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Okay, it was another night at the FHC searching for my William Hugh

GRAHAM m. to Anne PATTERSON with no luck. However, here are the GRAHAM

entries from film #100860, Index to Co. Armagh Marriage Licenses.

Hopefully they'll serve someone else now, and me someplace along the

line. Also, if one of these interests you, you might query me to confirm

that I transcribed it here correctly. Proofing what I've typed is not my

forte. - Bette



Agnes and Isaac LIGHTBODY 1763

Alexander and Lucretia BRATTY 1820

Andrew and Mary PARKS 1842

Ann and William GOUGH 1805

Ann and William KELLY 1786

Ann and Edward KERR 1769

Ann and John LONEY 1783

Ann and William OLIVER 1823

Ann and Richard PENTON (sp?) 1775

Ann and Samuel WOODS 1827

Anne and David BLEVENS 1834

Anne and James DONNALD 1822

Ann and George GOOD 1826

Anne and Thomas GRAHAM 1837

Ann and Gilbert McJENNETT 1825

Archibald and Anne E. ELLIOTT 1825

Arthur and Ann HARCOURT 1774

Arthur and Jane OTTERSON 1764

Bridget and George THOMPSON 1763

Butler and Eleanor CRANSTON 1838

Butler (Graham or Grimes) and Elizabeth FEARON 1833

Catherine and James LAPPAN 1829

Charles and Jane McBROOM 1831

Christopher and Margaret RICHIE 1833

David and Mary Anne DOUGLAS 1840

David and Margaret KITE 1847

David and Margaret KITS orse TIBBETT 1843 (who knows what "orse" means?)

David and Mary LITTLE 1826

David and Isabella MILES 1777

Edward and Mary MORRISON 1825

Eleanor and Henry KELLY 1835

Elizabeth and Edward ARMSTRONG 1839

Elizabth and Edward ATKINSON 1841

Elizabeth and George BURNS 1838

Elizabeth and James KERR 1775

Elizabeth and James LANE 1840

Elizabeth and William McKANE 1837

Elizabeth and John MINNIS 1844

Elizabeth and Isaac TAYLOR 1779

Faithfull and Jane HAYES 1767

Frances and thomas PEARCE 1834

George and Margaret GILLESPEY 1748

George (Graham or Greame) and UJane GILLIS 1830

Hampton and Mary ATKINSON 1831

Hercules and Susan LESLIE 1824

Isabella and William LOWRY 1819

James and Rebecca BANE 1827

James and Mary BROWNLEE 1844

James and Jane Anne CAMPBELL 1824

James and Ealey CASRSON orse SMITH 1838

James and Agnes CLARK 1755

James and Margaret GRAHAM 1828

James and Frances HEATHWOOD 1825

James and Phebe LASHIN 1744

James and Catherine LONG 1834

James and Alice McCLELLAND 1831

James and Jane TAYLOR 1830

James and Elizabeth WOODS 1769

Jane and Edward BLACKWOOD 1843

Jane and Thomas FOWLER 1829

Jane and John HEASLIP 1834

Jane and Michael HOOKS 1772

Jane and Robert LOVE 1829

Jane and John McMANUS 1749

Jane and Samuel PILLOW 1791

Jane and Alexander STERRETT 1833

Jane and Joseph WATT 1841

John and Alice CORNER 1823

John and Margaret CREETH 1843

John and Ann FERGUSON orse PRICE 1841

John (Graham or Grimes) and Betty FLEETION 1838

John and Martha HALE 1772

John and Margaret McCOOEY 1828

John and Eliza McGENNIS 1835

John and Catherine McKEY 1839

John and Anne McNALLY 1827

John and Margaret E. McWILLIAMS 1822

John and Sarah PAUL 1839

John and Margaret SHILLINGHAM 1829

John and Mary WATTERS 1830

John and Anne WOODHOUSE 1841

Letitia and William HALL 1834

Margaret and Alexander ALLS 1829

Margaret and James BEATTY 1742

Margaret and James GRAHAM 1828

Margaret and James McLAUGHLIN 1841

Margaret and James MAGEE 1839

Margaret and Ephraim ROBB 1836

Margaret and John SCRIMAGER 1829

Margaret Jane and Thomas FORSYTHE 1830

Maria and James MARSHALL 1843

Martha and Benjamin DILWORTH 1835

Martha and John JOHNSTON 1843

Martha and Patrick LOGAN 1836

Mary and Samuel ANDERSON 1831

Mary and John BLAKELY 1755

Mary and John GLENHOLME 1751

Mary and Cornelius HAMILTON 1792

Mary and Thomas JOHNSTON 1754

Mary and John KINSTON 1826

Mary and James McCABE 1842

Mary and William McCRUM 1772

Mary and William MARKS 1842

Mary and Sterret MORGAN 1775

Mary and John McMULLEN 1809

Mary and George PATTERSON 1754

Mary and George RICHARDSON 1786

Mary and James ROBINSON 1769

Mary and william SANDS 1826

Mary A. and Samuel PORTER 1834

Mary Ann and William McCLURE 1789

Mary Anne and Alexander DOUGAN 1832

Mary J and Andrew STRAIN 1827

Mary Jane and Alexander McCAULY 1835

Matthew (Graham or Grimes) and Eleaner FAULKNER 1829

Maxwell and Margaret JOLAN 1841

Michael and Margaret McKERNAN 1825

Rachel and James GALBRAITH 1834

Richard and Mary FLEMING 1840

Richard and Elizabeth WILLIS 1776

Richard and Anne WRIGHT 1829

Robert and Sarah GOVERS 1829

Robert and Elizabeth JERVIS 1820

Robert and Jane JOHNSTON 1831

Robert and Bridget McKAY 1833

Robert and Mary MURDOCK 1841

Roger and Anne KINSLEY orse McKENNA 1838

Rose and William McCONWELL 1771

Sally and James PURVIS 1839

Samuel and Margaret JOHNSTON 1778

Samuel and Margaret LEARD 1753

Samuel and Jane McAREE 1827

Samuel and Elizabeth McNALLY 1826

Sarah and James HENDRY 1743

Sarah and Patrick McCOOEY 1825

Sarah and John MITCHELL 1754

Sarah and Patrick MONAGHAN 1777

Sarah and David PResTON 1763

Sarah and Edward RUDDOCK 1834

Sarah Anne and Robert GLASS 1844

Sarah (GRAHAMS) and George JOHNSTON 1772

Thomas and Rachael BAIN 1826

Thomas and Anne CALDWELL 1829

Thomas and Sarah CARDWELL orse RICHARDSON 1835

Thomas and Sarah GARLAND 1831

Thomas and Anne GRAHAM 1834

Thomas and Anne MILLER 1844

Thomas and Anne Jane MOORE 1810

Thomas and Ann WALKER 1748

Walker and Eliza Jane MARSHALL 1844

Walter and Elizabeth TAYLOR 1765 (I'll bet she was a beauty!)

William and Elizabeth ARMSTRONG 1844

William and Mary BARRETT 1777

William and Sarah BREADON 1830

William and Sarah BROWNLEE 1830

William and Barbara CROOK 1820

William and Sarah DAVIS 1829

William and Anne LEYBURN 1760

William and Anne McCLELAND 1832

William and Anne MAGILL 1833