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Middle Georgia Deaths and Burials

Adams, Hugh G. 04/00/1867 (Pulaski Co) Adams, H. L. 09/14/1908 (Pulaski Co) Adams, Summer 84yr 12/15/1893 (Pulaski Co) Adkins, John Mrs 08/15/1915 (BleckleyCo) Adkins, Nancy Bussel 1798 09/26/1875 (Irwin Co) Adkinson, Tom 10/06/1908 (Wilcox Co)(Typhoid) Akins, Sarah 10/00/1876 (Wilcox Co) Akins, Willie 1893 1965 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Allen, Belle 68yr 11/01/1914 (Macon Ga) Allen, Jack 49yr 05/08/1894 (Wilkinson Co)(TB) Allen, Mary Mrs 35yr 04/14/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Willis Allen) Allen, William 1810 02/12/1875 (Pulaski Co) Altman, Mitchell 01/05/1887 (Dooly Co) Altman, Zanie 08/04/1881 08/00/1974 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Anderson, Bryan Lee 14mo 09/04/1872 (Pulaski Co)- --Son of Thomas J. and Zemmie Anderson. Anderson, Hardy B. Jr 1901 10/11/1908 (Pulaski Co)- --Son of Hardy Brown Anderson Anderson, John L. 01/00/1869 (Pulaski Co) Anderson, John Lauren Mrs 1850 09/07/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)(nee Addie Boon) Anderson, Laura L. Shepard 1848 01/19/1916 (Pulaski Co)- --Wife of Josiah Jordan Anderson Anderson, Robert Richardson 1856 03/29/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Heart) Anderson, Robert Sanders Sr. 1809 09/09/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Born-NC) Anderson, Robert S. 04/08/1887 (Pulaski Co)(49th Ga Inf Co K CSA) Anderson, Ruel Boon 1878 10/22/1884 (Pulaski Co) --Son of John L. and Addie Boon Anderson. Anderson, Sadie 2yrs 10/06/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Dau of Wm L Anderson) Anderson, Sarah Eliz. Wooten 1818 12/12/1880 (Pulaski Co)- --Wife of Robert Sanders Anderson. Anderson, Susannah 05/17/1882 (Telfair Co) Anderson, Thomas J. 02/28/1886 (Pulaski Co) Anderson, Wm. Lewis 02/21/1909 (Pulaski Co) Andrew, James Osgood 1793 03/02/1871 (ColumbusGa)(b-Elbert Co) Andrews, Little Paul 2mos 06/05/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Son of R. A.) Argo, James Mrs. 72yr 03/01/1915 (Florida) Argo, Mollie Miss 05/24/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Armstrong, Charles R. 11/02/1893 (Eastman Ga) Armstrong, Isham 1836 1896 (Pulaski Co)(Armstrong Cem.) Armstrong, L. Marshall 11/08/1869 01/23/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Armstrong Cem.) Armstrong, T. D. 59yr 05/11/1894 Arnold, Allen 04/07/1878 05/07/1928 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Arnold, Andrew 09/25/1883 (Pulaski Co)Typhoid, Brothers Arnold, Richard 1858 10/02/1883 " Arnold, Levi 1855 09/26/1883 " Asbell, John 12/14/1842 05/13/1898 (Dooly Co)(Gidden's Family Cem) Asbell, Mary Miss 12/23/1877 05/17/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of John) Atkins, Frances 1806 01/02/1879 (Pulaski Co) Atkinson, Henry C. 53yr 11/10/1904 (Pulaski Co) Atkinson, James D. 26yr 03/03/1883 (Pulaski Co) Atkinson, John H. M. 1812 10/26/1880 (Pulaski Co) Atkinson, Walter F. 32yr 10/25/1914 (Pulaski Co) Austin, W. J. Mrs. 05/29/1915 (Winder Ga)(Buried in Cochran Ga) Avant, Wm R. 04/22/1870 (Pulaski Co)(Accidental Posioning) Avertee, Dock 08/00/1876 (Dooly Co) Ayers, R. V. Pipkin Mrs. 03/08/1916 (Ashburn Ga) Bacon, E. H. Dr. 11/30/1915 (Eastman Ga) Bagby, Charles W. 57yr 12/04/1914 (Pulaski Co) Bagby, Floyd 09/04/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Shot by Mobley Oliver) Bagley, A. G. 06/19/1812 08/10/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Nancy Scoggins) Bailey, Buford 12/23/1907 02/23/1996 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Bailey, Ethel 04/14/1907 03/08/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Balkcom, James Major 09/02/1810 04/21/1873 (Twiggs Co)(Born-Johnson Co NC) Ball, Alfred D. 03/20/1882 (Wilcox Co) Ball, Lewis 1815 09/19/1883 (Irwin Co)(Plesant Plain Church) Bandet, Charles S. 03/26/1871 (Bibb Co)(Jeweler in Macon)(Suicide) Bankston, J. L. 72yr 10/18/1915 (Abbeville Ga)(CSA Vet) Barber, Alice Peoples Miss 17yr 06/05/1909 (Pulaski Co)(Dau of J.R.Barber) Barber, J. F. 06/17/1813 11/17/1876 (Pulaski Co) Barber, MacGilbrey 07/14/1874 (Pulaski Co) Barber, Mack 07/20/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Cedar Creek) Barber, Martha 04/09/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Barber, Mose E. 08/31/1870 01/20/1952 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Barber, Rachel 58yr 08/31/1879 (Pulaski Co) Barclay, Edward J. 02/18/1887 (Wilcox Co)(of Twiggs Co) Barclay, John A. Capt 66yr 03/11/1885 (Twiggs Co)(Father of E.J. Wilcox) Barfield, Donnie 03/24/1936 09/19/1976 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Barfield, Harold 10/10/1896 05/22/1980 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Barfield, Mattie 05/04/1898 01/25/1941 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Harold) Barfield, Joann 75yr 02/05/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Pope's Church) Barfield, Lee 16yr 05/20/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Son of W. L.) Barfield, Mrs Martha J.Reynolds 05/26/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Williams Fam. Cem.) Barfield, Pauline M. 06/05/1914 03/19/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Barfield, Robert W. 12/22/1909 06/29/1972 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Barfield, Sarah Jane 11/10/1861 12/27/1930 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Barker, Bernice Opal 12/01/1914 07/08/1919 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Reuben J) Barker, Cora Lee 05/10/1887 09/12/1962 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Barker, Reuben J. 10/11/1889 02/25/1919 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Barksdale, C. D. 02/12/1871 (Griffin Ga) Barlow, Henry 12/00/1870 (Pulaski Co)(Husband of Elisha) Barlow, Henry H. 1842 06/06/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Widower of 7 children) Barlow, Elisha M. 01/23/1901 (Cochran Ga) Barlow, Elisha Mrs 07/08/1872 (Cochran Ga) Barnes, A. M. 03/??/1855 01/12/1923 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Barnes, Edna B. 05/??/1856 05/17/1898 (Pulaski Co) Barnes, J. B. 03/??/1852 02/16/1919 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Barnes, Joe 60yr 09/17/1908 (Bartonville) Barnes, John H. 64yr 03/22/1885 (Abbeville Ga)(Dropsy) Barnes, Mattie B. 02/02/1889 02/16/1919 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek)(beside J. B. Barnes) Barrett, J. A. Mrs. 70yr 08/23/1886 (Wilcox Co) Barrow, Mathew 1837 06/27/1898 (Pulaski Co)(CSA Vet)(Blind at death) Barr, Louise Brown 05/25/1919 Living (Dooly Co)(Author's 1st Cousin) Barr, Paul Edwin 06/17/1918 11/27/1985 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cem)(d-Tallahassee, FL) Barrs, Nannie A. E. Evans 58yr 12/29/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Cary Cem) Barton, Carrie Poole 1872 1949 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)- --(Wife of John D Barton) Barton, John D. 03/11/1861 11/05/1930 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Barton, Eliza Vaughn 06/22/1889 08/20/1920 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Barton, Henry 03/01/1809 12/18/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Barton, Jane Daniel 10/11/1832 07/29/1909 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Barton, Mary J. 04/24/1856 04/12/1925 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Baskin, Henry 3yrs 08/18/1879 (Pulaski Co)(Son of LaFayette Baskin) Baskin, LaFayette 1847 1906 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Baskin, Louisa 06/12/1873 (Pulaski Co) Bass, Wilks (Colored) 01/10/1871 (Pulaski Co)(Shot) Batchelor, Abb M. 12/20/1915 (Eastman Ga)(Murdered by Negros) Bateman, Winnie 6yrs 07/18/1882 (Pulaski Co) Bates, Nathan 96yr 04/12/1877 (Pulaski Co) Batton, Thomas H. 32yr 09/01/1876 (Irwin Co) Bazemore, Narcissa J. 1843 05/07/1856 (Dooly Co)(Dau. of Stephen Woodard) Bazemore, James 03/07/1872 (Bibb Co) Bazemore, Jennie Miss 08/01/1883 (Dooly Co) Bazemore, Sarah Jane 1868 08/01/1883 (Dooly Co) Beacham, John Mrs. 04/09/1886 (Telfair Co) Beardon, John F. 21yr 07/20/1880 (Pulaski Co) Beasley, Sabrina 1803 02/17/1882 (Wilcox Co) Beaton, A. Y. Mrs 09/01/1908 (Abbeville Ga) Beckwith, Hansell D. 65yr 07/09/1885 (Sumpter Co)(OD on Morphine) Bedgood, Elizabeth J. 08/10/1841 09/26/1876 (Dooly Co)(Dau of James Brown) Bell, Joshua (Husb of Mattie) 08/08/1872 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Bell, Mattie J. Allen 83yr 03/12/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Bell, Nolia Miss 09/30/1893 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Bell, Zola 02/10/1912 09/04/1912 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Bembry, Alice L. 06/09/1874 08/04/1959 (Pulaski Co) Bembry, Allen Fountain 02/19/1894 11/02/1975 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Cem.) Bembry, Allian Lois 11/23/1881 1891 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Bembry, Burnett W. 06/00/1877 07/00/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Bembry, Cecil Augustus 10/08/1898 10/24/1900 (Pulaski Co) Bembry, Charles Ernest 11/18/1896 1947 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Cem.) Bembry, Duff Gordon 09/10/1860 10/02/1931 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Cem.) Bembry, Herschel Frank 05/02/1855 10/18/1923 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Bembry, John Robert 04/28/1908 12/11/1973 (Pulaski Co}(Bembry Cem.) Bembry, John Wm 10/15/1890 1943 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Cem.) Bembry, Kirk (Colored) 10/26/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Sawmill accident) Bembry, Miles 01/00/1825 04/01/1888 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Bembry, Minnie Jackson 10/31/1862 02/16/1929 (Pulaski Co) Bembry, Robert Asa 07/04/1864 1955 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Cem.) Bembry, Robert John 04/28/1908 12/11/1973 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Bembry, Robert Taylor 06/03/1850 09/09/1894 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Bembry, Rosco T. 08/07/1875 09/23/1951 (Pulaski Co) Bembry, Sarah Ann 12/23/1824 11/18/1871 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Miles) Bembry, Sar.M.Carruthers 01/24/1853 09/19/1943 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Bembry, Thos Kenneth 10/18/1886 08/03/1957 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Cem.) Bembry, William 06/00/1867 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Mary J. Bembry) Bembry, William F. 08/04/1910 09/02/1948 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Bembry, Wm Wash. 09/21/1844 08/03/1864 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Bennett, Wm R. 06/00/1869 (Pulaski Co) Bergstiner, Ella 09/00/1876 (Pulaski Co) Berry, Jesse 10/28/1884 (Dooly Co) Berry, Kindness 1902 1951 (Puliski Co)(Union)Berry, Otis Berry, Otis 03/31/1945 01/23/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Betts, Georgia S. 04/14/1850 09/27/1883 (Pulsaki Co)(Bohannon) Betts, Wm Terrell 07/12/1850 01/18/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon) Beverly, James Lee. 5yr 09/15/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Son of J. L.) Beverly, Sarah A. 07/22/1877 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of John R.) Bindschadler, Mrs Margaret 1829 07/30/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Binswanger, Mr. N.(Atlanta) 1826 06/28/1898 (Macon Ga)(Formaly of Pulaski Co) Birrows, Cornelia J 24yr 08/16/1873 (Pulaski Co) Bishop, Saxon 10/00/1875 (Dodge Co)(Son of James) Black, Josie 16yr 06/19/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of John) Black, L. F. McAllister 07/31/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Bur Midway Ch) Blackshear, Bill 08/14/1912 12/28/1983 (Pulsaki Co)(Rose Hill) Blackshear, Missie 12/12/1885 07/20/1981 (Pulaski Co)(Rose Hill) Blackshear, Caroline L. 1806 07/25/1876 (Bibb Co)(Husb. James) Blackshear, Mary E. 12/24/1857 11/23/1880 (Pulaski Co)(M-Name Reeves) Blackshear, Maud 16yr 06/20/1896 (Cochran Ga)(Dau. of E.) Blankinship, Mary Lockreman 03/14/1885 (Dooly Co)(Wife of John) Blasingame, L. F. 49yr 05/26/1914 (Pulaski Co) Blalock, Eliza Jones 02/20/1876 03/20/1954 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Blalock, Ethel H. 1893 1979 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Blalock, James A. 12/02/1913 05/28/1996 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Blalock, L. H. 06/02/1899 09/22/1952 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Blalock, Leonard H. 12/28/1928 06/17/1960 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Blalock, Martha Rhodes 10/15/1894 02/03/1987 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Blalock, Paul W. 10/11/1893 02/07/1987 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Bloodsworth, Ada S. 10/06/1981 01/19/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife Dewey) Bloodsworth, Dewey 11/01/1889 12/27/1958 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Husb of Ada) Bloodsworth, J. U. 10/20/1895 (Pulaski Co) Bloodsworth, Kit Mrs. 12/13/1900 (Pulaski Co) Bloodsworth,James Arthur 09/25/1885 04/11/1973 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Bloodsworth, Jannie B. 11/21/1892 07/04/1984 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Bloodsworth,Lola Belle R 02/06/1888 01/16/1978 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of James Arthur) Blount, Matilda 67yr 12/28/1892 (Pulaski Co) Blue, F. A. Arch 39yr 06/03/1883 (Wilcox Co) Blue, John 12/22/1877 (Pulaski Co)(Killed when thrown from buggy.) Blue, Wm. F. 1830 09/27/1876 (Bibb Co)(b-Pulaski Co)(Yellow Fever) Boatright, Geo. W. 31yr 11/13/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Antioch Ch)(Typhoid) Bohannon, Elmira 01/09/1820 09/12/1868 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon) Bohannon, John L. 03/06/1847 12/07/1905 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon) Bohannon, Jonn W. 04/07/1846 03/18/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon) Bohannon, James 10/04/1814 12/04/1892 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon)(Husb of Elmira) Bohannon, Sarah E Bozeman10/01/1845 04/26/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon)(Wife of John L) Bohannon, Sally Nora 11/01/1883 07/06/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon) Bohannon, John F. 1841 05/20/1876 (Dodge Co) Bolton, Jane 1804 05/08/1871 (Houston Co)(Wife of S. D.) Boon, B. F. Mrs 01/05/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Moved from Carroll Co Ga) Boon, R. F. Mrs 06/02/1875 (Pulaski Co) Boothe, E P James 01/02/1871 (Pulaski Co)(Meningittis) Booth, Grace Regan 8/29/1901 11/20/1935 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Booth, Theophilus D 13yr 09/27/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Son of James E. Booth) Bothwell, David J. 1812 02/17/1872 (Formaly of Dooly Co) Bowen, Cora Miss 09/22/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Collier Cem) Bowen, Durham 87yr 09/05/1884 (Wilcox Co) Bowen, Georgia Ann 13yr 10/12/1880 (AmericasGa) Bowen, I. N. Mr. 60yr 11/09/1911 (Pulaski Co) Bowen, Joseph S. 19yr 03/29/1877 (Dooly Co) Bowen, Josey 1850 03/09/1875 (Dooly Co) Bowen, Lou Mrs 01/14/1912 (Wife of R.V.)Fitzgerald,Ga Boyer, M. H. Capt. 03/14/1898 (Pulaski Co) Bozeman, Abbie Mr (of Pulaski) 09/03/1908 (Dade Co,Fl)(Shot self in Miami) Bozeman, Charlotte (Colored) 1769 06/16/1871 (Hartford Ga) Bozeman, Cornelius M. 62yr 05/23/1881 (Pulaski Co) Bozeman, Hattie P.Yarborough 04/22/1870 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of C. M. Bozeman Jr) Bozeman, Henry M. 11/01/1837 01/26/1899 (Pulaski Co)(born Hayneville) Bozeman, L. E. Mrs 1830 10/26/1898 (DanvilleGa) Bozeman, Meadowe 02/20/1867 09/07/1867 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon) Bozeman, Willie 04/20/1873 12/11/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon) Bozeman, Nelie Nichols 6yrs 11/16/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Dau.of C.M. Bozeman)(Typhoid) Bozeman, J. W. 04/00/1873 (Pulaski Co) Bozeman, Sarah E. 04/28/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Widow of Judge Corn. M. Bozeman Bozeman, Sarah Elizabeth 16mo 06/15/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Dau of Francis Bozeman III) Bozeman, Willie 04/20/1873 12/11/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon) Bradley, David 06/00/1867 (Pulaski Co) Bradshaw, Dewitt 12/00/1870 (Pulaski Co) Bradshaw, Martha 11/23/1885 (Dooly Co)(Union Springs Cem. Bragg, Brittie 06/18/1895 09/17/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Bragg, Ellen Brannon 12/21/1858 04/04/1924 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)(Wife of W. F. Bragg) Bragg, Ida C. 1895 1993 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)(Wife of Leon G.Bragg) Bragg, Julian E. 07/09/1890 01/25/1919 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Bragg, Leon G. 01/20/1893 11/10/1975 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Bragg, Ralph Franklin 06/03/1898 04/07/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Bragg, Ruty Lender 06/09/1890 07/17/1891 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Bragg, W. F. 12/21/1858 02/19/1926 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Brasswell, Robert H. 1829 02/24/1875 (Laurens Co) Bray, Rachael 04/22/1835 07/15/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of L B Bray) Brazel, Willis S. 04/15/1871 (Pulaski Co) Bridges, George L. 01/23/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Grove Cem.) Bridges, John D. 12/24/1880 (Pulaski Co) Brigham, Harry W. 03/15/1912 (Pulaski Co) Brown, Abraham Lincoln 12/11/1897 11/07/1976 (b-Pulaski Co)(Died-Orlando Fl) Brown, Albert Amon 08/28/1886 09/16/1941 (b-Pulaski Co)- --Died-Dade Co Fl- Buried Lane Cemetery, Dooly Co. Brown, Alice Matilda 11/22/1888 08/08/1969 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)- --Wife of Augustus D. Brown Brown, Alma Miller 1880 09/26/1883 (Dooly Co) Brown, Archa Lee 07/23/1918 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Brown, Augustus D. 1872 1941 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Brown, Barney or Bonnie 10/20/1883 02/16/1951 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Brown, Belle 01/04/1851 08/08/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Calvin P.) Brown, Bryant W. (b-Twiggs) 1827 12/29/1899 (Houston Co) Brown, Calvin P. 65yr 02/15/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Brown, Della 07/17/1887 08/01/1951 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Brown, Dolly Ann Helms 10/12/1864 05/24/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of David E. Brown) Brown, Dorothy Hill 1929 1991 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Brown, Ella Miss 06/05/1898 (Talbottom Ga) Brown, Elnorah Conner 02/02/1859 06/30/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of W. T. Brown) Brown, Elton Morgan 12/27/1878 02/10/1946 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Brown, Emaline 1847 1920 (Pulaski Co) Brown, Emma Jane 09/26/1881 10/18/1967 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) --Wife of Elton Morgan Brown. Brown, Emma Sparrow 01/05/1883 08/31/1952 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Barney) Brown, Eugene [uncle] 12/22/1882 03/01/1969 (Manchester, Ga)(Born-Pulaski Co) Brown, Evelyn 02/03/1911 07/10/1911 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Brown, Frances Mrs 03/14/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Loam Brown) Brown, Frances C. 01/30/1836 09/19/1846 (Pulaski Co)Dau of Dempsey & Nancy Brown) Brown, Frank 03/04/1933 08/27/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Rosehill) Brown, George C. 07/28/1917 03/21/1973 (Pulaski Co)(County Line) Brown, George W. 09/01/1845 06/06/1906 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Brown, Georgia Pauline (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of J Pope?) Brown, Gracy 01/18/1851 03/07/1905 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Geo W. Brown) Brown, Hardey