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In 1753, Wilhelm Deinhard, at the age of 22, and four other young men, Peter Rhoda, Jacob Haner, Abraham Decker and Peter Swart, were shanghaied, on Whit Sunday, after a feast and festivities aboard a Dutch ship docked at Hamburg, Germany. Willing or un-willing, the new seamen found themselves bound for the New World. Wilhelm was born, April 25,1731 in Grossgartach, Germany, a small village (now Leingarten), Wuerttemberg, located a few miles west of Heilbronn, along the Neckar River, south of Heidelberg. The family had lived in the area for some years. His grandfather, Johann Paul, born 1643, and father, Wilhelm, born 1683, were both born in the Nuremberg area. His grandfather died, 1718, and his father in 1736, both in Grossgartach. Father's occupation is listed as (Chirurgus), a doctor. Wilhelm's mother was Maria Anna Francisca Wille, his fathers second wife, married in 1721. She bore seven children, however, three died very young and one at age 10. Wilhelm's younger sister, Christina Magdalena, born 1735, also came to America, married Johan Peter Haller and died in 1800, Middletown Fredericksburg, MD. The Lutheran, family church records in Grossgartach, shows the spelling as "Deinhardt", a common name in Bavaria in the seventeenth century, with several phonetic spellings. There are other families that came to America about the same time, with German names such as Dynhardt, Deinert and Deinhardt. Some of these family names also became "Dinehart" Seventeen miles north, in wine country, near Wollenberg, Hanns Christopf Deinhard, a wine merchant, (maybe family) had his portrait painted by Fennizer, c. 1650. It hangs in the National Museum in Nuremberg, Bavaria. Deinhard Wines, of the Koblenz cellars, have offered a very popular selection of fine wines since 1794, with vineyards along the Moselle and the Rhine. Landing on the docks of New York City, the five sailors found they were in debt to the extent of seven pounds for their passage money. According to the laws of that time, the indentured immigrants' labor was sold to the highest bidder. Among the buyers was an agent for the Robert Livingston Manor, a huge tract of land, up the Hudson River, obtained on a patent from Governor Dongan in 1689. The southern part of the tract is now Columbia County, New York. After four and a half years of work in the iron mines of Ancram, an area south of Copake, the men were offered leases on farm land in sparsely settled Columbia County. Wilhelm farmed land north of Copake Lake. Peter Rhoda took up land a few miles south around two smaller bodies of water still known as Rhoda Ponds.
Wilhelm married Anatje Althuysen, from Rhinebeck, NY in 1760. They raised a family of eight girls and six boys. In the 1800 census, the records changed the spelling to Dinehart. Early in the century, the sons and 17 grandsons moved west to settle in Yates, Oswego, Steuben and Tioga counties of New York. Others went on to Elkhart, IN, Ionia, MI, and into SD, MN, and CA. . The number code preceding the following list of names indicates the generation in America, the family line to either (William, Peter, Jeremiah, Christopher or Diedrick) with the letter (w, p, j, c or d). The last number is the numerical listing in that generation. A '0' indicates no marriage data. The following (x,x,x) is his fathers code number. All family lines go back to the sons of Wilhelm Deinhard. After the Civil War, there is no family connection for Christian, and after his grandsons, none for Diedrick. There is a need for more of "Wilhelm Deinhard's" family information. The necessity to complete some of the entries and add the many new families that are forming continues to build this family history. If there is an error in the data, or there's an entry that should not be listed, please advise me.  HYPERLINK ""; or Last Up Date November 30, 2004  HYPERLINK ""; 1-1 William Dinehart b. 1731 Grossgartach, Germany; d. 1816, Copake, New York m. 1760 Anatje Althuysen , Rhinebeck, New York -14 children-Francisca, Catherinea, Anna, William C., Magdalena, Eva, Elisabeth, Peter (Sr.), Gertrude, Jeremiah, Christopher, John (Johannes), Diedrick, Christian. 2-1 William C (1-1) b. 1768 Copake, NY; d. 1838, Copake, NY m. 1792 Maria Chadwick, Claverack, NY- 8 children - Maria, Willem, Hannah, Catharina, Eva, Gertraut (Charity), Johannes(John Wm), Maria (Polly). 2-2 Peter (Sr.) (1-1) b. 1775, Copake, NY; d. 1884, Potter Twp. Yates Co. NY m. 1799 Margaret Bechtel, Columbia Co. NY - 7 children-Hannah, John C, Peter (Jr.), Elisabeth, Wm Thomas, Leonard, Adam. m. 1824 Elisabeth Bishop, Sharon, Schoharie, Co NY-1 child-Stephen. 2-3 Jeremiah (1-1) b. 1779, Copake, NY; d. 1826,Oswego, NY m. 1798 Magdalena Young, Hillsdale, NY-5 children.-Peter J, (Sr.), William C, Catharina, Elizabeth, Harry.
2-4 Christopher (1-1) b. 1781, Copake, NY; d. 1860, Yates Co. NY.
m. 1806 Eve Snyder, Columbia Co. NY-7 children-William, Paul, Maria, Hannah, John C, Stephen, Barbara.
m. 1828 Elisabeth Yorker, Columbia Co. NY-1 child-Mary Jane.
m. 1838 Mary (Polly) Shattuck, Columbia Co. NY- 2 children-Samuel, Frances.

2-5 Diedrick (1-1) b. 1785, Copake, NY; d. 1843, Tioga Co. NY.
m. 1805 Catharine Bogart, Columbia Co. NY- 3 children-Richard, Conard, Polly.
m. 1819 Lucretia Decker, Columbia Co. NY- 2 children -Betsey, Abraham.

2-6 Christian (1-1) b. 1787, Copake, NY; d. 1847, Columbia Co. NY.
m. 1813 Polly Shatteway, Columbia Co, NY-6 children-Geddy Maria, Anatje, Elisa, William D, Rachael, Charity.

3w1 John Wm. (2w1) b. 1810 Copake, NY; d. 1880 Copake, NY
m. 1830 Elizabeth Snyder, Columbia Co. NY-10 children -Maria Hannah, Charity Ann, William, Abram, Sarah Jane, Malvina, John C, Alfred, Franklin, Adelbert (Delbert).

3p1 Peter Jr. (2p2) b. 1805 Columbia Co. NY; d. 1891 Yates Co. NY
m. 1826 Elizabeth Covert, Copake, NY-4 children -Margaret, Mary, James, John C.

3p2 John C. (2p2) b. 1805 Columbia Co. NY; d. 1880 Yates Co. NY
m. ---- Laura Soles, Columbia Co. NY-9 children -William H, George W, Calvin, Peter M, Margaret, Emma, Hattie, Agnes Smith (Adopted), Killian Smith (Adopted)

3p3 William T (2p2) b. 1815 Columbia Co. NY; d. 1895 Yates Co. NY
m. 1839 Nancy Stebbins, Yates Co. NY-5 children -John F, Adam E, Emma J, Orin S, Willie R,

3p4 Tom (Wm) (2p2) b. Columbia Co. NY; d. 1875 Yates Co. NY
m. 1832 Gelane Plunkey, Columbia Co. NY-5 children - Eliza, Peter, Sarah J, Nora J, Julia E.

