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Thomas and Naomi (Thompson) Gillespie & descendants

Except for the Graves family information listed under Isaac Gillespie, this chart came from Billie Curry Steeley. Her husband is a descendant of Thomas and Naomi Gillespie through their son George Gillespie.

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Thyatira Presbyterian Church Graveyard, Rowan Co. NC

HUSBAND: GILLESPIE, Thomas BORN: ca. 1719 MARR: ca. 1745 Augusta Co Virginia DIED: 15 Dec 1796 Rowan Co North Carolina BURIED: Thyatira Presbyterian Church Cem. Rowan Co NC OCC: Farmer FATHER: MOTHER: WIFE: THOMPSON, Naomi BORN: ca 1727 DIED: 15 Dec 1796 Rowan Co NC BURIED: Thyatira Presbyterian Church Cem, Rowan Co NC FATHER: MOTHER:
1. | NAME: GILLESPIE, James M | BORN: ca 1745 ?, Augusta Co VA | MARR: 9 Jan 1765 Rowan Co NC | DIED: before Feb 1787 ?, Rowan Co NC | WIFE: GRAHAM, Jane (Jean?) | BORN: | DIED: ca 1823
2. | NAME: GILLESPIE, Martha F | BORN: ca 1747 ?, Rowan Co NC | MARR: 20 Jan 1770 Rowan Co NC | DIED: NC | HUSB: ALLISON, Thomas | BORN: | DIED: ca 1780
3. | NAME: GILLESPIE, Isaac M | BORN: 28 Mar 1750 ?, Rowan Co NC | MARR: 12 April 1791 ?, Rowan Co NC | DIED: 24 Dec 1826 ?, Williamson Co TN | BUR: Ezell Graveyard Cem, Williamson Co TN | WIFE: McGUIRE, Mary Ann | BORN: 13 Feb 1770 | DIED: 20 Sep 1845 | NOTE: He is buried on his farm
4. | NAME: GILLESPIE, George M | BORN: 22 July 1751 Mickleburg, Rowan Co NC | MARR: 18 Apr 1771 Rowan Co NC | DIED: 1 Sep 1818 Bethpage, Sumner Co TN | BUR: Old Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church Cem nr Bethpage TN | WIFE: GRAHAM, Mary | BORN: 31 May 1751 | DIED: 10 Sep 1815 | NOTE: Marriage date from George's Bible
5. | NAME: GILLESPIE, Lydia F | BORN: 2 Aug 1753 ?, Rowan Co NC | MARR: 4 Nov 1772 Rowan Co NC | DIED: 18 Feb 1828 ?, Maury Co TN | HUSB: KNOX, Capt. James | BORN: ca 1752 | DIED: ca 1794 | 2HUSB: WALLACE, Ezekiel 19 Apr 1797
6. | NAME: GILLESPIE, Jr., Thomas M | BORN: ca 1755 ?, Rowan Co NC | MARR: 5 Sep 1785 Rowan Co NC | DIED: ca 1830 ?, Williamson Co TN | BUR: Old Steele Graveyard Cem, Williamson Co TN | WIFE: LUCKEY, M. (Jane) | BORN: ca 1763
7. | NAME: GILLESPIE, Alexander M | BORN: ca 1759 Rowan Co NC | DIED: ca 1804 NC
8. | NAME: GILLESPIE, Robert M | BORN: ca 1760 ?, Rowan Co NC | MARR: ca 1790 NC | DIED: 9 Nov 1842 Rowan Co NC | WIFE: THORNTON, Sarah "Sally" | BORN: ca 1782 | DIED:
9. | NAME: GILLESPIE, David | BORN: 1 Jan 1761 Rowan Co NC | MARR: 18 Apr 1785 Rowan Co NC | DIED: 28 Sep 1834 Williamson Co TN | BUR: Old Steele Graveyard Cem, Williamson Co TN | WIFE: LUCKEY, Mary | BORN: 1770-1780 | DIED: before Feb 1814 | 2WIFE: MARLIN, Mary | MARR: 16 Feb 1814
10. | NAME: GILLESPIE, John M | BORN: ca 1762 ?, Rowan Co NC | MARR: 31 Jan 1786 ?, Rowan Co NC | DIED: ca 1825 Tuscaloosa Co AL | WIFE: KERR, Margaret | BORN: ca 1769 | DIED: ca 1843 (died at age 63)