W. 12/30/1839 05/16/1841 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Dempsey & Nancy Brown) Brown, Henry 01/15/1872 (Dodge Co)(Shot by Capt Jno A Harrell) Brown, Henry Clay 09/13/1844 06/26/1920 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Brown, Irvin 02/15/1871 (Dooly Co) Brown, J. L. "Pete" 1927 1955 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Brown, J. W. 22yr 01/15/1901 (Pulaski Co)- --Son of W. T. Brown and Mrs (McKinney) Brown Brown, Jacob Moore 1835 06/20/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Husband of Mary Jane Keen)[ggf] Brown, James 09/20/1886 (Wilcox Co)(Son of W. Ira) Brown, James 1808 04/24/1873 (Wilcox Co) Brown, James K. 86yr 07/11/1915 (Wilcox Co) Brown, James(see Jasper Keene) 22yr 01/06/1893 (ValdostaGa)(Burned to death) Brown, James Marshall Jr 56yr 11/13/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale Ga) Brown, James O. 12/14/1903 03/29/1904 (Pulaski Co) Brown, Jesse L. 06/04/1892 10/07/1944 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Brown, Jesse Lewis 03/01/1901 12/06/1979 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Brown, Jimmy L. 04/05/1921 02/09/1982 (Pulaski Co)(County Line)(Husb of Minnie Lee?) Brown, John Caden 03/29/1856 04/09/1902 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Jacob Moore Brown) Brown, John E. 11/06/1852 07/26/1919 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Brown, Johnny 10/28/1878 01/15/1901 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Brown, Joseph Pope 10/18/1867 06/19/1943 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)("J. Pope") Brown, Julia A. 02/12/1853 02/13/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel)- --Wife of John E. Brown. Brown, Kenneth Alvin 01/01/1956 05/14/1955 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill)(Just inside Dooly SR27) Brown, Loam [ggguncle] 02/18/1800 12/18/1874 (Pulaski Co)[ggguncle] --Brother of Brinkly Brown. Brown, Martha Amon 05/24/1914 05/23/1915 (Pulasli Co)[1st cus] --Child of Albert Amon Brown. Brown, Mary Della 1849 1933 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Wife of Henry Clay Brown. Brown, Mary Winford McKinney 06/25/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) --Wife of John W. Brown Brown, Melvina (Wife of J. M.) 12/24/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Brown, Mishie Lee Ora Walden 1885 11/28/1970 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cemetery) --Born-Pulaski Co d-Dade Co Fl, bur-Lane Cem. Brown, Mary Jane Keen 06/30/1832 07/04/1899 (Pulaski Co) --Wife of Jacob M. Brown. Brown, Maybel McKinney 10/24/1909 09/30/1908 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) --Wife of Wm H. Brown Brown, Merietta Mrs 12/13/1874 (Dooly Co) --Wife of Thomas Brown. Brown, Minnie 56yr 08/23/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of W.M.) Brown, Minnie Lee 03/05/1916 03/06/1992 (Pulaski Co)(County Line) Brown, Mollie 09/10/1879 06/25/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Brown, Needham Wm Sr 01/27/1858 10/23/1921 (Bibb Co)(Son of Jacob M.) Brown, Nancy A. 09/24/1806 07/16/1848 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Demsey Brown) Brown, Nancy H. 62yr 01/21/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Gideon Brown) Brown, Ora Lee Walden 01/26/1885 11/28/1970 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cem)(Wife of Albert- -- Amon Brown) Brown, Polly 1796 03/25/1876 (Dodge Co) Brown, Rebecca T. 03/06/1860 07/11/1926 (Pulaski Co)(Family Cem)(Wife of Wm- -- Thomas Brown Brown, Reuben 1844 02/11/1897 (Dodge Co) Brown, Richard C. 12/05/1908 12/24/1984 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Husb to Oveda Gammage) Brown, Rosa H. 01/29/1894 01/29/1979 (Pulaski Co)(County Line)(Wife of Will Brown) Brown, Samuel 11/05/1866 (Wilcox Co) Brown, Savannah 06/27/1907 07/20/1989 (Pulaski Co)(Rose Hill) Brown, Shem 1867 11/15/1878 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Loam Brown) Brown, Susan Eliz. 11/29/1872 12/09/1961 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) --Wife of Walter Clinton Brown. Brown, Thermon Manley 11/13/1909 06/19/1935 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cem)(Son of Albert Amon) Brown, Thomas 12/00/1870 (Pulaski Co) Brown, Walter Bivins 09/22/1910 11/23/1982 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Brown, Walter Clinton 03/20/1868 03/09/1940 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Brown, Wm H. 01/27/1906 10/24/1975 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Brown, W. Robert 74yr 04/00/1884 (Dooly Co) Brown, W. I.(Son of late Ira) 09/15/1897 (Americas)(Nep of Loam Sr) Brown, Will 03/15/1893 01/28/1969 (Pulaski Co)(County Line)(Husb of Rosa H.) Brown, William 1789 05/28/1874 (Houston Co) Brown, William Schley 10/14/1899 06/22/1954 (b-Pulaski Co)(d-Fulton Co)[My Father] Brown, W. T. 02/19/1848 06/01/1905 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Brown, William Thomas 10/??/1842 11/23/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Brown Fam Cem)[My GF] Browning, Rawlin H. 5yrs 11/23/1882 (Telfair Co)(Typhoid) Broxton, J. B. Mrs 08/14/1881 (Dooly Co) Bryan, Mrs S. E. 1827 10/18/1898 (Dublin, Ga) --Burned starting fire) Bryant, Jesse 12/16/1793 01/07/1887 (Pulaski Co)(b- NC) Buchanan, John 79yr 06/01/1885 (Irwin Co) Buchanan, Wm Augustus 14yr 12/02/1882 (Telfair Co) --Son of J.H. Buchanan.(Typhoid) Buckett, T. W. 06/11/1885 (Twiggs Co)(Buggy Accident) Buff, E. O. Mrs 48yr 02/24/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of E.O.) Buff, E. O. Sr. 12/01/1898 (Houston Co) Buff, Susan 72yr 07/30/1908 (Pulaski Co) Buff, W. E. Mr 01/12/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Cedar Creek) Buford, Ida Lee 04/04/1881 09/09/1970 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Buford, Willis B. 07/05/1872 09/07/1959 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Bullard, Anna 10/01/1881 (Dodge Co)(Dau of Chas. Burch)(Typhoid) Bullington, E. S. 1829 04/16/1870 (Telfair Co) Bullington, Eliza 07/04/1884 (Dooly Co) Bullington, J. J. Mrs. 09/13/1915 (Pulaski Co) Burch, E. A. Capitola Ingram Mrs 08/13/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Burch, Rebecca Yawn 08/05/1834 04/22/1875 (Telfair Co)(Wife of Chas. Burch) Burkhalter, James 06/09/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Wagon accident) Burt, W. P. Mr 05/11/1887 (Chauncey Ga) Busbee, Allen 10/15/1798 08/03/1878 (Pulaski Co)(b-SC) Bush, E. L. Mrs 07/24/1885 (Dooly Co) Bussell, Annie 08/22/1883 07/19/1885 (Irwin Co)(Dau of I. J. Bussell) Bussell, Nancy Mrs 45yr 03/26/1880 (Irwin Co) --Widow of William Bussell. Bussey, Wm D. Rev. 02/23/1886 (Chauncey Ga) Butler, Jacob 09/05/1873 (Dooly Co) Burrows, John 25yr 08/24/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Burrows, J. B. 08/17/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Burrows, Joseph R. 23yr 02/18/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Burton, Henry 1809 03/01/1897 (Pulaski Co) Bryant, John 1815 09/23/1875 (Houston Co) Byron, W. H. 1816 08/18/1873 (Dooly Co) Cadwell, Allen 11/19/1882 (Dodge Co) --Fell under train. Cadwell, Sarah 1805 08/21/1876 (Dodge Co)(Wife of James) Cadwell, Thomas 05/00/1867 (Pulaski Co)(Bro of R. W.) Caldwell, Sarah(of Fort Val.) 09/00/1880 (In Hempstead TX) Calhoun, D. T. 02/02/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Calhoun, John 23yr 11/11/1876 (Dooly Co) --Shot by W. S. Redding. Cameron, Duncan 78yr 10/21/1884 (Telfair Co) Campbell, Archibald 06/10/1874 (Telfair Co) Carlisle, J. B. 37yr 12/25/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Died Macon Ga. of gunshot) Carlisle, James 04/14/1882 (Dooly Co) Carnes, Mrs. Susan 06/27/1898 (Eastman Ga)(Burned to Death) Carroll, Caskin B. 08/18/1875 07/13/1953 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Carroll, Charles Thomas 7yrs 07/25/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Carroll, Mollie 06/30/1882 04/04/1946 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Carroll, Mrs. 09/15/1874 (Wife of A. Y.)(Orange Hill) Carroll, Lula Evelyn 04/18/1913 04/24/1971 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Carroll, Nancy 79yr (Pulaski Co) Carruthers, Clayton L. 5yrs 06/15/1876 (son of Mrs Joe Carruthers) Carruthers, James Deaton infant 06/10/1875 (son of Thomas L & M. E.) Carruthers, John W. 31mo 09/06/1875 (son of T.L.) Carruthers, John W. Jr 01/00/1838 06/00/1861 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Carruthers, John Jr. 10/00/1866 (Pulaski Co) (Hartford) Carruthers, J. W. 1807 10/23/1883 (Pulaski Co)(b-NC) Carruthers, Joseph 03/28/1867 (Pulaski Co) Carruthers, Josephus 1829 05/14/1875 (Pulaski Co) Carruthers, Pensy Mrs. 1814 09/26/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of J. W.) Carson, Ellen Nobels 02/17/1897 05/31/1920 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Warren W) Carson, Warren W. 10/02/1889 12/04/1961 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Carter, Mattie Mae 02/05/1925 11/04/1984 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Carter, R. N. 04/21/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Hawkinsville Tailor) Cary, R. J. 50yr 09/17/1908 (Pulaski Co) Cason, Mary Mrs. 84yr 01/25/1902 (Pulaski Co)(Burned in house) Cason, Thomas 10/00/1881 (Dooly Co) Cassil, Venerable Harry 05/09/1908 (Pulaski Co) Chalker, Alma Mrs. 26yr 06/01/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Chalker, Eliza Ewing 07/20/1861 10/23/1960 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Chalker, Ella Barber Mrs 45yr 06/22/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Francis M Chalker) Chalker, George Wm 02/23/1855 01/08/1936 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Chalker, James 09/01/1873 (Pulaski Co) Chalker, Jim James W. 06/23/1884 02/17/1951 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Chalker, Shannon 05yr 08/26/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(son of F M) Chambers, James F. 03/27/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Samantha Taylor Chambers)- --(Shot in ambush) Chambers, Ruby Miss 11/29/1908 (Pulaski Co) Chancey, Charles C. 52yr 10/13/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Charters, Mary A. 26yr 10/15/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Samuel) Chauncey, Thomas N. 11/19/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Shot self accidently) Cheek, Lucy May Watkins 25yr 03/11/1916 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Cheek, Robert Spears 11/06/1880 02/22/1957 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale)(Husb of Clifford B) Cheek, Clifford Bohannon 09/30/1900 06-02-1994 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Cherry, S. S. 60yr 11/25/1893 (Empire, Ga) Choate, Walter 21yr 09/16/1884 (Pulaski Co) Choate, Lillie Infant 10/13/1891 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of Charlie) Christmas, Jerry R. 80yr 06/00/1883 (Dooly Co)(Snow Spring) Christmas, Natham aged 02/06/1883 (Dooly Co) Churchwell, John Braxton 04/14/1877 01/20/1962 (Pulaski Co)(Churchwell Family) Churchwell, Mary 06/10/1872 08/25/1906 (Pulaski Co)(Churchwell Family) Churchwell, O. P. 11/19/1831 06/12/1892 (Pulaski Co)(Churchwell Family) Churchwell, R. A. Wood 04/03/1849 05/28/1918 (Pulaski Co)(Churchwell Family) Clark, Georgia A. Watson Mrs 71yr 02/07/1908 (Pulaski Co) Clarke, Annie Lauri 01/10/1908 11/12/1937 (Pulaski Co)(Mt Plesant)(b-Atlanta d-Peking) Clarke, Columbus Cobb 09/11/1833 06/29/1870 (Pulaski Co)(Heart Attack) Clarke, Martha H. 06/04/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Bur Fort Valley) Clarke, S. A. Mrs 65yr 02/20/1880 (Dooly Co) Clayton, Thomas 06/17/1755 06/08/1820 (Pulaski Co) Clements, Charles C. 11/00/1882 (Pulaski Co) Clements, Jim 1805 11/11/1898 (Telfair Co)(Near Wooten's Mill) Clements, Robert W. 1832 04/01/1898 (Irwinville) Clements, Mary 03/00/1870 (Telfair Co)(Wife of Jacob D. Clements) Clements, Charles N. 11/27/1868 (Telfair Co) Clewis, Richard W. 33yr 12/04/1884 (Dooly Co)(Typhoid) Clifton, Wm T. 11/27/1899 03/02/1982 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Cobb, George C. 02/28/1871 (Talbottom Ga)(Killed by John F.Neill) Cobb, George Noah 11/25/1872 11/20/1956 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Noah) Cobb, Henry J. 1882 1969 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Cobb, Hiram 28yr 02/20/1871 (Dooly Co) --Suicide after killing Irvin Brown. Cobb, John B. Major 11/21/1893 (Bibb Co) Cobb, Lydia B. 1889 1970 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) --Wife of Henry J Cobb. Cobb, Mary 1794 10/28/1881 (Pulaski Co) --Widow of Thomas Cobb) Cobb, Mary E. 02/00/1883 (Dooly Co) Cobb, Nancy Willcox 1836 11/26/1915 (Pulaski Co) Cobb, Robert Mills 1875 05/21/1949 (Pulaski Co) Cobb, Sallie Mrs 03/06/1898 (Pulaski Co) Cobb, Thomas 09/11/1773 02/29/1880 (Dooly Co)(b-NC) Cobb, Thomas Mrs 03/06/1898 (Pulaski Co) Cobb, Wiley 1796 10/02/1867 (Dooly Co) --Son of Edward Cobb Sr. Cochran, Frank Oberry Mrs 04/18/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran) Cochran, R. A. Mr 06/18/1874 (Pike County) Coffee, Rebecca S. 07/28/1846 05/04/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Cofield, J. B.(Photographer) 74yr 02/04/1916 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Cole, Little Girl 08/30/1881 (Dau. of Thos. A)(Burned) Coleman, Elizabeth 85yr 08/10/1878 (Dodge Co) --Mother of Andrew B. Coleman Coleman, Laura 1830 05/28/1908 (Pulaski Co) Coleman, M.C. 1841 04/28/1875 (Pulaski Co) --Accidental Shooting. Coleman, S. 59yr 07/28/1908 (Wilcox Co) Coleman, Willie R. 09/16/1881 (Pulaski Co) --Buried Rose Hill Cem., Macon. Coley, Caney 14yr 01/17/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Son of G. R.) Coley, Caroline Lamb 55yr 11/02/1887 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran) Coley, Francis 9yrs 08/02/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Dau of H.H.) Coley, Gabe R. Capt 01/06/1880 (Pulaski Co)(CSA Vet) Coley, Gabe Snell 22yr 01/01/1887 (Pulaski Co) --Son of Capt. Gabe R. Coley. Coley, James R. 45yr 05/29/1883 (Cochran)(bur Taylor Cem) Coley, John Mrs. 1819 03/23/1876 (Pulaski Co) Coley, Mamie E. Solomon 64yr 06/12/1914 (Cochran Ga)(Weeping Pine) Coley, Martha J. 05/10/1877 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of James R.) Collier, Belle 02/25/1880 (Worth Co)(Wife of B. H.) Collier, Emma L. 69yr 12/02/1886 (Pulaski Co)(b-Augusta Ga) Collier, Joseph J. 1807 12/21/1878 (Dooly Co) Collier, Macie 07/07/1886 (Liberty, Miss) --Wife of L.F. Collier. Collins, Andrew Mrs 09/29/1898 (Rochelle, Ga) Collins, Bettie 75yr 04/15/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of W.R.) Collins, Blount Mrs 19yr 07/18/1895 (Pulaski Co) Collins, F. R. Mr. 07/28/1847 06/21/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Mollie Foy) Collins, Jacob 15yr 12/04/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Son of I.F.)(Accident) Collins, Tup Maj. 66yr 04/26/1877 (Pulaski Co) Colson, Robert A 11/27/1935 12/11/1982 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Colson, Tommie 02/08/1894 11/13/1976 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Colson, Thelma Albert 06/16/1901 09/21/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Colson, Charlie 06/15/1897 01/25/1985 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Cone, Thomas Sr. 70yr 11/08/1873 (Dooly Co) Coney, Bryant 47yr 04/25/1877 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran) Coney, Charles R. 33yr 11/11/1881 (Pulaski Co) Coney, E. W. 01/00/1869 (Pulaski Co) Coney, Eva 1864 05/00/1958 (Bibb Co)(b-Pulaski) Coney, Ezekial 1831 01/00/1865 (Pulaski Co)(b-Laurens Co) Coney, Lee Wimberly Mrs 06/10/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Coney, James E. 02/00/1882 (Pulaski Co) Coney, Jona Mrs. (Colored) 10/06/1881 (Pulaski Co)(RattleSnake Bite) Coney, Louise D. 02/11/1897 (Pulaski Co) Coney, Roberta 09/05/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)Child of Chas.R.Coney Coney, S. W. Judge 62yr 01/19/1916 (Cordele Ga) Conner, Alice Rycroft 06/24/1900 08/16/1929 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Conner, Fannie Lou Attaway3/17/1894 06/22/1944 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Conner, Jack O. 02/23/1912 03/24/1987 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Conner, James Wm 04/22/1870 03/29/1949 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Conner, J. W. Sr. 08/07/1845 11/23/1913 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Conner, J. W. Mrs 11/17/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Conner, Mary I. Story 04/18/1872 01/07/1913 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Conner, Missouri D. Feltz05/12/1845 11/17/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Coody, B. J. Mrs. 76yr 02/18/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Weeping Pine) Coody, Mary Ann 33yr 09/30/1876 (Dodge Co) Coody, Sallie 42yr 02/20/1883 (Pulaski Co) Coody, Senet Mrs 1837 07/29/1875 (Pulaski Co) Cook, E. Sr. 70yr 06/23/1915 (Bleckly Co) Cook, Ernest H. 06/10/1898 08/27/1907 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Cook, Roxis N. 12/10/1866 03/04/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Ernest H) Cook, Rueben J. 02/01/1862 08/05/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Coombs, J. R. 02/05/1873 (Laurens Hill Ga) Cooper, Elmina 03/10/1885 (Perry Ga)(Widow Of Jesse) Cooper, Joel M. 1802 07/16/1876 (Pulaski Co) Cooper, Rhoda 86yr 05/21/1877 (Pulaski Co) Cook, James N. 12/22/1882 10/05/1961 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Cook, Claudie P. 12/20/1886 05/26/1948 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Cook, Eernest H. 06/10/1898 08/27/1907 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Cook, Roxis N. 12/10/1866 03/04/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Reuben J) Cook, Reuben J. 02/01/1862 08/05/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Cook, Sammie Inez 03/20/1914 01/13/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Corbett, Adrian E. 12/00/1879 (Dublin Ga)(Shot by Freeman Moore) Covington, L. C. Mr. 60yr 01/17/1915 (RochelleGa) Cowan, Steven 03/18/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Gun Shot) Cowan, W. S. 02/20/1882 (McRae Ga)(Ran over by train) Cowart, James 08/11/1885 (Pulaski Co) Cox, E. C. 07/24/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Found dead in River) Cox, Green A. 1814 09/15/1883 (Pulaski Co) Cox, S. L. 05/22/1871 (Pulaski Co) Crawford, Joseph G. 04/02/1872 03/18/1926 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Crawford, M.E. Mrs aged 11/09/1898 (Abbeville Ga) Crawford, Will Jesup 10/31/1918 12/23/1962 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Crosby, John S. 09/09/1918 05/10/1984 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, Aubrey Eugene 11/24/1946 07/21/1967 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, Arthur Lee 03/13/1898 12/09/1963 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, Doyle E. 09/06/1946 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) --Son of John H. Cross. Cross, Elmer N. 02/03/1898 04/02/1826 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, Frankie Euzella 11/19/1921 10/22/1922 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, Hardie D. 09/10/1883 01/10/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) --Son of Michael H. and J. D. Cross Cross, Hugh G. 09/07/1877 02/10/1936 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, J. A. 02/18/1869 12/13/1920 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, J. E. 07/05/1878 05/13/1906 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) --Son of Michael Henry B. and J. D. Cross Cross, James H. 03/10/1843 12/29/1907 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, J. T. 08/26/1920 04/07/1969 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, James Hoyt Sr 09/02/1909 05/27/1948 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, James Hoyt Jr 05/05/1927 04/21/1956 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem)(WW II Navy Vet) Cross, James Lewis 08/06/1874 11/18/1953 