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Chapter One      Captain GEORGE BARBER  p. 1 - 10

The parents of Captain George Barber were George and Elizabeth Barber of 
Augusta County, Virginia.  The elder George died 1750 in that colony, 
and one of the appraisers of his estate in Augusta County was Robert 
Williams, the uncle of Margaret Watkins, Margaret later to become the 
bride of Capt. George Barber.  Elizabeth, widow of the elder George 
Barber, married a man by the name of Patton in May of 1751 on Craig's 
Creek.  Robert  Watkins (Father of Margaret), the elder George Barber,  
and Matthew Patton all lived near each other on Craig's Creek in 

Matthew Patton was the step-father of Capt. George Barber.  He lived next 
to the Watkins family in Johnston County, North Carolina in 1767, and 
lived next to Capt. George Barber and Reese Watkins in Wilkes County, 
Georgia.  Matthew Patton died in Wilkes County, Georgia in 1806, and two 
of the executors of his will were Capt. George Barber and Christopher 
Orr.  Matthew Patton had been a witness to the will of Christopher's 
father, Robert Orr, in Johnston County, North Carolina in 1779.2  
This same Christopher had married Martha, the  daughter of Reese 
Watkins.  Reese Watkins was the older brother of Margaret Watkins.3  

George Barber was born about 1743,  probably  in  Augusta County, 
Virginia.  He  had an older brother named Plier.  George 
married Margaret Watkins in December 1766 or early  1767.  This date 
is determined because Margaret signed a deed in Bedford County,  
Virginia, 6 November 1766, as Margaret Watkins.4  5

There is a rumor going around that Elizabeth, the widow of the first 
George Barber, was the daughter of Charles Moore. I believe this is where 
the rumor got started.

AMERICAN REVOLUTION, volume IV. Front matter" page 301

This Charles Moore was born in 1727. He could possibly have a daughter 
born by 1743, but there is no way he could have a grandson born in 1743.
So I am hoping this legend can be put to rest.

From the book "Ollie Patton and Benjamin Avent" by Clara Lorene (Cammack) 
Park and Wilbur Goolsby Park, Sr (1991), "We suggest that Matthew's 
wife Elizabeth (first married to George Barber) died before he prepared his 
will in 1799 since he did not mention her whom he had married 48 years 
previously and who was the mother of his children.  Indeed, his 
registration prior to the Land Lottery drawing held in 1805 supports the 
implication that Matthew's first wife, Mrs George Barber, predeceased him 
since he was allowed only "one draw" when he registered sometime between 
1803 and 1805.  One draw means that he was an unmarried male over 21 years 
of age.  Thus, Matthew's widow to whom the executors gave $139 worth of 
property quite possibly married him after he registered for the 1805 
drawing and after he had prepared his will." patton1, patton2, patton3, 
patton4, patton5

So this second wife was possibly the daughter of Charles Moore.

Margaret Watkins was born about 1743 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, 
the youngest child and only daughter of Robert Watkins and his wife 
Margaret, and the  only  granddaughter  of Cadawalader Watkins, who 
immigrated to America from Wales before 1704.  The descendants of 
Cadawalader Watkins have been traced in the book Reese  
Kelso Watkins, his Ancestry and his Descendants, by Frank 
B. Russell, 1973.

As of March 12, 2009, we have an exact match between a descendant of George Barber and his wife Margaret Watkins, and a descendant of Plyer Barber. Jerry Lynne Barber is an exact DNA match for 37 markers with Newitt Henry Barbour. Jerry Lynne is a descendant of George Barber and Margaret Watkins, and Newitt is a descendant of Plyer Barber. You can see the DNA results for Newitt here, listed as George Barber died before 1750 Augusta County, VA