The birth place of Thomas Gillespie is not certain. It has been suggested that he was born in either Cecil County, Maryland, or Chester County, Pennsylvania, by Robert W. Ramsay in his book "Carolina Cradle," because many of the settlers of Rowan County came from that area to North Carolina. A great grandson of Thomas and Naomi named George C. Duffee said in an article in the "The Mississippi Genealogical Exchange", Volume Five, November 4, of December 1959 on page 103, "My grandfather, John Gillespie, was the son of Thomas Gillespie and Naomi great grandfather, Thomas Gillespie, came from North Ireland; and was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. Naomi Thompson, my great grandmother came from Pennsylvania."

Year of Birth and years married: On page 4 of the Thyatira Presbyterian Church booklet, "Died at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday the 15th of December, 1796, Mrs. Naomi Gillespie, aged 69; at 10 O'clock the same evening, Thomas Gillespie aged 76. They were the first settlers in Rowan County on the West side of the Yadkin River, and lived in the strictes bond of matrimonial friendship for a space of 51 years." This makes the birth year for Thomas at 1720, Naomi at 1727 and married in 1745. The perpetual calendar places the 15th of December 1796 on Thursday not Tuesday. Robert W. Ramsey, on page 40 of his book, "Carolina Cradle" cites the birth of Thomas as 1719 from his tombstone. Descendants have used 1719 for Thomas and 1728 for Naomi, in lineage pagers. Their six sons carried them to the grave and buried them in the same casket. In addition on their tombstone is this "They were close friends and kindred," which opens up the possibility that they were somehow related.

The only clue to Thomas Gillespie's father is from the same article by George C. Duffee and he "heard that the father of Thomas was David." John W. D. Wright leaned toward a Robert Gillespie as his father. No proof of that. Thomas Gillespie was not the son of the Rev. George Gillespie, pastor of Head of Christiana Church in Delaware. He had only two sons and neither was Thomas.

There is little doubt that Naomi's maiden name was Thompson. Her son John Gillespie named one of his daughters Naomi Thompson Gillespie and her grandson Thomas L. Gillespie, son of George Gillespie, named one of his daughters Naomi Thompson Gillespie. It is doubtful they would have done this had it not been her name. Nothing has been learned as to the identity of her parents.

There was a Robert Gillespie in Rowan County who may have been related to Thomas. There was a John Gillespie, cooper, also in Rowan, who may have been a cousin. There was also a Samuel H. Gillespie who was buried in Thyatira Cemetery as was Thomas and Naomi Gillespie. There was a Matthew Gillespie in Rowan County in early 1750s and 1760s whose identity is unknown. A Joseph Gillespie was in the area at the the same time. Sorting these six men out has proved unsuccessful thus far.

In the Land Office Patents and Grants, Virginia, card 59, a record was found which showed that Thomas Glassbey (sic Gillespie) on 1st of December 1740, Augusta County received 400 acres on a draft of the north river of Shanando called the Long Glade. Patent No. 19, 1739-41, p. 902. From a typed copy of the original document we learn that he paid forty shillings of good and lawful money for this land. The land was bounded on the west by Long Glade and on the east by Naked Creek. This is in the northern part of Augusta County. This is the first legal document on him and places him in Augusta by December 1740.

A source has been found for militia service for Thomas Gillespie: "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia," Volume II by Lyman Chalkley. From the Preston Papers held by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, copies of Musters of Augusta County, begin on page 507. On page 508, Captain John Smith's List: reports Thomas Gillespie. The date of the service was 1742. One Gillespie descendant said Thomas got a land grant in Anson County, NC in 1751 for this sevice. (This land grant has not been proven.) A copy of the handwritten muster roll (a list) was abtained from the above mentioned Historical Society.

