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The Hawkinsville Dispatch and News Clippings

Founded 1866
Hawkinsville, Pulaski County Georgia
Hawkinsville Dispatch, Paxton & Laidler, Publishers.

JANUARY 3, 1867, Thursday Vol. 1 No. 50

MARRIED- December 23, 1866, Capt. P. T. McGriff to Mrs. Fannie Cowin, by Rev. G. R.
McCall. All are of Pulaski.

MARRIED- December 27, 1866, Mr. James W. Sapp to Mrs. Nancy J. Girtman, by Rev. E. 
A. Burch at the home of the bride's father Mr. J. W. Curruthers.

NOTICE- All persons indebted to the estate of Henry Barlow, late of Pulaski County
deceased, are requested to make immediate payment and those having claims against 
the estate, will present them in terms of the law. --ELISHA BARLOW Admin. 

GEORGIA-Pulaski County  Whereas Wm S. Fleming, Guardian of Nancy E. Regan, applies to
me for letters of dismission from said trust.  These are, to site and admonish all the 
persons concerned, to be and appear at my office, within the time prescribed by law. 
If any they can why said letters why said letters should not be granted. Given under my
hand and seal of office. This first day of January, 1867. J. J. SPARROW Ordinary --

HAWKINSVILLE ACADEMY- Will be opened on the second Monday in January next under the 
charge of Mr. J. E. McDonald, Principal, with competent assistants. Tuition agreed 
upon by the Board and Teacher, $15, $20 and $25 per term. 
Mr. McDonald comes well 
recommended as a Teacher and a Gentleman.
TRUSTEES - C. M. Bozeman, J. W. Brown, Daniel Rawls, John H. Pate, B. N. Mitchell, 
John H. Wallace and Simon Merritt. 

MARSHALL LAW has been suspended for a few weeks in Hawkinsville against the wishes of
some of the Towns people, "Look at the general misbehavior on the streets, and 
within the incorporation."

Hawkinsville Dispatch, George P. Woods Editor--
APRIL 18, 1867, Thursday Vol. 2 No. 13
CAUTION! All persons are cautioned not to employ a freedman calling himself Robert
DeLoach, from Appling Co. as he is in contract with the undersigned. Said boy left 
my premises without my consent or knowledge and without cause. 
           --C. C. Clarke - Dooly Co., Ga.

NOTICE--All persons indebted to the estate of C. A. Spradley, deceased, are to come 
forward and settle; those having claims will present them properly tested, this June 
14, 1867.  --PHILTERS DOSTER, Adm'r 

GEORGIA-Pulaski County. Will be let to the lowest bidder, on the first Tuesday in 
March next at the Court House door in Hawkinsville, contracts for the enclosing the
County Jail and one-half acre of land around the same with a substantial picket 
fence. Also for the building a house on the Jail Lot for the County  Jailer. And 
also the contracts for building a Bridge across Shell Stone Creek and a bridge across
Gum Swamp Creek at Parkerson's ford. 
--E. A. BURCH Clerk Inf'r Court P. C. Feb. 19th, 1867. 

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE--By virtue of an order from the honorable court of Ordinary of
Telfair county, Ga. will be sold before the Court House door, in Jacksonville, Telfair
County, within the legal hours of sale, on the Tues in April next the lands belonging 
to John A. Powel, deceased, consisting  of lot# 22(202 1/4 acres) fraction  No. 21, 
containing 137 acres more or less, fraction 61 containing 20 acres more or less and 
120 of lot 59, all in the 7th district, Telfair Co. Jan 1867.   --JOHN SMITH, Adm'r.

MAYOR- O. C. Horne
CLERK and TREAS- John Fale
MARSHALL- E. B. Gilbert 
COMMISSIONERS- N. McDuffie, B. N. Mitchell,
Wm Oliver, J. J. Jelks, C. M. Bozeman, J. O. Jelks.

JUDGE- Aug. H. Hansell
CLERK- E. A. Burch
JUDGE- W. H. Paxton
CLERK- J. B. Mitchell
JUSTICES- R. F. Delamar, R. G. Fulghum, 
T. F. Walker, David Sapp, Tobe McGriff.
CLERK- E. A. Burch
M. T. Fort.
CORONER- Bob Lytle
SHERIFF- Jno. A. Hendley
ORDINARY- J. J. Sparrow
BAILIFFS- Jno. Burroughs, Wm Smith

April 25, 1867 to December 24, 1867 Issues are missing.

JANUARY 2, 1868 Vol. 2 No. 50 All persons indebted to the estate of Wiley 
Cobb, deceased, are requested to come forward and make immediate payment. 
Those having demands against said Estate are required are required to present them 
promptly authenticated,  within the time prescribed by law.    
           --James Cobb, October 17, 1867

SHOOTING AFAIR - There was some excitement in Town on Tuesday last, of the 
shooting of Mr. William Heppe by Mr. Hat Smith rendering only a flesh wound to Mr.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1869 Vol. 3 No. 39

FOR SALE- I offer to sell my place lying on Big Creek, eight miles South West of 
Hawkinsville, on the road leading to Vienna. The land is good, the place well improved
and terms can be easily made. I will also sell with the place everything made on it or
belonging to it; all stock, provisions, etc.  JAMES M. BROWN  Sept. 23, 1869--

SEPTEMBER 30, 1869 Vol. 3 No. 40

FATAL AFFAIR AT COLEY'S STATION - We are informed that a difficulty occured
at Coley's Station, on the Macon and Brunswick Railroad, last Tuesday morning, 
between Messrs. S. J. Coalson and Doc. Mason, in which the latter was shot through
the body and killed by the former. The parties had some high words a few days 
previously, and meeting as above stated, immediately commenced firing at each other. 
Mr. C. was unhurt.

$200 REWARD The above reward will be paid for the apprehension of JIM MITCHELL, 
negro, who killed Ben. Harrell, another negro at the plantation of  Mr. W. W. Harrell,
in Pulaski County, on the 18th of July last.

OCTOBER  7, 1869 Vol. 3 No. 41 

RECOVERING--We learn that Mr. John W. Harrell, who we stated last week, was
seriously stabbed by Mr. Sam. Evans, is getting well. 
After the cutting, Mr. Evans was severely beaten by Mr. Harrell's negroes and was
also shot by Mr. E. F. Lee, a brother-in-law to Mr. Harrell. The lives of both were
despaired of. 

GEORGIA--PULASKI County. James Hartley, administrator upon the estate of Wm. R.
Bennett, applies to me for letters of dismission. -  J. J. Sparrow, Ordinary.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. The first Tuesday in November next. Lot of land No. 105 in the
4th dist. of originally Dooly, now Pulaski Co. Belonging to the estate of Edward Walden,
deceased. - W. D. MITCHELL, Adm'r.

(Missing Issues)

JANUARY 6, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 1

By: DENIS W. D. BOULLY, Editor

MURDERED--Mr. Dan Lee, doing business in Cochran, was killed in that place last Sat 
night, by unknown suspect...

DROWNED--Mr. John Edwards was drowned in the river last Thru. night while crossing in 
his horse and buggy. Body not found yet.

SOME FIFTY RESIDENTS--left this place by train, bound for Texas last Tue morning. 
Capt. McDuffie and family, and Mr. Arnold and family were among the number, we wish 
them success.

LOST COW--One of our cows has strayed off. She is a spotted cow, five or six years 
old, and marked with the mark of Mr. R. T. Coley, of Dooly Co.

MR. DAVID DYKES--died at his residence, near Coley's Station, last Sun. night.

PULASKI SHERIFF SALE--Will be sold the first Tuesday in Feb. next the following 
property; 300 acres of land, number not known, but known as the Simpson Price land;
100 acres, S.E. half of lot known as old Jesse Bryant place, now occupied by Jesse 
Bryant Jr.; one lot now occupied by John R. Smith. Sold as Price's property to satisfy
a fifa in favor of J. R. Coombs vs. said Price Also at the same time and place, the 
undivided interest in the land, number not known, but known as the place where Robert 
Rozar now lives. Levied on to satisfy 3 Justice's Court fifas issued from the 384th 
G. M. Dist.  in favor of S.E. Jones vs. Robert Rozar. Pointed out by said Jones. Levied
and returned to me by J. S. Thomas, constable.
--NICHOLAS RAWLINS, Sheriff Pulaski Co.

GEORGIA--Pulaski County
Hardy Harrell applies to me for exemption of personality and setting apart and
valuation of homestead, and I will pass upon the same at 11 am on the 17th day of 
Jan., at my office in Hawkinsville. --J. J. SPARROW Ordinary.

JAMES COWART applies to me for exemption of personality......

ALEX CORSEY  applies to me for exemption of personality......

T. T. LYTLE applies to me for letters of demission from admin. on the estate of 
R. Y. Lytle.

CHARLES MULLIS and J. J. ROZAR apply to me for letters of admin. on the estate of
John Evans.

J. H. PATE applies to me for letters of demission from admin. on  the estate of 
J. J. Beasley.

J. H. PATE applies to me for letters of demission from admin. on the estate of 
D. M. McCabe.

DIED-R. F Delamar, Esq. This gentleman died at his plantation, in the county, on the
east side of the Ocmulgee river , on Sun. last He had been a citizen of Pulaski for
many years and held various offices in the gift of the people. Jan 7, 1870 issue.

NOTICE: Thirty days after date of application will be made to the Ordinary of Pulaski
County for leave to sell lot of land, No. 85,in the 3d dist. of Dooly county, the 
entire real estate of Kenneth Bembry, late of said county, deceased. 
--ANN E. BEMBRY, Adm'x.

NOTICE: All persons having demands against the estate of C. G. Davis, deceased, are
requested to present them in the terms of the law; and all persons indebted to said
estate must make immediate payment.  --JOHN FALE, Adm'r.

JANUARY 13, 1870 Vol. 4 No.2

GEORGIA-PULASKI County- B. B. Dykes applies to me for letters of adm'n on
the estate of David S. Dykes. - J. J. Sparrow Ordinary.

JANUARY 20, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 3
KILLED IN RAILROAD ACCIDENT- Mr. J. E. Rice, engineer was killed when his train 
de-railed near Coley's Station. Jan 20,1870.-

KILLED ACCIDENTALLY- Mr. Arthur Taylor employed at the mill of Mr. J. A. McGriff, near
Cochran, by getting caught in the machinery. Jan 20, 1870.-

KILLED ACCIDENTALLY- Mr. J. C. DeLamar (father-in-law of J. J. Sparrow) Mr. DeLamar 
(formerly of Pulaski) was killed in Dresden, Tx. On the job. Dec 26,1869.
FEBRUARY 3, 1870 Vol. 4  No. 6

By: DENIS W. D. BOULLY, Editor

DIED- In Twiggs Co., at the residence of Mr. John Wilkinson, on Thru. morn, Jan. 29,
1869 after an illness of only a few hours, Mrs. Nancy Wynne, widow of the late Rev. 
Robert W. Wynne in the 85th year of her life. (Didn't say where she was buried.)

DIED- JOHN T. MOBLEY, who died suddenly on the morning of 12 Jan. 1869.

C. C. CLARKE-, Jackson St. Hawkinsville, Ga. is an Agent for the following named 
fertilizers; PHOENIX NO 1 PERUVIAN, WILCOX, GIBBS.     --Feb. 3, 1869

NOTICE: All persons indebted to J. M. Kibbee and D. E. Kibbee, are requested to come
forward at once and settle their claims, or they will be placed in the hands of an 
attorney for collection. Parties are also notified that no credit will be given upon 
goods sold in 1870.   --D. E. KIBBEE January 6, 1870

FEBRUARY 24, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 8

DIED- In Pulaski County, Jan. 24, 1870, of meningitis, John M. Boothe, son of
J. E. and A. Boothe, aged 3years, 11 months and 10 days.

In Pulaski County, Jan. 26, 1870 of meningitis, James E. P. Boothe son of J. E.
and Julia Boothe, aged 2 years, 4 months and 16 days

In Pulaski County, Jan. 26 1870, of meningitis, Arthur E. Cochran, son of J. R.
Cochran, deceased, and Julia Boothe, aged 13 yrs.

MARCH 3, 1870 Thursday Vol. 4 No. 9.

DIED- David S. Dykes in the 37th year of his age, Jan. 14, 1870.-

MURDERED- Daniel W. Lee, on the night of Dec. 25, 1869 in Cochran, Ga.- 

GEORGIA Pulaski, County- John A. Hendly applies to me for letters of
administration on the estate of George Dupree.- J. J. Sparrow, Ordinary-

GEORGIA Pulaski, County- Wm Allen, Guardian of Annie R. Jennings, applies 
to me for letters of dismission of said trust. - J. J. Sparrow, Ordinary.

MARCH 10, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 10

GEORGIA-Pulaski County - T. T. Lytle applies to me for letters of dismission
from the estate of R. Y. Lytle - J. J. Sparrow 

GEORGIA-Pulaski County - J. H. Pate applies to me for letters of dismission
from the administration on the estate of  J. J. Beasley - J. J. Sparrow Ordinary.

