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Turnip Sandwich

From Jim Barrack 3 Nov 2001

Another nostalgic memory triggered by a visit to the local produce market:
During the early winter of about 1941 or 42, I tagged along behind my
Granddad Barrack and Uncle Guy out to the garden just southwest of the old
Baker homestead. They were constantly visiting and needed a little fresh air
when they both stooped over and pulled up a couple of turnips, wiped them
clean, removed their pocket knives and commenced to slice and eat them. When
I inquired, Uncle Guy chuckled with his familiar good-natured smile and asked
whether I would like a turnip sandwich. He explained that was a turnip slice
inside two outside slices of turnip. And both of them chuckled at my
confusion. God bless them and their memory. I ate the filling of one of their
sandwiches and though it tasted pretty hot to my child's palate, I got it
down with their encouragement as to its healthy effects... which brings me to
the beginning. I have now returned to eating lotsa fresh fruits and
vegetables as a means of diet-thru-preventive medicine or simply eatin'
healthy. (Just never seemed to have time to divert my focus from non-work
related matters during my years at Tyson; but now in better understanding of
the world through the eyes of two wise old heads, Papa and Uncle Guy.) Eat
more turnips!

Enjoyed very much your visit and meeting Sheryl. You sure haven't changed
much at all from our prior meetings about 1966. You're doing a lot of things
right...must be among other things, the fresh turnips.

Jim and Anne