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Slater's Commercial Directory for Kilkeel and surrounding areas

Slaters Commercial Directory Of Kilkeel and Neighbourhood, 1856


Matthew Martin

James Morgan

William Sloan


Hugh Doran

Robert Nugent

Boot And Shoe Makers

John Foy

John Nugent

William Sergison


Robert Hannah, Donavel

John McDowell

Edward Morgan

Thomas Norris

Coal Merchants

Peter Doyle

Samuel Floyd

Grocers And Tea traders,Marked *Means also spirit dealers

Thomas Baird

Neale Clark

Robert Crutenely*

Patrick Cunningham

Hugh Doyle *

Peter Doyle

Samuel Floyd *

Robert Gordon *

James Hagan *

James Hannah *

Daniel Kinney

Marg. McCullough *Drumondomy

Charles McNally *

Matthew Martin *

Edward Morgan

James Morgan*

Henry Reilly, Ballyardle

Robert Reilly, Ballyardle

James Sloan, Dunaman

William Sloan

Andrew Wright

William Wright *

Slaters Commercial Directory Of Kilkeel and Neighbourhood, 1856

Traders& C

Robert Allen sewing agent

Jane Annett,dressmaking

George Annett, wollen draper

Margaret Annett, bonnet maker

Mrs Bigham, bonnet maker

John Boyd,wollen draper

Robert Boyd. watchmaker,and petty sessions clerk

James Bulger, draper and weaver

Robert Byers, tailor

Michael Burns, saddler

Elizabeth Cassey, butter and egg buyer

Neil Clark ,grocer

Robert Crutchley,wollen draper and publican

Ann Cummin, haberdasher

John Cunningham, wollen draper

J. Cunningham,painter and glazier

Patrick Cunningham, grocer and leather dealer

Curragh, wollen draper

James Donoughoe, turner

Patrick Doran, Newcastle mail car

Patrick Doran, omnibus to Warrenpoint

Nicholas Doran,saddler

Hugh Doran, blacksmith

James Doyle , baker

Andrew Dunlop, civil bill officer

Anne Dunlop, haberdasher

Samuel Floyd, grocer,importer of timber,slates and coal stores, kilns at millbay,register of marriages and stamp distributer

Robert Ford tailor

John Foy ,bootmaker

Thomas Gills, shoemaker

Jane Gordan,grocer&c

James Graham, shoemaker

James Hagen,baker,publican,grocer

William Hamilton, painter

Hugh Haughy, mason

John Harrold, blacksmith

John Henderson, publican

Moses Hill, publican

John Henry, sewing agent

John Irvine,shoemaker

John Kelly,Kilkeel omnibus

Robert Kenmuir, painter and glazier

James Long, tinsmith

Henry Magee, shoemaker

James Maginn, publican

Hugh Martin, tailor

Matthew Martin, baker and publican

James Mathers, nailer

Adam Miness, publican and leather dealer

Sarah Miller, haberdasher

Mrs Isabella Moore, haberdasher

Maria Moore, haberdasher

James Morgan, publican,baker and grocer

Edward Morgan, cartenter, grocer

Hugh McCann, shoemaker

James McCarten, publican and grocer

John McCullagh, blacksmith

James McVeigh, saddler

William McKnight, sawer

James McKibben,wollen draper

John Nugent, shoemaker

Francis Orr, wollen draper

Thomas OHare, butcher

Charles Rooney, tailor

Henry Ross, baker

Hugh Russell, saddler

William Sergison,shoemaker

John Shannon, Kilmory Arms Hotel

Susan Sloane, baker

Peter Small,grocer