiner, Wiley 30m b F Labor Ga Joiner, Mary 30f b " Ga Joiner, James 3m b Ga Joiner, Malvina 10/12f b b-Aug Ga 53/53 Hendley, Josiah 45m b Farm Labor /250 Ga Hendley, Charity 30f b Keeps House Va Hendley, Washington 17m b Farm Labor Ga Hendley, Sarah A 15f b " Ga Hendley, Amos 13m b " Ga Hendley, Wilson 11m b " Ga Hendley, March 9m b Ga Hendley, Reuben M 5m b Ga Hendley, Milly A 3f b Ga Hendley, Elizabeth 1f b Ga Hendley, Lauretta 1f b Ga Hendley, Moses 17m b F Labor Ga 54/54 Hendley, Robert 21m b F Labor Ga Hendley, Celia 25f b " Ga Hendley, Caroline 7/12f b b-Dec Ga 55/55 Folson, Charles 27m b Farm Labor Ga Folson, Malinda 14f b Keeps House Ga Folsom, Rosa 2/12f b b-April Ga Folson, James 12m b F Labor Ga 56/56 Edwards, Anderson 25m b F Labor Ga Edwards, Betty 25f b " Ga Edwards, Louisa 2f b Ga Edwards, Ella 1f b Ga 57/57 Harden*, Winny 35f b F Labor Ga Harden, Jack 14m b " Ga Harden, Mathew 6m b Ga 58/58 Coffee, Patience 40f b Cook Ga Coffee, Mariah 5f b Ga Coffee, Caroline 1f b Ga Slade, Lucy 40f b K House Ga 59/59 Pollock, John 29m w Planter /150 Ga Pollock, Alsey W 30f w Wife Ga Pollock, Jesse M 10m w Ga Pollock, Mary Elizabeth 8f w Ga Pollock, James E 5m w Ga Pollock, John D 3m w Ga Pollock, Thomas F 1m w Ga McLendon, Rebecca 60f w Invalid NC 60/60 Scarborough, Frank 30m b Farm Labor Ga 61/61 Smith, Stephen 56m b Farm Labor Ga Smith, Deanna 55f b K House Ga Smith, Kizziah 16f b " Ga Smith, Henry 5m b Ga Smith, Mary 3f b Ga 62/62 Mobley, Monroe 21m b F Labor Ga Mobley, Marsena 30f m " Ga Mobley, Deanna 10f b K House Ga Mobley, Dallas 8/12m b b-Nov Ga 63/63 Hendley, John A 36m w Planter 3000/2000 Ga Hendley, Edna Harrell 32f w m-07/15/1856 /2000 Ga Hendley, William L 12m w At School Ga Hendley, Nancy L 10f w " Ga Hendley, Edna A 8f w " Ga Hendley, John J 6m w Ga Hendley, Robert H 4m w Ga Hendley, Mollie E 1f w Ga Griffin, Edward 22m w Labor Ga 64/64 Johnson, William 63m w Shoe Maker 500/100 SC Johnson, Warren 31m w Labor Ga 65/65 Glenn, Amanda 27f w Labor Ga Glenn, Lafayette 5m w Ga Glenn, Wiley Ann 3f w Ga 66/66 Whitfield, Napoleon B 50m w Planter 400/400 Ga Whitfield, Henrietta C 32f w Keep House Ga Whitfield, George W 16m w Labor Ga Whitfield, Emily 11f w Ga Whitfield, Jim Ann 9f w Ga Nutt, Thomas 11m w Ga Nutt, Charles 9m w Ga Nutt, Martha J 7f w Ga Whitfield, Celffy 8/12m w b-Oct Ga 67/67 Whitfield, Isham 26m m Shoe Maker Ga Whitfield, Henrietta 25f b Keep House Ga Whitfield, John 2/12m m b-April Ga 68/68 Smith, Needham 20m w Labor Ga Smith, Amanda F 20f w nee-Whitfield m-7/26/1866 Ga Smith, Ledonia 1f w Ga 69/69 Whitfield, Phillis 80f b Invalid Ga 70/70 Fountain, John L 33m w Planter 1200/500 Ga Fountain, Angeline 24f w Wife Ga Fountain, Sarah E 11/12f w b-June Ga Pollock, Jesse O 36m w Blind Ga 71/71 Fountain, Tabitha 47f b Cook Va Fountain, George 