MARCH 17, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 11

FOR SALE Store House on Jackson Street belonging to Miss McCarthy. Terms cash, 
for particulars inquire of W. D. King P. M.

NOTICE - Notice is hereby given to all persons having demands against John Evans, 
late of Pulaski County, to present them to me, properly made out , within the time 
prescribed by law; and all persons indebted to said deceased, are being required to 
make immediate payment.  CHARLES MULLIS Adm'r.

MARCH 24, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 12

GEORGIA Pulaski, County - B. B. Dykes applies to me for Letters Of Admin. on the 
estate of David S. Dykes - J. J. Sparrow, Ordinary.

MARCH 31, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 13

DROWNED-- Frank Dooly, a son of Mr. William Dooly,  of Macon about 14 years
old, drowned in the Ocmulgee river on Sunday afternoon last, between 4 and 5 o'clock.

APRIL 7, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 14

A. J. RIDDLE, ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHER - While in Macon, we visited Mr. Riddle's Gallery
-- or Galleries, for he has two in one. His place is the most complete, perhaps, in
our sunny South. He is prepared to take every conceivable picture, from the smallest
and cheapest tintype to the finest life portrait. So we would advise all who want
pictures, go to Riddle's; for we know they will be suited. Mr. R. is probably the 
most scientific manipulator in the photographic chemistry in the South. During the
late war, Riddle was one of the chosen by the Secretary of War to make maps for Gen.
Johnston's army. (author note; A. J. Riddle also took all the photographs at the
infamous Andersonville P. O. W. Camp. Aug. 16, 1864)

APRIL 14, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 15

The meeting of citizens of Dooly County, called for the 6th inst., was
organized by appointing James Cobb, Esq., Chairman, and John H. Woodward,
The Chairman, in a few remarks, explained the object of the meeting to
consider the importance of a railroad through our county from the Macon and
Brunswick Railroad, via Hawkinsville, Vienna, Drayton and Americus, to Columbus-

Resolved, That the Chairman appoint a delegation consisting of thirty citizens
of the county to attend the contemplated railroad meeting of the citizens of Pulaski
county--to be held in Hawkinsville on the 19th inst., to-wit; J. M. Woodward, W. R.
West, S. Rogers, J. J. Collier, Jas. Bradshaw, Jas. Brown, J. M. Hamilton, W. G.
Redding, J. S. Evans, J. H. McKenzie, J. G. Thomas, W. B. Cone, R. T. Coley, E. J.
Folds, W. H. Davies, J. B. Lewis, E. Butts, Thomas Whitsett, J. J. Clemmons, W. H.
Bynum, O. P. Swearingen, M. R. Johnson, W. W. Woodward, L. Mashburn, W. R. Brown,
Jas. Carlisle, J. W. Cone, J. F. Leonard, John E. Lilly, and J. F. Lewis.. 

APRIL 21, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 16

GRAND JURY for the present term of Pulaski Superior Court--
Wm M. Anderson, Foreman; 
Wm H. Hendly, J. W. Simpson, 
D. H. Hendly, John Laidler,
John Turner, John Burrows, 
Thomas Hendly, Hiram Sapp, 
W. G. Fleming, James Lancaster, 
J. D. Horne, R. P. Reynolds, 
Ferdinand Fleming, J. R. Coley, 
W. H. Engram, J. C. Walker, 
E. F. Lee, J. J. Jelks, 
P. T. McGriff and 
Wilson Hendrick.
--E. A. Burch, Clerk

APRIL 28, 1870 Vol 4 No. 17

DIED - Judge Rawls, on of our oldest and most esteemed Townsmen, he departed this life
on Thursday last, in Savannah. His remains reach this place on Friday evenings train 
accompanied by his sorrowing wife and daughter Miss Clifford Rawls. His body was
buried at the Orange Hill Cemetery.

DIED - Mrs. Hattie P. Bozeman, wife of C. M. Bozeman Jr., died at the residence of C. M.
Bozeman Sr. of this place on Friday night last. Deceased was a daughter of Judge Nathan
Yarborough, of Rome, Ga. and was married to Mr. Bozeman in April 1866.

FOUND DEAD - Mr. W. R. Avant, who lived on the Powers place in Dooly Co., was 
found dead at the bridge over big creek, on the road leading from this place to Drayton,
on Thursday morning last.

BODY FOUND - The body of a man much decayed, we understand was found on Monday 
evening last, on the river somewhere near the L. L. Harrell plantation, supposed to be
the body of Mr. John Evans, who had drowned in the early part of this year.

MAY 5, 1870 Vol. 4  No. 18.

NOTICE - Notice is hereby given to all persons having demands against John Evans, late 
of Pulaski County, deceased, to present them to me, properly made out, within the time
prescribed by law; and all persons indebted to said deceased, are hereby required to
make immediate payment..
      --CHARLES MULLIS Adm'r.

MAY 12, 1870 Vol. 4  No. 19. 

DEAD - A letter from Tyler, Texas, states that Mr. W. R. Arnold, who left here with
Capt. McDuffie's crowd last year, died in that place of consumption, on the 23d of last 

DIED - At his residence in Telfair County, Ga., on the 16th., Rev. E. S. Bullington, 
age 41 years.

GEORGIA - Pulaski, Co. - William E. Helms and P. G. Purcer apply to me for letters
of administration on the estate of Solomon Mullis  -- J. J. Sparrow, Ordinary.

MAY 19, 1870 Vol. 4 No.  20.

Died - Mr. Daniel Rawls, he came to Pulaski Co. from Laurens Co about the year 1840.
No other details.

MAY 26, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 21

GEORGIA - Pulaski County - John Graham applies to me for letters of administration 
on the estate of Martha Graham. -- J. J. SPARROW, Ordinary.

GEORGIA - Pulaski County - R. L. Stapler applies to me for letters of administration
on the estate of Daniel Rawls. -- J. J. SPARROW, Ordinary.

GEORGIA - Pulaski County - J. J. Rozar, Executor of William Lee, applies to me for
letters of dismission.  -- J. J. SPARROW, Ordinary.

JUNE 2, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 22

NOTICE - All persons having demands against the estate of Solomon Mullis, deceased,
are requested to present them in the terms of the law; and all persons indebted to said 
estate must make immediate payment.
           -- Wm. E. Helms and P. G. Purcer  Adm'rs --

REWARD - Col. Kibbee offers a reward for the recovery of a pen and pencil case.
JUNE 9, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 23

CENSUS MARSHALS - From a list of census marshals for this State, appointed by
Maj. Wm M. Smythe, we take the following:  For Dooly Co., S. P. Odom; Houston,
Samuel Hunt; Pulaski, N. H. Mobley;  Telfair, Duncan Cameron; Twiggs, J. L. Fain;
Irwin, James Fletcher; Wilcox, E. J. H. Dunn. - 

HOMICIDE - Aleck Boatwright and Joe Ganaway, negros, had a fuss about a colored
damsel, named Louisa, late Friday night, about a mile from town, which ended in the
shooting of the latter by the former, from the effects of which he died the next day.
Boatwright has escaped. -

DEAD - Mr.--?--Taylor, died at the Pulaski Factory, on Tuesday afternoon. He was
70 years of age and came here from Fort Gaines. He was to feeble to work himself, but
has four or five children employed in the factory. -

JUNE 16, 1870 Vol. 4 No.24

LAND FOR SALE - I offer for sale 202 1/2 acres of land on Cedar Creek, about eight
miles from Hawkinsville, near the Vienna Road.          - JACOB LEWIS -

NOTICE - All persons indebted to the estate of Dewitt Bradshaw, deceased, are requested
to make immediate settlement; and all parties holding claims against said estate are
notified to present them for payment.  - C. J. BRADSHAW and W. J. CROSIER -

JUNE 23, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 25

FROM TEXAS - Mr. James Jelks has shown us a letter from Mr. Lewis Davis, who left the
county last year. He found everything very high on his arrival, which he attributes
to the heavy immigration. Mr. Davis request his friends to write him. His address is
Garden Valley, Smith Co., Texas.
AD - J. A. THOMPSON, Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Window Glass,
Lamps and Fixtures. - HAWKINSVILLE, GA. -

CHURCH DIRECTORY - Services at the Baptist Church, on the second and forth Sundays of
each month, by the pastor, Rev. G. R. McCall.
Services at the Methodist Church, on the first three Sundays of each month, by the
pastor, Rev. F. A. Branch. -

AD - J. O. JELKS & BRO'S, Headquarters For Dry Goods. HAWKINSVILLE, GA. -

JUNE 30, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 26

GEORGIA -- Pulaski County - D. C. Daniel, Guardian of Samuel Jones, applies to me
for letters of dismission from said trust:   J. J. SPARROW, Ordinary

ANOTHER DEATH - Mr. Jno T. Williamson, an estimable young man, died at the residence
of Mr. James Flemming, in this place on the night of the 28th, of typhoid fever.

SUDDEN DEATH - Mr. C. C. Clark died at his residence, in this place, on the night of
the 28th, of heart disease. He was just recovering from a serious attack, and was in
town late that afternoon, apparently in better health than sometime past. He retired 
at an early hour, when, having forgotten to take his medicine, he requested Mrs. C.
to administer it. While sitting up in bed for this purpose, he suddenly fell

JULY 14, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 27

BAPTIST CHURCH - Has been closed for repairs fo some weeks past and was reopened
last week-end.

JULY 28, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 29

NOTICE - All persons indebted to the estate of Dewitt Bradshaw, deceased, are requested
to make immediate settlement. - C. J. BRADSHAW, W. J. CROSIER.

AUGUST 4, 1870 Vol. 4 No.30 

DIED- Mr. James Phillips died at his residence in this county on the 20th of July 1870, 
he was 83 yrs of age.

DEATH of MR. LANE - Mr W. H. Lane a clever farmer of this county, died in Marietta on
the 31st ult. His remains reached here last Monday evening, and consigned to the 
grave with Masonic honors on the following day.

AUGUST 11, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 31

DEATH of Mr. ROUNDTREE - Mr. Jas. W. Roundtree died at Indian Springs, on the 5th
inst., and was buried at Perry, his place of residence.

AUGUST 18, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 32

GEORGIA-Pulaski Co. Notice is hereby given to all persons having demands against the
estate of Geo. Dupree, late of said County.  - JOHN A. HENDLEY.

AUGUST 25, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 33

NOTICE - Application has been made by me to the Qrdinary of Pulaski County for leve
to call all the reale estate belonging to the estare of George Dupree and said 
application will be passed upon by the said Qrdinary on the first Monday in Sept. next.
                      - JNO  A. HENDLEY Adm'                                                  

SEPTEMBER 1, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 34
OBITUARY - Died, at his residence in Pulaski Co., Ga. July 20, 1870, Mr. James
Phillips, aged 83 years. He was a native of Edgcomb County.

SEPTEMBER 8, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 35

HOMICIDES IN WILCOX--We learn that Mr William Bush, who was shot in an 
affray near Abbeville, some weeks ago, has died from the effects of the wound.
We understand the homicide was committed in self-defense . We futher learn,
that the affray between  Mr Bennett Pate and a Mr Nipper which occured in Wilcox
County some two weeks since has  (Can't read the rest)

NOTICE - All persons having demands against the estate of J J Linsey, deceased
are required to present them in the terms of the law; and all persons indepted to
same must make immediate payment.     -- Richard Linsey

GEORGIA--Pulaski County - Wm Scarborough Applies to me for letters of Admin
on the estate of John Powell.    --J J Sparrow Ordinary.

SEPTEMBER 15, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 36

SEPTEMBER 22, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 37

SEPTEMBER 29, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 38

OCTOBER 5, 1870 Vol. 4 No.39

MARRIED - On the 2d last at the residence of the Bride's mother, by justice
A. A. Lowe, Mr. M. T. Sykes to Miss. S. J. Watson, all of Hawkinsville.

OCTOBER 13, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 40

DEAD - Mr. W. G. Fleming died at his residence near this place on the evening
of the 11th, of a congestive chill.

OCTOBER 20, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 41

SUDDEN DEATH - We regret to announce the bereavment in the family of our esteemed
fellow citizen Major John H. Pate, caused by the sudden death of his son Jonnie,
which took place Monday night. Jonnie was attacked with croup, and died in about
two hours.

OCTOBER 27, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 42

NOVEMBER 3, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 43

NOVEMBER 10, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 44

NOVEMBER 17, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 45

NOVEMBER 24, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 46

DECEMBER 1, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 47

DECEMBER 8, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 48

DECEMBER 15, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 49

DECEMBER 22, 1870 Vol. 4 No. 50

DECEMBER 29, Missing

JANUARY 7, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 1

JANUARY 12, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 2

MARRIAGE- On the 9th of Jan. 1871, Mr. A. A. Lowe, Esq. at the residence of the 
bride's father, Mr. John J. Engram of Clay Co. to Miss. Dollie T. Herrington of 
Pulaski Co.