A marriage date of 1 January 1745, for Thomas Gillespie and Naomi Thompson, has been cited in two references but no proof has been found to substantiate this.
1) Information from Jimmie Moore, Tennessee which may have been from David W. Morgan, Cedar Park, Texas. (Note: David doesn't know Jimmie Moore) "Thomas was born 1719 in either Cecil Co., Maryland or Chester Co., PA, and married Naomi Thompson 1-1-1745 in the "Valley of Virginia" with the ceremony performed by Rev. John Craig." (Note: Rev. Craig was pastor of the Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church in Augusta County, Virginia from 1740-1764, as found in "The Tinkling Spring; Headwater of Freedom" by Howard McKnight Wilson, Th.D.) (Note: The marriage date of 1-1-1745 came from an addenda that Dr. L. A. Absher sent out with his book, "Some Early Settlers of Upper Sumner County, Tennessee," who stated that the information came from "Mrs. Louise Gillespie Lynch of Franklin, Tennessee." I note that Louise Lynch is listed as the archivist of Williamson County on the Williamson County GenWeb site. Anybody want to contact her? David W. Morgan)
2) Information from "Lentz and Gillespie Families in Rowan County, North Carolina 1749-1818" by Gilbert G. Lentz, 1994, page 5, says: "Thomas Gillespie, 1727-1796 (sic. birth year was 1719), married Naomi Thompson, January 1, 1745." Source not cited. At the time they died they had been married 51 years which figures out to be 1745.

One man suggested that maybe Thomas was not born here but came from Northern Ireland or Scotland as a child or young man.

Probably Thomas Gillespie came from the area around Cecil County, Maryland or Chester County, PA, as many of the Rowan County settlers were from that area. Then he migratd into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and was in the Augusta County, Virginia area for a few years. A Thomas Gillespie presented a James for baptism on 18 March 1844, at the Timkling Springs Presbyterian Church in Augusta, County, which is prior to the marriage of Thomas and Naomi This assumes that our Thomas was the father of the James who was baptized, which I doubt. There was a William presented for baptism on 18 October 1847 by a Thomas but his name does not appear in Thomas Gillespie's will and from information in the "Carolina Cradle" by Robert W. Ramsey, page 41, it is explained that this William was an orphan of William Humphrey, deceased. Thomas would have removed William from the Colony but was ordered by the court to deliver said orphan to the church wardens. (Records of Augusta County, 1, 31.) Note, it is believed that these people who were baptized were in the family of Thomas and Eleanor Gillespie who were also in Augusta County at the same time.

Thomas and Naomi Gillespie migrated into Rowan County North Caroina. They were the first white family west of the Yadkin River. The Gillespie farm was on Sills Creek. The "Carolina Cradle," page 41, footnote 107.

On GenForum, a man said that Thomas Gillespie was a part of the Nottingham Colony. I set out to check that out and a man said he had the Buffalo Presbyterian Church book in Guilford, NC...the church that was formed by the Rising Sun Presbyterian Church in Cecil Co., In the index we find Col. Daniel, Daniel, Jr., Daniel D., Dr. Rev. E. Eugene, Col. John, Mrs. Nancy, Jr., and Robert. There is a picture of Col. Daniel (1743-1829). However...the Col. John Gillespie "was born in 1741 in Frederick Co, VA and came here (Guilford Co in 1762, etc) according to Pollard Gillespie, the deeds were dated December 1753 but Thomas was there before 1750, so I don't see how he could have been a part of that and his name is not listed either.

He served as a Commissary in the Revolutionary War under General Rutherford and received quite a lot of bounty land for his service in what is now Tennessee. According to one source, he bought up other bounty land in the same areas. Five of his sons received part of this land in his will. Each son's history will have what he received in the way of land. Son, George had his own land grant for his service in the War.

Information from booklet about the Thyatira Church;, "The Carolina Cradle," by Ramsey; and from a book by John W. D. Wright entitled, "Archibald Gillespie in California," and the section entitled, "The Gillespie Family Through Twelve Generations. Some information from descendants and the Will of Thomas Gillepsie. There are errors in Mr. Wright's book.

The only census record which Thomas appears on is the 1790 Rowan County Census North Carolina, page 177, in the Salisbury District.

Thomas Gillespie made his will on 15 November 1796 in Rowan County, North Carolina. It is recorded in Will Book G, pages 3 and 4. In it he names his children and disposes of his property. Witnessed by Thomas Irvin and Philip Palmer.