George and Margaret Barber, with two infant sons, William and Matthew, moved from the Wake-Johnston Counties area of North Carolina shortly before the outbreak of the Revolution, and settled on Long Creek of the Broad River in present-day Wilkes County, Georgia. George Barber served as a Lieutenant and Captain in the Revolutionary War, and as a Lt. Colonel in the Creek Indian war, all in Georgia. Revolutionary War Service of Captain George Barber Revolutionary War Records not in my book (from Dianne Blankenstein) Colonel Elijah Clark wrote to Governor Martin of Georgia, with reference to a letter George Barber had written to Clark.6 May 29, 1782 Elijah Clark, at Waters Fort, to Hon'ble Governor Martin, Esqur., Augusta "Dear Sir: I have received yours of the 23rd and 27th an am much obliged to you for the Army Intelligence. Every precaution in my power shall be taken to prevent the British hirelings from Executing their Cruel and Bloody Designs on the good Citizens of the State. Since my last to you there Came in a party of Indians attacked a block house on the Twenty third after keeping up a fire for some time they went of Killing Six head of Cattle and every valuable horse they were pursued by Capt. Barber to the South Fork of the Oaconey which must be nere Whare McIntosh is to Rendezvous but his horses failing he was obliged to Return on the Twenty fifth An other party of about fifteen Indians appeared neare a Station in the fork of the Brod River & Savannah whare they shot and kiled a Mrs. Rose which the scalpd & appered as if they as if they ment to storm but by the spireted Exertions of four men only that was at the Station saling out Put the Invaidors to such a Surprise They went of in grate presapitation--Major Dooly having a Party of collected on the first occasion mounted Before Day to whare they murder wass Done persue two Day but for want of horses sufficient to follow on he was forced to return--they Indians not striking Camp the hole way the Major went through Captain Barber on his Return Fell in with Them had a scammage Drove the Indians took all their Budgets and provisions Retook the Scalp, they maid their Escape by taking to large Cain Swamp the Last Mischife Done only five miles from Whare I live, I send orders for Colos Martin & Lee to meet me at the Place of Rendezvous if I can have a few Days to Collect the Militia and McIntosh meets as the Peechtree if we can fall in with his party I hope we shall be able to give a good Account of Them---. Ples to inform General Wayn the Resons of my not going Down to camp by the first oppertunity--by the Conduct of the British Ammissaries & Savages they appide as if the Intended to Desappoint us in our planting Business and prevent us from Securing our small grain as they have maid frequent Inroad on our Settlements in a short time--- I am with grate respect and Esteem---- E. Clark" This letter was written during the Revolution, after Cornwallis had surrendered at Yorktown, and before Savannah was re-captured by the colonials. From the Revolutionary Pension application of David H. Thurmond, (S32010 Rev) is the following statement:7 "About the ___ dau of February 1782 Colo. Elijah Clark gave us orders to go on a Scout against the Indians, they having committed some murders in the County of Wilkes, Georgia. And, some time in July 1782, Colo. Barber and this declarant (David H. Thurmond) being our spying, found signs of Indians, and went in to the settlements and gave notice, collected a party, crossed the Oconee at the Big Shoala, and a few miles from there we had a skirmish, killed one Indian, and took two Torie prisoners--carried the latter to the Big Shoals where they were hanged--. That the Militia to which he was attached was called Minute Men, and were expected to be ready to march at a minutes warning---." From the Revolutionary pension application of Ezekiel Cloud is the following statement:8 " That in the year Seventeen hundred and eighty two about the last of April or first of May this deponent (Ezekial Cloud) resided in the County of Wilkes State aforesaid in a Fort Called Hintons Fort on Chickesaw Creek-- that deponents father Jeremiah Cloud had a block house about four miles distant from the Forest which he had built as a place of refuge for his family at the time (as this deponent had been informed by his brother Noah Cloud who was at the block house aforesaid). One evening about sunset the horse belonging to this deponents father and brother aforesaid came running up to the block house and appeared very much frightened they then suspected an attack from the Indians and tied the horses in the yard and they then enclosed themselves in the block house and in a few minutes the Indians commenced firing at the block house and continued for about two hours during which time they killed the horse belonging to deponents brother Noah Cloud and wounded a mare belonging to deponents father. The Indians then left the block house and went to a cowpen about two hundred and fifty yeards off and killed five milch cows which were enclosed in it and they took nearly fore-quarter of each cow. My father and two brothers kept the block house until morning and Noah Cloud then came to the fort and brought news of the circumstances above related. In consequence of which attack from the Indians George Barber who was a Lieutenant in Capt. Gunnells company raised a volunteer Company (of which deponent was one) of twenty men besides himself in order to persue them. The Company then preceeded to the Block house where deponent saw the horses and cows which the Indians had killed--they then persued the Indians along their trail toward the Creek Nation, which induced the Company to believe that they were the Creek Indians and followed them nearly three days but could not overtake them. We then left the trail (one of our Company shot at a deer to get provisions about this time) and went a north course to see if we could find any Indian camps late in the evening on the day we left the trail. We came to a fresh trail which led towards the White Settlements which we followed till nearly dark and crossing a large creek we left a guard until dark went about a mile and hobbled our horses out to graze (having nothing to feed them with) and then encampte for the night. That night the Indians stole this deponents horse and seven other horses besides belonging to the Company and as deponent is now on oath he has no scruples in saying his horse at that time was worth one hundred dollars. The next morning part of the Company tracked the Horses back to the large Creek toward the Creek Nation. The Company generally believed that the Indians were in persuit or heard the gun of one of our Company fired at a deer and persued on after us until night and stole our horses and then returned to the Creek Nation. "We then kept the same trail toward the White Settlements but has not preceeded far before we met a Company of Indians whereupon a fight immediately ensued. The Indians kept up a firing and retreating for about a half a mile, when they hid themselves in a swamp. We took from the battle ground twelve packs which belonged to the Indians and found among them the scalp of a white woman that was killed on the frontier of Wilkes County and deponent was informed some time afterwards that this was a company of Creek Indians and that one of them was wounded in the Skirmish and to the best of deponents knowledge and belief his horse was taken by the Creek Indians." From the Revolutionary pension application of Micajah Brooks, (W 27-694) is the following statement:9 " Paulding County, Georgia,19 Aug. 1850, Micajah Brooks stated that he entered the service under George Barber Captain and Elijah Clark was his Colonel. He entered the service in the County of Wilkes in the State of Georgia as a volunteer, and while he was under the last mentioned officers in said County of Wilkes they got in persuit of some Tories and said Clark sent Captain GEORGE BARBER and Thomas Ramsey as spies to ascertain the number of Tories, they went and returned to the main body, and reported that there were seven or eight hundred Tories and after hearing the probable number Col. Elijah Clark after halting for sometime on account of the number of Tories he then said Col. Clark followed on after them and came up on them (after dark in the first part of the night) where Kettle Creek and Little River run together and after coming on them, Col. Clark fired on the Tory Sentinels and they run off in every direction and left their horses provisions and plunder in the hands of Col. Clark and his men during the time, there were three Tories killed and they shot back and killed a Captain belonging to Col. Clark's command by the name of Anderson from South Carolina he thinks though not certain as to his name or place from whence he came, was, after he entered the service under the above named officers he marched from Tugaloe River to the mouth of Kettle and Little River in the said County of Wilkes and from there to Newsom's fort in now Warren County said State of Georgia and after remaining two or three weeks at said Fort he was discharged---" Indian War Service of Colonel GEORGE BARBER Between the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, there were several battles with the Indians in Georgia. Here is a letter that Colonel GEORGE BARBER wrote to General Elijah Clark in 1787.10 "Dear Sir, From all appearances at this time there is danger at hand, tho no murder was done, yet the block house at the Big Shole are burnt, which has occasioned the inhabitants to naturally fly to the fort and unless you can do some thing vary speed for the Relief of the people, they cante stay much longer as they are alarmed on every side by the firing of Gun vc vc and if in your power I shall be glad would contrive that the people are furnished with ammunition, also on Sataday Night the 7th of this Instant we lost six horses of were seven taken as far as Jacks Creek. Over the Appalachie and they was turned around back and hobbled and come to Mr. Crosby's camp, believe this was a party able to defend themselves. I shall be glad you would righ me be very opportunity, and in haste manner, I shall pursue. I am Your Humble Servant 13 April 1787 GEO. BARBER" On this same day, General Clark wrote to governor George Mathews about the information he had received from Colonel BARBER, and asked for Governor to supply the ammunition so the frontiersmen could defend themselves. General Elijah Clark's battle with the Creek Indians at Jack's Creek on 21 September 1787, was the only principal fight between white men and Indians, between the Revolution and War of 1812, that has been recorded. The following is General's Clark's description of that battle to Governor Mathews.11 " I had certain information that a man was killed on the 17th near Greenseborough, by a party of six or seven Indians; and that on the 16th (16 Sept. 1787), Colonel BARBER, with a small party, was waylaid by fifty or sixty Indians, and wounded, and three of his party killed. This determined me to raise the men I could, in the course of twenty four hours, and march with them to protect the frontiers, in which space of time I collected 160 men, chiefly volunteers, and proceeded to the place where Colonel BARBER had been atached. There I found the bodies of three men mentioned above, mangled in a shocking manner, and after I had buried them, proceeded on the trail of the murderers as far as the south fork of the Ocmulgee, where, finding that I had no chance of overtaking them, I left and went up the said river, till I met a fresh trail of Indians coming toward our frontier settlements. I immediately turned and followed the trail until the morning of the 21st, between eleven and twelve o'clock, when I came up with them-- -they had just crossed a branch called Jack's Creek, through a thick can- brake, and were encamped and cooking upon an eminence. My force then consisted of 130 men, thirty having been sent back on account of their horses being tired and lost. I drew up my men in three division; the right commanded by Colonel Freeeman, the left by Major Clarke, and the middle by myself. Colonel Freeman and Major Clarke were ordered to surround and charge the Indians, which they did with such dexterity and spirit that they immediately drove them from their encampment back into the cane- brake, where, finding it impossible for them to escape, they obstinately returned our fire until half past four o'clock, when they ceased, except now and then a shot. During the latter part of the action they seized every opportunity of escaping by small parties, leaving the rest to shift for themselves. About sunset I thought it most advisable to draw off, as the men suffered for provisions for nearly two days, and for want of water during the action, but more particularly to take care of the wounded, which amounted to eleven and six killed. From every circumstance, I am certain that there were not less than twenty-five Indians killed, and am induced to suppose that had I remained the night, I should have found forty or fifty dead of their wounds by morning. In short, they were totally defeated, with the loss of their provisions, clothing and the following articles: a gun, thirty-two brass kettles, thirty-seven large packs, containing blankets, etc. Colonel Freeman and Major Clarke distinguished themselves, and from the spirit and activity with which the whole of my little party acted during the action, I do not believe that had we met them in the open woods, we should have been more than five minutes in giving them a total overthrow." The battle of Jack's Creek was near the present town of Monroe, Walton County, Georgia. Lt. Colonel GEORGE BARBER is listed as among the wounded in Colonel Holman Freeman's Report for the Middle Battalion, in the year 1787.12 The wound that Colonel BARBER received at this battle was a forefinger shot off, and a hand and wrist shot to pieces. GEORGE BARBER was awarded tracts of land totalling 1670 acres in three counties, Franklin, Wilkes, and Oglethorpe, for his service in the Revolution. The land in Wilkes County was bounded on the northeast by a land grant to Matthew Patton.13 The distinguished historian, Rev. George White, M. A. of Georgia, had this to say about Colonel GEORGE BARBER in his book HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS OF GEORGIA, published in 1854. "Colonel BARBER was a man of great integrity. In the Indian Wars he greatly distinguished himself--He was much confided in by his men, and under his command they seemed to fear no danger. Col. BARBER had many escaped from the Savages, some of which were almost miraculous." Children of GEORGE and MARGARET WATKINS BARBER GEORGE and MARGARET (WATKINS) BARBER were parents of ten children, seven sons and three daughters. GEORGE died in 1822 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, and MARGARET died in 1830 in Henry County, Georgia. Their children: 1. William Barber, born circa 1767, North Carolina, served in the Revolutionary War. It appears that William died in 1828 in Henry County, Georgia, in a county that his mother had also moved to. One of the appraisors of his estate was Ezekiel Griffin, who was married to Polly Barber, (28 Nov 1816, Oglethorpe county) William's daughter. A grandson is named Robert Wadkins Griffin. He last appears on the Oglethorpe County, Georgia tax digest in 1826. See William's family below. 