JANUARY 19, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 3

JANUARY 26, 1871 Missing

FEBRUARY 2, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 5

FEBRUARY 9, 1871 Missing

FEBRUARY 16, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 7

MARRIED- In Houston County on the afternoon of the 9th instant, at the residence of 
Col. John Rutherford, by Rev. G. R. McCall John G. Brown to Miss Cora Rutherford. 
(Feb. 9, 1871)

FEBRUARY 28, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 8 

DIED- Mr. Irvin Brown, a very old and respected citizen of Dooly, died last week on 
his farm in that county. His death occurred under peculiar circumstances. One day 
during the week previous, he started to Hawkinsville for the purpose of trading, but
learning that the bridge over Big Creek was impassable, he concluded to return home
till the waters subsided. On his way back he met a party of his friends and with them
tarried with them until late in the night. After the party had subsided, Mr. Brown 
proceeded on to his home, but for some  unknown cause, never arrived. He was found 
prostrate in the road in a pool of blood the next morning. He was found later to have
a self inflicted wound by accident--

MARCH 9, 1871 Vol. 5  No. 10

KILLED- Oliver Blount about fourteen years old, son of Mrs. Ike Blount was killed 
accidentally by his playmate young Jones, while playing  ball, Sunday. Jones made 
a lick at the ball and his bat slipped from his hands striking Oliver on the head 
and killing him almost instantly.

MARRIED- By Rev. E. A. Burch, at the residence of the bride's father on 28, Feb. 
1871, Mr. George W. Brown to Gracie Pipkin, all of Pulaski.

MARCH 16, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 11  

A BIG ONE Dr. C. E, Clark caught a cat fish last Monday morning that weighed twenty five pounds.

DIED Mr. Joseph Pugh, county surveyor of Houston, died at his residence, about
5 miles from Perry, last Thursday night of consumpion. Perry Journal

MARCH 23, 1871 Vol. 5  No. 12

Prof. Brown of Macon, will remain in Hawkinsville till Saturday only. Only $5.00 per dozen. 
Old Photographs copied to any size. This writers Grandfather

MARCH 30, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 13

PHOTOGRAPHS- Giddins and Lowe are now prepared to take pictures in the latest 
approved style. All work warranted. Place of business at large tent, at the Court
House. 03/30/1871

GEORGIA, PULASKI CO.-Whereas, Nicholas Rawlins applies to me for letters of admn. 
with will annexed of the Estate of Simeon A. Roland deceased. 03/30/1871

APRIL 6,  1871 Vol. 5 No. 14

No Local News

APRIL 13, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 15

No Local News

APRIL 18, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 16

MARRIED- On Sun. morn last. 04/09/1871 at the residence of bride's father by the 
Rev. G. R. McCall, Mr. J. J. Jelks to Miss Orleana Oliver, dau. of Wm M. Oliver Esq.

APRIL 20, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 16


Cornelius M. Bozeman Forman;
R. W. Anderson          David C. Fleming
Erastus G. Gilmore      James E. Taylor
S. M. Blount            John W. Walters
Geo. W. Stapleton       Patrick T. McGriff
William R. Collins      Wilson Hendrick
James H. Goodman        James L. Overby
Thos. D. L. Ryan        D. G. McCormick
James F. Barber         John W. Evans
John R. Love            James H. Dyches
Andrew H. Grace         F. H. Bozeman
           Stephen D. Stevens

JUNE 22, 1871 Vol. 5  No. 25

PHOTOGRAPHS- Mr. W. T. BROWN, of Macon, Ga. will make good  pictures in Hawkinsville 
for ten days only, July 5, 1871. (Ad placed by my Grandfather).

DIED- Mr. Arthur McCarthy, a popular and well known young man in this city and 
section, died on his plantation in Houston co. last Saturday morning about one 
o'clock.-- Macon Telegraph.

DIED- Mr. John J. Eubanks after a severe illness of several days, departed this life
about 5 o'clock this Wed. morning.

MARRIED- On the evening of June 20, 1871, by Rev. G. F. Cooper, at the residence of
R. F. Tharp, Joseph A. Ashley, Esq. Americas, to Miss. Aunnelia Tharp, of Perry Ga.

MR. L. W. Blackshear, of Quitman county, was bitten by a moccasin snake, a few days
ago, while getting some corn out of a crib, his arm was immediataly corded however, 
he is now convalesent.--
"DEATH OF A FREEDWOMAN 102 YEARS OLD, June 22, 1871, Thursday -Old aunt Charlotte 
Bozeman a freedwoman, died in Hartford on the  east side of the river, last Friday
night at the advanced age of 102 yrs. Her death was the result of extreme age. 
Charlotte came from Virginia,  where for many years she was a servant in the family
of Judge C. M.  Bozeman's ancestors. She saw General George Washington several times
and could remember and narrate up to the period of her death, incidents of the 
Revolutionary war. Her master and mistress lived near the Potomac River, and once 
were made captives by the British soldiers.  She remained with her owners, who were
soon released and placed on a raft in the Chesapeake bay., finally reaching land 
after many Perils. Judge Bozeman's grandfather set her at liberty a number of years

JULY 6, 1871 No. 5 Vol. 26

GEORGIA DEAD AT GETTYSBURG- The Savannah Memorial Ass'n has asked the following 
remains be removed and place on their own soil. W. S. Bruen, Co. B. 15th Ga.; W. F
Nash, co G. 9th Ga.; F. Lawrence Co G. 24th Ga.; T. B. Fowler, Co G. 24th Ga.; W. R. 
Bracewell, Co O 49th Ga.; Richard Gault, Co E 41st Ga.; E. P. Johnson, co G 38th Ga.;
R. C. Steel, Co. I 7th Ga.; J. S. Hayden, Co E, 13th Ga.; James Ceens, Co. H 8th Ga.; 
Lt. C. A. Walker, co F 21st Ga.; Lt. C. A. Bailey Co A 10th Ga.; Sergeant J. T. McCo-
llough, Co. A, 3d, Ga.; Sergeant L. W. Bremer Co. Co. K 51st Ga.

JULY 13, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 28

DEATH of GEN. R. E. Lee's War Horse- Gen. R. E. Lee's horse, "Traveler" died of lock 
jaw on the night of 26 June 1871. Many of the boys who wore grey will remember this 
noted war horse.

L. C. RYAN- Attorney at Law, Hawkinsville. Office- Over J. O. Jelks and Bro's store.

CHAS C. KIBBEE- Attorney at Law, Hawkinsville.7/13/1871

FOR SALE- One good milk cow can be bought cheap applying to the undersigned;
J. H. DYCHES. 7/13/1871.-

FAMILY GROCERIES- Bacon, Flower, Sugar, Coffee, Lard etc. C. R. CONEY & Co. 
7/13/1871 Hawkinsville.-

FRUIT JARS- J. A. Thompson, 7/13/1871 Hawkinsville.

STOVES AND COOKING UTENSILS- Roofing and Lightning Rods; A. WESTCOTT 7/13/1871 

SEAMSTRESS- I am prepared to cut and make to order all articles of men's and youth's
clothing; Miss ELLEN MITCHELL  7/13/1871 Hawkinsville.

REAL ESTATE- R. C. FULCRUM, Real Estate Agent, Hawkinsville.

JULY 20, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 29.

JULY 27, 1871  Vol. 5 No.30 Missing  Headline

DIED- Last Friday evening about 7 o'clock Mr. T. V. Sessions died of apoplexy

AUGUST 3, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 31

REUNION- The survivors of the 7th Ga. Regiment had a reunion in Atlanta, on the 21st 
of July 1871, the 10th anniversary of the first battle of Manassas.

BE READY- W. T. Brown will be prepared to take good Photographs and other styles of 
pictures on Friday next, the 4th of August.

GEORGIA-PULASKI COUNTY- Whereas, H. H. Whitfield has applied for letters of admn.
de bonus non on the estate of J. S. Daniel, deceased. July 5, 1871.

GEORGIA-PULASKI COUNTY- Whereas B. T. Mitchell applies to me for letters of admn. on
the estate of T. V. Sessions, deceased.  July, 27, 1871.

AUGUST 17, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 32

MURDER IN DOOLY CO.- Mr. John Joiner, of Dooly Co. was murdered on Thursday night
last, at his residence in that county by a man named A. C. Devereaux. The murder 
escaped on a black horse.

AUGUST 24, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 34

DEATH of OLD DICK the FERRYMAN- On Saturday evening last an inquest was held apon
the body of Dick Carruthers.

AUGUST 31, 1871 Vol. 5 N. 37

SEPT. 7, 1871 Vol. 5 No. 36

DIED- Mr. Stephen M. Jones died at his home one mile west of town at one o'clock this
Wednesday morning of Typhoid. was born Sept. 5, 1821.

SEPT. 14, 1871

DIED- Mrs. Knight last Sat. at the Poor House at the age of 106 yrs.
DIED- Mrs. Pierce, known as Aunt Patsy died last Fri. near Houston  Factory, 
age about 75 yrs.

DIED- A little son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Rainey, died Tuesday morn. Age about 
seven mo.

SEPT. 21, 1871

FIRE- in Lawrenceville, Ga., Gwinnett Co. Court House was completely destroyed 
Sept. 17, 1871, along with all county records.

HAWKINSVILLE HOTEL- Commerce Street, Billiards, Saloon and Barber Shop-                                      
John Laidler- Proprietor--

OCT. 5, 1871

MARRIED- on Sept. 26, 1871 at the residence of Robert Young, by the Rev. Robert C.
Smith, Mr. Thomas Henley of Hawkinsville to Miss Vallie W. Merewether of Eatonton,

OCT. 12, 1871

FOR SALE- Horse and Buggy, A good sound and gentle Horse for sale. Also a good buggy.
Sold for no fault whatever as I am in need of their value in green backs, D. G. 
Fleming at W. J. Fountain's store.

THE FIRST CONFEDERATE SOLDIER KILLED- was Henry Wyatt, of North Carolina, who fell at
Bethel, and is buried at Hollywood Cemetery at Richmond Va.

GENERAL ALBERT PIKE. of Arkansas recently visited Newburyport, Mass. the place of 
his birth. A little supper to be given him by his friends at one of the hotels, was
spoiled by the landlord's saying there by saying there is not enough money in the 
city to buy supper for a Rebel General and the supper took place at his home.

GRAND JURORS- The following is a list of Grand Jurors selected to serve the October
term of Pulaski Superior Court commencing on next Mon.  23, Oct. 1871.

William D. Mitchell   M. M. McCormick
John Henry            John D. Green
William G. Hunt       Jordan Allen
John K. Partin        W. J. Fountain
W. J. Holland         Benj. A. Denson
William Ridley        James E. Cary
Allen Dykes           Tapley R. Owens
John T Arde           J. T. Nicholson
John H. Anderson      S. W. Brown
James J. Kinchin      George W. Walker
John A. Martin        John A. Holder
         James P. Kinchin

OCT. 19, 1871

FOR SALE- Plantation for sale, we offer for sale the Plantation in Pulaski Co. on 
Big Creek known as The Thully Williamson Place, containing 1700 acres of oak and 
hickory, lands between 700 and 800 acres cleared and under fence, with good dwelling
house with 7 rooms framed gin house with screw and all necessary out bldg's. 
- See James Fleming or A. C. Pate, Hawkinsville.

OCT. 26, 1871

SUICIDE- Miss Fannie Davis, age 28 years, and of highly respectable character, 
committed suicide at old Bethany Church, Green County, last Sunday, by shooting
herself twice through the head, and once through  the side. She left two notes 
for her mother, but neither of them assigned any reason for the act.

PHOTOGRAPHS- I will be in Hawkinsville on the first of December and will take the 
best Rembrandt Photographs for $3.00 per dozen. Gems for .25 each. Double charge for
children under 3 yrs of age. Satisfaction guaranteed in all cases.            
                           W. T. BROWN  Macon, Ga.--

NOVEMBER 2, 1871

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE- All real estate belong to Burrell Jordan, deceased --the same
being all that plantation on which he lived at the time of his death. Not included 
in the Homestead set apart for his minor children, and embracing lots of land no's 
301, 302, 303, 314, 315, 316 in the 24th district of Pulaski Co. Containing 1215
acres more or less.                  B. L. JORDAN Admin.

EXECUTOR'S SALE- Forty acres, more or less, of lot of land no. 223 in the 4th Dist.
of Pulaski Co. Known as the James S. Daniel Place.
Terms Cash-                 H. H. WHITFIELD Exec. de bonus non.

NOTICE- Thirty days after date application will be made to the Court of Ordinary 
of Pulaski co. for leave to sell the real estate of late DANIEL RAWLS.. 
                            R. L. STAPLER Admin.

DIED- In Dooly Co. Rev. Mr. Woodard, almost 25 yrs old. Died of apoplexy. Oct.
30, 1871.

