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Plyer Barber Family

(This information provided by Jere Fletcher and Traci Barbour)

Plyer Barber, son of George and Elizabeth Barber, born 1740, Augusta 
County, Virginia, died before 23 May 1814, Johnston County, North Carolina.
He married Amy in 1761.  Amy survived Plyer, who died in 1814.

Plyer and his brother George Barber and step-father Matthew Patton and 
mother Elizabeth Barber Patton migrated to Johnston County, North 
Carolina ca 1756.  The children of Plyer are named in his estate papers.
Burwell Barber, his son, was appointed adminstrator of his estate.

   Barber Graveyard, Elevation, NC
     Click here for a larger image

   The Estate of Plyer Barber


1.  Mary (Polly) Barber, born 1756, died Aug 1816 in Johnston Co. NC, 
    married William Rufus Messer Jr 2 April 1787 Johnston County, North 

    A.  Elizabeth Messer, born 14 Jan 1790, Johnston Co. NC, died 1850, 
        Dale Co. AL, married Whitmill Johnson 30 June 1812, Johnston Co 
        NC, who was born 9 Sep 1779, died 1850, Dale Co. AL.

        a.  Teansey Johnson, born 3 May 1813.

        b.  Ransom Johnson, born Aug 1815, Johnston Co NC, lived in 
            Raleigh NC in 1860.

        c.  Aquilla Johnson, born 16 Nov 1817, Johnston Co NC, died 1880, 
            Leake, MS, married Uriah David Collins 8 Jan 1839.  Uriah was 
            born 1808 NC, died 1857, Dale Co. AL, the son of Uriah Collins
            and Sally Fish.
            aa.  Ella Collins

            bb.  Uriah David Collins Jr, born 1 April 1840, Johnston Co 
                 NC, died 1915, Neshoba, MS, married Pernecia "Necie" V 
                 Wilkerson 1864, Leake Co MS. She died in 1945 in Neshoba 

            cc.  Elizabeth Collins, born 1841, died 1915, AL, married (1)
                 Wiley Washington King, who was born about 1843, Dale Co 
                 AL, and died about 1864, Gordonville, VA. He enlisted in 
                 the 14th AL Infantry in 1862, and was mustered out in VA 
                 in 1863. He died shortly after from disease. (2) William 
                 K Ross Collins in Hancock Co IN. He died in 1910 in 

                 aa.  James Wylie Washington King, born 22 Oct 1859, Dale 
                      Co AL, and died 2 Feb 1926, MS.

            dd.  John Collins, born 1842.

            ee.  Bartilla Collins, born 1843, AL.

            ff.  Mary J Collins, born 1844 AL.

            gg.  Martha "Mattie" Collins, born 2 April 1847, died 7 May 
                 1926, Henry Co AL, married Hugh Lawrence Deshazo.

            hh.  William Fish Collins, born 10 May 1849, Sale AL, died 8 
                 Aug 1919 Dale Co. AL, married Martha Jane Goodman 1871.  
                 Martha was born 24 Oct 1848, Clay Co GA, died 14 Dec 1920 
                 at Enterprise, AL.


                 Children of William Fish Collins

                 aaa.  Maggie Collins, born 16 July 1873, AL, died at 
                       Brewton, Escambia Co. AL 8 Feb 1859, married 
                       Thomas R Butler 11 Dec 1894 at Dale Co. AL. Thomas
                       was born 28 June 1857, GA, died 12 Feb 1943, 
                       Escambia Co. AL.

                       aaaa.  Clyde Butler, born 10 March 1901, Dale Co. 
                              AL, died 9 April 1991, Escambia Co. AL, 
                              married James W. Lee 16 April 1916.  James
                               was born 7 Jan 1892, AL, died 13 Sep 1959, 
                              Escambia Co. AL. A great-granddaughter is
                              DAR #855505. Kimberly Illene Lee.

                                     Click here for a larger image

                 bbb.  Addie Elizabeth Collins, born 3 May 1885, died 25
                       Feb 1939, Coffee Co. AL, married Horace Hugh 

                       aaaa.  Geraldine DeShazo, born 4 March 1912, Coffee
                              Co. AL, died 26 Oct 2004, married William
                              Lee Croley in 1929. William was born 8 April
                              1907, Coffee Co. AL, died 26 Feb 1964. 

                              aaaaa.  Patricia Croley, born 9 Nov 1943,
                                      married (1) Richard Williamson 2 Dec
                                      1965, Harris Co. TX, (2) Rodger D.
                                      Bragg 28 June 1969 Harris Co. TX, 
                                      (3) Jimmie Adams Overby 15 May 1992 
                                      Galveston Co. TX. DAR #855627

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                        Click here for a larger image

            ii.  Theresa S Collins, born 1852.

            jj.  Whitmill Tanner Collins, born 1856, Dale Co. AL.       

        d.  Ashley Johnson, born 20 Feb 1819.

        e.  Bartilla Johnson, born 26 Feb 1820, johnston co NC, died 16 
            June 1879, Dale Co AL, married Acrel Byrd in 1841, who was 
            born 16 Dec 1815, Johnston Co NC, died 24 June 1891, Byrd 
            Farm, Dale Co AL.  

        f.  Richard Caswell Johnson, born 22 Sep 1822, Smithfield NC, died 
            30 Oct 1903, Jackson MS, married Elizabeth Ann Heath, who was 
            born 1841, Dale Co AL, died Sept 1919, Humbolt, TN.


        g.  Acriel C Johnson, born 20 Feb 1825, Johnston Co NC, died 1910, 
            married Rebecca Caroline Simmons 1849, who was born 1830 AL, 
            died 15 Dec 1920, Waldron, AR.

        h.  Cassey Johnson, born 25 June 1827.

        i.  Millicent Johnson, born 18 Sep 1829.

        j.  Whitmill Marion Johnson, born 6 Jan 1835, Johnston Co NC, died 
            1876, married Evalina Jane Heath, who was born 1837 AL, died 
            1910, Waldron AR.

    B.  John Messer, born 1791, Johnston Co NC.

    C.  Edith Eady Messer, born 1792, Johnston Co NC, died 16 Oct 1881, 
        Russell Co AL, married Stephen Pettis, who was born 179 in VA, 
        died before 1860 in Russell Co AL.

        a.  Debra Pettis, born 1818 NC, died 17 Dec 1878, Russell Co AL,
            married William Hardy, who was born 1816 NC, died 1876, 
            Russell Co AL.

            aa.  Henry O Hardy, born 15 Oct 1840, Opelika, AL, died 26
                 June 1908, Clanton, AL, married Mary Jane Maddox, who was 
                 born 1856 AL, died 1926.

                 Front row: Oscar Hardy, Henry O Hardy, Mellissa Maddox, 
                            Melissa's mother Ellender J Henley Maddox who 
                            is Henry's first cousin
                 Back row:  Jesse Hardy, Drusilla and Merky Lily Hardy

                 aaa.  Susan Emma Hardy, born 30 June 1868, Chilton AL,
                       died 21 Feb 1943, Birmingham AL, married William
                       Newton Childress, who was born 1862, Bibb Co AL,
                       died 1930, Fairfield, AL.


                       aaaa.  Daley Childress, born 5 June 1890, died 1 
                              Nov 1926, Birmingham, married Robert Hill 
                              Butgin, who was born 1884, died 1950.

                              Daley Childress

                              Daley Childress and Robert Hill Burgin

                 bbb.  Jesse Hardy

                 ccc.  Drusilla Hardy

                 ddd.  Merky Lily Hardy, born Dec 1886 AL, died 20 Jan 
                       1933, Douglasville, GA, married John Buck Baker, 
                       who was born 1874, died 1910.

                       aaaa.  Edith E Baker

                        Merky and John and baby Edith

                 eee.  Oscar David Hardy, born 20 July 1891 AL, died 2 Aug 
                       1965, Jackson, MS, married Melissa Joiner, who was 
                       born 1883, AL, died 1963, GA.

                       aaaa.  Marcus Dearcy Hardy

                       bbbb.  Lydia Hardy

                       Oscar and son Marcus

                       Melissa and daughter Lydia

    D.  Council Bryant "CB" Messer, born 1805, Johnston Co NC, died 
        Tippah, MS 1870, married Sarah Jane Franklin, who was born 
        1800, TN.

    E.  Bryant Edward Messer, born 2 March 1809, Johnston Co NC, died 18 
        Aug 1886, Dellwood, Jackson Co FL, married Martha Jarman, who was 
        born 1812, died 1889, FL.


        a.  Ferney Simmons Messer, born 1845, Decatur Co GA, died 1918, 
            Rapides Parish, LA, married Barbara McDaniel, who was born 
            1846, died 1900.  Ferney enlisted 5 July 1863 and served with 
            his father Bryant in the 4th Florida Cavalry, Company B, 
            discharged 20 May 1865, Deatur, GA.

            aa.  Oscar Messer, born 1873, TX, died 17 Sep 1927 Turkey
                 Creel, LA, married Elizabeth Plummer, who was born 1869, 
                 TX, died 1929, Evangeline, LA.


                 aaa.  Adaline Messer, born 1900, LA, married Frank Edgar 
                       Creel, who was born 1891, TX.

                       aaaa.  Frankie Verney Creel, born 1921, died 2003, 
                              married Bruford Earl Nolan.


2.  Patsy (Martha) Barber, born 1761, Johnston Co NC, died 1820, Johnston 
    Co NC, married William Martin 4 March 1811, Johnston County, North 
    Carolina. This may have been a second marriage for Patsy.  William was
    born 5 July 1752, Chelmsford, MD, died 1838, Johnston Co NC.

    A.  Benjamin B Martin, born 1776, Johnston Co NC, died 1860, Dale Co 
        AL, married Elizabeth Littlebury 1799.  Elizabeth born 1785, 
        Ashville, Buncombe Co NC, died 1870, Dale Co AL.

        a.  William Martin, born 1801, died 1870, married Elizabeth 
            Campbell in 1822.

            aa.  Tabbitha Martin, born 1836, Dale Co AL.

            bb.  Sarah A Martin, born 1847, Dale Co AL, married Frank 

            cc.  John H Martin, born 1849, Dale Co AL.

            dd.  Elizabeth Martin, born 1852, Dale CO AL.

            ee.  Esabel Martin, born 1858, Dale Co AL.            

        b.  James Howard Martin, born 1802, Lenoir Co NC, died 9 April 
            1860, Dale Co AL, married Elizabeth _____, who was born 1800 
            NC, died 27 July 1870, Texas.

            aa.  Benjamin William Martin, born Sep 1823, Darlington SC,
                 died June 1900, Montgomery Co TX, married Pheriba Andrews 
                 who was born 1824, SC, died 1900, Montgomery CO TX.


            bb.  George W Martin, born 1825, AL, died 1905, Red Oak, AL, 
                 married Agnes Rose Althea Jeffries, who was born 1884, 
                 AL, died 1948, Morgan Co AL.

        c.  Frances Stacie Martin, born 1803, Johnston Co NC, died 1860, 
            Dale Co AL, married William Thomas B Andrews, who was
            born 1797, Darlington SC, died 18 Aug 1873, Dale Co AL.

            aa.  Andrew Andrews, born 1821.

            bb.  James H Andrews "Moses", born 9 Sep 1824, SC, died 1873, 
                 Dale Co AL, married Mary Jane Dunaway, who was born 1820, 
                 AL, died 1890, Holt, AL.

                 aaa.  Sarah Jane Andrews married Wiliam Robert Palmer 

                       aaaa.  Charles Palmer Weekley, born 1879 FL, died 
                              1927, FL, married Nancy Elizabeth Helms.


                              aaaaa.  Carter N Weekley, born 1918, died 
                                      1954, married Mary Christine 


            cc.  Mary Andrews, born 1828, SC, married John H Howell, who 
                 was born 1826, SC.

            dd.  Thomas Benjamin Andrews, born 1829, SC, died 10 Feb 1914,
                 Grady, GA, married Demaris Jane Carraway, who was born 
                 1830, Henry Co AL, died 1883, Thomas Co GA.

                 aaa.  John Thomas Andrews, born 1857 AL, died 1925 GA.

                       aaaa.  William Henry Andrews, born 1875, died 1945, 
                              married Mary Priscilla Walden.


                              aaaaa.  Evie Marie Andrews, born 1899, died 

                              bbbbb.  William Henry Andrews Jr, born 1901, 
                                      died 1978.

                              ccccc.  Annie Mae Andrews, born 1904.

                              ddddd.  Daniel Webster Andrews, born 1906, 
                                      died 1981.

                              eeeee.  Mildred Pawnee Andrews, born 1909, 
                                      died 1948, married Floyd Joyner.


                              fffff.  Alton Andrews, born 1912

                              ggggg.  Robert Leon Andrews, born 1916, died 
                                      2007, married Effie Godwin.


                              hhhhh.  Rufus Andrews, born 1920, died 1983.

                              iiiii.  John Daniel Andrews, born 1925, died 

                 bbb.  Sinai F Andrews, born 1858.

                 ccc.  Mary Ann Mahaly Andrews, born 1860, died 1926.

                 ddd.  Elisha J Marian Andrews, born 1862, died 1910.

                 eee.  Eliza Rebecca Andrews, born 1864, died 1935.

                 fff.  Thomas G Andrews, born 1879.

                 ggg.  Elisha Andrews, born 1884.

                 hhh.  Hattie Andrews, born 1887.

            ee.  Sarah E Andrews, born 1832, Dale Co AL, died 1890, Dale 
                 Co AL, married James H Garner, who was born 1828, Lenoir 
                 Co NC, died 1884, Dale CO AL.

            ff.  Frances Andrews, born 1834, AL, married Bennett Whitman, 
                 who was born 1833, NC

            gg.  John S Andrews, born 1837.

            hh.  Smithy Andrews, born 1838, AL

            ii.  Elisha Edmond Andrews, born 1839, AL, died 1926, married 
                 (1) H Elizabeth Cooper, who was born 1840, GA, died 1908, 
                 Dale Co AL, (2) Martha J ____, who was born 1850, AL.

            jj.  John Rep Andrews, born 1841, AL, died 1861.

            kk.  Julia A Andrews, born 1842, AL

            ll.  Martha Margaret Andrews, born 1843, AL, married Eward 
                 David Shola, who was born 1840, Henry Co AL, died 1910, 
                 Grady GA.

            mm.  Hester R Andrews, born 1845, AL.

        d.  Sarah Ann Martin, born 1810, Johnston Co NC, died Nov 1870,
            Johnston Co NC, married Ica Thea Matthews, who was born 21 Nov
            1809, Harnett Co NC, died Dec 1872, Harnett Co NC.

            aa.  Benjamin Elmond Matthews, born 1846, Cumberland Co NC, 
                 died 1923, Harnett Co NC, married Elizabeth Dodd, who was
                 born 1849, NC, died 1924.

                 aaa.  Nancy A Matthews "Nannie", born 1878, Harnett Co 
                       NC, died 1970, Raleigh NC, married Clemuel Watson 
                       Flowers, who was born 1876, Harnett Co NC, died 
                        Clemuel Watson Flowers
                        Nancy A Matthews Flowers

                       aaaa.  Annie Jean Flowers, born 1908 NC, died 1991, 
                              Clayton NC, married Herbert Ronald Hocutt, 
                              who was born 1905, NC, died 1972, NC.


                       bbbb.  Bruner Watson Flowers, born 1917, NC, died 
                              2005, married Eunice Fields, who was born 
                              1919 NC, died 2005, Richmond. 

                                 Bruner Flowers and sister Annie Jean

        e.  Martha Martin, born 1811, Johnston Co NC, married Joshua 
            Suggs, who was born 17 Oct 1829, Johnston Co NC.

        f.  Haywood Martin, born 26 Dec 1812, NC, died 19 Nov 1900,    
            married Emily Dixon 1 Dec 1841, Johnston Co NC.  Emily was
            born 14 Jan 1822, Johnston Co NC, died 13 Aug 1888, Dale Co AL

            aa.  William Dixon Martin, born 14 Nov 1847, married Mattie C
                 Mizell, born 1863.

                 aaa.  William Dixon Martin Jr, born 1878, Troy AL, died
                       1949, Beaumont, TX, married Mary Melora Graves 

                       aaaa.  William Graves Martin, born 1910, AL, died
                              1998, Libertyville, IL, married Ettalie 


                              aaaaa.  William Graves Martin Jr, born 1942,
                                      died 1998, Beaumont, TX.


                              bbbbb.  Mary Lee Martin

                                      William Graves Martin and daughter Mary Lee

        g.  Elizabeth Martin, born 1815, Johnston Co NC, died 1860, Dale 
            Co AL, married William Hines, who was born 1808, died 1852, 
            married in 1828.

            aa.  Stephen G Hines, born 1847, died 1924, AL, married 
                 Lucretia Snellgrove.

                 aaa.  Joe Sephus Hines, born 1887, AL, died 1935, AL, 
                       married Camilla Whitaker.

                        Joe Sephus Hines

                 bbb.  Caroline Elizabeth Hines "Lizzie", born 1869, died 
                       1945, AL, married Jesse Malcolm Carmichael.

                        Jesse Malcolm Carmichael

                       aaaa.  Bertha Estella Carmichael, born 1899, died 
                              1973, married Claude Spears.


                       bbbb.  Lewie Carmichael, born 1906.

                       cccc.  Roy Carmichael, born 1908.

                       dddd.  Mary Louise Carmichael, born 1909, married
                              Guy Hollingsworth.  He was born 1908 in FL,
                              died 1996, Jacksonville, FL.

                               Mary Louise Carmichael Hollingsworth
                               Guy Hollingsworth

                              aaaaa.  Patricia Ann Hollingsworth married
                                      James Henry Hudnell, who was born 
                                      1935 in KY, died 2002 in 
                                      Jacksonville, FL. 

                               Patricia Ann Hollingsworth
                               James Henry Hudnell

        h.  Benjamin B Martin Jr, born 9 Jan 1816, Johnston Co NC, died 
            16 Dec 1898, Dale Co AL, married Mary Polly Byrd, who was born 
            1818, died 1914, Dale CO AL.

3.  Plyer Barber Jr, born about 1762 in Augusta County, Virginia, married 
    Nancy Busbee 17 November 1783 in Elevation, Johnston County, North 
    Carolina or Wake County, North Carolina.  Plyer died 23 May 1814.

