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Merchants Directory 1852
Doyle, Patrick, boot and shoemaker, 60 Hilt street
Dempsey, Pat., baker, 17 Sugar island
Darcy, Matthew, Wine & Spirit Merchants, Merchants Quay
Dickson, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Caual street
Dinsmore, Richardson, bookbinder, Margaret square
Dransfield, J. A., hotel keeper, 37 Hill street
Dalzell, Hugh, merchant, grocer, spirit dealer, salt manufacturer, &c., 8
Sugar island
Daly, Dominic, publican and grocer, Mill street
Daly, Francis, publican, 54 Water st.
Donnelly, Rose, publican, 14 Sugar island
Downey, Richard, publican & grocer, io Market street
Doran, Hugh, publican and grocer. Lower North street
Downey, John, grocer, 17 Market St.
Duncan, Wm., haberdasher, 30 Upper North street
Donnelly, Peter, provision dealer, Boat street
Davidson, Wm., ropemaker, 19 Sugar island
Doyle, John, trimming dealer,2 Upper North street
Denvir, Michael, and Co., woollen­drapers, &c., 52, 53 Hill street
Elliott, James, boot and shoemaker, 15 Upper North street
Edgar, Jos., ropemaker, 47 Water st.
Fairfield, James, boot and shoemaker, Water street
Flaming, John, brazier and tinplate worker, 38 North street
Fletcher, Thomas H., auctioneer and cabinetmaker, 78 Hill street
Fearon, James ,Hairdresser, 5 Water St.
Flanagan, Edward, publican, Boat St.
Farrell, Alexander, tailor, Mall
Flanigan, John L.Cabinet Maker,Kilmorey St.
Fowler, Joseph, coach builder, William street
Ferguson, Jas., merchant tanner and currier, 38 Merchants' quay
Farmer, Peter, provision dealer, 56 Mill street
Farrell, J,, provision dealer, 32 Boat St,

Forrest, w. Tanner, Downshire Rd.
Finlay, Thomas, 1 Lower North St.
Griffin, George, oil and colour mer chant, &c., 21 Sugar island
Guy, George, general merchant, Merchants' quay
Guy, George, jun., spirit dealer, ship broker, and sail maker, Merchants'
Grant, Edward, boot and shoemaker, 45 Upper North street
Gass, Robert, wine and spirit mercht., Water street
Glenny, Joseph, pawnbroker, Lower North street
Grandy, Joseph, pawnbroker, Warrenpoint road
Grant, James, baker, 17 Market street
Glenny, I., pawnbroker, 146 High St.
Greer, James, Victoria hotel, Hill St.
Greer, Robert, bookseller, &c., agent
for Royal Assurance Fire and Life Assurance"Company, Margaret sq.
Graham, John, publican, Hydeterrace
Grant, Eliza, publican, Mill street
Grant, Margaret, publican, Monaghan street
Greacen, George, publican, 22 King St.
Guy, Geo., publican, Lower Mill St.
Griffin, Philip, publican, 2 Queen St.
Grant, Patrick, earthenware dealer, 3 Lower North street
Glenny, Robert, corn and meal mer­chant, Kildare street
Greer & Co., corn buyers, Merchants' quay
Gillis, David, woollendraper, &c., 40 Hill street
Hill, Edward, boot and shoemaker, 36 Upper North street
Halyday, James, agent for Sun Assurance Company, Hill street