        Children of Thomas and Naomi (Thompson) Gilllespie

1.  James Gillespie, born ca 1745,  died before Feb 1787, married Jane
    Graham, who died ca 1823.

    A.  Thomas Gillespie, born ca 1766, died 11 October 1837, married
        Flora McCoy, born ca 1769, died 4 November 1821.

        a.  Thomas McCoy Gillespie, born ca 1788, died 16 Sept 1839,
            married Alice C "Aley" Graham.  She died 1862.

            aa.  ____ Gillespie, born 1815-1820, died ca 1894

            bb.  Joseph Graham Gillespie, born 1815-1820, died 1849,
                 married Obedience G. Smith.  She was born ca 1822

                 aaa.  Margaret C. Gillespie, born ca 1842

                 bbb.  George McCoy Gillespie, born ca 1847

                 ccc.  Martha A. Gillespie, born ca 1849

            cc.  Thomas J. Gillespie, born ca 1821

            dd.  James L. Gillespie, born ca 1822, died ca 1894

        b.  Flora Gillespie, born ca 1791, died 2 January 1844

        c.  Richard Gillespie, born 22 March 1800, died 18 November 1854.

        d.  George Gillespie, born caa 1802, died ca 1869, married Ann S.
            Cowan.  Ann  born ca 1805.

            aa.  Mary Jane Gillespie, born ca 1832.

            bb.  Flora C. Gillespie, born ca 1833.

            cc.  John C. Gillespie, born ca 1835.

            dd.  Thomas P. Gillespie, born ca 1838.

            ee.  Margaret Elizabeth Gillespie, born ca 1840.

            ff.  Nancy A. Gillespie, born ca 1844.

            gg.  Sarah A. Felecia Gillespie, born ca 1848.

            hh.  Isabella Gillespie, born ca 1855.

            ii.  Joseph Gillespie, born ca 1857.

            jj.  infant Gillespie (no name) born ca 1860.

        e.  William C. Gillespie, born ca 1807, married Susan E. ___.
            Susan born ca 1809.

            aa.  Flora E. Gillespie, born ca 1829.

        f.  Archibald Gillespie, born ca 1815, married Lucilla L. ____.
            Lucilla was born ca 1823, died before 1860 census.

            aa.  Charlotte (Rosanna) Gillespie, born ca 1841.

            bb.  William T. Gillespie, born ca 1843.

            cc.  Flora S. Gillespie, born ca 1844.

            dd.  Sarah J. Gillespie, born 3 Aug 1845.

            ee.  James A. Gillespie, born ca 1848.

            ff.  Richard D. Gillespie, born ca 1853.

            gg.  Esther F. Gillespie, born ca 1856.

        g.  John Calvin Gillespie, born 13 January 1814, died 18 January
            1872, married Hariet P. Marlin.  She was born 17 Sep 1821,
            died 25 April 1882.

            aa.  Richard Thomas Gillespie, born 28 October 1844.

            bb.  Samuel Marlin Gillespie, born 28 October 1849.

            cc.  Thomas Leroy Gillespie, born 28 May 1863.

    B.  Richard Gillespie, born ca 1768, died 8 December 1830, married Agnes
        "Nancy" Graham, born ca 1785, died 20 January 1837.

        a.  Flora Pamela Gillespie, born ca 1791, died 2 January 1844.

        b.  Joseph Graham Gillespie, born ca 1804, died 29 July 1840,
            married Ann _____.

            aa.  Richard Mitchell Gillespie.

            bb.  Jean A. Gillespie.

            cc.  Elizabeth Gillespie

        c.  James A. Gillespie, born ca 1814, died 5 August 1845.

        d.  Thomas C. Gillespie, born 22 March 1818, died ca 6 December 1848,
            married Caroline E. Austin.  She was born ca 1828, died ca 1851.

            aa.  Lueco Mitchell Gillespie, born 6 June 1848.

        e.  Nancy Cathy Gillespie

        f.  William L. Mitchell Gillespie, born ca 1825, died 4 Jan 1833.

        g.  Jean Gillespie

    C.  Elizabeth Gillespie, born ca 1770, died ca 1835, married William
        Lowery.  He was born ca 1765, died ca 1812.

        a.  Isabel Lowery, born ca 1790.