    A.  Henry "Harry" Barber, born 1789 in Johnston County, North Carolina, 
        died 3 Sept 1856 in Johnston County, NC, married (1) Lucy Barber 
        4 May 1816, Johnston Co. NC., (2) Elizabeth Barber 8 Jan 1834 in 
        Johnston County, NC., 

        a.  Lucetta Barber, born 1835, Elevation, Johnston Co. NC, died

        b.  Bethelda Barbour, born Aug 1836.

        c.  Alcinda Barbour, "Cindy" born 1 Aug 1837, Elevation, Johnston 
            Co. NC, died 19 Nov 1915, married James H Barber 17 Jan 1860, 
            Johnston Co. NC. Alcinda was the twin of Henry Hinton Barbour.
            James H Barber enlisted for the Civil War in Wake Co NC at 
            age 24 on July 15, 1862.  His brother-in-law, Harry Barber,Jr, 
            enlisted the following day, and they both served in Company C 
            of the 5th NC Regiment.  James was shot in the throat and 
            killed at Spotsylvania Court House, VA. on May 12, 1864, 
            leaving his wife, Alcinda, and two children.

            aa.  Julia Barber married Gaston P. Woodell.

            bb.  James H. Barber, Jr.

        d.  Henry Hinton Barber "Harry", born 1 Aug 1837 in Elevation, 
            Johnston Co. NC, died 22 June 1901, married Smithy Byrd 14 Aug 
            1860, Johnston Co NC. Twin of Alcinda. Harry served in the 
            Civil War, Company D, 5th NC Regiment as a private. He 
            deserted, but then rejoined the war and was taken prisoner 
            near Petersburg, VA, and confined at Point Lookout, MD. He was 
            released after the war was over.  Smith Byrd was born 9 July
            1830/1831, and died 20 March 1917, Johnston Co NC.
            aa.  Absalom Jefferson Barbour "App", born 2 May 1861, 
                 Johnston Co NC, died 7 July 1931, married (1) Lou Della 
                 Barber 21 Feb 1882.  Lou Della Barber was born 22 Jan 
                 1862, died 25 January 1912, was the daughter of William 
                 Ruffin Barber and Catherine Barber, and the step-daughter
                 of James Newitt "Jim Bur'l" Barbour. After Lou died, 
                 Absalom married (2) Corinna Byrd 23 Jan 1915, (3) Mattie 
                 Johnson 29 Jan 1921.

On Thursday evening, January 25, 1912, just after sunset the death angel entered the home of Mr. A. J. Barbour and claimed the spirit of his beloved wife and companion. Although all skilled physicians and loving hands could do to prolong her stay with us and ease her sufferings, it was of no avail. The Lord had claimed her for his own, and called her home above where sorrows, sickness, and death are felt and feared no more, but all is light and love.

The deceased, Lou Della Barbour, was born Janurary 22, 1862, and died January 25, 1912, making her stay on earth 50 years and three months (days).

They were joined together in the holy bonds of wedlock in the year 1882. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs James N. Barbour. She had been suffering for a year or so with cancer. Although her sufferings were long and painful, she bore them all with patience and Christian fortitude that was remarkable in one so weak. Although we miss her sadly, as we know that she can never return to us and we no more hear her gentle voice again or see her sweet face on earth again, yet we could not wish her back with us for we have hope and evidence to believe that she is now at rest, and feel that our loss is her eternal gain.

She had never united with them, but was a firm believer in the faith and religion of the Primitive Baptist Church. She leaves a lonely husband, eight living children, and four dead, father and mother, five sisters and two brothers, all to mourn the loss of a kind and devoted wife, loving mother, sister, and daughter.

She was laid to rest Friday afternon, January 26, at Rehobeth Church in the presence of a host of sorrowing relatives and friends.

She was a woman of noble Christian character and possessed a loving disposition, was a devoted and loving wife a kind and affecionate mother and faithful and obliging friend and neighbor to all.

                 aaa.  James R. Barbour, born 5 Feb 1883, died 27 April 
                 bbb.  A. B. Barbour, born 13 May 1884, died 7 May 1886

                 ccc.  Hettie Catherine Barbour, born 7 March 1886, died 
                       26 Feb 1951, Wake County, NC, married James Edward
                       Godwin 9 Oct 1909, Johnson Co NC.

                 ddd.  Newitt Henry Barbour, born 29 Sep 1887, Johnston 
                       County NC, died 22 Oct 1975 in Fredericksburg, VA, 
                       married (1) Eva Parrish 19 Sep 1909, Johnston Co. 
                       NC, (2) Florence Payne after 1917. She was born 2 
                       Nov 1904, died Aug 1985. 

                       Newitt Henry Barbour as a young man

                       Florence Payne


                       aaaa.  Nelson Lewis Barbour, 
                              born 23 July 1929, Virginia, died 16 July 
                              2014, married (1) Mary Whitlock, (2) Georgia 
                              Warren, (3) Anna Sue Reed. Anna Sue was born 
                              15 Sep 1935, died 28 Feb 2012.    

Nelson Barbour in Spotslyvania Co VA in 1933 and 1949
Nelson Barbour in the Air Force

Nelson and wife

The Lord called his daughter, Anna Sue Barbour, to be home with him on Feb. 28, 2012.
Daughter of the late Joe Reed and Mattie Brookes Reed, "Sue" was the youngest of 14 siblings, and was the sole surviving member of the Reed family. She was born Sept. 15, 1935, in Letcher County, Ky. Even though she was from humble roots, what they lacked in money there was an abundance of love and faith in God.
Sue joined the Air Force at the age of 19. She and Nelson met while both stationed at Eglin Air Force Base. Through out his military career, she and Nelson raised two sons, adopted four daughters, and fostered numerous children. Their family grew as his military career took them around the world. While stationed in California, Jon Marc was born. While in North Carolina, Craig Lee was born. While deployed to Tachikawa AFB Japan, they adopted Traci Lynn. Upon retiring from the military, they adopted Pamela Ann in Virginia. After settling into their home in Mary Esther, Fla., they adopted twins, Alice and Anna. She cherished her family while serving the Lord in several churches throughout her life.
She is survived by her devoted husband of 56 years, Nelson Lewis, and her six children. In addition to her six children, Sue is survived by six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
The viewing will be at Emerald Coast Funeral Home on March 3 from 5 to 7 p.m. The funeral service will be held at Grace Lutheran Church in Destin on March 5 at 10 a.m. The burial service immediately follows at Barrancas National Cemetery at 1 p.m.

                              aaaaa.  Nelson Lewis Barbour Jr, born 
                                      1948, married Ann

                                      aaaaaa.  Jason Barbour

                                      bbbbbb.  Nicolas Barbour

                              bbbbb.  David Worth Barbour, born 1952, 
                                      died 1979, married ____

                                      aaaaaa.  Matthew Barbour

                              ccccc.  Jon Marc Barbour, born 1957, 
                                      married Susan

                              ddddd.  Craig Lee Barbour, born 1960, died 16 Oct 2016,  
                                      married Rebekah.


                                      aaaaaa.  Andrew Stephen Barbour,
                                               born 1981, married Rebecca 
                                               Henderson 2003 Clark 
                                               County NV

                                               aaaaaaa.  Raeanna J. 
                                                         Barbour, born 
                                                         2003, GA

                                               bbbbbbb.  Alden S. Barbour
                                                         born 2007 GA

                                      bbbbbb.  Jonathan Kyle Barbour,
                                               born 1985, married Tracy
                                               Ridley 2007

                                               aaaaaaa.  Makayula A. 
                                                         Barbour, born 
                                                         2007, GA

                                      cccccc.  Morgan Barbour, born 1987, 
                                               married Joel Jerdee
                                               aaaaaaa.  Ethan R. Jerdee
                                                         born 2007 GA

                              eeeee.  Traci L. Barbour, (adopted) born 
                                      1965, married Timothy Brosnan

                                      aaaaaa.  Anna Chay Brosnan, born 

                                      bbbbbb.  Dylan Reed Brosnan, born 

                              fffff.  Pamela Ann Barbour, (adopted) born 
                                      1968, married Bret James Johnson
                                      aaaaaa.  Nelson Johnson, born 1986

                              ggggg.  Kyle Reed Barbour, born and died 

                              hhhhh.  Anna Maria Barbour, (adopted) born 
                                      1975, (twin of Alice) married John 

                              iiiii.  Alice Marie Barbour. (adopted) born
                                      1975 (twin of Anna)

Marc, Traci, Craig, Nelson (Dad), Alice, Anna Reed Barbour (Mom) & Anna


Nelson and Anna Barbour's grandchildren:
Chay and Dylan Brosnan, Kyle Barbour, and Andrew holding great-grandchild Raeanna
                       bbbb.  Dorothy Barbour, born 1931, married (1) 
                              Jack Spicer, (2) Robert Harley

                       cccc.  Shirley Barbour, born 1934, married Richard

                       dddd.  Newitt Henry Barbour, born 1940, married 
                              George-Ann. Newitt is an exact match for 
                              37 markers with Jerry Lynne Barber.  
                              Jerry is a descendant of George Barber and 
                              his wife Margaret Watkins.

                       eeee.  Rebecca Barbour, born 1948, married Walter 

                 eee.  Willie Edgar Barbour, born 27 Aug 1889, died 8 Jan 
                       1970, Clayton NC, married James Emily Austin 26 Aug
                       1916 in Johnston CO NC.  Much of this 
                       information was taken from the book "The Barbour 
                       Clan of Memory Lane" by Todd Johnson, published in 
                       aaaa.  Willard Elmo Barbour, born 17 Sep 1917, 
                              Clayton, Johnston Co NC, married (1) Nettie
                              Dupree 17 Oct 1934, (2) Doris Lee Todd 18
                              Oct 1947 in Selma NC.

                              aaaaa.  Patsy Amelia Barbour, born 22 July 
                                      1937, Johnston Co NC, married Newitt 
                                      E Jones 29 Aug 1953 in Dillon, SC.

                                      aaaaaa.  Michael Christopher Jones,
                                               born 18 Nov 1954.

                                      bbbbbb.  Donna Jane Jones, born 27 
                                               July 1956.

                                      cccccc.  Jacqueline "Jackie" Jones,
                                               born 30 May 1961, Sanford
                                               NC, married Scott Crow 
                                               30 June 1980.

                                      dddddd.  Tammy Rea Jones, born 27 
                                               Feb 1963 in Sanford NC.

                              bbbbb.  Martha Annette Barbour, born 31 Jan 
                                      1941, married (1) Robert L 
                                      Richardson 11 March 1960 in Sanford 
                                      NC, (2) Johnny Crow 23 Feb 1979 in
                                      York, SC.

                                      aaaaaa.  Teresa Richardson, born 19 
                                               June 1961 in Sanford NC, 
                                               married Danny R Crow 16 Dec 

                                      bbbbbb.  Toni Richardson, born 20 
                                               Sep 1962, Sanford, NC.

                                      cccccc.  Joey Richardson, born 6 Aug 
                                               1966, Sanford NC.

                                      dddddd.  Ricky Richardson, born 4 
                                               April 1969, Rock Hill, SC.

                                      eeeeee.  Rusty Richardson,born 12 
                                               July 1970 in Charlotte NC.

                              ccccc.  Deborah Barbour, born 24 April 
                                      1950, Smithfield NC, married Jerry 
                                      Wayne Johnson 30 Dec 1967.

                                      aaaaaa.  Jason Wayne Johnson, born 
                                               22 Sep 1975.

                              ddddd.  Rebecca Barbour, born 9 Dec 1954, 
                                      Smithfield NC.

                       bbbb.  Almon Westwood Barbour "Zack", born 18 May
                              1920, Clayton, Johnston Co NC, married Elsie
                              Kate Tippett 25 Sep 1943, Clayton, NC.

                              aaaaa.  Ronald Wade Barbour, born 18 Sep 
                                      1945, Johnston Co NC, married Brenda 
                                      Kay Parrish 10 Sep 1967.

                                      aaaaaa.  Anthony Westwood Barbour,
                                               born 1 Feb 1972, Cumberland
                                               Co NC.

                                      bbbbbb.  Patrice Darlene Barbour, 
                                               born 11 March 1976, 
                                               Cumberland Co NC.

                              bbbbb.  Willie Phillip Barbour, born 3 April
                                      1948, Johnston Co NC, married Donna
                                      Charlene Barbour 14 April 1968, 
                                      daughter of Charles and June 

                                      aaaaaa.  Phillip Shawn Barbour, born 
                                               29 July 1970.

                       cccc.  Edna Earle Barbour, born 18 Aug 1922, 
                              Clayton, NC, married (1) Roy Jefferson 
                              Norris, (2) Seba Clifton 31 Dec 1966.

                              aaaaa.  Brenda Joyce Norris, born 6 Feb 
                                      1944, Clayton, Johnston Co NC, 
                                      married Herbert J Williams 28 June 

                                      aaaaaa.  Tonya Renee Williams, born
                                               19 March 1969.

                              bbbbb.  Phyllis Maria Norris, born 23 Sep
                                      1945, married Jackson B Austin 27

                                      aaaaaa.  Jeffrey Scott Austin, born 
                                               14 April 1970, Raleigh NC

                              ccccc.  Beverly Dawn Norris, born 19 July
                                      1953, married Leon Roscoe Stephenson
                                      27 June 1971.

                                      aaaaaa.  Corey Martin Stephenson,
                                               born 24 Dec 1978, Raleigh.

                       dddd.  Della Colleen Barbour, born 3 April 1925, 
                              married Benjamin Cooper Byrd 9 March 1957.

                       eeee.  Harley Ernest Barbour, born 3 Dec 1926, died
                              12 March 1981, married Annie Laurie Eakes 25 
                              May 1947.

                              aaaaa.  Vicki Ann Barbour, born 10  Dec 
                                      1947, married Thomas Paul Medlin 7 
                                      Sep 1963.

                                      aaaaaa.  Travis Paul Medlin, born 21 
                                               Oct 1969, Johnston Co NC.

                              bbbbb.  Bonnie Lou Barbour, born 24 Feb 
                                      1952, married William Richard 
                                      Bridges 22 March 1969.

                                      aaaaaa.  Amy Lou Bridges, born 22 
                                               Oct 1969, Johnston Co NC.

                              ccccc.  Kevin Ernest Barbour, born 7 May 
                                      1964 Smithfield NC.

                       ffff.  Bruce Marie Barbour, born 25 May 1930,
                              married Rudolph Johnson 5 Dec 1953.

                              aaaaa.  Robin Lane Johnson, born 18 Dec 
                                      1956, married Terrie Coats 10 April 

                                      aaaaaa.  Robin Chad Johnson, born
                                               13 Dec 1979.

                              bbbbb.  Kim Marie Johnson, born 6 Aug 1958
                                      married Joseph Lee Standley 28 May 

                                      aaaaaa.  Jody Lee Standley, born 
                                               8 Jan 1981.

                              ccccc.  Emily Jill Johnson, born 1 Aug 1963,
                                      Smithfield, NC.

                       gggg.  James Sherrill Barbour, born 6 Sep 1934,
                              married Phyllis Chappell 16 March 1957.

                              aaaaa.  James Russell Barbour "Rusty", born
                                      7 June 1958, Johnston Co NC.

                              bbbbb.  Sherri Gayle Barbour, born 3 Oct 

                       hhhh.  Sallie Louise Barbour, born 10 Feb 1936,
                              married (1) Kenneth Hugh Stephenson 5 Feb
                              1955, (2) Thomas Franklin Allen 22 Dec 1967,
                              (3) Roger Keith Barbour 14 Feb 1981. Roger
                              is the son of Victor and Rachel Franks 
                              Barbour.  Sallie has a step-son and a step-
                              daughter, Jackie Victor Barbour and Renee
                              Barbour Allen.

                              aaaaa.  Kelli Lu Stephenson, born 27 Aug
                                      1960, Smithfield NC, married Stanley
                                      Daylon Wall 7 June 1980.

                              bbbbb.  Kenneth Tracy Stephenson, born 11 
                                      Oct 1962.

                              ccccc.  Thomas Franklin Allen Jr, born 20
                                      Oct 1970.

                       iiii.  Bobby Ray Barbour, born 22 March 1938, 
                              married Ersell Johnson 6 April 1958.

                              aaaaa.  Tambra Lynn Barbour, born 27 Sep 
                                      1959, Smithfield NC, married Glenn 
                                      Rudolph Pulley 18 Dec 1976.

                                      aaaaaa.  Justin Scott Pulley, born
                                               20 Dec 1980.

                              bbbbb.  Melanie Rae Barbour, born 6 July 

                              ccccc.  Bobby Ray Barbour Jr, born 2 April
                                      1965, Aza Kuwae, Chatan Son, Okinawa
                                      married Paricia Faye Bledsoe 18 July

                                      aaaaaa.  Jessica Renee Barbour, born 
                                               6 March 1982.

                              ddddd.  Christopher Bryan Barbour, born 14 
                                       Oct 1969, Cumberland Co NC.

                 fff.  Parrot Leonard Barbour, born 6 May 1891, died May 
                       1932 in a drowning accident in Wilson Co NC. He  
                       married Laura Parrish 24 Dec 1916, Johnston Co NC.

                 ggg.  Delilah Florence Barbour, born 13 June 1893, died 
                       26 Nov 1965, married Vadie Malcolm Coats 15 March 
                       1913, Johnston Co NC.

                 hhh.  Judson Franklin Barbour "Sam", born 15 Feb 1897, 
                       died 8 March 1925 in a shooting in Johnston Co NC.

                 iii.  Annie Lou Barbour, born 8 Sep 1899, died 29 June 
                       1904, buried at Benson, NC.

                 jjj.  Aldes Howard Barbour, born 6 Aug 1901, died 30 May 
                       1962, married Callie Holmes 11 March 1924.

                 kkk.  Ruth L. Barbour, born 27 Oct 1903, died 7 July 1904

                 lll.  Bettie Allene Barbour, born 11 Nov 1907, Johnston
                       Co NC, married Graham Franks 24 April 1924.

            bb.  Nancy Elizabeth Barbour "Bettie", born 18 Sep 1862, 
                 Johnston Co NC, died 12 Dec 1932, married Lewis Byrd 23 
                 Feb 1896.

            cc.  Amanda Jane Barbour, born 18 March 1866, Johnston 
                 County, NC., died 1 Nov 1947, married Bartemous T. 
                 "Temie" Pollard 4 March 1891.

            dd.  Molly A. Barbour, born 1867, Johnston County, NC, 
                 died about the age of 13.

            ee.  John Henry Barbour, born 6 June 1869, Johnston County, NC
                 died 2 Feb 1909, married Amanda Higgins 30 Nov 1887.

        e.  Polly V. Barber, born Jan 1841, Elevation, Johnston Co. NC.