Hanratty, James, publican and grocer, King street
Halsall, John, publican and grocer, 3 Queen street.
Hawkins, H, haberdasher, North St.
Hopper, John, publican, Canal street
Hunter, Moses, publican, blockmaker,
and grocer, Monaghan street
Hancock,R.harness maker and sad­dler, 27 Hill street
Hancock, William, and Son, whole­sale grocers and spirit merchants,
agents for Patriotic Assurance Com­pany of Ireland, Sugar Island
Hamilton, Joseph, spirit dealer and grocer, 1 Canal street
Henderson, Wm., spirit dealer and grocer, Lower Hill street
Hughes, Thomas, spirit Dealer amd grocer, Merchants Quay
Hudson, W, bleacher, Mount Caulfield
Hunter, James, turner & blockmaker, 10 Canal street
Hunter, Eliza, Publican, 5 Canal St.
Henning and Co., corn, coal, & butter merchants, Merchants' quay
Harold, Wm., haberdasher, 20 , Market street
Halton, Jas., leather seller, 8 Mill St.
Holmes, Nathaniel, provision dealer, 26 Market street
Holywood, John, Whitesmith, King St.
Halyday, James T., woollendraper & carpet warehouse, 63 Hill street
Howard and Co., woollendrapers, 22 and 23 Hill street
Henry, William, brewer and maltster, Queen street
Hlooks, Michl, haberdasher & cotton manufacturer, 46 Upper North St.
Ivors,David, stationer and bookbinder, 44 Hill street
Irvine, `Thomas, grocer and spirit mer­chant, 30 Hill street
Irvine, James, grocer, &c., 16 Mill St.
Irvine, Wm., grocer and spirit Merchant, 63 Water street
Irvine, Robert, grocer and spirit mer­chant, High street
Jennings, John, wine and spirit merchant, Merchants quay
Jennings,M. & Son, spirit merchants, 12 Mill street.
Jourdau, Mrs., publican and Grocery, William street

Jennings, Charles, coal, iron, and tim­ber merchant, 30 Merchants' quay
Jennings, Andrew, iron merchant, North street
Jamison, S., ropemaker, 26 High St.
Kernahan, Adam, boot and shoemaker, 33 Upper North street
Kidd, Robert, baker, Hill street
Kearney, John, grocer and publican, 1 Castle street
Kirkpatrick, W., haberdasher, Hill st.
Kerr, Patrick, grocer and publican, Lower North street
Keenan, H., tailor, 1 Hill street
Kean, John, cork cutter, 45 Water st.
Kidd, Brothers, corn, meal,, flour mer­
chants,millers, and bakers, Mill St,
Kidd, Thomas A., steam-packet agent, Canal quay
Keating. Mary, dyer, Mill street
Kennedy, David, linendraper and haberdasher, 19 Market street
King, Thomas, merchant, Kildare st.
Lucas, Richard, and Son, plumbers,Iron and brassfounders,Sugar island
Laing, Thos., pawnbroker, Market sq
Ledlie, Anna, corn Dealer,grocer and spirit merchant, 4 Canal St.
Lowry James, Publican, Castle St
Lupton, J, Corn Merchant, Bridge St
Lawson ,Charles, Coachbuilder, Charles St..
Latimer, James, hairdresser, Hill St.
Liddy, Richard,, ironmonger, Upper North St.
Loughlin, T.,Leatherseller, 20 Mill St.
Loughran, Joseph, Woolendraper,40 Hill St
Mahood ,John, Painter and Glazier, Margaret St.
Madine, John, baker, 38 Castle street
Magennis, Edward A., baker and flour merchant, 8 North street
Murdoch, Henry, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 21 Sugar island
Magee, Robert, carpenter and builder, Chapel street
Marron, P., publican and provision dealer, 18 Market street
Marron, Thos., publican and provision dealer, 3 Mill street
Marshall, William, grocer and spirit merchant, High street
Moffet, Esther, publican and grocer, 7 Canal street
Markey,Eliza, publican, Canal St.