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, John H. 09/09/1927 07/07/1953 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, Mamie Dorminey 02/06/1902 02/25/1947 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem)(Wife of Willis C) Cross, Mary Lou Jeanne 06/23/1879 10/06/1947 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem)(Wife of Hugh G) Cross, Michael Henry B. 05/15/1850 07/25/1931 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Cross, Onnie Allen 11/16/1918 03/20/1999 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem)(Wife of Raymond- Gordon Cross) Cross, Pearley Pauline 05/01/1907 02/22/1933 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, Raymond Gordon 11/27/1911 05/28/1987 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, Sally B. 01/09/1927 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem)(1st Wife of J. T.) Cross, Sarah Aultman 07/04/1876 01/19/1940 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem)(Wife of James Lewis Cross, Willis C. 03/06/1898 05/12/1948 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Cross, Zadie L. 03/16/1848 01/02/1936 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Michael H) Crump, John M. 39yr 11/05/1873 (Pulaski Co) Crump, John W. 02/23/1886 (Pulaski Co) Culpepper, Henry Clay 40yr 08/26/1886 (Dooly Co) Culpepper, Charlie 05/10/1867 09/27/1929 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Culpepper, Lizzi 04/09/l870 08/03/1945 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Charlie) Culpepper, W. C.Mrs Barwick 24yr 12/27/1882 (Dooly Co) Curry, Josh B. 26yr 10/29/1915 (Pulaski Co)(RR Accident) Daley, A. F. Hon. 63yr 10/29/1915 (Dublin Ga) Danforth, William 84yr 02/04/1899 (Pulaski Co) Daniel, Bessie Miss 07/03/1908 (Pulaski Co) Daniel, J. M. 66yr 03/11/1885 (Dodge Co) Daniel, James S. 11/00/1866 (Pulaski Co) Daniel, Rebecca A. Fletcher 1837 07/28/1875 (Pulaski Co) Daniel, Thomas 26yr 09/04/1877 (Pulaski Co) --Son of James S. Daniel Daniels, Elizabeth 12/31/1870 (Pulaski Co) Daniels, Jeff 03/23/1873 (Houston Co) Daniels, John M. Jr. 06/00/1867 (Pulaski Co) Davies, Frank S. 32yr 12/30/1886 (Dooly Co) Davis, Mrs. 03/18/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Samuel) Davis, B. F. Mrs. 73yr 04/01/1915 (Pulaski Co)(J.Wynne Cem) Davis, J. W. 09/30/1883 (Pulaski Co) Davis, Joseph 70yr 09/03/1880 (Wilcox Co) Davis, Julia 51yr 05/16/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Samuel) Davis, M. L. Mrs 07/15/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Robert) Davis, Mae (Dau of J. W.) 12yr 10/00/1898 (Abbeville)(Malaria) Davis, Mamie 10yr 06/09/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Burned starting fire) Davis, Pattie 06/19/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of Judge Wm. H.) Davis, Samuel 06/01/1909 (Pulaski Co) Davis, Stafford 1762 04/19/1887 (Coffee Co)(True!) Dawson, Betty 05/11/1883 12/31/1974 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dawson, George N. 03/19/1888 12/09/1927 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dawson, H. J. 11/22/1858 07/08/1956 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dawson, J. W. 12/25/1855 12/28/1920 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dawson, Lena 02/28/1896 08/20/1976 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dawson, Robert Edward 11/27/1901 03/07/1936 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dawson, Sarah Inez 10/30/1899 08/05/1970 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Day, Thomas 02/25/1882 (Lumber City)(Suicide) Dean, R. P. 84yr 03/25/1915 (Cochran Ga) Deason, Matthew Sheriff 09/30/1871 (Wilkinson Co)(Murdered) Deaton, Mary 81yr 02/21/1908 (Pulaski Co) Deffuall, L. 03/06/1876 (Pulaski Co) DeFore, John Mrs. 50yr 01/14/1915 (Pulaski Co) DeLamar, Martha Claudia 1849 07/21/1908 (Fitzgerald)(b-Hancock Co) DeLamar, N. J. Mrs 53yr 04/01/1885 (Pulaski Co) DeLamar, R. F. 01/02/1870 (Pulaski Co) DeLamar, John 22yr 10/00/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) DeLamar, James N. 05/10/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Dennard, Alice Rycroft 11/28/1889 06/26/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dennard, Annie Mrs. 10/08/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Joe J) Dennard, Hugh L. Capt. 1799 11/02/1883 (Houston Co) Dennard, Joe J. 1844 07/03/1914 (Wilcox Co)(Husb. of Annie Mitchell, Mrs) Dennard, John 04/04/1884 05/20/1972 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dennard, Ralph 11/23/1913 01/17/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Denson, Benjamin 04/18/1884 (Pulaski Co) Dent, Cornelius C. 36yr 11/23/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Dewitt, Amanda Miss 03/18/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Dewitt, Pollie 11/13/1872 (Pulaski Co) Dewitt, Thomas A. 1809 12/08/1872 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Polly) Dickson, Martha A. E. 05/05/1842 02/05/1873 (Bibb Co)(b-Laurens Co) Dillard, M. Rev (Colored) 07/19/1884 (Pulaski Co) Digby, James Lee 01/13/1882 01/19/1953 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Dixon, Elizabeth 8yrs 09/04/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Dau of W. S.) Dixon, L. M. 60yr 07/17/1915 (Pulaski Co)(b-Macon Co) Dixon, Mattie E. 16yr 09/08/1879 (Pulaski Co) Dixon, Susan 78yr 11/22/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Pipkin Cem) Dixon, Wm S. 03/10/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Shot self accidently) Dollar, James T. 04/03/1914 02/10/1979 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dominy, John H. 10/13/1881 (Laurens Co) Donaldson, Emma (child of H.B.) 02/15/1887 (Laurens Co)(Measles) Donaldson, Jimmy " " 02/16/1887 (Laurens Co)(Measles) Donaldson, Sarah E. 06/30/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of J. G.) Dopson, Minerva G. 9yrs 04/09/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of C. E.) Dorminey, Amanda 74yr 11/28/1897 (Pulaski Co) Dorminey, Diona 04/23/1881 (Wilkinson Co) Dorminey, Henry ?? 07/10/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Dorminey, Thomas D. ?? 09/29/1921 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Dorminey, Sarah Ann ?? 06/20/1946 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Dorniney, John F. 1878 1959 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Dorminey, William O. 01/08/1881 05/03/1965 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Dorminey, Josiah 90yr 09/21/1895 (Pulaski Co) Dorminey, Lula H. 11/30/1874 05/13/1962 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Dorminey, W. Virgle 08/11/1867 05/31/1955 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Dorminey, Virgie Mae 12/11/1902 02/19/1985 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Dortch, A. F. Mrs 07/23/1908 (Pulaski Co) Doster, John Philetus 10/26/1916 03/26/1917 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Son of A. S. Doster. Dozier, Joseph L. 05/18/1914 04/16/1970 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dozier, Olivia T. ? ? (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dubose, G. J. Mrs 02/08/1864 08/03/1901 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Dubose, W. V. 1854 02/12/1914 (Pulaski Co) Dunaway, Susan E. 01/08/1886 (Dooly Co) Dunnaway, John Allen 11/22/1834 01/21/1917 (Dooly Co) Duncan, Geo. M. 76yr 10/06/1880 (Houston Co) Duncan, J. E. Mrs 60yr 04/15/1909 (UnadillaGa) Dunham, John C. 07/01/1914 (Cochran Ga) Dupree, Chancy 10/21/1884 (Houston Co) Dupree, Elizabeth 1798 10/12/1878 (Dooly Co) Dupree, Flossie Adaline 19mo 03/09/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)Dau of J.D. Dupree) Dupree, Frances Locke 1877 1950 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Dupree, George 01/00/1870 (Pulaski Co) Dupree, Jane H. 1819 05/09/1896 (Pulaski Co) Dupree, Jeremiah H. 06/09/1883 (Dooly Co) Dupree, L. S. Paulk Mrs 01/21/1894 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Dupree, Luke S. 1854 1924 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Dupree, Martha A. Pollock 2/24/1855 01/06/1900 (Pulaski Co) Dupree, Mary Bryant Williams 1860 12/15/1885 (Pulaski Co) Dupree, Thomas R. 01/17/1898 (Pulaski Co) Durham, Jim C 12/18/1877 02/20/1980 (Pulaski Co)(County Line) Durham, Sarah T. 12/15/1880 07/04/1979 (Pulaski Co)(County Line) Dyches, George Reid 14mo 08/27/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Son of J.H.) Dykes, David 01/02/1870 (Near Coley's Station) Dykes, Elizabeth Woods 07/07/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Antioch Cem) Dykes, Nancy 1814 07/04/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Husb. B. B.) Dykes, Joseph B.(wife Fannie) 29yr 05/31/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Stray bullet) Dykes, J. W. 12/00/1867 (Pulaski Co) Dykes, Richmond J. 11/07/1872 (Pulaski Co) Dykes, Sarah G. 60yr 02/03/1915 (Pulaski Co) Eason, Elijah 07/29/1885 (Dooly Co) Easters, Mr. Iley 1807 11/15/1898 (Tifton Ga) Ebalgo, Pauline J. 1926 1954 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Edwards, Mrs 02/26/1876 (Pulaski Co)(husb. Edward) Elder, Roy 10/21/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Accidently shot) Eldridge, William 83yr 07/24/1884 (Dooly Co) Elliott, Thomas C. 08/23/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Ellis, Mrs J. Q. 09/10/1896 (Pulaski Co) English, Willie 18yr 03/03/1883 (Pulaski Co) Etheridge, F. M. 10/30/1856 07/21/1922 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Etheridge, Johnnie 11/20/1882 (Pulaski Co) Etheridge, L. M. 75yr 07/03/1908 (Greston Ga) Etheridge, Mattie Slappy 07/12/1864 09/03/1949 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Wife of F. M. Etheridge and Fred J. Clark. Eubanks, Abram (Colored) 1791 11/21/1881 (Putnam Co) Eubanks, Edward 73yr 09/15/1873 (Pulaski Co) Eubanks, George T. 11/18/1866 (Pulaski Co) Eubanks, J. Dan 02/25/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Eubanks, John J. 06/28/1871 (Pulaski Co) Eubanks, Mrs 07/05/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Wife of J. Dan Eubanks. Evans, John 12/31/1869 (Pulaski Co)(Drowned) Everett, Edward N. 30yr 03/14/1872 (Dooly Co) Everett, R.F. 12/12/1875 (Twiggs Co)(Lockjaw) Evers, Hardy Mrs 10/12/1893 (Pulaski Co) Ewing, James 06/00/1867 (Pulaski Co) Ewing, Sammie 14mo 06/20/1872 (Wilcox Co)(Son of David Ewing) Faircloth, Bennett 02/10/1830 03/14/1869 (Pluaski Co)(Friendship) Faircloth, Charles F. 1866 1949 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Faircloth, Dock 12/06/1885 (Drayton Ga) Faircloth, E. F. 03/02/1862 01/05/1940 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Faircloth, Ella Tippett 05/21/1864 05/01/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of James F) Faircloth, Georgia T. 12/27/1894 11/26/1994 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Henry F) Faircloth, Gladys 11/27/1904 09/30/1971 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Faircloth, H. Otha 02/22/1917 10/19/1971 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Faircloth, Henry F. 02/06/1895 12/17/1934 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Faircloth, Ida Brown 02/25/1870 06/04/1963 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Thomas B) Faircloth, James F. 06/22/1858 11/25/1933 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Faircloth, Lill. J.Mixon 05/31/1894 03/15/1928 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Joseph Lee) Faircloth, Mary L Anderson4/17/1878 12/19/1965 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Faircloth, Millina 1756 (MitchellCo) Faircloth, Minnie H. 1871 1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Faircloth, Morgan 22yr 12/26/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Comitted Suicide under train) Faircloth, Samantha Jane 11/20/1873 11/10/1903 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Faircloth, Susie E.Brown 09/05/1872 08/09/1903 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Charles F) Faircloth, Thomas B. 07/11/1864 02/13/1910 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Faircloth, Tempsey 03/10/1837 12/04/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Bennett) Faircloth, Warren 01/19/1899 (Pulaski Co)(Thrown in creek, drowned) Faulk, Charles 1822 09/07/1881 (Twiggs Co) Faulk, W. J. 22yr 10/10/1880 (Pulaski Co) Faulkner, E. J. Mr. 55yr 04/11/1909 (Elko Ga) Feagin, Harry S. 02/18/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Suicide) Felder, E. L. 1850 11/26/1878 (Pulaski Co) Felder, Edward L. 10/25/1893 (Perry Ga) Felder, Emma D. 27yr 04/25/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Widow of E.D.) Felder, J. Rufus 75yr 02/14/1884 (Houston Co) Felder, Sarah A. Brown 02/20/1830 (Pulaski Co)(Dau of Dempsey Brown) Fellows, L. O. 01/09/1894 06/28/1959 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Fenn, John H. 05/17/1884 (Dooly Co)(Heart) Fenn, Susan 04/21/1887 (Pulaski Co)(Widow of John H. Fenn) Ferguson, Mary E. 04/28/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Willie F. Ferguson) Ferguson, Virginia Raiford 03/06/1885 (Pulaski Co) Finleyson, J. H. 07/28/1846 09/28/1933 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Finleyson, Mattie 03/12/1860 10/25/1937 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of J. H.) Finn, Emma Adkins 05/04/1885 (Dooly Co)(Wife of Augustas J. Finn) Fitzgerald, Cantey (colored) 04/29/1909 (Unadilla )(Shot) Fitzgerald, J. S. 10/04/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Pleasant Hill) Fitzgerald, John F. 11/10/1885 01/06/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Fitzgerald, Mary 82yr 01/31/1881 (Pulaski Co) Fitzgerald, Mary Turner 12/18/1887 (Abbeville Ga) Fitzgerald, Rebecca 02/09/1880 (Abbeville Ga) Fitzgerald, Samuel 09/07/1893 (Wilcox Co) Fleischman, Simon 65yr 01/07/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Father of Joseph the Tailor) Fleming, Elizabeth 09/05/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of D. G. Fleming) Fleming, Ferdinand Sr aged 10/07/1879 (Pulaski Co) Fleming, Ferdinand Jr 32yr 12/14/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Never Married) Fleming, Malinda Chance 07/14/1799 07/07/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Widow of John) Fleming, Mary A. 11/11/1877 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of James) Fleming, Robert 65yr 09/15/1877 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Fleming, William G. 10/00/1870 (Pulaski Co) Fleming, W. P. Mrs 03/10/1871 (SavannahGa) Fletcher, Matilda 10/03/1897 (Irwin Co) Fletcher, Sarah 17yr 08/10/1882 (Dau of J.B.)(Typhoid) Flournoy, Alma C. 04/17/1908 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Flournoy, Pruitt J. 01/16/1907 11/11/1986 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Floyd, A. B. Quattlebaum Mrs. 04/14/1915 (Finleyson Ga)(Pope's Cem) Floyd, Hiram 13mo 07/11/1876 (Son of J. J.) Floyd, Mary Mrs. 38yr 03/??/1886 (Pulaski Co) Floyd, Mathew 01/00/1882 (Dooly Co) Floyd, Susan Davis 11/26/1941 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of G. W. Floyd) Fokes, Edward W. 10/15/1877 (Pulaski Co) Forbes, Joseph Sr 11/02/1881 (Dooly Co) Fordham, Robert T. D. 75yr 04/18/1881 (Wilkinson Co) Forehand, Rebecca 01/30/1812 03/00/1882 (Laurens Co) Forehand, William 01/20/1877 (Dooly Co) Foster, Antha Powell 02/02/1878 04/10/1957 (Pulaski Co)(Mt. Pleasant)(Wife of Wm. Mallory) Foster, Charles Judson 1867 06/16/1927 (Pulaski Co)(Mt. Pleasant) Foster, J. A. 68yr 12/10/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Foster, John Robert 05/14/1858 11/17/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Mt. Pleasant) Foster, John R. 1904 1984 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Foster, Martha Taylor 1887 03/01/1923 (Pulaski Co)(Mt. Pleasant)(Wife of Charles- Judson Foster.) Foster, Mary Conner 1917 1975 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel)(Wife of John R. Foster) Foster, Sarah Eliz.Keen 12/05/1834 Unknown (Pulaski Co)(Mt. Pleasant) (Several unmarked graves beside Wm L. Foster) Foster, Wm. Mallory 07/16/1866 07/07/1951 (Pulaski Co)(Mt. Pleasant) Foster, Wm. L. 02/07/1827 11/14/1901 (Pulaski Co)(Mt. Pleasant) Folds, W. T. Mrs Fullington 01/21/1884 (Dooly Co) Folds, Wm. Jenkins 12/08/1886 (Dooly Co) Fountain, A. T. Mrs 06/24/1861 02/06/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of John A Hendley) Fountain, A. W. Mrs 05/27/1896 (Pulaski Co)(nee Susie Johnson Fountain, Ann Mrs 09/10/1883 (Wife of John L.) Fountain, Margaret 1812 11/14/1872 (Wilcox Co) Fountain, Wm. J. 04/03/1876 (Coney Fam. Cemetery) Freeman, Drury 1791 08/13/1871 (Near Griffin, Ga) Frick, Molly C. Mrs. 26yr 05/30/1885 (McRae Ga)(Wife of J.B.) Fudge, Jane 08/00/1867 (Dooly Co)(Wife of James D) Fulghum, Redmond G. 10/07/1828 03/25/1897 (Pulaski Co)(b-Dodge Co) Fuller, Sam D. 01/06/1916 (Abbeville, Ga)(Accidentaly Shot) Fuller, Wade Hampton 3yrs 08/02/1880 (Wilcox Co)(Son of Andrew) Fullington, Caleb pre-1800 11/11/1874 (Dooly Co) Fullington, Mrs 05/30/1887 (Dooly Co)(widow of Caleb) Furlong, B. W. 09/24/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Took Poison) Fuqua, Winnie 05/04/1914 (Pulaski Co) Futch, J. F. 10/23/1914 (Eastman Ga)(Auto accident) Futch, Jasper Newton 04/08/1851 01/13/1891 (Pulaski Co)(Killed by falling tree)(b-SC)- --Husb. of Sarah E. Harrell Futch, Robert Francis 02/15/1932 11/??/1938 (Pulaski Co)(Lancaster Cem) Gaines, Callie 10/14/1884 (Dooly Co) Gallagher, Frank 03/31/1900 03/20/1927 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Gammage, Daniel E. 01/30/1876 04/29/1915 (Pineview Ga) Gammage, Homer G. 07/08/1908 (Pineview Ga)m-Ola Moon or Moore) Gammage, James Willy 11/30/1877 08/24/1947 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Gammage, Minnie Peavy 04/07/1881 05/31/1967 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Gammage, Norma Pope 1883 1981 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Gammage, Roe 1882 1962 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Gardner, John 12yr 11/19/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Pipkin Cem.)(Son of E.M.) Gardner, W. M. 1894 1928 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Garrett, David 84yr 05/28/1908 (Pulaski Co)(born-Twiggs Co) Garrett, F. M. 69yr 03/28/1915 (Rochelle Ga)(Pleasant Grove) Garrison, Wm. F. 8mos 09/05/1875 (Wilcox Co)(Son of Jms. A.) Gaskin, Elias L.(Wife M.J. Peterson) 05/10/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Suicide OD Morphine)- --Married only 8 days. Gatewood, Estelle Miss 03/27/1883 (Pulaski Co)(b-Albany Ga) Gibbs, Billy 11/12/1884 (Wilcox Co) Gibbs, Thomas 10/00/1898 (Abbeville Ga) Gibson, Julia S. 03/11/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Gilbert, Sarah 09/08/1872 (Houston Co)(Wife of N.H.W.) Giles, Emily Aline,Woods 12/11/1874 12/03/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)- --Wife of Benj. F. Giles and was a school teacher.( Died of Carbuckles) Glover, John T. 12/27/1881 (Twiggs Co) Golden, Anne E. 10/05/1874 (Pulaski Co) Gooch, Tommie Lee 07/12/1922 12/11/1971 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Goode, Charles J. 08/18/1895 (ColumbusGa) Goodin, J. H. 01/06/1822 02/28/1909 (Abbeville Ga)(Stubbs Cem) Goodman, William 11/30/1873 (Pulaski Co) Goodwin, S. P. Mrs. 01/06/1909 (Pulaski Co) Gordon, Emma Fountain 10/12/1915 (Unadilla Ga) Gordon, Georgia 17yr 04/11/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Wm Gordon) Gorman, Bridget 26yr 01/31/1916 (Pulaski Co) Goss, N. B. Sr 09/01/1889 08/30/1965 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Grace, Elmina. V. Mrs 04/14/1838 12/27/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of M. T.) Grace, John L. 60yr 05/29/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Grace, M. T. 11/17/1870 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Frances Blalock Grace) Grace, Samuel 55yr 05/19/1884 (Houston Co)(Bachelor) Grace, Sarah Elizabeth 25mo 06/19/1973 (Pulaski Co)(Dau of Mrs E. V. Grace) Graddy, Martha Miss 55yr 03/05/1883 (Dooly Co) Graham, Daniel W. Dr. 09/15/1881 (Telfair Co)(Typhoid) Graham, John T. Jr 10/23/1898 (UnadillaGa)(Typhoid)(Harmony) Graham, Joseph S. 08/05/1867 (Wilcox Co) Graham, U. Y. 11/21/1881 (Laurens Co) Graham, Walter 13mo 07/01/1882 (Dooly Co)(Friendship)(Son of John T.) Grantham, Dollie Ann Holt07/16/1883 07/10/1938 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Nathan S) Grantham, Nathan Samuel 12/02/1879 09/19/1950 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Grantham, W. J. 11/28/1893 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Nathan S) Gray, N. W. 02/01/1872 07/06/1959 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Gray, Lee Buren 10/25/1899 10/28/1976 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Gray, Mary E. 03/28/1872 01/14/1956 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Gray, Mrs Sarah 1816 05/02/1874 (Josiah D.)