3p5 Leonard (2p2) b. 1818 Copake, NY; d. 1901 Elkhart, IN
m. 1842 Chloe Cole, Italy, NY-10 children-Aurilla, Betsy Ann, Louisa, Franklin P, Samantha, Harmon, Rhoda Jane, Charles L, Harvey, Martha Adele.

Leonard went to Yates Co. in the Finger Lakes area of New York State, with his father, Peter, in the early 1800's. There he met Chloe Cole, of Italy Township, and was married in 1842.
With two children they set out for Elkhart, IN, where her parents had located, traveling overland to Buffalo and sailing across Lake Erie to Ohio. A storm put them ashore early, and onto another ship to Toledo. Then by canal to Ft. Wayne, IN. Leonard left his family with some people in an area where Columbia City is now. He then walked to Elkhart where he secured a team and returned for his family.
In Elkhart, Leonard prospered as a dairy farmer and in buying and selling acreage and timber. He first lived on Oakland Avenue; later they built a fine home on Prairie Street.
They raised a family of ten children with 14 grandchildren.

3j1 Peter J Sr. (2j3) b. 1802 Columbia Co., NY; d. 1873 Oswego Co. NY
m. 1838 Sally Reynolds, Oswego Co. NY-5 children-Jeremiah, Peter J (Jr.), Paul Mason, Lany, Helen.
m. 1851 Phoebe Omans Curtis, Oswego Co. NY-7 children -Jonah, Mary, Zachariah, William, John D, Catherine, Ellen.

Early America was a nation of farmers and large families were very common. Peter J had 12 children from 2 marriages. Many households had step-children or adopted children. Phoebe brought three Curtis children to the Peter Dinehart house (Myron, Philo and Phoebe) who eventually returned to their father.
Charity, one of Christian's twin daughters, married Adam Smith. They then traveled to Yates Co., had two children, Killian and Anatje (Agnes), later adopted by John C. and Laura. Killian was raised as Killian Smith Dinehart. He lived in Potter, Yates Co. NY and married Polly Lantman.

3j2 William C (2j3) b. 1820, W. Copake, NY; d. ---- Elkhart, IN.
m. 1841 Lucinda Cooper, W. Copake, NY-4 children -Maryette, Emily A, Louisa, John Henry.

3c1 John C (2c4) b. 1817, Brunswick, Rensselaer Co, NY; d. 1880, Potter, NY.
m. 1853 Mary Ann Mc Neill, Potter, NY-1 child -Mary.

3c2 Stephen (2c4) b. 1823 Brunswick, Rensselaer, Co NY; d. 1906 Troy, NY.
m. 1848 Anna Pratt, Brunswick, NY-3 children -Mary, George, Joseph.

3c3 Samuel (2c4) b. 1840, Taghkanic, NY; d. 1913, Muir, MI.
m. 1861 Mary Chisolm, Penn Yan, NY.
m. 1865 Ruby Vaughn, Yates Co. NY- 1 child -Ida
m. 1873 Julia Ann Cook, Wayne Co. NY-4 children-Samuel Christian, Frances Ada, Nathan Bradley, Gertrude Henriette.

3d1 Conard (2d5) b. 1808 Tioga Co. NY; d. 1882 Tioga Co. NY
m. 1835 Electa


Nineteen Dinehart men enlisted in the New York regiments during the Civil War. Most were in Infantry or Cavalry outfits. Five lost their lives, either in action or died later in a hospital.

William--killed in action near Petersburg, Va.
Abram--died in hospital, Camp Sheridan, Va.
George--died in McDougal Hospital, Fort Schuyler, NY,NY
Abraham--died in action, buried in Columbia Co. NY
William D.--captured in action at The Wilderness, VA; died at Andersonville, GA prison camp. Grave # 8761, Section H. Christian and Polly lost their only son.

Listed are the names of "Dineharts" that served during the Civil War, and the outfits they were with. The listing is from a roster compiled by the Adjutant General of New York State.

Twenty Third Infantry
James A., age 18, enlisted April 30, 1861 at Owego. Re-enlisted December28 1863 at Owego.
Robert, Age 21, enlisted April 30 1861 at Owego. Reenlisted December 28, 1863 at Owego.

Third Artillery
George, age 21, enlisted April 24, 1861 at Mentz.
George W, age 27, enlisted February 6, 1864 at Mentz.

One Hundred & Seventy-ninth Infantry
George, age 37, enlisted September 5, 1864 at Tioga.

One Hundred & forty-ninth Infantry
Paul M, age 24, enlisted September1, 1862 at Syracuse.

Ninety-sixth Infantry
John, age 26 enlisted December 17 1863 at Twenty-sixth District.

Seventh Cavalry
Paul, age 18, enlisted October 2 1861 at Sandy Creek.
Peter J, age 19, enlisted October 2, 1861 at Sandy Creek.

One Hundred Fifty-third Infantry
Abram, age 22, enlisted August 23, 1862 at Florida.

Sixteenth Artillery
Henry, age 45, enlisted December 26, 1863, at Mentz.
William, age 20, enlisted September 26 1863, at ???.

Fourteenth Artillery
William W. age 25, enlisted July 15, 1863, at Dix.

Third Cavalry
William, age 23, enlisted November 20, 1861 at Camp Bates.

Thirty Second Infantry
William, age 23, enlisted October 18 at New York City.

One Hundred Fourth Infantry
William age ??, enlisted July15, 1863 at Tioga

One Hundred Eleventh Infantry
George, age 22, enlisted February 16, 1864 at Mentz.
William; d. age 42, enlisted July 30, 1862 at Port Byron.

United States Navy
Samuel, age 27, enlisted September 3, 1864, Jerusalem.

4w1 William (3w1) b. 1838 Copake NY; d. 1894 W. Copake, NY
m. 1867 Sarah Augusta Demarest, Gloverville, NY-5 children -Sheridan, Elizabeth, Mary M, Alma, William Henry Sr.

4w2 John C. (3w1) b. 1846 Copake, NY; d. 1918, W. Copake, NY
m. 1877 Esther Stickles, W. Copake, NY-2 children -Fred J, Lulu May.

4w3 Alfred (3w1) b. 1849 W. Copake, NY; d. 1909 W. Copake, NY
m. 1875 Estella Conely, W. Copake, NY-2 children -Malvina, Mildred H.