NOVEMBER 9, 1871

ACCIDENTAL DEATH- On Wednesday the 11 Oct. 1871, Mrs. Woodall of Gwinnett, Co. 
while attending to her husband's grist mill in his absence, was caught in her
clothing in some part of the machinery and instantly killed.

THE HOUSTON BAPTIST ASSOCIATION AT ANTIOCH in Pulaski Co. Meeting held on Oct. 28,
1871. The meeting was organized by calling Bro. W. B. Cone to act as Moderator and 
N. H. Mobley, Sec. The following churches were represented, Antioch-- Her membership, 
Hawkinsville-- Rev. G. R. McCall, J. J. Jelks and William H. Spurlin. Harmony--Rev. 
L. Joiner, Blue Spring J. Hobbs and M. Pollock-- Pine Hill--A. J. Pound, Bro.
Wm. Ridley, Chair.
These folks would roll over in their graves if they could see the condition of the
Antioch Cemetery at State Rd 27 and 257 (near the propane tanks) My Great Uncle, 
Geo Wash. Keen is the only readable headstone left. It's a shame...


   NO      LAST           FIRST            BIRTH       DEATH
    1      Keen       George Washington  11/13/1844   10/06/1885      
    2      Boatwright George W.          00/00/1850   11/13/1881 of Typhoid
    3      Dykes      Elizabeth Woods                 07/07/1886
    4      Mitchell   Ellen Miss         00/00/1825   12/23/1879
    5      Pollock    Charity Love       00/00/1823   02/07/1880
    6      Whaley     Major John K.      00/00/1799   05/12/1884
    7      Top of head stone broken off.              03/15/1897