(Houston Co) Gray, N. W. 02/01/1872 07/06/1959 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Grayson, Walter E. 47yr 04/26/1916 (Pulaski Co)(Lockjaw)(Nail) Green, Jane E. 04/23/1884 (Pulaski Co) Green, Mourning 05/15/1783 02/12/1845 (Pulaski Co) Greenwood, Julius 1841 06/26/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Liver Cancer) Gregory, Annie E Doudty 12/13/1881 01/11/1945 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Gregory, Duncan Thomas 1866 11/00/1922 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Gregory, Elijah 1906 1976 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Gregory, John 1794 08/09/1874 (Pulaski Co)(1812 War Vet) Gregory, Thomas 1823 09/22/1898 (Pulaski Co) Grice, Herbert L. 34yr 02/17/1912 (Pulaski Co) Griggs, L. D. Mr. 05/13/1909 (Died in Texas) Griffin, Elizabeth 71yr 02/01 1912 (Pulaski Co)(b-NY) Griffin, King Mrs 07/02/1874 (Wife of Joel R.)(Ft.Valley) Griffin, Rebecca 09/04/1876 (Dodge Co)(Wife of Y. R.) Griffin, Rebecca J. Bryant 1824 09/00/1875 (Wilcox Co)(Wife of Henry H) Griffin, Washington L. 17yr 11/23/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Samuel C. & Rutha) Grimsley, W. T. 1870 09/15/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Son of J.H.C. Grimsley) Haire, J. H. 01/31/1912 (Dodge Co) Haire, Ola Reid 43yr 11/27/1914 (Abbeville ) Hall, C. Hiram 10/27/1880 (Pulaski Co) --Stabbed in Cochran Saloon) Hall, Louisa Eliz. 8yr 11/20/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of W.A.J.) Hall, R. M. 33yr 03/14/1915 (Pulaski Co) Hall, Washington 10/24/1883 (Dooly Co) Ham, William (of Typhoid) 11/19/1891 (Pulaski Co)(b-Houston Co)(of Typhoid) --Work w/Loam Brown. Hamilton, A. F. 57yr 10/23/1914 (Seville Ga) Hamilton, James M. 01/28/1881 (Dooly Co) Hamilton, Warren B. 09/29/1881 (Pulaski Co)(bur-Gum Creek) Hammond, Aleph Pickren 07/02/1853 07/02/1882 (Coffee Co)(Wife of J.Q.) Hammond, C. M. 42yr 12/25/1908 (Abbeville ) Hancock, John 06/19/1914 (Pulaski Co) Harden, N. S. 80yr 04/14/1915 (Pulaski Co) Harden, Ora 08/31/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of J.N.) Harden, R. S. Mrs (Of Atlanta) 09/12/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Hardy, Thomas M.(Photographer) 30yr 02/13/1872 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Haregrove, A. J. 10/00/1870 (Pulaski Co) Hargroves, ? 11/20/1881 (Merriwether Co)(Fiddler by trade) Harkey, Robert 35yr 06/24/1912 (Abbeville Ga) Harkness, Tannie Tombley 03/15/1801 03/09/1888 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Harper, Sarah 1801 02/20/1882 (Houston Co) Harrell, Aaron 05/27/1929 11/01/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Asa Jr. 55yr 04/15/1881 (Eastman Ga) Harrell, Bud 05/05/1913 11/10/1972 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Charity Wm's 01/24/1823 02/14/1894 (Pulaski Co)() Harrell, Charlotte L. 11/28/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Rose Hill)(Wife of Melvin) Harrell, Clara Jane 05/10/1908 07/29/1985 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Cora 08/16/1927 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Ermma 03/23/1911 01/14/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Grant 08/15/1887 04/29/1962 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Grant Jr. 07/26/1932 08/16/1985 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Hardy 02/14/1903 07/19/1974 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Hendley 12/00/1869 (Pulaski Co) Harrell, Henry 03/00/1958 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Henry Jr. 07/15/1914 03/18/1995 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Jimmy 8yrs 06/10/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Wright Harrell) Harrell, John Wilcox 04/11/1861 09/08/1939 (Pulaski Co)(Harrell Family S) Harrell, Johnny Lee 07/05/1927 12/21/1980 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Lula T. Perry 08/17/1883 (Twiggs Co)(Wife of J L Harrell) Harrell, Levi 1777 1865 (Pulaski Co) Harrell, Lee 12/23/1876 02/07/1970 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Lillie S. 01/15/1893 11/05/1974 (Pulaski Co)(Daniels Cem) Harrell, Lizzie Holt Infant 05/16/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of W. H., Telfair Co) Harrell, Louisa 6yrs 08/06/1873 (Pulaski Co) Harrell, M. A. Mrs 1830 09/21/1876 (Eastman Ga) Harrell, M. E. 45yr 08/02/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Harrell, Melvin 02/12/1904 05/14/1962 (Pulaski Co)(Rose Hill) Harrell, Minnie 12/23/1899 02/06/1980 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Mollie O. 63yr 10/14/1915 (Eastman Ga) Harrell, Nancy 11/07/1836 11/27/1916 (Pulaski Co)(Harrell Family S) Harrell, Sanford Sr. 04/10/1905 05/25/1985 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, Sarah Hamilton 1820 10/06/1898 (Eastman Ga) Harrell, T. B. 1861 04/22/1948 (Pulaski Co)(Jones Family) Harrell, Viola 5yrs 08/08/1873 (Pulaski Co)- --Daughter of Wm L.Harrell, sister of Louisa Harrell. Harrell, W. F. 53yr 11/12/1914 (Eastman Ga)(Husb. of Missie DeLamar) Harrell, W. H. 06/17/1886 (Dodge Co) Harrell, Willie H. Sr. 05/15/1913 08/13/1987 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Harrell, W. L. Mrs 35yr 01/13/1915 (Pulaski Co) Harrell, Wm. Lovett 04/13/1852 03/10/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Asa Harrell) Harrison, Jacob 30yr 07/01/1880 (Pulaski Co)(b-NY) Harrison, M. 05/10/1885 (Shipwreck of the Shiller) Hart, Dolly 1822 05/02/1882 (Pulaski Co) Hart, Hardy 1800 02/27/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Brother of Crawford Hart) Hart, Milly 04/00/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Warren) Hartley, James 07/20/1896 (Pulaski Co) Harvard, Eugene 12/10/1881 (Laurens Co)(Typhoid) --Son of Q.L. Harvard. Harvard, Eva May 5yrs 02/04/1885 (Dooly Co)(Typhoid) Harvard, Henry M. 03/30/1915 (Dooly Co)(CSA Vet) Harvard, Julia 10/29/1915 (Pulaski Co) Harvard, Lucius 5mos 05/22/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Ella W. & Wm. C.) Harvard, Willie Hooks 5mos 04/20/1882 (Dooly Co)(Son of Joseph P) Harvey, C. H. 02/05/1883 12/03/1903 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Harvey, Catherine 09/08/1804 08/26/1878 (Wilcox Co)(Wife of Jarvis) Harvey, Charles 09/28/1898 (Wilcox Co) Harvey, J. C. Dr. 1801 11/01/1871 (Houston Co) Harvey, J. T. 03/15/1908 01/08/1972 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Harvey, Laura Eva 10/17/1891 10/11/1975 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Harvey, Wm A. 08/12/1881 02/17/1930 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Haskins, Elizabeth 53yr 09/21/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Joel) Haskins, Joseph 06/00/1877 (Pulaski Co) Haskins, Samuel T. 1876 01/31/1897 (Pulaski Co) Havis, J. D. pre-1800 06/19/1876 (Houston Co) Hawkins, John H. 25yr 12/19/1880 (Dooly Co) Hayes, Sarah Ann Wiley 1806 09/05/1881 (Thomasville) Haymans, George W. 06/07/1884 (Irwin Co)(Blood Poison) Heath, G. M. Mrs 50yr 05/02/1909 (Pulaski Co)(Salem Ch. Cem) Heath, Mary Frances 01/03/1859 05/02/1909 (Pulaski Co)(b-Laurens Co) Helms, Florence D. 11/30/1909 12/31/1935 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Helms, George A. 8yr 09/19/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Son of J.W & Nancy) Helms, Mable C. 06/13/1910 01/14/1981 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem)- --Wife of Monroe T. Helms. Helms, Monroe T. 03/01/1906 01/15/1978 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Henderson, Duncan W. 05/02/1872 11/18/1886 (Pulaski Co)- --Son of Capt J.J. Henderson. Henderson, H. H. 10/00/1866 (Pulaski Co) Henderson, Hillary 11/00/1866 (Pulaski Co)(Husb James T.) Henderson, J. C. 09/11/1908 (Unadilla) Henderson, John H. 54yr 10/31/1911 (Unadilla) Henderson, J. T. 09/25/1893 (Unadilla) Henderson, J. T. 09/07/1897 (Telfair Co)(Typhoid) Henderson, Rodah 77yr 11/03/1883 (Coffee Co) Henderson, Romulus 07/10/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Weeping Pine) Hendley, Euel Gammage 08/11/1884 01/21/1949 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Hendley, John A. 08/13/1834 12/19/1871 (Pulaski Co) Hendley, Nellie Miss 14yr 09/30/1898 (Dau. of W. L.)(Abbeville) Hendley, Norman J. 07/06/1866 06/13/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Son of D.H) Hendley, Robert Baskin 06/07/1874 07/21/1938 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Hendley, Valley Mrs 03/18/1879 (Pulaski Co) Hendley, Wm H. 46yr 06/07/1878 (b-Pulaski Co)(Now Dodge) Henry, John(b-Ireland) 06/12/1820 12/12/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of C. Kendrick) Herndon, M. P. 1830 05/13/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Born-Wilkinson Co) Herrington, Lana Pipkins 70yr 11/29/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Stroke) Herzog, Frank 08/28/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Husb. of Fannie Buff) Hickman, Francis L. 09/04/1884 06/21/1950 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Hickman, Mary M. Peavy 11/23/1860 06/02/1919 (Pulsaki Co)(Bluff Creek) Hightower, Col. James E. 11/11/1898 (Dublin Ga)(Lawyer in Dublin) Hill, E. B. 03/07/1901 12/02/1970 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Hill, Miss Lucy 08/29/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of Mrs Martha Hill) Hill, James 1768 07/02/1872 (Pulaski Co)(104 yrs old) Hill, John 50yr 01/17/1880 (Coffee Co)(26th Ga Reg. CSA Vet) Hill, John (Colored) 05/24/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Shot by Anderson Walker) Hill, Roland 60yr 02/23/1916 (Cochran Ga)(Antioch Cem) Hill, Samuel 03/26/1877 (Pulaski Co)(Heart) Hillard, A. O. 42yr 07/11/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Pipkin Fam, Cem) Hinson, J. B. 11/11/1914 (Cochran Ga) Hobbs, Augustus 12/21/1881 (Laurens Co)(Son of A.J.) Hobbs, George W. 1853 08/29/1876 (Pulaski Co) Hodge, T. Coleman 07/30/1914 (Atlanta Ga) Hodge, E. E. Mrs 09/12/1893 (Houston Co)(Mother of M.T.Hodge in Hawk.) Hodge, Geo. W. 51yr 11/05/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Elisha) Hodge, J. P. Atty. 12/06/1882 (Formerly of Pulaski Co) Hodge, M. Rozar Mrs. 43yr 08/22/1886 (Dodge Co)(Bilious fever) Hodge, R. M. Atty. 06/18/1885 (Formerly of Pulaski Co) Hodges, James Hicks 62yr 05/10/1884 (Pulaski Co) Hogg, Infant of Fred 10mo 05/31/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Pipkin Cem) Hogsett, Abner Jerome 09/02/1874 08/16/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Hogsett, James H. 1925 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Hogsett, Susan Tippett 09/06/1921 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Hogsett, Tula B. 07/24/1876 09/09/1965 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of William H) Hogsett, William H. 09/08/1870 03/04/1927 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Hogsett, William W.(M.G.) 04/05/1872 (Dooly Co) Hogan, John aged 11/15/1872 (Pulaski Co) Holden, William 12/25/1795 10/21/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Born Emanuel Co) Holder, Jim 20yr 10/09/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Son. of J. J. Holder) Holland, Jasper J. 04/02/1867 (Pulaski Co) Holland, John A. 52yr 09/22/1883 (Dooly Co) Holland, Mack (Colored) 11/01/1898 (Pulaski Co)- --Shot accidently by Virgil Whitehead. Holland, R. J. 01/00/1869 (Pulaski Co) Hollon, John A. 1831 09/22/1883 (Pulaski Co) Holly, A. B. Miss. 14yr 07/11/1882 (Houston Co) Holmes, J. R. 02/14/1881 (Dooly Co) Holt, Asa G. 12/14/1884 (Pulaski Co) Holt, Bennett R. 02/03/1856 01/10/1923 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Husb to Mary Queen) Holt, Calvin 1882 1896 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Holt, Elijah Thomas 03/21/1857 08/07/1924 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Holt, Ellen 03/06/1855 09/10/1877 (Wilcox Co)(Friendship in Pulaski Co) Holt, Fannie Moore 04/28/1888 08/17/1988 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife to James Ezekiel) Holt, James 67yr 05/16/1877 (Wilcox Co)(Friendship in Pulaski Co) Holt, James Ezekiel 05/20/1886 11/13/1960 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Holt, Joseph F. 03/30/1889 07/17/1971 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Holt, Martha C. 48yr 01/19/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of late Wm. Holt) Holt, Mary 12/16/1812 05/26/1878 (Wilcox Co)(Friendship in Pulaski Co)- --Wife of James Holt, Ellen (above) is assumed to be their daughter) Holt, Mary Queen 04/14/1857 03/15/1918 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Holt, Reb.Eug. Finleyson 01/25/1865 12/20/1907 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Holt, Sarah A. Faircloth 01/15/1861 03/10/1944 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife to Elijah Thomas) Holt, Wm Lovett 03/10/1852 11/29/1929 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Husb to Rebecca E F) Holt, Wm A. 09/05/1884 08/22/1957 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Holton, Sarah L. 12/13/1869 10/04/1880 (Pulaski Co) Holton, Seaborn 68yr 03/24/1883 (MitchellCo)(Typhoid) Hood, Lizzi G. 04/05/1888 09/21/1957 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill)(Wife of Wm H. Hood) Hood, James Samuel 03/27/1889 01/24/1951 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Hood, Ruth Elenor 11/27/1912 05/18/1977 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Hood, William H. 02/05/1877 09/04/1959 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) Hooks, W. L. Mrs 09/29/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Sis of Mrs T.N. Pierce) Horne, Eliz. H. Andrews 04/06/1878 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Isaac) Horne, Isaac 03/11/1820 10/21/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Charlie Mullis Cem) Horne, Jesse Rev. 1805 04/05/1872 (Pulaski Co)(Pine Hill) (b-Halifax, NC) Horne, John M. 06/08/1847 08/26/1902 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Horne, Rose (Colored) 03/24/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Dress caught fire) Horne, Rufas Elijah 22yr 06/12/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Husband of Miss Grinstead) Horne, Thomas L. 33yr 01/18/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Of Consumpion) Horsford, Duncan 01/29/1912 (Dodge Co)(Ate by hogs, after passing out?) Howard, Elizabeth K. 1851 1944 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Howard, James Bush 1840 1921 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Howard, J. M. 65yr 03/01/1909 (Dooly Co)(Heart) Howell, Mary 80yr 02/06/1881 (Houston Co) Howell, Nancy 1839 01/19/1879 (Pulaski Co) Howell, John C. 07/30/1879 (Pulaski Co)(Malaria) Howell, Swan Mrs 59yr 08/17/1912 (Pulaski Co) Howell, Thomas B. 10/18/1821 07/29/1873 (Pulaski Co) Horne, Betha A. 8 mo 09/02/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of Jesse R & Winnie) Houser, Bradford 22yr 11/07/1914 (Macon Ga)(Murdered) Houser, Jeff D. 11/14/1908 (FtValley Ga)(b-Orangeburg SC) Hudgins, G. W. 10/00/1862 01/21/1911 (Pulaski Co) Hudson, Frank (Colored) 10/14/1881 (Terrell Co)(Hung for murders) Hudson, Maud Miss 02/15/1909 (Pulaski Co) Hudspeth, Centino Mr. 07/01/1886 (Pulaski Co) Hughes, Freeman Scott 09/22/1883 (Dooly Co)(Son of John & Sarah Scott) Hughes, Haywood 10/17/1881 (Twiggs Co) Hughes, Lucy Miss 04/08/1885 (Twiggs Co) Hughes, Mary Miss 10/06/1882 (Dooly Co) Hughes,Agnes Sarah 14mo 09/19/1883 (Dooly Co)(Dau of G.D.) Hundley, Elmira McKinney 09/21/1883 (Wilcox Co)(Husb-Joe) Hunnicut, Martha Miss 03/28/1873 (Telfair Co)(Measles) Hunt, Catherine Mrs 12/28/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Widow of W. G.) Hunt, Mattie 08/24/1873 05/10/1956 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Hunt, S. D. Mr. 10/00/1915 (Pulaski Co) Hunt, Wm. G. (B-Worth Co.) 1837 03/19/1897 (Pulaski Co)(m-Catherine Newman) --bur-Newman Family Cem. Hunter, Samuel B. 1799 07/09/1871 (Bibb Co) Hulett, Margaret L. 1831 11/02/1874 (Telfair Co)(Husb-Allen) Hyman, T. M. DDS 03/29/1897 (Cordele Ga) Ingram, John A. 42yr 08/12/1878 (Dooly Co) Irwin, Ida V. 7yrs 10/24/1883 (Telfair Co)(Dau of G.W.Irwin) Isaacs, M. 37yr 05/11/1883 (Pulaski Co) Israel, John 30yr 03/24/1882 (Dooly Co)(Typhoid) Ivey, Alanzo M. 12/17/1884 07/24/1891 (Dooly Co) Ivey, Delliah 09/09/1808 03/28/1885 (Dooly Co) Ivey, James W. 09/01/1871 (Baker Co)(Murdered by Sam Long) Ivey, Narcissa 10/18/1845 07/06/1915 (Dooly Co) Ivey, Annie Evelyn 70yr 05/09/1915 (In Atlanta) Ivey, Wesley 09/02/1829 08/01/1897 (Unadilla Ga) Ivey, Wilfred Kenneth 3yrs 11/10/1898 (Unadilla Ga)(Son of R. H. Ivey) Ivey, W.L. 12/05/1805 12/18/1884 (Dooly Co) Ivy, Wright 81yr 12/15/1884 (Dooly Co) Jackson, John S. 02/08/1871 (Green Co) Jackson, Robert (Colored) 05/05/1876 (Dooly Co)(Hung, murder of Ed Clark,Colored) Jacobus, J. 05/18/1898 (Formaly of Pulaski) James, Jacob 04/07'1873 (Pulaski Co) Jelks, E. A. 70yr 07/29/1908 (McRae, Ga)(b-Quitman) Jelks, Elizabeth C. 1845 07/31/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Husb-J. O.) Jelks, E. N. Coates Mrs 09/08/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Bur Riverside) Jelks, James O. Jr 07/31/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Grove) Jelks, J. O. Sr. 10/07/1802 07/11/1883 (Pulaski Co)(b-NC) Jelks, Needham W. 08/29/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Had moved to FL pre. yr.) Jennings, T. J. 11/25/1886 (Pulaski Co) Jesup, Sarah M. 02/16/1847 11/19/1879 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of W.M.) Johnson, Carrie Rycroft 02/02/1897 10/30/1930 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Johnson, Charlie R. 02/24/1892 02/20/1945 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Johnson, Eliza A. 03/16/1897 08/02/1975 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Johnson, Eliza J. 1823 07/24/1876 (Wilcox Co)(husb. Troy)(Pulaski) Johnson, George W. 60yr 11/15/1914 (Wilcox Co)(Wife was a McLean) Johnson, J. P.