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Thomas Markham

Thomas Markham, born 1813, White County, Tennessee, lived in Noxubee County, Mississippi in 1840, Drew County, Arkansas in 1850, and Union County, Arkansas in 1860. He was married to Rachel, who was born in 1818. Patsy Ruth Taylor Belk, a great-great granddaughter of Thomas and Rachel Markham, has taken a Family Finder DNA test with Family Tree DNA. Her test shows that she is a 4th cousin to Dorothy Hight Broadway (descendant of James C Markham); Dana Pitts Pace (descendant of James C Markham); Timothy Roy Markham (descendant of Carrol Markham); Kathryn Johnson Hobdy (descendant of Carrol Markham; Sherrie Collins (descendant of Carrol Markham); Gary R Blakely (descendant of Francis Marion Markham); Jamie Nash Conley (descendant of John Bunyon Markham); and David W Morgan (descendant of John Bunyon Markham).

1.  Mary Elizabeth Markham, born 1839, AL, married John Fullilove Taylor
    28 Oct 1858 in Union CO AR.

    A. John Taylor, born 1859, Union Co AR.

2.  Margaret M Markham, born 1842, Noxubee CO MS, died 1868 in Keechie, 
    Leon Co TX, married Henry Van Richard Taylor 23 Dec 1858 in Union Co
    AR. Henry was born 1836, died 1905.

    A.  John Franklin Taylor, born 14 May 1863, Little Rock, AR, died 
        23 Sep 1926, Thornton, Limestone Co TX, married (1) Annie Eliza 
        Dean 1881, (2) Margaret Elizabeth Airheart 23 Dec 1886, Leon Co 
        TX, (3) Pearl E Martin 1903, Thornton, Limestone Co TX.

        Sons of John Franklin Taylor
        Standing: John Franklin Taylor, Edgar Elmer Taylor, Van Martin Taylor
        Sitting:  Glen Roe Taylor, Talmadge DeWitt Taylor, Bernard Taylor
        (Thanks to Patsy Belk for indentifying the sons!)

        a.  Margaret Elizabeth "Lizzie" Taylor, born 1883, died 1967, 
            married Walter Elmer Ellis.

            aa.  Leonard Paul Ellis, born 28 Sep 1905, died 29 Nov 1948.

            bb.  Annie M Ellis, born 1908, died 1920.

            cc.  Walter Elmer Ellis Jr, born 18 Dec 1913, Williamson Co 
                 TX, died 17 Oct 1966, Dallas, TX, married Bessie Lee 

                 aaa.  Bessily Ellis, born 1932.

        b.  Danny Estelle Taylor, born 2 March 1887, TX, died 30 Jan 1945,
            married (1) Charles C Wright, (2) H L Dunham.

            aa.  John Earl Wright, born 12 June 1905.


        c.  Edgar Elmer Taylor, born 7 Aug 1888, Keechi, Leon Co TX, died 
            13 July 1978, Thornton, Limestone Co TX, married Selma Francis 
            Rader 27 Dec 1908. in Thornton, Limestone CO TX.


            aa.  Marguerite A Taylor, born 29 Sep 1909, TX, died 4 Jan 
                 2000 in Dallas, TX, married Herman Barkley in 1930.

                 aaa.  _____ (male) Barkley, born about 1940.

            bb.  Mildred Lucille Taylor, born 12 Sep 1911, Thornton, 
                 Limestone Co TX, died 11 Jan 1994, Irving, Dallas Co TX,
                 married Edgar William Seay 17 Dec 1938.  Edgar was born
                 15 Nov 1909, died 20 July 2010 at 100 years of age.

                 Edgar, Mildred and Edgar Jr.

                 aaa.  Edgar William Seay Jr, born 24 Dec 1941, Dallas, 

            cc.  Lois Evalyn Taylor, born 1 Oct 1913, died 8 Feb 1997, 
                 Freeport, Brazoria Co TX, married Oswell "Taney" Durham 
                 about 1937.

                 aaa.  Eddie Glyn Durham, born 19 Jan 1938, Limestone Co
                       TX, married Jo Ann Truitt.

                 bbb.  James Edgar Durham, born abt 1941, Limestone Co

            dd.  Edgar "Eddie" Ray Taylor, born 17 July 1916, Thornton, 
                 Limestone Co TX, died 22 March 2009, Halletsville, TX,
                 married Alva Lois Calloway 22 Jan 1940.