Marshall ,Thomas, Grocer and gunpowder merchant, 18 Sugar Island
Marshall, John, watch & clockmaker, 1 Sugar island
Magill, Mrs., White Cross hotel, Mar­garet street
Magennis, D., provision dealer, grocer,, and spirit dealer, 8 Canal street
Massy, John, provision dealer and grocer, Monaghan street
Mathers, Francis, 13 Upper North st.
Moore, John, grocer and spirit mer­chant, 41 Hill street
Murphy, Michl., publican, 28 King St.
Myers, Mr., publican, Canal quay
Markey, Mr., saddler, 54 Water street
Matron, Dennis, stone and marblecutter, Kilrnorey street
MacMahon, James, stone and marble cutter, timber and coal merchant, 44
Merchants' quay
Maguire, O., blacksmith, Margaret st.
Mooney, John, blacksmith, 97 Hill st.
Marshall,Thos., grocer and gunpowder merchant, 1S Sugar island
Mullholland, Charles, butter merchant, King street
Medill, Robt., grocer, 19 Sugar island
Mdcdonald, Alexander, herring mer­chant, Canal quay
Morgan, Mrs., millner, 45 Hill street
Murphy, Peter, tanner and currier, Marcus square
Maginnis, Edward, engraver and copperplate printer, Hill street
Mackay, Donald, agent for West of England Assurance Co., Newry and
McBride, Misses, Boarding and day school, Trevor Hill
M'Culla, Mrs., boarding and day school, Kildare street
M'Grath, Wm., whitesmith, 22 Mill st.
M'Grath, James, sheet iron, copper, and tin worker, 44 Canal street
Mc'Neill, John, watch and clockmaker, Margaret Street
M'cGuiggan, J. butcher 55 North st.
McAll, John, butcher, 20 North street
M`Mahon, Hugh, grocer, publican,
sailmaker, & ship broker, 3 King St.
M'Clelland, Mrs., grocer and seed dealer, 59 Hill street
Mc'Blain, Robert, and Co., grocers, wine and spirit merchants, and seeds.
men, 32 Hill street

M'Cracken, Robt, steam. packet agent, 27 Merchants' quay
M'Donald,Patrick,grocer,spirit dealer, and baker, Canal street
M°Carroll, S. and R., pawnbrokers,' Castle street
M'Givern, -John, publican, carpenter, and builder, Canal street
M'Kenna, Jas., hairdresser, 5 Mill St
M`Avoy, D., hairdresser, 2 Water St
M'Allister,Mr., publican,Lower North street
M`Cann, J., publican, Merchants' quay
M'Culla, Wm., grocer and spirit merchant, 2 Lower North street
M`Kee, Sam., publican, Monaghan st.
McCann, T, Publican, 13 Water St.
M'Cracken, George, grocer and spirit' Merchant ,2 Canal street
M'Ginnis, Matthew, publican and grocer, 64 Lower North street
M'Naghten, Rowan,Wholesale grocer, Wine, and spirit merchant, and salt'
manufacturer, 51 Water street
M'Nally, Anthony, publican and chan­dler, Hill street
M'Kevitt, B., provision dealer, chan­dler and publican, 1 Market street
M'Clelland, R., tailor, New buildings, 36 Hill street
M`'Alpin, R., mercht. tailor, 71 Hill St,
M`'Loughlin, Thomas, tanner and cur­rier, 40 Mill street
WGrath, Robert, butcher, Margaret street
M'Guiggan, Thos., butcher, 8 Castle street
JM`'Arevey, John, cabinet maker, 87 Hill street
M`Keown, John, coach builder, 95 Hill street
M'Kenna, Wm., cork cutter, 58 Lower North street
M`'Elroy, P., and Co., ironmongers, North street
M`'George, James, haberdasher, 4 Lower North street
M'Donald, D. and J., sewed muslin manufacturers, River street
M'Ginnis, Patrick, provision dealer, 27 Market street
M'Minn, Robert, chandler and soap boiler, 22 Sugar island
M`'Kenna, James, tanner and currier, 24 Mill street

M°Grath, John, confectioner, 2 Sugar island
M'Alinden, William, confectioner, 11 Hill street
!M'Alinden, Henry, confectioner and provision dealer, 17 North street
M'Grath, James, brazier and tinplate worker, Canal street
M`cNally, J. and J. U., publicans, gro­cers, and bakers, 7 Kildare street
M'Cann, T'. & J., bakers, 20 Castle street and Victoria mills
M'Cormick,Mr., tailor, 14 Canal street
Nesbitt, Joseph, butter merchant, 6 Edward street
O'Hair, .John, baker, 11 Market street
O'Hare, Owen, publican, Hill street
Osborne, Mrs., confectioner, 56 Hill St
O'Rorke, Robt., haberdasher, 6 Upper North street
O'Hare, John, wheelwright, Needham street
O'Hagan, John, and Son, woollen­drapers, 13 & 14 Upper North St.
Peatt, Edward, boot and shoemaker, Hill street
Paton, Mrs., confectioner, High street
Pattison, William, brazier and tinplate worker, 1 Margaret street
Polin, Thomas, publican, 16 Castle st.
Postley, Alex., rope and sail maker, Ballybot bridge
Parsons, Wm. and James, corn and flour merchants & millers, 1 Trevor hill
and Templegowran mills
Peden, Mary Anne, haberdasher, 43 Hill street
Peacock, Misses, boarding and day school, 9 Hill street
Quigley, Misses, boarding and day school, 80 Hill street
Quinn, Patrick, & Co., bakers, Lower North street
Quin, M. A., publican and grocer, Queen street
Quin and Co., publicans and grocers, Lower North street
Quin, Thomas, publican; Boat street
Quin, Edward, ironmonger, 34 Upper North street
Reside, Henry, painter and glazier, Talbot street
Radcliffe, John, iron & brassfounder, Canal street
Rogan, Mr., publican, 4 Water street