    B.  James Barber

    C.  Polly Barber, born 1800

    D.  Dolly Barber, born 1803. 

4.  George Barber married Nancy Johnson 4 October 1788.  George died 1838.
    (more info from Arlene Lewis) Here is a pdf file on the sons of 
    George and Nancy Johnson Barber

    A.  Drury Barber, born 1790, married Edith Woodall.

    B.  Theophilus Barber, born 1793, married Sally Larkin Massengill
        Elevation, Johnston Co. NC

               Click here for a large image

        a.  Jess Barber, born 1815, married (1) Delaney Massengill 10 Aug 
            1835, bondsman was John Barber, (2) Cassey Barber 16 March 
            1862, bondsman was N. B. Barber, J.P. (children by 
            Cassey are Lewis, Civel, and Isaac ) lived on Neuse River, 
             Johnston County, NC

            aa.  Reuben Barber, born 1837

            bb.  Kimmons Barber, born 1839, married Mary D., lived in 
                 Elevation, Johnston Co. NC in 1880.

                 aaa.  James R. Barber, born 1875

                 bbb.  Margaret O. Barber, born 1877

                 ccc.  Carol Arthur Barber, born 1881, married Eva Mae 

                       aaaa. Fannie Gladys Barber, born 10-11-1915, died
                             1973, married Marvin Hurst.

                             aaaaa.  Marvin Wayne Hurst, born 1942.

                             bbbbb.  Gary Hurst, born 1945.


                             ccccc.  Nancy Hearst, born 1952.

            cc.  Elizabeth Barber, born 1843

            dd.  Mary (Polley) Barber, born 1844

            ee.  James Monroe Barber, born 1846

            ff.  Nancy Barber, born 1848

            gg.  William Barber, born 1849

            hh.  Ursula Barber, born 1850

            ii.  Ashley Barber, born 1855

            jj.  Green Barber, born 1857

            kk.  Sarah A. Barber, born 1859

            ll.  Lewis Ruffin Barber, born 22 Oct 1864, Johnston Co. NC,
                 died 7 Oct 1938, Wake Forest, NC.

            mm.  Civel A. Barber, born 1877

            nn.  Isaac R. Barber, born 1878

        b.  Brittain Barber, born 1816, died Feb 1893, Johnston Co NC, 
            married Susan Jones 9 Feb 1841, who was born 1823, died 1893.

            aa.  Tabitha Ann Barber, born 1839, died 1916.

            bb.  Nancy Jane Barbour, born 1842, died 1910.

            cc.  Adline Barbour, born 1844

            dd.  Thomas Barbour, born 1847.

            ee.  Britton Eldridge Barbour, born 1848, died 1912, married
                 Nancy ____ 9 Sep 1869.

                 aaa.  James Edward Barbour, born 5 June 1870, Johnston 
                       Co NC, died 24 May 1930, Johnston Co NC, married
                       Ida E Salmon.


                       aaaa.  Julius Andrew Barbour, born 1882, died 1972.

                       bbbb.  Mary E Barbour, born 1900, died 1900.

                       cccc.  William Irvine Barbour, born 1902, died 

                       dddd.  Herman Barbour, born 1904, died 1905.

                       eeee.  infant (male), born and died 1910.

                       ffff.  Edward Eugene Barbour, born 1919, died 1920.

                       gggg.  infant (female), born and died 1922.

                 bbb.  John Rufus Barbour, born 1874, died 1897, Johnston
                       Co NC married Eleanor Wright Strickland 21 Nov 
                       1894, Johnston Co NC.

                       aaaa.  Bertha Barbour, born 1895, died 1982.

                       bbbb.  Belle Barbour, born 1897, died 1988.

                 ccc.  Lovett Elbert Barbour, born 1878, died 30 Oct 1939
                       married Harriet Emily Stanley 17 April 1897 in
                       Johnston Co NC.

                       aaaa.  Flossie Savannah Barbour, born 27 May 1899, 
                              Johnston Co NC, died July 1977, Johnston Co
                              NC, married Preston Lovet Lee Sr.

                              aaaaa.  Sophia Savannah Lee, born 24 May 
                                      1915, Johnston Co NC, died 15 April
                                      1999, married Sidney Graham Aycock.

                                      aaaaaa.  Preston Graham Aycock, born
                                               1934, died 2006.

                                      bbbbbb.  Jessie Burton Aycock, born
                                               1939, died 1997.

                                      cccccc.  Alfred Avery Aycock, born
                                               1946, died 2000.

                                      dddddd.  Audrey Aycock

                                      eeeeee.  Edith Aycock

                                      ffffff.  Ethel Aycock

                                      gggggg.  Flossie Aycock

                                      hhhhhh.  Myrtle Aycock

                                      iiiiii.  Nancy Aycock

                                      jjjjjj.  Ray Aycock

                                      kkkkkk.  Roy Aycock

                              bbbbb.  Paul Wilton Lee, born 1 Sep 1920, 
                                      died 12 April 1998, married Iola
                                      Rivers Stanley.

                                      aaaaaa.  Martha Carol Lee, born 

                                      bbbbbb.  Glenda Ruth Lee

                                      cccccc.  Melissa Lee

                       bbbb.  Earnest E Barbour, born 1901.

                       eeee.  Hunter Barbour, born 1903.

                       ffff.  Bettie Viola Barbour, born 1907.

                       gggg.  Ronald Elbert Barbour, born 1910, died 1990.

                       hhhh.  Pearline Barbour, born 1912, died 1970.

                 ddd.  Tamesia Florence Barbour, born 8 July 1881, 
                       Johnston Co NC, died 8 July 1918, Johnston Co NC,
                       married William Riley Strickland 11 June 1899.


                       aaaa.  Emmett Strickland

                       bbbb.  Jackie Strickland

                       cccc.  Bessie Cleo Strickland, born 1905, died 

                       dddd.  Leno Strickland, born 1908.

                       eeee.  Esther Ruth Strickland, born 1909, died 

                       ffff.  Leon Strickland

                       gggg.  Tom Strickland

                       hhhh.  Viola Strickland

                       iiii.  Vera Florence Strickland, born 1915, died 

                 eee.  Willis Monroe Barbour, born 1888, died 1959.


            ff.  Hawkins Eleanor Barber, born 1851, died 1931.

            gg.  John Barbour

            hh.  Larkin Barbour

            ii.  Thasphilas Barbour

            jj.  Zecheriah Barbour

            kk.  William Cullen Barbour, born 15 Nov 1862, Johnston Co NC,
                 died 8 Sep 1941, Clayton, Johnston Co NC, married Anna L
                 Hill 12 Sep 1887, Johnston Co NC.



                 aaa.  Katie E Barbour, born 6 Nov 1888, died 15 April 
                       1968, married David Howell Wilkins 25 Feb 1906, 
                       Johnston Co NC.

                        David Howell Wilkins on the left

                       aaaa.  Myrtle May Wilkins, born 22 July 1908, 
                              Johnston Co NC, died 6 March 1975 in Durham
                              Co NC, married James Monroe Dabbs in 1925.

                              aaaaa.  Anna Lou Ellen Dabbs, born 1926, 
                                      died 1927.

                              bbbbb.  Vernon Matthews Dabbs, born 1928, 
                                      died 1998.

                       bbbb.  Closie Wilkins, born 23 Sep 1910, Johnston
                              Co NC, died 13 Sep 1993 in Baltimore, MD.

                       cccc.  Mabel Wilkins, born 29 Jan 1913, Johnston
                              Co NC, died 2 Jan 1974, Durham Co NC, 
                              married Silas Francis LeCates in 1939. Silas
                              was born 1916, died 1989.

                              aaaaa.  Silas David LeCates "Sonny", born 
                                      20 Aug 1939, died 4 Sep 1993 in 
                                      Durham Co NC, married Carolyn ___.

                       dddd.  Lessie Anita Wilkins, born 20 June 1916, 
                              Johnston Co NC, died 3 Aug 1996, Pitt Co NC,
                              married ______ Finch.

                              aaaaa.  _____ Finch.

                       eeee.  Lucille Wilkins, born 19 March 1919, died 
                              25 Aug 1946, Durham Co NC.

                       ffff.  Jesse Hazzie Wilkins, born 27 Nov 1922, died 
                              13 May 1923. (twin of Bessie Maizie Wilkins)

                       gggg.  Bessie Maizie Wilkins, born 27 Nov 1922, 
                              Durham Co NC, died 25 Feb 1989, San Pedro,
                              Los Angeles Co CA, married John Pearson.


                              Top Row: John Pearson and Maizie
                              Next Row: John Pearson
                              Bottom: Mary and Janet

                              aaaaa.  Mary Ellen Pearson, born 10 Oct 1947, married 
                                      Bill Gochnauer.

                              bbbbb.  Janet Pearson, born 19 April 1960, married 
                                      Jonathan Knapp 10 Jan 1987.

                                      aaaaaa.  Laura Knapp, born 1 July 

                                      bbbbbb.  Jonathan Knapp II


                              ccccc.  John Pearson, born 19 April 1960,
                                      twin of Janet.

                       hhhh.  John David Wilkins, born 11 Aug 1925 in 
                              Durham Co NC, died 28 July 1928.

                 bbb.  Cartha Alton Barbour, born 13 Aug 1890, died 19 Sep 

                 ccc.  Minnie Rose Barbour, born 1895, Johnston Co NC, 
                       died 1934, Clayton, NC, married Dallie Herdon Hill 
                       5 Jan 1910 in Clayton NC.  Dal was born 15 Aug 
                       1889, NC, died 8 Oct 1962, Clayton, Jackson Co NC.

                        Minnie Rose Barbour Hill

                       aaaa.  Lucille Hill, born 1914.

                       bbbb.  Nellie Rose Hill, born 14 July 1915, Duplin
                              Co NC, died 4 March 2003, Sampson Co NC.

                       cccc.  Blanche Hill, born 1917.

                       dddd.  Annie Hill, born 1919.

                       eeee.  Earl Hill, born 1920.

                       ffff.  Esther Jeannie Hill, born 7 Dec 1921, 
                              Clayton, NC, died 7 Nov 2010, Clayton, NC, 
                              married Richard T McDowell 24 Aug 1940, 
                              Dillon Co SC.

                              aaaaa.  Donna McDowell married Roy White.

                                      aaaaaa.  Richard E White

                              bbbbb.  Lynette McDowell married Bobby 

                                      aaaaaa.  Catherine Worlds

Esther J Hill McDowell, 88 of Clayton, went home to be with her Lord on November 7, 2010. She was born December 7, 1921 in Clayton to the late Dal H and Minnie Barbour Hill. Esther was a true servant of God. She spent her last healthy years taking clothes and other personal items to local adult care homes. She visited those who she knew and many residents who she didn't know and shared with them personal servings of home-cooked Southern food. She was named Volunteer of the Year by Governor and Mrs Hunt during their first term for her volunteer work at OBerry Center in Goldsboro. She spent several years making clothes for the children there and traveling back and forth to share them with the children on a regular basis. She was honored at a reception in the Governors mansion in Raleigh. Mrs McDowell was a member of the Johnston County Homemakers Club in Clayton and a former auxilliary member of the American Legion. She was a member of Mount Calvary Baptist church, but in her last years, due to health, attended Hocutt Baptist Church. She was loved and dearly called Grandma and Flossie Jane by her family. Her great-grandchildren named her Mema. She is survived by husband Richard T McDowell of Clayton, daughters Donna McDowell White and husband Roy of Clayton and Lynette McDowell Worlds and husband Bobby of Clayton. Grandchildren are Jason Bagwell and wife Mandy of Clayton, Richard E White of Carolina Beach, Dori Franklin and husband David of Raleigh, Michael Alligood and wife Nicole of Durham, Deanna Hart and husband Jim of Garner, and Catherine Worlds of Clayton. She had six great-grandchildren -- Caitlyn and Ethan bagwell, Esther and Anne Marie Franklin, and Chase and Davis Hart. She is also survived by her brother Willie Hill of Smithfield who she raised after the death of their mother and his children, Patricia, Billy and Robert, who only knew her as Grandma. She was loved and honored by many nieces, nephews and in-laws from her Hill family and from the McDowell clan. Flowers are welcome, but in lieu of flowers, a scholarship is being established in her hame -- Esther Hill McDowell, c/0 Four Oaks Bank, P.O. Box 247, Clayton NC 27528. The scholarship wil be given to a Clayton High School graduate who is seeking continuing educaton at Johnston Community College.

                       gggg.  Ronnie Fitzgerald Hill, born 26 July 1923,
                              Johnston Co NC, died 21 April 1998 in Santa
                              Rosa Co FL, married Jean E Novero.

                              aaaaa.  Jimmie Hill

                              bbbbb.  Ronald Lee Hill married Brenda J 
                                      aaaaaa.  Dawn Elizabeth Hill

                                      bbbbbb.  Kimberly Ann Hill

                       hhhh.  Marvin Hill, born 1926.

                       iiii.  Samuel Hill, born 1929.

                       jjjj.  Willie Hill.

                              aaaaa.  Patricia Hill

                              bbbbb.  Billy Hill

                              ccccc.  Robert Hill

                 ddd.  Archie Elmer Barbour, born 10 Aug 1898, died 28 Feb 
                       1987, married Ida ____, who was born 1898.

                 eee.  Harvey Milton Barbour, born 10 Dec 1899, died 16 
                       Aug 1947, married Vera Ferrell.

                 fff.  Eva P Barbour, born 1902.

                 ggg.  Marvin Major Barbour, born 5 Sep 1905, died 23 Feb 
                       1970, married Lena Maedell Capps.

                 hhh.  Florence Ann Barbour "Flonnie", born 5 Dec 1910.

        c.  Larkin Barber, born 1817, died 1903, married Wilsey Massengill

            aa.  Ezekial Barbour, born 1844.

            bb.  Lucy Barbour, born 28 Nov 1845, died 7 Sep 1914, married
                 Joseph Edward Benson "Josiah".


                 aaa.  Elizabeth Dorcus Benson, born 30 Aug 1879, died 6
                       Sep 1975, married Archie Jones.

                        Elizabeth Benson Jones

                       Archie Jones

                       aaaa.  Mazie Elizabeth Jones, born 11 Oct 1908, 
                              died 14 Aug 2005, married Truman Carey

                        Mazie Jones Bailey
                        Truman Bailey

                        Mazie and Truman, 50th Wedding Anniversary

                       bbbb.  Bertie Mae Jones, born 21 March 1899, died 
                              25 Dec 1968,married Ervin Lee Jones.

                        Bertie Mae Jones
                        Bertie Mae Jones and Ervin Lee Jones

                              aaaaa.  Rena Aline Jones, born 15 June 1920, 
                                      died 14 July 1997, married Robert 
                                      Lee Parrish.

                        Rena Aline Jones
                        Robert Lee Parrish

                                      aaaaaa.  Virgie Mae Parrish, born 8 
                                               April 1937, died 8 Sep 
                                               2010, married Lonnie 
                                               Needham Autry Jr.

                              bbbbb.  Archie J Poler Jones, born 21 Sep 
                                      1921, died 2 Oct 1997, married Minie 
                                      Letha Smith. 


                              ccccc.  Hilda Dorcus Jones, born 30 June 
                                      1926, died 23 March 2001, married 
                                      Alvin Carl Swede Olander.


                              ddddd.  Edna Mae Jones, born 24 June 1930, 
                                      died 13 May 2001, married _____ 


                              eeeee.  Reese Jones, born 16 Nov 1931, died 
                                      4 July 2000.


                       cccc.  Ruthie Mae Jones, born 2 Feb 1914, died 6 
                              June 2004, married Paul Bigford


                       dddd.  Vera Josephine Jones, born 8 April 1916,
                              died 24 Feb 2005, married Empie Theodore 


                 bbb.  Joseph Edward Benson, born 30 Dec 1880, died 6 Jan
                       1927, married Maude Thornton.


            cc.  Festus Barbour, born 1847.

            dd.  Kinchen Barbour, born 8 Feb 1849, died 23 Feb 1920, 
                 married Sarah Kathryn Keen, who was born 4 April 1862, 
                 died 7 Nov 1910.

            ee.  Theophilas Barbour, born 1850.

            ff.  William Larkin Barbour, born 1851.

            gg.  Sally Ann Barbour, born 1853, died 22 June 1933, married
                 Perren McCrea Harper.

                 Perren McCrea Harper and his children

                 aaa.  Julius Festus Harper, born 1887, died 1958, married
                       Effie A Ruby.


            hh.  Sarah Barbour, born 1854.

            ii.  Robert A Barbour, born 1860.

            jj.  Burnice Barbour, born 1862

            kk.  Burt A Barbour, born 1862.

            ll.  Marcellus Barbour, born 1864, married Laura Ann Barbour,
                 the daughter of James Newitt and Catherine Barbour..

                 aaa.  J. Chester Barbour

                 bbb.  Herbert L. Barbour

                 ccc.  Julian F. Barbour

                 ddd.  James C. Barbour married ____ Langdon.

                       aaaa.  Roscoe Langdon, Columbia SC

                       bbbb.  Donald Langdon, Smithfield NC.

        d.  Ashley Barber, born 1823, married Nancy Emily Massengill

            aa.  Catherine Barber, born 1843, married William Ruffin 
                 Barber, son of Owen Barber Jr. After William died
                 in the Civil War, Catherine married James Newitt "Jim
                 Bur'l Barbour, a descendant of Burwell Barber. Jim Bur'l
                 was the only father Lou Della Barbour ever knew.

            bb.  Romulus Marshall Barber, born 1845, married (1) Jincy, 
                 (2) Mary Ann Frances Coates

                 aaa.  James Barber, born 1870

                 bbb.  Addie Barber, born 1874

                 ccc.  George Barber, born 1877

                 ddd.  Dora Barber, born 1879

            cc.  Robert Barber, born 1848, married (1) Louenza P. 
                 Lassiter, (2) Eleaner A. ____ after 1900.

                 aaa.  Elizabeth Barber, born 1872

                 bbb.  Lewery Barber, born 1873

                 ccc.  Lucy Barber, born 1875

                 ddd.  Nancy Barber, born 1879

            dd.  Rebecca Alice Barber, born 1851, married James E Harper
            ee.  Lynn B. Barber, born 1853, married Mary Etta Smith

            ff.  Parrot R. Barber, born 1854, married Frances Canaday

                 aaa.  Minnie Barber married ____ McCabe

                 bbb.  Flonnie Barber married ____ Jones

                 ccc.  Luthor Barber, mentally retarded, lived at home

                 ddd.  Willie Oscar Barber married Fannie Belle Hobbs

                 eee.  Thelma Barber married Glenn Barbour

                 fff.  Melba Barber

                 ggg.  Elmo Barber

                 hhh.  Delsey Rose Barber

                 iii.  Melvin Barber

                 jjj.  Algia Barber

                 kkk.  Eugene Persian Barber

                 lll.  Joseph D. Barber

                 mmm.  John Thurman Barbour, d. 1991, married Betty Ruth 
                       Barbour. Betty Ruth born 1916, died 15 Aug 2002.

                       aaaa.  Betty Faye Barbour married Carlos Ennis

                              aaaaa.  Terry Marcus Ennis, 46 years of age

                              bbbbb.  Pamela Ennis married ___ Higgins,
                                      38 years old

                       bbbb.  Johnny Ray Barbour (twin) died at birth

                       cccc.  Marcus Gradford Barbour married Peggy Benson

                              aaaaa.  Ryan Marcus Barbour, 38 years old
                                      Ryan is a match for 35 out of 37 
                                      markers with Jerry Lynne Barber 
                                      and Newitt Henry Barbour.
                                      Jerry is a descendant of George
                                      Barber and his wife Margaret Watkins
                                      and Newitt is a descendant of Plyer
                                      and Amy Barber.