2. Matthew Barber, born circa 1768, North Carolina, married Mrs. Johannah Johnson, 24 February 1803, Oglethorpe County, Georgia. 3. Robert Barber, born circa 1769, Georgia, married Sarah Orr, daughter of Christopher Orr and Martha Watkins. 4. Elizabeth Barber, born circa 1779, Georgia, married Joseph G. Stiles, 13 March 1799, Oglethorpe County, Georgia. 5. Samuel Barber, living in 1820, was said to be a bachelor, believed to have adopted children names Sam and Emily. 6. Reese Barber, born circa 1774, Wilkes County, Georgia, married Catherine Reynolds, daughter of Spencer Reynolds. 7. Martha Barber, born circa 1777, Wilkes County, Georgia, married James Scott, 29 June 1797 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. 8. Sarah Barber, born circa 1780, Wilkes County, Georgia, married George Reynolds, son of Spencer Reynolds. 9. Josiah Barber, born circa 1783, died young. 10. George Barber, Jr., born 1786, Wilkes County, Georgia, married Elizabeth Reynolds, daughter of Spencer Reynolds, 11 May 1806, Clarke County, Georgia. Willof GEORGE BARBER Senior Georgia ) In the name of God Amen, I GEORGE Oglethorpe County ) BARBER Senior of the County and State Will Book B. ) aforesaid, being of sound disposing mind Page 207 ) and memory, do make and order this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other wills. First I desire all my debts to be paid. Secondly, I give devise and bequeath to my beloved wife MARGARET BARBER all my property, both real and personal of which I may be possessed, for and during her natural life, to be used and enjoyed by her during that time, and after her death and not till then, to be disposed of in the following manner, to wit: It is my will and desire that my said wife have the following negroes, namely, Mat, his wife Rhoda, and Temp, and their and future increase, to dispose of in any manner she may think proper, absolutely and unconditionally by her last will or by deed to take effect after her death. Again I give and devise to my son William Barber one hundred acres of land lying on the south side of the branch adjoining George Runnels, on the east side including the plantation whereas the said William now living by the same, are left to him and his heirs and assigns forever. Again I give and bequeath to my son Mat Barber two negroes, to wit, Fed and Jane, to him and his heirs and assigns forever. Again I have heretofore given my son Robert Barber a certain tract of land lying on the Oconee River in Clark County, including the plantation whereon he now lives, this same being two hundred and forty acres, be the same, more or less, which together with the negroes. to wit, Lige and Chainey, that I do now assign and bequeath him is and shall be his full share of my estate to him and his heirs and assigns forever. Again I have hereto fore given my son Samuel Barber two hundred two and a half acres of land, more or less, lying in Jones County on Walnut Creek, which shall be his full share of my estate. Again I assign and bequeath to my son Reece Barber one negro man named Edmund, which together with a tract of land lying on the Oconee River in Clark County joining Robert Barber, and consisting of two hundred and forty acres, already given by me to him which he had disposed of and is now enjoying the profits of shall be his full share of my estate. Again I have heretofore given to James Scott, who intermarried with my daughter Martha, a tract of land lying in Clarke County joining Robert Barber and containing two hundred acres, including the plantation whereon he now lives, which is and shall be the full share of the said James Scott or his children by the said Martha, in and to my estate. Again I give devise and bequeath to my sons Robert and George Barber as trustees for my daughter Sarah Runnels and her children by George Runnels, and in trust for her, and their use, one hundred acres of land, on the south side of the branch, be the same more or less, including the plantation whereon she now lives. Also, two negroes, to wit, Clesia and Kate and their increase, and the said property is not to be subject in any manner to the use or control the same in trust aforesaid, for the said Sarah and her said children, and in case of the death of the Said George Runnels, the trust is to cease, and the said property is to be equally divided between the said Sarah and her said children. Again I give and bequeath to my four grandchildren to wit, Sally, Nancy, Aggy and Margaret, the two negroes, to wit, Harriet and Renny, that I have already given them, which shall be in full their share of my estate. Again I give devise, and bequeath to my son George Barber all the tract of land which has not already been herein disposed of, and on which I now live, being the balance of said tract, and also six negroes, to wit, Jack, and his wife Pindder, Reuben, Burwill, Willis, and Nathan to him and his heirs and assigns forever. I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons Robert and George Barber to executors to this my last will and testament, In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eleventh day of October, 1820. Witnesses: GEORGE BARBER SEAL Abram J. Hill Thomas W. Goulding Henry Blake J. P. recorded 4 September 1822 After the death of her husband, MARGARET BARBOUR moved to Henry County, Georgia, where she apparently lived with her grandson, Josiah Reynolds. All three of her daughters had died by this time, along with sons Josiah, Reese, and possibly Samuel and William. Her son Matthew was living nearby in DeKalb County. Her son Robert was still living in Athens, Georgia, not a great distance from her. MARGARET BARBER died in 1830 in Henry County, and she left a will to be probated there. Will of MARGARET BARBER Henry County Georgia ) In the name of God Amen. I Wills and Bonds ) MARGARET BARBER of the County of 1822-1834 ) Henry and state of Georgia, being pages 101-103 ) in good sound health in body and perfect in mind and memory thanks to be the almighty disposer of all wants for the same. Calling to mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men and women once to die, do make and ordain this my Last will and testament. That is to say, principally and wholly revoking all others that I may have made heretofore. Principally and first of all I give and recommend my Soul into the hand of the almighty God that gave it, and body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian Burial at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God and as Touching such worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life. I give, Devise, and dispose of the same in the following manner and form, viz. Item 1st) To my beloved Grandson Son Josiah Reynolds I give and bequeath unto him and his heirs forever. One Negroe man by name Mat and one Negroe woman by the name of Rhoda the said Negro Mats wife and her child named Margaret One Negro Boy named Burton My tract or parcel of land containing Eighty one acres be the same more or less whereon I now live One black stud colt name Hyatoga and bottle Case etc., and Buro. Item 2nd) To my Beloved Grand Daughter Margaret Barber, daughter of my beloved son Robert Barber I give and bequeath unto her one negro Girl by the name of Sarah Ann. Item 3rd) As for my beloved son George Barber for his part of my Estate I give and bequeath unto his Daughter Margaret Barber one negro Girl by the name of Himelia Ann. Item 4th) As for my Grand son Phineas Barber son of George Barber I give and bequeath unto him One negro Girl by the name of Sintha. Item 5th) As for my Grand Daughter Sarah Johnson I give and bequeath unto her and her heirs for ever one negro Boy named Clark. Item 6th) as for my dear and beloved Grand Daughter Elizabeth Stanfield I give and bequeath unto her and her heirs for ever One negro Girl named Sylva. Item 7th) As for my Grand Son George W. Reynolds I give and bequeath unto him and his heirs for ever One negro woman named Tempy and her child named Rachael. Item 8th) As for my Grand Son Josiah Barber I give and bequeath unto him and his heirs for ever one negro Boy named Crawford. Item 9th) As for my Grand Son Wadkins Reynolds I give and bequeath unto him one Bed and furniture and Bay mare. Now having disposed of my Estate as above stated I do hereby these presents nominate and appoint my trusty friends Josiah Reynolds Mitchell Henderson all of the County and State aforesaid Executors to this my Last will and Testament. And I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannul all and every other form Testaments Wills Legacies bequeaths and Executors by me in any wise before named Willis and Bequeathed ratifying and concerning this and no other to be my Last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 6th day of October in the year A.D. One thousand Eight hundred and twenty nine. Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of Murrell Brissie her Mitchell Henderson MARGARET X BARBER Luke Gibson mark Duly recorded this 9th November 1830 Guy W. Smith s, CCo Of the grandchildren that MARGARET BARBER mentions in her will, Josiah, George W., Wadkins Reynolds and Sarah J Reynolds Johnson were children of George Reynolds-Sarah Barber. Josiah Barber was the son of Matthew Barber and Johannah Johnson. The parents of Elizabeth Stanfield are not known, she is evidently a married granddaughter and could be a daughter of William Barber, Reese Barber, or Sarah Reynolds. Watkins Family p. 11 Cadawalader Watkins, born circa 1660 in Wales, immigrated to Pennsylvania about 1704 with his only son ROBERT WATKINS Cadawalder died circa 1713 in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. ROBERT WATKINS married MARGARET, circa 1724, and they were the parents of seven sons and one daughter. MARGARET died soon after her youngest child and only daughter, Margaret was born 1743 in Vincent township, Chester county, Pennsylvania. ROBERT then married Jane Williams, sister of Robert Williams, and they had no children. Children of ROBERT and MARGARET WATKINS: 1. Aaron Watkins, born circa 1725-1727, married Ann Ralston, he died 1774, Chester County, Pennsylvania. 2. Moses Watkins, born circa 1728-1729, Chester county, Pennsylvania, married twice, names of his wives unknown. One of his daughters, Jane, married a William Barber in Campbell Co., Virginia, 24 September 1796. This William Barber was quite possibly a cousin, the oldest son of George Barber and Margaret Watkins of Oglethorpe County, GA. 3. Reese Watkins, born circa 1730-1731, Vincent, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, married circa 1755, Sarah Barbour, daughter of George and Elizabeth Barber, he died circa 1806, Oglethorpe County, Georgia. 4. Phillip Watkins, born circa 1732-1734, Vincent, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, married 16 November 1762, Mary McFerrin?, he was a veteran of the French-Indian War, died circa 1784 in Batetourt County, Virginia. 5. Enoch Watkins, born circa 1736-1737, Vincent, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, married circa 1760, Mary Thomas, after her death he married Elizabeth Walthall in Campbell County, Virginia. he died circa 1814 in Campbell County, Virginia. 6. Benjamin Watkins, born circa 1738-1740, Chester County, Pennsylvania, married first Agnes _____, then Jane_____. He died 1819 in Campbell County, Virginia. 7. Robert Watkins Jr., born circa 1741-1742, Chester County, Pennsylvania, was a Captain in the Revolutionary War in the Bedford County, Virginia, Militia. 8. Margaret Watkins, born circa 1743, Vincent, Chester County, Pennsylvania, married George Barber, circa 1767 in Bedford County, Virginia or Johnston County, North Carolina. The complete Watkins material in this genealogy came from the book: "Reese Kelso Watkins, His Ancestry and His Descendants and Collateral Lines Smith, Kelso, Cleveland, Bryan, Allison, Outlaw", 1973, by Frank B. Russell, 1008 Riverton Road, Moorestown, New Jersey 08057. Watkins info from Dianne