17m b Labor Va Fountain, Jonathan 15m b " Va 72/72 Walters, Levi 40m b F Labor SC Walters, Ann 45f b " Ga Walters, Josaphine 8f b Ga 73/73 Shavers, Joseph 39m b Planter 1000/700 Ga Shavers, Katy 33f b K House Ga Shavers, Frances E 8f b Ga Shavers, Luvenia J 4f b Ga Shavers, William H 2m b Ga Shavers, Mariah E 1f b Ga Jonson, Fanny 55f b Labor Ga 74/74 Hendley, Mahala 45f b Keeps House Ga Hendley, Edward 19m b Farm Labor Ga Hendley, Alexander 14m b " Ga Hendley, Dennis 11m b " Ga Hendley, Lewis 11m b Ga 75/75 Hendley, Green 28m b F Labor Ga Hendley, Sarah R 21f b K House Ga Hendley, Jane 1f b Ga Hendley, Sarah H 5/12f b b-Feb Ga 76/76 Woods, George 35m b Planter 600/500 Ga Woods, Milly 43f b K House Ga Woods, Rose 13f b " Ga Woods, Phillis 5f b Ga 77/77 Wood, Guiton* 43m b Farm Labor Ga Wood, Emaline 25f b " Ga Wood, Martha 35f b " Ga Wood, Guiton Jr 12m b " Ga 78/78 Johnson, Moses 30m m Planter /250 Ga Johnson, Louisa 25f b K House Ga Johnson, Eugenia 2f b Ga Johnson, Arletha 10/12f b b-Aug Ga 79/79 Hendley, Frank 34m b Planter 1500/470 Ga Hendley, Mariah 36f b K House Ga Hendley, Harry 18m m F Labor Ga Hendley, Caroline 15f m " Ga Hendley, Green 11m b " Ga Hendley, David 9m b Ga Hendley, Harriet 7f b Ga Hendley, Hannah 6f b Ga Hendley, Catherine 4f b Ga Hendley, Elizabeth 15f b Ga Hendley, Jack 44m b Ga 80/80 Oliver, William 27m w Planter 1200/100 Ga Oliver, Safrona 22f w Keep House Ga Oliver, Anna 3f w Ga Oliver, William F 1m w Ga 81/81 Tramell, Alfred 25m b F Labor Ga Tramell, Amanda 22f b K House Ga 82/82 Coley, Samuel 30m b F Labor Ga Coley, Ellen 30f b K House Ga Coley, Malinda 1f b Ga 83/83 Lawrence, Zack 20m b F Labor Ga Lawrence, Lucy 20f b K House Ga Lawrence, Robert 2m b Ga 84/84 Whitfield, Patience 35f b Cook Ga Whitfield, Malinda 13f b Nurse Ga Whitfield, Caroline 4f b Ga Way, Samuel 18m b F Labor Ga 85/85 Burkhalter, Thomas 40m b " /225 Ga Burkhalter, Vicy 38f b K House Ga Burkhalter, Jane 18f b " Ga Burkhalter, Ephraim 11m b F Labor Ga Reeves, Mary 3f b Ga 86/86 Reeves, Clay 33m w Planter Ga Reeves, Catherine 30f w Wife Ga Reeves, Rhoda 4f w Ga Reeves, Mollie 2f w Ga 87/87 Slaughter, Henry 19m w Planter Ga Slaughter, Sallie 30f w Wife Ga Slaughter, Carrie 7/12f w b-Dec Ga Smith, Joseph 19m w Labor Ga 88/88 Johnson, Braswell 44m w Planter 500/700 NC Johnson, Martha Ann 38f w Keep House Ga Johnson, Mary C 11f w At School Ga Johnson, Francis B 9f w Ga Johnson, James F 6m w Ga =========================================================================== 1870 Pulaski County Ga. District #1236 1/1 Love, John R 23m w Planter 4200/1800 Ga Love, Susan C 21f w Keep House Ga Love, Zephyrus 1f w Ga Love, James E 4/12m w b-Feb Ga Laidler, James E 21m w Store Clerk Ga 2/2 Jackson, Lewis 53m w Labor NC Jackson, Louisa 38f w Keep House Ga 3/3 