`E. 03/05/1898 09/23/1930 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Johnson, Mrs. 02/27/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Dr. Herschel V.) Johnson, L. C. Mrs 07/27/1914 (Ashburn Ga) Johnson, Margaret 66yr 03/15/1885 (Dooly Co)(Wife of Israel) Johnson, Martha 37yr 04/18/1880 (Pulaski Co) Johnson, M. B. Dr. 11/12/1886 (Dooly Co) Johnson, Nancy Laidler 75yr 11/16/1884 (Houston Co) Johnson, Steve (U S Marshall) 11/14/1885 (Abbeville Ga)(Shot by Eli Johnson) Johnson, Thomas N. 48yr 11/21/1884 (Irwin Co) Johnson, Toby Matthews 1862 12/29/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Mrs.James Matthews) Johnson, William 06/11/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Murdered) Johnson, William W. 40yr 10/07/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Dropsy) Joiner, David C. Mrs 07/25/1872 (Pulaski Co) Joiner, Ebeniezer 88yr 05/27/1884 (Crawford Co) Joiner, Elizabeth 69yr 04/14/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Rev Larkin Joiner) Joiner, John J. 11/18/1850 04/08/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Joiner, John 08/15/1871 (Dooly Co)(Murdered by C. Devereaux) Joiner, John 12/15/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Duel with "Bose" Turner) Joiner, Larkin Rev 06/20/1809 11/14/1880 (Pulaski Co)(b-Nash Co NC) Joiner, Rena Bell Keen 12/04/1874 /1947 (Pulaski Co)(Mt Pleasant) Joiner, William 01/20/1885 (Dodge Co) Jones, A. C. Mrs. 01/13/1887 (Pulaski Co) Jones, Clarence D. 12/15/1888 05/06/1936 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Jones, Willow B. 12/03/1896 09/12/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Clarence D) Jones, Frank 11/14/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Caught up in cotton gin) Jones, James N. 79yr 12/02/1908 (Cochran Ga)(CSA Vet) Jones, Jane W. 57yr 06/15/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Widow of Stephen M.Jones) Jones, Margaret 02/20/1882 (Dooly Co)(Wife of J. E.) Jones, Nettie L. 08/24/1880 02/21/1919 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Jones, Oliver pre-1800 09/29/1878 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Jones, Ora Pearl Foster 09/20/1900 03/24/1953 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Jones, Seaborne E. 1819 02/13/1898 (Pulaski Co) Jones, Stephen M. 09/05/1821 09/06/1871 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Jones, Thomas M. 02/03/1902 04/24/1986 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Jones, Wm Green 12/19/1879 09/30/1958 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Jordan, Betsy Mrs 09/00/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of George W. Jordan Sr) Jordan, Burrell 02/00/1870 (Pulaski Co) Jordan, George W. 87yr 02/11/1912 (Pulaski Co) Jordan, Jane E. 1807 10/24/1871 (Houston Co) Jordan, R.E. 06/24/1912 (Pinehurst Ga) --Murdered by Ann Barkdell, Barkdell was Lynched. Jordan, William Parks 1823 02/12/1882 (Dooly Co)(Mex War Vet) Josey, Lark S. 04/00/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Near Findlay) Kaigler, William 02/09/1882 (Dooly Co)(Mex War Vet) Keen, George Wash. 11/13/1844 10/06/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Antioch)(At SR27 & SR237)- --This was Antioch Church, now gone, Cemetery in heavy brush w/more graves found) Keene, Jasper 22yr 01/06/1893 (ValdostaGa)(Burned to death) Keen, John 02/26/1802 10/23/1875 (Pulaski Co) Keen, J. J. 11/04/1869 10/25/1921 (Pulaski Co)(Mt. Pleasant) Keen, Josiah 05/09/1900 (Wilcox Co)(Cancer) Keen, Nancy Amanda(Mandy) Miss 84yr 04/16/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Sis of Wm L Keen) Keen, Martha Eliz.Taylor 05/11/1845 06/30/1939 (Pulaski Co)(Mt Pleasant)(Wife of Wm L. Keen) Keen, Sarah Eliz. 1804 12/08/1893 (Pulaski Co)(Maiden Nm. Scarborough) Keen, Wm. Lafayette Sr. 02/27/1837 08/21/1918 (Pulaski Co)(Mt.Pleasant)(CoF 31Ga`Inf-CSA) Keen, Wm. Lafayette Jr. 1870 05/08/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Never Married) Kemp, Mark 05/07/1880 (Dooly Co)(Heart) Kendrick, Dawson 08/00/1876 (Perry, Ga) Kendrick, Hollis B. 10/23/1886 (Dooly Co) Kendrick, John H. 1829 08/25/1881 (Pulaski Co)(b-Putman Co)(Orange Hill) Kendrick, Lewis (Colored) 10/31/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Shot) Kendrick, Simon 04/17/1909 (Pulaski Co) --Killed by Peter Dennard. Kenney, John L. aged 09/10/1882 (Dooly Co) Kellen, David G. 1834 06/07/1876 (Dooly Co)(Killed by Mule) Kelley, Mitchell 64yr 10/19/1884 (Wilcox Co) --From E. Tenn. 1864) Kelley, Norah (Dau of A. M.) 7yrs 01/28/1881 (Dooly Co)(Burned to Death) Kelsey, Wilbur Mrs. 04/14/1887 (Pulaski Co) Killen, Samuel D. 04/05/1880 (Houston Co) Kibbee, Sarah Collier 02/25/1882 (Pulaski)(Wife of D. E.) Kidd, C. T. Mrs 08/01/1914 (Anniston AL) Kilgore, E. C. Mrs. 68yr 11/04/1914 (Tippettville) Kilgore, Wm 1776 08/06/1872 (Hogansville)1812 Vet. Killen, James B. 09/17/1884 (Pulaski Co) Kinchen, Anna A. (Wife of Hardy) 12/11/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Kinchen, Etta 69yr 08/04/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of J. P.) Kinchen, James Jarrett 12/20/1822 03/02/1897 (Pulaski Co)(b-Laurens Co) Kinchen, Jane Miss 24yr 06/29/1914 (d- Atlanta)(Orange Hill) Kinchen, Laura 15yr 08/19/1873 (Pulaski Co)(dau of James J.) Kinchen, Laura Miss 23yr 10/08/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Dau. of W.H.)(Bur.Pipkin Place) Kinchen, Mary A E Powers 02/07/1820 09/06/1887 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of James Jarrett Kinchen) Kinchen, Mattie Lee 10/07/1888 01/00/1912 (Pulaski Co)(m-01/01/1911) King, Eli 09/13/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Shot by George Fleming) King, Jimmie 1858 02/27/1879 (Pulaski Co) King, John R. 1805 07/14/1871 (Houston Co) King, Natham 12/00/1881 (Pulaski Co) King, Thomas 11/02/1882 (Pulaski Co) King, Thomas 70yr 09/24/1897 (Coffee Co)(P.B. Minister) King, William Dr 03/19/1885 (Fort Valley) --Brother of C.H.and J.B.King. King, William D. 55yr 10/31/1886 (Pulaski Co)(PostMaster) King, William D. Jr 28yr 10/14/1884 (Pulaski Co) Kitchens, Bose B. 03/19/1871 (Gibson Ga)(Shot to death) Lackey, Lon (Colored) 04/09/1898 (Gun fight near Unadilla) Laidler, Arther L. 07/30/1914 12/29/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Laidler, Emma McLemore 29yr 12/07/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Laidler, James E. 67yr 01/11/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Died Macon Ga) Laidler, John B. 01/09/1894 (Houston Co) Laidler, John M. 09/28/1912 04/23/1937 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Laidler, Seaborn Andrew 11/16/1905 09/02/1929 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Laird, Elvin A. 1865 02/04/1903 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Lanier, Henry (Colored) 11/17/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Caught up in cotton gin) Lamar, Laura 1904 1907 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Lamar, Laura B. 1880 1904 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Lamb, Dr. A. J. 1838 06/25/1898 (Cochran Ga)(CSA Vet.) Lamb, Orene Harvey 01/07/1920 06/26/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Lamb, Thomas Olan 06/04/1913 12/07/1962 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Lampkin, Belle 35yr 04/14/1894 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Nelson) Lambkin, James L. 03/10/1887 (Pulaski Co) Lancaster, J. B. 38yr 03/19/1916 (Pulaski Co) Lancaster, James 10/07/1897 (Pulaski Co) Lancaster, James W. 08/14/1845 09/10/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Lancaster, John W. 08/01/1843 10/09/1914 (Pulaski Co) Lancaster, Leon 20yr 06/08/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Rehobert Cem) Lancaster, Mary Ann 06/13/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of R.O.) Lancaster, Thomas W. 1838 09/26/1878 (Pulaski Co) Land, George W. 05/14/1886 06/01/1921 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Landrith, Elizabeth 01/01/1839 02/16/1903 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Landrum, S. Dr. 11/??/1886 (Bibb Co) Lane, Cullen 11/15/1880 (Pulaski Co) Lane, John Howard 21yr 03/04/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Apoplexy) Lane, W. H. 07/31/1870 (Pulaski Co) Larkey, John 06/17/1812 02/06/1886 (Telfair Co)(b- Virginia) Lassiter, G. I. Mrs 05/06/1887 (Dooly Co) Lathrop, Charles T. 06/28/1817 09/08/1893 (Pulaski Co)(b- Indiana) Lathrop, James W. 03/07/1849 03/02/1883 (SavannahGa)(b-in Pulaski) Lavender, Thelma F. 05/18/1902 07-10-1991 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Lavender, James 04/17/1900 02/26/1964 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Law, Mary E. 22yr 08/22/1884 (Dodge Co)(Wife of A.J.) Law, Stephen 10/02/1898 (Pulaski Co) Lawson, Henry A. 80yr 12/17/1915 (Pulaski Co) Lawson, Hugh 08/26/1878 (Houston Co) Lawson, James 9mos 10/13/1883 (Wilcox Co) Lawton, Mr. 09/00/1881 (Sylvania Ga) --Killed by falling House, was leveling house. Layfield, Bob 06/13/1893 07/13/1935 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Leary, Calvin (of Houston Co) 1810 06/22/1882 (In Minden, LA) Leggett, Dr E. A. 09/16/1881 (Dooly Co.) Leggett, F. E. 40yr 10/07/1914 (Unadilia)(Shot self) Lendsay, Abbie 06/18/1875 (Dooly Co)(Harmony Church) Lee, Bula Miss 16yr 10/24/1887 (Twiggs Co) Lee, Daniel 01/02/1870 (Pulaski Co)(Murdered in Cochran) Lee, J. F. 03/11/1912 (Eastman Ga) Lee, Jordan 09/00/1869 (Pulsaki Co)(Accident) Lee, Lewis 10/13/1883 (Pulaski Co) Lee, Martin 11/20/1866 (Wilcox Co) Lee, James M. 08/00/1869 (Pulaski Co) Lee S. Walker 12/01/1879 (Dooly Co) Lee, T. E. 06/01/1894 (Pulaski Co) Lee, William 02/00/1870 (Pulaski Co) Leggett, F. E. 40yr 09/30/1914 (Unadilla Ga)(Shot self) Leith, James S. 68yr 11/03/1884 (Pulaski Co) Leonard, D. B. Mrs 10/26/1908 (Dooly Co) Leonard, James F. 08/23/1880 (Dooly Co) Leonard, Mrs. 1783 01/13/1874 (Pulaski Co)(GM of Mr J. J. Leonard) Leonard, Sam 06/29/1882 04/20/1917 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Lester, Mrs Nancy 1773 12/23/1874 (Morgan Co)&(Va) Lewis, H. T. 1877 1945 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Lewis, Jasper F. 84yr 10/30/1915 (Vienna Ga) Lewis, John Wesley 1836 1913 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Lewis, Minnie L. Martin 1882 1929 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek)(Wife of H.T.Lewis) Lewis, Sarah K. 73yr 12/31/1880 (Dooly Co) Liggin, Ida 12yr 18/12/1883 (Dooly Co)(At the home of Wiley Cobb) Lilly, John E. Judge 02/28/1818 11/30/1885 (Dooly Co)(b-Anson Co. NC) Lilly, Temple Mrs 72yr 02/14/1908 (Dooly Co) Lindsey, Amanda 08/02/1885 (Dooly Co)(Widow of Richard) Lindsey, Elizabeth J. 11yr 04/29/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Dau of Richard) Lindsey, Richard B. 05/24/1877 (Dooly Co) Locke, Ida Lee 8yrs7mo 06/10/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) --Daughter of W.B.& Martha Locke. Locke, Martha 12/25/1848 01/14/1939 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem)(Wife of W. B.) --Wife of W. B. Locke. Locke, Victoria 05/23/1882 02/26/1976 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Locke, W. B. 01/03/1845 10/16/1923 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Lott, Elisha Sr. 10/28/1886 (Coffee Co) Love, Charles 10/00/1866 (Pulaski Co) Love, Eliza 73yr 12/22/1908 (Rochelle) Love, Elizabeth 11/00/1866 (Pulaski Co) Love, John R. Jr 18mo 09/02/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Son of John R. Love Sr) Love, John R. Sr. 25yr 10/04/1873 (Pulaski Co) Lovejoy, P. H. McKenzie Mrs. 03/27/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Lovejoy, P. H. 02/27/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Lovejoy, Welcome C. 27yr 08/25/1914 (Birmingham AL)(Son of P.H. Lovejoy) Lowe, Manovse 12/24/1936 03/11/1971 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Lowery, H. B. 09/27/1915 (Dodge Co)(Caught up in Gin mill) Loyless, H. M. 04/01/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran) Lucins, John 12/30/1880 (Dooly Co)(Shot by Jesse Woodward) Lucas, Harriet 10/27/1887 (Twiggs Co)(Wife of Wes.) Lucus, Catherine 03/25/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Gilbert Lucus) Luke, James C. 1822 05/02/1898 (Irvinville) Lupo, Tempa Mrs 01/08/1874 (Dooly Co) Maas, Sol 10/24/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran) Mack, J. B. Rev 05/24/1912 (Of Pulaski Co, in SC) Mahaffy, Frances Maddox 50yr 02/09/1901 (Pulaski Co)(Bur.Buford Ga)- --Wife of E. W. Mahaffy Malloy, Daniel H. 63yr 12/23/1883 (Telfair Co)(Accident) Malloy, Mary E. Williamson 55yr 06/18/1885 (Telfair Co) Manheim, Emma 1878 09/26/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Dau of Barney) Mann, David C. 10/26/1884 (Wilcox Co) Mann, Ephraim S. 75yr 04/09/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Mann, J. Henry Sheriff 03/21/1882 (Irwin Co) Mann, Joel W. 09/19/1881 (Perry, Ga) Mann, Mary McAnally 11/08/1875 (Pulaski Co) Mann, Lilly 1865 11/04/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Daughter of Mary Mann) Manne, Henry L. 07/29/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Husb. of Mollie Waterman) Mannheim, Barney 07/10/1844 07/30/1914 (Pulaski Co)(b-Exine, Germany) Manning, Partin Mrs. 09/11/1883 (Cochran Ga) Manning, Webhan? Perry 20? 04/18/1915 (Bleckley Co)(Salem Cem) Marchman, Carrie 12/28/1880 (Pulaski Co)(At Longstreet) Marchman, Francis Marion 27yr 10/21/1876 (Dooly Co)(Son of William) Marchman, James S. 08/17/1907 04/10/1961 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Marchman, James W. 1804 10/21/1874 (Houston Co) Marchman, Johnny 1807 02/09/1875 (Houston Co) Marchman, Lucy 11/21/1870 09/29/1876 (Dooly Co)(Dau of Wm H.) Marchman, Matilda 79yr 10/19/1884 (Houston Co) Marchman, William H. 12/10/1836 09/21/1876 (Dooly Co)(b-Green Co) Markert, Martha Wasner 68yr 01/31/1908 (Pulaski Co) Marr, Clara 03/10/1885 (Houston Co)(Wife of W. C.) Marr, Henry Bascomb 01/06/1842 08/24/1895 (Pulaski Co) Marr, T. F. 77yr 03/04/1887 (Pulaski Co)(of Kentucky) Martin, Alcy 66yr 02/20/1881 (Dodge Co)(Widow of George) Martin, Alexander 11/00/1866 (Pulaski Co) Martin, Annie Miss 01/14/1916 (Asheville NC) --From Pulaski County. Martin, Eleonora Winn 05/22/1846 12/29/1881 (Pulaski Co) --Wife of John H. Winn Martin, Elizabeth P. 36yr 03/16/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Nee Henderson) Martin, George 07/27/1874 (Pulaski Co) Martin, J. Aleck 09/03/1876 (Pulaski Co) Martin, James 18yr 02/15/1873 (Pulaski Co) --Shot self accidently. Martin, John 02/14/1882 (Houston Co) Martin, J. R. 09/00/1914 (Pulaski Co) Martin, Kibbee 16yr 12/25/1889 (Pulaski Co) --Son of Capt John H. Martin Martin, M. A. Killen Mrs. 05/03/1874 (Pulaski Co) --Wife of James D. Martin. Martin, Susan J. Mrs. 11/19/1875 (Pulaski Co) Martin, T. J. Mrs 08/09/1894 (Pulaski Co) Martin, Tom 01/06/1909 (ChochranGa) Martin, Washington 07/19/1872 (Perry Ga)(Lightning) Mashburn, Fannie 05/20/1914 (RochelleGa) Mashburn, Henry 1805 02/09/1875 (Pulaski Co) Mashburn, James P. 3yrs 07/01/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Geo D.) Mason, Annie Ferguson 05/20/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Mathews, Ephraim 81yr 04/15/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Mathews, Maggie Kinchen 11/27/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Pneumonia) Mathews, J. W. 03/26/1883 (Dooly Co) Mathews, Jimmy pre-1800 10/20/1874 (Pulaski Co) Mathis, Calvin 03/17/1887 09/14/1948 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Mathis, Elizabeth 03/21/1894 03/19/1972 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Matthews, Elizabeth H. 74yr 11/30/1879 (Pulaski Co)(Widow of James) Mauldin, Rufus S. 1833 09/21/1898 (Pulaski Co)(CSA Co.F. 31st Ga) Maulding, Mary 06/20/1818 06/30/1903 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Mayo, William 09/00/1879 (Pulaski Co) Mays, Agnes V. 04/18/1907 05/23/1954 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Mays, Elijah Kannon 07/08/1890 03/28/1974 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Mays, Eva Glyde 10/20/1811 12/06/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Mays, Gecola West 06/27/1892 08/02/1921 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Mays, James Ira 08/24/1888 07/00/1948 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Mays, Lucile Nelson 11/24/1901 04/02/1931 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McAdams, Daniel 1789 04/00/1871 (Hall Co)(1812 War Vet) McAfee, Frank 11/03/1898 (Dooly Co) McAllister, C. J. Miss 1841 05/06/1876 (Pulaski Co) McAllister, Jane 82yr 06/03/1897 (Dodge Co) --Widow of David N. McAllister McAlpin, L. B. 05/23/1914 (Pulaski Co) McBryant, Mattie 08/23/1847 12/05/1921 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McCall, Buck 78yr 10/07/1884 (Wilcox Co) McCall, Emmie Miss 10/26/1887 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Dau. of Geo R McCall McCall, Geo. R. Mrs 67yr 04/03/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) McCall, James 4yrs 10/25/1882 (Wilcox Co) McCall, L. T. Swearingen Mrs 11/25/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Formerly of Dooly) McCall, M. N. Mrs 06/09/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran) McCall, Mattie W. 02/21/1881 06/11/1949 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) McCullar, Joseph 07/00/1869 (Wilcox, Co) McCormick, Mary H. 80yr 08/10/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Mom of D. G.) McCormick, Matthew M. Rev. 1794 08/12/1871 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) McCormick, Thomas 08/01/1895 (Pulaski Co) McCullers, Mrs 09/20/1908 (AmericusGa) McDonald, Perry Green 01/07/1909 (Dooly Co)(Killed by Nephew) McDonald, Polly Ann 56yr 06/30/1880 (Dooly Co)(Wife of M.) McDonald, James David 13yr 07/04/1882 (Pulaski Co) McDuffie, Charlotte 59yr 07/07/1881 (Pulaski Co) McDuffie, Fannie 03/10/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) McDuffie, John 11/27/1898 (Wilcox, Co) McDuffie, John I. Mrs 02/17/1897 (Wilcox, Co) McDuffie, Penelope Pickren 1850 02/03/1883 (Telfair Co)- --Wife of Alexander McDuffie. McEachern, Duncan Schley 78yr 07/26/1914 (Pulaksi Co)(b-Telfair Co) McGehee, Adam (Colored) 1828 10/07/1898 (Pulaski Co) McGehee, Eliza Felder 1826 02/07/1883 (Houston Co) McGehee, Sarah Frances 74yr 10/07/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) McGehee, Simon (Colored) 07/27/1872 (Pulaski Co)(Drowned) McGilbrey, Barber 63yr 07/14/1874 (Pulaski Co) McGinty, V. A. 66yr 12/26/1908 (Eastman Ga) McGlamory, Allison 11/15/1915 05/23/1916 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McGlamory, Bessie Tucker 05/13/1917 05/17/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McGlamory, Emalou 11/03/1887 01/18/1956 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McGlamory, Georgia Mae 10/31/1905 07/05/1906 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McGlamory, James Frank 12/10/1914 06/24/1992 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McGlamory, John B. 12/31/1902 03/04/1951 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McGlamory, John Wesley 1886 1910 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McGlamory, Sue Fitzgerald03/10/1882 01/26/1968 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McGlamory, Willima Smith 03/31/1876 03/03/1956 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McGough, Mrs. Lot 01/00/1901 (Dooly Co)(Small Pox) McGriff, James A. 1831 04/17/1882 (Pulaski Co) McGriff, Mildred Miss. 19yr 09/08/1915 (Pulaski Co) McGriff, Mollie Tippett 08/25/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)- --Wife of Judge P.T. McGriff McGriff, Thomas D. 30yr 12/23/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Longstreet) McGriff, T. J. 10/25/1883 (Pulaski Co) McGriff, T. J. 62yr 04/12/1885 (Pulaski Co) McGriff, Snellie 07/05/1874 (Pulaski Co)- --Son of Judge P. T. McGriff. McGrigg, Mrs Rufus J. 06/01/1898 (Macon Ga)(Rose Hill) McKee, Beatrice (Of Hartford) 06/02/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)(Wife of John McKee) McKenna, Andrew (CSA Macon Guards) 12/09/1885 (Bibb Co)(b-Tipperary IR.) McKinney, Annie E. 11/25/1908 08/18/1910 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, C. Mrs 11/18/1893 (Pulaski Co) McKinney, Carlton J. 11/05/1895 04/05/1926 (Pulsski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Carlton McCloy 1925 1935 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Cecil Terrell 2yrs 01/30/1916 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek)(Son of E. T.) McKinney, Charlie 1884 1967 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, E. 07/24/1891 07/24/1907 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Effie D. 08/18/1885 04/01/1963 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Ella 1865 1941 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Etta 06/15/1880 08/03/1953 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill) McKinney, F. E. Pollock Mrs 06/00/1871 (Pulaski Co) McKinney, Georgia Alma 1910 1916 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Jobe Henry 09/30/1929 07/05/1956 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Joseph 1864 1938 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek)(Husb. of Ella) McKinney, John 1827 09/25/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Near Blue Spring, of Cancer) McKinney, John W. 04/05/1888 02/29/1976 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Mrs Lou (Furlow) 23yr 07/31/1874 (Lee Co)(Wife of F. A. McKinney) McKinney, Julia Myers 08/28/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of M. E. McKinney) McKinney, Leon 1886 1973 (Pulsaki Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, M. E. Mr. 12/17/1900 (Pulaski Co) McKinney, M. M. 05/16/1894 (Pulaski Co) McKinney, Mary Alice 1887 1927 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Mary Belle 02/26/1900 06/08/1945 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Mary Lola 05/18/1885 06/23/1917 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill)(Wife of Wm.T. McKinney) McKinney, Miles Nat. 09/11/1884 07/15/1953 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McKinney, Mrs. 1851 05/31/1874 (Lee Co)(Husb Mr. F. A.) McKinney, Nancy 11/10/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Wm.) McKinney, Sola 07/12/1880 08/16/1920 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) McKinney, Wm. T. 08/22/1879 09/27/1948 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) McKinney, Wm. T. Jr 06/29/1915 04/19/1945 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) McKinnon, Daniel 12/00/1866 (Telfair Co) McLemore, Infant Child of Lee 05/19/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Pipkin Cem) McLendon, John A. 1833 11/19/1881 (Pulaski Co) McLendon, Rebecca 05/27/1805 06/20/1878 (Pulaski Co)(b-Rockingham Co NC) McLeod, Alice B. 07/19/1894 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) McLeod, C. O. Mrs 01/10/1912 (Pulaski Co) McLeod, C. R. 07/11/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) McLeod, Chessie S. 02/21/1886 (Wilcox Co) McLeod, Daniel A. 09/13/1883 (Wilcox Co) McLeod, Henry J. 30yr 03/02/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Cedar Creek) McLeod, John F. 1812 08/08/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Cedar Creek) McLeod, N. D. 45yr 02/02/1874 (Pulaski Co) McLeod, Susan Jane 06/25/1854 03/04/1936 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) McMillan, Daniel 10/02/1881 (Montgomery Co) McNamara, George 01/00/1884 (Dooly Co)(b-Ireland) McNeil, Mrs 07/08/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Mom of W.J.) McNeil, Laura N. Hendley 08/29/1878 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of W.J.) McPhail, James W. 46yr 11/30/1886 (Pulaski Co) McRae, A. C. 1843 07/31/1874 (Pulaski Co) McRae, Christine Smith 05/08/1890 08/09/1989 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Wife of Howard Jackson McRae. McRae, Howard Jackson 10/27/1888 04/04/1959 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) McRae, Howard Jackson Jr 08/11/1928 03/12/1982 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) McRae, John C. 12/02/1867 (Telfair Co) McVay, G. T. 09/00/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran Ga) McVay, John G. 01/02/1875 (Pulaski Co) McVay, M. A. Mrs 03/12/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of John T. McVay) McWilliams, Mr 11/23/1879 (Houston Co)(Kicked by Mule) Meadows, Daniel 1779 08/00/1876 (Pulaski Co)(1812 War Vet) Means, Frank N. Prof. 33yr 01/??