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BARTLETT, Ernest Gordon (male)



LOFFEL, Gertrude Sarah (female)
Birth 25 Aug 1911 Kialla Settlement, Victoria, Australia
Father 21 Oct 1871 LOFFEL, John Jacob
Mother 17 Feb 1882 EDWARDS, Kate



Milton, Hope and Bartlett children
Family of LOFFEL, Gertrude Sarah & BARTLETT, Ernest Gordon
Marriage 1929 Boort, Victoria, Australia
Boy Unknown BARTLETT, Maxwell
Girl Unknown BARTLETT, Joan
Girl Unknown BARTLETT, Olive
Girl Unknown BARTLETT, Marjory
Boy Unknown BARTLETT, Brian
Girl Unknown BARTLETT, Dorothy



In a message dated 21/03/00 writes:

<< the name is drawn from the forename Bartholomew, and is simply a diminutive, so that there will be dozens of totally unrelated Bartlett's in different places, even in the same place. Unless you can show descent of the same piece of land in the ownership of different generations, there is no way of proving such relationship. >>

Granted.......but it is also drawn from de Bertholot/de Bartelot.  The early Bartlett's researched by Peter Bartlett, he suggests, stem from Adam de Bertholot of Lisieux in Normandy and who is inscribed on the 'Roll of Honour' at Battle Abbey, Hastings, 1066.  Adam had 2 sons Robert and Radolphus. Adam was granted land at Stopham in Sussex Robert took the "Great Oath of Salisbury" in 1090 and is mentioned in the Domesday Survey.  Radolphus was of Stopham in Sussex.....and then follows the 11 mentioned before..........whose attachment, as I said, may never be proven.

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