Taylor, R S 22m w Labor Ga Taylor, Nancy 60f w Keep House Ga Mims, Mary 25f w " Ga Mims, William 6m w Ga Taylor, Elizabeth 12f w At Home Ga 4/4 Love, Mingo 65m b F Labor Ga Love, Mary 30f b K House Ga Love, Richard 12m b F Labor Ga Love, Henry 10m b " Ga Love, William 8m b Ga Love, Hester 6f b Ga Love, John 4m b Ga Love, Mingo 2/12m b b-April Ga 5/5 Love, Richard 21m b F Labor Ga Love, Mollie 23f b K House Ga 6/6 Anderson, Andrew 30m b F Labor Ga Hall, Amos 23m b " Ga Pierce, Lucy 27f b " Ga Pierce, Joseph 6m b Ga Smith, Ann 21f b " Ga 7/7 Chauncey, Ann 30f b " Ga Chauncey, Patsey 7f b Ga 8/8 Bishop, Powell 25m b Farm Labor Ga Bishop, Rebecca 27f b K House Va Bishop, Rose 8f b Ga Bishop, Letty 5f b Ga Bishop, Jane 10/12f b b-July Ga Conner, Margaret 35f b F Labor Ga Conner, James 16m b " Ga Conner, Fanny 10f m " Ga 9/9 Conner, Charlotte 50f b F Labor Ga Conner, Harriet 12f b " Ga 10/10 Pollock, Jackson 26m m Farm Labor /100 Va Pollock, Amanda 23f b K House Ga Pollock, William 3m b Ga Pollock, Anna 1f b Ga Pollock, Mary J 2/12f b b-April Ga 11/11 McCormick, Jack* 50m b Farm Labor NC McCormick, Lucy* 51f b K House La 12/12 Hendley, Daniel H 36m w Planter 2500/1600 Ga Hendley, Sarah L 26f w Keep House Ga Hendley, James* 3m w Ga Pollock, Francis E 19f w " Ga Pollock, Edward M 16m w Labor Ga 13/13 Too difficult to read 14/14 Slade, Jeremiah 22m w Planter 800/220 Ga Slade, Phoebe J R 17f w Wife Ga 15/15 McKinney, John 43m w Black Smith 1500/1000 Ga McKinney, William J 21m w Labor Ga McKinney, Mary P 18f w Keep House Ga McKinney, Elmira W 17f w " Ga McKinney, Miles E 15m w Labor Ga McKinney, Cornelius 13m w " Ga McKinney, Eliza 11f w " Ga McKinney, John B 9m w " Ga McKinney, Martha W 8f w Ga McKinney, Joseph 6m w Ga 16/16 Busbee, Allen 71m w Planter 500/390 SC Busbee, Sarah A 53m w Keep House Ga Busbee, Burrell 19m w Labor Ga Busbee, Oliver 14m w " Ga Busbee, Lucy A E 12f w " Ga 17/17 Conner, John W 24m w Planter Ga Conner, Missouri D 23f w nee-Phelps m-07/11/1867 Ga Conner, James, W H 2m w Ga 18/18 Conner, Lucinda Bass 42f w Keeps House 1200/600 Ga (Widow of Wm D Conner m-07/11/1841, died ?) Conner, Mary E 17f w At Home Ga Conner, Sarah M 15f w At School Ga Conner, Elmira J 13f w " Ga Conner, Elenora 11f w " Ga 19/19 Cason, Willis #2 27m w Planter 1200/870 Ga Cason,Elmira nee-Saunders26f w Graham, Mrs m-11/21/1867 Ga (#1 marriage to Joseph M Graham 01/12/1861, may have died in war) Graham, Miles 8m w Ga Collier, Rose 23f b Labor Ga Collier, Mary 6f b Ga Collier, Charles 3m b Ga 20/20 Joiner, L* 25m b F Labor Ga Joiner, Mary A 26f b Keeps House Ga 21/21 Too difficult to read 22/22 Jones, Jack 55m m F Labor /125 Ga Jones, Lucy 37f m Keep House Ga Jones, Laura 9f m Ga Jones, Sunday 5f m Ga Jones, Taylor 4m m Ga Jones, Sallie 1f m Ga Jones, Emily 6/12f m b-Dec Ga 