/1887 (Houston Co) Mercer, Mrs. J. F. 12/02/1870 (Pulaski Co) Merritt, Frank S. 21yr 10/25/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Fireman) Merritt, Simon 03/11/1811 06/14/1885 (Pulaski Co)(b-Charleton, Mass) Metts, A. H. 02/25/1898 (Pulaski Co)(CSA Vet) Miller, Abner B. 04/19/1874 03/02/1942 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Miller, Alma Brown 3yrs 09/26/1883 (Dooly Co)(Dau of W.H. Brown) Miller, Clyde E. 1860 1929 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Miller, Grover 1917 1940 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Miller, James L. 01/30/1900 08/24/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Miller, Jonathan M. 12/09/1810 07/14/1912 (Pulaski Co)(b-Beech Island, SC) Miller, Joseph 1858 05/26/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Miller, Joseph O. 12/10/1905 03/09/1937 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Miller, Lillie May 1895 1926 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Miller, Lovett 1859 11/08/1878 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Capt Wm Miller) Miller, Milissa Mixon 02/09/1887 (Wilcox Co)(Friendship) Miller, Sallie M. 07/07/1884 08/26/1969 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Miller, Seaborn (Colored) 11/26/1881 (Pulaski Co) --Murdered by Harmon Carswell, Colored) Miller, Uaudia 10/19/1901 01/12/1902 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Mills, Eunice Bembry 01/21/1874 05/10/1955 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Mims, John 03/17/1885 (Houston Co) --Fell under wagon, drunk. Mims, Wm Archey 02/20/1818 04/03/1883 (Telfair Co)(Of dropsy) Minchew, Calvin 1807 09/16/1878 (Pulaski Co) Mitchell, Amelia 08/31/1882 (Bibb Co) Mitchell, Barbara (Colored) 11/24/1893 (Pulaski Co) --Wife of Squire Mitchell. Mitchell, Ellen Miss 54yr 12/23/1879 (Pulaski Co)(Antioch Cem) Mitchell, Issac W. 1813 01/09/1879 (Pulaski Co) Mitchell, Jim E. 38yr 12/17/1886 (Ovideo FL)(b-Pulaski Co) Mitchell, Little Lena Naomi 13mo 07/06/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Pope's Church) --Daughter of S. J. Mitchell Mitchell, Mrs. aged 08/15/1871 (Pulaski Co) --Mother of James B.and Stephen Mitchell Mitchell, Willie H. Dr. 05/01/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Mitchell, Wm Dudley 02/05/1883 (Pulaski Co) Mixon, Ashley 08/03/1876 07/08/1901 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(bur. beside Naney) Mixon, Augustus W. 1843 1922 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Mixon, Amanda S. 1849 1943 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Augustus W) Mixon, Edward J or I 02/25/1827 03/21/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Mixon, Ether Bleckley Jr 08/28/1925 10/30/1962 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Mixon, Ether Bleckley Sr 03/29/1893 08/10/1959 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Mixon, Martha J Reynolds 02/25/1893 07/15/1982 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Ether Sr) Mixon, Mattie King 07/30/1884 12/19/1961 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of James Walter) Mixon, Naney 10/22/1873 10/24/1934 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(bur. beside Ashley) Mixon, James 62yr 02/01/1893 (Wilcox Co) Mixon, James Walter 09/15/1878 08/20/1952 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Mixon, Jane Elizabeth 04/30/1856 02/26/1941 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Mixon, E. B. Mr 77yr 11/06/1887 (Wilcox Co) Mixon, Frances 45yr 08/23/1879 (Dooly Co)(Wife of E.J.) Mizell, Flora 12/29/1871 08/10/1878 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Mizell, John C. 11/04/1838 08/20/1909 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Moberly, John T. 1813 01/12/1869 (Pulaski Co)(Cedar Creek) Mock, Arthur 05/04/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Rebecca) Mock, Rebecca 07/15/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Arthur) Monk, P. B. 10/22/1880 (Dooly Co) Moore, Abraham 09/00/1866 (Wilcox Co) Moore, Lois K. 06/21/1907 07/08/1989 (Pilaski Co)(Friendship) Moore, Benjamin 11/12/1906 01/29/1986 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Moore, Katie 09/07/1881 (Pulaski Co) --Wife of, Mathias Moore Killed at Wilderness, Va. May 6, 1864. CSA) Moore, O. G. 03/09/1909 (Vadalia,Ga) --Shot by W.L.Darby. Moore, Tammy 10/10/1885 04/27/1938 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Moore, W. W. 1836 07/31/1896 (Pulaski Co) --Unmarried bur. 4 mi west of Hawkinsville. Morgan, Alva 29mo 05/21/1882 (Dooly Co)(Son of J. H. Motgan) Morgan, Hardy 76yr 05/26/1880 (Dooly Co)(b-Jefferson Co) Morgan, Jesse F. 08/06/1827 09/07/1875 (Dooly Co)(Wife Amantha L.Hines) Morgan, Martin 20yr 11/02/1883 (Dooly Co)(Son of Rev. M F) Morgan, Cora Wade 01/23/1888 12/18/1965 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Wm Morgan) Morgan, William 01/22/1861 11/11/1940 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Moreland, Issac H. 01/30/1876 (Houston Co) Mullis, Charles F. 42yr 03/20/1912 (Pulaski Co)(b-Dodge Co) Mullis, Solomon 02/00/1870 (Pulaski Co) Musselwhite, E.J. Owens Mrs 36yr 09/09/1908 (Wilcox Co)(Typhoid) Napier, Leroy M. 11/22/1881 (Houston Co)(Bur. Forsyth) Nash, J. D. Mrs 02/25/1908 (Eastman Ga) Nation, George Dewey 08/14/1895 11/12/1971 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Nation, Carrie Owen 03/23/1890 04/10/1941 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale)- --(Wife of George Dewey Nation) Neal, Mary E. Stokes 02/28/1858 07/03/1875 (Cochran Ga) Nelson, Bertha 01/06/1883 08/01/1965 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Nelson, J. J. 02/13/1875 03/09/1940 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Nelson, Norman J. 04/14/1877 07/02/1944 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Newell, John Rev 35yr 12/16/1893 (Wilcox Co)(Typhoid) Newman, J. C. 76yr 01/22/1912 (Cochran Ga) Newman, Lonnie 07/20/1856 09/11/1886 (Pulaski Co) Newman, Martha 49yr 03/14/1885 (Pulaski Co) Newman, Oscar 19yr 11/17/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Killed by Mark Solomon) Nobles, Allie G. 05/16/1907 07/22/1972 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Nobles, Angie Julios 03/23/1878 11/07/1962 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Nobles, Annie F. 01/29/1884 07/21/1956 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Nobles, Minnie S. 08/03/1876 08/12/1949 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Nobles, Canzadie Eliz. 01/03/1849 01/08/1913 (Dooly Co)(Williams Cem.) Nobles, Julia* 08/01/1852 07/06/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Nobles, J W 01/07/1841 05/18/1919 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Nobles, Joseph Irving 1818 04/26/1923 (Pulaski Co) Nobles, Laura Adkins 05/21/1893 11/07/1965 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Nobles, Phairba Jane 07/03/1857 10/06/1921 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Wm J Nobles) Nobles, William 1816 02/02/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Blue Spring Baptist Cem.) Nobles, William J. 04/25/1858 03/19/1924 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Nobles, Willy Preston 09/28/1890 07/20/1976 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Norris, J. A. 12/28/1898 (Pulaski Co) Norris, S. 84yr 05/17/1908 (Pulaski Co) North, E. H. Rev. 09/26/1894 (Pulaski Co) Norwood, Cornelius A. 19yr 11/21/1871 (Houston Co) Nutting, C. A. 1818 10/26/1881 (Macon, Ga)(Typhoid) Oberry, J. E. 86yr 10/01/1886 (Pulaski Co)(died in Va.) O'Brien, Michael 06/08/1828 11/02/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Born-Co.Cork Ireland) O'Brien, Michael Mrs 76yr 08/25/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Born-Co.Bolingary, Ireland) Oakly, J. H. Mrs 09/07/1972 (Pulaski Co) Odom, A. H. 11/00/1866 (Pulaski Co) Odom, Alvonia 06/10/1898 06/07/1957 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Odom, Cornelious 02/10/1935 12/24/1966 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Odom, Dan 02/15/1902 08/14/1962 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Odom, Eugene 09/04/1905 12/25/1988 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Odom, John B. 1828 09/07/1881 (Worth Co) Odom, Lula 07/17/1910 06/02/1993 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Odom, Muse 02/02/1873 04/06/1924 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Odom, Tate 02/09/1877 06/10/1943 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Ogilvie, Henry 09/18/1900 05/16/1936 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Ogilvie, Wm H. 02/04/1879 04/30/1948 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Ogilvie, Katie P. 12/27/1883 12/04/1961 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Wm H Ogilvie) Oglesby, Dan S. 04/11/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Caught in Cotton Gin) Oglesby, James Mrs. 03/10/1909 (Dooly Co)(Dau. of D.L.Ridley) Oliver, Mrs Elizabeth 1765 08/15/1874 (Washington Co) Oliver, Wm. C. 05/19/1874 (Dooly Co) Oliver, William M.(b-Twiggs) 1824 09/28/1871 (Pulaski Co)(Oak Hill Cem.) Oliver, William T. 1869 09/09/1878 (Wilcox Co) Orr, Columbus 10/31/1881 (Washington Co) Outlaw, Alex 06/25/1784 07/19/1884 (Laurens Co) Overby, David H. 3yrs 10/01/1877 (Cochran Ga)(Son of J. L.) Owen, Annie E. Feagan 04/21/1820 06/29/1875 (Dooly Co) Owen, John Oliver 04/12/1867 07/31/1941 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Owen, Ella Jones 03/08/1869 02/15/1931 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Owen, George W. 08/02/1892 11/24/1969 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Owen, Mary Johnson 10/03/1891 12/26/1982 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale)(Wife of George W Owen) Owen, Robert M. Rev. 12/06/1886 (Dooly Co) Owen, Sarah J. 08/20/1884 (Pulaski Co) Owens, Annie 01/20/1881 (Wilcox Co)(Wife of James) Owens, Tapley B. 63yr 04/29/1884 (Pulaski Co) Owens, William B. 40yr 09/08/1908 (Wilcox Co)(Typhoid) Pace, J. K. Rev. 05/25/1908 (Abbeville Ga) Pate, Tempty Parkerson 03/11/1788 10/03/1865 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Parker, Amanda 07/24/1844 06/18/1907 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Parker, Ellen Claud 11/25/1881 04/10/1940 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Jacob Parker) Parker, Jacob 08/22/1880 08/26/1950 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Parker, Mathew 70yr 03/22/1887 (Drayton Ga) Parker, S. L. Mrs 03/18/1912 (Pulaski Co)(OD on Morphine) Parnell, Janie Lil.Bembry 2/2/1902 11/09/1981 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Cem.) Parnell, John Robert 03/21/1887 02/24/1960 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Cem.) Parrott, James D. 52yr 01/13/1901 (Pulaski Co)(Stroke) Partin, Amelia A. 1816 03/12/1872 (Pulaski Co)(Mother of Marshall J. Partin) Partin, Henrietta 79yr 03/16/1877 (Laurens Co)(b-Edgfield Co,SC) Partin, Kindred 84yr 04/20/1884 (Laurens Co) Partin, Plesant Mr 64yr 11/24/1887 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Partin, Plez Williams Mrs 06/30/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Burn accident) Pate, Elijah 03/17/1836 11/30/1893 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pate, Elizabeth 08/09/1832 01/10/1918 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Elijah Pate) Pate, John H. 22yr 09/30/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Pate, Jonny 1795 11/10/1874 (Dodge Co) Pate, Joseph 25yr 09/24/1881 (Dooly Co)(13th dist.) Pate, Minnie 6yr 06/21/1871 (Pulaski Co) Pate, Tempty Parkerson 03/11/1788 10/03/1865 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pattishall, H.J. 04/16/1898 (UnadillaGa)(Wife of J. P.) Paulk, Henry 05/21/1876 (Coffee Co)(Snake Bite) Paulk, Margaret Cook 1804 10/01/1881 (Irwin Co)(Jacob Paulk Fam. Cem.) Paulk, Sarah 16yr 12/24/1885 (Irwin Co) Payne, Elcy 04/21/1881 (Wilkinson Co) Peacock, John Shine Mrs 02/13/1807 06/18/1880 (Dooly Co)(b-Duplin Co, NC) Peacock, Wilma O. Loveless 04/13/1914 (Cochran Ga)(b-Twiggs Co) Peacock, Wm G. 05/01/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Son of P.L.Peacock) Pearce, Benj. Britton 01/22/1890 12/13/1894 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pearce, Edward Russell 02/10/1878 09/07/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pearce, John R. 01/19/1818 08/21/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pearce, Martha Smith 1826 1907 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pearson, John M. 10/04/1822 01/11/1909 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pearson, Mary G. 10/16/1835 11/13/1909 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of John M.) Peavy, Abram 11/00/1868 (Dooly Co) Peavy, Alice M. 12/24/1890 05/25/1979 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Peavy, Carlton 12/12/1889 07/27/1968 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Peavy, Job N. 1860 1929 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Peavy, Elizabeth 1864 1922 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Job N.) Peavy, B. Y. 08/10/1875 (Dooly Co) Peavy, Holland 09/25/1885 10/09/1949 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Peavy, Polly Holt 11/25/1887 01/24/1866 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Peavy, Jesse Mrs 08/12/1908 (UnadillaGa) Peck, Samuel 40yr 07/24/1885 (Telfair Co)(Dropsy) Peek, Thomas C. Jr. 15yr 07/22/1898 (Bibb Co)(Accidental Shooting) Pennick, Mattie Gilbert 11/05/1878 (Pulaski Co) Pennick, William D 11/25/1878 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran, Ga) Penny, Calvin 09/00/1867 (Dooly Co)(Husb of Harriet) Perdue, Warren 03/05/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Hartford Dist) Perkins, Hardy 08/26/1871 (Colaparchee Ga) Pervis, Henry 01/29/1888 (Irwin Co) Peurifoy, A. W. Dr. March 1829 12/10/1897 (Pulaski Co) Phillips, Exum E. 11/28/1889 (Pulaski Co)(Bur. Macon Ga) Phillips, Mary E. 12/18/1832 02/13/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of James A.J.) Phillips, James 1787 07/20/1870 (Pulaski Co) Phillips, James A. J. 02/17/1887 (Pulaski Co) Phillips, Joseph 1816 09/01/1874 (Pulaski Co)(born-Green Co. NC) Phillips, William 38yr 03/08/1887 (Pulaski Co) Pickrin, John V. 10/20/1886 (Coffee Co) Pickrin, William 79yr 05/04/1884 (Pulaski Co) Pierce, C. C. Mr. 06/01/1909 (Dudley Ga) Pierce, Emma 63yr 11/10/1911 (Pulaski Co) Pierce, Mary R. 1828 1887 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pilkinton, Leola P. 01/05/1875 03/15/1955 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pilkinton, Nettie Eve 08/30/1909 08/22/1930 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pilkinton, S. Rarford 04/10/1865 02/27/1955 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Pipkin, Henry 1879 11/11/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Murd) Pipkin, Isaac 81yr 01/06/1915 (Wilcox Co) Pipkin, James H. 03/25/1867 07/23/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Natham) Pipkin, Johnnie infant 08/10/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Son of A. C.) Pipkin, M. H. 02/00/1871 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of A. C.) Pitts, Henry Jr. 11/09/1926 02/13/1986 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Plant, George B. 11/18/1886 (Houston Co) Polhill, A. J. 08/07/1885 (Pulaski Co) Polhill, C. V. 08/18/1845 09/26/1890 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon) Polhill, John C. Jr. 51yr 12/11/1915 (Hawkinsville Ga) Polhill, J. H. 07/16/1908 (Pulaski Co) Polhill, Lucius E. 06/19/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Ada Brown) Polhill, Rutherford Brown Sr. 1909 01/17/1995 (Raliegh NC)(b Pulaski) Polhill, Tom (Colored) 70yr 12/12/1880 (Pulaski Co) Pollock, Charity Love 02/07/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Antioch)- --Wife of Jim Morris Pollock Pollock. Edward Mrs 11/29/1876 (Pulaski Co) Pollock, Jim Morris 08/17/1873 (Pulaski Co)(Antioch)(Typhoid) Pollock, Morris 84yr 08/20/1884 (Wilcox Co) Pool, John S 41yr 11/12/1879 (Houston Co) Poole, Austin (Colored) 60yr 10/01/1893 (Pulaski Co) Poole, Florence Alene 12/07/1892 04/16/1958 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Henry Claborn) Poole, Henry Claborn 05/06/1889 06/08/1970 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Poole, John C. 1852 1921 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Poole, Elizabeth Barton 02/15/1868 10/22/1918 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Poole, Lillie Mae 06/01/1897 10/22/1918 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Poole, Joe W. 09/01/1891 01/22/1976 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Poole, Laura J. Miss 58yr 02/26/1908 (Elko, Ga) Pope, Elizabeth 68yr 12/02/1880 (Pulaski Co) Pope, Elizabeth Bozeman 11/10/1893 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Pope, James 2yrs 06/29/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Son of J. M.) Pope, Margaret Minchew 1832 06/12/1898 (Pulaski Co) Pope, Martha Miller 25yr 02/08/1877 (Pulaski Co) --Wife of John Pope. Pope, Redding 08/20/1822 11/01/1897 (Pulaski Co) --Husb. of Margaret Minchew Pope. Pope, R. H. 23yr 10/04/1893 (Laurens Co) --Shot and killed by J.A. Hardy Pound, Mary Ann E 05/16/1874 (MillwoodGa) Pounds, Mrs. 