Rogers, Samuel, and Co., bakers, 30 Castle street
Rice, Pat., pawnbroker, 17 Castle st
Reynolds, James, bookseller and sta­tioner, 5 North street
Rooney, Henry, grocer and publican, 90 Hill street
Rogan, Pat., publican, 29 Water street
Ruddy, Stephen, grocer and publican, 24 Market street .'
Russell, M. A., publican, Hyde market
Ryan, Anne, grocer and publican, Boat street
Rea, Arthur, saddler, 11 lower Water street
Rice, Mr., saddler, Hill street
Radcliffe, James, tailor, Margaret sq
Rankin, D., tailor, Sugar island
Reilly. Philip, butcher, Upper North street
Ryan, Michael S., tanner and currier, 60 Kilmorey street
Ryan, Peter, trimming dealer, 7 Upper North street
Scott, Benjamin, publican and grocer, 4 king street
Sturgeon, Wm., publican, 35 Canal St.
Small, John, grocer and publican, Margaret street
Savage, Patrick, tailor, Mall
Savage, Jas. China,glass, and earthenware merchant, 23 Upper North St.
Scott, George, wholesale and family grocer and gunpowder merchant, agent for
Atlas Assurance Company, New buildings, 35 Hill street
Stewart, James, herring merchant, Merchant's quay
Smith, John, provision dealer, Lower North street
Sturgeon, Wm., wheelwright, Canal st.
Stewart, Robert, woollendraper, 47 Hill street
Small,- Matthew, veterinary surgeon, Margaret square
Smith, Michael, clerk to Board of Guardians, Bridge street
Todd, R. R., agent for Scottish Equit­able Assurance Co., Trevor hill
Todd, David, and Co., wholesale gro­cers, agents for Royal Exchange Fire and
Life Assurance Company, 118 Canal street
Thompson, J., painter awl glazier, 10 Hill street
Thompson, James, grocer and baker 23 Market street
Thomson, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, Kildare street
Torley, James, boot and shoemaker, Upper North street
Trevor, Patrick, trimming dealer, 29 Market street
Treanor, John, cleric to town commis­sioners, Canal street
Thompson, John, gunsmith, 25 Lower North street
William,-, James, publican and grocer, Merchants' quay
Wiggins, Thomas, cabinetmaker, Hide Market
Wiseman, James, cabinet maker, and servants' registry office, 92 Hill st.
Wallace ,H.J.,corn and meal merchant,Merchants Quay
Weir ,Samuel, Whitesmith, 3 Basin walk
Wallace, Henry W., agent for Alliance Fire and Life Assurance Company, Hill
William,-, James, agent for United Kingdom Fire and Life Assurance Company,
Marcus square
Weir, Samuel, painter and glazier, 15 Hill street
Warburton, Henry, boot and shoe­maker, 4 Upper North street
Waddell, Miss, confectioner, North street
White, Francis, brazier and tinplate worker, Margaret street
White, Christopher, auctioneer, 4 Mall,
West, Mary, baker, 20 Sugar island
Wallace, John H.and and spirit merchants, 66 Hill St.
Woods ,James,wine and spirit merchant 86 Hill St.
Watson, Susan, publican, 1 Kiln st.
Wright, Wm., publican and grocer, 51 Upper North street

The above was provided by Raymond Kelly and posted with his permission.