23/23 Saunders, Miles 66m w Planter 2800/1200 Ga Saunders, Martha 31f w Keep House Ga 24/24 Love, Adam 50m b F Labor Ga Love, Esther 53f m K House Ga Love, Lilla 15f b F Labor Ga Love, Anthony 11m b " Ga Love, Frank 9m b Ga Love, Angeline 7f b Ga Love, Adam 5m m Ga Love, Charity 2f m Ga Love, Lillie 4f m Ga 25/25 McKinney, Peter H 30m w Planter 600/365 Ga McKinney, Jane 27f w nee-Jones m-07/11/1861 Ga McKinney, Benjamin L 7m w Ga McKinney, Sarah E 3f w Ga McKinney, William E 2m w Ga 26/26 Pollock, Morris 69m w Planter 1000/1200 NC Pollock, Charity 47f w Keeps House Ga Love, Charles 16m w Labor Ga Love, Cornelia 13f w At School Ga Love, Amos 10m w " Ga Love, Emma 8f w " Ga Smith, Nancy 65f w Super. Ga Coney, Reddick 35m b Labor Ga Coney, Joseph 11m b Servant Ga 27/27 Lampkin, Jane 33f b F Labor Ga Lampkin, Margaret B 23f b " Ga 28/28 Lampkin, Thomas 70m b Miller /100 NC Lampkin, Harriet 69f b K House Ga Lampkin, Laura 31f b F Labor Ga Lampkin, Jane 4f b Ga Lampkin, Harriet 2f b Ga Lampkin, Samuel 11m b " Ga 29/29 Culpepper, William W 41m w Planter /500 Ga Culpepper, Mary Ann 31f w nee-Pollock m-12/27/1857 Ga Culpepper, Orin E 10m w At School Ga Culpepper, Charles D O 3m w Ga Dykes, Malissa 11f b House Servant Ga 30/30 Fountain, John L 24m w Labor 65/100 Ga Fountain, Mary 24f w Wife Ga Fountain, James F 1m w Ga 31/31 Fountain, Margaret Folsom60f w Keep House Ga Fountain, James F 17m w Labor Ga Fountain, Cornelius M 13m w " Ga 32/32 Fail, Mark 35m b Farm Labor Ga Fail, Rena 30f b K House Ga 33/33 Lester, Jim 29m b F Labor Ga Lester, Rose 27f b K House Ga Lester, Nancy 6f b Ga Lester, Jim 4m b Ga 34/34 Miller, Bazel(or Baswell 57m w Planter 2500/1100 Ga Miller, Elender 50f w Keeps House Ga Miller, Martha 15f w Keeps House Ga Miller, Bazel Jr 12m w Labor Ga Miller, Abner 11m w At School Ga Miller, Mary 9f w " Ga Miller, Samuel 7m w " Ga Miller, Isaac 16m b Deaf & Dumb Ga 35/35 Miller, James 25m w Planter /300 Ga Miller, Lucy 22f w Keeps House Ga Miller, Elenore 3f w Ga Miller, John 1m w Ga 36/36 Williams, Reuben 69m w Labor 180/200 NC Williams, James M 36m w Wheel Wright Ga Williams, Jane A 30f w Keeps House Ga Williams, Sarah E 12f w " Ga Williams, Nancy E 7f w Ga 37/37 Lester, Cain* 53m b F Labor Ga Lester, Katy 50f b K House Ga 38/38 Grinstead, George D 66m w Planter /300 Ga Grinstead, Nancy A 47f w Keeps House NC Budd, Sarah W 20f w " Ga Budd, Nancy Ann 18f w " Ga Grinstead, Mary J 12f w At School Ga Grinstead, George D Jr 10m w " Ga Budd, William Thomas 5m w Ga Budd, Levin 1m w Ga 39/39 Joiner, John D 23m w Planter 1200/520 Ga Joiner, Piety 22f w Keeps House Ga Joiner, John W 2m w Ga Woodward, John E 27m w Planter 1000/100 Ga Woodward, Martha J 25f w Keeps House Ga Woodward, Sarah F 3f w Ga Woodward, Joseph J 2m w Ga 40/40 Hall, William R 30m w Planter 