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Chapter 13

Robert Sanford Barber

Robert Sanford Barber, the fifth son of Allen and Frances H. (Crawford) Barber, was born 26 June 1832 in Clarke County, Georgia.105

Robert married Miss Harriet E. Hudson, 8 May 1855, Rusk County, Texas.106 She was born 26 March 1831, Alabama.

Robert and his wife soon moved to Limestone County, Texas, the town of Springfield. Robert served in the Texas Confederate Army during the Civil War.107

Robert Sanford Barber died 28 April 1916, and his wife died 30 September 1916. They are buried at the Honest Ridge Cemetery, two miles west of Commanche Crossroads, Lake Mexia, Limestone County, Texas. Robert belonged to the Masonic Lodge. Their Children:108

  1.  M. F. Barber (male) born 1856, Rusk County, Texas, died young.

  2.  Laura Josephine Barber, born 27 Oct 1857, Springfield, Limestone 
      County, Texas, died 18 Feb 1936, Limestone Co TX, married Robert 
      Carr Montgomery 23 November 1876, Limestone Co Texas.  Robert was 
      born 28 January 1858, died 1 October 1897, buried Honest Ridge 
      Cemetery, Limestone County, Texas.


      A.  Olena Montgomery, born 1878, Limestone County, TX, died 1882.

      B.  Edna Montgomery, born 1879, Limestone County, TX, died 1905,
          married Allen Jesse Johnson.  After Edna died, Jesse married her
          sister Willie Evalina Montgomery. These chldren by Edna.

          a.  Edna J Johns(t)on, (male), born 10 Aug 1898, died 11 Nov 
              1949 in Tarrant Co TX, married Gladys Inez Fenner, who was
              born 1899, died 1978.

              aa.  Al'Nella Johnston, born 30 June 1920, Mexia, Limestone 
                   Co, TX, died 13 July 1969, Arlington, TX, married (1) 
                   ____ Hancock, who is still living in 2011, and (2) 
                   Thomas "Tommy" Eldon Walker 12 Sep 1947 in Tarrant Co
                   TX.  Tommy was born 1923, died 1983.

                   aaa.  Beverly Jean Hancock, born 1939, died 1943.

                   bbb.  _____ Walker, living in 2011.

                   ccc.  _____ Walker, living in 2011.

                   ddd.  _____ Walker, living in 2011.

              bb. Wanda Zadena Johnston, born 1922, died 1971, married
                  Harold Winston Hancock. Sgt Hancock was killed 19 June
                  1944 in France, shortly after the D-Day invasion.

              cc.  E. J. (Johnny) Johnston, born 1923, died 1968.

              dd.  Garland A Johnston, born 1925, died 22 April 1945.

           Read about the death of Pfc. Garland Johnston on Luzon on 22 
           April, 1945. In the far right column of the newspaper  
           Death of Garland Johnston

              ee.  Billie J Johnston, born 1926, married James Stapleton

          b.  Laura Johnston, born 1899.

          c.  Wylie Crawford "Jack" Johnston, born 13 Oct 1902, died 5 Aug 
              1942, Limstone Co TX, married Eudora ____, who was born 27 
              Aug 1904, died 26 Nov 1953, Limestone Co TX, buried at Kirk 

              aa.  Corlans? Johnston, born Dec 1929, Limestone Co TX.

          d.  Allen Jesse Johnston, born 19 Nov 1904, died 5 April 1952, 
              Limestone Co TX, married Ruby.

      C.  Allen Sanford Montgomery, born 1880, Limestone County, TX,
          living in 1930 as a widower, with his widowed mother Laura
          and his widowed daughter Nona (Zonia) Grayson.

          a.  Nona(Zonia?) Montgomery, born 1903, Limestone Co. TX, 
              married ____ Grayson.