05/19/1874 (Dooly Co) --Wife of Judge A.J.Pounds Powers, Hardy 81yr 10/16/1873 (Pulaski Co) Powell, Calvin 11/26/1885 (Dooly Co) --Shot and killed by John P. Clegg Powell, John A. 10/00/1866 (Dooly Co) Powell, Mitchell 05/00/1884 (Dooly Co) Powell, Sarah E Kinchen 06/09/1852 11/23/1931 (Eastman Ga) --wife of George Wash. Powell Powell, Sarah Fenn 02/13/1883 (Dooly Co) Powell, Thomas P. 1821 06/29/1873 (Pulaski Co) Powell, Wm E. 07/07/1859 01/27/1894 (Pulaski Co) --Married Sallie Fenn Powers, John H. 10/00/1867 (Dooly Co)(Bro to Clifford S.) Price, John (Colored) 10/00/1898 (Pulaski Co) --By falling tree in storm. Prichett, Lula 35yr 08/17/1915 (Pulaski Co) Prichett, Robert 07/22/1898 (Telfair Co) --Suffocated in Well. Prior, John 09/20/1882 (Laurens Co) --Shot by Archy Hester. Pulk, Sarah Miss. 16yr 12/24/1885 (Irwin Co)(dau of Elbert) Pusser, Sol. D. 62yr 03/22/1915 (BleckleyCo) Ragin, E. K. 02/23/1909 (Pulaski Co)(b-Perry Ga) Raiford, Col. H. T. 03/29/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran) --Shot by Wm Mann Raiford. Raiford, Robert Esq. 26yr 12/23/1881 (Cochran) --Husband of Lou L. Cone Raney, Marke 10/10/1866 (Wilcox Co) Raney, Jane Watson 01/31/1800 03/31/1882 (Wilcox Co)(b-Telfair Co) Rape, Mrs. F. T. Alice 09/16/1881 (Pulaski Co) --Possible homicide by husband, Sheriff Rape. Rasbury, S. R. Mrs 35yr 04/11/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Stroke) Rasbury, S. R. Mr 04/04/1885 (Pulaski Co) Rawlins, C. W. 03/00/1883 (Formaly of Pulaski Co) Rawlins, Joseph T. 02/00/1870 (Telfair Co) Rawls, C. M. Mrs 80yr 08/17/1884 (Pulaski Co) Ray, Pleasant 65yr 03/12/1877 (Dooly Co)(b-Rockingham NC) Redding, Sarah 1805 03/06/1872 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Grove) Ragan, Alexander 45yr 08/28/1914 (Pulaski Co) Ragan, Robert A. 02/00/1867 (Pulaski Co) Ragan, W. P. 01/27/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Reed, W. A. Mrs 45yr 08/15/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Harmony Cem) Reeves, J. T. 01/00/1882 (Pulaski Co) Reeves, J. T. Mrs 09/30/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran) Reeves, Thomas 1827 01/03/1882 (Pulaski Co) Regan, Mae Warren 08/18/1876 08/06/1955 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Wife of William P. Regan Regan, William P. 08/06/1874 01/28/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Register, J. F. Mrs. 06/08/1885 (Pulaski Co) Reid, Frances 35yr 10/07/1880 (Wilcox Co)(Wife of Drury) Reid, Geo. R. Judge 1806 09/17/1881 (Wilcox Co)(b-StMary's Fl) Reid, Geo. R. Jr. 01/03/1883 (Wilcox Co)(Of apoplexy) Renolds, Jefferson (Colored) 01/06/1871 (SavannahGa) --Ship Steward. Reynolds, Francis Baker 03/19/1886 (LumberCity) --Wife of Dr. J. B.Reynolds. Reynolds, Lovard E. 09/01/1873 06/19/1910 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(1st Husb of- --McKinney, Carmella) Reynolds, Reuben Ellis Sr09/25/1795 03/25/1872 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Reynolds, Winifred Cutts 1802 02/14/1882 (Pulaski Co) --Mother of Reuben E. Reynolds Jr. Rhodes, Alice Holt 10/08/1896 09/16/1937 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Wm Joseph) Rhodes, Wm Joseph 10/21/1908 08/04/1955 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Rhodes, Daniel 04/05/1843 02/21/1909 (Pulaski Co)(b-Laurens Co) Rice, L. D. 04/14/1880 (Houston Co) Ridley, J. E. Mrs. 49yr 12/13/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Ridley, P. K. 11/01/1881 06/05/1930 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)- --Pulaski Co Shriff for 11 yrs. Ridley, Wm 05/18/1894 (Pulaski Co) Ridley, W. A. 07/23/1883 03/03/1905 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Riley, Ann C. 1840 01/28/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Riley, Ester Laura 1875 02/10/1901 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel)- --Wife of Marion R. Ridley Riley, John H. Mrs 02/00/1880 (Perry, Ga) Riley, Marion R. 1883 01/07/1901 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Riley, Doc S. A. 58yr 01/06/1890 (Pulaski Co) Rivers, Jonathan 09/17/1831 03/31/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)(CSA Vet.) Rivers, Richard L. 06/18/1875 (Dodge Co) Roberson, William 1912 01/21/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Son of C.W.)(Burned to death) Roberts, Martin 68yr 09/18/1879 (Dooly Co) Roberts, William 74yr 01/08/1887 (Dooly Co)(b-Laurens Co) Roberts, W. H. Judge 01/22/1914 (Pulaski Co) Robinson, Judge Harrison 04/28/1907 12/06/1995 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Robinson, Lucy Ann 1803 09/15/1878 (Pulaski Co)(Born Stonington CT Robinson, Melvina G. 08/11/1881 12/11/1951 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Robinson, W. M. Reese 06/08/1865 07/25/1941 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Robuck, Mary A. 01/08/1808 02/08/1881 (Pulaski Co) Robuck, W. T. 1839 11/18/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Near Coley's Station) Rochelle, Helen L. 04/06/1923 02/13/1988 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Rochelle, George A. 12/06/1911 08/23/1986 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Rogers, Accie C. Bembry 07/14/1883 03/00/1948 (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Fam. Cem.) Rogers, Jim 03/08/1909 (Pulaski Co)(Cancer) Rogers, John R. 06/03/1859 10/01/1919 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Pulaski Co Shriff for 22 yrs. Rogers, Mamie 30yr 06/30/1909 (Pulaski Co) Rogers, M. W. 03/09/1885 (Jesup Ga) --Husband of Miss Beacham. Rogers, Susan Mrs 37yr 09/23/1883 (Irwin Co)(Wife of Robert) Rogers, S. F. (Dooly Co Tres.) 12/20/1885 (Dooly Co) Rogers, Thomas C. 68yr 12/03/1914 (Pulaski Co) Roland, Daniel L. 04/15/1887 (Pulaski Co) Roland, Eason S. 07/28/1826 01/19/1905 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Roland, Jim 01/01/1915 (Eastman Ga)- --Shot by Oscar Sapp. Roland, John 57yr 12/26/1915 (Dodge Co) Roland, Lena 10/03/1885 03/10/1954 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Roland, Martha Barton 01/05/1803 08/??/1930 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Eason S. Rose, Margaret 03/00/1870 (Pulaski Co) Ross, Mary 01/25/1890 (Irwin Co)(Wife of John A.) Ross, Henry H. 1870 (Dooly Co) --Husband #2 of Jane Cary Ross, Jane Cary 06/07/1876 (Dooly Co) Rouse, David E. 40yr 05/13/1915 (Pitts Ga) Royal, A. R. Mrs. 01/24/1885 (Irwin Co)(Wife of A. R.) Royal, Ellen J. 08/00/1867 (Dooly Co)(Wife of Jacob) Royal, George 11/23/1881 (Worth Co)(Murdered) Royal, Rayford 08/00/1867 (Dooly Co)(Bro Joab) Rozar, Annie Harris 12/27/1915 (Pulaski Co) Rozar, Carrie 09/27/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Of Cochran)(Wife of Reuben) Rozar, Henry H. 08/01/1849 06/04/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Of Cochran) Rozar, Reuben 02/09/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Bur in Cochran) Rozier, Addie Harris 12/25/1916 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of A. R.) Rozier, Hattie 05/01/1880 04/18/1980 (Pulaski Co)(County Line) Rozier, Theola 12/19/1933 03/24/1989 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Rozier, Tillman 09/09/1865 09/13/1969 (Pulaski Co)(County Line) Rucker, Azmon A. 11/05/1865 11/19/1947 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Rucker, James T. 04/01/1908 10/10/1963 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Rucker, Lena W. 12/10/1866 01/14/1942 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Rucker, Paul 04/19/1911 04/09/1955 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Rucker, Charm C. 01/18/1890 12/27/1953 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Rucker, Lola 09/11/1894 08/02/1976 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Rushing, Mary C. 08/23/1875 (Telfair Co) Russell, Gus 05/07/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Formely of Perry) Ryan, Charles E. 66yr 02/13/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Mt Hope Lodge) Ryan, Sarah M. 04/30/1880 (Pulaski Co) Ryan, Thomas D. L. 1823 04/27/1876 (Pulaski Co) Ryals, William 10/20/1881 (Telfair Co) Rycroft, Amanda A. 03/12/1868 04/19/1918 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Rycroft, W. J. 05/12/1896 10/15/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Ryle, John E. 24yr 11/27/1898 (BleckleyCo) Sanders, Jesse Robert 30mo 07/02/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Son of J. T.) Sanders, Miles 1802 09/27/1876 (Pulaski Co) Sanders, Ned (Colored) 1831 05/18/1876 (Pulaski Co) Sanders, Samuel 1796 05/29/1874 (Indian River Fl) Sanders, Thomas 1838 (Pulaski Co) Sanders, W. O. 50yr 06/03/1909 (Pulaski Co) Sangster, David K. 18yr 04/05/1877 (Dooly Co) Sangster, Jimmie Ann Miss yng 04/30/1881 (Dooly Co)(Burned to death) Sangster, Robert 09/03/1886 (Dooly Co) Sapp, Annie M. 20yr 01/09/1886 (Pulaski Co) Sapp, Babe 46yr 08/04/1908 (Eastman Ga)(Wife of D.W.) Sapp, David Dr. aged 01/01/1882 (Dodge Co) Sapp, Elizabeth 11/25/1875 08/14/1908 (Pulaski Co) Sapp, Ida M. 09/14/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of N.E.) Sapp, James W. 43yr 05/30/1894 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Sapp, Luke Sr. 1797 10/28/1880 (Pulaski Co)(b-Burke Co) Sapp, Mary Mrs. 1799 09/20/1875 (Pulaski Co) Sapp, Sallie 18yr 11/18/1883 (Pulaski Co) Sapp, Sarah M. 10/03/1835 10/10/1895 (Pulaski Co) Sapp, Washington 50yr 08/03/1908 (Cary, Ga) Sapp, William 06/21/1866 (Pulaski Co) Sapper, Jacob 12/01/1866 (Pulaski Co) Savage, Julia G. 10/05/1897 (Pulaski Co) Sawyer, Lillie Mrs 01/06/1915 (Abbeville)(Killed in storm) Sawyer, Son of Lillie 01/06/1915 " " Scarborough, Aden 1797 05/29/1875 (Pulaski Co) Scarborough, Elephair 1797 06/19/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Aden) Scarborough, Ernestine 1896 1935 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Scarborough, Frances 09/11/1918 02/10/1970 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family Scarborough, Doctor ???? (Pulaski Co)(Bembry Cem) Scarborough, Jane 02/09/1912 12/10/1970 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scarborough, Joe E. 02/24/1908 10/20/1960 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scarborough, Joseph F. 09/03/1869 01/30/1902 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scarborough, Lloyd O. 09/28/1897 07/19/1963 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scarborough, Lucy L. 09/18/1874 05/21/1943 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scarborough, Martha Mims 12/21/1839 08/16/1917 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scarborough, Ollie 08/10/1882 03/12/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scarborough, Pearl B. 09/26/1912 08/08/1975 (Dooly Co)(Mars Hill Cem) Scarborough, P. F. D. 11/03/1866 (Pulaski Co) Scarborough, Ruby P. 09/18/1895 02/28/1973 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scarborough, Tom Jeff 02/06/1845 08/01/1938 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scarborough, Tom J. Jr. 09/01/1872 08/21/1900 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scarborough, Victoria 59yr 03/24/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Scarborough, Wilber 01/12/1916 12/27/1973 (Pulaski Co)(Scarborough Family) Scoggins, Zulie 09/28/1867 02/11/1917 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Scott, Josephine Harrell 06/00/1985 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Scott, R. A. 55yr 03/13/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Sewell, Mary 1842 09/06/1875 (Dodge Co)(Wife of John) Sessions, T. V. 07/21/1871 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Shaffer, I. M. Mrs 81yr 04/26/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Sharpe, G. W. 09/22/1875 (Dooly Co) Shaw, Angus 1781 04/27/1871 (Telfair Co) Shepherd, Bud 01/20/1894 (Cochran Ga) Shepherd, Clarence 16yr 10/29/1885 (Pulaski Co) Shepherd, Henry 03/31/1873 (Pulaski Co) Shepherd, James N. 09/00/1882 (Pulaski Co) Shepherd, W. T. 40yr 03/15/1915 (Pulaski Co)(b-Atlanta Ga) Sheppard, Ava 75yr 04/19/1893 (Dooly Co)(Azberry Chapel) Sheppard, J. O. 12/13/1908 (Social Circle) Sheppard, M. A. 10/03/1908 (Dooly Co) --Crushed in Cotton oil machine. Sherry, Hamp 45yr 02/01/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Unmarried) Sherrill, W. A. Mrs. 10/04/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of W. A.) Shipp, H. H. Mrs. 1877 1919 (Pulaski Co) Shivers, Eli 60yr 10/27/1880 (Dooly Co) Simmons, George Rev.(Colored) 1802 09/00/1872 (Jones Co) Simmons, B. J. A. 08/00/1869 (Pulaski Co) Simmons, Lewis 1811 02/01/1883 (Wilcox Co) Simmons, Murdock J. 53yr 05/14/1883 (Pulaski Co) Singletary, Emma Vaughn 1872 11/15/1811 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Singletary, Fannie Miss 17yr 03/20/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Daughter of Rev W H Singletary Singletary, Shirey Mrs 8/29/1846 03/18/1896 (Pulaski Co) Singletary, T. T. 64yr 01/02/1894 (Pulaski Co)(b-Telfair Co) Singleton, Mary Eliz. 1828 08/22/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Ervin) Sinyard, Charlie Eugene 07/17/1933 09/08/1972 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Sinyard, Dollie Owen 11/01/1894 01/01/1971 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale)(Wife of L. J. Sinyard) Sinyard, L. J. 10/21/1889* 10/11/1971 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Sinyard, Samuel N. 01/19/1885 09/20/1974 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Skellie, T. O. Mrs 01/12/1882 (Houston Co) Skipper, M. A. Mrs. 09/02/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Near Goldsboro) Skipper, S. G. Mrs 06/08/1894 (Cochran Ga) Slade, Jerry 17yr 11/21/1915 (Cordele Ga)(Drowned in Tub) Slade, Jerry 12/??/1911 (Pulaski Co) Slade, Jerry Judge 02/11/1887 (Dooly Co) Slade, Jerry Mrs. 03/??/1887 (Pulaski Co)(Measles) Slade, Queen Ellen 09/02/1858 10/04/1880 (Dooly Co)(Wife of Jeremiah) Slappy, Amanda Wilkes 02/11/1917 09/22/1972 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Wife of George N. Slappy Sr. Slappy, Bess. Lil. Rice 12/24/1877 04/22/1963 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Wife of James L. Slappy. Slappy, George N. Sr. 02/01/1917 04/23/1965 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Slappy, James L. 04/26/1868 07/10/1938 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Slappy, Emma A. Land 12/17/1839 02/04/1921 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Wife of Matthew E. Slappy. Slappy, Matthew E. 04/07/1838 05/16/1905 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Slappy, Rice Matthew 02/14/1908 01/01/1991 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Slappy, Sarah E.Bullard 03/11/1915 03/31/1933 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Wife of Rice Matthew Slappy. Slaughter, Carrah B. 17yr 09/19/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Dau of Henry T) Slaughter, Jim Slappy Mrs 01/03/1908 (Pulaski Co)(b-Twiggs Co) Slussler, Levi 67yr 12/28/1908 (Pulaski Co) Smith, A. E. Mr 11/21/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Killed by W.S. Hardin) Smith, Amanda Dawson 06/23/1886 04/05/1931 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, Alfred P. 60yr 11/14/1883 (Telfair Co) Smith, Alice Irene 1915 1921 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, Bessie Cross 08/26/1886 05/09/1934 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)- --(Wife of John Wilson Smith) Smith, Burkett 10/??/1881 (Dooly Co) Smith, C. C. 10/10/1886 (Laurens Co) Smith, Charles 1854 08/20/1881 (Wilkinson Co.) Smith, Daniel W. 04/21/1881 (Dooly Co) Smith, Emma C.(b-Twiggs) 1841 11/27/1881 (Houston Co)(Wife of Warren) Smith, Fannie V. 62yr 01/07/1915 (Pulaski Co) Smith, Francis Harrell 50yr 01/05/1916 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of W. C.) Smith, Hugh H. 12/24/1887 02/04/1954 (Pulsaki Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, John (Colored) 10/22/1881 (Dooly Co) Smith, John Wilson 03/12/1883 10/08/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Husb of Bessie Cross) Smith, J. R. 09/10/1881 (Pulaski Co)(Salem Cem) Smith, Katherine Eugenia 12/03/1889 08/03/1972 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, Lula 09/16/1923 02/02/1936 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, M. J. Mr. 11/11/1869 10/22/1940 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, Mary J. 02/16/1872 08/06/1969 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, Mary Jane 11/00/1850 06/26/1916 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, Ola 10/28/1895 11/15/1918 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, Owen 4yrs 09/09/1882 (Telfair Co)(Son of Frank) Smith, Roxie E. 09/02/1880 02/12/1945 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, Tabitha 80yr 01/11/1916 (Dooly Co) Smith, Wesley 10/27/1877 09/15/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)- --(Bur beside Woodard Liddie Smith) Smith, Wiley P. 9yrs 11/02/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Son of R.C.) Smith, Wm D. 07/02/1868 10/26/1918 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Smith, Robert C. 55yr 12/25/1886 (Pulaski Co) Smith, R. T. Martin Mrs 11/14/1881 (Dooly Co)(Gum Creek) Smith, Sarah 63yr 12/22/1885 (Dooly Co)(Widow of Daniel) Smith, Wilson 05/00/1871 (Wilcox Co)(Husb. of Martha) Smith, Woodard Liddie 06/13/1881 07/13/1929 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Bur beside Wesley)) Soloman, P. M. 12/18/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Shot by John H. Neel, Cochran) Southwell, William (Pate)Mrs 10/27/1883 (Pateville Ga)(Typhoid) Sparrow, John D. 63yr 08/11/1915 (Pulaski Co) Sparrow, J. F. 08/11/1857 07/23/1900 (Pulaski Co) Sparrow, J. J. Judge 02/19/1873 (Pulaski Co) Sparrow, W. H. 11/06/1895 (Pulaski Co) Speight, Margaret A.Killen 11/05/1883 (Perry, Ga)(Wife of S.L.) Spence, James 04/24/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Grove) Spence, William 02/00/1885 (Pulaski Co) Spencer, Alva B. 40yr 05/20/1881 (Dooly Co)(Harmony Ch. Cem) Stanford, Christopher R. 11/28/1894 12/21/1961 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Stanford, Rebecca 71yr 04/29/1915 (Cochran Ga)(Weeping Pine) Stapler, John Rawles (R.L.) 2yrs 08/01/1972 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Stapleton, Albert Francis01/05/1928 10/09/1963 (Scarbotough Family) Stapleton, Frank Edgar 07/20/1963 02/02/1974 (Scarborough Family) Stapleton, Robert 06/27/1961 12/20/1962 (Scarborough Family) Starowski, Albert 11/16/1883 (Pulaski Co) Statham, Elizabeth 33yr 08/07/1882 (Wilcox Co)(Wife of Norman) Statham, James 1808 02/28/1873 (Wilcox Co) Statham, John 1791 03/06/1871 (Griffin Ga) Statham, S. T. 12/23/1908 (Abbeville ) Stephens, J. J. 52yr 01/06/1916 (Pulaski Co) Stephens, J. Q. Mrs 05/21/1881 (McRae Ga) Stephens, John Joseph 04/02/1880 07/05/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Union Spring) Stephens, Joseph 16yr 08/12/1897 (Pulaski Co) Stephens, Martha 07/02/1887 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of I.T.) Stephens, Mary Lou 09/00/1904 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Stetson, Eugene W. Mrs. 02/05/1912 (Macon Ga) Ga)(Scarlet Fever) Stevens, Orlena 04/09/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of T.L.) Stevens, Stephen Daniel 73yr 07/13/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Stewart, Charles H. 1810 07/29/1885 (Telfair Co) --Born-Perthshire Scotland Stewart, J. R. 08/10/1863 02/11/1909 (Pulaski Co) Stewart, J. S. 04/12/1909 (Pulaski Co) Stokes, Andrew 75yr 07/05/1908 (Pulaski Co) Stokes, John. M. 05/08/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Stroke) Stokes, J. M. 10/00/1881 (Pulaski Co) Stokes, J. Mrs 11/21/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran) Stone, Washington (Colored) 06/15/1898 (Pulaski Co) --Murdered by fellow gamblers in Dooly Co. Story, John 05/01/1881 (Dooly Co) --Murdered by G. S. Napier. Story, Wm Arthur 2yrs 12/30/1880 (Irwin Co)(Son of L. & Emma) Stuart, Charles 07/29/1885 (Telfair Co) Studstill, Amanda J. Miss 10/05/1873 (Dodge Co)(Typhoid) Studstill, Sudie Miss 09/29/1875 (Telfair Co) Studstill, Wm Franklin 1860 11/07/1878 (Pulaski Co) Sturtevant, George 12/24/1880 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Summerlin, F. M. 08/25/1871 (Carroll Co) --Murdered by A. Sewell. Sumner, Joseph 85yr 06/14/1880 (Worth Co) Sutton, Andrew W. 1810 05/19/1874 (Pulaski Co) Sutton, Sallie 08-25-1912 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Sutton, Sarah 07/19/1880 (Irwin Co)- --Widow of Andrew J. Sutton. Swain, Eldread 1794 07/02/1875 (Wilcox Co) Swearingen, James Howell 1809 03/03/1882 (Dooly Co)(Bur family lot) Swearingen, George B. 11/16/1882 (Dooly Co)(Son of George F.) Swearingen, Robert C. (of Dooly) 12/22/1883 (Pulaski Co) --Died in FL, husb. of Mollie Baskin) Swenson, Nancy 02/13/1887 (Laurens Co) Tarver, Gus 8yrs 08/08/1894 (Pulaski Co) --Son of Josephus Taver. Tatum, Lizzi S. 11/09/1898 (Wife of P. S.)