1000/620 Ga Hall, Mary C 33f w Ga Witherington, John W W 13m w Labor Ga Witherington, George W 11m w Ga Witherington, Patty A 9f w Ga Hall, Ida L 3f w Ga Hall, Babe 1/12f w b-May Ga 41/41 Lee, Alice (Allie) 65f w Keeps House 800/200 Ga Marchman, Robert H 33m w Planter 1000/200 Ga Marchman, Alice 26f w nee-Lee m-12/20/1859 Ga Marchman, Alice M 9f w Ga Marchman, Robert L 4m w Ga Marchman, Susan 2f w Ga Lee, Wesley 14m b Labor Ga Lee, Fost* 12f b House Servant Tn 42/42 Unable to read 43/43 Lathrop, Charles T 58m w Planter 10200/20000 Ind (In 1860 Charles stated he was born in Conn and Mass) Royal, Elija B 52m w Planter 10000/100 Ga Royal, Martha C 42f w Wife Ga Royal, Cinthia O 15f w Keeps House Ga Royal, Martha J 4f w Ga 44/44 Unable to read 45/45 Rozar, * 58m b F Labor Ga Rozar, * 58f b K House Ga Rozar, Lotty 25f b F Labor Ga Rozar, Sarah 3f m Ga Lathrop, Isaac 45m b " NC 46/46 Procter, Charles 27m m F Labor Ga Procter, Catherine 22f b K House Ga Procter, Elizabeth 8f b Ga Lee, Lucenda 25f b " Ga Lee, Ella 9f b Ga 47/47 Vaughn, R Henry 30m w Planter 800/800 NC Vaughn, Mary Jane 29f w Wife Ga Vaughn, Ellafare 4f w Ga Vaughn, Charles R 2m w Ga Vaughn, Martha L 7/12f w b-Nov Ga McCollough, Martha 57f w Ga Ayres, Jesse 14m w Labor Ga 48/48 Mizelle, John 30m w Planter 1500/200 Ga Mizelle, Elizabeth 28f w Keeps House Ga Mizelle, Cassandra 26f w " Ga McCrae, Millard 19m w Labor Ga 49/49 McCrae, Andrew 23m w Planter Ga McCrae, Susan 24f w Keeps House Ga McCrae, Carrie 13f w " Ga 50/50 Coney, Isaac 26m b F Labor Ga Coney, Martha 25f b K House Ga Coney, Eliza 14f b " Ga Coney, Fraiser 5m b Ga 51/51 Unable to read 52/52 Unable to read 53/53 Harvey, Andrew J 32m w Farm Labor /100 Ga Harvey, Mary 20f w Keeps House Ga Harvey, Sarah E 10f w " Ga Harvey, Joel D 4m w Ga Harvey, Fanny 1f w Ga 54/54 Cooper, Robert 29m w Planter 100/200 Ga Cooper, Mollie N 25f w Keeps House Ga Cooper, Harris 4m w Ga 55/55 Morrison, Charles 35m b F Labor SC Morrison, Deanna 30f b K House SC Sutton, Tom 13m b F Labor Ga Reeves, Catherine 17f b Ga Morrison, Harriet 12f b F Labor Ga Morrison, Jndia* 10f b " Ga Morrison, Essex 7m b Ga Morrison, Laura 6f b Ga Morrison, Georgia A 3f b Ga 56/56 Robertson, Charles 65m b F Labor 150/100 Ga Robertson, Mary 60f b K House Ga Miller, Caroline 23f b F Labor Ga Miller, Martha 2f b Ga Miller, Nancy 19f b F Labor Ga Parton, Hannah 30f b " Al Parton, Charlotte 10f m " Al Parton, Rufus 7m b Al Parton, Ellen 3f m Ga Parton, Mary 4/12f b b-Feb Ga 57/57 Archabald*, Leander 30m b F Labor Ga Archabald, Amanda 27f b " Va Lathrop, Martha 17f b " Ga Lathrop, Frank 13m b " Ga Lathrop, Mary 9f b Ga 58/58 Stanley, Ira E 31m w Planter 8000/2000 Ga Stanley, Mary M E 31f w Keeps House Ga Stanley, Rolina E 8f w Ga Stanley, Henrietta 7f w Ga Stanley, Henry B 4m w Ga