William Barber, son of Captain George Barber

                     William Barber Family

  I have just received a copy of DAR papers #874122, belonging to Joanne 
  Mobley Philips.  This shows that William Barber was born about 1765. If 
  this is true, then he was born before his parents got married in 
  1766-1767. Another speculation is that he married Jane Watkins in 
  Campbell County Virginia 24 Sep 1796. Again, if true, he married his 
  cousin. Jane Watkins was the daughter of Moses Watkins. At any rate, he 
  died in Henry County, Georgia in 1828 and was survived by a daughter, 
  Polly Barber Griffin. Administators of his estate were Ezekiel Griffin 
  and David Griffin. Ezekiel was William's son-in-law. 


  Polly Barber married Ezekiel Griffin 28 Nov 1816, Oglethorpe county, GA.
  She died before 1850 and Ezekiel married Mary Mears and moved to 
  Paulding County, GA where he died in 1866.

        Ezekial Griffin

  1.  William Griffin, born 24 Sep 1819, Oglethorpe county, GA  died 26 
      Jan 1904, Sunny Side, Spalding county, GA, married Martha Ogletree 
      29 Aug 1841, Henry Co GA. She was born 24 Sep 1821, died 20 Dec 
      1877.  11 children


  William Griffin Dies at his Home at Sunny Side Tuesday Jan 1904

  The death of Mr. William Griffin which occured at the home of his
  daughter, Mrs. T. J. Tucker, at Sunny Side Tuesday night, cast a
  vale of sorrow over the entire community.  His death was not
  unexpected, as he had been dangerously ill for several days,
  nevertheless it was a great shock to those who had known him so long
  and well.

  He was born in Oglethorpe county Sept. 24, 1819, but has resided in 
  Spalding county since he was twelve years of age. He was a vaulable 
  member of the Methodist church many years and his life was an 
  inspiration for good to all who knew him.

  He was probably the oldest white citizen in Spalding county and is 
  survived by three brothers; Edward, aged 82, Robert W, aged 76, and 
  Thomas Griffin of Dallas, GA, who is 67.

  Until last year he lived at his home near Sunny Side, where he moved 
  shortly after the civil war, in which he served as a member of the 64th 
  Ga. Brigade. From that house he buried a wife and seven grown children.

  He was the father of W. B. Griffin, of this place, and Mrs. T. J. 
  Tucker, of Sunny Side.

  The funeral services ocurred from the  Methodist church at Sunny Side at 
  2 o'clock Wednesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. A. E. Sansburn, of the 
  Griffin circuit.

  The bereaved ones have the sympathy of the entire community.

      A.  Mary A Griffin, born 5 Oct 1842, died after 1909, married Thomas
          J. Tucker 2 March 1873.

          a.  Dolphus Tucker, born 10 Oct 1875.

          b.  Monnie Tucker

          c.  Marcia Tucker

      B.  John W Griffin, born 16 March 1845, died 31 July 1879, married
          Lavonia S Fears 24 Oct 1871.

      C.  Nancy Griffin, born 17 Sep 1846, died 25 Feb 1862.

      D.  Bettie Griffin, born 17 Feb 1848, died 27 Nov 1876.

      E.  William Barber Griffin, born 3 Oct 1849 in Spalding Co. GA, died 
          4 May 1932 in Spalding Co GA, married (1) Fannie A. Smith 19 Dec 
          1872, who died 7 March 1879, (2) Kittie Green Smith, Fannie's 
          sister, 1 Jan 1880.  Kitty was born 21 April 1862 in Monroe 
          Co. GA.  One child by first marriage.

          a.  Harold McIntosh Griffin, born 20 July 1874, Spalding Co 
              GA, died 30 May 1923 in New Orleans, LA, married Mary Lucy
              Thompkins, who was born 23 March 1877 and died 7 Nov 1958
              in Spalding Co GA.

              aa.  Cornelia Griffin, born 4 Jan 1909, died 10 June 2004,
                   Spalding Co. GA.

              bb.  Harold McIntosh Griffin Jr, born 21 Nov 1901, died
                   31 Jan 1968, Spalding Co. GA

              cc.  William Griffin

              dd.  Phinazee Griffin

              ee.  Julian Griffin

          b.  Elmer Hunt Griffin, born 22 Feb 1886, died 1 Sep 1936, 
              Spalding Co. GA.

              aa.  Mary Griffin

              bb.  Diddie Griffin

          c.  Helen Hunt Griffin, born 27 March 1891, died 30 Nov 1973, 
              Spalding Co GA, married Paul Hayne Walker 7 April 1920, 
              Spalding Co. GA Helen was in the DAR #477130 through her 
              ancestor John Phinazee. Paul Hayne Walker was born 23 July 
              1887, died 7 May 1976.

              Click here for a larger image

              aa.  Katherine married ____ Childs 28 Dec 1951. He was born 
                   5 Jan 1919, died in Griffin GA 13 Oct 1961. Katherine is
                   DAR #740005 through John Phinazee.

                   Click for a larger image

              bb.  Paul Hayne Walker Jr, born 5 Jan 1925, died 27 Jan 

                   aaa.  Paula married ____ Jones, DAR #871057 through 
                         John Phinazee. 

                         Click for a larger image

                   bbb.  John

          d.  Vera Griffin died of pneumonia at 15 months.

          e.  infant son

      F.  Francis E. Griffin, born 9 April 1851, died 8 Dec 1878.  

      G.  Martha Alice Griffin, born 7 Jan 1853, died 25 March 1878 in 
          Orange Co. FL, married Dr. John Pinkston Starr 10 Oct 1875, 
          Spalding Co GA.

          a.  Harry Starr, born 6 Sep 1876, married Pauline Rankin
              Nov 1900.

              aa.  Alice Margaret Starr, born Sep 1901.

              bb.  Pauline Estelle Starr, born 1905.

              cc.  Jack Starr

                   aaa.  Gerald Alan Starr married Linda Sparks.  Gerald's 
                         DNA matches Cynthia Eller Scott, a descendant of 
                         Matthew Barber as of 23 June 2014.

      H.  Addie A Griffin, born 14 March 1855, died 20 Oct 1877.

      I.  George P Griffin, born 5 June 1857, died 14 June 1880.

      J.  Thomas J Griffin, born 22 Aug 1859, died 27 Jan 1886.

      K.  Robert A Griffin, born 17 Sep 1863, died 17 March 1885.

  2.  Edward (Edmond) Griffin, born 12 June 1821, Clarke Co GA, died 
      11 April 1905, Sunny Side, Spalding Co GA, married Mary (Polly)
      Hand 1 Dec 1845 in Henry Co GA. Mary was born 27 Feb 1823, died
      after 1900 in Spalding Co. GA.


  April 1905

  Sunny Side Ga, April 12-- Mr. Edward Griffin, one of Spalding county's 
  best citizens, died at the home of his son, David Griffin, at this place 
  on Tuesday afternoon at the advanced age of 84.