As a young man, Alfred was a gardener at the John Jacob Astor estate in nearby Dutchess County. His sister, Malvina, was also employed as a maid in the household. In May of 1871, romance blossomed and Henry Astor, a grandson of John Jacob, married Malvina. The local accounts read:
"The biggest sensation of 1871 in Dutchess and neighboring Ulster County, across the Hudson, was the secretive wedding of Henry Astor (the Forgotten) and the daughter of a peasant. The lonely bachelor, a resident of Rokeby, on May 4, ordered a Roundout livery to convey a minister and a farmer family to the Dinehart cottage, where lived a simple farmer, descendant of one of those unfortunate Rhinelanders who had been shanghaied on the docks of Hamburg, brought to America, and sold as an indentured servant to My Lord Livingston, owner of the Dutchess countryside. There Henry married Malvina Dinehart, a ‘handsome, blooming maiden of twenty-seven.’"

Henry and Malvina built a fine house on an estate near West Copake. They attended St. Thomas Lutheran Church of Churchtown (Claverack) where many Dinehart marriages and christenings occurred. The churchyard cemetery, today, is a history book of names and dates of the early Dinehart families. Both Henry and Malvina died in 1918 leaving a generous trust fund.

The name "Copake" comes from the Indian word "Snake Pond". Early Copake was known as the town of Granger and West Copake as Anderson's Corners, later as Taghkanic. The many Dineharts also lived in nearby Hillsdale, Claverack, Churchtown, and around Columbia Co. The bridge on Route 7, near an early farm, is still known as the "Dinehart Bridge" .This was "Dinehart territory" during the early 1800's. Today, in 2003, the Dinehart name does not appear in any of the local phone books.

4w4 Franklin (3w1) b. 1852 Copake, NY; d. 1918 Hudson, NY
m. 1878 Henrietta Link, W. Copake, NY-2 children -Olive E, William B.

4w5 Adelbert (3w1) b. 1854 Montgomery Co. NY, d.1945
m. 1875 Hattie L. Niver, W. Copake, NY-1 child-Henry Astor
m. 1899 Fannie E. Legget, W. Copake, NY-1 child

4p1 James (3p1) b. 1836 Potter, NY; d. 1920 Yates Co. NY
m. 1856 Elizabeth Andrews, Yates Co. NY 1 child-Clara E

4p2 William H (3p2) b. ---- Potter, NY; d. ---- Santa Ana, CA
m. 1856 Lucy A Sutton, Benton, Yates Co. NY-4 children-George, John, Anne, Lou.

4p3 George W (3p2) b. 1837 Copake, NY; d. 1915 Ferguson's Corners, NY
m. ---- Ella Ferguson, Yates, Co. NY

4p4 Peter M (3p2) b. 1827 Copake, NY; d. 1904 Yates Co, NY.
m. 1851 Mary J Brown, Steuben, Co. NY-1 child-Leonard F.
m. 1857 Charlotte G Brown, Steuben, Co. NY-8 children -Charles Emerson, Mary E, William F, Addy, Bert Peter (Ruty), Fred E, Lottie L, Nellie Margaret.

4sm0 Killian Smith (3p2) b. 1842 Potter, NY; d. 1920 Potter, NY.
m. ---- Polly Lantman, Copake, NY - 4 children, John, Charity, Hannah, Maria.

4p5 John F (3p3) b. 1840 Middlesex, NY; d. 1927 Middlesex, NY
m. 1865 Jane Rackham, Middlesex, NY- 3 children -Mary (Matie) L, Frank R, Charles John.

4p6 Adam E (3p3) b. 1843 Middlesex, NY; d. 1919 Middlesex, NY
m. 1868 Lillian Hadsell, Middlesex, NY-5 children-William L, Fred Grant, Murray H (Murt), Corda Maud, Hattie B (Hazel).

4p7 Harmon (3p5) b. 1851 Elkhart, IN; d. 1890 Elkhart, IN
m. 1877 Mary Alice Upp, Elkhart, IN-7 children -Lena Clayton, Alice (Lulu), James Leonard, Bessey Pansey, Emerson Eugene, Katharine Laura, George Harmon.

4p8 Charles L. (3p5) b. 1857, Concord, IN; d. 1931 Elkhart, IN
m. 1889 Ortha E. Miller, Dunlap, IN-2 children -Chloe, Myra.

4p9 Harvey (3p5) b. 1857 Elkhart, IN; d. 1943 Elkhart, IN
m. 1886 Lillie Page, Elkhart, IN-3 children-Joseph C, Lenna Page, Lillian Klaire.
m. 1900 Nina White, Elkhart, IN-3 children-Baby Boy, Zena Mae, Clyde Eugene.

4j1 Jeremiah (3j1) b. 1839 Oswego Co NY
m. ---- Louise


4j2 Paul M (3j1) b. 1843 Oswego, NY; d. ----, ---
m. 1866 Sarah Veil --- -- 2 children -Mason Alan, Eleanor.

4j3 Jonah (3j1) b. 1852 Amboy, NY; d. 1945 Frazee, MN
m. 1870 Caroline C Hamblin, Altmar,NY-10 children-Alice M, Edward L, Josephine, George A, Leola, Lira, William H, Walter M, Neal W, Floyd C Sr.,
m. 1932 Sarah De Wolf, Parrish, NY

4j4 Zachariah (3j1) b. 1856 Amboy, NY; d. 1886 Sergeant, NE
m. 1885 Anna Omans, Oswego, NY-1 child -Alfred Lee.

4j5 William (3j1) b. 1857 Amboy, NY; d. 1942 Chamberlain, SD
m. 1880 Louisa Wesley, Sicklerville, MI-3 children -Arthur Lewis, Marshall Emerson, Mabel Pearl.

4j6 John D (3j1) b. 1860 Amboy, NY; d. 1944, Ionia Co, MI
m. 1885 Mary Etta Omans, Becker Co. MN- 5 children- Lewis Leroy, Grace, Gertrude Etta, Ralph, Emma (Alma).

Helen Nelson (Adopted)


4j7 John Henry (3j2) b. 1852 Jerusalem, NY; d.

m. Dollie,


4c1 George (3c2) b. 1858 Troy NY; d.

m. 1883 Mary Kennedy, Troy, NY-2 children-Stephen Thomas, Kittie.

4c2 Samuel Christian (3c3) b. 1876 Muir, MI; d. 1955 Muskegon, MI.
m. 1911 Mary Tuuk, Muskegon, MI -3 children -Max B, Justin Harry, Carl Samuel.

4c3 Nathan Bradley (3c3) b. 1881 Muir, MI; d. 1960, Muir, MI.
m. 1928 Lucile Taylor, Chicago, IL -1 child-Bradley Taylor.

4d1 James A (John)(3d1) b. 1818 Tioga Co., NY; d. 1864 Tioga Center, NY.


4d2 George (3d1) b. 1821 Tioga Co. NY; d. 1864 Ft. Schuyler, N.Y.
m. ---- Almira ----5 children-Israel, Charles, Edwin, Fred, George.

4d3 William T (3d1) b. 1822 Tioga Co. NY; d. 1920 Potter, NY.
m. 1871 Agnes Slocum, Potter, NY.


5w1 Sheridan (4w1) b. 1868 Copake, NY; d. 1896 W. Copake, NY


5w2 William Henry Sr. (4w1) b. 1878 Red Hook, NY; d. 1962, Hudson, NY
m. 1906 Violetta Winans, Hudson, NY-2 children
Malvina Astor, William Henry Jr.