Stanley, Janett M E 1f w Ga Black, John F 21m w Labor Ga Black, William L 20m w " Ga Stubbs, Louisa 18f b Cook Ga Stubbs, Alonzo 2m m Ga Stanley, Wiley 21m b Labor Ga 59/59 Collett, Emily 35f w Keeps House Ga Collett, Adaline 8f w Ga Collett, Mary 4f w Ga 60/60 Taylor, James H 58m w Planter 1500/1140 Ga Taylor, Evaline 35f w Keeps House Ga Taylor, Thomas J 18m w Labor Ga Taylor, William M 16m w " Ga Taylor, John B 13m w " Ga Taylor, James S 12m w " Ga Taylor, Hugh L 3m w Ga Permenter, Edward 22m w Labor Ga Permenter, Joseph B 20m w " Ga 61/61 Smith, Robert C 37m w Merchant /3000 Va Smith, Sarah A 36f w Keeps House 2000/200 Ga Smith, Eugenia A 16f w " Ga Smith, Sarah E 14f w " Ga Smith, Virginia F 12f w " Ga Smith, Joe John 9m w Ga Smith, Eleanora 5f w Ga Smith, Anna E 3f w Ga Smith, Charles K K 4/12m w b-Jan Ga Philips, Joseph 64m w Planter 4000/250 NC Philips, Mariah 58f w Keeps House Ga Smith, Thomas G 16m b Labor Ga Smith, Luke 13m b Servant Ga Smith, Tony 11m b Labor Ga Smith, Samuel 9m b Ga 62/62 Smith, Clara 38f b Farm Labor Ga Smith, Susan 1f b Ga Smith, James H 32m b " Va 63/63 Shiver, David 27m b " Ga Shiver, Selina 21f b K House Ga Shiver, Sena 5f b Ga Shiver, Isaac 3m b Ga Shiver, Henry R C 1m b Ga 64/64 Dykes, Jerry 21m b F Labor Ga Dykes, Mary 17f b " Ga 65/65 Smith, Peter 21m b " Ga Coley, Henry 1m b Ga Burnes, Quinton 18m b " Ga Williams, Anderson 21m b " Ga 66/66 Walker, Mingo 28m b Farm Labor Ga Walker, Lulla 18f b " Ga Walker, Mims 1m b Ga 67/67 Telfair, Golah 27m b " Ga Telfair, Matilda 22f b " Ga Telfair, Robert 10m b " Ga Lightfoot, Patsy 65f b Super/Invalid Va 68/68 Dorminey, Drumms 65m b Labor Ga Dorminey, Sallie 62f b " Ga Smith, David 19m b " Ga 69/69 Gregory, James M 23m b " Ga Gregory, Martha A 18f b K House Ga Gregory, Mary A 4/12f b b-Nov Ga 70/70 Williams, Merritt 53m b Black Smith Va Williams, Charlotte 47f b K House Va Williams, Amanda 23f b F Labor Ga Williams, Clarence 18m b " Ga Williams, Candice 15f b " Ga Williams, Green 13m b " Ga Williams, Charlotte 12f b " Ga Williams, Doctor 105*m b Ga Harris, Brown 6m b Ga 71/71 Griffin, Jeff 35m b F Labor Ga Griffin, Susan 24f b " Ga Frank*, Isabella 60f b K House Va 72/72 L * , Rebecca 57f b F Labor Ga James 21m b " Ga 73/73 Porter, * 29m b " Ga Porter, Caroline 30f b " Ga 74/74 Walker, * 25m b " Ga Walker, Caroline 38f b " NC Walker, John 13m b " Ga Walker, Hattie 3f b Ga 75 to 76 Can not read 77/77 Shiver, Hamilton J 27m b Farm Labor /50 Ga Shiver, Smithy 20f b Keeps House Ga Shiver, Elizabeth 1f b Ga 78/78 Williamson, Elijah 45m b Farm Labor /200 Ga Williamson, Louisa 35f b " Ga Williamson, Toney 20m b " Ga Williamson, Mary A 15f b " Ga Williamson, Calvin 13m b " Ga Powers, Marcus 13m b " Ga Powers, Reuben 7m b At School Ga Williamson, * 11f b " Ga Williamson, David 7m b " Ga