  Mr. Griffin was born in Clarke county, GA on the 12th day of June, 1821, 
  and moved to this county when he ws only one year old. For more than the 
  allotted time of man he has been a citizen of this county and his life 
  has been one of usefulness and inspiration.  He was a valiant soldier of 
  the Confederacy and never failed to respond to the call of duty.  The 
  deceased is survived by three children: David and Jessie Griffin and 
  Mrs. W. P. Manley; also one brother; R. W. Griffin of this place.  
  Besides these immediate relatives, the good old man leaves numerous 
  other relatives and friends to mourn his loss, all of whom have the 
  sincere sympathy of the entire community.

  The interment took place at the Griffin burying ground at the old home 
  of the deceased at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
      A.  Amanda Griffin, born 23 Dec 1842, died 18 Sep 1863. Buried in
          Griffin cemetery.

      B.  Caroline Griffin, born 1848, died 12 May 1877, Spalding Co. GA,
          married Edward Hill Dorsey (Darsey) 1 Aug 1867.  Edward was born
          17 Nov 1847, died 11 Oct 1939 in Grapeland, Houston Co. TX. His
          second wife was Martha Clower. They had 5 children. Here are the
          children by Caroline Griffin.

          a.  M. L. Dorsey (female), born 1870, died 29 June 1871, 
              Griffin, Spalding Co GA.

          b.  Clara I. Dorsey (Darsey), born 17 Oct 1871, died 18 Aug 
              1940, married Nehemiah "Nim" Guthrie Barfield, who was born 
              12 Dec 1863, Henry Co. GA, died 28 Sep 1933 in Spalding Co. 
              GA. Nehemiah was county commissioner of Spalding County in 

              aa.  Kenneth Alexander Barfield, born 23 April 1896, died 
                   24 Nov 1978, married Mary M Jones 30 Dec 1922 in Henry
                   Co GA. Mary was born 4 Aug 1898, died 19 Oct 1991 in 
                   Griffin, Spalding Co GA.

                   aaa.  William Nehamiah Barfield

                   bbb.  Kenneth A Barfield

              bb.  Annie Vivian Barfield, born 19 Sep 1898, died 24 Aug 

      C.  Ava A Griffin, born 11 March 1851, died 21 June 1927, married 
          William P Manley 23 Dec 1869.  William was born 12 Dec 1844,
          died 13 Feb 1918.

          a.  Walter F Manley, born 14 Dec 1871, died 6 Dec 1947. married
              (1) Florence A ____, (2) Ida M _____. Florence was born 8 
              April 1871, died 29 Oct 1910, apparently in childbirth.
              Ida was born 22 Dec 1882, died 22 Oct 1956. Walter is buried 
              next to his first wife in Griffin GA.

              aa.  W. Edwina Manley, born 6 Oct 1908, died 22 July 1909,
                   Griffin, Spalding Co GA

              bb.  infant Manley, born 18 Oct 1910, died 18 Oct 1910.

              cc.  Lillian Manley, born 16 Oct 1912, died 2 May 1983, 
                   married Glenn Mathew Cox, who was born 21 Oct 1904, 
                   died 17 Jan 1986. They are buried in the Griffin 
                   Family Cemetery, Griffin, Spalding Co. GA.

                   aaa.  Elaine Cox married _____ Greene

                         aaaa.  Robin Greene

                         bbbb.  Shandra Greene

                   bbb.  Ronnie  G Cox

                   ccc.  Nancy Cox married _____ Fox.

                         aaaa.  Ivie Fox

                         bbbb. Matthew Fox

              dd.  William Wesley Manley, born 13 Sep 1914, died 15 May 
                   1987, Griffin, Spalding Co GA, married Bobielu J ____,
                   who was born 22 Sep 1915, died Nov 1995, Griffin, 
                   Spalding Co GA.

              ee.  infant Manley, born 13 Nov 1915, died 13 Nov 1915.

          b.  Lillian? Manley, born Oct 1872, died Oct 1872, Griffin,
              Spalding Co. GA.

          c.  Willie Vesta Manley, born 21 April 1881, GA, died 1 Sep 
              1964, Griffin, Spalding Co. GA, married Fleetwood Star
              Goodman. He was born 18 July 1882, died 29 Sep 1933 in 
              Griffin, Spalding Co GA.

              aa.  Thomas E Goodman, born 1909, Africa, Spalding Co. GA

              bb.  William Augustus Goodman, born 31 July 1915, Africa, 
                   Spalding Co.GA, died 22 Dec 2004, Griffin, Spalding 
                   Co GA, married Frances McCarty, who was born 29 Jan 

              cc.  Ava Angeline Goodman, born 4 May 1918, Africa, Spalding 
                   Co GA, died 15 Jan 1923, Griffin, Spalding Co GA.

          d.  Edwin O Manley, born 5 April 1890, died 8 Sep 1896, Griffin, 
              Spalding Co. GA

      D.  David Griffin, born 15 July 1852, Spalding Co. GA, died 8 Nov 
          1919, Spalding Co. GA, married Annie E. Annie was born 7 July
          1855, died 6 May 1932 in Spalding Co. GA.

          a.  Charles R Griffin, born 19 Oct 1881 in Spalding Co. GA,
              died 13 March 1929, Spalding Co. GA, married Annie Andrews.
              Annie was born 4 April 1893, died 14 Sep 1969, the daughter 
              of Thomas C Andrews and Mary Ella Gray.

              aa.  David Griffin

          b.  James E Griffin, born about Oct 1875, died on 24 Dec 1879.

      E.  Jesse Griffin, born 3 Aug 1855, Spalding Co. GA, died 5 Feb 
          1917, Spalding Co. GA, married Mary Catherine "Mollie" Elder
          4 Dec 1878 in Spalding Co. GA. Mollie was born 12 June 1861, 
          died 8 Oct 1954 in Spalding Co GA.

          a.  Leona Mae Griffin, born 6 Feb 1880, died 10 Oct 1909.

          b.  Claudia Jane (Claudie) Griffin, born 23 Nov 1881, died Sep 
              1954, married Otto Reigel, who was born 1886, died 1951.

              aa.  Frank Lester Reigel, born 18 Aug 1908, died 29 Oct

              bb.  Jesse Samuel Reigel, born 12 Dec 1909, died 31 Dec 1978
                   married Rachel McGee, who was born 9 May 1918, died 23 
                   April 1994.

          c.  Albert Edmond Griffin, born 9 Dec 1883 in Spalding Co GA,
              died 11 Aug 1963 in Spalding Co. GA, married Sadie Adkins 
              (Sallie) Andrews 4 April 1909 in Spalding Co. GA. Sallie
              was the daughter of Thomas C Andres and Mary Ella Gray. She
              was born 31 Dec 1890, died 31 July 1937.

              aa.  Mary Edna Griffin, born 1 Feb 1910 in Spalding Co. GA, 
                   died 8 Aug 2001 in Spalding Co. GA, married Ruel 
                   Shafter Martin.

                   aaa.  Billy Griffin Martin, born 10 Feb 1930, died 15 
                         July 1968, married Billie Baker.

                         aaaa.  Bridget Martin married Eric Ramsey

                                aaaaa.  David Ramsey

                                bbbbb.  Amy Ramsey

                         bbbb.  David Baker Martin

                         cccc.  Amy Martin

              bb.  Earl Edmund Griffin, born 14 Nov 1912 in Spalding Co. 
                   GA, died 29 April 2005 in Griffin GA, married (1) Edith
                   Johnson, (2) Sally R Jester (3) Mary Emily Barnes. 

                   aaa.  Donna G Griffin married Gary Whittington

                         aaaa.  Angie Whittington (is this the right mother?)

                         bbbb.  Shannon Whittington (is this the right mother?)

                         cccc.  John C Hensley

                         dddd.  Zachary G Hensley

                   bbb.  Marga G Griffin

              cc.  Edwin Sandifer Griffin, born 2 Aug 1917, died 1 Jan 

              dd.  Ralph Andrews Griffin married Mary Frances Wesley

                   aaa.  Jerry R Griffin married Janie.

                         aaaa.  Andy Dow Griffin.

