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Welcome to my Coldren family site!

Peter Coldren, my great-great-great-great-grandfather, was born on 26 Jan 1804 at Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. He married Elizabeth Lutz on 12 Aug 1828. Peter died on 24 Aug 1886 at age 82 and was buried at Converse Cemetery, Richland Township, Grant County, Indiana. Elizabeth was born 23 Jun 1808 in Pennsylvania and died 28 Jul 1894 at age 86. She was also buried in Converse Cemetery.

Peter and Elizabeth lived in Pennsylvania for some years then moved to Ohio for a short time before arriving in Jay County, Indiana in 1840. They moved to Grant County, Indiana, in 1864. They had 8 sons and 2 daughters. In Indiana, Peter ran a general store at Antioch for many years.

I have had no luck linking Peter to any Pennsylvania Coldren families (nor Elizabeth to any Lutz ancestors). The entry titled "The Coldren Family" in Jay County, Indiana, 1982 states "It is believed that Peter's father and uncle emigrated to America from Scotland." However, I have found no information to either support or refute that statement. He is my brick wall in this family.

In my efforts to trace the ancestry and descendants of Peter Coldren, I have collected a reasonable amount of information on his family which is printed in a computer-generated report Descendants of Peter Coldren (1804-1886). For the most up-to-date information on this family. please visit my database on Rootsweb WorldConnect .

In the process of searching for the ancestors and descendants of Peter Coldren, I have also gathered information about other individuals with the surname Coldren who may, or may not, be related to my line. I have also found that though there are a number of other Coldren researchers around the country, there is no one place where Coldren information has been collected on the Internet.

I have started to post my Coldren information on this site and as time goes on, I plan to keep adding to it. If you want to add your own information or links related to the Coldren family, I welcome your contribution. I am trying to develop methods that will help speed the process of adding new information to the existing tables, so if you have large amounts of information, please contact me for the best format before sending it.

Finally, you may also want to visit my other surname pages.

Good hunting, Coldren cousins!

Note: The information on this Coldren genealogy web site has been obtained from a variety of sources,
including information from persons who did not identify their sources. Even where the
original source is cited, transcription errors are common. All information should always be
independently verified by the researcher, from primary source materials where possible.

Please feel free to suggest any changes, additions, or corrections.
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