    These graves contents, G. W. Keen accepted, were from notices in the Hawkinsville
    Dispatch and News. 
George and Harriet Keen c1877.
===================================================================================== HOUSTON COUNTY NEWS Thurs. Nov. 9, 1871 The last issue of the Perry Journal contains the following items: DIED- Mrs. Jane E. Jordan died in Perry, on the night of October 25, after a protracted illness of nearly three months. She was 64 yrs old and had lived in Perry nearly 30 yrs. DIED- Dr. J. C. Harvey died at the residence of Mr. Rutherford, his nephew, near Hayneville, on the morning of Nov. 1st, about 70 years old. He died of pneumonia and had been sick only 3 days. MARRIAGE- Miss Susie V Cooper, daughter of Mr. J. T. Cooper was married on the morning of the 21st of Oct. 1871, at her father's residence in Perry, by Rev. B. F. Tharpe, to Mr. John Dyson, of Washington, Wilks, Co. NOVEMBER 23, 1871 DIED- Mrs. Sarah Bembry, wife of Miles Bembry of Pulaski Co. died about 9 o'clock Sat. night last, after a long illness. She was buried in the family cemetery. GOURD-VINE CHAMPION- James Chalker, of Pulaski claims the championship on a ground- vine 35 feet in diameter with 53 large gourds and numerous small ones. hmm NOTICE TO DEBTORS AN CREDITORS- Debtors of the estate of Wm. M. Oliver, deceased, are hereby notified to come forward and settle, Creditors of the same are directed to present their claims properly made out to; J. J. Jelks. This Oct. 3rd, 1871. H. E. OLIVER Exec. DECEMBER 7, 1871 Thursday ROBERT E. LEE, the youngest son of the late Gen. Robert E. Lee was married at "Rockland's" Orange Co., Va. on the 16th of Nov. to Charlotte Haxell, dau. of Mr. R. Burton Haxell. DECEMBER 14, 1871 THE NEW COURT HOUSE- We see that the bill introduced by Senator Kibbee to allow the Ordinary of Pulaski Co. to issue bonds for building a new court house, has passed the third reading in the Senate, we suppose will be passed by the House and signed by Couley before adjournment- DECEMBER 21, 1871 MARRIED- On the evening of the 13th of Dec. 1871, at the residence of Robert C. Smith, by Rev. R. O. Holton, Mr. Lewis Lee of Wilkinson, Co. to Eugenie A. Smith of Pulaski. ANNOUNCEMENT- The Spring session at the Hawkinsville Academy will commence on Monday, January 8, 1872. Arrangements will be made to secure a first-class Music Teacher. The daily sessions of class will be shortened. The rules relative to admission will remain the same. J. H. MARTIN Principal JANUARY 4, 1872 Thursday MARRIED- On the evening of the 27th Dec. at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Charles A. Fulwood, Miss. Mollie E. Bozeman to Needham W. Jelkes. All of Pulaski.- MARRIED- By Rev. G. R. McCall, Mr. Simon Randolph to Miss Patient Andes.- JANUARY 18, 1872, Thursday COUNTY LINE- Of Pulaski and Wilcox-Rep. D. C. Mann from Wilcox, introduced a bill in the House to change the county line of Pulaski and Wilcox. We know not the extent of the change comprehended in the bill.- DIED- The Hon. John A. Hendley of Pulaski Co. December 17, 1871. TRAGEDY IN DODGE CO.- We learn that on Monday last, a difficulty occurred near Eastman between Mr. Henry Brown and Capt. John A. Harrell and son in which Mr. Brown was shot and killed. We have not learned the full particulars of the difficulty, or the causes that lead to it, but stated the parties had a previous quarrel in Eastman.- MARRIED- On the evening of the 19th Dec. 1871, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. W. W. Hogsett, Mr. Z. T. Brown to Miss. Sarah Barber. All of Pulaski.- FEB. 1, 1872, Thursday CHANGES OF 1872-- We note the following changes made and contemplated by some of the citizens the previous year: -Dr, Laidler abandoned the hotel business about a month ago and has gone to the country to make corn and cotton. He believes there is life in the land yet.- -Mr. E. B. Gilbert has moved from his farm near town and now occupies the residence of Doc. Laidler.- -Mr. D. W. Taylor has moved from the country to the old homestead of Dr. John V. Mitchell, on Pine Level.- -Mr. John T. Hendley has purchased the Wm H. Hendley place and also resides on the level. -Mr. Wm J. Fountain in a few days will have vacated the old Fale & Grace store on the corner and will resume business in the bldg. occupied by Mr. Westcott as a tin ware store. -Mr. Geo. D. Leeves will soon have a neat bar and billiard tables for his customers in the upper story of J. A. Thompson's Drug Store. -Mr. Westcott has removed his stock of stoves and tin ware to the store rooms beyond Mrs. Taylor's hotel.-- FEB, 15, 1872 Thursday DIED--Mr. Norman McDuffie after a short visit to his old home on Feb. 9, while visit- ing from his new home in Texas. Mr. McDuffie was born Jan. 15, 1809 in Montgomery Co. of this state and is buried in Orange Hill Cemetery.- FEB. 22, 1872 DIED-- Mr. T. M. HARDY, for many years a photographer in Hawkinsville and vicinity, died in this place on Monday morning last and was buried in Orange Hill Cemetery the following evening. He died from pneumonia and lung congestion. He was about 30 years of age.- MARRIED- John G Nottingham and Miss. Emma J. Guttenberger were married in Vineville on the 15th. inst. MARRIED- At the residence of Dr. Peurlfoy. in Perry, Houston Co. on the evening of the 22d inst.. by Rev. B. F. Tharpe, Mr. John L. Anderson of Pulaski, to Miss Adah Boone formerly of this place. The following were attendants: Mr. E. A. Heggie and Miss Dora Swift- Mr. William Secrest and Miss Gilda Tharpe- Mr. Henry J. Anderson and Miss Mattie Davis Mr. James F. Stapler and Miss Ida Peurlfoy Mr. Calvin P. Brown and Miss Mary Killen Mr. Chas. F. Cooper and Miss Cindie Faulk Mr. Robert O. Pate and Miss Jena Tharpe Mr. J. D. Stetson and Miss Eugenia Pate Mr. Henry B. Marr and Miss Kara Cooper Dr. M. S. Jobson and Miss Maggie Mann- MARCH 7, 1872 Thursday MARRIED- On the evening of the 5th inst. (current mo) at the residence of John Henry, Esq. by Rev. Gr. McCall, Mr. Henry J Anderson to Amanda L. Kendrick, all of Pulaski.- DIED- Mr. E. R. Hammell, of Barnesville died last Wed. of heart disease he was on of the oldest citizens of that town.- MARCH 14, 1872 DIED- Mr. James Bazmore, well known in Dooly Co., son-in-law of Mr. Stephen Woodward, died a few days ago on his farm near the city of Macon. DIED- Rev. John Neely, for more than 30 yrs. a citizen of Augusta, died Tuesday night, aged 67 years. He was a clergyman of the Protestant Episcopal Church, in Augusta. DIED- Mr. Geo. E. Frazer an old citizen of Brunswick, died on the 2nd instant, age 52 yrs. DIED- Mrs. Sarah Foster fell dead at her residence in Butts County, one day last week. DIED- Mrs. Amelia A. Partin, the mother of Marshall John K. Partin, died in this place Tuesday evening last (Mar. 12, 1872). She was buried in Orange Grove Cemetery Wed. PM. DIED OF MENINGITIS- We are informed that Mr. William Taylor, living on Gum Swamp in Dodge co. had three of his children die last week of the above named disease. HAWKINSVILLE BRASS BAND- The following are members of the brass band, A. Jacoby, Thomas Henley, Willie Taylor, John Fale, Jimmie McDuffie, A. Starowski, Robert O. Pate, R. L. Stapler, J. J. Jelks, F. H. Bozeman, John K. Partin. WILDCAT- Henry Mann killed a wild cat Tuesday, near Rev, B. F. Tharp's plantation after a chase of several hours. It measured three and a half feet long. MARCH 21, 1872 KILLING IN WILCOX- We have learned that parties from Wilcox Court, that on Monday last, the Clerk of the Court of Wilcox co. Bobe Adams was killed by Pink Johnson. The facts of the case we have not heard. Mr. Adams was the man who killed John McDuffie a few years ago.- PREACHED- Rev. D. G. Daniel, preached in the Baptist Church last Saturday and Sunday night. AD- GUN SHOP, The undersigned is pleased to announce to the public that he is ready to repair Guns, Pistols, Trunks, Locks... Chas. E. Chancy, Hawkinsville.-- APRIL 11, 1872, Thursday GRAND JURORS- For the April 1872 Term of Pulaski Superior Court: W. E. Helms R. S. Anderson S. E. Jones Eli M. King Jno. L. Fountain J. E. Holms Jno. M Crump J. F. Barber Thomas King H. W. Raeford Hugh Smith John Taylor A. L. Tippett Wm W. Perry J. F. Collins R. E. Nichols John Fann James W. Willis Uriah B. Fann William W. Wynn W. H. Stokes Thomas Henley M.D. Wilcox MARRIED- On Sunday evening last, at the residence of the bride's father, Abner L. Tippett, Esq. by Rev. L. Joiner, Mr. George W. Boatwright to Miss Sue N. Tippett. DIED- Rev. Jesse Horne, died at his home in Dooly Co. of prostration on Friday night last. Born in Halifax Co., NC., Age of 67, buried at Pine Hill Church in Dooly Co. DIED- REUBEN REYNOLDS, Esq. He lived in the lower SW part of this co. and for many years was Justice of the Peace in his district. Died at age 79. DIED- Of Dooly Co., Rev. Wm W. Hogsett, of the primitive Baptist Church. He was 60 yrs old and died of a tumor in his chest. MAY 9, 1872 Thursday GEORGIA, Pulaski County-Where as, R. J. Dykes applies for letters of administration on the estate of Allen Dykes, late of this Co.- MAY 22, 1872 DIED- We are told that Mrs. Wilson, living on the East side of the river in Pulaski Co., died one day last week at the advanced age of about 91 years. She was born in 1791. MARRIED- On the morning of the 8th instant, at the residence of T. N. Mason, Esq. in Longstreet, by Rev M. N. McCall, Burwell L. Jordan and Miss Callie R. Mason, all of Pulaski. JUNE 5, 1872 Wednesday Evening MARRIED- On the evening of the 29th instant (May, 29) in Hawkinsville at the resid- ence of the bride's father, Major John H. Pate- Mr. J. D. Stetson of Savannah and Miss Eugenia Pate. NEW HOTEL- Mr. E. A. Burch has taken charge of the two story bldg. near the Court House recently fitted up by Mr. C. T. Lathrop and presents his card to the traveling public. To be known as the Scarborough House. JUNE 12, 1872 DIED- On Sunday night last, 2n inst., Mr. J. O. Jelks Jr. lost his youngest child, little Chas. Mallory, aged about ten months. Little Charlie was buried in Orange Hill Cemetery the following afternoon. HAWKINSVILLE GUARDS- An infantry Company has been organized in this place under the name of the Hawkinsville Guards, and an election was held yesterday in the pursuance of an order from Gov. Smith. The Officers are: Captain- John R. Love First Lieutenant- Thomas Henley Second Lieutenant- L. C. Ryan Third Lieutenant- R. L. Stapler The Gov. will furnish the Co. with arms when called for. This Co. to also establish a Cavalry Co. also. SCARBOROUGH HOUSE, Court House Square, Hawkinsville, Ga. The undersigned having rented the above named House, from Col. C. T. Lathrop, solicits a share of the public patronage. -- E. A. BURCH WOOL CARDING- After the first of July next my Wool Carding Machine will be in oper- ation at the old stand on Cedar Creek under the charge of MR. WILLIAM FOSTER who needs no recommendation. Wm J. FOUNTAIN AUGUST 8, 1872 Thursday Morn. DIED- On Wed night last, in his second year, little John Rawls, eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Stapler, The burial was at Orange Grove Cemetery. on August 1st. 1872. DIED- Madison Marshall, the rest unable to read. DIED- Mr. Joshua Bell last Monday morning, buried in Orange Grove Cam. AUGUST 29, 1872 DIED- Mrs. Dykes wife of Mr. Richmond J. Dykes died in Hartford on Tuesday after an illness and affliction of many years. Mother of Johnny Dykes. SEPTEMBER 19, 1872 DIED- Mrs. Sarah Gilbert, of Houston co. on Sunday night, 8th inst. age 56. She was the wife of N. H. W. Gilbert. MARRIED- On the morning of the 17th Sept. at the residence of the Bride's father, by Hugh L. Barnes, esq. Mr. Elisha B. Barlow to Miss. Nancy Giddings. All of Pulaski. DIED- Two children of Mr. Kirksey, of Stewart Co. a son and a daughter aged respectively 16 and 13, died within 5 min. of each other. They died of congestive fever. DIED- Mrs. Oakley, wife of Dr. J. H. Oakley of Hawkinsville, died of heart disease about 1 o'clock on Tues. morning last. Mrs. was a member of the Ruth Rebecca Lodge of this place. She was buried on Wed. AM in Orange Grove cemetery. DIED- On Wed. the 4th inst. at 7 o'clock PM Bryan Lee, only son of Thomas J. and Zemmie F. Anderson, age 1 yr, 2 mo. and sixteen days. OCTOBER 10, 1872 MARRIED- On the evening of the 3rd inst., at the residence of the bride's father Philetn's Doster, by Rev. Larkin Joiner, Mr. Thomas Wooten of Pulaski to Miss Caroline Doster of Wilcox. DIED- On Fri. Sept. 10th, Mrs. Nancy Taylor wife of Mr. Thomas Taylor of Dooly Co. Nancy was about 20 years old, and only married about a year. MARRIED- On the evening of October 3d, by J. C. Clements JP, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mr. Columbus Sikes of Montgomery Co. to Miss Mollie E. Graham, eldest daughter of Mrs. Abigail Graham, of Telfair. DIED- Rev. Blakely Smith , in Sumter Co. On Monday morning, Sept. 30, 1872 of apoplexy. OCTOBER 17, 1872 MARRIED AGAIN- Mrs. Elizabeth Freeman and Mr. William Freeman of Spalding Co., were divorced two years ago, concluded to try it again. They were remarried last Monday. DIED- Joseph Frey, a German and former Tailor in Hawkinsville died of consumption a few days ago in Macon, Ga. LUNATIC- Andrew Thompson on Thursday was carried before Judge John Henry by whom he was adjudged to be a lunatic. In care of Marshal Partin, he was conveyed to the State Lunatic Asylum, near Milledgeville. This young man is the son of the Late Prof. Thompson. OCTOBER 24, 1872 MARRIED- In Hawkinsville on Sunday morning, Oct. 20, 1872, at the residence of the Bride's mother, by Rev. R. M. Lockwood, Mr. Calvin P. Brown to Miss Belle Wooten. All of Hawkinsville. GRAND JURY- October 25, 1872 Pulaski Co. Henry H. Whitfield Forman Robert O. Pate J. H. Gardner Wm L. Pool A. V. Walker A. Jacoby F. R. Bollinger G. W. Mashburn H. S. Taylor James M. Dupree W. H. Marchman R. L. Stapler John J. Jelks Mat. Raeford H. G. Wood John J. Barrer John R. Love T. C. Roberts P. T. McGriff Basil Miller GA. WILCOX COUNTY- Whereas Rebecca Cobb applies to me for letters of Guardianship of the person and property of Elizabeth Cobb, minor of MaryAnn Cobb late of said County. D. Johnson, Ordinary. NOVEMBER 18, 1872 Thursday AM DIED- Mrs. Polly Dewitt, wife of Mr. Thomas A. Dewitt of this county, died on wed. night, 13th inst. at an advanced age. DIED- Mrs. Margaret Fountain, a widow lady about 60 years of age, died in Wilcox Co. on Thursday the 14th inst. JAN. 2, 1873 LETTER FROM THE EMIGRANTS- From J. D. Eubanks and James M. Griffin