      D.  Wiley Crawford Montgomery, born 1883, Limestone County, TX

      E.  Ada M Montgomery, born 1885, Limestone County, TX

      F.  Willie Evalina Montgomery, born 28 Feb 1887, Limestone Co. TX,
          died 24 Sep 1933, McLennan Co TX, buried at Tehaucana Cemetery 
          in Limestone Co TX, married Jesse Johnson after her sister Edna 
          died.  Willia and Jesse were marrried 13 Jan 1906 in Limestone
          County, Texas.


          a.  Artiss Ray (Herman) Johnson, born 7 Aug 1907, McLennan Co 
              TX, died 17 March 1978, Lamb Co TX, married (1) Hazel Lorane
              Lewis 1926, (2) Opal Inez Gibbons 9 Jan 1931. Two children
              by first wife, the rest by Opal.

              aa.  Ray Lewis Johnson, born 1927, died 2003.

              bb.  George Warren Johnson, born 1930, died 1988.

              cc.  Evaleen Johnson, born 1931.

              dd.  Clyde Ray Johnson, born 1934, died 1955.


              ee.  Peggy Johnson, born 1934.

              ff.  Lafayette Johnson, born 1936.

              gg.  Jimmie O Dell Johnson, born 1939, died 1940.

              hh.  Artiss Dean Johnson, born and died 1942.

              ii.  Charlotte Johnson, born 10 May 1946, Littlefield, TX, 
                   married Kenneth M Joiner 23 Oct 1964.

          b.  Curtis Lee Johnston, born 1908, died 1990.

          c.  Lula Mae Johnston, born 1911, died 2002.

          d.  Jessie B Johnston, born 1912-1913.

          e.  Milton Roy Johnson, born 28 Aug 1913, died 15 Jan 1917.

          e.  Ruby Johnston, born 21 June 1916, died 21 Jan 1993, Dallas,
              Collin Co TX.

          f.  Oscar Ross Johnston, born 14 June 1918, died 5 Dec 1974,
              Red River Co TX.

          g.  Odis Lawrence Johnson, born 12 Aug 1920, died 21 Aug 1993,
              Dallas, TX.

      G.  Sophia Montgomery, born 1889, Limestone County, TX, married
          _____ Andrews.

          a.  Hilda Andrews

      H.  Milton Lewis Montgomery, born 1891, Limestone County, TX, 
          married Kate ____ about 1920. Kate was his second wife, and she 
          had children by a Mr Goodner.

          a.  Milton Montgomery, born 1915, Limestone Co TX.

          b.  Dorothy Montgomery, born 1923, Limestone Co TX.

          c.  Walter L Montgomery, born 1925, Limestone Co. TX.

          d.  Claude Montgomery, born 1927, Limestone CO. TX

          e.  Millie Montgomery, born 1927, Limestone Co. TX

          f.  Jack Montgomery, born 1930, Limestone Co. TX

      I.  Ross Montgomery, born 1893, Limestone County, TX, died 1931, 
          married Arabel ______ about 1915.

          a.  Dwain Montgomery, born about 1915, Limestone Co. TX

          b.  Oscar Montgomery, born 1919, Limestone Co. TX

          c.  Wardie? Montgomery (female), born 1922, Limestone Co TX

      J.  Oscar Montgomery, born 7 Oct 1895, died 1956, married Nettie 
          Bradshaw 22 May 1919, Limestone County, Texas.

          a.  Weldon Montgomery, born 1922, Limestone Co. TX.

          b.  Hiram Montgomery, born 1924, Limestone Co TX

           c.  Murline Montgomery, born 1926, Limestone Co TX

           d.  Joe N Montgomery (female), born 1929, Limestone Co TX

      K.  Robert C Montgomery, born Nov 1897, Limestone County, TX.
          married Bessie _____ about 1917.  They were still living in
          Mexia, Limestone County in 1930 and had no children.

  3.  Susannah Hodges Barber, born 1860, Limestone County, Texas, died 
      after 1894, married William P. Talbott 12 January 1882 in Limestone 
      County.  William married Callie ____ as his second wife. He had
      a daughter, Johnnie, and a son, Daniel by Callie.

      A.  Benjamin A. Talbott, born 25 Jan 1883, Limestone Co TX, married
          Mary ____.

          a.  Hodges Talbott (female), born 1909, Freestone Co. TX

          b.  Dillard Talbott, born 1910, Freestone Co TX

          c.  William Benjamin Talbott, born 1913-1914, Freestone Co TX

          d.  Alton Talbott, born 1916-1917, Freestone Co TX

          e.  Lewis Talbott, born 1917-1918, Freestone Co TX

          f.  Louise Talbott, born 1917-1918, Freestone Co TX

          g.  Peyton Talbott, born 1920, Freestone Co TX

          h.  Ishmeal Talbott, born 1922, Freestone Co TX

          i.  Barbra Talbott, born 1923, Freestone CoTX

      B.  Hattie L Talbott, born Aug 1885, Limestone Co. TX

      C.  Mollie Talbott, born 2 Nov 1886, Limestone Co TX, married John 
          Howard Hand 3 August 1903, Limestone County, Texas. Mollie
          died 17 Feb 1969 in Tarrant County, TX. Howard was born 1883,
          died 1938.

