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Ordnance Survey by Williams-1837
Ordnance Survey by Bennett-22Nov1834
Seward's Topographical Hibernia-1802 (Link not ready)
Dromara History & Facts 25Oct1985
Dromara From the Topographical Index of Ireland-1833
Dromara Topographical Atlas-1744
List of Dromara Church's Plus Information Regarding and LDS Ref. Numbers
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    Dromara-St.Michaels Church
    Harris-County Down-1744 Dromarh
    Seward-Topographic Hiberniea-1802-Dromaragh
    Topographical Atlas of Ireland,(19th Century Post 1833
    Ordnance Survey 1837
    Bassetts Directory, 1886
    Dromara Parish
    Ordnance Survey Of Dromara 1834
    FlaxGrowers, Dromara Parish, 1796





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