dated at Columbus Ga., Dec. 24, 1872; We arrived here safe at 5 o'clock this AM and will leave for New Orleans at 11 o'clock. We find a great many people bound for Texas and our crowd has grown by 20 people, we also met people from Texas-- All gave favorable reports of the country. MARRIED- On the 10th of Dec, 1872. At the residence of B. B. Howell, Esq. by Rev. G. R. McCall, Mr. Samuel Charters to Miss Mary Howell. All of Pulaski. JAN. 9, 1873 GEORGIA--Pulaski Co. Whereas William J. Fountain applies for letters of administration on the estate of Thomas A. Dewitt, deceased. JAN. 16, 1873 MARRIED- On Wed. eve. Jan. 8, 1873, at the residence of Mr. James Buckhalter, by Rev. George R. McCall, Mr. Charles A. Martin of Pulaski to Miss. Gennie Holms, of Hamilton Co. Florida. MARRIED- On Thru. eve., Jan. 9, 1873. At the residence of the Bride's father, by Rev. George R. McCall, Mr. John J. Daniels to Miss Georgia Buff. All of Pulaski. DWELLING BURNED IN DOOLY-Sat. night last the residence of Mr. Red Coley, on the plantation formerly owned by Marshall Brown, was entirely destroyed by fire with all it's contents. Mr. Coley was sleeping in the building and made a narrow escape. JAN. 30, 1873 MARRIED- On the eve. of Jan. 26, 1873, at the residence of Mr. Thomas Scarborough, by James F. Barber, Esq. Mr. Jeremiah Dominey to Miss. Sarah E. Mims. All of Pulaski. MARRIED- On the 22nd, Mr. G. D. White of Griffin was married to Miss Evaline Butts of Gum Tree, Dooly County. FEBRUARY 13, 1873 MARRIED- On Wed. Eve. the 4th of Feb, 1973, Mr. David C. Joiner of Hawkinsville, was married to Miss Mary A. Singeltary, youngest Daughter of Dr. N. P. Singeltary of Schley Co. MARRIED- On Wed the 5th of Feb. at the residence of Mr. G. W. Smith, Mr. C. C. Leggetto Miss. Henrietta Smith. All of Coffee Co. Feb. 20, 1873 DEATH OF JUDGE SPARROW- We stop the press to announce the death of our esteemed fellow- townsman. Judge J. J. Sparrow, who passed away last night at eleven o'clock. His demise has been expected for several days. We will say more next week. Cont. Feb. 27, 1873- In a portion of our issue last week, we briefly announced the death of Judge J. Sparrow, which the event occurred on Wed. night after we had gone to press. Judge Sparrow was born and raised in Pulaski Co. and was one of our most honored and useful citizens, he was warm hearted and ever charitable to the needy and enjoyed the esteem and confidence of the people of Pulaski in an eminent degree. In the year 1862 he was elected to fill an unexpired term in the Ordinary's office, which he held until the election in 1868, when again he was honored with the office. He continued to discharge his duties there fore until succeeded by Mr. P. T. McGriff who won by a very narrow margin. Sparrow was buried in Orange Hill Cemetery... March 6, 1873, Thursday DISGUSTED WITH TEXAS- It was only 3 weeks ago today (Wed.) that John K. Partin, Seaborne Manning and Remus R. Woods, all young men of Hawkinsville left here for Texas. They arrived in "The Land of Promise" in due time, and two of them, Remus and John obtained work in their professions. Seaborne Manning however, took a dislike to Texas and elected to return to Hawkinsville, Ga. MARRIED- By Rev. William A. Green, on 20 Feb, 1873, at the residence of the Bride's father, Edward G. McDuffie, Mr. Peter C. Clemens to Miss. Abigail McDuffie. All of Telfair Co. Ga. March 18, 1873 MARRIED- On Feb. 7, 1873 at the residence of Capt. A. A. Smith, by C. A. Smith, A. J. Wooten to Miss. Cornelia Coarsen. MARRIED- On Feb. 27, 1873 at the residence of the groom, by Rev. Wm A. Carver, Willy Bryan to Samantha S. Creech. MARRIED- On March 5, 1873, at the residence of the Bride's father, by Rev. W. F. Roberts, Mr. Samuel Barber to Miss Abby McRae, of Telfair. MARRIED- On March 2, 1873, at the residence of the Bride's mother, by W. L. Wilcox, Benjamin Thomas to Miss. Mary Taylor. HORRIBLE ACCIDENT- It becomes our painful duty to chronicle the death, by drowning of Mr. Billy Bozeman, a young man in the prime of his life and a long time citizen of Pulaski Co. On Sat. last he left his plantation on the east side of the river and came to town in the buggy with his brother-in-law, Mr. John W. Evans. Instead of returning home with Mr. Evans, he procured a bateau and concluded to go down the river until he reached a landing opposite his place. He failed to reach home Sat. night and his family became alarmed. Mr. John Bohannon, Mr. L. C. Ryan, Needham Jelks, Frank and Charlie Bozeman, proceeded to search for the man. He was found down stream, his leg caught in the fork of a tree and the rest of his body under water. Billy was the son of Judge C. M. Bozeman. Billy was buried in the Bozeman family cemetery.-- MARCH 27, 1873 GRAND JURY LIST APRIL TERM 1873-- Burwell, L. Jordan Richard L. Stapler R. R. Thompson R. S. Anderson Jr. H. S. Manning John Mizell Arthur Newman M. D. Wilcox William Miller Thos. J. Anderson John Purser W. J. Holland James S. Leith Daniel Lemons G. W. Boatwright R. E. Reynolds Lafayette Baskins T. L. Caruthers J. M. Burrows Thos. R. Dupree W. J. Fountain W. H. Stokes James E. Laidler PETTIT JURY, APRIL TERM, 1873-- George P. Woods E. B. Gilbert J. B. DeLamar Thomas E. Lee J. A. Martin J. F. Collins T. W. Lancaster J. R. Wimberley J. P. Daniel S. J. Holder A. Regan W. R. Collins L. E. Pierce John Burrows James Lancaster A. Waterman D. G. Fleming Robert Wynn T. J. Lee Wilson Hendrick M. M. McKinney J. H. Dyches James W. Willis Jerry Slade H. P. Head Jordan Allen J. W. Walters James Fleming G. W. Stapleton Wm. Scarborough A. A. Lowe J. W. Molen J. P. Farnell J. R. Taylor Jas. D. DeLamar F. R. Collins-- MARRIED- On Thursday Eve, 20th March, 1873, at the residence of Mr. Irwin Singleton, by Rev. J. F. Barber, Mr. D. Lark Ridley to Miss Elizabeth Singleton. All of Pulaski. APRIL 10, 1873 Thursday MARRIED- At the residence of the Bride's father, on March 16, 1873, Mr. John Gordon to Miss Nancy C. Owens. All of Wilcox Co. APRIL 24, 1873 DIED- Mr. James Brown of Wilcox Co., died last Thursday evening, at the age of 65 years. DIED- Mrs. Georgia Gordon, wife of William Gordon, died on 11th inst. She was in her 17th year and had been married about 12 months. DIED- Mrs. Mary Allen, wife of Willis Allen, of Pulaski, died on Thru. eve. last. Age about 35 yrs. DIED- Mrs. Sarah Ann Goodman, wife of Mr. James Goodman an age 33 years died very suddenly on Mon night, 21 April, 1873. MAY 1, 1873 DIED- Mrs. Rebecca Taylor, wife of Rev. David Taylor, died on April 9, 1873, of Wilcox Co. GRAND JURY FOR MAY, 1873. Pulaski Co. Murdock D. Wilcox, Forman Reuben E. Reynolds Richard L. Stapler Redmond G. Fulghum William Miller James W. Marchman George D. Leeves Lafayette Baskins R. S. Anderson Jr. David G. McCormick John Mizell Joseph M. Burrows Richard R. Thompson Thomas J. Anderson Arthur Newman Wm J. Holland Wm H. Stokes John Pusser DIED- J. W. Bozeman, no other info. MAY 8, 1873 DIED- Mr. Jacob James on April 7, 1873. Hawkinsville Hatter. Died- Mrs. Rebecca Coffee, wife of Capt. John A. Coffee, of this place died Sunday evening last and was buried Monday afternoon in Orange Hill Cemetery. She was about24 yrs of age. MAY 15, 1873, Thursday DIED- Mr. Albert Westcott, died Monday morning last. Mr. Westcott was engaged in the stove and tin business. MAY 22, 1873 MARRIED- By Rev. W. F. Roberts on the 8th of May, 1873, at the residence of the bride's father, G. W. Wilcox, Esq., Mr. A. N. Curry to Martha W. Wilcox, of Coffee Co. MARRIED- On the 6th of May 1873, At the residence of Mrs. Rhoda Burkett, by W. L. Wilcox Esq., Mr. Texas Burkett to Sarah A. Davis. -At the same time and place Mr. W. L. Wright to Miss. Missouri Burkett. All of Coffee Co. MARRIED- On Sunday, the 18th inst., at the residence of Major Matt. McCormick, by the Rev. E. A. Burch, Mr. Cornelius McDaniel to Miss. Virginia Lawless of Pulaski. R. N. CARTER- Having permanently located in Hawkinsville, is prepared to do all work in the TAILORING LINE. MARKET HOUSE-The undersigned takes pleasure in notifying the citizens of Hawki- nsville and surrounding country that after the first of May we will have contin- ually on hand a supply of FRESH MEATS AND ICE. -- J. C. PARK GEORGIA--PULASKI COUNTY Whereas, Luke Sapp Sr. applies for letters of guardianship of the person and property Henry E. Sapp, a minor. GEORGIA--Pulaski County Whereas J. J. Watkins, Guardian of J. L. Grace, applies for letters of dismission from said trust. JUNE 26, 1873 THE HAWKINSVILLE LIBRARY and literary Assn. will meet at Wimberley's Hall at 10 'clock on Thursday morn. June 26, 1873. Refreshments as usual. DIED- Miss Lou Oliver, daughter of Mrs. Eliza J. Oliver, died of typhoid fever this Wed. morn. about 10 o'clock, she was about 14 years old. JULY 10, 1873 DIED- Mr. Thomas B. Howell, died on his farm a few miles above town on Sun. evening the 29th of June, 1873. He was the son-in-law of Maj. Mathias McCormick and was in his 52nd year. Buried near his home. Born Oct 18,1821 in Pulaski Co. MARRIED- Tuesday evening 24th June 1873, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. John Churchwell, Mr. Pittman of Dooly to Miss Elizabeth Barber, of Pulaski. MARRIED- On Sunday morning, 6th inst. at the residence of her father, by Rev. Larkin Joiner, Mr. Thomas Taylor to Miss Sallie Massingale of Dooly. JULY 24, 1873 Thursday SALOON and EATING HOUSE- I have just refitted and re-arranged my Saloon and eating house and will furnish meals at all hours. I also keep the purest Brandies, Wines etc and a fine article of soda water. --AARON WATERMAN DIED- Miss Sarah M. Gilbert, second daughter of Mr. E. B. Gilbert, departed this life on Friday Morn. 11th inst. after a brief but serious illness of typhoid fever. She was about12 yrs old.- JULY 31, 1873 MARRIED- On Thru. 24th inst. at the residence of John C. Wilcox, by L. L. Williams, Mr. John W. Wilcox of Telfair to Miss Lovey Mobley of Irwin Co. MARRIED- On Sunday Morn, 27th inst. at the residence of F. A. Blue, by D. G. McLeod, Mr. William Riley to Miss Madge Coley, all of Pulaski. TRIPLETS- Mrs. Strickland, wife of Wm Strickland, of Wayne Co. recently gave birth to three boys, all are doing well, except maybe William.... August 7, 1873 DIED- Departed this life, near Temperance, Ga. Aug. 6, 1873, little Louisa Harrell, a bright little girl about six years old. Eldest daughter of William L. Harrell and on Friday Aug. 8th her younger sister Viola followed her. (Notice didn't say, the sisters probably died of typhoid fever.) MARRIED- On the 3rd inst. (August 3rd) at the residence of the bride's father, by Levi H. Harrell, Dr. H. J. McLeod of Wilcox to Miss Mollie V. Mitchell, of Pulaski. LOST MULE- Broke out of the lot of David Strapling near Cedar Creek Church, Dooly Co. on the 2d of August, one large Bay Mule Mare. When last seen, was making it's way here. -JOHN CHURCHWELL Aug. 7, 1873.- August 21, 1873, Thursday DIED- Mrs. Burrows, wife of john Burrows and daughter of Mr. R. G. Fulghum, died Sat. afternoon, with a congestive chill. The funeral was preached by Rev. R. J. Coley at the Methodist. Church. She was buried in Orange Hill Cemetery. DIED- Mr. Morris Pollock, of the Millwood settlement, died on Monday last, 18th inst, of typhoid fever. DIED- On Tuesday night, 19th inst. of congestion of the brain, Miss Laura Kinchen of Pulaski age 15yrs and 4 days. SEPT. 4th, 1873 DIED- James Chalker, The rest is unreadable. HARNESS SHOP- Ed Edwards has removed his Harness Shop to H. S. Taylor's store. WHEREAS MRS. FRANCES A. BROWN applies for letters of administration on the estate of James W. Brown. Aug. 20, 1873. SEPT, 11, 1873 DIED- At his residence near Mobley's Crossing, with typhoid fever, on the 5th inst. John M. Crump, in his 39th year. PULASKI FARMERS ORGANIZED A GRANGE- A Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry was organized in Hawkinsville on Tuesday afternoon by Mr. H. F. West a representative of Dr. Stevenson the second Congressional District. The following is a list of the members. O. C. Horne G. R. McCall R. S. Anderson S. W. Brown R. T. Bembry J. J. Jelks J. L. Anderson J. J. Anderson R. S. Anderson jr. George P. Woods Wm H. Hendley E. A. Burch J. W. Marchman P. T. McGriff G. R. Coley J. R. Coley R. T. Coley J. J. Watkins R. W. Anderson Miss Mattie Burch Mrs. Martha C. Sparrow Mrs. O. R. McCall Mrs. Lena Jelks Mrs. B. H. Love Mrs. P. T. McGriff Mrs. J. J. Watkins Mrs. O C Horne - HAWKINSVILLE SCHOOL- For Boys and Girls, this school will open on the first Monday in September. Terms--3$ and $4 per month. -M. M. McCall, A. M. Principal. Sept 11, 1873 SEPT 18, 1873 DIED- Mr. Edward Eubanks, an old citizen of Hawkinsville, died on Monday, 15th inst. at the advanced age of 73 years- DIED- Departed this life Friday, September 5th, 1873, Jacob Butler, an old citizen of Dooly Co. He was born and raises in North Carolina and at age 30 was married and moved to this state. He lived 73 yrs. Buried at Byronville, Dooly Co. LIBEL for divorce, Saphronia Payne vs. Green Payne. October 2, 1873 MARRIED- On the evening of the 14th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, J. M. Stokes, by Dr. T. F. Walker, Mr. F. A. Neal to Miss Mollie E. Stokes, all of Pulaski. DIED- On Tuesday night, 21st September, of typhoid fever, Mrs. Elizabeth Haskins, wife of Joel Haskins of this county. The deceased was in her 33rd year. October 9, 1873 DIED- Miss Amanda J. Studstill, daughter of Mr. Wm Studstill, died of typhoid fever on the 5th inst. at the residence of her father in Dodge County. DIED- Mr. John R. Love, 25 years of age, died of consumption, in Pulaski. October 23, 1873 DIED- Mrs. Elizabeth Phillips departed this life on the 23rd day of September, 1873 in the eighty forth year of her age. We sent a request to her son, Mr. J. A. J. Phillips, of Hartford, for a few incidents and facts of her life. She was the daughter of Col. John Nicholson, of Edgecombe County, NC Was born Feb. 26,1790, married to Mathew Phillips Feb. 27, 1812, was left a widow with 3 small children, Oct. 23, 1813. She never re-married. November 6, 1873 HAWKINSVILLE VOLUNTEER POLICE The following have been organized as a volunteer police force; J. M. Jones, Thomas S. Jones, Joe McCormick, Jacob Harrison, Barney Manheim, James Delamar, Ashley C. Fulghum, Joe Berry, S. S. Wallace, Mack Pate, John McNeil and Allen Fountain. November 13, 1873, Thursday DIED- Mrs. Mary Charters, wife of Mr. Samuel Charters departed this life on the 15th of Oct, 1873 in the 26th year of her age. She was the daughter of