                 Eddie and Lois

                 aaa.  William David Taylor, born 29 Oct 1941, married
                       (1)Sherrie Worth, (2)Linda.

                       aaaa.  Corey Gene Taylor, born 1 Sep 1970, Texas,
                              married (1)Lisa Bateman, (2)Kelly Gartrell 
                              15 March 2012.

                              aaaa.  Krysten Taylor, born 1996.


                              bbbb.  Stephen C Taylor

                       bbbb.  Mayna Ruth Taylor, born 17 March 1972, 
                              Texas, married Timothy L Garcia 7 Jan 1993, 
                              Wharton Co TX.

                              aaaaa.  Amanda Taylor Garcia.

                              bbbbb.  T J Garcia.

                 bbb.  Phillip Taylor

                       aaaa.  Theresa Taylor married _____ Huggins.

                       bbbb.  Reuben Taylor, married Judy _____.

            ee.  Rader Taylor, born 1920, died 13 June 1920, Limestone Co 

            ff.  John Earl Taylor, born 1921, died 1922.

            gg.  Patsy Ruth Taylor, born 27 Nov 1932, Limestone Co TX, 
                 married Carl Eugene Belk 15 Dec 1956. Patsy is a DNA 
                 match with other Markham cousins.


                 aaa.  Stephen Taylor Belk, born 25 Nov 1963.

                       aaaa.  Austin Belk, born 1983.

                       bbbb.  Joshua Belk, born 1986.

        d.  William Jasper (J.W.) Taylor, born 28 July 1890, Thornton, 
            Limestone Co TX, died 18 April 1960 in Falls Co TX, married
            Edna E Wimberly.


        e.  Van Martin Taylor, born 28 Oct 1904, Thornton, Limestone Co 
            TX, died 26 Jan 1975, Houston, TX, married Annie Yarbrough
            9 Sep 1926 in Thornton, Texas.


            aa.  Fred Irwin Taylor, born 30 Aug 1927, Thornton, Limestone 
                 Co TX, died 25 Aug 1993, Galena Park, Harris Co TX, 
                 married Betty Lou "Lucy" Hughes 15 July 1948, Limestone
                 Co TX.


                 aaa.  Laurie Ann Taylor, born 3 Juy 1952, Houston, 
                       Harris, TX, died 16 July 2013, Woodland Hills, 
                       Los Angeles Co CA, married Tim Cox.

                       Laurie, high school graduation
                       aaaa.  Diana L Cox, born 1974.

                       bbbb.  David L Cox, born 1975.

                       cccc.  Denise Cox, born 1982.

                 bbb.  Carla Taylor.

                 ccc.  Suzie Taylor.

            bb.  Ronald Martin Taylor, born 1929.

        f.  Talmadge DeWitt "T.D." Taylor, born 12 Sep 1906, Thornton, TX, 
            died 20 Sep 1986, Marlin, TX, married Ruth Graves.

            aa.  Helen Taylor married ____ Catlin.


        g.  T Bernard Taylor, born 30 Sep 1908, TX, died 29 June 2002,
            Thornton, Limestone Co. TX, married Eloise Cox.

            aa.  Martha Dorothy Taylor, born 1930.

            bb.  Charles Taylor, born 1932.

        h.  John Franklin "Jack" Taylor Jr, born 9 Aug 1910, died 12 Aug 
            1997, Alexandria, Rapides Parish, LA.

        i.  Glyn Roe Taylor, born 3 Jan 1913, died 12 July 2000 in Deer 
            Park, Harris Co TX.

    B.  William H Taylor, born 1867.

3.  Sarah Markham, born 1845.

4.  Meredith Markham, born 1847.

5.  Anna Markham, born 1848.

6.  Thomas M Markham, born 1850.

7.  Hersly Markham, born 1856.

8.  Rachel Markham, born 1857, Arkansas, died in Texas after 1900, married 
    Benjamin I Tribble about 1877.


    A.  Mary Elizabeth Tribble, born 17 Feb 1879, Kosse, Limestone Co TX,  
        died 7 May 1958, Harris County, TX, married George Monroe 


        a.  Willie Alma Williams, born 14 Feb 1900, Madison Co TX, died 15 
            Oct 1930, Mexia, Limestone Co TX, married Robert Lee Moody.
            After Willie died, Robert abandoned his children to the Waco
            State Home, a state home for neglected children.