                         bbbb.  Amy Griffin.

                   bbb.  Melissa Griffin

              ee.  Margaret Griffin married (1) Henry Boggs, (2) Richard

                   aaa.  Michael Lewis Boggs

                   bbb.  Dick Weldon

              ff.  Lewis Vernon Griffin, born 4 Aug 1929, died 15 Dec 1961
                   married Bonnie Sherrill.

                   aaa.  Mark Griffin

                   bbb.  Nancy Griffin

          d.  Eunice Lee Griffin, born 5 May 1886 in Spalding Co. GA, died
              7 Oct 1968 in Spalding Co. GA, married Leonidas Lamar Yates
              on 28 Dec 1908.  Leonidas was born 21 Aug 1869 in 
              Fayetteville, Fayette Co. GA, died on 23 July 1937.

              aa.  Harold Lamar Yates, born 4 March 1912 in Griffin, GA,
                   died 21 July 2006 in Norfolk, VA, married Nannie 
                   Pearl Willis in 1939

                   aaa.  Charlotte Yates married William H Carson II
                         aaaa.  Andrew Carson

                   bbb.  Exie Yates married Ronald Cowan Sr

                         aaaa.  Ronald Cowan Jr

                         bbbb.  Tanya Cowan

                         cccc.  Jean Cowan

              bb.  Annie Vivian Yates, born 1 May 1914, died 18 Sep 2004,
                   married Russell Carlton Campbell, who was born 24 
                   Aug 1909, died 20 Jan 1983, Griffin, Spalding Co. GA 

              cc.  Merrill L Yates, born 19 April 1916, died 3 Sep 2000

              dd.  Warren G Yates

              ee.  John Phillip Yates, currently the state representative
                   of District 73, Spalding Co GA

              ff.  Matthew Jean Yates, born 22 April 1926, died 7 June  
                   2004, married Ruth H _____.

                   aaa.  Kathy Jean Yates, born 27 April 1952, died 5 Jan 
                         1977, Griffin, Spalding Co GA.

              gg.  Mary Frances Yates, born 12 Jan 1924, died 8 March 1925

          e.  Omar Pierce Griffin, born 12 Jan 1889, died 3 May 1908.

          f.  Rebecca Elder Griffin, born 24 Dec 1891, died 17 Aug 1980,
              married John Amos Mullins 11 July 1919.  John was born 
              30 July 1894, died 12 July 1961.

              aa.  Ruth Mullins, born 18 March 1921, died 11 Sep 1973,

          g.  Fanny Griffin, born 23 Oct 1895, died 29 July 1948.
              married Henry Grady Babb. Henry was born 30 Jan 1888, died
              9 May 1966 in Henry Co GA.

              aa.  infant son Babb, born 7 April 1924, died 7 April 1924

              bb.  infant daughter Babb, born 30 Dec 1928, died 30 Dec

              aa.  Kathryn Jane Babb,born 10 Feb 1930, died 16 July 2001,
                   married Albert "Gene" Eugene Hearn 11 April 1953.

          h.  Ira Wesley Griffin (Zeke), born 18 July 1898, died 6 March 
              1947, never married.

          i.  Frank Hartwell Griffin, born 7 Aug 1903 in Spalding Co. GA, 
              died 2 Nov 1978 in Spalding Co GA, married Effie Wise.

              aa.  Jesse Cliff Griffin.

  3.  male Griffin, born 1822-1825.

  4.  female Griffin, born 1825-1830.

  5.  male Griffin, born 1825-1830.

  6.  Robert Watkins Griffin, born 19 April 1826 in Henry Co. GA, married 
      (1) Martha Gray 13 Sep 1849, Fayette Co. GA, (2) Sarah S Gray, 
      sister of Martha, 4 May 1851 in Henry Co. GA, (3) Martha 
      Barfield 2 April 1878. He died 3 March 1915, Spalding Co GA. 
      Martha Barfield Griffin was born 14 Jan 1842 in Henry Co. GA, died 
      25 July 1905 in Sunny Side, Spalding Co GA. Robert served in the 
      13th Georgia Regiment. He was captured at Winchester, VA Sept 19, 
      1864, sent to Baltimore MD hospital Oct 22, 1864, thence to Point 
      Lookout, MD. Exchanged at Venus Point, Savannah River, Ga Nov 15, 
      1864. At home on furlough Feb 28, 1865. No later record.  Born in GA 
      in 1827. Five children by second marriage. One child by 3rd marriage

      Robert Watkins Griffin and Martha Barfield Griffin


  March 3, 1915

  Robert W. Griffin Dies at His Home at Sunny Side as a Result of Injuries 
  sustained by a Fall

  Sunny side, Ga., March 4.-- Special

  Mr. Robert W. Griffin, a well known and exemplary citizen, died at the 
  home of his daughter, Mrs. J. T. Mitchell about 3 o'clock Wednesday 
  afternoon at the advance age of eight-nine years.

  Mr. Griffin had been cofnined to the house for four years as the result 
  of injuries sustained in the hip by a fall.  Otherwise his health was 
  perfect, except for the many ills incident to old age. A few years ago 
  his weakened condition indicated that death was in the near future and 
  he expressed a willingness to respond to its call.

  He was a loyal member of the famous Thirteeth Georgia regiment and 
  helped to implant the wonderful success of that regiment on the pages of 
  history by his courage and fidelity to the cause.  A life long resident 
  of Spalding county, no man came nearer enjoying the unanimous confidence 
  of the people than he, and his death was the source of regret to the 
  citizens of the entire communty. He was for many years a consistent 
  member of the Methodist church and never failed to attend services 
  unless unavoidably detained at home.

  Mr. Griffin was in all probability the oldest person in Spalding 
  county, and was one of three brothers who passed the eighty-third year 
  post.  He was three times married, his last wife being Mrs Martha 
  Barfield, who died several years ago. He is survived by five children, 
  Mrs. J.T. Mitchell of Sunny Side; R. L. Griffin, of Atlanta, John 
  Flethcer Griffin of Cedartown, Mrs. F. D. Barfield and Mrs. Lemuel 
  Barfield of Texas.

  The interment will take place in the cemetery at Shiloh Methodist 
  church, Rev. Nath Thompson of the Griffin circuit conducting the 

      A.  John Fletcher Griffin, born 1856, Henry Co. GA.

      B.  Martha D. Griffin, born 1858 in Henry Co GA, married Lemuel 
          Harley Barfield 7 March 1881, Spalding Co GA.

          a.  Nina Bell Barfield, born 11 March 1885, GA, died 1 Jan 1957, 
              Temple, Bell Co.TX, married William  David Taylor, who was
              born 19 May 1877, died 21 Oct 1947, Temple, Bell Co TX.

          b.  Frank O. Barfield, born 4 March 1887, Sunnyside, GA, died 2 
              May 1967, Waco, McLennan Co TX, married Ollie _____, who 
              was born 21 Jan 1887, died 10 Jan 1960.

          c.  Henry Edward Barfield, born 3 Dec 1889, Atlanta, GA, died
              3 March 1958, Sweetwater,Nolan Co TX, married Lillian 

              aa.  Nina Bell Barfield, born 13 Aug 1912, died 10 March
                   1972, Rusk, Cherokee Co.TX,married ____ Holbert.

          d.  Albus Emmitt Barfield Sr, born 5 Nov 1901 in Springtown, 
              Parker Co.TX, died 27 Jan 1964, buried at Bellwood Memorial 
              Park, Temple, Bell Co. TX, married Elsa S M ____, who was
              born 1905, died 1995.

      C.  Joseph Griffin, born 1860, Henry Co. GA

      D.  Sarah M Griffin, born 1863, Henry Co. GA

      E.  Robert Lee Griffin, born 1869, Henry Co. GA, died 6 Sep 1926
          in Stonewall, GA, married Longia M Gray 13 July 1890.

          a.  Ethel A Griffin, died in Ensley, AL.

          b.  John R Griffin

          c.  Lloyd D Griffin

      F.  Bessie Jane Griffin, born 19 April 1881, Spalding County, GA, 
          died 5 Aug 1944 in Sunny Side GA, married John Tarpley Mitchell, 
          who was born 20 Feb 1856, Fayette county, GA. J. T. was married 
          (1) to Ida Ann Elder, who was born 1838, died 7 Jan 1905. He 
          married Bessie 11 June 1905. J. T. had eight children by his 
          first wife. Here are his children by Bessie.