          a.  Mary B Hand, born 1905, Limestone Co TX

          b.  Paton William Hand, born 1906, Limestone Co TX

          c.  Alleen R Hand, born 1908, Limestone Co TX

          d.  Leona E Hand, born 1910, Limestone Co. TX

          e.  Luvanie Hand, born 1912, Leon? Co TX

          f.  James M Hand, born 1915, Leon? Co TX

      D.  Lilly Talbott, born Dec 1889, Limestone Co TX, married Robert 
          Lee Hand 3 September 19??, Limestone  County, Texas.  Robert
          was born 2 Jan 1876 in Mississippi, died 29 Dec 1932. According
          to his World War One draft registration, he was living in 
          Freestone County, TX in 1918, and was married to Lillie.

          a.  Mary Hand, born 1909, Tarrant Co. TX

          b.  Cora Lee Hand, born 1917, Freestone County, TX.

      E.  May Talbott, born Nov 1891, Limestone Co TX (did she marry John 

      F.  Stephen Grey Talbott, born Jan 1894, Limestone County, TX, 
          married Bruce Parish.

          a.  William Talbott

          b.  Gracie Talbott

          c.  Grey Ray Talbott, born 16 June 1937, Dallas, TX, died 1995,
              twin of Steven Ray Talbott.

          d. Stevie Ray Talbott, born 16 June 1937, Dallas, TX, died 
             7 Oct 1992, Garland, Dallas Co. TX, married Johnnie D Burrow


             aa. Steve Michael Talbott, born 8 Sep 1963, married Sheilena 
                 Kay Southgate.


                 aaa.  Michael Sean Talbott, born 6 Nov 1987.


                 bbb.  Chelsea Nicole Talbott


                       aaaa.  Caden Mathew Talbott

                       bbbb.  Summer Nicole Jackson

  4.  Joseph W. Barber, born 1862, Limestone, Texas, married (1) Mrs. M. 
      E. Wood, 24 August 1882, (2) Mattie Humphries, 2 April 1900, Limestone 
      County, Texas.

      A.  Maggie Barber, born ca. 1883, married D. D. (Reuben) Parker 14
          January 1899, Limestone County, Texas.

  5.  Allen "Allie" Barber (female), born 12 August 1864, Limestone 
      County, Texas, died 11 April 1918, buried Honest Ridge Cemetery, 
      married (1) E. J. Cromartie 6 November 1884, (2) William H. Milligan 
      2 July 1913, Limestone Co Tx.  Allie is buried by the side of her 
      first husband, E. J. Cromartie, who was born 15 October 1854 and 
      died 11 February 1897.  William was a widow and a boarder living
      in Allie's home in 1910.

      A. Elizabeth Cromartie, born 1886, living with her mother in 
         Limestone Co TX in 1910.

      B.  Laura J Cromartie, born 1891, Limestone Co. TX, married Arthur
          Harris about 1907.

          a.  Allen J Harris (female), born 1909, Limestone Co. TX

      C.  Robert F. Cromartie, born 8 January 1893, died 14 March 1897,
          buried at Honest Ridge Cemetery.

      D.  Daniel W. Cromartie, born 27 August 1895, died 5 December 1904,
          buried Honest Ridge Cemetery.

  6.  Ross Barber, born 29 March 1872, died 19 May 1897, Limestone County,
      Texas, married Ella Pearl Harper 31 May 1894.  Ella was born 29
      January 1877, died 5 May 1897, buried Honest Ridge Cemetery.


Will of Ross Barber
Limestone County  )
Texas             )                  The Last Will and testament of Ross
Probate, Book I   )      Barber, of Limestone County, Texas.  Considering
page 88           )      the uncertainty of the moreal life, and being of 
                         sound mind and memory, (blessed be almighty God 
for the Source) do make and publish this My Last Will and Testament in 
manner and form following, that is to say

First)  I give and bequeath unto my father R. S. Barber of the State, and 
County above named, a two thousand dollar policy No. 566397, in the New 
York Life Insurance Company.