            aa.  Mary Lee Moody, born 1923.

            bb.  Luella Agnes Moody, born 30 Sep 1925, Mexia, TX, died 5 
                 Feb 1982, St Louis, MO, married ____ Pruess.

                 aaa.  Anne Bernadette Pruess, born 1947, died 2005, 
                       married  ____ Fain.

            cc.  Charlie Lee Moody, born 1926.

        b.  George Franklin Williams, born 21 April 1905, Mexia, Limestone 
            Co TX, died 20 April 1968, Harris Co TX, married Jennie Mea 


            aa.  Imogene Williams, born 7 Nov 1922, died 2 April 1979,
                 Livingston, Polk Co TX, married James W Grubbs.

                 aaa.  Billie Jean Grubbs, born 30 Oct 1940, Lee Co TX,
                       died 22 Nov 2002, Friendswood, Galverston Co TX,
                       married John Preston Nixon.

                       aaaa.  ____ (male) Nixon.

                       bbbb.  ____ (male) Nixon.

            bb.  Ray George Williams, born 17 Oct 1923, died 15 March 
                 2007, Polk Co TX, married Mary Modine Hyatt.

                 aaa.  Roy Glenn Williams, born 7 July 1953, Harris Co TX,
                       died 7 June 1979, Galveston TX.

                 bbb.  ____ (male) Williams.

                 ccc.  ____ (male) Williams.

            cc.  Jesse Donald Williams, born 17 Aug 1927, died 1982, 
                 Athens, TX, married Marie.

            dd.  Bettie C Williams, born 1929.

        c.  Mamie Williams, born 1909.

        d.  Thomas Williams, born 1916.

        e.  Katie (Kittie) Mae Williams, born 19 July 1918, TX, died 4 Feb  
            1970, Harris CO TX, married Edward E Fraley.


    B.  Thomas Calvin Tribble, born 29 June 1880, Limestone, TX, died 25 
        Sep 1957, Leon Co TX, married Callie Jane Ward 27 May 1904, 
        Madison Co TX.

        a.  Thomas Tribble, born 1907.


    C.  Raymond Tribble, born 1891.

    D.  Lula Mable Tribble, born 1 May 1894, TX, died 4 Aug 1958, Madison
        Co, TX, married Willie Williams.

        Death certificate was filled out by her husband. Her mother was
        Rachel Markham, not Mamie Marshall.

1840 Census, Noxubee County, Mississippi

Thomas Markham 1 m 20-30;   1 f 20-30
               1 f under 5

1850 census, Smith, Drew County, Arkansas

Thomas Markham    37
Rachel Markham    32
Mary E Markham    10
Margaret Markham   7
Sarah Markham      5
Meredith Markham   3
Thomas Markham     0

1860 census, Pigeon Hill, Union County, Arkansas

T Markham         47
Rachel Markham    43
Merida Markham    15
Anna Markham      12
T M Markham        9
Hersly Markham     4
Rachel Markham     3

Thomas Markham, born 1813, Tennessee, was living in Noxubee County 
Mississippi in 1840. He married Rachel. He is living in Arkansas in 1850 
and 1860.  His youngest daughter, Rachel, born about 1857, married 
Benjamin I Tribble about 1878 as his second wife. Benjamin Tribble's first 
wife was Malissa Markham, the daughter of Carroll Markham.

Thomas Markham's two oldest daughters, Mary Elizabeth and Margaret M 
Markham, married two brothers, John F M Taylor and Henry Taylor.

1880 Census, Kosse, Limestone County, Texas, 1 June 1880
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page five

4-4      Tribble, B. F.    w m  53  husband farmer    AL TN KY
                  I. A.    w f  38  wife              MS MS MS
                  C. B.    w m  19  son               TX AL MS
                  F. Z.    w m  13                    TX AL MS
5-5      Tribble, B. J.    w m  28  husband farmer    TX AL MS
                  R.       w f  23  wife              AR MS MS
                  Mary     w f   1  dau               TX TX AR
         Markham, R.       w f  63  mother-in-law     MS MS MS
          Deason, M.       w f   9  neice             TX AR AR
           Gundy, Jack     b m  14?                   TX AR MS

(R Markham, aged 23, was Rachel Markham, the daughter of Thomas Markham)
(R Markham, aged 63, was Rachel Markham, the wife of Thomas Markham)

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