                              bbbbb.  Natalie Barbour married ___ Gurley,
                                      35 years old

                              ccccc.  Adam Barbour, 33 years old.

                       dddd.  Sylvia Barbour married Ivey Johnson

                              aaaaa.  Trey Johnson, 27 years old

                       eeee.  Tony Barbour married Wanda Alford

                              aaaaa.  Jessica Barbour, 23 years old

            gg.  Penelope Ann Barber, born 29 Nov 1856, died 27 Sep 1934, 
                 married Gaston F Parrish, who was born May 1856, Johnston 
                 Co NC, died 20 Dec 1924 in Benson NC.

                 Penelope Barber Parrish and family. 
                 Can anybody identify the family members?

                 Gaston Parrish

            hh.  Edith Ellender Barber, born 1859

            ii.  Ashley Franklin Barber, born 1862, married Lucy Jane West

            jj.  Nancy Emily Barber, born 1865, died 1947, married James 
                 Edwin Parrish 28 Nov 1883 in Johnston Co NC.

                 aaa.  Bettie Ann Parrish, born 1888.

                 bbb.  Lummie Jane Parrish, born 1890.

                 ccc.  James Franklin Parrish, born 1893.

                 ddd.  Harvey S Parrish, born 1896.

                 eee.  Rufus E Parrish, born 1897.

                 fff.  Amanda Parrish, born 1899.

                 ggg.  Major Wilton Parrish, born 1901, died sometime 
                       after 1937, married Viola Livie Thornton 27 April 
                       1919 in Smithfield, NC.  Viola was born 3 June 
                       1901, died 6 March 1986. Viola's second husband was
                       Thomas Henry Barber, born 1896, died 1974. Thomas 
                       was a descendant of Burwell Barber. Thomas and 
                       Viola got married in 1947.

                       aaaa.  Lynn A Parrish, born 11 Dec 1925, died 6 
                              July 2000, married Beverly Ann Creech in Oct 
                              1956, divorced 1963.

                              aaaaa.  Robert Lynn Parrish, born 15 July 1957,
                              bbbbb.  Blanche Corinne Parrish, born 28 Oct 
                                      1960, Jacksonville, FL.

                                      aaaaaa.  Michael Dean Koncella, born 
                                               9 Aug 1991.

                 hhh.  Percy Clovis Parrish, born 1904.  

        e.  Malsey Barber, born 1827

        f.  Ridley Barber, born 1828, married Leroy Bird.

        g.  Theophilus Hinton Barber, born 1829, married Rose T. Barber.

        h.  Absalom Barber, born 1832, married Polly Ann Massengill    

            aa.  Susan Barber, born 1860

Alvin Barbour and Temperance Eliza Jones

        i.  Alvin Barbour, born 1834, married Temperance Eliza Jones.

            aa.  James Daniel Barber, born 1865, married Martha E. ___

                 aaa.  William Elbert Barbour, born 1889, married Lettie

                       aaaa.  Marion Durwood Barbour, born about 1920,
                              married Mary Ann Baker.

                       bbbb.  James Atlee Barbour married Waneta Scott

                       cccc.  William Kenneth Barbour married Helen
                              Marie Stickland. 

            bb.  Sarah Barbour, born 1869.

            cc.  George William Barbour, born 1871.

            dd.  Lovie Cornelia Barbour, born 1874, married James Gideon

            ee.  Julius Marcus Barbour, born 1877, married Swananoa 

                 aaa.  Betty Ruth Barbour, born 1916, died 15 Aug 2002,
                       married John Thurman Barbour.

                       aaaa.  Betty Faye Barbour married Carlos Ennis

                              aaaaa.  Terry Marcus Ennis, 46 years of age

                              bbbbb.  Pamela Ennis married ___ Higgins,
                                      38 years old

                       bbbb.  Johnny Ray Barbour (twin) died at birth

                       cccc.  Marcus Gradford Barbour married Peggy Benson

                              aaaaa.  Ryan Marcus Barbour, 38 years old

                              bbbbb.  Natalie Barbour married ___ Gurley,
                                      35 years old

                              ccccc.  Adam Barbour, 33 years old.

                       dddd.  Sylvia Barbour married Ivey Johnson

                              aaaaa.  Trey Johnson, 27 years old

                       eeee.  Tony Barbour married Wanda Alford

                              aaaaa.  Jessica Barbour, 23 years old

                 bbb.  Rachel Barbour, born 1917, married George Harper

                 ccc.  Melvin Barbour, born 1918, married Ruby Glen

    C.  Absalom Barber Sr, born about 1795, died about 1875, married 
        Susannah Durham 6 Sep 1817. Susannah was born about 1800. Absalom 
        married again after the death of Susannah to Patience Gurley on 10 
        Feb 1835.


        a.  Pioley A. (Purely) Barber, born about 1822, died after 1880,
            married Elizabeth (Betsy) Gurley 26 Oct 1843. Betsy was born
            about 1826. eight children.

            aa.  William R Agrippa Barber, born 1844, Johnston CO NC, 
                 married Salina Ann Johnson.

                 aaa. Alice Hunter Barbour, born 13 Nov 1882, Johnston Co
                      NC, died 6 Nov 1952, married James Ollie Suggs.


            bb.  Sarah Barber, born 1846, Johnston CO NC.

            cc.  Nancy Barber, born 1848, Johnston Co NC.

            dd.  George Barber, born 1851.

            ee.  Calvin Bryant Barbour, born 1 Nov 1857, died 27 Aug 1935,
                 married Indiana C (Ann) Johnson 22 Jan 1880. Calvin 
                 married again after the death of Ann. Ann born 13 Sep
                 1858, died 7 Dec 1905. Great grandparents of Larry Moore

            ff.  Luanza C Barber, born 1862.

            gg.  Effie E Barber, born 1867.

        b.  Absalom Barber, born 1829, married Tabitha Byrd Lassiter
            4 Jan 1866, Johnston Co NC, widow of Sir William Lassiter.


            aa.  Willis Lassiter, born 1855.

            bb.  William R Lassiter Barber (adopted?), born 1859.

            cc.  Julian Lassiter, born 1861.

            dd.  Alice C Barber, born 1866-1868.

            ee.  Balla Denning Barbour, born 1868-1870, died 7 Feb 
                 1937, Smithfield, Johnston Co NC, married Minnie.


            ff.  Ida F Barber, born 1872.

            gg.  Louenza Barber, born 1874.

            hh.  Etta F Barber, born 1876.

            ii.  Mary Elizabeth Barber, born 31 Jan 1879, died 14 Dec
                 1966, married Robert Leonard Flowers.


                 aaa.  William Chester Flowers, born 19 Oct 1898, Johnston
                       Co NC, died 16 Nov 1988, Sampson Co NC, married 
                       Lillie Pearl Raynor.


                 bbb.  David Flowers, born 1 June 1900, died 2 April 1902.


                 ccc.  Anna Flowers, born 16 May 1904, died young.


                 ddd.  Lucy Irene Mildred Flowers, born 16 June 1909, 
                       Johnston Co NC, died 29 April 1998, Smithfield, NC, 
                       married Weldon Blackman.


                 eee.  Mary Beulah Flowers, born 25 March 1913, Johnston
                       Co NC, died 5 April 1998, Durham, NC, married 
                       Hubert Shelton Jackson.

                 fff.  Harvey Edward Flowers, born 30 June 1917, died 
                       30 Jan 2005, Fair Oaks, Johnston Co NC.


        c.  Susan Barber, born 1829, Johnston Co NC.

        d.  Jane Barber, born 1832, Johnston Co NC.

        e.  Lewis Barber, born 1834, Johnston Co NC.

        f.  David Barber, born 1837, Johnston Co NC.

        g.  Charles Barber, born 1839, Johnston Co NC.

        h.  Culey Barber, born 1841, Johnston Co NC.

        i.  Octavious Barber, born 1845, Johnston CO NC

        j.  Nancy Barber, born 1847, Johnston CO NC.

    D.  George Barber, born 1802, married Cassandra Tomlinson.

    E.  Isaac Barber, born 1810.

    F.  Simeon Barber, born 1814, married Cassandra Barber (widow of George) 

5.  Reuben Barber married Edy Speight 18 April 1783, Johnston County,
    North Carolina.  Reuben died 1827. 

    A.  Reuben Barber Jr.

    B.  Elizabeth Barber married William S Whittington, who was born 1790,
        Smithfield,JohnstonCo NC and died 1880, Doulasville, GA.

        a.  Pensy Whittington married Henry Kennedy.

            aa.  John Rufus Kennedy married Mary Susan Wiggins.


                 aaa.  Rufus T Kennedy, born 1862, died 1931, married
                       Daisy Belle Parrish.



                 bbb.  John William "Willy" Kennedy, born 1864, died 1936,
                       married Maud _____.


                 ccc.  Maggie J Kennedy, born 26 Feb 1867, died 6 Nov 
                       1928, married John R Harman.


                 ddd.  James H "Jimmy" Kennedy, born 1868, married Cora L 


                       aaaa.  Lossie Kennedy

                 eee.  Susan Anna Kennedy, born 1869, died 26 Oct 1947, 
                       married Hubert or Hybert S Byrd


                 fff.  Nancy Lula Kennedy, born 11 Oct 1888, died 30 Oct
                       1958, married William Henry Thomas Coats.


                 ggg.  Julia Lillie Kennedy, born 11 June 1874, died 10
                       Dec 1952, married Charles Monroe Stewart.

                       Julia and son Fred Stewart

                       aaaa.  Fred Stewart

                       bbbb.  Alvic Stewart

                 hhh.  Emily Lenora Kennedy, born 23 March 1876, died 14 
                       June 1956, married C R Stewart.


                 iii.  Lenora Estelle Kennedy, born 6, Dec 1879, died 
                       7 Oct 1936, married James Allison Stewart.


                       aaaa.  Hiram Stewart

            bb.  Elizabeth Kennedy, born 1851, NC


            cc.  Louis Hamm Kennedy, born 1853, NC, died 8 March 1937,
                 Ft Myers, FL.


    C.  Isaac Barber, born 1810, Johnston Co NC, died after 1880, Johnston
        Co. NC, married Mary "Margaret" "Polly" Caudle. Descendancy chart of Isaac Barber

        a.  Cassaline "Cassie" Barber, born Jan 1835, Johnston Co NC, died
            after 1900, married Jesse Barber 16 March 1862, Johnston Co 
            NC as his second wife.  Jesse, born 1815 in North Carolina, 
            was the son of Theopholis Barber and Sally Larkin Massingill, 
            grandson of George Barber and Nancy Johnson, and great 
            grandson of Plyer Barber and Amey.

            aa.  Lewis Ruffin Barber, born 22 Oct 1864, Johnston Co. NC, 
                 died 7 OCt 1938, Wake Forest, Wake Co NC

            bb.  Civel A Barber, born 1877, North Carolina.

            cc.  Isaac R Barber, born 1878, North Carolina.

        b.  Doctor Ruffin Barber was born 7 Nov 1836, Johnston Co. NC, 
            died 7 July 1923, Wake Co NC, married Mary Johnson 6 Oct 1866,
            Johnston Co NC, daughter of Isaac Johnson and Lucy Honeycut, 
            who was born 1842 and died after 1900.

            aa.  Charles "Charlie" Abraham Barber was born April 1867, NC 
                 died 1921 in Wake Co NC, married Octavia Livia Rhodes 26 
                 Dec 1889 in Panther Branch Township, Wake Co NC.  Octavia
                 was born 26 June 1874, Wake Co NC, died 24 Nov 1943, Wake
                 Co NC, the daughter of Joseph J Rhodes and Elizabeth 

                 Octavia Livia Rhodes Barber and Ethel Elizabeth Barber

                 aaa.  Ollie E Barber, born 10 Aug 1892 in NC, and died 16 
                       Feb 1985, Wake Co NC, married Gracie A Steele, who
                       was born about 1873 in South Carolina.

                       Ollie Barber Steele

                          aaaa.  Grace Steele, born about 1919, NC, died 
                                 Jan 2010, Wake Co. NC.

                          bbbb.  Margaret Steele, born about 1921 in South
                                 Carolina and died July 2010 in Wake Co 

                 bbb.  Johnnie A Barber, born 1895, NC, died 1970, Wake Co

                 ccc.  Thomas Artemis "Ottie" Barber, born 9 April 1897, 
                       Wake co NC, died 11 Nov 1960, Wake Co NC.

                       aaaa.  T. A. Barber

                              aaaaa.  Tim Barber

                 ddd.  Bevie Franklin Barber, born 4 Fewb 1900, NC, died 
                       28 May 1990, Wake Co NC.

                       Bevie Franklin Barber

                 eee.  Ethel Elizabeth Barber, born 4 Sep 1903, McCullers 
                       Crossroads, Wake Co NC, died 26 Oct 1986, Clayton 
                       Co. NC, married Wilson Bedford Ray on 3 March 1924
                       in Marion Co Indiana. Wilson was the son of John 
                       Henry Ray and Susan Alice Porterfield. He was born 
                       8 March 1895 in Sumner Co TN, died 30 Sep 1983 in 
                       Raleigh, North Carolina.

                       Ethel Elizabeth Barber Ray

                       Ethel Barber Ray, J C, Marguerite, Barbara, Wilson Ray
                       aaaa.  John Charles Ray was born 29 May 1925 in
                              Indianapolis, Indiana, died 24 Oct 2008 in 
                              Raleigh, Wake Co NC.

                       bbbb.  Marguerite Ethel Ray, born 28 Jan 1928 in 
                              Indianapolis, Marion Co. IN, and died on 5 
                              Aug 2010 in Raleigh, Wake Co. NC, married
                              (1) John Monroe Harris 24 Dec 1946, divorced 
                              1948 in Indiana. John was the son of Merle 
                              Gleason Harris and Elizabeth "Bessie" Jane 
                              Lloyd, born 18 June 1926.  Marguerite 
                              married (2) William Glen Dendy 16 April 1949 
                              in Raleigh, NC. William, born 19 Nov 1924, 
                              Marshall Co AL, died 21 April 2007, Raleigh, 
                              NC, was the son of Thomas Adkins Dendy and 
                              Ida E Miller.


                              aaaaa.  Cherie Jean Harris, born 23 Jan 
                                      1948, Indianapolis, Indiana, married
                                      (1) Gene Lee Eason 10 Dec 1966 in
                                      Dillon, South Carolina, the son of
                                      Williard Lee Eason and Dora Keziah 
                                      Whelchel, who was born 27 Dec 1946 
                                      in Shelby, NC. They were divorced 11 
                                      Dec 1991.  Cherie married (2) Ralf 
                                      Lichtenstein 4 April 1992 in Dillon, 
                                      SC, divorced 2 Jan 1998 in Wake Co 
                                      NC. Ralf was the son of Siegfried 
                                      Lichtenstein and Helene Ott, he was 
                                      born 11 Aug 1945 in Magdeburg, 
                                      Germany and died Nov 2007 in Cary, 
                                      NC.  Cherie married (3) Richard Hugh 
                                      Ransom 23 Jan 1999 in Maui, Hawaii. 
                                      Richard was born 1 Oct 1964 in 
                                      Lumberton, NC.

                                      Cherie Harris Ransom

                                      aaaaaa.  Robert Gene Eason, born 18 
                                               April 1967, Pittsboro, 
                                               Chatham Co. NC, married 
                                               (1) Barbara Gayle Garrison,
                                               (2) Susan Ellis. Three 
                                               children by first marriage, 
                                               one by second.

                                               aaaaaaa.  Robert Gene Eason
                                                         was born 30 June 
                                                         1988 in 
                                                         Spartanburg, SC.
                                                         married ?????

                                                         aaaaaaaa. Christian 

                                               bbbbbbb.  Jesse Alexander
                                                         Hames Eason, born
                                                         11 Feb 1991, Shelby

                                               ccccccc.  Amanda Gayle 
                                                         Eason, born 15 
                                                         Oct 1993, 
                                                         Raleigh, NC.

                                               ddddddd.  Austin Easton, 
                                                         born 2 March 
                                                         1997, Marietta, 
                                                         Cobb Co GA.

                                      bbbbbb.  Alexander Glen Eason, born 
                                               13 Feb 1969, Charleston, 

                                               aaaaaaa.  Alexander Glen
                                                         Eason, born 18
                                                         Feb 2004, 
                                                         Cleveland Co. NC.

                                      cccccc.  Cherie Lynne Eason, born 3 
                                               Dec 1973, Hammond, IN, 
                                               married Bobby Wayne Baker 
                                               20 Aug 2005, Harnett Co NC, 
                                               son of Pete Samuel Baker 
                                               and Carolyn Ruth Tew. Bobby 
                                               was born 11 April 1969 in 
                                               Harnett Co NC.

                                               aaaaaaa.  Nathan Aron 
                                                         Eason, born 30 
                                                         April 2005, Dunn, 
                                                         Harnett Co NC.

                              bbbbb.  Carole Ann Dendy, born 21 Dec 1949, 
                                      Raleigh, NC.