the late Thomas B. Howell. She had only been married a year. MURDER IN HOUSTON- A foul murder was committed near Henderson on Friday last upon the person of Mr. Furney W. Pool, a well known planter in Houston Co. We learn from Mr. A. C. Pipkin, brother-in-law of the deceased. DIED- Mr. R. W. Baskin, an old citizen of Houston, died at his home near Perry, on Sun. last of pneumonia. He was the grand-father of Mrs. Joseph Jelks and Mrs. John Hendley, of Pulaski... MARRIED IN DOOLY- On Sunday morning Rev. Larkin Joiner joined in matrimony Mr. Crawford Andrews and Miss Elizabeth Peavey. On the same morning Mr. D. B. Ward to Miss Pink Lupo. December 4, 1873, Thursday DIED- Mr. William Goodman a farmer of this county and living about 9 miles up river, died of a congestive chill on Sunday last. He was buried on Mon. MARRIED- On Sunday, 23d ult (last month) by Rev. John Churchwell, at the residence of Wm Scarborough, Mr. Jackson Scarborough to Miss. C. H. Abner January 1, 1874, Thursday DIED- Mrs. E. V. Grace, wife of the late M. T. Grace, died of consumption at her home in Hawkinsville on Sat. morning last, at the age of 36 yrs, Born April 14, 1838. She was buried in Orange Grove cemetery on Sunday. DIED- From typhoid fever, Mr. P. A. Jessup living above Cochran in this Co. Mr. Long, a farmer, died of typhoid fever about 4 weeks ago, his daughter soon followed on the 17th of the same disease. His son Patrick Henry Long died of the same. Patrick was about 22 yrs old. January 8, 1874 MARRIED- At the home of the bride, on Wed. Dec.. 31st ,1873 by Rev. W. H. Rogers Mr. Eason Rowland to Mrs. Margaret Ewing. All of Pulaski. MARRIED- At the residence of the bride's mother on Thursday night, 1st instant By Rev. Larkin Joiner, Mr. John Brown to Miss Julia Dupree, all of Pulaski. HOTEL NOTICE- Mr. Lewis J Rivers formerly of Laurens Co. Has taken charge of the Scarborough House in Hawkinsville, and will devote his time to the accommodation of the traveling public. JAN. 15, 1874 DIED- One of Maror Martin's twin boys died on Monday and was buried on Tues. MARRIED- At the residence of the bride's father on the 4th of Jan., 1874, By Rev. L. Joiner, Mr. Robert M. Etheridge to Miss Eliza Hooks. All of Pulaski. MARRIED- At the residence of the bride's father on Dec. 23, 1874, by Rev. L. Joiner, Mr. John W. Vaughn to Miss Amelia Ann Etheridge. All of Pulaski. BOYS- Two boys aged 9 and 14 years got awfully drunk and "cursed out" in Dawson Ga. the other day. And yet their mammy's didn't know they were out. Jan. 29,1874 DIED- Mrs. Murdock Willcox, died at her residence this Wed. AM, after an illness of about 10 days of typo malarial fever. DIED- On Tues. Jan. 27th 1874, Mrs. Almira McGriff, in Cochran, Ga. She was the wife of James A. McGriff and daughter of Mr. B. B. Dykes of this county. Buried in family cemetery on Wed. Feb. 5, 1874 DIED- Mr. N. D. McLeod died at his residence in this place on Monday night last, of typhoid pneumonia. He was a shoe maker by trade. He was about 45 and served as a soldier in the US Army during the Mexican War. DIED- Mrs. Tempa Lupo, wife of Mr. James Lupo, died of pneumonia on the 8th of Jan. 1874, in the 6th district of Dooly Co. MARRIED- By Rev. Elias Turner, on Jan 25, 1874, Mr. Jeremiah Martin to Miss Mary McLeod, All of Dodge Co. MARRIED- On Tuesday Evening by Rev. R. E. Mills, Mr. J. W. Bateman to Miss Martha Sapp. All of Pulaski Co. February 26, 1874, Thursday GONE TO TEXAS- Mr. James Miller, a young man 18-20 yrs old left Hawkinsville last week to seek his fortunes in Texas. March 26, 1874, Thursday DIED- Mrs. Anna E Snell and daughter of Mr. Wilson Hendrick, died at the residence of her father in this county on December 18th, 1873 aged 23. DIED- On Friday night, Feb. 6, 1874 after a short illness, Miss Sallie M. Conner, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Conner in the 19th year of her age. Buried Pleasant Hill Church. MARRIED- On Thursday Eve, 26 March, 1874, at the residence of John McKinney, by Rev. John Churchwell, Mr. Thomas Jones, of Wilcox to Eliza McKinney, of Pulaski. MAY 7, 1874 Libel for Divorce, Elizabeth Blanchard vs. Daniel Blanchard Irwin Co.- Libel for Divorce, Edward Parsons vs. Jane Parsons Wilcox Co.- Assignee's Sale, Property of W. C. Harvard, by M.A. Scarborough, Assignee. Pulaski, Co. JURY CALL: Pulaski County, Ga. May 7, 1874 LEVI H HARRELL Forman M Harrison R S Mauldin David H Hendley Thomas C Allen J Z T Coley C R Coney Auton Schneilder James O Baskin Joseph F Winn G C Mathews Thomas King Edmund A Pollock N W Jelks John Churchill W L Trammel John K Partin Benjamin A Denson John A Holder Joseph Caruthers John A Ingram --J. L. HARRIS, Judge presiding. May 7, 1874 Letter of administration: Gibe Studstill for the estate of Angus Shaw of Telfair County, Ga. Letters of Guardianship: By Benjamin Williams for property of Ross A. and M. A. Durr, minors of Dr. M. A. Durr Deceased. Telfair County. Letters of dismission from trust of the estate of M. T. Grice deceased. Pulaski County. Letters of dismission from trust of the estate of J B Delamar by N. J. Delamar. Pulaski County. Letters of administration: Mary Mann for the estate of W. H. Mann deceased. MAY 14, 1874 DIED- Mrs. M A Martin, wife of Jas. D Martin and daughter of Col. S. D. Killen, of Houston County, died on Sunday May 3d, 1874. DIED- Mrs. Sarah Gray, wife of Josiah D Gray, of Houston County, died on the 2d instant in the 58th year of her life. May 2, 1874 DIED- Major John K. Whaley died at the residence of Mr. A. L. Tippett three miles from Hawkinsville. Maj. Whaley was a native of NC, but moved to Ga. at the age 18 and settled in Wilkinson, Co. where he was married about 57 years ago, he moved to Sumter Co. for 6 years, then to Pulaski where he lived for nearly 30 years. A short time before the war he moved to Hamilton, Fla. and in 1872, back to Pulaski. Died in his 75th year. The remains were buried at Antioch Church on Wed. See Nov 9, 1871 for location of burial. GRAND JURY FOR DODGE CO for April Term 1874 John J. Hamilton, Forman Asa G. Holt Cordial D. Parkerson Thomas Dunn Asa B. Harrell John Hilliard William K. Bussy I. N. Bowers William W. Clements Asa Harrell James F. Bohannon Joshau Coffee John W. Jones M. A. Walker Charles Burch J. T. Rawlins Hiram J. Sapp John Ryals Francis Harrell J. W. Coffee Reuben F. Burch Isaac Herrmann, Clerk The above is a true extract from the minutes of the Dodge Superior Court. R. A. Harrell, Clerk - Wm ROONEY IS- prepared to execute all orders for brick and rock work also plastering - GEORGIA- Pulaski Co. Where as Wm J. Fountain, Administrator of Thomas A. Dewitt. deceased, applies for letters of dismission. May 28, 1874 DIED- Mrs. Pounds, wife of Judge A. J. Pounds of Dooly Co. died on Tuesday, the 19th of May, 1874. MARRIED- On Sunday eve. the 10th of May, 1874, at the residence of James Hartley, Mr. James Buchanan Hinson to Miss Dollie Allen all of Pulaski. June 11, 1874 LIBEL FOR DIVORCE- Edward Parsons vs. Jane Parsons. Wilcox Superior Ct. MR. STEPHEN WOODWARD and wife of Dooly Co. celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on Wed. June 17, 1874. Mr. Woodward is in his 68th year, he was married June 17, 1824 in SC. One of his sons, Lt. J. T. Woodard of the 12th Georgia was killed at the battle of McDowell Va. 1863. His other son Rev. W. W. Woodward has since died. DIED- Little Pattie, daughter of Kudge Wm H. Davis, of Pulaski, died of typhoid fever on Fri. eve. last and was buried at Orange Hill Cem. DIED- Little Gus, the youngest son of Mrs. E. A. Tarver died on Monday morn. of congestion of the brain. Buried at Orange Hill Cem. July 9, 1874 DIED- Mr. Henry W. Rozar was born in Pulaski Co. Aug 1, 1849, and died at his residence in Cochran, June 4, 1874. W. IRA BROWN- Attorney At Law, Vienna, Ga. DIED- Mrs. Eubanks, wife of J. D. Eubanks and daughter of J. W. Caruthers, died on Sun. eve. last, after a lingering illness. The remains were buried at Orange Hill Cem. DIED- Little Snellie, youngest son of P. T. McGriff died Sunday after a brief illness. Buried at Orange Hill Cem. DIED- Mrs. Griffin, wife of Joel R. Griffin, of Fort Valley, died Thursday last, She was a sister of Mr. W. D. King of Pulaski. LOSS OF THE STEAMER CLYDE- The steamer Clyde, which left Hawkinsville a few days ago, was wrecked in Saplio Sound, between Darien and Savannah, on Saturday June 29, 1874. The Clyde was the only boat running on the Ocmulgee River, except the little Daisy, which can be made of but slight service to the people living along the River. The Savannah News gave the following particulars of the loss of the Clyde.. Just as the steamer was nearing the first buoy, before crossing the Sound, she was struck by a heavy squall. When the squall was seen approaching, the boat was brought about with the head to the gail and anchor let go and with assistance of steam, Captain Day managed to "hold the boat up to the gail". After the first blow there was a temporary calm, when the wind, which had set in from the southeast, veered suddenly and with great violence to the north, taking the boat broadside, and Captain Day, who was standing on the upper deck at the time, was pitched head foremost into the Sound as were also the remaining officers and crew. The Clyde had on board, four bales of cotton and a few bales of wood. The officers and crew of the steamer consisted of Captain Day, the first and second engineers E. E. Duban and Thomas Brower, one mate, one pilot, one assistant pilot, two deck hands, two firemen, one cook and one stewardess. When the boat went over, the cotton and everything moveable about her went into the Sound, also some portions of the cabin, which gave way. The entire force of the Clyde, who were in the water, managed to seize hold of some of the wrecked material or to mount a cotton bale, by which means they were all saved. With exception of two of the crew who floated on some drift material, towards St. Catherine's Island the party fortunately drifted into the marsh on Blackbeard Island. When thrown from the boat into the water, Captain Day lost his Wallet containing between three and four hundred dollars, which fell from his pocket. The entire effects of the officers and crew were lost, many of them without shoes or hats. On reaching Blackbeard Island. Captain Day in company with one of his engineers, sought assistance in every direction, going through the briars and marsh grass, sometimes waist deep. Finding it impossible to obtain succor on Blackbeard. Captain Day and his two engineers, at dawn on Sun. started in Clyde's yawl, which had been picked up, for a vessel lying at anchor some eight miles off, pieces of drift wood being used for oars. After five hours of pulling the oars, they reached the vessel, it proved to be the British ship Melicete, Captain Dunn. This vessel had also dragged her three anchors during the blow. On approaching the vessel and making known their cause of their visit, Captain Dunn ordered his ladder lowered and invited the wrecked men to partake of every hospitality on board his vessel. Captain Dunn then had his yawl (a ship's small boat) manned with a crew and sent to Blackbeard Island for the remainder of the Clyde crew and also to search for the two men drifting toward St. Catherine's beach. The two men were not found, they had probably went back to the island. On board the Melicite, Captain Dunn not only gave the unfortunate men the best his vessel had in the provision line, but also furnished some of them with clothing, hats and shoes. The wrecked crew remained on board of the Melicite until Monday morn. when Captain took them up to Darien, some of the citizens made further contributions of clothing and shoes and treated them most kindly. A colored man named Enoch, from Hawkinsville, was one of the hands, and reached home safely. The fate of the two missing crewmen was never mentioned. FORMER CITIZEN DIES- Mr. Samuel Sanders, for many years a citizen of Pulaski Co. died on the 29th of May, 1874 at his home on Merritt's Island in Indian River, Fla., he was about 78 yrs old. He came from Wilkinson Co. in 1856 and removed to Fla. in 1870. GEORGIA-Pulaski Co. Whereas Mrs. N. J. Delamar applies for letters of dismission from administration of the estate of J. B. Delamar deceased. JULY 16, 1874 DIED- Mr. Tom Bothwell of typhoid fever. Mr. Bothwell was the son of Dr. Wm Bothwell, formally of Dooly Co. Died in Lee Co. FORT VALLEY- The wife of Joel R. Griffin died from the effects of cruel treatment by her husband. Her will was probated in Perry on Monday week and takes all her property out of his hands, leaving him penniless. Dr. Austin, the executor will rent out "Union Hall" thus breaking up the most infamous den of social equality in the State. FINE PICTURES- Brown, from No.18 Cotton Ave, Macon Ga. has arrived in Hawkinsville and is occupying King's Gallery at the Post Office, First Class Pictures of any style and from any subject, guaranteed. You can obtain life-size or miniature pictures to suit. Call and see Brown. Mr. GEORGE M. BROWN- of Lee Co., shot a negro who had attacked him with a knife. Brown has been bound over on a charge of murder. CHARLES GRANT- Colored of Darien, was killed in a fight by Peter Solomon last Thursday. The latter was also fatally wounded. A double tragedy. July 28, 1874 KILLED BY LIGHTNING- During a thunder cloud a few days ago, lightning struck a tree in the cow pen of Mr. Levi H. Harrell of Pulaski and instantly killed eight of his yearlings, another one was knocked down but recovered. DIED- Mr. Mack Barber, living on Cedar Creek, in this county, died on Mon. July 20, 1874, of dropsy. DIED- Rebecca Mock, living in the same neighborhood, died suddenly on Fri. last, her husband Arthur Mock is said to be over 100 yrs of age. SCHOOL AT FRIENDSHIP CHURCH- Mr. Thomas J. Taylor, who has just taken the school at Friendship Church in Pulaski, request us to notify patrons and pupils that the school will be opened on Mon. 27, July. MARRIED- On the 25th June, Mr. David Simmons to Miss Mary Brantley of Appling, after a courtship of ten years. PAINTING- This is to inform citizens of Pulaski and surrounding counties that I am located in Hawkinsville and prepared to take jobs of painting. -- R. Rozar JULY 30, 1874 DIED- MacGilbrey Barber, a citizen of Pulaski Co. for nearly 30 yrs. died at his residence July 14, 1874, leaving a wife and seven children and a large circle of friends. At the time of his death he had reached the age three score and three years. AUGUST 13, 1874 DIED- John Gregory, one of the oldest settlers in Pulaski Co., died at his home on the east side of the river on Monday last in his 80th year. He came from NC to this county and had been a citizen since. He served in the US Army during 1812. MARRIED- At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. E. A. Pollock on the 9th of August 1874, by Rev. John Churchwell, Mr. Monroe Dupree to Miss Mattie Pollock, all of Pulaski. COTTON GIN WORK- I am still in Hawkinsville for the purpose of making and repairing Gins for the farmers of this area. --John Woodson August 20, 1874 DIED- Mrs. Carroll, wife of A. Y. Carroll, died at her residence in this place Saturday last and the burial took place in Orange Hill Cemetery Sun. morning. BOOT AND SHOE MAKER- W. J. McNeill, I am continuing the business of the late N. D. McLeod and prepared to make any style boots or shoes. Shop in the old hotel bldg. opposite M. Harrison's store. JAMES CONEY STORE- Offered storehouse and lot on Commerce St. midway between Jackson and Houston St's. --Martin and Woods DIED- Mrs. Elizabeth Oliver died in Washington Co. last week, age 109 years. MRS. LOWE'S SCHOOL- Exercises will be resumed on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 1874, at my new residence on Warren St. English branches and music on the Piano thoroughly and carefully taught to a limited number of students. Tuition moderate.