(Pulaski Co) Taver, Elizabeth A. 56yr 11/08/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Taver, Gus 06/23/1874 (Pulaski Co) --Son of Mrs. E. A. Taylor, Allie 01/25/1876 (Pulaski Co) Taylor, Augustus R. Dr. 03/22/1887 (Pulaski Co) Taylor, Charles E. 75yr 09/21/1886 (Pulaski Co, Cochran) Taylor, Charlotte E. 1818 11/08/1878 (Husb. Doc. R.N. Taylor) Taylor, Claude 7yrs 10/26/1881 (Pulaski Co) --Son of Thomas E. & Sarah E. Taylor, Claudie 3yrs 03/17/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Son of J. A.) Taylor, Daniel E. 4yrs 03/30/1885 (Dooly Co)(Son of J. H.) Taylor, Dewey W. 08/05/1809 05/23/1882 (Hawkinsville Sheriff) Taylor, Edmond Zack. 01/08/1850 10/23/1933 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel) Taylor, Ezekiel 10/13/1866 (Pulaski Co) Taylor, Frances(husb Rbt. J) 27yr 11/13/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Taylor, Hattie 09/09/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Widow of Wm R. Taylor Taylor, J. Wooten 60yr 10/15/1883 (Henderson Ga) Taylor, Jesse 2yr 10/15/1871 (Son of Tom, Lamkin's Mill) Taylor, Joel Mallory 05/11/1873 04/09/1931 (Pulaski Co)(Wesley Chapel)(TB) Taylor, John B. 1851 11/08/1874 (Shot by John Daily Jr.) Taylor, John B. 30yr 10/21/1886 (Pulaski Co) Taylor, John E. 06/27/1839 11/25/1912 (Omega Ga)(b-Pulaski) Taylor, Julia E. Riley 09/14/1883 (Pulaski Co) Taylor, J. F. 06/24/1865 02/21/1909 (Pulaski Co) Taylor, Lucy Vaughn 02/21/1909 (Pulaski Co) --Wife of John F. Vaughn Taylor, Martha A. 1851 1895 (Pulaski Co) --2n Wife Wm Thomas Brown Taylor, Martha 02/17/1856 06/03/1968 (Pulaski Co) --Mattie Richland Church Cemetery Taylor, Martha Jane 1844 05/13/1896 (Pulaski Co) --Wife of J. Robert Taylor. Taylor, Matilda 74yr 08/26/1897 (Pulaski Co) --Widow of Capt Wm Taylor. Taylor, Nancy 20yr 09/10/1872 (Dooly Co) -- Wife of Thomas Taylor. Taylor, N. J. (Died in Tex.) 09/00/1898 (Formerly of Pulaski) Taylor, Perry Mrs 25yr 01/26/1890 (Abbeyville Ga)(Drowned) Taylor, R. N. 11/30/1866 (Pulaski Co) Taylor, Robert Joseph 4yrs 09/07/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Rob J) Taylor, Roberta 11/19/1880 (Pulaski Co) --Died in home of Chas. Coney Taylor, Sam 03/20/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Taylor, Samuel (Died in Fl) 02/07/1881 (Dooly Co) Taylor, Sarah A.(Died in Fl) 12/29/1872 (Pulaski Co)(Born Pulaski Taylor, Sidney Dyches 2yrs 07/17/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Thos C) Taylor, Simeon 07/07/1897 (Dooly Co) Taylor, T. C. 02/00/1912 (Pulaski Co) Taylor, Thomas L. (d-Bibb Co) 04/15/1885 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Taylor, William R. 1820 12/29/1883 (Pulaski Co) Taylor, William R. 08/27/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)(Typhoid) Terry, Mark 01/06/1913 01/29/1979 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Thigpen, L. B. 07/29/1915 (Alto Ga)(Cedar Creek) Thigpen, Nancy 1806 02/22/1883 (Wilcox Co) Thomas, L. F. 06/07/1860 01/28/1934 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)(Wife of W W Thomas) Thomas, W. W. 04/21/1861 06/13/1922 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Thombley, Elizabeth 21yr *11/18/1908 (Dooly Co) Thombley, Jesse 01/07/1897 *11/18/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Thompson, Allis E. Brown 1865 03/25/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Wm Needham Sr) Thompson, Frances 79yr 10/10/1914 (Cochran Ga)(Widow of A.J.Sr.) Thompson, Henry Daniel 05/08/1901 11/17/1966 (Pulaski Co)(Bohannon) Thompson, John Allen 21yr 08/18/1884 (Dooly Co)(Son of Ben B.Thompson) Thompson, John W. 1814 06/20/1872 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Thompson, J. S. Mrs. 10/08/1884 (Houston Co) Thompson, Kathren Lee 08/14/1864 08/10/1930 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Wm Asbury Thompson) Thompson, Mary 11/01/1883 (Pulaski Co)(Sis of R. R. Thompson) Thompson, Wilbur Aaron 01/31/1925 10/11/1973 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Thompson, W. L. 09/00/1898 (Pitts Ga) Thompson, Wm Asbury 11/24/1860 05/01/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Thompson, Worthy 10/01/1898 (UnadillaGa) Thompson, Young 05/24/1874 (Dooly Co)(Shot by Marshall Gregory) Tippett, Abner L. 56yr 03/05/1877 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Whaley, Cynthia) Tippett, E. B. 11/04/1859 03/10/1906 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tippett, Ezekiel 02/14/1885 (Dooly Co) Tippett, Hardy J. 12/26/1867 07/10/1869 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tippett, Willie H. 10/07/1875 04/26/1877 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tippett, James C. 05/14/1878 01/06/1879 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tippett, Nancy Ola 01/11/1883 08/01/1887 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Grave near E B) Tippett, Ortha B. 12/10/1890 08/27/1909 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tippett, Ezekial T. 05/19/1855 08/21/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tippett, Fannie Gunn 08/08/1857 09/06/1946 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tippett, J. R. 04/00/1915 (Pulaski Co) Tomberlin,Elizabeth Mrs. 26yr 02/11/1875 (Pulaski Co)(wife of John A) Tombley, D. W. 07/08/1852 10/14/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tombley, John 11/17/1895 10/29/1953 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tombley, Ola Bel.Dorminy 09/21/1895 02/01/1990 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tombley, Ola Reynolds 05/18/1899 08/12/1922 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tombley, Susan 09/04/1907 05/16/1928 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tucker, John H. 09/00/1866 (Irwinville) Tucker, John W.(b-Pulaski Co) 02/28/1883 (Shot by Payton Etheridge) Turner, Jane M. 73yr 08/25/1886 (Berrien Co)(GM of E.L.) Turner, Catherine 54yr 01/17/1908 (Vidalia Ga)(Burned) Turner, Elizabeth Wilcox 06/14/1876 (Dooly Co)(Wife of James S Turner) Turner, Henry 21yr 08/10/1875 (Pulaski Co) Turner, Mary 33yr 11/09/1881 (Wilcox Co) Turner, Smith 72yr 10/06/1880 (Wilcox Co) Tomberlin, B. Oliver 63yr 11/16/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Tomberlin, Elizabeth 1858 02/11/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of John A. Tomberlin) Tooke, Joseph 04/11/1880 (Houston Co) Toole, Isaac L. 07/25/1885 (Of Dooly Co) Towler, A. G. Mrs. 68yr 04/18/1915 (Bleckley Co)(Weeping Pine) Towns, Catharine 1814 05/15/1882 (Telfair Co)- --Wife of Rev. Johnson C. Towns Trammell, W. L. 51yr 01/25/1901 (Pulaski Co)(Killed at sawmill) Tripp, Augustus 02/11/1890 08/11/1897 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Tripp, Eliza Mrs 52yr 05/04/1882 (Dodge Co)(Widow of James) Tripp, Ellen 11/25/1860 05/22/1927 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of F M Tripp) Tripp, F. M. 11/29/1862 02/16/1903 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Ussery, Freeman 03/19/1880 04/01/1955 (Pulaski Co) Vanzandt, Samuel 09/17/1882 (Pulaski Co) Vanzandt, W. J. 09/05/1883 (Pulaski Co) Vaughn, Mary 01/11/1894 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Ed) Vaughn, Mary J. McCullers 1840 06/21/1882 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of R. H.) Vaughn, W. R. Mrs 11/16/1911 (Pulaski Co) Veal, A. M. Dr 64yr 12/31/1883 (Pulaski Co)(b-Wash. Co) Veal, J. M. 1829 05/22/1896 (Pulaski Co)(Never married; CSA Vet) Veal, M. D. 1861 02/11/1897 (Pulaski Co) Vinson, Eliza 1816 12/07/1881 (CrawfordGa) Vinson, Norman 12/26/1876 10/07/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Son of Heubel) Varnadoe, Jane Holly 02/05/1857 09/26/1942 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Wm C.) Varnadoe, William C. 05/14/1866 01/14/1932 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Wade, Celia 01/02/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Mt Cavalry) Wade, Charlie W. 05/15/1858 01/20/1933 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Wade, Enoch D. 03/21/1896 03/29/1961 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) Wade, Ethel Martin 02/28/1903 02/29/1984 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of John Harrison) Wade, Fannie Brown Mrs 06/12/1883 (Pulaski Co) Wade, John B. 24yr 02/06/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Wade, John Harrison 04/03/1899 02/05/1966 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Wade, John W. 1813 01/27/1873 (Pulaski Co) Wade, Mary Miss 03/10/1886 (Pulaski Co) Wade, William 09/10/1877 (Pulaski Co)(Cochran) Wade, William Madison 10/08/1850 05/14/1921 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Husb of Laura Smith) Wade, Laura Smith 11/02/1856 06/21/1933 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Wm Madison) Wade, Willis 09/00/1879 (Pulaski Co) Wadsworth, Elizabeth 1763 08/00/1872 (Dooly Co) Waite, F.C. Mrs 04/12/1881 (Pulaski Co) Walden, Charles Sr. (at Waycross) 10/08/1874 (Half bro.Tippett, Abner L.) Walden, Georgia Ann 07/00/1884 (Pulaski Co) Walden, Evie 04/05/1855 06/17/1920 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cem) Walden, Francis Marion 09/12/1858 06/12/1920 (Dooly Co) --Husband of Eveline West. Walden, Henry 07/10/1870 11/20/1919 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cem) Walden, Henry Eddie 1910 1941 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cem) Walden, Irwin 10/14/1881 (Dooly Co) --Husband of Martha Cross. Walden, Irvin Riley 12/22/1888 12/16/1947 (d-Tampa, Fl)(b-Dooly Co Ga) Walden, Mae S. 05/07/1894 11/04/1988 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cem) --Wife of Oswald M. Walden. Walden, Marion 09/12/1858 04/02/1933 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cem) Walden, Mary 80yr 12/28/1880 (Pulaski Co) Walden, Mary 09/00/1891 (Pulaski Co) Walden, Oswald M 10/17/1890 11/08/1958 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cem) Walden, Otha Ernest 01/09/1912 09/21/1966 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Walden, Richard 74yr 06/05/1883 (Near Abbeville, Ga) Walden, Treasey 07/16/1870 05/22/1937 (Dooly Co)(Lane Cem) Walker, Anna Leon 20yr 09/30/1873 (Pulaski Co) --Daughter of Virgil H. Walker. Walker, Blake 08/11/1876 (Pulaski Co) Walker, Georgia (Colored) 08/21/1912 (Pulaski Co)(Lightning) Walker, John C. 50yr 09/20/1873 (Dodge Co)(Hit by train) Walker, Sarah Studstill 10/23/1883 (Dodge Co)(Wife of M.A.) Walker, T. D. Mrs 06/23/1912 (Cochran Ga)(Cochran Cem) Wallace, John H. 11/00/1881 (Dooly Co) Wallace, Louisa M. 1812 03/07/1897 (Pulaski Co) Warren, Charlie(son of G.W.) 9yrs 06/??/1886 (Dooly Co)(Snake bite) Warren, George L. 10/00/1881 (Dooly Co) Warren, Mattie M. McCall 02/21/1881 06/11/1941 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Warren, Thomas Mrs. 03/18/1873 (Wilcox Co) Washington, Mary F Phillips 01/31/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Samuel)(Typhoid) Washington, Samuel H. 11/21/1876 (Pulaski Co) Wasner, Henry B. 43yr 03/08/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Wasner, Ola Irene 18mo 09/14/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill)- --Daughter of Henry B. Wasner Watkins, Mariah 38yr 04/18/1883 (PulaskiCo)(Wife of Johm J.) Watkins, Melissa 01/18/1791 (Reserved- Living as of 1898 in Hall Co) Watson, Ernest Vivon 08/02/1914 11/16/1965 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Watson, Freeman Tillman 11/26/1976 04/09/1963 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Watson, Lula 06/12/1879 04/21/1961 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Watson, Mary Pugh 05/10/1804 07/01/1879 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of Jacob) Way, Isom 10/00/1915 (Pulaski Co) Way, S. A. 05/06/1908 (Pulaski Co) Webb, James 73yr 02/17/1884 (Dooly Co) Wesley, Mildred 02/21/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of J. P.) West, Ann Maria 70yr 09/25/1894 (Pulaski Co) West, Lina Miss 09/07/1898 (Dooly Co) West, Sarah A. 12/00/1881 (Pulaski Co) West, William 05/09/1898 (Dooly Co) --Shot by J. J. Stovall, Stovall recieved a life sentence. Westcott, Albert 05/11/1873 (Pulaski Co) Whaley, Maj. Jon. K. 1799 05/12/1874 (Bur. Antioch Ch.) Wheat, T. H. Mrs 65yr 05/11/1908 (Pulaski Co) Wheeler, Amanda 04/20/1882 (Pulaski Co) Wheeler, Elsie Landcaster10/28/1900 03/20/1969 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Wheeler, Samuel W. 02/11/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Lissie Beckworth) Whiddon, Lott 12/25/1796 06/22/1880 (Irwin Co)(b-Darlington, SC) Whiddon, Lucy Miss 16yr 12/16/1892 (Irwin Co)(Dau of J. W.) Whipple, Mollie Joiner Mrs 11/12/1894 (Dooly Co)(Wife of Dr. Willie H. Whipple) Whipple, S. B. Judge 82yr 07/28/1915 (Cochran Ga) White, Cherry 18yr 03/09/1909 (Cochran Ga)(Blood Poison) White, Francis 10/23/1909 06/27/1974 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale) White, H. C. 36yr 07/30/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Husb of Letitia Whitfield White) White, Jenny P. 06/09/1915 10/15/1987 (Pulaski Co)(Browndale)(Wife of Francis) White, Jno. W. 1850 03/25/1896 (Pulaski Co) White, Joseph 09/12/1882 (Laurens Co) Whitehead, Beatrice Miss 27yr 04/30/1884 (Dooly Co) Whitehead Jay Wm. Sr. 09/19/1915 06/07/1984 (Pulsaki Co)(Rose Hill) Whitehead, John L. 12/05/1906 08/22/1981 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Whitehead, Lucy J. 23yr 11/25/1882 (Dooly Co)- --Dau of James M.A. Whitehead. Whitehead, Sarah 74yr 10/08/1884 (Pulaski Co)(Widow of B.E.) Whitehead, Z. Taylor 1847 12/08/1878 (Dooly Co) Whitehurst, Charles C. 1828 12/08/1881 (Houston Co) Whitfield, Dewitt 41yr 06/20/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Whitfield, George W. 08/24/1874 (Pulaski Co)(Killed in logging accident)- --Son of Dr. N B Whitfield Whitfield, H. H. Judge 60yr 01/28/1886 (Pulaski Co) Whitfield, Martin 07/01/1898 09/11/1987 (Pulaski Co)(Union) Whitley,Wiley Sr. 70yr 05/21/1884 (Irwin Co) Whitsett, John H. 45yr 11/06/1885 (Dooly Co) Whittle, Paul (Colored) 1827 10/04/1898 (McRae, Ga) Wilcox, George W. Jr 02/25/1882 (Coffee Co)(Shot by J.R. Curry) Wilcox, J. L. B. 02/13/1893 (Pulaski Co) Wilcox, Mark 03/27/1833 12/04/1915 (Pulaski Co)(b-Irwin Co) Wilcox, Thomas Capt. 1812 04/25/1897 (LumberCity) Wilcox, William Bill 1798 03/01/1901 (Abbeville ) Wilder, R. E. 07/14/1875 (Pulaski Co) Wilder, William E. 02/??/1887 (Dooly Co)(OD Morphine) Wilkes, Patience(Colored) 1768 08/08/1872 (Lumpkin Ga)(Mom of Gideon) Wilkes, Solomon aged 12/15/1883 (Dooly Co)(OD Morphine) Wilkinson, John 1800 09/23/1884 (Pulaski Co) Wilkinson, W. D. 05/10/1915 (Bibb)(Found body in river) Willcox, John Lewis 4yrs 11/23/1911 (Pulaski Co)(Son of J. K.) Willcox, Lousia 68yr 07/29/1884 (Telfair Co)(widow of John) Willcox, W. W. Mrs 04/24/1908 (Lumber City)(Wife of E.K.) Williams, A. 02/12/1871 (Bibb Co) --CSA 8th Ga Reg. Macon Guards Williams, Arthur 01/08/1890 (Eastmam Ga) Williams, Charles 09/08/1884 11/26/1903 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Williams, John D. 10/00/1866 (Dooly Co) Williams, J. F. 09/04/1914 (Pulaski Co) Williams, James F. 05/26/1909 (Pulaski Co) Williams, Jane 11/15/1837 12/05/1915 (Pulaski Co)(Bluff Creek) Williams, Kee Barrows Mrs 05/17/1904 (Pulaski Co) --Widow of J. F. Williams, M. E. 12/30/1914 (Unadilla ) Williams, Rebecca 35yr 10/06/1882 (Telfair Co) --Married-11/30/1881 to W.J. Williams Williams, Robert Mrs 04/18/1908 (Pulaski Co) Williams, Robert T. 1826 08/28/1898 (Pulaski Co) --Peacock Cemetery. Williams, Wiley 1803 03/05/1871 (Columbus Ga)(Lawyer) Williams, William 11/18/1898 (Orange Hill Pauper sect.) Williamson, Catherine 63yr 03/21/1887 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Wife of T. Williamson. Williamson, Jas. P. 31yr 06/29/1884 (Pulaski Co) Williamson, John G. Rozar Mrs. 04/16/1915 (Dooly Co) Williamson, Mary 1796 09/07/1881 (Telfair Co) --Wife of Rev. James Williamson. Williamson, Mary Jane 60yr 07/??/1903 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) --Daughter of T and Catherine Williamson Williamson, W. T. Mrs 70yr 09/07/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Willingham, Thos. H. 58yr 06/07/1909 (Rome Ga) --Father of Mrs J.J. Whitfield Willis, Amanda 05/29/1912 (Pulaski Co) --Widow of J. S.) Willis, Irvin J. 01/13/1813 09/09/1875 (Pulaski Co) Willis, Jim 12/03/1898 (Cochran) Willis, J. F. Carswell Mrs 07/24/1914 (Cochran)(Cary Cem) Willis, Laura Elmire 1874 03/13/1876 (Pulaski Co) --Daughter of Mr. O. R. Willis. Willis, Martha A. 1853 09/11/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of James Willis --who she married 12/08/1872) Wilson, Bessie E. 11/11/1881 12/20/1836 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship)(Wife of Perry P) Wilson, Casul Sims(b-Cheatham NC) 08/08/1914 (Pulaski Co) --Husb. of M. Becky Swain. Wilson, Perry P. 01/28/1878 01/17/1946 (Pulaski Co)(Friendship) Wilson, R. W. Mrs. 77yr 11/25/1914 (Pulaski Co)(Weeping Pine) Wilson, S. P. 66yr 01/07/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Stroke) Wilson, W. H. (of Cochran) 09/07/1908 (Twiggs Co)(OD on Morphine) Wimberly, Amanda Mrs. 1825 11/09/1898 (Henderson, Ga) Wimberly, Emma C. 08/07/1862 02/18/1902 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Wimberly, E. A. Col. 02/02/1885 (Twiggs Co) Wood, Bryant A. 60yr 03/05/1885 (Dooly Co)(Buggy Accident) Wood, Daniel L. 20yr 04/04/1881 (Dooly Co) --Shot self accidently. Wood, Henry Theodore 1867 09/20/1881 (Pulaski Co) --Son of G. B. & Sarah E. Wood Wood, John L. 11/15/1866 (Pulaski Co) Wood, John Love 7mo 09/31/1874 (Son of H. G.)(Pulaski Co) Wood, Luella V. 12yr 03/29/1883 (McRae, Ga)(Dau of J. W.) Wood, Thomas J. 34yr 02/24/1884 (Dooly Co) Wood, Thomas McKenzie 18yr 09/27/1876 (Pulaski Co)(Yellow Fever) Wood, W. L. Mrs 07/27/1884 (Abbeville, Ga) Woods, Aline 3yrs 09/26/1908 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Hill) Woodall, James 03/27/1871 (Heart, Milledgeville Ga) Woodard, Wm W. Rev. 25yr 10/30/1871 (Dooly Co) Woodham, Robert W. 51yr 03/16/1915 (Pulaski Co)(b-Randolph Co) Woodson, J. P. Mr. 06/08/1885 (Houston Co) Woodward, Stephen B. 10/15/1862 11/27/1882 (Dooly Co)(Son of J.H.) Wooten, Edward 08/09/1872 (Laurens Co)(Son of Wm C.) Wright, Jesse B. 1832 07/03/1882 (Columbus, Ga)(Murdered) Wright, J. G. Rev. 04/09/1886 (Pulaski Co)(Accident) Wright, Ophelia 11/30/1908 (Pulaski Co) Wright, W. H. Ard Mrs. 06/10/1877 06/24/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Wife of W. H.) Wynne, A. R. 35yr 10/02/1877 (McRae Ga) Wynne, C.W.M. 1858 05/15/1875 (Cochran Ga) Wynne, Frances Mrs 06/23/1875 (Pulaski Co)(Orange Grove) Wynne, J. D. Mr 73yr 04/27/1908 (Cochran) Wynne, J. F. 12/20/1867 (Pulaski Co) Wynne, J. Frank 03/04/1879 (Pulaski Co) Wynne, Nancy 1773 01/28/1869 (Twiggs Co) Yawn, James 1794 12/10/1875 (Dodge Co) Yerty, Henry 08/00/1869 (Pulaski Co) Yerty, Morgan 08/11/1896 (Pulaski Co) Young, Chas. U. 01/23/1881 (Dooly Co) Young, Enos Rev. 1783 06/13/1874 (Dooly Co) Young, Richard Mrs 1824 09/30/1898 (Pulaski Co)(Typhoid) Young, S. T. Dr 57yr 02/07/1880 (Dooly Co)(Gum Creek) Young, Samuel Mrs 63yr 10/04/1880 (Wilcox Co) Youngblood, Natham 1836 08/10/1881 (Dooly Co)(b-Hancock Co)
Resources: Video Tapes Made of Grave Markers and Transcribed to this list. Hawkinsville Dispatch and News on microfilm I own. Previous Research done by Louise Brown Barr, formerly of Pulaski Co.

Transcribed by:Donald W. Brown

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