                              ccccc.  William Glen Dendy, born 21 Sep 
                                      1952, Indianapolis, Indiana, married
                                      Jane Williams.

                              ddddd.  Cathy Elizabeth Dendy, born 23 Sep 
                                      1954, Indianapolis, Indiana.

                              eeeee.  Robert Charles Dendy, born 24 Dec 
                                      1956, Indianoplis, Indiana.

                       cccc.  Barbara Jean Ray was born 31 July 1933 in 
                              Raleigh, NC.

                 fff.  Charles Collett Barber, born 22 Aug 1912, Wake Co 
                       NC, died 14 Feb 1990, Raleigh, Wake Co, NC.

            bb.  William J Barber, born 1868, Johnston Co. NC, died 24 Dec 
                 1930, Wake Co NC, married Laura E _____. Laura was born
                 July 1869 in NC.

                 aaa.  Hallie Jackson Barber, born 12 Dec 1887 or 1888, 
                       NC, died 9 May 1964 in Raleigh, Wake Co NC.

                 bbb.  Maggie Barber, born Oct 1894, NC.

                 ccc.  Bettie Barber, born Sep 1899, NC.

            cc.  George H Barber, born April 1872, NC.

            dd.  Savannah Barber, born 23 Sep 1874, Johnston Co NC, died 
                 17 Nov 1943 in Raleigh, Wake County, NC, married George
                 W Banks 6 March 1888, Wake Co NC.  George was born about
                 1851 in Wake Co NC.

                 aaa.  Lafayette Banks, born Jan 1890, Wake Co NC.

                 bbb.  Graham Haywood Banks, born 20 Nov 1900, NC, died
                       about June 1987.

                 ccc.  Paul Banks, born 1905, Wake Co NC, died Wake Co.

            ee.  Sallie Barber, born Nov 1875, NC.

            ff.  Lula Barber, born 29 May 1878, NC and died 23 Nov 1966 in
                 Raleigh, Wake Co NC, married Troy R Stephens. Troy was
                 born about 1881 in NC.

                 aaa.  Clyde Stephens, born 1907, NC.

                 bbb.  Herman Stephens, born 1912, NC.

                 ccc.  Virginia Stephens, born about 1915, NC.

                 ddd.  Martha Stephens, born about 1917 in NC.

                 eee.  ______ Stephens, born 1920 in NC.

        c.  Emily Barber was born 1839, Johnston Co NC.

        d.  George Barber, born 1841, Johnston Co NC.

        e.  Harriet Barber, born 1845, Johnston Co NC, married A J Barber 
            14 Jan 1872 in Johnston Co NC.

        f.  William E. Barber, born 2 Oct 1848, Johnston Co NC, died 2 Oct 
            1921, Elevation Township, Johnston Co NC, married Susan 
            "Susie" Byrd 22 Sep 1871 in Johsnton Co NC.  Susie was born 
            about 1852 in NC.

            aa.  William Amons Barber, born 2 Nov 1871, NC, and died 23 
                 Aug 1958 in Smithfield, Johnston Co NC, married Ellar.

            bb.  Emma Barber was born 1877, NC.

            cc.  Jennie Barber was born Oct 1883, NC.

            dd.  Kittie Barber, born March 1888, NC.

            ee.  Sarah Barber, born about 1896 in NC.

        g.  Appensa "Pency" Barber, born 1850, Johnston Co. NC.

        h.  Sarah Barber, born 1857, Johnston Co NC.

6.  Owen Barber, born 1770, married Elizabeth Gordon 4 October 1791, 
    Johnston County, North Carolina.

    A.  Owen Barber Jr. married Frances _____.
        (information posted to the Johnston Co NC web site by Arlene Lewis)

        a.  Alsey Ann Barber married James Wesley Jones, son of Bennett 
            Jones, grandson of William Jones, great grandson of John 
            Jones Sr.

            aa.  Richard Calvin Jones married Laylon Byrd.  Laylon was 
                 daughter of George Washington Byrd and granddaughter of
                 Sutton Byrd Sr - Margaret (Peggy) Johnson.

        b.  William Ruffin Barber, born about 1838, married Catherine 
            Barber 22 May 1861. William served in Company C of the 5th
            NC Regiment. He died 14 Sep 1862 at Culpeper Court House, VA,
            from disease. After William died, Catherine married James Newitt
            "Jim Bur'l Barbour, a descendant of Burwell Barber. Jim Bur'l
            was the only father Lou Della ever knew. Catherine was a
            daughter of Ashley Barber and a descendant of George Barber.

By request of the husband and family of Sister Catherine Barbour, and in behalf of the church of her membership we write a short sketch of the many good things of the above sister.

She was born in Johnston County December 13, 1843, and died January 8, 1919, at a ripe old age.

At an early age she was married to Ruffin Barbour, of Johnston County, who fell in the late war between the states, leaving her with one child. On December 29, 1865, she was again married to J. N. Barbour, of said county, who survives her, together with seven children, two sons having preceded her to the grave. She also has twenty-eight grandchildren and ninetine great-grandchildren.

On August 24, 1889, she united with the Primitive Baptist church at Rehobeth by a written statement of her experience and hope, and was baptized the following day. She lived a faithful member and true to her church as long as her health permitted her attendance, and her whole mind and soul remained unshaken until her death.

She was a kind and affectionate wife and especially a mother, always caring for her husband and children in a loving and tender manner, teaching and advising them of how they should live in life. And in this instance was a shining light in obedience to the command laid down in God's Word, bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

We feel that she was not only a light and an example to her children but was a worthy example for us all. Though she has been afflicted most of her life and more so of late years, she bore her afflictions with patience, ever trusting in the God of her salvation. When at last influenza took hold and she came to the end of her journey, she still manifested her unshaken faith in her Lord.

She requested that her body be carried to her old home church of her membership and services conducted by the unworthy writer.

Now we feel that though the family has lost their brightest jewel, the country a most worthy woman, and the church a true and faithful member.

And to the dear olf Brother Barbour (her husband) and family, we feel that you should not weep over her, but rather rejoice from the fact that your wife and mother has lived such a life as to leave among you and your country a shining monument in your memory.

And at your request we send a copy of these few words tothe Smithfield Herald and Zion's Landmark for publication. L. H. Stephenson, Pastor.

            aa.  Lou Della Barber, born  1862, died 1912, married Absylom
                 "App" Jefferson Barber 21 Feb 1882, born 1862, Johnston 
                 Co. NC, died in 1931 in Johnston Co. NC. App Barber was
                 the son of Harry Hinton Barber and Smithie Byrd.

                 aaa.  James R. Barbour, born 5 Feb 1883, died 27 April 
                 bbb.  A. B. Barbour, born 13 May 1884, died 7 May 1886

                 ccc.  Hettie C. Barbour, born 7 March 1886, died 26 Feb
                       1951, Wake County, NC       

                 ddd.  Newitt Henry Barbour, born 29 Sep 1887, Johnston 
                       County NC, died 22 Oct 1975, married (1) Eva 
                       Parrish 19 Sep 1909, Johnston Co. NC, (2) Florence 
                       Payne. She was born 2 Nov 1904, died Aug 1985. 

                       aaaa.  Nelson Lewis Barbour, born July 1929, Virginia
                              married (1) Mary Whitlock, (2) Georgia Warren, 
                              (3) Anna S. Reed      

                               aaaaa.  Nelson Lewis Barbour Jr, born 
                                       1948, married Ann

                                       aaaaaa.  Jason Barbour

                                       bbbbbb.  Nicolas Barbour

                               bbbbb.  David Worth Barbour, born 1952, 
                                       died 1979, married ____

                                       aaaaaa.  Matthew Barbour

                               ccccc.  Jon Marc Barbour, born 1957, 
                                       married Susan

                               ddddd.  Craig Lee Barbour, born 1960, 
                                       married Rebekah

                                       aaaaaa.  Andrew Stephen Barbour,
                                                born 1981, married Rebecca 
                                                Henderson 2003 Clark 
                                                County NV

                                                aaaaaaa.  Raeanna J. 
                                                          Barbour, born 
                                                          2003, GA

                                                bbbbbbb.  Alden S. Barbour
                                                          born 2007 GA

                                       bbbbbb.  Jonathan Kyle Barbour,
                                                born 1985, married Tracy
                                                Ridley 2007

                                                aaaaaaa.  Makayula A. 
                                                          Barbour, born 
                                                          2007, GA

                                       cccccc.  Morgan Barbour Jerdee, 
                                                born 1987, married Joel 
                                                aaaaaaa.  Ethan R. Jerdee
                                                          born 2007 GA

                               eeeee.  Traci L. Barbour, (adopted) born 
                                       1965, married Timothy Brosnan

                                       aaaaaa.  Anna Chay Brosnan, born 

                                       bbbbbb.  Dylan Reed Brosnan, born 

                               fffff.  Pamela Ann Barbour, (adopted) born 
                                       1968, married Bret James Johnson
                                       aaaaaa.  Nelson Johnson, born 1986

                               ggggg.  Kyle Reed Barbour, born and died 

                               hhhhh.  Anna Maria Barbour, (adopted) born 
                                       1975, (twin of Alice) married John 

                               iiiii.  Alice Marie Barbour. (adopted) born
                                       1975 (twin of Anna)

                       bbbb.   Dorothy Barbour, born 1931, married (1) 
                               Jack Spicer, (2) Robert Harley

                       cccc.   Shirley Barbour, born 1934, married Richard

                       dddd.   Newitt Henry Barbour, born 1940, married 
                               George-Ann. Newitt is an exact match for 
                               37 markers with Jerry Lynne Barber.  
                               Jerry is a descendant of George Barber and 
                               his wife Margaret Watkins.

                       eeee.   Rebecca Barbour, born 1948, married Walter 

                 eee.  Willie Edgar Barbour, born 27 Aug 1889, died 8 Jan 
                       1970, married James Emily Austin 
                 fff.  Parrot L. Barber, born 6 May 1891, died 1932, 
                       married Laura Parrish

                 ggg.  Delilah F. Barber, born 13 June 1893, died 26 Nov 
                       1965, married Vadie Malcolm Coats 

                 hhh.  Judson Franklin Barber, born 15 Feb 1897, died 8 
                       May 1925

                 iii.  Annie Lou Barber, born 8 Sep 1899, died 1904

                 jjj.  Aldace Howard Barber, born 6 Aug 1901, died 30 May 
                       1962 married Callie Holmes

                 kkk.  Rutter L. Barber, born 1903, died 1904

                 lll.  Bettie Allene Barber, born 11 Nov 1907, married 
                       Graham Franks

        c.  Ransom Barber also died in the Civil War. He was being held
            prisoner at Fot Delaware, DL, and died of typhoid fever on
            31 Oct 1863. He was in the same outfit as his brother William
            Ruffin Barber.

    B.  John Calvin Barber

        a.  James Odious Barbour, born 1896, died 1960, married Alta
            Florence Eason.


            aa.  Maurice Eric Barbour "Rick", born 9 June 1933, died 11 
                 Sep 2008.


7.  Burwell Barber, born 23 October 1773, Johnston Co. NC, died 3 May 
    1851, Johnston Co. NC, married Lydia Jones 27 December 1796. Lydia 
    died 10 July 1863 at 87 years of age.
    A.  Wormley Barber, born 1803

    B.  James Barber died 26 Oct 1835.

        a.  Daniel A Barber died 6 Jan 1862.

    C.  Giddeon Barber died 6 Feb 1866.

    D.  Burwell Barber, born 1808, Johnston Co. NC, died before 1900 in
        North Carolina, married Elizabeth _____ about 1834.  Elizabeth
        was born 1818.

        a.  Daniel W. Barber, born 1835, Johnston Co. NC, died 27 June 
            1892, Sumner Co. TN, married Sina E Mattox 12 Aug 1857 in
            Sumner Co. TN.

            aa.  Margaret Barber, born 1858, died 13 Jan 1920, Sumner Co
                 TN, married William Clark Brown about 1874, Sumner Co TN.
                 William was born 1855, died 1937.

                 aaa.  Daisy Anna Brown, born 1877, died 1942.

                 bbb.  Wallace Brown, born 1879, died 1887.

                 ccc.  Charlie G Brown, born 1881.

                 ddd.  Emily Grace Gracie Brown, born 1888.

                 eee.  Robert Daniel Brown, born 1891, died 1948.

                 fff.  James Blair Jim Brown, born 1897.

            bb.  Charles H. Barber, born Jan 1860, Sumner Co TN, died 
                 13 March 1948 in McCracken Co Ky, married Ada Rankins
                 7 May 1890 in Henry co. TN.  Ada was born 1858, died 

                 aaa.  Ernest Berry Barber, born 25 March 1892, Davidson
                       Co, TN, died Feb 1966 in Nashville, Davidson Co. 
                       TN, married (1) Lula Mae Ellison 29 July 1923 in  
                       Perry Co TN.  Lula Mae was born 1909.  Ernest 
                       married (2) Flora Mae Webb 6 July 1956 in 
                       Robertson Co. TN.  Flora Mae was born 1924, died 

                       aaaa.  Jesse Barber, born 1922, died 2001.

                       bbbb.  Leonard Luther Barber, born 1924, died 1983.

                       cccc.  Marvin Ernest Barber, born 1926, died 2003.

                       dddd.  Justine Barber, born 1930.

                       eeee.  living Barber

                       ffff.  living Barber

            cc.  John P. Barber, born 1862, Sumner Co. TN, died 8 Nov 
                 1948, Mccracken Co KY, married (1) Elizabeth Louisa 
                 Perdue 24 Dec 1882 in Sumner Co TN, (2) Maggie I ____
                 about 1893.

                 aaa.  Lillie Florentine Barber, born 14 April 1884, died 
                       28 Aug 1956 in Sumner Co. TN, married John Calvin
                       Durham 25 Nov 1896.

                       aaaa.  Lawrence Brady Durham, born 1899, died 1968.

                 bbb.  Hershel C Barber, born 1885, died 1960.

                 ccc.  Willie Garden Barber, born 1887, died 1900.

                 ddd.  Jessie E Barber, born 1898.

                 eee.  Portia S Barber, born 1900.

                 fff.  Sina J Barber, born 1905.

            dd.  Emily J. Barber, born 1866.

            ee.  Louisa Bell Barber, born 1869.

            ff.  Elizabeth Barber, born 1871.

            gg.  Jackson I. Barber, born 1873.

            hh.  Ira D. Barber, born 1875.

            ii.  Edgar H. Barber, born 1878.

        b.  James Newitt Barber, "Jim Bur'l" born 20 Sep 1840, North 
            Carolina, died 14 May 1926, Johnston Co NC, married Catherine 
            Barber 29 Dec 1865, widow of William Ruffin Barber. Jim Bur'l 
            and Catherine raised Catherine's daughter Lou Della by 
            William. Jim Bur'l also served in the 5th North Caolina 
            Regiment and was paroled at Raleigh, NC on 19 May 1865.

The most sublime scene in the life of a Christian is the final triumph over the dying hour. He passes through the valley of the shadow of death fearing no evil, because his Shepherd is with him.

We felt that this was true with Mr. James N. Barbour, when on the morning of May 14, he quietly passed away after an illness of five days.

He was in his 86th year, and death was due to infirmities of old age.

He was born on September 20, 1840, and lived almost all of his life in Johnston County. At the age of twenty-one years the War Between the States came on. When his country called he answered, and enlisted with Company C, 5th NC Regiment.

He was at all times ready to "obey the powers that be," in every form of allegiance and defense essential to civil governments. He loved his Southland, and his discharge from military service did not end his career as a soldier, for his heart was large and tender enough to defend any just cause.

When the war was over he came back to his native country and married Mrs. Catherine Barbour. Their life together was an ideal one until January 8, 1918 (1919), she died, leaving him to cherish the memory of her gentle disposition as long as he lived. He had been a member of the Primitive Baptist church ever since 1873, and with a deep conviction and profound faith in the great realities of Christianity he has served his God and fellowmen for more than half a century. The very influence of his noble life has been an inspiration to those who have love him in such measure that their devotion to him was sufficient motive for clean lives and exemplary conduct.

For many years helived with his sons, where he was surrounded with every needed comfort.

His remains were taken to Rehobeth church of which he was a member and funeral services conducted by the Elder Jesse Barnes.......

Seven children survive him, five daughters and two sons as follows: Mrs Jno. Windham, Mrs. M. C. Barbour, Mrs. J. A. Langdon, Mrs. G. W. Stephenson, and Mrs. Lexie Stephenson, Mr. I. A. Barbour and Mr. Archie Barbour.

He leaves a name his friends love to remember and cherish and those who knew him best have full assurance of his eternal reward. The Lord in whom he trusted has also passed through death, and left him a promise "That where I am, there ye may be also."

            aa.  Laura A. Barbour, born 20 Sep 1866, Johnston Co NC, died
                 13 Feb 1939, married Marcellus C. Barbour 5 Jan 1890.
                 Marcellus was the son of Larkin and Wilsey Massengill 

                 aaa.  J. Chester Barbour

                 bbb.  H. L. Barbour

                 ccc.  J. F. Barbour

            bb.  Eliza Jane Barber, born 29 April 1868, Johnston Co NC,
                 died 6 Sep 1926, married John Rufus Windham 22 Nov 1887.

            cc.  Newit A. Barbour, born 7 April 1871, died 14 Feb 1875.

            dd.  Robert I. Barbour, born 5 July 1873, died 29 Jan 1875.

            ee.  Betsy J. Barbour, born 15 April 1875, died 6 Aug 1937,
                 married Joseph A. Langdon. Betsy was named for her 
                 paternal grandmother, Betsy Armstead Barber. She was
                 the twin of Nancy I Barbour.

            ff.  Nancy I. Barbour, born 15 April 1875, died 9 Jan 1946,
                 married George William Stephenson in 1893. Nancy was 
                 named for her paternal grandmother, Nancy Massengill 
                 Barber. Nancy was the twin of Betsy J. Barbour.

                 aaa.  J. Sheppard Stephenson

                 bbb.  W. Paul Stephenson

                 ccc.  J Hubert Stephenson

                 ddd.  Walter Stephenson

                 eee.  Mrs R. A. Langdon

            gg.  Igaha Aaron Barbour "Bud", born 3 Oct 1877, died 5 Feb 
                 1945, married Chellie Florence Stephenson.

                 aaa.  Lloyd Barbour

            hh.  Archie M. Barbour, born 26 Sep 1880, died 15 Nov 1958,
                 never married.

            ii.  Millie Catherine Barbour, born 24 Aug 1884, died 18 Feb
                 1934, married Lexie A. Stephenson.

        c.  Rose Barber, born 1844.

        d.  Emily Barber, born 1847.

        e.  Mary Barber, born 1850.

        f.  Burwell W Barber, b orn 1855, died 1934.

        g. Lucy Barber, born 1860.

