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Aaron Powers Sells Farm


The Manor of Poerhayes (Mailing List Posting)
The Power-Beresford Family
Some XVIIIth Century Notes on the Le Poer Family of Curraghmore
Waterford Heritage Services Initial Search Documents (PDF)
Who Was Benoni Teter Powers' Father?


Aaron Powers (1782-1862)
Abigail Powers Fillmore (1798-1853)
Alain-Émile-Louis-Marie Poher (1909-1996)
Sir Austin Danger Powers
Ainsleigh Bertram Power
Sir Charles Powers (1853-1939)
David Whitehead Powers (1818-)
Francis Gary Powers (1929-1977)
Gary A Power (1947-1972)
H. M. Powers
James Power (1788-1852)
James Oliver Power
Joseph Powers (1679-1761)
Mark, King of Cerniw & Prince of Poher (born c.480)
Mathew Power
Michael and Elizabeth Powers
Sir Piers Power, of Curraghmore, Kt., 2nd Lord le Poer and Coroghmore
Theodore F Powers (1839-1917)

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"Royal Gazette" St John's newspaper articles of the Ferryland District Early 1800's

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Powers Extracts From the Kincaid Dispatch
Liverpool Mercury Mon 13 Sep 1875
Liverpool Mercury Monday 12 March 1888
Liverpool Mercury Thursday 29 Nov 1888
Liverpool Mercury Mon 20 October 1890
Liverpool Mercury Wed 14 March 1900
Liverpool Mercury Thursday 15 March 1900

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