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Petition for Letters of Administration

[Editor's note: The following is my verbatim transcription of the petition of Hannah Handley for Letters of Adminstration in the Estate of David Handley, deceased.]

PETITION OF Hannah Handley in the matter of the estate of David Handley deceased, for Letters of Administration.


Judge of the County Court of Edgar County:

The petition of the undersigned Hannah Handley respectfully represents that David Handley late of Edgar County, deceased died at his residence in said County on or about the 19 day of November A. D. 1894, leaving no last Will and Testament as far as known to and believed by this petitioner, and leaving personal property to the value of Two Hundred Dollars.

That said deceased left surviving Hannah Handley as his widow, and Savilla Jump, Caroline Cofer, Leander Handley, Henry Handley, Thos. R. Handley, Emma Massey, Lizzie Russell, Hannah Russell, Ella Weddel, Wilbur Wood, Julie Wood, David Massey as heirs.

Your petitioner being the widow of said deceased therefore prays that Letters of Administration upon the Estate of the said David Handley deceased may be granted to her.

December 4, 1894

/s/ Hannah Handley


County of Edgar

Hannah Handley, being duly sworn deposes and says that the facts averred in the above petition are true according to the best of her knowledge, information and belief.

/s/ Hannah Handley

Sworn to and subscribed before me, K. LAUFMAN, Clerk of the County Court of Edgar County, this 4 day of Dec. 1894

/s/ S. Maddock Clerk.

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