     John Tarpley Mitchell and Bessie Jane Griffin Mitchell

Standing, l to r:
Janie Mitchell Mobley, Roy Mitchell, Irene Mitchell Sockwell
Kneeling, l to r:
Julia Mitchell Boyd, Doris Mitchell Ashley, Robert Mitchell, Martha Mitchell Hightower

                 Mitchell Reunion in 2009
Standing, l to r:
Jere Mitchell, Sandy Mitchell Heffner, David Hightower, Bobby Hightower, Pat Ashley, Mike Ashley
Seated, l to r: 
Nancy Mitchell Morris, Peggy Mobley Sandifer, Pat Sockwell Grant, Betty Jo Hightower Floyd, Joanne Mobley Phillips

          a.  Robert Tarpley Mitchell, born 21 May 1906, Spalding Co GA
              died 1 Aug 2004 in Mishawaka, IN, married Carmen Troeger.

              aa.  Larry Robert Mitchell married Mary Ellen Lochmondy

                   aaa.  Julie Ellen Mitchell married Terry Oldman

                         aaaa.  Matthew Mitchell Oldman

                   bbb.  Ted Robert Mitchell married Shela Hurlbut

                         aaaa.  Cory Robert Mitchell

              bb.  Sandra Lee Mitchell married James Richard Heffner.

                   aaa.  James Mitchell Heffner married Wendy Lynn Oberlin

                         aaaa.  Tyler James Heffner

                         bbbb.  Sawyer Mitchell Heffner

                   bbb.  David Charles Heffner married marrie Diane Wagner

                         aaaa.  Delaney Lee Heffner

                         bbbb.  Nathan Charles Heffner

          b.  Roy Eugene Mitchell, born 24 Nov 1907, Spalding Co GA,
              died 20 Oct 1979 in Henry Co GA, burial in Sherwood Memorial 
              Gardens, Jonesboro, GA, married (1) Winifred Florence Puckett 
              12 Feb 1939 in Chambers Co AL.  Winifred, originally named
              Foncey Hill, was born 9 Sep 1909 in Spalding Co. GA, died 24
              Jan 1964 in Jonesboro, GA. Her parents wer Martin Ples 
              Puckett and Effie Estelle Allen. Roy later married (2) Lucy 
              Stone and (3) Frances Hand McBrayer 27 April 1975 in Hampton 
              GA. Children of first marriage.

              aa.  Nancy Carroll Mitchell graduated from Jonesboro High School
                   in 1956, married Cletus Eugene Morris.  Cletus was 
                   born 30 Jan 1935 in Alcorn Co. MS, died 26 Feb 2004 in 
                   Griffin GA.

                   aaa.  Kendall Eugene Morris, born 3 Aug 1971 in 
                         Metairie, LA, died 1 Nov 2003, Griffin, GA.

              bb.  Jere Puckett Mitchell

          c.  Sarah Irene Mitchell, born 7 Nov 1909, Spalding Co GA, died
              6 Dec 1987 in Spalding Co. GA, married Thomas Jefferson
              Sockwell 1 June 1930.  Thomas was born 10 Feb 1902 in 
              Hillsboro, TX, died 12 Feb 1993 in Griffin, GA.

              aa.  Barbara Jean Sockwell, born 22 April 1931 in Spalding 
                   Co GA, died 4 Dec 2003 in Griffin, GA, married Joseph
                   Leon Woodle 16 Feb 1951 in Spalding Co. GA.

                   aaa.  Rebecca Ann Woodle married Thomas Berry Custer

                         aaaa.  Thomas Blake Custer

                         bbbb.  Joseph Scott Custer

                   bbb.  Thomas Leon Woodle, born 6 March 1959 in Spalding 
                         Co. GA, died 6 June 1978, Spalding Co, GA.

              bb.  Patricia Ann Sockwell married Ernest Dewey Grant Jr

                   aaa.  Elizabeth (Beth) Grant married (1) David Hobbs,
                         (2) James Robin Greene.

                         aaaa.  James Robin (Jamie) Greene III

                         bbbb.  Teresa Elizabeth (Teri) Greene married
                                Mark Montgomery

                                aaaaa.  Haley Elizabeth Montgomery

                   bbb.  Ernest Jefferson Grant married (1) Cheryl Conkle
                         (2) Christine Riccardi, (3) Deborah Stone.  child 
                         is from the second marriage.

                         aaaa.  Monica Ashley Grant

                   ccc.  Sara Ann (Sandy) Grant

          d.  Julia Ann Mitchell, born 3 Oct 1911, Spalding Co GA, died
              22 Oct 1999 in Atlanta, GA, married Gordon Ware Boyd 30 Dec 

          e.  Webb Mitchell, born 6 Aug 1913, Spalding Co GA, died about 
              1995 in Missouri.

              aa.  James T Mitchell

          f.  Martha Elizabeth Mitchell, born 12 April 1920, Spalding 
              Co GA, died 27 Oct 2002 in Thomaston, GA, married Otis 
              Hightower 18 March 1937 in Spalding Co GA. Otis was born
              6 Dec 1916 in Pickens Co. GA, died 4 May 2004 in Macon GA.

              aa.  Betty Jo Hightower married Argin G Floyd

                   aaa.  Kathy Floyd married James L Schafer.

                         aaaa.  April Schafer

                         bbbb.  Cyndel Schafer married John Craig.

                                aaaaa.  Cayton Craig

                         cccc.  Brent Schafer

                         dddd.  Eric Schafer

                         eeee.  Lee Schafer

                   bbb.  Connie Floyd married (1) Andrew Thomas Phillips,
                         (2) John Murphy. 

                         aaaa.  Andy Phillips

                         bbbb.  Kelsey Phillips

                   ccc.  Jonathan Floyd married Patricia Ann Hatcher

                         aaaa.  Zachery Glenn Floyd

                   ddd.  Daniel Adrian Floyd married Jennifer Beall.

                         aaaa.  Joey Beall

                         bbbb.  Jocelyn Beall

                         cccc.  Julia Beall

              bb.  James David Hightower married Jerry Mashburn

                   aaa.  David Hightower married Wendy Foster.

                         aaaa.  David Blake Hightower

                         bbbb.  Christopher Beau Hightower

                   bbb.  Jamie Hightower married Valerie Wise.

                         aaaa.  James Peyton Hightower

                         bbbb.  Major Hightower

                         cccc.  Hallie Elizabeth Hightower

                   ccc.  Brett Hightower married Heather Ann Cox.

                         aaaa.  Anna Kate Hightower

                         bbbb.  Michael Pearce Hightower

              cc.  Kathy Jane Hightower, born 18 March 1944 in GA, died 1 
                   July 1947 in Frederick, Maryland, buried at Sunny Side,

              dd.  Robert Wade Hightower married (1) Luanne Smith, (2)
                   Linda Powell. child by first marriage.

                   aaa.  Matthew Hightower

          g.  Bessie Jane (Janie) Mitchell, born 22 Feb 1922, Spalding 
              Co GA, died 22 Feb 2003 in Griffin, GA, married William 
              Curtis Mobley June 1942, Griffin, GA.  William was born 
              on 24 Feb 1921 in Hampton GA and died on 30 March 2004.

              aa.  Brenda Joanne Mobley married ____ Phillips. DAR #874122

                   Click here for a larger image

                   Here are  successful DAR papers for Joanne Phillips, a 
                   descendant of William Barber. 
                   dar1.jpg; dar2.jpg; dar3.jpg; dar4.jpg; dar5.jpg; dar6.jpg; dar7.jpg; 
                   dar8.jpg; dar9.jpg; dar10.jpg; dar11.jpg

                   Click here for a larger image

                   Click here for a larger image

              bb.  Peggy Diane Mobley married Bert Sanderfer, who was born 
                   11 Dec 1944 in Hattiesburg, MS, died 11 March 2005 in 
                   Clayton Co GA.

                   aaa.  Curt Sanderfer

                   bbb.  Danny Sanderfer 

          h.  Nellie Doris Mitchell, born 2 April 1925, Spalding Co GA
              died 8 May 2005 in Americus, GA, married Clint Ashley 25
              Dec 1943 in Spalding Co GA.          

              aa.  Michael C Ashley married Penelope Morris.

                   aaa.  Michelle Allison Ashley married John Kakatky.

                         aaaa.  Allison Grace Kakatky

                         bbbb.  Ava Theresa Kakatky

                   bbb.  Michael Andrew Ashley

              bb.  Patrick M Ashley married Joyce Jowers.

                   aaa.  Patrick Todd Ashley

                   bbb.  Eric Mitchell Ashley married Margaret Annette 

                         aaaa.  Nathan Mitchell Ashley

                         bbbb.  Naomi Ashley

                   ccc.  Alison Beth Ashley

  7.  John Griffin, born 1829, died 1859, married Sarah ____.  

      A.  Ezekial Griffin

      B.  John T. Griffin

      C.  Mary Griffin

  8.  Jane Griffin, born 1832.

  9.  Amanda Griffin, born 1835.

 10.  Thomas Griffin, born 8 July 1836 Henry Co GA, died 10 Aug 1904, 
      Dallas, Paulding Co. GA, married Martha Ann Ragsdale about 1854 in 
      Paulding Co. GA.  Thomas was named temporary administrator of his
      father Ezekial's estate Oct 13, 1866 along with Joseph Ragsdale and 
      John Denison.

