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Lila's HARDY Lineage

English immigrants were the first to come to America.  They either settled in Massachusetts (Puritans) or Virginia (Cavaliers).  Apparently those who came to Virginia settled in Isle of Wight County.

Hardy is derived from Hardi, which is a shortened form of Hardouin, an old English name which meant "bold friend."  It also could mean "touch or resident person, noticeable strong."

Earlier names were Thomas Hardi- Hundred Rolls - 1273; Richard Hardy - Writs of Parliament - 1307; Thoms Hardy - Yorkshire Poll Tax 1379.

First census in America was in 1790 when many Hardy families had settled in this country.  In 1974 Hardy was the 353rd most frequently occurring surname in the nation.

There are twelve different coats of arms for the Hardy family according to Burke's General Armory.

Earliest records of passenger arrival lists covered immigrants arriving at ports on the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico from 1798-1820 and on through 1945.  A two page list in Hardy Family History starts in 1633 through 1741.  The first immigrant listed to have emigrated to Virginia was George Hardy prior to 1636, owner of the famous Hardy Mill.

John Hardy was the immigrant from whom my lineage descends. He married Olive Council and they came from England to America and settled in Virginia before 1666.

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Buford, Council, Covington, Crenshaw, Epps, deHardy, Hardy, LaPole, Marable, Newton, Oliver, deShelton, Stanley, Vincent, Wilson and Winn.

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