    D.  Ann Gillespie, born ca 1772.

    E.  Lydia Gillespie, born ca 1774, died 3 October 1837, married Samuel
        Culbertson.  He was born 28 January 1797, died ca 1843.

        a.  Gillespie Culbertson

        b.  John Culbertson

        c.  Samuel Culbertson

        d.  Daniel Culbertson

        e.  Elizabeh Culbertson

        f.  Jane Culbertson

        g.  Nancy Culbertson

    F.  Jean "Jenny" Gillespie, born 16 October 1777, died after 1811,
        married John Knox.  He died before May 1811.

        a.  James Gillespie Knox

        b.  Mary "Polly" Knox

        c.  Jenny Grames Knox

        d.  Lydia Knox

        e.  ___ Knox

    G.  Eleanor"Ellen" Gillespie, born ca 1781, died ca 1816, married Robert
        Johnston, who was born ca 1779, died ca 1841.

        a.  _______ Johnston

        b.  _______ Johnston

        c.  _______ Johnston

        d.  _______ Johnston

2.  Martha Gillespie, born ca 1747, married Thomas Allison.  He died ca 1780.

    A.  Richard Allison

    B.  Thomas Allison

    C.  Naomi Allison, born 1770-1780, married Christopher Irvin, who was
        born 1770-1780, died before 1830.

        a.  Andrew Irvin

        b.  Christopher Irvin, born ca 1804, married Elizabeth ____.

            aa.  Margaret Erwin, born ca 1843.

            bb.  Robert Erwin, born ca 1844.

            cc.  Parthenia Erwin, born ca 1847.

            dd.  L. Erwin, born ca 1849.

        c.  Jean Irvin

        d.  Martha Ervin

        e.  Naomi Irvin

        f.  Peggy Irvin

        g.  Ann Irvin

        h.  Malinda Irvin

        i.  Peggy Caroline Irwin, born ca 1823.

    D.  Ann Allison

3.  Isaac Gillespie, born 28 March 1750, died 24 December 1826, married
    Mary Ann McGuire.  She was born 13 February 1770, and died 20 September

    A.  Thomas T. Gillespie, born ca 1792.

    B.  Mary "Polly" T. Gillespie, born 26 January 1794, died 13 March 1866,
        married Reuben Reynolds, wh was born 25 February 1791, died 25
        March 1870.

        a.  George W. Reynolds, born 24 December 1818, died 30 May 1884.

        b.  Harriett E. Reynolds, born 18 November 1820.

        c.  Martha Melvina Reynolds, born 10 April 1821, died 27 Nov 1869.

        d.  Mary Ann Reynolds, born 20 Oct 1823.

        e.  John G. Reynolds, born ca 1826.

        f.  Richard C. Reynolds, born 19 March 1829.

        g.  Parthenia Cardma Reynolds, born 13 May 1833.

        h.  William Green Reynolds, born 17 June 1833.

        i.  Elizabeth Catharine Reynolds, born 25 January 1836.

        j.  Susie B. Reynolds, born 25 June 1842.

    C.  Lydia Gillespie, born 18 September 1796, died 14 April 1880, married
        James Durham 18 July 1820.  He was born 10 March 1786, died 5
        September 1856.

        a.   Mary "Polly" Ann Durham, born 1823, died 20 April 1907, Texola,
             Oklahoma Territory, married James "Jim" David Graves, ca 1838.

             aa.  James Carrol Graves, born 22 December 1839, died 28
                  December 1932, Texola, Beckham County, Oklahoma, married
                  Rebecca Elmina Travelstead 13 February 1866, Saline
                  County, IIlinois.  Rebecca was the oldest daughter of 
                  John Travelstead and his wife Mary Jane Absher. 

                  aaa.  John "Dee" David Graves, born 13 January 1867, near
                        Harrisburg, Saline Co IL, died 3 Decebmer 1929,
                        Canyon, Texas, married Betty Ann Ponder.

                  bbb.  George Jasper Graves, born 23 July 1872, near
                        Harrisburg, Saline Co IL, died 1937, Canyon? Texas,
                        married Ema Scott.

                  ccc.  William Henry Graves, born 31 Janury 1875, near
                        Harrisburg, Saline Co IL, died 15 August 1928, Texola
                        Beckham Co OK, married Claudie Rudd.

                  ddd.  Lydia Agnes Graves, born 30 September 1877, near
                        Harrisburg, Saline CO IL, died 6 January 1960, Erick
                        Beckham Co Ok, married (1) John Robert Bassett
                        12 August 1894, Lexington, Indian Territory, (2)
                        Mr. Worley. Children are by first marriage.

