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In reading through the "Honest" John Martin sections of the Harshaw Martin Web Site, you get the strong feeling that the Newry Telegraph was a "major" influence in the lives of the people in Southwestern County Down and Eastern Armagh during all of the 1800's, as well as being their prime source of news of the day.. 


The connection to the editors of the Telegraph with both John Martin and James Harshaw are mentioned several times.   This I am sure is the reason Marjorie HarshawRobie has obtained microfilm rolls of the Telegraph for the early 1800's to research for her new book as well as to aid her in reconstructing the family history in the Newry and Donaghmore areas of Co. Down.


From Marjorie's comments to me in emails, the data contained in these microfilms has much of the history of the families and is the closest thing to a census that one might hope to find for this area of Co. Down and Armagh.


These films are apparently not available as yet through the SLC Family History Centers and most libraries around the world.  I have found one source for them that is written of separately in the Newry section.


If you are interested in finding out about your ancestors that lived in the Newry and surrounding areas during the 1800's, then the Newry Telegraph records coupled with the Crossle films and Crossle Masonic book, are high on the recommendation list as places to do your research.


Norm Ruddock