5w3 William B (4w2) b. 1883 Copake, NY; d.

m. 1905 Edna Maude Vosburgh, Copake, NY-1 child-William.

5w4 Henry Astor (4w5) b. 1877 W. Copake, NY; d. 1918 Hudson, NY
m. 1900 Edith Rider, Columbia Co. NY-6 children
Delbert Astor, Henry Astor Jr., Charles L, Fredrick Henry, Harriet L, John (Jack) C.

5p1 George (4p2) b.

m. 1911 Armeda Lay, Newark, NY-2 children- Miina, Rachel.

5p2 Leonard (4p4) b. 1857, Potter, NY; d. 1928 Potter, NY
m. 1885 Margaret Hodge, Potter, NY-1 child -Grace

5p3 Charles Emerson (4p4) b. 1858 Potter, NY; d. 1937 Potter, NY
m. 1886 Abby Brown, Potter, NY-1 child-Sarah
m. 1888 Maude Kelly, Potter, NY -2 children -Charles Eseck, Peter Monroe.

5p4 William F (4p4) b. 1866 Jerusalem, NY; d. 1927 Penn Yan, NY
m. 1902 Pearl Blakesley, Jerusalem, NY- 8 children -Peter J, Charlotte G, Edwin W, LaVere L, Forrest M, Gertrude, Erwin W, Homer.

5p5 Bert Peter (4p4) b. 1871 Jerusalem, NY; d. 1957 Guyanoga, NY
m. 1898 Lillian Finger, Prattsburg, NY- 9 children -Zeda, Anna, Mildred, Clyde Herbert, Fredrick, Leslie, Eleanor, Robert Henry, Edna.

Rail service was available to the residents of Yates and Steuben Counties on the Kanona & Prattsburg R.R. A short trip on Dineharts Crossing Rd. to Dineharts Station, five miles south of Prattsburg and six miles north of Kanona, where the spur connected with the Erie R.R. branch and the mainline of the DL&W.
Passenger service was discontinued in 1929 and operations abandoned in 1959.

5p6 Fred E (4p4) b. 1874 Friend, NY; d. 1953 Ypsilanti, MI


5p7 Frank R (4p5) b. 1869 Yates Co. NY; d. 1960 Middlesex, NY
m. 1892 Ida Lafler, Yates Co. NY - 2 children -Lavinia M, Hazel.

5p8 Charles John (4p6) b. 1875 Middlesex, NY; d.
1950 Middlesex, NY
m. 1906 Ada Dunton, Middlesex, NY-3 children-Marguerite Lucille, William Robert, Charles Lloyd.

5p9 William L (4p6) b. 1869 Middlesex, NY; d. 1923 Middlesex, NY
m. ---- Gertrude Randolph, Middlesex, NY

5p10 Fredrick Grant (4p6) b. 1871 Yates Co. NY; d. 1925 Rushville, NY
m. 1897 Alice Belle Ottley, Rushville, NY-2 children -Frances Leone, Murray Ottley.

5p11 Murray H (4p6) b. 1872 Middlesex, NY; d. 1901 Vine Valley, NY
m. 1900 Flora Fountain Youker, Vine Valley, NY-1 child-Leila.

5p12 James Leonard (4p7) b. 1881 Elkhart, IN; d. 1951 Indianapolis, IN
m. 1917 Lillian Larkin


5p13 Emerson Eugene (4p7) b. 1885 Elkhart, IN; d. 1951 Elkhart, IN
m. 1913 Grace Makemson, Rydinger Lake, IN -3 children -Jane Kathryn, Leonard Eugene, Charles Robert.

5p14 George Harmon (4p7) b. 1890 Elkhart, IN; d. 1965 Elkhart, IN
m. 1916 Frieda Schmeltz, Elkhart, IN -4 children
Robert Harmon, John Harvey, James Ellis, Eugene Earl.

5p15 Clyde Eugene (4p9) b. 1909 Elkhart, IN; d. 1971 Elkhart, IN
m. 1933 Helen Chapman, Elkhart, IN- 3 children-Ninalee, Carolyn, David Harvey.

5j1 Mason Alan (4j2) b. 1868 ---; d. ---
m. 1889 Elizabeth Green, Becker Co. MN-2 children-Mason Alan II, daughter.

5j2 Edward L (4j3) b. 1874 Altmar, NY; d. 1951 Frazee, MN
m. 1893 Grace M Chaffee, Frazee, MN- 5 children -Roland, Harold, Glenora, Donald, Raymond Arthur.

5j3 George A (4j3) b. 1882 Luce, MN; d. 1948 Lasselsville, NY
m. 1916 Alice Cretser, St. Johnsville, NY-4 children -Doris Blanch, Robert Earl, Norma, Clinton George.

5j4 William W (4j3) b. 1886 Luce, MN; d. 1961 Portland, OR


5j5 Walter M (4j3) b. 1890 Perham, MN; d. 1967 Gibsonton, FL
m. 1915 Olga Steffans, Frazee, MN-5 children -Lloyd W, Virginia Edna, Peggy Jane, Beverly, Ruth.

5j6 Neal Winifred (4j3) b. 1894 Luce, MN; d. 1975 Tacoma, WA
m. 1920 Carrie Barnstables, Frazee, MN-7 children -Pearl, Dorothy, Josephine, Lee Alan, Lillian, James Russell, Jacqueline.

5j7 Floyd C Sr. (4j3) b. 1899 Luce, MN; d. 1986 Staples, MN
m. 1921 Martha Shackle, Frazee, MN-4 children-Duane (Dewaine), Clifford G, Floyd C Jr., Russell D.


5j8 Alfred Lee (4j4) b. 1887 Sargent, NE; d. 1969 Tekamah, NE
m. 1910 Gladys Bell Holiday, Burt City, NE- 10 children-Glen Dean, Orval Lee, Cleora Leona,
Zona Mardelle, Boyd Alfred, Iola May, Dorman Duane, Norma Jean, Donald Lloyd, Jacqueline.

5j9 Arthur Lewis (4j5) b. 1881 Butternut, MI; d. 1970 Chamberlain, SD
m. 1915 Jessie Milton, Bemidji, MN-4 children -Albert Lewis, Bonna Marie, William Milton, Polly B.

5j10 Marshall Emerson (4j16) b. 1883 Butternut, MI; d. 1961 Chamberlain, SD
m. 1910, O. C. O'Dell, Chamberlain, SD-2 children -Florence Mabel, Laura Louisa.

5j11 Lewis Leroy (4j10) b. 1885 Frazee, MN; d. 1943 Emerson, ND
m. 1914 Petra Hartvigson, --- -- 4 children -Elnora, Hazel, Elmo, Delores.