Second)  I give and bequeath unto my wife Ella Pearl Barber one half 
interest in all my other property, consisting in one michell wagon and 
two horses, one a gray 10 or 11 years old branded M. B. on the left 
shoulder and one brown horse 6 years old branded on the right shoulder.
and one gray mare not branded, 4 years old and twenty-four head of cattle 
in the possession of R. C. Montgomery, 12 head branded XX on the right 
hip, one cow branded O, one branded R, and one NCY, unbranded known by 
flesh markes, and all other property that I may be possessed of at the 
time of my death.

Third) I give and bequeath to my bodily heirs the other half of the above
named property, except the first above named policy in the New York Co. 

It is my will and I hereby appoint my father R. S. Barber as the executor 
of this my Last Will and I direct that he shall not be required to give 
any bond and the court shall have no further control over my estate, or 
executor, except to probate and record this will and require all _____ 
and appraisement of my estate.  I further direct and wish that my father 
R. S. Barber shall be appointed the guardian of the estate of my child or 
children and my beloved wife Ella Barber shall have control of the person 
of my children  Witness my hand the August 5, 1896.

                                       Ross Barber
J. W. Blake
Jack Wormack

Ross Barber was just 24 years old when he made this will, and he died nine months later, just after his 25th birthday. It is almost as if he expected death to come soon. His wife, Ella died 14 days before him, at the age of 20 years.

Robert Sanford Barber died 28 April 1916, and did not leave a will. His wife, Harriett, wrote her will 2 June 1916, before Robert's estate had been settled. Then Harriett died 30 September 1916, and threw the estate into a legal entanglement. David Murphy had been appointed administrator of the Robert S. Barber estate, with the consent of the large majority of heirs of Robert S. Barber. And Harriett Barber had named Mrs. Mattie Cotton as administrator of her estate, in which she left the majority of the estate to Laura Montgomery. The will of Harriett Barber was allowed to stand by the court, and Laura J. Montgomery and her son Oscar Montgomery got the bulk of the estate.

Will of Mrs. H. E. Barber
Limestone County   )
Texas              )              I, Mrs. H. E. Barber being of sound
Probate Book Q     )     and disposing mind and good memory and desiring
Page 424           )     to dispose of my earthly possessions, do make 
                         and execute this my Last Will.
1st)  I desire that all my just debts be paid out of my estate.

2nd)  I bequeath to my son Joe Barber the sume of five (5.00) Dollars
and direct that the executrix, herein below named, pay the same out of my 
estate after my death.

3rd)  I bequeath to my daughter Allie Milligan the sum of five (5.00) 
Dollars and direct that the same be paid out of my estate after my death.

4th)  I bequeath to the heirs of my daughter Hodges Talbert:  namely, Ben 
Talbert, Dick Talbert, Hattie Talbert, Mollie Talbert, May Talbert and 
Lillie Talbert, each the sum of five (5.00) Dollars, and direct that the 
same be paid out of my estate after my death.

5th)  I desire and hereby bequeath the resort my estate that I may 
possess at the time of my death, both personal and real of every kind and 
nature to my daughter Laura Montgomery and her son Oscar Montgomery to 
shear and shear alike, after the above bequeaths are paid, and direct 
that after my death my hereinbelow named executrix shall have the proper 
court to place title to said property in them.

6th)  It is my wish that my daughter Laura and grandson Oscar have the 
major part of my estate at my death because they have taken care of me 
and my husband in our old age, and to show my appreciation for their 
kindness I have bequeathed article No. 5, herein.

7th)  I hereby appoint Mrs Mattie Cotton as executrix of this my Last 
Will and testament and desire that after my death that she will have this 
will probated and ater giving bond and taking the oath that she take 
charge of my estate and divide it according to my wishes as above expressed.

8th)  This is my last will and testament, and I hereby Revoke all former 
wills and testament heretofore made by me.

Witness my hand at my home near Ceder Island this the 2nd day of June
A. D. 1916.

Dr. J. S. Driver                      H. E. Barber, Testator
Mrs Lula Chambers

This will was contested by J. W. Barber, Allie Milligan and her husband W. H. Milligan, Hattie Parker and her husband D. D. Parker, Lilly Hand and her husband R. L. Hand, Mollie Hand and her husband J. H. Hand, Mary Windsor and her husband John Windsor, S. G. Talbot, B. A. Talbot, against Mattie Cotton, Laura Montgomery and Oscar Montgomery, 2 May 1917. Court ruled in favor of Laura and Oscar Montgomery.