Williamson, Abba 4f b Ga 79/79 Campbell, Lucy 24f b Cook Va Campbell, Clifford 1f b Ga 80/80 Walker, Virgil H 45m w Physician MD /12000 Ga Walker, Antoinette 38f w nee-Walker m-10/05/1852 Ga Walker, Anna L 16f w At School Ga Walker, Ida 14f w " Ga Walker, Preston 12m w " Ga Walker, V H* 11m w " Ga Walker, Frances 9f w " Ga Walker, Mattie 7f w Ga Walker, Nettie 5f w Ga Walker, Mary A 3f w Ga Walker, Charles 7/12m w b-Nov Ga Walker, James L 28m w Planter Ga Clarke, Dallas 11m b House Servant Va Clarke, John 2m b Ga 81/81 Swaine, Robert H 25m w Ga Swaine, Priscilla 25f w Keeps House Ga Swaine, Mary Ann 8f w Ga Swaine, Green J 4m w Ga Swaine, John R 2m w Ga Ayres, Vanna 23f w " Ga 82/82 Dupree, Henry 58m b F Labor Ga Dupree, Anna 50f b K House Ga 83/83 Riley, Bob 43m b Farm Labor SC Riley, Violet 26f b K House Ga Riley, Thomas 10m b F Labor Ga Riley, Augustus 8m b Ga Riley, Charlie 6m b Ga Riley, Allen 4m b Ga Riley, Bob 1m b Ga 84/84 McMillen, Joe 32m b Carpenter Ga McMillen, Rachel 16f b F Labor Ga McMillen, Sarah A E 3/12f b b-Mar Ga McDonald, Jannis 27f b F Labor SC McDonald, Caroline V 5f b Ga McDonald, Adam* 50*m b SC 85 to 87 Unable to read 88/88 Bozeman, Ben 50m b F Labor Ga Bozeman, Laura 49f b K House Ga Bozeman, Harriett 20f b Farm Labor Ga Bozeman, Anderson 14m b " Ga Bozeman, Ephram* 12m b " Ga Bozeman, Burwell 10m b " Ga Bozeman, Charlotte 7f b Ga Bozeman, Rose 5f b Ga Bozeman, Georgia Ann 3f b Ga Bozeman, P* 4m b Ga Bozeman, Ben Henry 11/12m b b-July Ga 89/89 Bozeman, Henry 44m b F Labor Ga Bozeman, Josephine 35f m K House Ga Bozeman, George 12m b F Labor Ga Bozeman, Mahala 4f b Ga 90/90 Burnham, Crawford 25m b F Labor Ga Burnham, Rose 19f b K House Ga 91/91 Riley, Henry 50m b F Labor Ga Riley, Susan 35f b K House Ga 92/92 McDuffie Everett 47m b Farm Labor Ga McDuffie, Rose 30f b Cook Ga McDuffie, Callie 8f b Ga McDuffie, Everett 5m b Ga McDuffie, Riley 3m m Ga McDuffie, Lucy *f m Ga Bozeman, Lula* 60f b Super/Invalid Ga 93-95 Unable to read 96/96 Bozeman, Cornelius M Jr 27m w Planter Ga (C M Jr. m-Hattie P. Yarborough 04/17/1866 she died 04/22/1870, then he m-Sarah L Dillard 05/22/1872) Bozeman, Francis H 23m w " Ga (Francis m-Celia Lester Lucas 05/11/1871) 97/97 Baskin, Louisa C 58f w Keeps House 2000/300 SC Baskin, James C 26m w Planter /300 SC Baskin, Lafayette G 23m w Planter /300 SC Baskin, Delamar 21m w Planter /300 SC Baskin, Mary F 19f w Keeps House SC Wade, Willy 35m w Planter Ga Wade, Norman 10m w Labor Ga Wade, Oswall 4m w Ga Wade, Eliza 5/12f w b-Jan Ga 99/99 Baskin, Kennon 28m b F Labor Ga Baskin, Harriet 25f b K House Ga Baskin, Lizzie 3f b Ga Baskin, John 2/12m b b-July Ga 100/100 Grace, Ephraim 26m b F Labor SC Grace, Mary 23f b K House NC Grace, Lettice 2f b Ga Grace, John 2/12m b b-April Ga 101/101 Dillard, Nelson 60*m b