                        aaaa.  Pearl Janette Bassett, born 19 November 1898,
                               Gainesville, Texas, died 6 March 1949, Beckham
                               County, Oklahoma, married Cory Bruner
                               March 1916.  Cory and two sons died 10 Nov
                               1926 when their home burned in Erick, OK.

                               aaaaa.  James Euel Bruner, born 13 Feb 1917,
                                       Erick, OK, died 10 Nov 1926, Erick

                               bbbbb.  Sadie Malline Bruner, born 20 Feb 1920
                                       died ????, married (1) Arlen Speaks,
                                       (2) _____.  No children.

                               ccccc.  Kennith Clifford Bruner, born 28 Feb
                                       1922, Canyon, Texas, died 10 Nov 1926

                               ddddd.  Robert Edwin Bruner, born 19 Oct 1925
                                       married Arcola Martin 1948.  Two
                                       adopted sons.

                                       aaaaaa.  Steve Bruner

                                       bbbbbb.  Robby Bruner

                        bbbb.  Ernest Hugh Bassett, born 22 Feb 1901,
                               Gainesville, Texas, died 16 Sep 1906,
                               Erick, Oklahoma Territory.

                        cccc.  Rebecca Mae Bassett, born 24 March 1904,
                               Texola, Oklahoma Territory, died 4 October
                               1989, Hobart, Kiowa County, OK, buried
                               Erick, Beckham County, OK, married (1)
                               Ernest William Markham 28 May 1921, Canyon,
                               Texas (divorced), (2) French Morgan 17
                               November 1928.  French Morgan adopted Mae's
                               three sons from her first marriage.

                               aaaaa.  Hubert Donnell (Markham) Morgan, born
                                       23 July 1922, Canyon, Texas, married
                                       (1) Mildred Sue Barber 17 May 1942,
                                       (2) Doris Carlene Hunt 29 July 1988.
                                       Children are from first marriage.

                                       aaaaaa.  David Wayne Morgan

                                       bbbbbb.  Donna Marie Morgan

                                       cccccc.  Susan Rebecca Morgan

                                       dddddd.  Scott Barber Morgan

                               bbbbb.  William "Billy" Wayne (Markham)
                                       Morgan, born 19 August 1923,
                                       Erick, Ok, killed in action 4
                                       April 1944.  Buried in Erick OK.

                               ccccc.  Eddie Leon (Markham) Morgan, born
                                       30 December 1925, Erick OK, married
                                       Jeanice Sue Hostler 11 JUne 1949.

                                       aaaaaa.  daughter Morgan, born 1952,
                                                died 20 June 1952.

                                       bbbbbb.  Mark Eddie Morgan

                                       cccccc.  Nelson Leon Morgan

                                       dddddd.  Rebecca Sue Morgan

                               ddddd.  John Barney Morgan, born 15 August
                                       1930, Erick, OK, married (1) Patricia
                                       Ann Horn 1950 (divorced), (2) Bonnie
                                       Chambers (divorced), (3) Bernice
                                       White (divorced), (4) Doris (divorced)
                                       (5) Ella? (divorced) (6) Janelle Hess
                                       (divorced) (7) Roberta (Bert) Paben
                                       Two children by first marriage, one
                                       by second.

                                       aaaaaa.  Larry John Morgan

                                       bbbbbb.  Sherri Ann Morgan

                                       cccccc.  Kimberly Donett Morgan

                               eeeee.  Earl French Morgan, born 11 March
                                       1933, Erick, OK, married Donna Rae
                                       Downey 1 August 1951

                                       aaaaaa.  Elizabeth Denise Morgan

                                       bbbbbb.  Lynn French Morgan

                                       cccccc.  Alan Wayne Morgan

                               fffff.  Robert Allen Morgan, born 24 April
                                       1934, Erick, OK, married Anita Joann
                                       Fisher 2 June 1955.

                                       aaaaaa.  Anita Diann Morgan

                                       bbbbbb.  Angela Gale Morgan

                        dddd.  Ruby Lee Bassett, born 15 September 1905,
                               Erick, Oklahoma Territory, married Euel E.
                               Baldock 1 June 1924.