-- September 3, 1874 DOUBLE WEDDING- On Sunday morning, August 16, 1874, at the residence of the two bride's father, Mr. Wm Pickren, by Mr. Woodson L. Wilcox, Mr. John T. Tucker to Miss Nancy Pickren, also Mr. Jacob Tucker to Miss Easter Pickren. All of Coffee Co. Attendants; Mr. Pleasant W. McDaniel Miss Delphia A. Pickren Mr. Wm Smith Miss Clara Pickren-- MARRIED- On Monday morning August 17, 1874, at the residence of Mr. G. W. Smith, by Rev. W. F. Roberts, Mr. John McQueen of Montgomery Co. to Lizzie Cally of Coffee Co.-- KILLED BY FALLING TREE- Happened in Pulaski on Mon. Aug. 24, 1874, resulting in the death of young George W. Whitfield, son of Dr. N. B. Whitfield. They were in the process of building a house for George. DIED- Joseph Phillips last Thursday evening, it is supposed from apoplexy. Mr. Phillips was born in Green Co. NC and moved with his family in 1808. The family settled on Rocky Creek in Laurens Co. He lived at this place until 1858 when he moved to Pulaski and attended the Blue Spring Church. He was 68 yrs old. September 10, 1874 DIED- At the residence of his step-father near Vienna, Ga. ,On Sept. 2, 1874. John Westberry. (Unable to read rest of Obit) September 17, 1874 FOR CORONER- Geo. Wash. KEEN as a candidate for Coroner in Pulaski, Co. Ga. (my Great Uncle) COWHIDES- I will pay the highest cash price and will take 20,000 pounds the money is here, bring them along. -- A. Schlang Hawkinsville DR. H. V. JOHNSON- has moved his sleeping apartments to the Scarborough House, See Card. DIED- Mrs. Carrie Lawrence, formerly Miss Carrie Pooler, and well known in our town, died at her home in Marietta last week. LIBEL FOR DIVORCE- Prunella Walker vs. Henry Walker in Wilcox Co. MARRIED- On 25 Aug. 1874, Mr. E. J. Henry of Hawkinsville, was married to Miss C. May Russell of Gwinnett Co., Ga. The happy event took place at the residence of the bride's step father, Dr. Shaffer, By Rev. Dr. Frasier of Decatur. PULASKI CO. FARM FOR SALE- The James Fleming Place. We offer for sale at panic prices, one of the most productive and desirable Farms in Pulaski, 710 acres situated on Big Creek, 7 miles southwest of Hawkinsville.... MARTIN & WOODS Real Estate.-- DR. Y. H. MORGAN, DRUGGIST- Drugs, Medicine, Paints, Oil, Lamps. Cochran, Ga.- MARRIED- On the evening of Sept. 9, 1874, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Levi H. Harrell, by Rev. Mills, Mr. John M. Daniel to Miss Mary Jane Harrell, all of Pulaski. TWENTY RATTLESNAKES- Mr. Wm Phillips of Dodge County, related to us a few days ago, a marvelous account of snake killing. Jesse Brown, while cutting timber and preparing to build a house, uncovered a den of rattlesnakes. He grabbed a pole and started killing.-- DIED- A. C. McRae departed this life July 31, 1874, age 31 yrs 4 mo. and 10 days. MUSIC SCHOOL- Fall Term, 1874, Music room at Mr. W. H. Davies, convenient to Academy, where I will continue to give lessons on Piano. Terms $5 per mo. --MRS. J. B. MITCHELL Hawkinsville, August 17, 1874. SEPTEMBER 24, 1874 REUNION OF THE 49th REGIMENT- The 49th was composed of Companies from the following Counties. Co. A, Wilkinson county Co. B, Telfair county Co. C, Washington county Co. D, Taliaferro county Co. E, Wilcox county Co. F, Irwin county Co. G, Laurens county Co. H, Washington county Co. I, Hancock county Co. K, Pulaski county As Hawkinsville has been suggested as the place of meeting, I see no reason why it should not be selected. The second Monday in November would not be objectionable. --T. J. Smith REUNION of GORDON'S BRIGADE- The old members of Gordon's Brigade about LaGrange Ga. have arranged for a meeting of all members from all parts of this state at Atlanta during the fair in October. Letters were read from Generals Gordon and also Gov. Smith who was Colonel of the 13th Regiment. COLONELS OF THE 13th, 38th, 60th and 61st Georgia Regiments and the Major commanding the 12th Georgia battalion, are earnestly requested to communicate with surviving officers of each company within their commands and urge them to notify all surviving members of their companies. Reunion to be held October 21, 1874.-- W. B. Jones, Late Col, 60th Ga., D. N. Speer, Major and Q. M. G.'s Brigade, R. S. McFarland, Adjutant 60th Georgia.-- DIED- Sept. 12, 1874 at 9 o'clock AM, Horace Howard, the only son of Thomas J. and Z. T. Anderson, age 1 year and 10 months. DIED- Henry Rozar of Cochran. (time/day not given) OCTOBER 15, 1874 FOR CORONER - We are authorized to announce G. W. KEEN as a candidate for Coroner of Pulaski County-- DIED- Joseph Phillips, August 27th Blue Spring, Pulaski Co. OCTOBER 22, 1874 DIED- We regret to announce the old fellow citizen, Mr. Jimmy Mathews died quietly at his house near town, of congestive chill on October 19,1874. MARRIED- Miss Fannie S. Anderson to Eneas S Murphy at the Hawkinsville Baptist church on Oct. 15, 1874. NOVEMBER 5, 1874 DIED- Mr Charles Walden Sr. died at Waycross on the 8th ultimo. He was the brother of Mr Abner L Tripp, of Pulaski. NOVEMBER 12, 1874 HOMICIDE- Killing of John Taylor by John Daily. On Sunday eve. last, 8th inst. John B. Taylor was shot and killed by John Daily Jr near Provience Church, about 5 miles from Hawkinsville. Both were in their early twenties. Daily ran and hasn't been seen since. NOVEMBER 19, 1874 DIED- We regret to learn of the death, on Tuesday last, of Billy Gibbs of Wilcox County. DIED- Another Death, Willis Hardin, age about 16 and the Great Grandson of Mr Robt E Anderson Sr died Sunday last of malarial fever. Was buried in Orange Hill Cemetery. MARRIED- On Sunday morning, 15th inst. at the residence of the brides father, W L Gunn of Dooly by Rev Larkin Joiner, Mr Ezekiel Tippett to Miss Rachael Gunn-- NOVEMBER 26, 1874 Vol.VIII NO.48 DECEMBER 3, 1874 MARRIED- On Sunday, The 22d Nov. at the residence of the bride by J S Walker Esq.Hon, Thomas J Smith to Mrs N.A. Clemens, all of Telfair Co.-- MARRIED- At the residence of the brdes father Mr. W B Hamilton, on the evening of the 19th alt, by the Rev. R M Owen, S W Coney to Miss E E Hamilton, all of Dooly Co.-- ESCAPED JAIL- John J. Dean, who killed Sam D Rainey in Macon last December, George F. Abel, who killed John T. Cherry and Thomas A. Grey who killed Wm T. Hall*, some months ago eccaped from the Bibb Co jail a few mornings ago, a $500 reward is offered. MARRIED- On Thursday evening 11-26-1874 John A. Coffee of Hawkinsville to Nannie C. Brown of Houston Co., by Rev. R J Coley-- DECEMBER 10, 1874 MARRIED- On Tuesday evening the 8th inst. at the residence of the brides father, Mr. Andrew Newman, by the Rev. Moses V. McCall, Mr W H Kinchen to Miss Ann Newman, all of Pulaski Co.-- ***** October 21, 1975 Vol.IX No. 44 Sudden death of Doctor Means,. Mrs. Means the wife of the Dr. of Hickory Grove, Houston Co., died suddenly, from heart failure on Wed. morning of last week. OCTOBER 28, 1875 Vol. IX No. 45 LIST of Grand and Traverse Jurors for Pulaski Co. Superior Court, Nov. Term 1875.
Grand Jury--First Week.
J E Coney John H Tippett J D Eubanks Charles Mullis Robert Wynne Jno M Stokes W R Collins Wn M Stokes J E Stanley J E Taylor W W Harrell J L Fountain M M Willis A C Fulghum M Pipkin Jr Wm Lee L Baskin S W McAlister E H Blackshear Uriah B Fann W L Trammell Jno R Martin J R Taylor Sam'l Grace L Brown C B Chalker J A Lancaster D C Daniel J F Stokes Thos J. Taylor
Traverse Jury--First Week
December 23, 1875, Thursday - Vol. IX No. 51 Married At the residence of the brides father on the evening of 15th inst, by Rev. Munson N. McCall, Mr. James L. Walker to Miss Nellie Lamkin, oldest daughter of Mr. James L. Lamkin all of Pulaski. Married On the 13th inst by James F. Barber Esq. Mr. A. J. Dunaway to Miss Jane Williams By the same on the 14th inst. Mr J. E. Lee to Miss Jane Nobles. Married At the second Baptist church, Richmond Va., by Rev. C. C. Bitting, D. D., November 21, 1875, Mr. Charles E. Chancey, of Hawkinsville, Ga. and Miss Sarah E. Comstock of Richman. THE SHOOTING-AN INNOCENT MAN WOUNDED. An altercation occured on Tuesday night at the camp house of J. S. Willis between James E. Laldler, a merchant, and some of the campers. Mr. James Carlisle, of Dooly, his son and son-in-law and some of his laborers were occupying the house. Lou Nobles who was under the influence of a few drinks, had some words with one of the men and the noise attracted the attention of James E. Laidler and Chris Coffee, who went up to the door. While their words took place between Nobles and Laidler that led to shooting on the part of Laidler. We do not propose to give the particulars, as both sides gave different statements. All agree, however, that Laidler drew his pistol and fired three or four times after first or second shots the door was slammed to and a couple of balls passed through the door. William Christmas, a disinterested young man in the house, was heard to explain that he was struck and badly hurt. When the firing was over, it was determined that the ball had entered the breast near the right nipple and had lodged in his back. Doc. H. V. Johnson was called. This Wed. morning the young man was doing fair. The rest is under investigation. OBITUARY Died at her residence in Pulaski County, on the 19th of November, 1875,Mrs. S. J. Martin in the 49th year of her age. December 30, 1875, Thursday - Vol. IX No. 52 Too many Pages missing Janurary 6, 1876, Thursday - Vol. X No. 1 This issue mostly destroyed. Items from Ben. (Ben appeared to be located in Pulaski at the Dooly County line just above Cedar creek) May 31, 1900, Thursday; Mr. Lee Gammage and father of Tippetville, visited Ben last week. We are glad to state that Mrs. W. R. Vaughn and Miss Lou Vaughn, who have been very sick the past week, are improving. Doc. and Mrs. W. S. Johnson visited relatives at Abbeville and Rochelle last week Mrs. Levi Barfield died Sat. and was buried yesterday in the Williams grave yard. Mr. J. B. Ogilvie and family attended quarterly meeting at Pleasant Hill last Sun. Mr. Ed Joiner and John Hendley attended the picnic at Jelk's mill last Saturday. Mrs. C. (Chesterfield?) Chalker and children visited her parents near Mingo, Sun. Mr. C. T. Nutt visited relatives near Kerns last Sat. and Sun. At the residence of Mr. J. D. Reynolds, on last Sun. eve., Mr. W. G. Joiner and Miss Fannie Hill were united in marriage, Rev. J. M. Nelson officiating June 14, 1900, Thursday; The school which started at Cedar Creek Academy is progressing nicely. Rev L. E. Pierce filled his regular appointment at Faithful Hope last Sat. and Sun. Mr. F. M. Chalker visited relatives near Kerns, last Sun. Dr S. R. Mitchell will preach at Mr. W. J. Mitchell's on Friday night and at Mr. C. F. Nutt's on Sat. night before the third Sunday. Miss Ola Moore, of near *Tippetville, (*just inside what is now Dooly Co) is attending school here. Several from here attended Prof W. T. Hendley's exhibition at Bradshaw school house last Thur. night, and report a nice time. Mr. Sam Grantham, of near Trippettville, is a student of our school. The boys treated Mr. and Mrs. W G Joiner to a serenading last Monday night. We were informed that the music was fine. Rev Warren Wright, of near Rochelle, filled his regular appointment at Free Will Union Church Sat. and Sun. Doc W. S. Johnson visited the family of Mr. J. B. Ogilvie near Mingo, last Sun. August 2, 1900, Thursday; Since the last writing from this place the crops have been well watered by the showers which came at a very needy time. Several of this place attended the Cotton Growers' Ass. at Hawkinsville last Thursday. They report a nice time. Prof C D Pierce has taken sick at his school last Tuesday and it was suspended. Little Nettie, the three year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J B Ogilvie, died last Tuesday and was buried in the cemetery at Friendship church last Wed. Mr. Wiley Davis had the misfortune of cutting his leg with an adz*. Mr. John Hendley visited Abbeville last week. Judge D L Ridley is improving slowly from a long and serious spell of sickness. Miss Laura Hendley of Abbeville, is visiting her grandparents, Doc and Mrs. W S Johnson of this place. Several parties have gone from here to competing near Vienna. Mr. and Mrs. G W Turner are visiting, Bose at Ocala, Fla. Mr. L S Dupree and family visited Mr. Will McKinney's family at Mingo last week. Mr. and Mrs. M J Joiner are visiting in Butts County. Big meeting starts at Wesley Chapel next Thur. night and quarterly meeting on the eight and night of Aug. Quite a romantic marriage took place last Mon. Mark Laricy of Wenonah and Fannie McGehee, of this place. They ran away and went to Judge T J Taylor's where they united in wedlock. November 1, 1900, Thursday; The farmers in this section are about through gathering their crops. At the home of the bride's father, Mr. L. S. Dupree, on Sunday last, Mr. Ed L. Joiner and Miss Odessa Dupree were united in marriage. Judge D. L. Ridley officiating. Mr. F. M. Chalker left this morning to attend the Grand Lodge at Macon, accompanied by his son , C. F. Chalker. Check Back for New Updates
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