    E.  Nathaniel B. Barber, born 23 March 1815 died 16 March 1874, 
        married Laney Dixon 26 Oct 1853. Laney was born March 1835,
        died March 1877.
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        Bible info came from

        a.  Sarough Frances Barber was born 1854.

        b.  Benjamin Franklin Pierce Barber was born 11 Nov 1855, died
            26 Jan 1895.

        c.  John Patrick Barber was born March 1857.

            aa.  Thomas Henry Barber, born 1896, died 1974, married (1) 
                 Lydia, (2) Viola Livie Thornton, who was the first wife 
                 of Major Wilton Parrish.

        d.  Willis Henry Barber was born 30 March 1859.

        e.  Nathaniel Manassa Barber, born 7 Feb 1861.

        f.  Mimmie An Barber

        g.  Rufus Utly Barber, born 7 March 1866.

        h.  Lydah An Barber, born June 1868.

        i.  Salina Helen Barber, born 30 Sep 1870.

        j.  David Daniel Barbour, born 22 Dec 1872, Johnston Co NC, died 
            24 Nov 1923, Johnson Co NC, married Mattie Thopson Stroup 
            20 Dec 1904, Johnston co. NC.  Mattie was born 1879, died 

            aa.  Gladys Irene Barbour, born 1906, Johnston Co. NC, married
                 (1) Millard Hodge, (2) Robert Strickland.

            bb.  Hubert Boyd Barbour, born 17 Jan 1908, Johnston Co NC, 
                 died Aug 1971 in Baltimore, MD.

            cc.  Horace Thompson Barbour, born 5 Dec 1909, Johnston Co NC, 
                 died July 1980 in Baltimore, MD.

            dd.  Worth Julius Barbour, born 21 April 1912, died 6 Jan 
                 1972 in Dade Co FL..

            ee.  David Val Barbour, born 9 Nov 1917, died 6 June 1981
                 in Smithfield, Johnston Co. NC, married ____ Stickell.

                 aaa.  Shiela B Barbour married Robert Otis Thurston.

                       aaaa.  Bobby David Thurston

                       bbbb.  David Lawrence Thurston

                       cccc.  Lisa Roberta Thurston

        Someone (P A Barber?) died 19 Jan 1907 with pneumonia.

    F.  Mimmie Barber, born 1821, died 3 June 1862, Johnston Co. NC,
        married Aldridge Hill Dixon, son of John Dixon.  Aldridge was born
        1 July 1825, died 8 April 1859 in Johnston CO NC. More info
        courtesy of David Woldseth

        a.  John Eldridge Dixon, born 11 Nov 1855 in  Johnston Co NC, died 
            10 March 1917, married (1) Pensia A Suggs on 23 Dec 1877 in 
            Johnston Co NC. Pensia was the daughter of Josiah Suggs and 
            Elizabeth Hockaday, and was born 17 July 1857. She died 13 
            Sep 1893 in Johnston Co NC.  After Pensia died, John married
            Polly Elizabeth Capps 22 Nov 1893. Polly was born 6 Nov 1874,
            died 17 Sep 1927 in Johnston Co NC.

            aa.  Emma Dixon was born 20 Jun in Johnston Co NC. She married
                 Bryant Allen Norris about 1903. Bryant was the son of 
                 Larkin N Norris and Lenora Woodall. He was born 10 Nov 
                 1883. He died 23 Jan 1955. Emma and Bryant were married 
                 about 1903.

                 aaa.  Virginia Norris

            bb.  Effie A Dixon was born 17 Jan 1879, died 23 Feb 1913.

            cc.  Nancy Ora Dixon was born 17 Oct 1882, died 18 May 1938, 
                 married Alvester Norris on 10 March 1901. Alvester was
                 the son of Larkin N Norris and Lenora Woodall and was 
                 born 7 Oct 1876. He died 26 May 1954 in Harnett CO NC
                 Nancy and Alvester were married 10 March 1901 in Johnston
                 Co NC.

                 aaa.  infant

                 bbb.  Lessie Alma Norris was born 10 Feb 1902, died March 
                       1988, married Garland Willard on 8 Feb 1919.

                 ccc.  Pensia Nola Norris was born 25 Sep 1903 in 
                       Elevation Township, Johnston Co NC, died 24 Jan 
                       1985 in Harnett Co NC, married Zach Ariah Lee on 28
                       Sep 1918 in Harnett Co NC.

                 ddd.  Millard Vance Norris was born 1 Jan 1905, Johnston 
                       Co NC, died 15 Aug 2000 in New Port Richey, FL.

                 eee.  Emma Pearl Norris was born 19 Oct 1908 in Johnston 
                       Co NC, died 12 Sep 1981 in Harnett Co NC.

                 fff.  John Aaron Norris was born 11 March 1911 in 
                       Johnston Co NC, died 10 Aug 1993 in Harnett Co NC.

                 ggg.  Lafayette Norris was born 5 Jan 1914, died 8 Jan 
                       1950, married Beulah Mae Woodruff on 3 Jan 1937 in 
                       Harnett Co NC.

                 hhh.  A V Jeffery Norris born on 16 Jan 1917, died 9 
                       March 1918.
                 iii.  Victor Norris was born 22 Feb 1919 in Harnett Co 
                       NC, died 8 March 2002 in New Bern NC, married 
                       Bertha Verona Pollard on 1 April 1939.

                 jjj.  Ruth Norris was born 8 June 1921 in Harnett Co NC.
                       died 2 Dec 1998 in Lillington, NC.

                 kkk.  Paul Hardin Norris was born 7 May 1923, died 4 July 

            dd.  Willis A Dixon ws born 8 Sep 1888.

            ee.  Mimmie R Della Dixon was born 12 May 1891 in Johnston Co
                 NC, died 10 Dec 1966 in Johnston Co NC, married Charlie
                 Avender Norris on 30 March 1907 in Harnett Co NC. Charlie
                 was the son of Larkin N Norris and Lenora Woodall. He was
                 born 19 Sep 1887 and died on 13 Jun 1941 in Harnett Co 
                 NC. Mimmie and Charlie were married on 30 March 1907 in 
                 Harnett CO NC.

                 Mimmie Della Dixon Norris and her
                 daughter Thelma Mae Norris Jenkins
                 Picture from Ruby Kelly

                 aaa.  Pensia Nola Norris, born 12 Aug 1911.

                 bbb.  Joseph Daniel Norris ws born 26 Sep 1913, married 
                       Sallie Byrd 6 March 1933 in Harnett CO NC.

                 ccc.  Thelma Mae Norris was born 22 sep 1917 in Benson,
                       Johnston Co NC, married Richard Jenkins on 11 June
                       1941 in Anne Arundel Co MD.

                       Thelma Mae Norris Jenkins

                 ddd.  Pauline Norris, born 30 Sep 1921 in Harnett Co NC,
                       died 21 Aug 1922 in Harnett Co NC.

            ff.  Esther Dixon

            gg.  Nanny Dixon

            hh.  Albert Otha Dixon, born 13 sep 1894 in Johnston Co NC, 
                 died 16 Feb 1962 in  Johnston Co NC, married Lettie Byrd.

                 aaa.  Willis O Dixon was born 13 April 1934, died 8 Sep 

                 bbb.  A. J. Dixon died before 8 Sep 2003.

                 ccc.  Carl J Dixon was born 1917, died 6 June 2010.

The Rev Carl J Dixon, 93, of Benson died Sunday, June 6, 2010.
Funeral services will be held 11 a.m Wednesday at Pleasant HIll Christian Church, Benson, by the Rev. Scott Johnson. Interment will be at the Dixon Family Cemetery, Benson.
Survivors include a daughter, Martha Hill of Smithfield; brothers, Lamuel Dixon of Benson, graham Dixon of smithfield and Eumneese Dixon of Bladenboro; sisgters, Velma Baldock of Chicago, ILL., and Lorise McLaurin of Smithfied; four grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren; and three great-great-grandchildren.
Visitation will be Wednesday fro 10 to 11 a.m. at the church.
Arrangements by West & Dunn Funeral HOme, Benson.

                 ddd.  Graham Dixon

                 eee.  Eumeese Dixon

                 fff.  Lamuel Dixon

                 ggg.  Geritude Dixon

                 hhh.  Lourise Dixon

                 iii.  Velma Dixon

            ii.  Lila M Dixon was born 1898.

            jj.  Johnny Dixon was born 1902.

            kk.  Jesse Dixon was born 8 May 1904 in Johnston Co NC, and
                 died 6 July 1961.

            ll.  Boyd Dixon was born in 1908 and died Jun 1958 in Johnston
                 Co NC.

    G.  David Barber, born 1835.

    H.  Burwell W Barber, born 1855, Johnston Co. NC, died 7 July 1934, 
        North Carolina, married Eliza Ann Carroll 28 Aug 1881 in Johnston
        Co. NC. Eliza Ann was born 1864, died 1936.

        a.  Daniel Everett Barbour, born 1882, died 1914.

        b.  Lucy B Barbour, born 1895.

        c.  Moliena Barbour, born 1899.

        d.  Frederick A Barbour, born 1903, died 1957.

        e.  Lock C Barbour, born 1909.

8.  Thomas Barber, born 1774, died 1850 married Elizabeth (Betsy) Langdon 
    5 April 1799, who was born 1782, died 1856.  Betsy was the daughter of
    James Langdon and Patty Stevenson.

    A.  William A. Barber, born 1799, Burke Co NC, married Frances 
        "Fannie" Moody, a sister of Rebecca Moody and William B. Moody, 
        born about 1817, NC.

        a.  Thomas Barber, born 1832, NC

        b.  Mary E Barber, born 1835, NC

        c.  Martha Barber, born 1837, NC

        d.  Cynthia Barber, born NC

        e.  Beckey Barber, born 1844, MO

        f.  Emeline Barber, born 1848, MO

    B.  James E Barber, born 1801, Burke Co NC, died 1870, Caldwell Co NC, 
        married Nancy Braswell, who was born 1799, Johnston Co NC, died 
        1876, Caldwell Co NC. Nancy was Wylie's sister.

        a.  Isabella Elizabeth Barber "Ibby", born 22 Feb 1837, Burke Co 
            NC, died 14 May 1894, Burke Co NC, married Cornelius 
            Washington Clark, who was born 1837 Burke Co NC, died 24 Nov 
            1907, Gaston Co Nc.


            aa.  Henry W Clark born 1866, John's River, Caldwell Co Nc, 
                 died 16 April 1924, Union Co NC, married Annie Lee 
                 Murphy, who was born 1865, NC, died 1953, Buncombe Co NC.


                 aaa.  Sylvester H Clarke, born 1891, NC, died 18 Aug 
                       1979, Ashville, NC.


                 bbb.  Tessie Viola Clark, born 1896, NC, married Earl 
                       Raeford, who was born 1901, NC.

       Tessie Viola Clark                Earl Raeford

                 ccc.  Claude L Clark, born 1899, NC, died 1917, Black MT. 
                       Caldwell Co NC, married Nina Debrehl.

                 ddd.  Annie Juanita Clark, born 1905 NC, died 1956, 
                       Greensboro, NC, married Rufus Clegg Russell, who 
                       was born 1901, died 1996.

        Annie Juanita Clark at 18
        Rufus Clegg Russell

         Tess, Claude, Juanita with Annie Murphy Clark

    C.  Obedience "Bedia" Barber, born 13 June 1802, died 13 Oct 1879, 
        married Wylie Rhyne Braswell, who was born in 1793 and died 2 May 

        a.  Sarah Elinore Braswell, born June 1820, Burke CO NC, died 
            1904, Caldwell Co NC, married Dolphus Linwood Clark.

        b.  William Holden Braswell, born Sept 1822, Burke Co NC, died 
            1880 Burke County NC, married Sophrenia E Clark.

        c.  Nancy Emiline Braswell, born 4 May 1824 Burke CO NC, died
            14 Nov 1895, married Jonathan Radar.

            aa.  Mason McDowell Radar, born 4 Aug 1844, died 2 April 1905,
                 married Bedia Monarcha Barber.


        d.  Mary Barber Braswell, born 1826, Burke Co NC, died 1900 
            Caldwell Co NC, married Lawson Ellis.

        e.  Ryan Wesley Braswell, born Oct 1829, Burke Co NC, died 1875,
            Caldwell Co NC, married Margaret Peggy Bowman in 1851.

        f.  Marcus L Braswell, born 2 June 1832, Burke CO NC, died 17 
            April 1912, Caldwell Co NC, married Margaret Emiline Bowman.

            aa.  William Blackwell Braswell "Buck", born 12 Dec 1865, 
                 Caldwell Co NC, died 14 Nov 1928, Caldwell Co NC, 
                 married Martha Louise Setzer, born 1869, Burke Co NC,
                 died 1959, Caldwell Co NC.


                 aaa.  Zelma Leola Braswell, orn 1888, died 1974, Lenoir 
                       Co NC, married (1) W Edgar Decker, (2) Earl Oxford.

                 bbb.  Horace Henry Braswell, born 1891, died 1978, 
                       married Julia Etta Kelley.

                 ccc.  John Bunyan Braswell, born 1895, died 1968, married 
                       Lola Smart.

                 ddd.  Robert Coleman Braswell, born 1896, died 1961, 
                        married Lola M Braswell.

                 eee.  Etta Elizabeth Braswell, born 1899, died 1955, 
                       married Elmer Lacell Moody.

                       aaaa.  Robert Moody

                       bbbb.  Edith Ermine Moody

                 fff.  George Washington Braswell, born 1897, died 1986, 
                       married Dovie Childers.

                 ggg.  James Stellas Braswell, born 1907, died 1987, 
                       married Georgia Blanche Andrews.

                 hhh.  William B Braswell, born 1911.

                        Horace, George and James Braswell

            bb.  Margaret Elizabeth Braswell, born 1862, Caldwell Co NC,
                 died 1884, married Coleman Setzer, who was born 1851, 
                 died 1914.

                 aaa.  Mamie Louise Setzer, born 1884, Caldwell Co NC, 
                       died 1974, married Lee Otis Setzer, born 1880, died
                       died 1955, the son of Robert Nelson Setzer and Mary
                       Emma Bowman.


                       aaaa.  Donald Jerome Setzer, born 1903, died 1960,
                              married Grace Ann Parsons, who was born 
                              1906, died 2005.

                       bbbb.  Lennie Delone Setzer, born 1905, died 1995,
                              married Ora Lee Parsons, who was born 1910,
                              died 2006.

                       cccc.  Carl Lee Setzer, born 1907, died 1980, 
                              married Neta Viola Killian , who was born 
                              1915, died 1993.

                       dddd.  Otie Mae Setzer, born 1909, died 1998, 
                              married Granville Walter Woods.

                       eeee.  Joyce Faye Setzer, born 1911, died 1997, 
                              married James Sam Safriet, who was born 

                       ffff.  Chloe Agusta Setzer, born 1913, died 1983, 
                              married John Grason Gibbs, who was born 
                              1916, died 1980.

                       gggg.  Florence Evelyn Setzer, born 1916, died 
                              1989, married William Garland Coffey, who 
                              was born 1917, died 1988.

                       hhhh.  Clarence Walter Setzer, born 1918, died 
                              1999, married (1) Ruth Irene Oliver, (2) 
                              ____ Harris.

                       iiii.  Shirley Amanda Setzer, born 1920, died 1964, 
                              married Robert Leon Andrews, who was born
                              1921, died 2002.


                       jjjj.  Opal Eugenia Setzer, born 1921, died 1994, 
                              married (1) Troy Duran Souther, (2) Charles 
                              Edward Barlow.

                       kkkk.  Margaret Helen Setzer, born 1924, died 2007,
                              married Wallace Jayhugh Davis.

                        50th Wedding Anniversary, Otis and Mamie

        g.  James Jackson Braswell, born 1835, died 1903, Mitchell Co 
            NC (now Avery County). His wife Margaret Virginia Bowman 
            was born Oct 1849, and they married in 1867.


            aa.  Thomas Willburn Braswell, born Dec 1874 NC, died 19 June 
                 1951, Gaston Co Nc, married Cora Bathsheba McCall, 
                 who was born 1883 NC.

                 aaa.  Ernest William Braswell, born 1904 NC.

                 bbb.  Raymond Braswell, born 1907, NC.

                 ccc.  Jesse Thomas Braswell

                 ddd.  June Braswell

                  Thomas Willburn Braswell with June and Jesse Thomas

                  Thomas and Cora Braswell, oldest boys Raymond and Ernest

            bb.  Laura Emiline Braswell, born 31 Aug 1895, Avery Co NC,
                 died 31 March 1954, NC, married William Davis Austin, who 
                 was born 1856 NC, died 1895, Avery Co NC


            cc.  Mary Etta Braswell, born 26 March 1886, Mitchell Co NC, 
                 died 21 Dec 1954 NC, married John Henry McCall, who was 
                 born 1882, died 1969, Caldwell Co NC.


        h.  Thomas Newton Braswell, born 1837, Burke Co NC, died 1900,
            Mitchell Co GA, married Sarah A Clontz, who was born 9 Aug
            1849, Caldwell Co NC, died 13 May 1939, Caldwell Co NC.

            aa.  Bedia Obedience Elizabeth Braswell, born 7 Dec 1867,
                 NC, died 30 Sep 1962, Avery Co NC, married Granville
                 Sherman Pritchard, born 1871, NC, died 13 Dec 1919,
                 Montezuma, Avery Co NC.
                 Bedia and Granville Sherman Pritchard

                 aaa.  Clara Belle Pritchard, born 11 July 1893, Avery Co 
                       NC, died 3 Nov 1985, Montezuma, Avery Co NC, 
                       married Lloyd Winslow Sudderth, who was born 19 Feb 
                       1891, Caldwell Co NC, died 18 June 1974, Montezuma, 
                       Avery Co NC.