                               aaaaa.  Euel Lee Baldock, born 29 May 1926,
                                       married Audrey Stornes 1945.

                                       aaaaaa.  Kenneth Allen Baldock

                                       bbbbbb.  Garry Melvin Baldock

                                       cccccc.  Ronald Lynn Baldock

                                       dddddd.  Deborah Gail Baldock

                              bbbbb.  LaVona Faye Baldock, born 2 April 1928
                                      married Harry Rogers 1945

                                      aaaaaa.  Jerry Ray Rogers

                                      bbbbbb.  Steve Rogers

                              ccccc.  Ethel Mae Baldock, born 3 April 1931,
                                      married J. W. Connelly (divorced).

                                      aaaaaa.  Jan Denice Connelly

                              ddddd.  Melvin Dale Baldock, born 9 July 1936
                                      married Beverly J. Steele 1956.

                                      aaaaaa.  Cynthia Dalone Baldock

                                      bbbbbb.  Michael Dale Baldock

                                      cccccc.  LaVona Jean Baldock

                        eeee.  Verna Vay Bassett, born 1 May 1908, Texola,
                               Beckham County, Oklahoma, died 1992,
                               married Harvey H. Hudgins 10 December 1927.
                               No children.

                        ffff.  Dennis Fleet Bassett, born 5 Feb 1911, Texola,
                               OK died 1980s, married (1) Lucille Reed 14
                               April 1931 (2) Sophia. Children are from the
                               first marriage.

                               aaaaa.  Norma Jean Bassett married Curtis

                                       aaaaaa.  Curtis Leon Austin

                                       bbbbbb.  Dennis Wayne Austin

                                       cccccc.  Rusty Delbert Austin

                                       dddddd.  Melody Lynn Austin

                               bbbbb.  Agnes LaDean Bassett, born 11
                                       October 1940, married Rodney Smith.

                               ccccc.  Alice Nadine Bassett, born 11
                                       Octoer 1940, married Wayne Waggoner

                               ddddd.  Loretta Katherine Bassett married
                                       Melvin Lee Smith.

                  eee.  Florence Ann Graves, born 30 December 1879, Missouri
                        died 6 April 1967, married (1) Phillip Berry, (2)
                        ____ Vickry.

                  fff.  Alice Graves, born 20 March 1883, near Harrisburg,
                        Saline County, IL, died 22 July 1952, Erick,
                        Beckham Co OK, married W. J. Travelstead.

                  ggg.  Anna Mae Graves, born 5 March 1887, Gainesville, TX
                        died 1959, married Otto Short.

                  hhh.  Minnie Lee Graves, born 1 March 1890,
                        Gainesville, Texas, married (1) Walter Martin, (2)
                        Mack McDonald.

             bb.  Louisa Catharine Graves, born 1844, died young.

             cc.  Samantha Graves, born 4 February 1846, Sumner Co TN,
                  died 18 April 1923, Texola, Beckham Co. OK, married Henry

             dd.  Enie Graves, born 1850, Sumner Co TN, died Harrisburg IL.
                  married William Barter.

                  aaa.  John Barter

                  bbb.  Mary Barter

                  ccc.  daughter Barter

             ee.  John Graves, born 1854, died young.

             ff.  Mahala Graves, born 1855, Sumner Co TN, married James
                  Henry Travelstead, brother of Rebecca E. Travelstead.

        b.  Isaac W Durham

        c.  Mahala Durham, born 13 January 1828, died 12 September 1916.

        d.  John W. Durham born ca 1834

        e.  George Jasper Durham, born 30 October 1835, died 17 July 1920

        f.  Matilda M. Durham

        g.  Lydia Durham

    D.  Amelia Gillespie, born ca 1798.

    E.  Sophia Gillespie, born ca 1802, died ca 1875.

    F.  David Alexander Gillespie, born 28 March 1804, died 19 July 1861,
        married Anna Bigger, who was born 20 June 1812, died 22 Sept 1874.

        a.  Robert Alexander Gillespie, born 28 December 1831, died 4 May

        b.  Isaac Jasper "Jap" Gillespie, born 6 March 1833.