      A.  William R. Griffin, born 7 Oct 1855, died 8 Aug 1927, married 
          Isabelle Bobo 26 Sep 1882 in Paulding Co. GA.

          a.  Beatrice Griffin, born 1883, died 1919, married Henry Young 
              Holland in 1905.

      B.  Mary Ann Griffin, born 5 July 1861, Dallas, Paulding Co. GA, 
          died 24 June 1960 in Dallas, Paulding Co GA, marrief Benjamin 
          Franklin Matthews 5 Jan 1875.

      C.  John Thomas Griffin, born 7 Nov 1866, died in Sand Mountain, AL, 
          married Julia Vaughn 1 Feb 1885.

      D.  Lucinda W. Griffin, born 6 July 1869, married W L Lawler. 

          a.  Tom Lawler

      E.  Georgia O. Griffin, born 1 Oct 1870, died 31 Aug 1962, married 
          William A Foster 25 Aug 1889 in Paulding Co. GA

      F.  Martha A. Griffin, born 7 April 1874, died 17 Nov 1874.

      G.  Adeline Griffin, born 30 June 1877, died 16 June 1911.

 11.  Jesse Griffin, born 1844.

  The following analysis was written by Nancy Mitchell Morris, Registrar
  of the Pulaski Chapter DAR, from June 2001-June 2009. These papers are
  for her first cousin, Joanne Mobley Phillips, DAR #874122.

  Analysis of evidence for the relationship between William Barber and 
  Polly Barber.

  . Margaret Barber's father was Robert Watkins/Wadkins (Captain George
    Barber of Georgia, David W Morgan, p1)
    This is a well researched and documented book on the Barber family. 
    It is also in hard copy but the web version is kept updated as new 
    information comes to light.
  . Edmond Griffin's father was named David (estate document, Oglethorpe 
    Co. GA)
  . Nancy Griffin's father was named Ezekiel (DAR791323, A934)
  . Edmond and Nancy had three sons under 10 according to the 1800 census 
    of Oglethorpe Co. GA by Mary Bondurant Warren.  They named their first 
    son Ezekiel and their second son David (estate documents provided with 
    DAR791323 A934).  Their third son must have died before Edmond and was 
    not named in his will.  Nancy also died before Edmond (by 1803) and he 
    married her sister, Ruth Gilham.

  . Ezekiel Griffin and Polly Barber named their first son William (for 
    Polly's father).  This son, William Griffin, named his first son 
    William Barber Griffin (DAR477130, Helen Griffin Walker, daughter of 
    William Barber Griffin).  Recently a descendant of William Barber 
    Griffin, Paula Jones, joined DAR through the Pulaski Chapter.  Her 
    aunt, Katherine Childs, shared with me a letter (copy enclosed) dated 
    22 July 1991 from her mother, Helen Griffin Walker, which mentions 
    Bible records of the Barber family.  The earliest name listed was 
    William Barber, b. 1765.  Sadly she has no copy of the Bible records, 
    nor does she know where the Bible is or if it is still in existence.
  . Their second son was named Edmond (for Ezekiel's father)
  . Their third son was probably named Ezekiel for his father but died 
    before the 1850 census.
  . Their fourth son was Robert Wadkins/Watkins Griffin (for Polly's 
    grandfather, (Morgan p1).  Although the only way I have seen his name 
    written was as Robert W. Griffin, his granddaughter, my aunt and 
    Joanne's, Irene Mitchell Sockwell, now deceased, told me his name was 
    Robert Watkins Griffin.  This information was recorded long before I 
    knew of our Watkins connection.
  Names of the male members of this family combined with the naming of 
  Ezekiel Griffin and his brother, David, as administrators of William 
  Barber's estate are strong evidence that Polly was Wiliam's daughter and 
  the wife of Ezekiel Griffin.

  Several years ago I submitted a supplemental application on George 
  Barber which was denied in part .... because Margaret Barber did not 
  mention the Griffin grandchildren in her will.  Margaret Wadkins/Watkins 
  Barber named only eight of her numerous grandchildren (at least 30) in 
  her will. The genealogist assumed that these were the children of her 
  deceased children. This was not necessarily the case. Robert Barber, 
  father of Margaret Barber (No2) did not die until 1850. George Barber, 
  father of No4, died in 1854.  No reason was given for choosing some of 
  her grandchildren as heirs or omitting the others.  It may be that some   
  needed more financial assistance than others. Also note that one of the 
  grandsons named in her will was Wadkins Reynolds (item 9) showing the 
  variation in the spelling of the name and that it was a common practice 
  in this family to use the names of grandfathers and ggrandfathers for 
  their children.

  Ezekiel Griffin was listed in the 1830 census of Oglethorpe Co. GA 
  although he had moved to Henry Co prior to 1826 when his son Robert W. 
  Griffin ws born. Ezekiel's son William Barber Griffin was born in 
  Oglethorpe Co. GA in 1819 and Edmond Griffin was born in Clarke Co. GA 
  in 1821.  This information came from the obituaries of the three sons. 
  Also Ezekiel was in Henry Co. when he and his brother, David were named 
  administrators of William Barber's estate in 1828.  In May of 1829, 
  Ezekiel and David sold land in Oglethorpe co. that they had inherited 
  from their father, Edmond, and that he had inherited from his father, 
  David.  Perhaps Ezekiel returned to Oglethorpe Co around this time to 
  handle the land transaction. I have been unable to locate Ezekiel's 
  family in the 1820 census and assume they were in the household of 
  another family member. By 1840, Ezekiel was listed in Henry Co. GA and 
  by 1850, Polly had died, he had married Mary Mears and moved to Paulding 
  Co where he died in 1866.

  The Griffin, Andrews, Fears, Johnson, Barber and other families were 
  part of the migration from Oglethorpe County to Henry county in the 
  early 1820s when it was formed. William Barber last appeared in 
  Oglethorpe County tax digest in 1826.  He was probably infirm and moved 
  to Henry County to live with his daughter and son-in-law, Polly and 
  Ezekiel Griffin.

  In 1800, William Barber was listed in the land records of Hancock Co. 
  GA. I have been unable to locate a marriage record or any information on 
  his wife's name. William Barber was in the Lexington township of 
  Oglethorpe Co. in the 1820 census. There was one male 45 & up, one 
  female 45 & up, one male 10 & under and one female 10 & under in the 
  household. This would mean that both William and his wife were born 1775 
  or earlier and that both died after 1820.  

  Nancy M. Morris
  Registrar Pulaski Chapter, June 2001 - June 2009

----- Original Message ----- From: Nancy Morris
Sent: Monday, April 26, 2010 9:09 AM
Subject: Barber family

Hi David,

I am sorry to learn that you are not a relative.  I am very happy
that you thought you were a descendant of George and Margaret.  I was
impressed by your research on the Barber family and found it to be a
great help in tracing this line.  The recent DAR application of
Joanne Phillips, my first cousin, was prepared by me.  I had
submitted a supplemental on George Barber in 2005 but was turned down
because I did not prove to their satisfaction that Polly was the
daughter of William.  I really thought the Administrators Bond issued
by Henry Co to Ezekiel and David Griffin along with the naming
pattern was sufficient  proof but the DAR genealogist disagreed. 
Last year Paula Jones submitted her application to me as registrar of
the Pulaski Chapter.  I was thrilled to see it.  Once I learned that
William B. Griffin, son of William Griffin and grandson of Ezekiel
and Polly, was William Barber Griffin, I felt that that was
sufficient.  However, the letter from Helen Walker Griffin, claiming
to have seen a Bible in which the earliest name listed was William
Barber, b 1765, really nailed it.  Wish we could find that Bible.

I assume from your letter that DAR sent copies of the supporting
documentation and the analysis I submitted with Joanne's
application.  If not, let me know if there is anything you would like
for me to copy for you.

Do you use Family Tree Maker?  If you do, I will try to send you a
.ftm file of William Barber's descendants as I have them.  You are
welcome to add them to your online book.  I will privatize the file
before sending to protect family members from identity theft.  If you
don't use this program, I will save a descendant file for you.

Thanks for all your hard work on the Barbers.


Here is the file that Nancy sent me on the family of William Barber.