5j12 Ralph (4j1) b. 1892 Rogersville, MO; d. 1950 Huron, SD
m. ---- Jenny Pettie, St. Paul, MN

5j13 Clarence C (4j10) b. 1910 Winona, MN; d. 1994 Ionia, MI
m. 1931 Maxine Smith, Elkhart, IN-3 children-Sharon, Deanne, Joseph D.

5c1 Stephen Thomas (4c3) b. 1884 Troy, NY; d. 1956 Troy, NY
m. 1911 Elizabeth ---- Troy, NY-3 children-Elizabeth, Helen, Stephen John II.

5c2 Justin Harry (4c2) b. 1914, Grand Rapids, MI; d.

m. 1942 Oletha Teachout, Detroit, MI-4 children-Robert Alan, David Lee, Charles Brian, Debra Jean.
m. 1961 Marguerite Jameson, Lombard, IL -.

5c3 Carl Samuel (4c2) b. 1915 Detroit, MI, d 2003 Peoria, AZ
m. 1949 Sarah Bangs, Huntington, IN-3 children-Eric Timothy, Paul Arthur, Bruce Edward.
m. 1997 Eleanor Schantz, Phoenix, AZ

5c4 Bradley Taylor (4c3) b. 1931, Chicago, IL; d. ----
m. 1953 Eleanor Shepard, Lansing, MI-2 children-Phillip Ray, Alan Bradley.


6w1 William Henry Jr. (5w2) b. 1912 Hudson, NY; d. 1994

m. 1939 Louise Wilhelm, Pittsburg, PA-2 children-William Henry III, Walter James.
m. 1959 Leona Selby, Baltimore, MD

6w2 William (5w3) b. 1906 Copake, NY; d. 1925, W. Copake, NY


6w3 Henry Astor Jr. (5w4) b. 1902, Hudson NY; d. 1985 Dade City, FL


6w4 Fredrick Henry (5w4) b. 1906 Hudson, NY; d. 1986, Hudson, NY
m. 1939 Rose Orchibove, Hudson, NY-2 children -Ronald Charles, Edith.

6w5 John (Jack) (5w4) b. 1910 Hudson, NY; d. 1997, Miami, FL


6p1 Charles Eseck (5p3) b. 1890 Potter, NY; d. 1965 Penn Yan, NY
m. 1913 Orra Mead, Steuben Co. NY-8 children -Dorothy, Doris, Helen Elizabeth, Margaret, Virginia, Hilda, Meade Emerson, Jane.

6p2 Peter Monroe (5p3) b. 1893, Potter, NY; d. 1983 Penn Yan, NY
m. 1915 F. Lucille McConnell, Friend, NY-1 child

6p3 Lavere (5p4) b. 1910 Jerusalem, NY; d. 1984 Penn Yan, NY
m. 1938 Wilma Sands, Pulteney, NY -&.

6p4 Forrest M. (5p4) b. 1911 Penn Yan, NY; d. 1977 Penn Yan, NY
m. 1942 Doris Milliman, Branchport, NY-3 children -Bruce, Joyce, Judith.

6p5 Erwin W (5p4) b. 1918 Penn Yan, NY; d. ----
m. 1947 Betty L. Dunton, Naples, NY-9 children -Dennis, Rodney, Linda, Vonda, Nancy, Richard, Keith, Kenneth, Michael.

6p6 Homer W. (5p4) b. 1920 Jerusalem, NY; d. 1972 Jerusalem, NY
m. 1948 Lois Dunton, Branchport, NY-4 children
Gary B, Donna, Sandra, William.

6p7 Clyde Herbert (5p5) b. 1904 Yates Co. NY; d. 1995, Branchport, NY
m. 1936 Florence Perry, Steuben Co. NY-3
children -Patricia Mae, Gary Wayne, Rosealie Ann.

6p8 Fredrick E (5p5) b. 1906 Yates Co. NY; d. 1995 New Haven, CT


6p9 Leslie L (5p5) b. 1913 Yates Co. NY d 2001 Penn Yan, NY
m. 1937 Margaret Bergman, Rushville, NY -3 children -Leslie Anton, ? , ?.

6p10 Robert Henry (5p5) b. 1918 Yates Co. NY; d. ----
m. 1937 Minnie Laura Sweeny, Potter, NY -4 children-Robert James, Wanda, William David, Roma.

6p11 William Robert (5p8) b. 1916 Middlesex, NY; d. 1978, Canandaigua, NY
m. 1952 Betty Comstock, Naples, NY.

6p12 Charles Lloyd (5p8) b. 1916 Middlesex, NY d
m. 1943 Pauline Ellick, Middlesex, NY -2 children
Cecelia Karen, Wendell Lloyd.

6p13 Murry Ottley (5p10) b. 1904 Plainfield, NJ; d. 1988 Inverness, FL
m. 1925 Dorothy Kilmer, White Plains, NY-3 children-Chandler Ottley, Nancy, William K.
m. 1941 Norma Wall, Ft. Worth Texas.

6p14 Leonard Eugene (5p10) b. 1916 Elkhart, IN; d. 1998 Elkhart, IN
m. 1941 Bonnie Hart, Elkhart, IN-2 children -Michael Leonard, Sue Ann.

6p15 Charles Robert (5p13) b. 1920 Elkhart, IN; d. ----
m. 1944 Lee Adams Plunkett, ---- MO -1 child
Linda Lou

6p16 John Harvey (5p14) b. 1923 Elkhart, IN; d. ----
m. 1946 Vada Mausbaum, Elkhart, IN-2 children -Steven Kent, Jeffery Lyn.

6p17 James Ellis (5p14) b. 1929 Elkhart, IN; d. ---
m. 1951 Joan Neff, Elkhart, IN-6 children -Kathleen, Debra L, Laura J, Martin James, Dale, Amy.
m. ---- Arlene


6p18 Eugene Earl (5p14) b. 1930 Elkhart, IN; d. ---
m. 1953 Marsha Kennedy,



6p19 David Harvey (5p15) b. 1944 Elkhart, IN; d. ---
m. 1971 Elizabeth Blank, Paw Paw, MI -2 children-Christopher Clyde, Brian George.

6j1 Mason Alan II (5j1) b. 1890 St. Paul, MN; d. 1944 Hollywood, CA
m. 1912 Louisa Dwyer, Minneapolis, MN-1 child-Alan F
m. 1933 Mozell Britton, Oklahoma City, OK- 1 child
Mason Alan III

Alan Dinehart was a popular movie actor of the '30s and early '40s, appearing in 21 films over 11 years. Co-staring with actors like James Cagney, Don Ameche, Spencer Tracy, Edward Everett Horton and William Powell. He was Hollywood’s "most versatile villain". His appearance always completed the story line.

Being in Hollywood, his son and grandson were also actors, and remained in the movie business.

6j2 Donald Duane (5j2) b. 1912 Perham, MN; d. 1977 Duluth, MN
m. 1939 Katherine E Swor, Duluth, MN - 2 children -Barbara M, Dwight L.