Farm Labor NC Dillard, Allice* 40f b K House NC Dillard, * 17m b F Labor Mis Unable to read the rest.. 102-105 Unable to read 106/106 Duhart, William 47m b F Labor Ga Duhart, Margaret 32f b K House Va Duhart, Nancy 18f b F Labor Ga Duhart, Ella 13f b F Labor Fl Duhart, Joseph 10m b " Fl Duhart, Emma 8f b Fl Duhart, Isabella 3f b Ga Duhart, Lizzie 9/12f b b-Sept Ga 107/107 McLeod, Jesse 44m b F Labor Ga McLeod, Clarissa 46f b K House NC 108/108 Pollock, David 36m b F Labor Ga Pollock, Ann 23f b K House Ga Pollock, Tilman 5m b Ga 109/109 Booth, William 23m b F Labor Ga Booth, Lucy 22f b K House Ga Booth, Cleo 8f b Ga Booth, Harriet 5f m Ga Booth, George W 2m b Ga 110/110 Pollock, Edmund A 41m w Planter /1500 Ga Pollock, Elizabeth 32f w Keeps House Ga Pollock, Martha Jane 15f w In School Ga Pollock, Thomas M 13m w m-Emma E Akins 12/17/1880 Ga Pollock, Jesse 11m w m-Ella Pickren 02/19/1882 Ga Taylor, D* 45m w Ga 111/111 Bridges, Simon* 51m b F Labor Ga Bridges, Lucy* *f b Ga Bridges, Sabra 17f b Ga Bridges, Burwell 11m b F Labor Ga Roundtree, Sallie 8f b Ga Duhart, Julia 7f b Ga 112/112 Way, Thomas 45m b Farm Labor Ga Way, Lydia 35f b Keep House Ga Way, Almira* 16f b Farm Labor Ga Way, Alice 13f b Farm Labor Ga Way, John 8m b Ga Way, Sarah 4f b Ga 113/113 Anderson, Reddick 75m b F Labor Va Anderson, Nellie 50f b K House Ga 114/114 King, Thomas 34m w Planter 5000/2500 Ga King, Cornelia C 30f w nee-Love m-11/10/1857 Ga King, Ida J 12f w m-Loam Brown Jr 11/10/1878 Ga King, Elizabeth 8f w Ga King, Charles L 4m w Ga King, Cornelia L 7/12f w b-Nov Ga (Cornelia L m-Henry R Smith 06/10/1888) Love, Martha L 34f w Keep House Ga 115/115 Chapman, Ben 55m b F Labor Ga Chapman, Julia 35f b " Va Chapman, Clarissa 12f b " Ga Chapman, Arlene 8f b Ga Chapman, Martha A 3f b Ga Chapman, Florida A 1f b Ga Chapman, Clarissa 76f b K House Ga 116/116 Montgomery, Betty 38f b Cook Ga Montgomery, Ann 10f b Nurse Ga 117/117 Hunter, Eli 45m b F Labor Ga 118/118 Wade, John H 58m w Planter 4000/2000 Ga Wade, Celia 38f w Keeps House Ga Wade, Charles 12m w At School Ga Wade, John 8m w " Ga Wade, Amanda 2f w Ga 119/119 Howard, William 50m b F Labor Ga Grey*, B* 16m b " Ga Grey, Milton 14m b " Ga Grey, William 12m b " Ga 120/120 Jackson, Samuel 21m b " Ga Jackson, Martha* 21f b K House Ga Jackson, Mack 8m b Ga Howard, Claudia* 40f b F Labor Ga Howard, Hannah 8f b Ga 121/121 Clarke, Charles E 46m w Planter 2000/1000 Ga Clarke, Emily A 35f w Keeps House Ga Clarke, John Lewis 1m w Ga Latimer, John B 63m w Labor Ga Clarke, Joseph 17m m " Va Miller, Ben 10m b Nurse Ga 125/125 Walden, Berry 55m w Planter Ga Walden, Henrietta 37f w Keeps House Ga Johnson, Celia 38f w " Ga Johnson, Wilson 1m w Ga
There are approx. 2413 families in this census.

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