                        Lloyd and Belle Sudderth

                       aaaa.  Clyde Elmer Sudderth, born 20 May 1921, 
                              Avery Co NC, died 4 June 2002, Montezuma, 
                              Avery Co NC, married Cozie Bernice Danner, 
                              who was born 6 March 1922, Linville, Avery 
                              Co Nc, died 26 Oct 2007, Avery Co NC.


                       bbbb.  Evelyn Sudderth, born 26 Nov 1922, Avery Co 
                              NC, died 18 July 2004, Avery Co NC, married 
                              (1) Mitchell Baird, (2) Carl Holden.


                       cccc.  Clara Sudderth, born 15 July 1932, Avery Co
                              NC, died 7 Sep 2000, Charlotte, NC, married 
                              Reuben Frederick Chapman, who was born 1926, 
                              died 2010, Charlotte NC.


            bb.  Amanda Salvadore Braswell, born 3 Jan 1869, Caldwell Co 
                 NC, died 28 Sep 1952, married Todd Cornelius Carpenter, 
                 who was born 1874, died 1952.

              Amanda Salvadore Braswell            Todd Cornelius Carpenter

                 aaa.  Pearl Annie Carpenter, born 13 Nov 1898, died 16 
                       Feb 1972, Calwell Co NC, married (1) John Crisp, 
                       who was born 1882, (2) Elihue Finely Clarke, who 
                       was born 1880, Burke Co NC, died 1956, Lenoir Co 
                       NC, (3) Robert Leroy Baker, who was born 1892, died 
                       1951, (4) Ralph Green, who was born 1912, died 

   Pearl Annie Carpenter/Robert Leroy Baker     Pearl Annie Carpenter/George Green

                       aaaa.  Ralph Hugh Baker, born 1918, NC, died 1978, 
                              Daytona Beach, FL, married Phyllis Tucker.

         Ralph Hugh Baker and Phyllis Tucker wedding day

                       bbbb.  Kenneth Byrl Baker, born 1929, Detroit, MI, 
                              died 2008, Hickory, NC, married (1) Margaret 
                              Powell, (2) Ann Teague.


                       cccc.  Joan Baker, born 2 Jan 1931, Detroit MI, 
                              died 16 Feb 2002, NC married Everett Lewis 
                              Bradshaw, who was born 1920, NC, died 1999, 

        Joan Baker                        Joan Baker and Everett Lewis Bradshaw

        i.  Winnie Ann Braswell born 1841

        j.  Sarah Braswell, born 1849, Burke Co NC, died 1939, married
            Thomas Clontz.

    D.  Priscilla Barber, born 1812.

    E.  Thomas Young Barber, born 1813, Burke Co NC, died 15 Feb 
        1887, Umatilla Co OR, buried Milton/Freewater, OR, married (1) 
        Rebecca Moody 1 May 1834, Burke Co NC.  Rebecca was born about 
        1815-1816 in Burke Co NC, died about 1864, Houston, Texas Co MO 
        Their great-great-great granddaughter, Ruby M Kelley, has 
        provided a great deal of information. Thomas Y Barber file
        Thomas married (2) Mrs Eliza Louisa Young about 1865, a widow with 
        children who took the Barber name.  She was born Nov 1838 in 
        Indiana, died 25 April 1911 in Umatilla Co OR



        a.  Elizabeth Caroline Barber (Aunt Cal), born 6 March 1841, 
            Caldwell Co NC, died 8 Feb 1923, Houston,Texas Co MO, married 
            Lorenzo Griffin Gentry 1859, Houston, Texas Co MO.  Lorenzo
            was born 19 Dec 1831 in St Clair Co IL, died 19 Jan 1912,
            Houston, Texas Co MO.


            aa.  Laura B Gentry, born 1862, Texas Co MO
            bb.  Mary E Gentry (Molly), born 1863, Texas Co MO     

            cc.  Martha L Gentry (Mattie), born 1863, Texas Co MO

            dd.  Rebecca M Gentry, born 1865, Texas Co MO

            ee.  Dese Gentry (Desia), born 1867, Texas Co MO
                 married Winfield Taylor

            ff.  Robert C Gentry, born 1869, Texas Co MO
                 married Alta

            gg.  Margaret Gentry, born 1871, Texas Co MO

            hh.  Ewing Mitchell "Huck" Gentry, born 1873, Texas Co MO
                 married Bertha Bell Smith.

                 aaa.  Elbert Gentry

                 bbb.  Herbert Gentry

                 ccc.  Churchill Gentry

                 ddd.  Robert Gentry


                 Bertha and her sons Elbert, Herbert, Churchill and Robert Gentry

            ii.  Sabra Gentry, born 1877, Texas Co MO
                 married John Freeland


            jj.  Mabelle Gentry, born July 1878, Texas Co MO
                 married Leander Johnson

            kk.  Annie Gentry, born 1881, Texas Co MO

        b.  Sarah Simpson Barber, born 1842, Caldwell Co NC, died 5 Feb 
            1877, Caney, Kansas, married Granville Sesil Carinder 1860 in 
            Houston, Texas Co MO. Granville was born 1832, Wayne CO KY, 
            died 15 March 1915, Caney, Kansas.


            aa.  Cordelia Jane Carinder, born 30 Aug 1861, Houston, Texas 
                 Co MO, died 15 June 1954 Santa Monica, CA, buried 
                 Sawtelle, CA, married Lewie Scott Ripley 13 Jan 1881, 
                 Caney, Montgomery Co KS.  Lewie was born 20 Aug 1858, 
                 died 21 Aug 1926, Santa Monica CA, buried Woodlawn 
                 Cemetery, Santa Monica CA.


The Ripley family and the house they built in the Cherokee Strip Run of 1893

                 aaa.  Augusta Belle Ripley, born 3 July 1882, Mulberry, 
                       AR, died 27 Dec 1951, Oakland CA, married (1) John 
                       Henry Cox 19 April 1900, Pawnee, OK, (2) Ted Meyers
                       1909 Pawnee OK, (3) Horace Atterbury, Pawnee OK,
                       (4) Cecil Short, (5) Joe Viviani.

                 bbb.  Elmer Ellsworth Ripley II, born 8 Feb 1885, Caney,
                       KS, died Feb 1960, Lela, OK, married (1) Bessie 
                       Malone 1909, (2) Ida Marie Schanzenback 1920, 
                       Pawnee, OK

                 ccc.  George Granville Ripley, born 18 July 1888, Caney 
                       KS, died 30 Nov 1979, Lamar, MO, buried Glenco OK, 
                       married Bessie Florence Pennington 24 Dec 1908, 
                       Pawnee OK.


                 ddd.  Ida Indiana Ripley (India), born 27 Sep 1890, 
                       Indian Territory, died 29 Oct 1989, Fayetteville, 
                       AR, buried Garret Creek Cemetery, Washington Co AR, 
                       married Otis Adrian Hite 24 Dec 1908, Stillwater, 
                       OK. Otis was born 7 May 1888, Olathe, KS died 21 
                       Oct 1951, Cove Creek, Washington CO AR.

                       Harold, Ruby, Ruth, and Otis Hite Jr

                       aaaa.  Otis Adrian Hite Jr, born 1 Oct 1909, Pawnee
                              Co OK, died 23 July 1967, Washington Co AR, 
                              married Julia Maxine Ripley 27 Oct 1932,
                              Pawnee Co OK.

                       bbbb.  Ruby Mae Hite, born 17 March 1911, Morrison 
                              OK, died 7 June 1988, Washington Co AR, 
                              buried Garrett Creek Cemetery, Westville, 
                              OK, married (1) Charles Raymond Smith 22 Feb 
                              1928, Morrison, OK. He was born 17 March 
                              1908, Iowa, died 8 July 1937, Kansas. Ruby 
                              married (2) Floyd Irvin Garringer 8 July 
                              1939, Washington Co AR. Eight children.  The 
                              only daughter was Ruby Mae Smith.

                              Charles Raymond Smith, wife Ruby and daughter Ruby

                              Ruby Hite as a young girl, and her daughter Ruby Smith at 7

                              aaaaa.  Ruby Mae Smith, born 4 Nov 1929,
                                      Lela, Pawnee Co OK, married (1)
                                      Joe Gomez 1948, (2) Johnnie C Kelley
                                      15 May 1957.

                                    Ruby with her first husband, Joe Gomez and son Jody
                                    Ruby at 21
                                   Ruby and second husband Johnnie Kelley

                                      aaaaaa.  Jody Gomez, born 22 July 
                                               1949, married (1) Wanda 
                                               Suggs 1967, (2) Wanda 
                                               Owens (4 children), (3) 
                                               Joan Oldham (son Jordan). 

                                     Jody in the first grade

                                               aaaaaaa.  Shon Randall 
                                                         Gomez, born 11 
                                                         July 1967

                                               bbbbbbb.  Jason Shandy 
                                                         Gomez, born 1 Oct 
                                                         1973, Stillwater, 

                                               ccccccc.  Jennifer Alicia
                                                         Gomez, born 24 
                                                         March 1978, 
                                                         Bartlesville, OK.

                                               ddddddd.  Joshua Andrew 
                                                         Gomez, born 12 
                                                         Feb 1980, 
                                                         Fayetteville, AR.

                                               eeeeeee.  Jessica Janeau 
                                                         Gomez, born 8 
                                                         March 1983, 
                                                         Bartlesville, OK.

                                               fffffff.  Jordan Joaea 
                                                         Gomez, born 4 
                                                         June 1994, 
                                                         Oklahoma City, 

                              bbbbb.  Charles Raymond Smith Jr

                              ccccc.  James Lester Smith (deceased)

                              ddddd.  Leo Ray (Buddy) Smith (deceased)
                                     Smith brothers

                       cccc.  Harold Levi Hite, born 7 May 1913, Glencoe, 
                              OK, died 7 Sep 1983, Glencoe, OK, married 
                              Evelyn Lena Stevens 9 Feb 1939, Washington 
                              Co AR.

                       dddd.  Dorothy Pauline Hite, born 12 Aug 1915, 
                              Glenco, OK, died 17 Dec 1932, Glencoe, OK, 
                              married Howard Henry Struble 26 Nov ????
                              Stillwater, OK.

                       eeee.  Ruth Cordelia Hite,born 19  Oct 1917, 
                              Glenco, OK, died 6 May 2001, Washington Co 
                              AR, married 30 June 1936, Pawnee Co OK.

                 eee.  John Lowe Ripley (Lorenzo), born 4 Feb 1892, Indian 
                       Territory, died 30 July 1950, Fresno, CA, married 
                       Frances Emma Jines 27 June 1921.

                 fff.  Lewie Scott Ripley II, born Sep 1895, Indian 
                       Territory, died July 1936, Glenco Ok, buried Union 
                       Cemetery, Pawnee Co OK, married Matbe Cavalier

                 ggg.  William Garnett Ripley, born Feb 1897, Indian 
                       Territory, died 3 Jan 1991 CA, married Hazel 
                       Maddox 1917 in CA.


                 hhh.  Robert Earl Ripley, born 22 March 1900, died ???
                       married Ruth Irene Bestor 1920 in California.

                 iii.  Homer Everette Ripley, born April 1901, Indian
                       Territory, died Oct 1988, CA, married Margaret 
                jjj.  Cordelia Jane Ripley, born March 1906, Indian 
                       Territory, died Nov 1940, Santa Monica CA, married 
                       Theodore Banks.

            bb.  Jeannette Carinder, born 1862, Houston, Texas Co MO

            cc.  John Lorenzo Carinder, born 30  April 1866, Houston, 
                 Texas Co MO, died 30 Sep 1938, Caney, KS, married Emmie
                 Lillian McKee 24 Jan 1894.

            dd.  Elizabeth Carinder, born 1868, Houston, Texas Co MO,
                 died young

            ee.  Garnett Gamewell Carinder, born 20 May 1870, Caney, KS,
                 died 23 Oct 1964, Caney, KS, married Fleety Graves

            ff.  William Wesley Carinder, born 11 April 1872, Caney, KS,
                 died 6 Sept 1964, Caney KS, married (1) Jenny Cole 25
                 Dec 1894, (2) Stella Winkler 7 Jan 1908.

            gg.  George Elliott Carinder, born 1 Sep 1874, Caney KS, died
                 6 March 1967, Caney, KS, married Edith Hannah Cobb 2
                 June 1895. Edith was born 1880, died 1926.

        c.  Mary Ann Barber, born 1843, Caldwell Co NC, died Umatilla Co 
            OR, married Edward Chidsey, who was born 18 Aug 1835, died 
            17 April 1900 in Umatilla  Co OR.


            aa.  Edward Chidsey Jr, born 1859, Houston, Texas Co MO

            bb.  William Chidsey, born 1865, Houston, Texas Co MO

            cc.  Margaret Maud Chidsey, born 7 April 1867, Grany, OR,
                 21 Feb 1910, Prairie Co OR, married Robert Lee Laurence
                 25 De 1883.

            dd.  Martha Simpson Chidsey (Mattie), born 18 Sep 1869, 
                 Cherokee CO KS, died 9 Oct 1954, Forest Grove, OR, 
                 married Lewis Hess 1884.

            ee.  Rebecca Y Chidsey, born 1872, Colorado, married (1) 
                 George Parsons, (2) William A Morehead.

            ff.  Thomas Edwin Chidsey, born 7 Nov 1875, Or, died 5 Feb 
                 1965, Baker Co OR, married Pearl Franklin 23 June 1900.

            gg.  Alma A Chidsey, born April 1884, died 8 May 1978, OR.
                 married Egbert Henry Hall.

        d.  Cordelia Barber, born 1847, Caldwell Co NC, married John W 
            Kyle (Jack) 3 July 1864, Texas Co MO.  Jack was born 24 July
            1837, Westmoreland CO  PA. Here is a newspaper article written
            about Jack Kyle about the time he died.

            Elizabeth Caroline Barber Gentry and sister Cordielia Barber Kyle

            aa.  Lillian May Kyle (Lillie), born 1866, Houston, Texas Co 
                 MO married Dr. Robert Philander Hubbard in Houston, Texas 
                 Robert was born 1864, died 1947.


            bb.  Mary J Kyle, born 1867,  Houston, Texas Co MO

            cc.  James W Kyle, born 1869, Houston, Texas Co MO

            dd.  Florence Kyle, born 27 Nov 1876, Houston, Texas Co MO

            ee.  Jennie Kyle married ____ Winter or____ Winters, lived
                 around Coffeyville, KS.

            ff.  Charles A Kyle

            gg.  John H Kyle

            hh.  Caroline L Kyle (may have been Jennie above)

            ii.  Ethel  Kyle

            jj.  Cecile Kyle

        e.  Garnett Gamewell Barber, born 3 Nov 1850, Caldwell Co NC, died 
            16 Dec 1933, Highland Cemetery, Pawnee Co OK, married (1) Anna 
            Fitch Martin 10 Sep 1872, Independence, KS, (2) Dolly? Zimm.  
            Anna was born 6 March 1853, Oakland Co MI, died 28 Nov 1901, 
            Cherryvale, KS


            GG Barber with granddaughter Betty, Buck's daughter

            aa.  Anna Fitch Barber, lived only a few months

            bb.  Joseph Knapp Barber, born 6 Dec 1876, Independence, KS,
                 died 30 Aug 1938, Osage Co OK, married Susie Mahala 
                 Jackson 3 Nov 1902.

            cc.  Gertrude Louise Barber, born 18 May 1880, Independence KS
                 died Coffeyville, KS, did not marry, spent 35 years as
                 the principal of McKinley School in Coffeyville, KS.

            dd.  Garnett Gamewell Barber (Buck), born 10 Feb 1885, 
                 Independence, KS, died in Louisiana. Buck was married
                 twice, the first time in New Jersey.  After the first 
                 wife died, he married again. After Buck died, his second 
                 wife was murdered after coming home from the grocery 

            ee.  Everette George Barber, born 17 Sep 1887, Independence KS
                 died in Salina KS, married Eva _____.

            ff.  Edith Barber, died in infancy.

            gg.  Caroline Elizabeth Barber, born 18 April 1891, 
                 Cherryvale KS, married (1)James Emory Venable, (2) Carl
                 Joe Fernquist.


        f.  Thomas Barber, born 1855, Houston, Texas Co MO

        g.  George Barber, born 1859, Houston, Texas Co MO

children of the marriage to Eliza Louisa Young

        h.  Jacob E Barber (step-son of Thomas Young Barber)
            born 1859, Indiana

        i.  William Barber (step-son of Thomas Young Barber)
            born 1860, Texas Co MO

        j.  Jonathon Barber (twin) (step-son of Thomas Young Barber)
            born 1862, Texas Co Mo

        k.  Phillip Barber (twin) (step-son of Thomas Young Barber)
            born 1862, Texas Co MO

        l.  Katherine Mary Barber (step-daughter of Thomas Young Barber)
            born 1864, Texas Co MO, died 9 April 1877, Umatilla CO OR

        m.  Frances Emma Barber, born 2 Oct 1865, Houston, Texas Co MO
            died 11 Oct 1918, Umatilla CO OR, buried Portland OR, married
            Frank M Kent

        n.  Jeannette Griffin Barber, born 27 March 1867, Houston, Texas 
            Co MO, died 16 March 1957, Los Angeles Co CA, married 
            Alexander Evans Steele 1888.  Alexander was born 1859, died 

        o.  America Cordelia Barber, born 4 March 1868, Kansas, on the
            way to Oregon, married Ferdinand A Davis about 1886.

        p.  Charles Albert Barber, born 2 Feb 1873, Colorado, married Edna

        q.  Andrew Evans Barber, born 1879, Umatilla CO OR, married (1) 
            Edith _____, (2) Laura C David 23 Oct 1924.

        r.  Richard Roscoe Barber, born 24 April 1882, Umatilla Co OR, 
            married Smith Martha (Sally) Ellis.