        c.  Mary Ann Gillespie, born 19 August 1835, died 19 April 1866

        d.  Nancy E. Gillespie, born 7 October 1837, died 7 Nov 1892

        e.  George Washington Gillespie, born 11 January 1838, died ca 1878

        f.  James Reuben Gillespie, born 4 May 1840, died 22 April 1844

        g.  Samuel Henderson Gillespie, born 20 Sep 1842, died 27 Jan 1863

        h.  William Henry Gillespie, born 10 March 1845, died 24 Dec 1921

    G.  Matilda Gillespie, born ca 1805, married Alexander Slavins.  He
        died before 1850.

        a.  James B. Slavens, born ca 1824

        b.  _____ Slavens, born ca 1826

        c.  Mary J. Slavens, born ca 1829.

        d.  Margaret E. Slavens, born ca 1831

        e.  Susan E. Slavins, born ca 1832

        f.  Navina Slavins, born ca 1836

        g.  Newton Slavins, born ca 1836

        h.  George W. Slavens, born ca 1839

    H.  Naomi Gillespie, born ca 1806.

    I.  George M. Gillespie, born 11 December 1809, died 2 July 1834,
        married Frances "Fanny" L. Morton.

        a.  George N. Gillespie, born ca 1834, died ca 1834.

4.  George Gillespie, born 22 July 1751, died 1 September 1818, married
    Mary Graham, who was born 31 May 1751, died 10 September 1815.

    A.  John Gillespie, born 18 March 1773, died 23 December 1868, married
        Elizabeth "Polly" Brandon, who was born 10 June 1776, died 17 June

        a.  James Gillespie, born ca 1798.

        b.  Elizabeth "Betsy" Gillespie, born 19 May 1800, died 11 Sep 1840,
            married Solomon C. Day, who was born 10 June 1796, and died 28
            January 1870.

            aa.  John Gillespie Day, born 11 Oct 1823, died 25 Feb 1896,
                 married Agnes Lenora Gillespie, who was born ca 1834, died
                 ca 1887.

                 aaa.  Robert M. Day, born ca 1854.

                 bbb.  George C. Day, born ca 1856.

                 ccc.  Adolphus G. Day, born ca 1859.

                 ddd.  Thomas M. Day, born ca 1861.

                 eee.  Elizabeth Day, born ca 1866.

                 fff.  David O. Day, born ca 1868.

                 ggg.  Charles Day, born April 1870.

            bb.  Henry Bledsoe Day, born 31 January 1825, died 15 May 1911
                 married Catherine "Kate" Moore, who was born 25 Feb 1830,
                 died 15 April 1911.

                 aaa.  Frank Day, born ca 1856.

                 bbb.  Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Day, born ca 1857.

                 ccc.  Julia Day, born ca 1860, died 1936.

                 ddd.  Martha "Mattie" Day, born ca 1865.

                 eee.  Charles H. Day, born 2 Sep 1866, died 11 Feb 1900

                 fff.  Catherine "Callie" "Kate" Day, born 12 Sep 1869
                       died ca 1969

            cc.  George Byrn Day, born 5 June 1828, died 3 May 1903,
                 married Adelia S. Harlow, who was born ca 1841.

                 aaa.  Henry J. Day, born ca 1861.

                 bbb.  John G. Day, born ca 1863.

                 ccc.  William (Franklin "Frank"?) Day, born ca 1864.

                 ddd.  Frances "Fannie" Day, born ca 1866.

                 eee.  Marion Day, born ca 1868.

                 fff.  Nora Day, born ca 1869.

                 ggg.  Lora Day

                 hhh.  Nahlon Day

                 iii.  George Byrn Day Jr

            dd.  Mary Jane "Polly" Day, born ca 1829, died 4 Nov 1901,
                 married William "Bill" Branham, who was born 11 March
                 1836, died 3 September 1921.

                 aaa.  James Solomon Branham, born 12 February 1854, died
                       24 August 1928.

                 bbb.  Laura Branham, born ca 1858.

                 ccc.  Susan Elizabeth Branham, born 4 May 1859, died
                       10 December 1922.

                 ddd.  William "Buck" Branham Jr. born ca 1861.

                 eee.  Martha Catherine Branham, born 10 December 1865.

                 fff.  George Bush Branham, born 18 June 1870, died 29
                       October 1936.


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