6j3 Raymond Arthur (5j2) b. 1914 Frazee, MN; d. 1972 Duluth, MN
m. 1941 Loraine Peterson, Duluth, MN -2 children
Rae Ann, Nick Edward.

6j4 Robert Earl (5j3) b. 1924 Lasselville, NY; d. ---
m. 1946 Ruby Colorito, St. Johnsville, NY - 6
children -Carol Ann, Robert James, James George, Delores Debra, Terri Jo, Richard John.

6j5 Clinton George (5j3) b. 1917 St. Johnsville, NY; d. 1999 Gloversville, NY
m. 1937 Helen Weaver, --- -- 2 children-Barbara, Judith

6j6 Lloyd W. (5j5) b. 1916 Perham, MN; d.

m. 1938 Hazel Harrigan, Providence, MD - 1 child-Gary Wilson.
m. 1957 Palmera Maria Kerns, Montpelier, VT - 1 child-Denise Lee.

6j7 Lee Alan (5j6) b. 1932 Chamberlain, SD; d. ----
m. 1952 Carol Lou Hallberg, Mt. Vernon, WA - 3 children-Randal L, Kathleen Rae, Karen Marie.
m. 1963 Joyce Matson, Tacoma, WA - 1 child-Jeanne.

6j8 James Russell (5j6) b. 1938 Chamberlain, SD; d. ----


6j9 Clifford G. (5j7) b. 1921 Clarissa, MN; d. 1996

m. 1960 Kathryn Wentz ----


6j10 Floyd C. Jr. (5j7) b. 1931 Clarissa, MN; d. ----


6j11 Russell D (5j7) b. 1934 Staples MN; d. 1995 Lake Stevens, MN
m. 1954 Patricia Brown, Detroit Lakes, MN-3 children-Gregory, Laura, Debra, Gregg

6j12 Glen Dean (5j7) b. 1911 Omaha, NE, d 2001

m. 1929 Eleanor Miles, Decatur, NE - 2 children-Delmer Dean, Roger Alan


6j13 Boyd Alfred (5j8) b. 1920 ---- --; d. ----
m. 1941 Ruth

m. 19-- Jessie ----,


6j14 Dorman Duane (5j8) b. 1924; d. ---- --
m. 1946 Audrey Jane Landis, Wayne, OH - 4 children -Sue Birdie, Sharon Lynn, Beth Ann, Kimberly Jane.

6j15 Donald Lloyd (5j8) b. 1929 Tekama, NE; d. 1987, Alexandria, IN
m. 1949 Eloise Elizabeth Wells, Omaha, NE-4 children-Duane Allen, Michael Ray, Richard Lee, Mark Edward.

6j16 Elmo (5j11) b. 1926, Manning, ND; d. ----
m. 1953 Mary Ann ----,--- 4 children- Joyce, Laurie, Ronald, Susan.


6j17 Joseph D (5j13) b. 1944

m. 1968 Dianne L Hawkins


6c1 Stephen John II (5c1) b. 1925 Troy, NY; d. ----
m. 1953 Joan Kilgallon, Troy, NY-4 children-Stephen John III, Sharon Joan, Craig Thomas, Keith Robert.

6c2 Robert Alan (5c2) b. 1945 Detroit, MI; d --
m. 1968 Joy Lehr, South Bend, IN - 2 children -Brandon Lehr, Timothy Alan.

6c3 David Lee (5c2) b. 1948 Dowagiac, MI; d --
m. 1987 Sheila Hamrick, Birmingham, AL.

6c4 Charles Brian (5c2) b. 1949 Dowagiac, MI; d --
m. 1977 Susan Clayton, Chicago, IL - 3 children
-Samuel Ray, Seth Andrew, Benjamin Cody.

6c5 Paul Arthur (5c3) b. 1955 Abion, MI; d --
m. 1997 Lynnette K Mobley, Defiance, OH. -

6c6 Bruce Edward (5c3) b. 1956 Albion, MI; d --

m. 1983 Diana Kay Irwin, Ft. Wayne, IN-2 children-Andi Keagan, William Daniel.

6c7 Alan Bradley (5c4) b. 1959 Muir, MI; d --
m. 1990 Susan Jean Sherman, Saginaw, MI -2 children-Drew Christopher, Ryan Michael.


7w1 William Henry III (6w1) b. 1940 Hudson, NY; d. --
m. 1967 Bonnie Boggs, Chula Vista, CA-2 children -Jennifer Lee, Jill Ellen
m. 1978 Barbara Lonergan, Tucson, AZ

7w2 Walter James (6w1) b. 1947 Baltimore, MD; d --
m. 1969 Diane Salomone, Eastport, NY - 3 children- Carrie Louise, Eric William, Mary Elizabeth.

7w3 Ronald Charles Sr. (6w3) b. 1940 ---; d --


7p1 Meade E (6p2) b. 1928 Potter, NY; d --
m. 1954 Leopoldine Voggender, Austria- 1 child
Steven Lee

7p2 Bruce E (6p5) b. 1944 Penn Yan, NY; d --
m. 1974 Doroleska Cuatt, Branchport, NY.

7p3 Dennis (6p6) b. 1948 Yates Co NY; d. ----
m. 1965 Sandra Gearhart, Penn Yan -4 children-Carrie Ann, Shawna, Dennis Jr.
m. 1975 Martha Linehan, Yates Co. NY 1 child-Denise.

7p4 Rodney (6p6) b. 1948 Yates Co NY; d. ----
m. ---- Jeannie Scott Yates Co NY- 2 children
Michele, Alan.

7p5 Richard (6p6) b. 1952 Yates Co NY; d. ----
m. ---- Chris Baader, Yates Co NY -3 children-Adele, Andrew, Adam.

7p6 Kenneth (6p6) b. 1958 Yates Co NY; d. ----
m. ---- Lisa Bollen, Yates Co NY-2 children-Emily, Benjamin.

7p7 Michael (6p6) b. 1961 Yates Co NY; d. ----
m. ---- Sandra Rickard, Phelps NY-1 child-Jennifer

7p8 Gary B (6p7) b. 1946 Phelps, NY; d. ----
m. 1969 Terrill Konopko,


7p9 Gary Wayne (6p8) b. 1938 Bath, NY d 2002, NY
m. 1960 Nancy Marcia Clark, Prattsburg, NY 3 children-David Wayne, Phillip L, Linda Kay,

7p10 Leslie Anton (6p10) b. 1943 Yates Co. NY d
m. 1963 Judy Moss ----2 children-Tommy, James.

7p11 Robert James (6p8) b. 1938 Penn Yan, NY d
m. 1959 Jane Donaldson, Penn Yan, NY 3 children -Timothy, James, Kim.

7p12 William David (6p8) b. 1941 Yates Co. NY d
m. 1964 Dorothy Versage, Geneva, NY 2 children-Dennis Andrew, David William.

7p13 Wendell Lloyd (6p3) b. 1949 Middlesex, NY; d. ----
m. 1979 Victoria Williamson, Cohoes, NY 3 children-Matthew Joseph, Sara Elizabeth, Benjamin Peter.