    F.  Martha Ann Barber, born about 1819, married (1) William B Moody, 
        the son of Thomas L Moody, (2) C Smith Kerby.

        a.  Rebecca Elizabeth Moody, born 22 March 1841, Caldwell Co NC, 
            died 29 Feb 1928, Hickory, Catawba Co NC, married Randy 
            Van Buren Taylor, son of John Taylor and Rebecca Clarke. 
            Rebecca and Randy were married about 1857.

            aa.  Mary Etta Taylor, born 1860, married Henry Alexander 
                 Hartley, who was born 1861, died 1941.

                 aaa.  Carrie Ida Hartley, born 1888, died 1955, married 
                       Grover Edward Guthrie Sr, who was born 1884, died



                       aaaa.  Grover Edward Guthrie Jr, born 1919, OK, 
                              died 1970, OK, married Alice Earlene Beatty,
                              who was born 1916, OK, died 2005, OK.



            bb.  William Taylor, born 1860

            cc.  Zebe V Taylor, born 1863

            dd.  Fannie L Taylor, born 1868

            ee.  Robert Moody Taylor, born 1869, died 1950.

            ff.  Millard W Taylor, born 1873

            gg.  Zana Mae Taylor, born 2 April 1875, died 20 May 1959, 
                 Catawba Co NC, married Pinkney Albert Hefner, son of Levi 
                 Hefner and Mary Rebecca Patton.


                 aaa.  Grady M Hefner, born 1902

                 bbb.  Violet N Hefner, born 1904

                 ccc.  Virginia Louise Hefner, born 1908, married Tom Reed 
                       Watson in Sep 1930, son of James Edward Watson and 
                       Arthur Tallulah Steele. James Edward Watson was 
                       born 25 Dec 1845, died 6 April 1906, the son of 
                       William Watson and Elizabeth Ann Dumas.

                       aaaa.  Harold Reed Watson, born 10 Nov 1931, 
                              married 24 Jan 1954.

                             Tom, Dorothy, Harold and Bill Watson
                                 Harold's 80th birthday, 2011

                       bbbb.  Dorothy Louise Watson, born 1934.

                       cccc.  William Edward Watson, born 1943.

                       dddd.  Thomas Richard Watson, born 19 Feb 1947,
                              married Lynne.


                              aaaaa.  John Watson married Beth Keller

                              bbbbb.  Shannon Watson married Robbie 

            hh.  Martha Rebecca Taylor, born 24 June 1881, died 14 Feb 
                 1969, married George Allison Thomason.


                 aaa.  George Ernest Thomason married Sadie Louise 

                         George Ernest Thomason
                         Sadie Louise Holland
                        George and Sadie, Joe David Thomason, Caroline 
                             Thomason Miller, George Thomason

        b.  Frances Viola "Fanny" Moody, born 1845, Lenoir, NC, died 4 Aug 
            1912, Charlotte, NC. After her father died and her mother 
            married C Smith Kerby, she went to live with her Uncle Marcus 
            DL Moody, a wealthy business man in Charlotte who sent her to 
            Davenport Female College in Lenoir. Marcus had a clerk named 
            James Monroe Sims who married Fannie. They had four daughters,
            Daisy being the second one.

             Sims house

            Sims monument in Elmdale cemetery in Charlotte NC.


            hh.  Andrew L Taylor, born 1879

            ii.  Barber G Taylor, born 1881

            jj.  Martha R Taylor, born 1884

            kk.  Joseph Taylor, born 1885  

        c.  Sarah Moody married Isaac Austin

9.  Amy Barber, born 1780, married William Jones 30 January 1800,
    Johnston County, North Carolina. See plyerbarber.doc, 
    thanks to Gina Fuller Thompson DAR #881878.

    A.  Bennet Jones, born 1801, died 1865, married Mary Polly Holt, born 
        1808, died 1875.

        a.  Bryant B. Jones, born 1830, died 1864, married Samantha 
            Clifton, who was born 1828, died 1885.

            aa.  Charlie Bryant Jones, born 1861, died 1925, married 
                 Martha Ellen Dodd, who was born 1850, died 1924.

                 aaa.  _____ Jones

                 bbb.  Lillian Dane Jones, born 10 March 1886, died 8 Jan 
                       1954, married Eli Alonzo Johnson.


        b.  Haywood Jones, born 1834, died 1886, married Martha Ann 
            Parrish "Patsy", who was born 1834, died 1908.


    B.  Elizabeth "Betsy" Jones, born 1803, married Caswell J Parrish.

        a.  Edith "Eachy" Parrish, born 1834, died after 1910, married 
            Nathan Parrish.


            aa.  Unity Ann Parrish, born 5 Dec 1862, died 16 Oct 1929, 
                 married George Harris Carroll.


                 aaa.  Mallie Carroll

                 bbb.  Archie Carroll

                 ccc.  Burke Carroll

               Edith "eachy" Parrish, Mallie Carroll, Archie Carroll,
                Burke Carroll, Unity Parrish, George Harris Carroll

        b.  James Edward Parrish, born 1861, died 1941, married Nancy 
            Emily Barber 28 Nov 1883 in Johnston Co NC.  Nancy was born 
            1865, died 1947.

            aa.  Bettie Ann Parrish, born 1888.

            bb.  Lummie Jane Parrish, born 1890.

            cc.  James Franklin Parrish, born 1893.

            dd.  Harvey S Parrish, born 1896.

            ee.  Rufus E Parrish, born 1897.

            ff.  Amanda Parrish, born 1899.

            gg.  Major Wilton Parrish, born 1901, died sometime after 
                 1937, married Viola Livie Thornton 27 April 1919 in 
                 Smithfield, NC.  Viola was born 3 June 1901, died 6 March 
                 1986. Viola's second husband was Thomas Henry Barber, 
                 born 1896, died 1974.  Thomas was a descendant of Burwell
                 Barber. Thomas and Viola got married in 1947.

                 aaa.  Lynn A Parrish, born 11 Dec 1925, died 6 July 2000, 
                       married Beverly Ann Creech in Oct 1956, divorced 1963.

                       aaaa.  Robert Lynn Parrish, born 15 July 1957,
                       bbbb.  Blanche Corinne Parrish, born 28 Oct 1960, 
                              Jacksonville, FL.

                              aaaaa.  Michael Dean Koncella, born 9 Aug 1991.

            hh.  Percy Clovis Parrish, born 1904.  

    C.  Harrison Jones, born 1808, married Emily Welsh.

    D.  Zecheriah Jones, born 1811, died 1880, married Lydia Jones.

        a.  John R Jones, born 1836, died 1900, married Catherine A. K.

            aa.  Paschal Alvin Jones, born 1858, died 1910, married Delia

                 aaa.  Joseph McCray Jones, born 1895, died 1966, married
                       Elizabeth G. Stephenson. 

                       aaaa.  Meta Evelyn Jones, born 14 July 1925, died 
                              1 Oct 2003, married Joseph Henry Underwood.

                       Meta Jones Underwood
                       Joseph Henry Underwood
                       50th Wedding Anniversary
                       Meta and her grandchildren

    E.  Burwell Jones married Elizabeth Clifton.

        a.  David Hinton Jones married Winnie Mariah Adams.  

            aa.  Winifred Emily Jones, born 6 March 1866, died 6 Feb 1926
                 Raleigh NC, married (1) George Washington Parton Jr, (2)
                 George W Jones.


            bb.  Humanizer "Maniza" Jones, born 1872, NC, died 14 May 1937
                 NC, married Hosea Presler Young.


                 aaa.  Dallas Edward Young, born 5 Oct 1895, NC, died 27 
                       Jan 1957.

            cc.  Margaret Ann Jones married James Monroe Fry.

                 aaa.  Mary M Fry, born 1887, died 16 Nov 1950, married 
                       Amos H Jackson.


                 bbb.  James Burk "Humpy" Fry, born 23 Sep 1899, died Sep 
                       1956, married Lillian Thomas.

                         Humpy Fry and Lillian

                       aaaa.  Shirley Fry married _____ Phillips. 

                              Shirley with grandchldren and great grandchldren

    F.  daughter Jones, born 1815.

    G.  John William Jones Sr, born 1817, died 1865, married Casabdra 
        Lashley Byrd.

    H.  Thomas Jones, born 1818.

    I.  Jane A Jones, born 1819.

    J.  Doctor Claudius Jones, born 1820, died before 1870, married Patsey 
        Martha Johnson (Batts?).

        a.  Delia Ann Jones, born 1863, died 1935, married Lyanias Sanders 
            "L.S." Parrish

            aa.  Odius Lasigeus Parrish, born 1885, died 1960, married 
                 Malissie Virginia Garner

                 aaa.  Erma Delia "Mutt" Parrish, born 1918, died 2009, 
                       married Wilton Kenly "Pete" Brown.

                       aaaa.  Mary Belinda Brown, born 1946, married Bobby 
                              Dale Fuller

                              aaaaa.  Gina Lynette Fuller, born 22 June
                                      1968, married David Eugene Thompson

                                      aaaaaa.  Lane Dale Thompson, born 
                                               24 Sep 1996

                                      bbbbbb.  Leah Thompson

                                      Gina and her family

                              bbbbb.  Tracey Dale Fuller

                       bbbb.  Julia Lynette "Dina" Brown

                       cccc.  John Samuel "Sam" Brown

                       dddd.  Wilton Kenly "Kenny" Brown, Jr

                 bbb.  Madie Lillian Parrish

                 ccc.  Iva Mae Parrish

                 ddd.  Odis Lee "Pete" Parrish

                 eee.  Berla Vick Parrish 

                 fff.  Frances Marion Parrish

                 ggg.  Virginia Person Parrish

                 hhh.  Maudie Alma Parrish

            bb.  Freeman B. Parrish

            cc.  Lillie Adlin Parrish

            dd.  Hattie Delona Parrish

            ee.  Bertie G. Parrish

            ff.  Walter Atlee Parrish

            gg.  Seth Arnold Parrish

            hh.  Thomas Henry Parrish

            ii.  Cora Ann Parrish

            jj.  Leslie Herbert Parrish 

    B.  Elizabeth Jones

    C.  Harrison Jones

    D.  Bennet Jones

    E.  Nancy Jones

    F.  Burwell Jones

    G.  Benjamin Jones

    H.  John "Jack" Jones

    I.  Thomas Jones

    J.  James Alvin Jones

    K.  Susan Jones  

Here is some information from the DAR papers of Gina Fuller Thompson.

1.  Gina Lynette Fuller Thompson
I was born on 22 June 1968 at Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina. I 
married on 19 May 1990 at Clayton, Johnston County, North Carolina, to 
David Eugene Thompson, born on 17 February 1967 at Falls Church, Fairfax 
County, Virginia

2.  I am the daughter of Bobby Dale Fuller, born 3 January 1944 at 
McGregor, McLennan Co. TX. married Mary Belinda Brown, born 20 May 1946 at 
Smithfield, Johnston County, North Carolina, married 20 December 1964 at 
Selma, Johnston County, North Carolina.

3.  The said Mary Belinda Brown was the child of Wilton Kenley (Pete) 
Brown, born 29 April 1916 at Johnston County, North Carolina, died at 
Smithfield, Johnston County, NC, on 30 July 1986, and his (1st) wife Erma 
Delia Parrish, born 11 March 1918 at Johnston County, North Carolina, died 
at Selma, Johnston Co. NC, on 28 May 2009, married 10 October 1937 at 
Louisburg, Franklin Co. NC.

4.  The said Erma Delia Parrish was the child of Odius Lasigeus Parrish, born 
5 March 1885 at Selma, Johnston Co. NC, died at Selma, Johnston Co. NC, 
on 5 November 1960 and his (1st) wife Malissie Virginia Garner, born 22 
March 1885 at Johnston County, NC, died at Raleigh, Wake County, NC, on 16 
October 1972, married 24 January 1904 at Johnston County NC.

5.  The said Odius Lasigeus Parris was the child of Lyanias Sanders (LS) 
Parrish, born 20 November 1853 at North Carolina, died at Selma, Johnston 
Co. NC, on 29 November 1909 and his (1st) wife Delia Ann Jones, born 7 
October 1863, at Johnston Co, NC, died at O'Neals Twp, Johnston Co, NC, on 
17 January 1935, married October 1877 AT Johnston Co. NC.

6.  The said Delia Ann Jones was the child of Doctor (Dock) C. Jones, born 
about 1820 at elevation Twop, JohnstonCo. NC, died at JohnstonCo.NC 
(Neuse River) before 19 Sep 1870 andhis (1st) wife Patsey Martha 
Johnson,born 1826 at Johnston Co. NC, died at Smithfield, Johnston Co. NC, 
1870, married 31 August 1842 at Johnston County, NC.

7.  The said Doctor (Dock) C. Jones was the child of William (Willy) 
Jones, born about 1773-1775 at Johnston county, NC, died at Elevation 
Twp., Johnston Co. NC, on July 1844 and his (1st) wife Amy Barber,born 
about1782 at Johnston Co. NC, died at Johnston Co. NC (Neuse River) on 
1864, married 30 January 1800 at Johnston Co.NC.

8.  The said Amy Barber was the child of Plyer Barber, born c. 1735 at 
Augusta Co. Virginia, died at Johnston Co. NC on 11 June 1814 and his 
(2nd) wife Amey, died at Johnston Co. NC after August 1816.

A detailed Analysis, "Jones Family History, etc" by B. Z. Jones sent by 
the applicant.

With this analysis is an affidavit submitted by William Elbert Barber in 
which he states that"  

--His mother is the dau of John Jones & Cassaline Lashley. He names 
John, Thomas, James Alvin & Doctor as brothers.

--His grandfather, John Jones, is buried w/his parents William Jones & Amy 
Barber (on land that once owned by Wiliam Jones) 1850 c Johnston Co. NC, 
380-380 page 26A 1860 census Neuse River,Johnston Co. NC, p 366, Amy Jones 
is liv with son John & wife Cassie (3 families are liv together.)

--In the same twp, p 360, 285/264, Doctor Jones & his wife, Martha are liv
with their children.

--Wiliam Elbert Barber's affidavit is fortified by the census recs, & the 
detailed (with many sources cited) analysis of Ms Barbara Z Jones. From 
the information contained therein, the logical conclusion would be that 
Doctor is the child of William & Amy Jones.

--Note:  William Elbert Barbour/Barber was b in 1899.He would fit in 
around the 4th gen.   The 6th gen would be his grandfather, brother of 

"Heritage of Johnston County, North Carolina"  1985, page 130:

William Elbert Barbour, Family #89

No person I ever met knew more about his ancestors than William Elbert 
Barbour.  This information was not written down, but was implanted in 
the memory of this man.  It was he who sparked my interest in genealogy, 
and he and I could sit for hours talking about "old times."

He told me that Plier Barber and a brother were the first Barbers to 
settle in Elevation Township in Johnston County.  Elbert had always heard 
that Plier and the brother had a serous political disagreement before the 
Revolutionary War.  The brother left Johnston County, and the records 
indicate that his name was George Barber and that he went to Georgia.  
It was told that George once returned to see Plier, but was told by 
Plier's wife, Amy, that he had better leave because she was afraid Plier 
would kill him if he caught him there.  So supposedly he left, never to 
see Plier again.  The records also indicate that Plier had come from the 
Barber's Creek/Craig's Creek area of Lower Augusta County, Virginia, prior 
to the Revolution.

Note that the following James Daniel spelled his name Barber but his 
children spelled their name Barbour.  During the years the spelling was 
in transition (last part of the nineteenth century), James Daniel Barber 
changed his name to Barbour with his children adopting this spelling.  
However, in later life Daniel became dissatisfied with the "new" 
spelling and resumed the "old" leaving his children with the last name of 
Barbour.  Elbert Barbour said that he had been otld the reason for the 
spelling change was that the Barbers in Clayton "got acquainted" with 
some of their aristocratic, affluent relatives in Virginia who told the 
Clayton family they were not spelling the name correctly, thus the change 
to Barbour."

James Daniel Barber was the son of Alvin Barber (1834-1910) and wife, 
Temperance Eliza Jones (1848-1908), daughter of James Alvin Jone 
(1819-1882) and Emmaline Barber Jones (1829-1891).  The brothers and 
sisters of James Daniel Barber were Sarah, George William, Louie, and 
Julius Marcus.

Alvin Barber was the son of Theophilus (Offie) Barber (1793-1873) and 
wife, Sarah (Sallie) (ca. 1795-1865).  Much legend surrounds this couple, 
but the records reveal that Theophilus was a farmer and hatter (hatmaker) 
in Elevation Township.  Offie liked to attend court in Smithfield and the 
judges would kiddingly say they could not start court until Mr. Offie 
Barber got there.  The prevailing family legend is that Sallie was an 
Indian from Onslow County whom Offie met when he served in the the War of 
1812.  To date, no records have been found to substantiate this.

Alvin Barber served as a militiaman during the War Between the States.  
It was his duty to see htat deserters were returned to the ranks.  It was 
told to me by Elbert Barbour that Alvin was required by law to be armed 
when he approached a deserter.  To meet this requirement, he would always 
pick up a small stick, which of course, would not place much pressure on 
the deserter to return.  Brothers and sisters of Alvin Barber were 
Malsey, Ridley, Theophilus Hinton, Absalom (called Black Ap), Brittian, 
Ashley, and Larkin.  These children of Theophilus and Sally Barber were 
the parents of forty-six known children and approximately 127 grandchildren.

William Elbert Barbour lived a fairly adventurous life in his youth.  He 
not only served in France in World War I, but was with Western Union and 
helped install the first telegraph lines in the South, including the 
state of Florida.  He described Tampa as being about the size of 
Smithfield at that time.  It was not until he was 38 years old that he 
married Lettie Stephenson, age 23, of Pleasant Grove Township.  She was 
the daughter of Bennett Marion Stephenson (1867-1929) and wife, Adeline 
Johnson Stephenson (1874-1920)

Bennett Marion Stephenson was the son of Jessee Stephenson (1820-1887) 
and wife, Charlotte Stephenson Stephenson (1826-?).  Adeline Johnson was 
the daughter of Henry Harrison Johnson (1841-?) and wife, Mary Jane Sabra 
Coats Johnson (1842-?).  Brothers and sisters of Lettie Stephenson were 
Kirby, Kemp, Annie, Minnie, Millard, Bertha, Mary, Hallie, and Floyd. 
Both Elbert and Lettie Barbour were descended from many pioneer Johnston 
County families.

The children of William Elbert Barbour and Lettie Stephenson Barbour are 
Marion Durwood Barbour who married Mary Anne Baker... James Atlee Barbour 
who married Waneta Scott...and William Kenneth Barbour who married Helen 
Marie Strickland...

Sources:  Many personal interviews, personal  knowledge of Elbert Barbour 
and others; census records, Johnston County; marriage records, Johnston 
County; Barber Family Bible; Chalkley's Records, Virginia.

                           Mary Anne Barbour

From Wed Feb 27 22:31:50 2008
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 21:31:44 -0800 (PST)
From: R. Barbour 
To: David W. Morgan 
Subject: Re: Fwd: Family Tree DNA Y-DNA12 Test Match 12 for 12

I am using

Both my grandparents on my father's side come from
Theophilus.  Ashley's great grandson, John Thurman,
married Alvin's grandaughter, Betty Ruth.