7p14 Chandler Ottley (6p2) b. 1927 Buffalo, NY d -
m. 1927 Carol Strauss, Buffalo, NY 2 children -Miles Lee, Darren Lee.
m. ---- Billie


7p15 William K (6p14) b. 1937 Olean, NY; d. ---
m. 1955 Evelyn Dawn Polley, Emmett, ID 7 children-William Jace, Laurie R, Jordan W, Joel W, Justin C, Leah D, Jared M.

7p16 Michael Leonard (6p15) b. 1944 Elkhart, IN d
m. 1970 Pamela C Wells, La Port, IN 2 children-Nathan Michael, Nicholas Paul.

7p17 Steven Kent (6p17) b. 1949 Elkhart, IN; d --
m. 1980 Terri Ottman, Elkhart, IN

7p18 Jeffery Lynn (6p17) b. 1956 Elkhart, IN; d --
m. 1979 Rhonda Hartman, Elkhart, IN 2 children-Melissa, April.

7p19 Martin James (6p18) b1959 Elkhart, IN; d --
m. 1981 Bernadette Horvaki, Merriville, IN 4 children -Thomas, Mark, -?_?

7p20 Dale Kevin (6p18) b. 1960 Elkhart, IN; d --
m. 1989 Diana Rosenau, Las Vegas, NV 4 children-Jessica, Kevin, Stacy, Matthew.

7p21 Scott Michael (6p19) b. 1957 Albuquerque, NM; d. --
m. 1989 Sheri Smith, Galveston, TX 2 children -Matthew Scott, Timothy Grant.

7p22 Mark Steven (6p19) b. 1961 Farmington NM; d --
m. 1989 Therese Sanchez, Albuquerque, NM 2 children-Elise, Erin.

7j1 Alan F (6j1) b. 1918 Becker, Co. MN; d. 1992 Los Angles, CA


7j2 Mason Alan III (6j1) b. 1936 Los Angles CA; d. ----
m. 1956 Evelyn Meyers Los Angles CA 2 children-Scott Alan, Craig (Rusty) William.
m. 1959 Barbara Blakely Los Angles CA 2 children-Devery Mozele, Daniel Fredrick.
m. 1983 Mirande


7j3 Dwight L (6j2) b. 1942 Duluth, MN; d --
m. 1970 Marylee K Jazdzewski, Duluth, MN 3 children-Michelle Ann, Jaimie Marie, Scott Wm.

7j4 Nick Edward (6j3) b. 1952 Duluth, MN; d --
m. 1973 Sandra Samsel, Duluth, MN 2 children-Derrick Raymond, Christopher Adam.

7j5 James George (6j4) b. 1952 St. Johnsville, NY; d. --
m- 1971 Laura Barbuto, --- NY 4 children-Lisa, Morianne, Joanna, Michael.

7j6 Gary Wilson (6j6) b. 1941 Baltimore, MD; d --
m. 1964 Susan O'Brien- 2 children-Kimberly M, Gary Alan.
m. 1970 Vivian Lunsford-1 child-Matthew Thomas.

7j7 Randal L (6j7) b. 1954 Tacoma, WA; d --
m. 1988 Jan Elaine Emael, Blue Lake, OR

7j8 Allan G (6j9) b. 1946 Bertha, MN; d. ----
m. 1967 Shirley Hackman ---- MN 2 children-Angela, Stacie.
m. 1982 Lynnetta Weisser, Rapid City, SD, no children

7j9 Gregory (6j11) b. 1964 Bellview, WA
m. 1989 Pamela Robins, Redmond, WA-1 child-Kimberly.

7j10 Delmer Dean (6j12) b. 1930 Tekama, NE; d --
m. 1955 Priscilla Bitz, Aberdeen, SD 5 children-Michele Ann, Deborah Lynn, Robert Glen, Sandra Reah, Staci.
m. 1979 Helen


7j11 Roger Alan (6j12) b. 1950 ---- --; d. ---


7j12 Duane Allen (6j12) b. 1950 Freemont, NE, d 2002, Danville, IL
m. 1974 Lana Jean Kemper, Hermann, MO 1 child -Sara Elizabeth.
m. 1985 Joellen


Duane compiled a genealogy from National Archives data, providing a good base of this family history. Olive Langdon furnished a chart of the early Dineharts, prepared by Eric Jensen, an eighth generation cousin, and with added research by Bonna Dinehart Bahr, the list of families grew.

A list of Yates Co. Dineharts, written in 1941 by Aunt Kate Best, a grand-daughter of Peter and Margaret, plus data from : Meade, Jane Grimes, Miles, Malvina Griffiths, Nick, Wendell, James, Mrs. Harry Miller, the twins, "William Robert & Charles Lloyd", and many others, all helped add to the families. The "Oliver House" in Penn Yan and the Middlesex Heritage Group contributed Cemetery records did not always exist. The large farms had their own family plot.
Recent material has been added from Randal in CA, Krista in Penn Yan and Gary Wilson in VA. The German family data was furnished by Albert Deinhard in Nuremberg. Bavaria

As new family information is received, it will be added to this growing list.

7j13 Michael Ray (6j15) b. 1952 Freemont, NE; d --
m. ---- Vicki Lundmark, --- ----3 children- Tracy Louise, Shannon LeAnn, Carmen Nicole.
m---- Joan ---- ----

7j14 Richard Lee (6j15) b. 1956 Elwood, IN; d. ---

m. 1985 Cathy Curtis, ---- --- 2 children -Elizabeth Elaine, Michael Donald.

7j15 Mark Edward (6j15) b. 1959 ---- --; d. ---
m. 1987 Anita Houston,


7j16 Robin B (6j17) b. 1968

m. ----,


7j17 Jonathan H (6j16) b. 1974

m. ----,


7c1 Stephen John III (6c1) b. 1953 Troy, NY; d. ----
m. 1977 Jennifer Ann Woomer,


7c2 Brandon Lehr (6c2) b. 1970 South Bend, IN; d. ----
m. 1995 Kym Bui, Portland, OR -

7c3 Timothy Alan (6c2) b. 1973 Albany, OR; d --
m. 1996 Kerie Kemnitz, Boulder, CO, 2 children- Clayton Robert, Elyse Katherine.


8p1 Steven Lee (7p7) b. 1960 Hardin Co. KY; d --
m. 1981 Marie Wilcox, Waterloo, NY -1 child-Joshau Steven.

8p2 Jeffery A (7p8) b. 1978 Elmira, NY; d. ----
m. 2002 Jeanine Leta, Yates Co, NY

8p3 Phillip L. (7p9) b. 1963 Bath, NY; d --


8p4 David William (7p12) b. 1968 Penn Yan, NY; d. --
m. 1994 Shelly Mahon,---- -- 2 children-Matthew, Abigail.

8p45Miles Lee (7p14) b. 1954 Ft. Worth, TX; d --
m. Karen A

m. Carva L


8p6 Darren Lee (7p1) b. 1958 Ft. Worth, TX; d --
m. 1980 Patience H

m. 1984 Hope Shipman, --- -- 2 children-Eric Lee, Adam Lee.

8p7 Justin Case (7p15) b----,

m. 1988 Anna Lisa Hoen,


8p8 Jared M. (7p15) b.



8j1 Gary Alan (7j6) b. 1966 Riverdale, MD; d. ----
m. 1987 Bridget Howgate, Fredericksburg, MD-1 child-Stephen Adam,
m. 1995 Nancy Melchoris, Adena, OH

8j2 Matthew Thomas (7j6) b. 1971 Takoma Park, MD; d. ----
m. ----Barbara Kingsley, Fredericksburg, VA-1 child-Kayla Ann Kingsley
m. ---Lisa Martin, Fredericksburg, VA-1 child-Matthew Timothy.

8j3 Robert Glen (7j7) b. 1959 Portland, OR; d. ----
m. ----,

There are Dinehart sons that either never married or data has not been obtained. These names follow, along with a group of present day children:

3w0 Willem (2w4) b. 1821 Columbia Co. NY
3j0 Harry (2j3) b. 1812 Columbia Co. NY
4p0 John C (3p1) b.

4p0 Calvin (3p2) b.

4d0 Robert (3d1) b1815 Tioga Co. NY; d. 1887 Smithboro, NY
4d0 Thomas (3d1) b. 1827 Tioga Co. NY; d. ----
4p0 Peter (3p4) b. 1840 Columbia Co. NY
4j0 Jerimiah (3j1) b. 1839

4j0 Peter J Jr. (3j1) b. 1841 Oswego, Co. NY
5p0 Joseph C. (4p9) b. 1887 Elkhart, IN
6j0 Albert Lewis (5j9) b. 1916 Chamberlain, SD, -d
6j0 William Milton (5j9) b. 1919 Chamberlain, SD d
6w0 Delbert Astor (5w4) b. 1901 Hudson, NY; d. 1976 Miami, FL
6p0 Robert Harmon (5p14) b. 1920 Elkhart, IN
6j0 Orval Lee (5j8) b. 1914; d. 1914 Omaha, NE
6c0 Eric Timothy (5c3) b. 1952 Grayling, MI
6c0 Phillip Ray (5c4) b. 1954 Muir, MI
5d0 Israel (4d2) b. 1848 Tioga Co. NY
5d0 Charles (4d2) b. 1850 Tioga Co. NY
5d0 Edwin (4d2) b. 1852 Tioga Co. NY
5d0 Fred (4d2) b. 1852 Tioga Co. NY
5d0 George (4d2) b. 1855 Tioga Co. NY
7p0 Keith (6p5) b. 1953 Yates Co NY
7p0 William (6p6) b. 1951 ----
7p0 Christopher Clyde (6p19) b. 1974 Paw Paw, MI
7p0 Brian George (6p19) b. 1978 Paw Paw, MI
7j0 Robert James (6j4) b. 1950 St Johnsville, NY
7j0 Richard John (6j4) b. 1964 Whittier CA
7j0 Keith (6j10) b. ----
7j0 Bryan (6j10) b.

7j0 Eric (6j10) b.

7j0 Ronald (6j16) b. 1957 Spokane, WA
7j0 Andrew J (6j17) b. 1979

7c0 Seth Andrew (6c4) b. 1980 Chicago, IL
8w0 Eric William (7w2) b. 1978 Binghamton, NY
8w0 Ronald Charles Jr. (7w3) b. 1966
8p0 David Wayne (7p9) b. 1961 Prattsburg, NY
8p0 Timothy (7p11) b. 1960 Sandy Hook, NJ
8p0 James (7p11) b. 1965 Penn Yan, NY; d. 1988, NY
8p0 Dennis Andrew (7p12) b. 1965 Batavia, NY
8p0 Tommy (7p10) b. 1964

8p0 James (7p10) b. 1967

8p0 Matthew Joseph (7p13) b. 1980 Albany, NY
8p0 William Jace (7p15) b.

8p0 Jordan W (7p15) b.

8p0 Joel W (7p15) b.

8p0 Nathan Michael (7p16) b. 1980 Macon, GA
8p0 Nicholas Paul (7p16) b. 1983 Macon, GA
8p0 Kevin (7p20) b. 1982

8p0 Thomas (7p19)

8p0 Mark (7p19)

8j0 Derrick Raymond (7j4) b. 1978 Duluth, MN
8j0 Christopher Adam (7j4) b. 1979 Duluth, MN
8j0 Michael (7j5) b. ----
8j0 Wilson (7j6) b. ---
8j0 Tony (7j10) b. 1967

8j0 Todd William (7j10) b. 1970 ---
9p0 Joshua Steven (8p1) b. 1982 Geneva, NY
The following is a list of recent Dinehart children:

7c0 Benjamin Cody (6c4) b. 1985 Chicago, IL
7c0 William Daniel (6c6) b. 1999 Houston TX
7c0 Drew Christopher (6c7) b Muir, MI
7c0 Ryan Michael (6c7) b. 1993 Muir, MI
8p0 Benjamin Peter (7p13) b. 1985, Albany, NY
8p0 Thomas (7p19) b. 1984
8p0 Mark (7p19) b. 1988
8p0 Matthew (7p20) b. 1984
8p0 Matthew Scott (7p21) b1989 Little Rock AR
8p0 Timothy Grant (7p21) b. 1992 Little Rock AR
8j0 Scott Wm (7j3) b. 1984 Phoenix, AZ
8j0 Michael Donald (7j13) b. 1988

8j0 Donald (7j14) b. 1994, Alexandria, IN
8j0 Nicholas R (7j15) b. 1993

8j0 Derrick (7j14) b. 1994, Alexandria, IN
8j0 Alan F Jr. (7j1) b. 1946 Los Angles
8j0 Donald (7j1) b. 1953 Los Angles
8j0 Denis (7j1) b. 1952 Los Angles
8j0 Scott Alan (7j2) b. 1956 Los Angles
8j0 Craig William (7j2) b. 1957 Los Angles
8j0 Daniel Fredrick (7j2) b. 1961 Los Angles
8c0 Clayton Robert (7c3) b 2000 Boston MA
9p0 Justin Barbeau (8p2) b. ---- Rochester NY
9p0 Matthew (8p3) b. 1997 Wilmington, DE
9p0 Eric Lee (8p5) b. 1985 Ft. Worth, TX
9p0 Adam Lee (8p5) b. 1987 Ft. Worth, TX
9j0 Stephen Adam (8j1) b. 1989 Beaufort, SC
9j0 Matthew Timothy (8j2) b. 1995 Fredericksburg, VA
9j0 Adam Troy (8j2) b. 1994 Fredericksburg, VA ?

If you are a "DINEHART” or someone with a connection and an interest in any of the above families, please email any data or questions.
If you have family history (fathers & grandfathers) with names and dates, that would help complete a generation, the data would be most welcome.

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